GH Transcript Wednesday 5/3/00


General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 5/3/00

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Chloe: Hey, Elizabeth, it's Chloe.

We just got back from Russia, and Jax is in new York on business.

I'm feeling a little jet-lagged, so I won't be in the office today.

I'm going to lay down.

If you could just organize everything for me, that would be great, and I will see you tomorrow.


Edward: You're damn right I don't like it.

Tracy plus Jax equals trouble.

You tell that viper to call me the second that meeting is over.

I have every right to call her that.

She's my daughter.

Monica: What's Tracy done now?

Edward: Well, as we speak, she is busy selling me down the river.

Jax is in new York buying up her stock, thanks to your duplicitous son.

Monica: It's not enough to ruin a.j.

'S life.

You have to use him as a scapegoat?

Edward: Oh, no.

Let's call it a catalyst.

If a.j.

Hadn't sold Jax all of his E.L.Q.

Stock -- Monica: What?

Edward: Every last share.

Monica: Well, don't look here for sympathy.

Edward: Oh.

Well, that's a surprise.

Monica: You tried to pawn a.j.

For Michael and Jason.

If it costs you E.L.Q.

, you have yourself to blame.

Edward: I will not let Jax get away with this.

I will save my company despite everything that your turncoat son has done to destroy me.

Get -- excuse me.

I'm out of here.

a.j.: Tough day at the track.

Mike: Yeah, well, what do you know about it?

a.j.: Well, it's not exactly a secret, you know -- your little gambling problem.

Word is you're losing a bundle down there.

Mike: Yeah, and what's it to you?

a.j.: I just want to help, mike.

One addict to another, you know.

Mike: Well, no thanks.

a.j.: I can be very generous.

All you have to do is set up a little meeting between Michael and me.

That's all.

Mike: We went over this.

Answer's the same.

a.j.: You know, I must have blacked out because I don't remember.

Mike: No way.

a.j.: Who do you think you are, cutting off a man from his own son?

Helena: Well, Nikolas, my darling.

What a pleasant surprise.

Your wanting to see me can only mean that you finally have realized I've been telling you the truth all along about saving lucky.

Nikolas: Guess again.

Elizabeth saw lucky.

Helena: And he was completely unharmed, just as I've said repeatedly.

Nikolas: Elizabeth doesn't think so.

Neither do I.

Elizabeth has been torn apart since she first realized lucky might be alive.

And when she finally sees him face to face, he runs away and disappears.

Now, that's not the lucky that we both know.

Stefan: Why are you here?

Mac: I want Stefan Cassadine waiting in my office when I get there.

I have some questions that need answers.

The doctor that examined lucky Spencer -- he's vanished.


What are you doing here?

Felicia: I'm coming home.

Mac: I thought you understood.

We can't live together anymore.

The marriage is over.

Felicia: Please don't do this.

Mac: What am I doing, Felicia?

You chose Luke's needs over your own family's.

You kissed what we had good-bye.

I've come to grips with that.

I think you should, too.

Don't be here when I get back.

Felicia: Stop it.

I'm so tired of being the villain.

Mac: Well, you should have thought about that before you drop-kicked your family for Spencer.

Felicia: I made a mistake.

And because you won't forgive me, I not only lose you, I lose my girls, I lose my whole life.

Whatever I did, however you suffered while I was trying to help Luke find his son, I really believe that I don't deserve this kind of punishment.

I know you're angry with me, Mac, but to take my girls away from me?

Mac: You didn't give me a choice, Felicia.

The girls needed a mother, and theirs was missing in action.

If you've lost their respect, it's your own damn fault.

Helena: I am here at Nikolas' invitation.

And it's getting rather tiresome having to defend my every move.

I'll be in touch, my darling.

Nikolas: No.

I will.

Stefan: How many times do I have to say it, Nikolas?

For your own good, stay away from Helena.

Nikolas: I don't need your advice or your warnings.

I don't trust you any more than I do her.

[telephone rings] Stefan: Yes.

I'll be right there.

I have to go.

That was comm.


We can't let Helena get away with murder again, now, can we?

Nikolas, it pains me that you feel you can no longer trust me.

But it doesn't change the fact that I love you.

Someday I'll earn your trust again.

a.j.: I am so sick of the hypocrisy, yours and everyone else's.

Mike: Yeah, well, look, I'm asking you nicely to step aside.

a.j.: Well, I'm not done.

You know, first sonny blackmails me to get my kid, and now he won't let me see him.

Now, mike, does that seem right to you?

Mike: You know, I think sonny made a wise choice.

Look at yourself.

You're drunk in the middle of the afternoon.

You're threatening.

You're desperate.

You're a hell of a role model.

a.j.: At least I've got my problem under control, mike.

Mike: Well, then, obviously I don't have to remind you about denial.

a.j.: Hey.

What's a guy got to do to get any service around here, huh?

Tammy: You'd probably have better luck someplace else.

a.j.: Yeah.

Carly's mom runs this place, and sonny runs everything else.

Is that it?

Chloe: Oh, hello, Edward.

Edward: Hello, my dear.

I was hoping to find you statide.

Welcome back.

Chloe: Thank you.

Edward: So, are you feeling better?

Chloe: I am taking my medication and hoping for the best.

Edward: As we all are, my dear.

Lila asks about you every day.

So, how did you like st.


Chloe: It was overwhelming.

Edward: The hermitage, huh?

Chloe: Oh, yes.

Edward: Lila particularly likes the hanging gardens.

Chloe: Hmm.

Edward: But I'm partial to the winter palace -- oh, and the gold drawing room.

Those czars really spared no expense.

Chloe: No, see, I prefer the summer palace -- those tapestries just drenched in sunlight.

Edward: Oh, yes.

Chloe: Oh, spectacular.

Edward: Oh, yeah.

You know, I -- I'm glad you enjoyed your trip.

And I don't even want to discuss this, but I must.

You know, I really think that Jax had an ulterior motive in taking you out of the country.


Not that I blame him in the slightest because I've been guilty of the same offense with Lila when I didn't want her to find out about a deal that I knew would upset her.

I don't want to spoil your first day back, but I think you need to know that Jax is buying up E.L.Q.

Stock left and right.

And that could only signify one thing -- he's going to try to take over the family company, hmm?

Chloe: You're right, Edward.

a.j.: You know, first sonny steals my family and cuts me off from my own flesh and blood, and now what?

He's got his friends and sympathizers to refuse me service in public?

I mean -- Tammy: Sonny's not the reason I want you to leave, and you know it.

a.j.: No, Tammy, all I know is I would like to have some breakfast.

And, you know, maybe a little screw to go with my driver.

Tammy: Sorry.

No dice.

a.j.: Ok, fine.

Then how about just, you know, a little o.



a.j.: How about a little agua, then?

Tammy: You better leave right now.

a.j.: Or what?

You're going to have one of sonny's big, bad goons beat me up, huh?

Tammy: No.

I think the police will do.

And that's who I'll call if you do that one more time.

a.j.: Oops.

Tammy: You just remember that was your call.

a.j.: Yeah.

Hannah: Are you trying to get yourself arrested?

a.j.: Why not?

It always got Jason what he wanted.

Mac: I tried to keep your relationship with the girls on track.

I kept a lid on my emotions for their sake.

Whatever was going on between us, I did my best not to let it affect Maxie and Georgie.

Felicia: I want to believe that.

Mac: I defended you, Felicia.

You ran off.

I made excuses.

You wouldn't come home.

I spun that one, too.

Felicia: You spun out of control.

Mac: You abandoned me and your family to go have an affair with Luke Spencer!

Felicia: I didn't have an affair with Luke Spencer.

How many times do I have to tell you that?

Mac: Well, then, you can stop.

I wish you would.

Felicia: So you think I'm lying, so therefore I lose my children in return?

Mac: This isn't about revenge.

Felicia: Really?

You let yourself get so jealous over something that never even happened, and my children picked up on it.

Mac: Yeah, maybe they did.

That's right.

All the lies, the bogus trips, the phone calls.

You know, Maxie and Georgie were hurting, Felicia.

They were hurting so b that maybe -- maybe I didn't cover it up as well as I wanted to.

But never once -- never once did I ever tell them that you didn't love them.

My gosh, no matter what happened between us, no matter what you did to me, I would never use the girls as leverage.

God, if you think I would -- Felicia: I'm sorry.

Mac: No, "Sorry"?

What are you sorry about?

Sorry for doubting me, sorry for running off with Luke, or just sorry that you got caught altogether?

I asked you before to deny you loved Luke.

You couldn't then, and you can't now.

Am I right?

[doorbell rings] Stefan: You wanted to see me, commissioner?

Mac: Yeah, in my office.

Stefan: Well, the matter is urgent, is it not?



I assume this is about dr.

Gladstone's so-called disappearance.

You and I both know he's dead and Helena killed him.

So the sooner you arrest her, the better.

My services are at your disposal.

Mac: Fortunately, we won't need your services.

Just your fingerprints and an affidavit.

You are as much a suspect as your mother.

Alexis: Hi, Stefan, it's Alexis.

I'm returning your call.

I'm at l&b.

I'll be here for a little while longer.

You want, you can call me back here.



Got that there.

Ned: Ah.

You look different.

Alexis: Do I?

Ned: Even more radiant than usual.

Alexis: I had a facial.

Ned: Oh.

Alexis: I did.

I actually stopped working and went to the spa because I know there's going to be a lot of young, screaming fans who are going to throw their underwear at you, and I want to stay competitive.

Ned: Is that so?

Alexis: Hmm, it is so.

And now I would like to hear you sing before I go to court.

Ned: Well, since you smell so delicious, how can I resist?

Did you happen to look at Nikolas' marketing plan for the concert?

Alexis: I did, and he did a great job.

I think we're lucky to have him.

Ned: Good.

Alexis: It's just it's odd because it just brings everything so close to home.

Ned: Meaning?

Alexis: Meaning I see myself in him.

I see what he's trying to do.

He's trying to start his own life and make his own decisions.

And he does that, and there's Stefan and Helena trying to pull him back.

Ned: And did you offer him sage advice?

Alexis: I did.

Ned: And did your words sink in?

Alexis: Why do I suddenly have the impression that I am now the subject?

Ned: Ah, you see the parallel.

Alexis: I do, and I would like to call a moratorium on that subject.

In fact, I'd like to change the subject.


Ned: We'll get back to that subject later.

All right.

Edward: I am really disappointed in you, young lady.

You knew all about this, and you didn't even warn me?

Chloe: I wanted to tell you, Edward, but Jax tells me that this is just business and that you would do the same thing.

Edward: Now, look, I may have pulled a few companies out from under Jax, but I would never threaten to ruin his whole family empire.

I just wouldn't.

I have put everything I am into E.L.Q.

, Chloe.

Can you understand that?

Chloe: I -- I know that.

Edward: And I have made mistakes.

Horrible ones.

But every one of them has been out of love for this family -- Jason and my great-grandson Michael.

Even a.j.

They were all sacrificed.

And now I know that Ned should have been running E.L.Q.

All along, and I've alienated him.

So all this has made E.L.Q.

Very vulnerable.

And, ruthless raider that he is, Jax has taken advantage.

Now, I would never impose on you otherwise, but this family is in peril.

We need you, Chloe.

Chloe: To do what?

Edward: Hmm, maybe find it in your heart to intercede in our behalf.

 Chloe: I would, Edward, but I am in love with Jax.

Edward: Oh.

Chloe: And this is who he is.

This is what he does.

And as much as I do not want to see you hurt, I don't really feel it's fair for me to get in the middle.

Edward: Well, is it fair for this family to have to surrender everything, especially to someone who is only interested in winning or losing and who seems to have no regard at all for certain unwritten rules of the game?

Chloe, you're one of us.

We need your help.

[door opens] Jax: What are you doing here?

Edward: Did you think I wouldn't notice that you were buying Tracy's and a.j.

'S stocks?

Jax: No, I had no doubt that you would find out.

But harassing Chloe, trying to force her to choose sides?

You know, I just figured that you would have a little more class than that.

Edward: Has nothing to do with class.

Chloe's family.

Jax: Hmm.

Look, all the corporations that I had that you've gone after -- Edward: Mm-hmm.

Jax: Never once have I asked la to intervene on my behalf, ok?

Now, you should know better than to let your emotions enter this arena.

Edward: Not when you are trying to rob me of my empire.

Now, look, young man, unless you want an all-out war, I suggest that you set your sights on a far less personal venture.

Jax: Hey, all I did was acquire stock in a prosperous company, ok?

And if E.L.Q.

'S so sound, then why do you feel so threatened?

Edward: I'm wasting my time here.

It's very clear that I will have to defend E.L.Q.

By any means necessary.

But don't say I didn't warn you.

Jax: I'll look forward to it.

Just don't involve Chloe.

Edward: Too late.

You involved her when you decided to steal her family's company.

Jax: I'm sorry that you had to be a part of that.

Chloe: You don't have to apologize for Edward's behavior.

Jax: He had no right to prey on your sympathies.

Chloe: Emotional blackmail.

Unfortunately, it worked.

Jax, please, don't go after E.L.Q.

Hannah: You don't really want to get arrested?

a.j.: Hannah, what I want is to get my son back, ok?

No matter what it takes.

Hannah: Yeah, but prison is not where you want to start.

And getting polluted every day isn't likely to show that you're good father material.

a.j.: Yeah, well, I never got a chance to prove I am.

You see, I was separated from Michael for the first year of his life, right?

And then when I finally got him back, I remember I used to sneak up from behind -- "Hey, guess who.

Got a hug for daddy?

:.  And when he would turn around and see that it was me instead of Jason, I used to look in his big, beautiful eyes, and I could just see the disappointment fill, you know?

Just like all the other Quartermaines.

And just when I was starting to get close to him, they take him away from me again.

And by whom?

Who gets him?

Carly and sonny.

Yeah, there -- there is parental material.

And they wonder why I drink.

Hannah: I agree it's unfair.

But it will be tragic if you destroy yourself trying to get even.

Ned: Somehow you remain locked so deep inside 'cause, baby, baby not a day goes by that I don't think of you Juan: That was awesome.

Alexis: You are so talented.

Ned: Well, I was inspired by my number one fan.

Alexis: Well, let's just hope it stays that way when they -- all the others start swarming all over you.

Ned: No, you'll always be number one in my heart.

Now, listen, my driver is parking the tour bus outside, but I'd be happy to give you a ride to the court.

Alexis: He is talented and humble.

How'd I get so lucky?

Ned: Come here.

Alexis: That was pretty nice.

Juan: See you guys.

Alexis: Bye.

See you.

Emily: Hi.

Juan: Hey.

Emily: So, how did it go?

Wait -- actually, don't tell me.

You must be college radio's new big sensation.

Juan: Yeah, dream on.

They won't even play it.

Emily: They don't like the tape?

Juan: Don't like the quality.

Said it's no good.

But I knew that when I was making it.

Then I walk in here, and Ned's playing, and he's -- Emily: Got a lot re experience than you do?


He's also got success and money behind him.

But you know what?

Juan: Reality bites?

Emily: No.

It takes time to achieve all that, you know?

And you're going to be good.

You may even be better, you know?

Once we get money for you, you are going to be on your way.

Juan: You really believe in me.

Emily: I believe in us.

Stefan: How typically mulish.

The facts speak for themselves.

Clearly Helena is behind dr.

Gladstone's disappearance.

But instead of marshaling your forces into action against her, you point the finger of suspicion at me.

Mac: You were one of the last people to see dr.

Gladstone alive.

How convenient of you and Helena to keep pinning blame on each other.

If I had my way, I'd put you both in jail and throw away the key.

Stefan: I see you're not receptive to reason.

Which has been the case, more often than not, of late.

You're losing your grip, Commissioner.

Though I can't say I'm entirely unsympathetic.

I know what it's like to hate Luke Spencer.

And I can imagine the breakup of a marriage is a painful thing.

But you have a job to do, commissioner.

I suggest you put your personal problems aside during business hours and do that job.

Mac: You'd better get out of my house before I decide it's my job to arrest you.

Stefan: Good day.

Alan: What did a.j.

Do now?

Monica: Other than hawking his entire inheritance?

Jax is now the owner of all of a.j.

'S stock.

Alan: He couldn't have been thinking very clearly.

Monica: Oh, you mean sober.

No, for once I disagree.

I think he knew exactly what he was doing.

He slapped Edward in the face and cut himself off from the family.

Alan: And now he has an unlimited supply of cash at his disposal.

Monica: I can only imagine what he'll do with it.

And the damn thing is we can't stop him.

Alan: Well, we'll think of a way, Monica, together.

Monica: I just feel so useless.

I feel -- I feel like I failed him.

Alan: We have failed him in a way by favoring Jason all these years.

Monica: I wish we could go back.

Alan: Well, we can't go back, Monica.

We're in the present.

We've got to deal with a.j.

Right now.

Monica: I've thought it over in my head a million times, and I can only come up with one thing to do.

Alan: Which is what?

Monica: We have to force him into rehab.

Alan: You can't force him into seeing something he doesn't want to see, Monica.

He's got to bottom out.

Monica: Is that your brilliant solution?

Wait till he sees the light?

When is that going to be, Alan, before or after he kills himself?

Taggert: I could have a.j.

Picked up if you want.

Hannah: No, that's not necessary.

I saw a.j.

Outside, managed to straighten him out.

Taggert: Oh, really?

How's that?

Hannah: Well, he isn't out there breaking things anymore.

He promised to pay for all the damages.

Tammy: I'll let it go -- this time.

Taggert: You know where a.j.

Was going?

Hannah: He's calmed down.

It's ok, really.

Taggert: You know, I hope you know what you're doing.

Hannah: I appreciate your concern, but I can handle myself.

Taggert: Never said you couldn't.

Hannah: I have a question for you, though.

Taggert: What's that?

Hannah: What's PCPD's top detective doing answering a drunk and disorderly?

Taggert: Maybe I was hoping to see you.

Hannah: Well, I'm glad you did, even though we did agree that you would steer clear for a while.

Taggert: You're going to have to remind me why.

Hannah: My father, the fugitive -- Taggert: Oh, yeah.

Hannah: The escapee, the transfer truck.

Little conflict of interest.

Taggert: Yeah.

Yeah, right.

But off the record, as a man, I hope your father escapes for good.

Hannah: Why is that?

Taggert: So you and I can get back on track.

Chloe: The Quartermaines are my family.


Means everything to them.

Jax: And they mean everything to you?

Chloe: I don't understand why it's so important for you to have another company.

Is it pride?

Jax: Principal.

Chloe: Same difference.

Jax: Not that kind.

I mean capital.

Look, Chloe, I'm committed to this, ok?

I've already tied up quite a bit of E.L.Q.


Chloe: So, sell it back.

Jax: You know me better than that.

Once I start something, I finish it.

Chloe: And finish my family in the process.

Jax: I hardly think so.

Chloe: I know you're angry with Edward for stealing this company out from under you -- Jax: Ok, so then you understand, ok?

End of story.

Chloe: I'm afraid it isn't.

It's not an eye for an eye with you, Jax.

You are going after his whole heart.

It's not fair.

And don't tell me it's about business because you know it's not.

So will you tell me, why are you doing this?

The truth.

Jax: I can't believe this.

You're letting Edward manipulate you?

Look, Chloe, I know you're fond of the Quartermaines, but you're not that close to them -- not closer than you are to me.

Chloe: Now who's manipulating me?

Jax: Look, I'm sorry, but you only met them face to face a year ago -- less than a year ago.

Why is this so important to you?

Chloe: When I was a little girl, aunt Eleanor used to read me Edward and Lila's love letters.

I remember holding those crinkled, yellowed pieces of paper in my hands and feeling swept away by the force of their love.

When my father left, those letters were my only proof that love didn't have to end.

I know it may sound ridiculous, but I've held on to that hope.

D Edward and Lila have become a part of my heart.

I just -- I can't stand to think of them losing their company in their golden years, after they're prepared for this for so long.

This is a time for them to be secure and peaceful and not to be fighting for their company.

Jax: Chloe, I intend to make a very fair offer for E.L.Q.

Chloe: That's not my point.

You're stealing his dream.

Jax: Chloe, I didn't put Edward in the position that he's in, ok?

He got there all by himself.

All I'm doing is applying sound business tactics to take advantage of a situation.


Chloe: It's just when you talk like that, you sound like my father -- cold, unfeeling, everything's black and white, cut-and-dried.

It doesn't matter that we're destroying people's lives because that's the price we pay for business, right?

Jax: Ok, now who's being unfair, ?

Look, Chloe, I have feelings.

You know that.

I have feelings for you.

But I keep them separate from my work, and you need to understand that.

Chloe: I'm sorry.

I can't compartmentalize my feelings that way.

They don't just turn on and off.


Jax: Hey, you all right?

Chloe: It's -- this is a really dumb time for us to have this discussion.

I'm just tired and jet-lagged.

Jax: Ok, why don't you come and sit down, get some rest, ok?

Chloe: Yeah.

Jax: Come on.

Everything else can wait, ok?

You know I love you.

Chloe: I know.

I love you, too.

Jax: I got to make some calls.

You get some sleep, ok?

Chloe: Ok.

Felicia: I didn't realize that our problems were so public.

How dare Stefan come in here and throw our problems in your face.

Mac: I can handle it.

Felicia: Well, you shouldn't have to.

I'm sorry.

I mean -- I have to stop saying I'm sorry.

I have to stop defending myself altogether because you're right -- actions do speak louder than words.

So I just want to say to you I'll do whatever I can to rebuild what we have.

I want to prove to you how much I love you, Mac.

Mac: I'm sorry, Felicia.

Look, I can't believe for a second that this isn't just another ploy -- you promising the moon, hoping you'll get your daughters back.

As far as I'm concerned, they're better off in Texas.

Felicia: Oh, how can you say that?

Mac: I'm not going to lie anymore.

I'm not going to lie anymore -- not about us or you.

I can't pretend that there's a happy family waiting for them at home.

There isn't.

Not anymore.

Felicia: Oh, please.

I love you.

Mac: Look, you seem determined to want to stay here.

Ok, so you know what?

That's fine.

You go right ahead.

I'll find someplace else to live.

Hannah: Coast is clear.

a.j.: Cops left?

Hannah: But Tammy is still furious.

a.j.: Yeah, well -- oh -- Hannah: Whoa.

I can't tell you don't have your sea legs back, so prepare to sober up.

This will help pass the time.

a.j.: What?

What are you doing?

Don't you have better things to do?

Hannah: You know, it wasn't so long ago that I was in your shoes.

I was in pain, constantly obsessing.

Sometimes I was so hurt, I couldn't even get out of bed.

a.j.: Because of sonny.

Hannah: Yeah.

Because of what I allowed him to do, what I did to myself.

I wish I could spare you the heartache.

a.j.: Me, too.

Hannah: Well, maybe I can help at least speed up the recovery, huh?

a.j.: Better men have tried.

Hannah: Yeah, but not me.

So, what will it be?

Gin or poker?


Poker it is.

Alan: You know what we're doing?

We're falling into the same old trap of fighting over a.j.

When there is no obvious answer.

It is not helping him.

Monica: Or us.

No, you're right.

We can't get so caught up in a.j.

'S problems we lose sight of each other.

I just wish there was something we could do, some positive step we could take.

Alan: There's got to be something to help him turn his life around.

Monica: Michael.

Alan: Michael.

If he saw his son, maybe -- maybe that would be enough reason for him to shape up, at least for the time being.

Monica: It's nice to think that would happen, isn't it?

But let's be realistic.

Carly is such a vindictive tramp, she'd keep Michael away from him just out of spite.

Alan: Look, if we brought mother into this -- Monica: Maybe she could get through to Carly.

Alan: It's worth a try.

Monica: Let's hope.

Edward: Oh, what a touching sight.

Perhaps if you had poured some of that concern on your drunken louse of a son, he might not be trying to sell E.L.Q.

To the enemy.

Alan: Don't you accuse me of anything when you've done nothing but belittle a.j.

You've taught him to double-cross his family, lie, and deceive.


He's a master now.

If you lose everything, it's your own fault.

Edward: Well, that may be.

But if E.L.Q.

Flounders, I won't be the only one who loses.

Either we stand together or Jax will take everything.

["Sleeping beauty:.  Music plays]

Jax: Were you having another dream?

Chloe: Yeah.

This one was worse.

Jax: Was the music box in it?

Chloe: No, but I heard the music.

Jax, there was a man, and I think he was dead.

Why is this happening to me?

Jax: I don't know.

But I swear to you, we'll find out.

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Chloe: You're not as happy about Eddie Maine as you thought you would be.

a.j.: Let me see my son.

Emily: I need money.

Felicia: The girls need Mac, and so do I.

Bobbie: Sometimes it's just best to let it go.

Larkin: Time to put a little pressure on Roy's associates.

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