GH Transcript Friday 1/14/00


General Hospital Transcript Friday 1/14/00

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Tammy: Ooh. A big, strong, handsome man at my counter. That's the way i like to start my day. What can i get you, sonny?

Sonny: Cup of coffee to go.

Tammy: You got it. You know, i'm kind of flattered. Big coffee mogul like you coming in for morning takeout.

Tammy: Then again, it could be because you found out that hannah's living upstairs again. Got all spiffed up, you know, wanted to let her know you're doing ok without her, right? Then again, nah. Probably just the coffee.

Sonny: Well, see, actually, you're going out with my old man, right? And i just -- i just wanted to know if your intentions are honorable.

Tammy: You know, sonny, i swear you're the only guy i know that can make me blush.

Sonny: Well.

Tammy: Well.

Roy: So, how long you going to be gone?

Luke: I'm not sure. But i'll be in touch with you. I really appreciate you taking over here for me.

Roy: Oh, you bet. That's what partners are for.

Luke: Yeah. But please try to remember this ain't no disco. It's a blues club. And keep claude away from booking acts, man, because we've had nothing but disaster that way. No more country acts, no more pretty-boy bands, no more four-part harmony from australian refugees. I don't care. I just -- keep him under control. And watch yourself. Don't get put back in the slammer. Barbara jean seems to have lost all tolerance for that sort of thing.

Roy: Hey, luke, i can't imagine what it must be like having a guy like faison come to me and say that my son is still alive and know that he might be yanking your chain. I mean, how can you know the difference?

Luke: Well, at this point, i can't. All i can do is go back to where we first met and ask some questions, work a couple of the contacts that we both had, try to find out as much about him as i can, trace his movements, and hope to see some credible evidence that lucky is still out there. I'm really counting on you to keep this quiet, roy. My wife couldn't take any false hopes.

Roy: Yeah. No, i got that. I'll -- i'll keep quiet.

Luke: Thanks.

Roy: So -- i'm off to my day job, man. I'll -- good luck.

Luke: Thanks.

Roy: You know, luke, i really want to meet him. You know, if your boy's out there, you bring him home, ok?

Luke: I will.

Monica: Who's inside?

Alan: Father and carly.

Monica: Oh.

Alan: You ready?

Monica: Not yet.

Alan: What was that for?

Monica: Last night.

Alan: You know, i'm really starting to have second thoughts about ned's scheme.

Monica: Oh, listen, we only have to be apart long enough for you to slip a ring on gertrude's finger, and ned will leave A.J. To run ELQ, and then --

alan: Suddenly realize that we've made a terrible mistake.

Monica: Right. And after last night, you don't have to worry about a thing. I'm not going anywhere.

Alan: I'll hold you to that. So, you ready?

Monica: Ok.

Alan: One --

alan and monica: Two, three --

alan: Oh, come on, monica, just admit it. You don't want me to come back as chief of staff.

Monica: That's not what i said.

Alan: Oh, of course it is.

Monica: I didn't mean that, exactly.

Alan: Well, if you didn't mean it, monica, then let us go to the board and make an announcement next week.

Monica: No.

Edward: What is the problem?

Alan: Well, she's on such a power trip. First, she tells me she wants me to come back as chief of staff, and now you don't want me to come back.

Monica: Look, i am busy. I don't just push pencils around a desk. I actually perform heart surgery like a real doctor!

Alan: Thank you very much.

Monica: You're welcome.

Edward: Oh, don't be so sensitive.

Alan: Oh, put a sock in it, will you, father?

Monica: Oh, shut up, edward.

Alan: Look, there were months --

edward: You're at each other's throats --

monica: You just announced that you were coming back --

alan: Excuse me. Will you be quiet?

Edward: Why do you fight each other all the time?

Monica: Edward, stay out of this.

Alan: You told me, "Come back, alan. Come back, alan. " Monica: You could have forewarned me --

alan: And now i want to come back --

edward: What would hurt -- be quiet!

Emily: Hey. What's going on? I haven't talked to you in a while.

Jason: I just -- i wanted a chance to see you alone. To say good-bye.

Emily: What, are you going away on business or something?

Jason: No, i'm leaving town for good.

Emily: I don't understand. You're just going away?

Jason: Yeah.

Emily: What about michael?

Jason: He's got carly and monica and --

emily: Oh, please. Please. What -- this is carly, isn't it?

Jason: No, it's not.

Emily: What has she done now?

Jason: It's not carly.

Emily: She's pushing you away, isn't she, jason?

Jason: It's got nothing to do with carly.

Emily: Then who is it? What is it? Is it business?

Jason: It's not one thing. It's a lot of things. It'll all work out better if i just go.

Emily: I don't believe you.

Jason: It's true.

Emily: No, no, no.

Jason, tell me what you want me to do, and i'll do it.

Jason: Look, i need you to watch out for michael.

Emily: No, no, no. So that you'll stay here.

Jason: There isn't anything.

Jason: Staying here would hurt all the people that i care about.

Emily: It's because of the bomb, isn't it?

Jason: No, it's -- look, emily, you know if you lined up all the people that have been hurt because they somehow knew me or they were standing next to me -- look, it's not just that. It's like i said, it's a lot of things. This is really the best thing to do.

Emily: Not for me.

Jason: You're going to have to trust me.

Emily: You're going to have to tell grandmother in person that you're leaving.

Jason: I will.

Emily: When are you leaving?

Jason: Later.

Emily: I can't just let you go.

Jason: You'll be ok.

Emily: Where are you going?

Jason: Whoo, i'm not sure. I don't know.

Emily: How am i going to get in touch with you if i need you for something?

Jason: I'll find out.

Emily: Sure. You're going to leave me here with our crazy family. What am i going to do, jason? You've always been there for me in the past.

Jason: I know, i know. But you can handle those people. You can do anything you want to.

Emily: You expect me to just live with this?

Jason: Look, i just need you to watch out for michael, ok? I love you.

Emily: I love you, too. And i will.

Emily: Wait, jason -- wait. You have to write or something or call. I mean, you have to. It's not a choice.

Jason: I will.

Emily: Ok, you promise?

Jason: Yeah, i promise.

Emily: Every day?

Jason: No, not every day.

Emily: Will i ever see you again?

Jason: Someday. I love you.

Emily: I love you, too.

Monica: It is freezing out there.

Alan: Might not be so bad if you weren't so cold-blooded.

Monica: The only thing cold in this house is our bed.

Edward: Could we please have a civilized breakfast?

Alan and monica: No.

Carly: You know what? The air's a little bit thick in here for some reason this morning. I'm going to go visit my mother.

Edward: You can ride in with me. You know, it's a sad day when a man finds the office more pleasant surroundings than his own den.

Monica: It's not your den.

Alan: Here we go.

Edward: Now, look, you get this all settled before we sit down to dinner tonight because i don't want lila to be upset by your latest war games.

Alan: They bought it.

Monica: Well, apparently we're pretty good at this.

Alan: Well, we've had a lot of practice.

Monica: Yes.

Alan: But listen, that crack about me not being a real doctor -- that was low.

Monica: Oh, come on now. You know i didn't mean that. It's just part of the act.

Alan: Glad to hear it. Well, now we've only got one thing left to do.

Monica: Call ned.

Alan: We have a divorce to plan.

Bobbie: Sonny, you look nice this morning.

Sonny: You know, if this is a new policy -- every time somebody orders a cup of coffee you get a compliment -- you're going to make a mint. All right. Thank you, sweet cheeks.

Tammy: Here, sonny.

Sonny: Bobbie, you got a second?

Bobbie: Sure.

Sonny: I just -- i wanted to say i'm sorry about what happened with jerry and the wedding. And if i could have -- if i could have figured out a way to spare you, i would have.

Bobbie: It's all in a day's work, right?

Sonny: I'll see you.

Tammy: Whoo. Ouch.

Bobbie: What happened between the two of them?

Tammy: Oh. You'd have to ask them.

Bobbie: Hi.

Hannah: Hi.

Bobbie: Has tammy already taken your order?

Hannah: No. I'm just going to stick to coffee. I'm really not that hungry. Thanks.

Bobbie: We really haven't had a chance to catch up since you moved back in upstairs, but i gather things didn't work out the way you wanted them to.

Hannah: That's an understatement.

Bobbie: Sorry. I know how that is.

Hannah: Yeah.

Bobbie: But we move on, right?

Hannah: Yeah. We try. Believe me, i thought about just packing up and leaving. But i like it here in port charles. I've made some ties, so -- i don't know. We'll see. I'm going to see how things work out.

Bobbie: Good luck.

Hannah: Thanks. You, too.

Felicia: Hi.

Luke: Hi.

Felicia: Going somewhere?

Luke: Yeah, out of town for a little while.

Felicia: Where?

Luke: Europe.

Felicia: Oh. You didn't want to say good-bye?

Luke: I did said good-bye. I left a message on your voice mail.

Felicia: Oh. Sorry. I didn't check my messages yet. Well, i don't want to make you late for your plane, but i just wanted to come by and get your take on last night.

Mac said you were there, that you saw faison die.

Luke: Well, i didn't actually see him get blown into confetti and neither did mac, but i am sure he's dead.

Felicia: Even though he survived a boat crash before?

Luke: He's dead.

Felicia: How did you know he was going to be there?

Luke: He called me. He told me to meet him at pier 39. I got there, he got in the boat, and --

felicia: Well, what did he want?

Luke: He wanted to mess with my head one more time. And he didn't really get the chance.

Felicia: Did he say anything about the tape of us?

Luke: No.

Felicia: I hope he doesn't send a copy to mac.

Luke: How's bubba treating you?

Felicia: Well, you know, he's been under a lot of stress because of faison. But, no, i don't think he knows. Otherwise he would have confronted me with it. It's over. Faison's dead and so are all of his mind games.

Jason: Grandmother?

Lila: Jason. What a lovely surprise.

Jason: I've been doing some thinking, and -- and i came to a decision on how to handle things. I'm going away. But i couldn't leave before saying good-bye to you.

Lila: Is it michael?

Jason: It's everyone i care about. You know, they get hurt, i get hurt. I -- i can't change who i am. I don't want to.

Lila: You shouldn't have to.

Jason, whatever else you think, i hope you'll remember that you're very well loved in this house.

Jason: Not by everyone.

lila: Don't let edward fool you. Darling, you're the heart of us all. You still are.

Jason: No, you are.

Lila: Will you see michael before you go?

Jason: I don't think that's a good idea. It would just confuse him.

Lila: I have an idea.

Monica: I thought we would be meeting with you and chloe.

Ned: Well, alexis is our attorney. She'been brought up to speed on what we're doing. I just asked her to sit in to offer any insight on the divorce proceedings -- assuming that's what you've decided to do.

Alan: Yes. As long as you keep your hands off ELQ And stay away from A.J., we're ready.

Alexis: You have to be very convincing. You have to really make it look like you're getting a divorce.

Ned: I've never seen that as a problem.

Monica: As we discussed, emily has to know.

Ned: I agree.

Alan: Before it goes any further.

Monica: Mm-hmm.

Ned: Would you like me to explain it to her?

Monica: No. I think we can handle that.

Alan: So once this is accomplished, where do we go from here?

Alexis: You start laying the groundwork for seducing gertrude.

Carly: Hey.

Bobbie: Hey. Hey. What are you doing here?

Carly: I had to get out of that house, not that i seem to be able to escape the quartermaines for the life of me. Plus, i haven't seen much of my mother in the new millennium. You don't look all that happy.

Bobbie: I'm ok. Actually, if you want to know the truth, things are catching up with me.

Carly: Whatever happened to roy?

Bobbie: I don't know. I don't keep tabs on roy. Sorry. Could we just not talk about him? Could we change the subject and talk about something that we're not going to fight about, like -- spoiling michael. I got a catalog here. I was just going through it. Actually, i marked just a few things that i thought he might like, and -- you want some coffee? Want a piece of tammy's torte? And we can sit down and go over this, and you can tell me what he has and what he doesn't have. Here you go.

Carly: You know what? I'll just have some tea.

Bobbie: Oh. Ok, fine. Coming right up.

Roy: Vito said you wanted to see me.

Sonny: You still interested in the other branch of my business?

Roy: Yes, i am.

Sonny: I may have a job for you.

Roy: I'm interested in anything you want to throw my way.

Sonny: Well, here's your chance. But if you get caught, you don't talk to the cops.

Roy: I got no problem with that.

Sonny: All right. I'll let you know as soon as the details are worked out.

Roy: I appreciate it.

Sonny: Don't thank me yet. Just do the job.

Roy: Yeah.

Sonny: Right.

Roy: Hey.

Hannah: What was that all about?

Roy: What are you doing, besides risking my cover?

Hannah: You don't understand.

Roy: I'll be so happy when this is over and the bad guy is behind bars where he belongs. Maybe then the good guy can stop trying to throw her life away. Excuse me.

Bobbie: Because, you know, it's just -- it's not like i have any right to keep tabs on roy.

Carly: Oh, ok, but that's not what i was saying. I'm not sang that you should hound the man, mother. I'm saying you guys were friends and you were engaged. And now that jerry's sort of, you know, out of the picture, i just think that it would be very silly if you did not see if there was something still there.

[telephone rings]

carly: The ones who love you --

bobbie: Excuse me.

Carly: Are the ones who tell you the truth.

Bobbie: Hello. Mm-hmm. Oh, ok.

Bobbie: That was GH. I got to go. So, here, finish my torte. Do you want to ride with me?

Carly: No.

Bobbie: Ok. All right. Honey, listen, i'm really glad you came by, but i just want to clear up a point, ok? Whatever may or may not be between roy and me, i would just like to keep it that way -- between him and me. So, just don't interfere, ok?

Carly: Ok.

Bobbie: Ok. And let me know what you think, ok?

Bobbie: Bye.

Ned: You can't be obvious. Otherwise gertrude will suspect something. You have to be charming, sincere.

Alexis: Sexy. You need to be sexy. And then you need to make gertrude feel sexy.

Ned: Chloe and alexis are willing to take you out on a trial date. I think that's a good idea.

Monica: Well -- um, excuse me, but i've been married to this man off and on for quite a few years, and, believe me, he doesn't need any trial dates or lessons on how to be sexy.

Alan: And if there are any trial dates, i will be doing them with this woman. Do you understand?

[pager beeps]

monica: Um, it's me.

Elizabeth: Hey.

Nikolas: Hey.

Elizabeth: It's that cold out there, huh?

Nikolas: Yeah. Well, here.

Elizabeth: Oh, wow. Do you want some coffee?

Nikolas: That cold. Yeah, please. So, you back in your studio?

Elizabeth: Not yet, but i will be as soon as the police release it.

Nikolas: So long as you're doing what you want and not trying to prove a point, which seems to be my tendency.

Elizabeth: Oh, excuse me for a minute, ok?

Nikolas: Yeah.

Carly: One, two, three four, five -- six.

Luke: Has mac come up with anything on faison's accomplice? Or has he just decided to go with me?

Felicia: Well, if he were going with you, he would have ordered you to stay in town. He didn't, did he?

Luke: No.

Felicia: You still think it's helena?

Luke: That would be my guess. She sets him up as the murderer of katherine bell, and then she helps him escape, except it isn't really an escape because he dies in the end. It all fits.

Felicia: Yeah. And mac's not ruling out the idea that this could have been faison's plan to set it up to make it look like that he was killed. Like what happened before down in south america, only the bomb triggered just a little bit early and messed up hiplan. Are you sure you didn't say or talk about us with faison?

Luke: No, darling. I'm sure whatever he wanted to talk to me about wasn't us.

Felicia: Oh, ok.

Luke: It's over, felicia. I'm just taking a little time to give us both some breathing room.

Felicia: Hiram wouldn't go out on an adventure without orphey, would he?

Luke: No, hiram would not do that.

Felia: Well, i guess i'd better let you go, then.

Luke: I guess you probably should.

Felicia: Be safe.

Luke: You, too.

Luke: Bye.

Felicia: Bye.

Monica: Lila told me you were waiting.

What's wrong?

Jason: Nothing. I just -- i just wanted to say good-bye.

Monica: Good-bye? What -- where are you going? Are you in trouble?

Jason: No. No, i just -- i just need to go.

Monica: Why?

Jason: It's best for everyone. I already told emily, and i told grandmother. And i'm not telling carly.

Monica: Oh.

Jason: I don't want anyone else to know until i'm gone, so could you please not tell them?

Monica: Yeah, i mean, whatever you want. But why are you going?

Jason: Because i've -- i've made so mistakes, and it's the only way to make it right. I didn't like you when i woke up. I especially didn't like how you kept saying that you love me because i was sure you didn't.

Monica: Oh.

Jason: And you kept telling me you felt that way because you were my mother. That didn't make any sense to me till i had michael.

Jason: So everything that i felt for him -- it took everything and how much i've missed him -- and i still do -- to make me see what being a parent means. I know you love me. I love you, too.

Monica: Oh -- oh, my boy. How -- how ca i let you go?

Jason: It was never up to you, and you understood that, and i know it was hard. And now i have to -- i have to do this for michael, even thoh it's hard on me.

Monica: You promise me -- you promise me you'll be careful.

Jason: And you promise me that you won't kidnap anyone and take them to a motel room and try to shoot them.

Monica: Oh, God. I think that -- i think that was probably the most desperate time in my life. But you came, and you rescued me. And i knew right at that point that i hadn't lost you. And i am not losing you now.

Jason: No.

Monica: Is there -- is there anything i can do?

Jason: Yeah. I'd like to see michael one last time. But only if he can't see me.

Monica: Oh. Whether or not michael can see you, i know he loves you. And he always will. So will i. I'll go get him.

[knock on door]

agent: It's open.

Agent scott.

Hannah: Good morning.

Agent: What are you doing here?

Hannah: Well, you had asked me to report to you on every FBI-related pcpd case, so i'm here to update you on cesar faison.

Agent: Yeah.

[telephone rings]

agent: Just a minute. Yeah? What, now? Yeah, all right, all right. I'll be right there. Look, i've got to go. You want to pick this up later?

Hannah: Well, if you don't mind, i don't mind waiting here. I have some work to catch up on.

Agent: Well, all right. Ok.

Elizabeth: It's good, huh?

Nikolas: Yeah, it's excellent. She should -- tammy should start up her own side business.

Elizabeth: Want some more coffee?

Nikolas: Please. Listen, while i have you smiling, how would you feel about going snowboarding with me sometime?

Elizabeth: Since when do you snowboard?

Nikolas: Well, since never, but, hey, i'm trying new things. Do you snowboard?

Elizabeth: No, but you tell me when and where, and i'll learn. If you can do it, i definitely can.

Nikolas: All right.

Elizabeth: Excuse me. Hi.

Luke: Hi, hi. Is my sister around?

Elizabeth: The hospital called. She had to go in early.

Luke: Oh. Are you ok in here?

Elizabeth: Yeah, i'm hanging in.

Luke: Mm-hmm. Well, that's good to hear.

Elizabeth: Do you want me to leave bobbie a message?

Luke: No, i'll just call her.

Elizabeth: Ok.

Luke: Take care.

Elizabeth: You, too.

Nikolas: I have to tell you this story about lulu.

Monica: Say hi to great-grandma. Come here. Come on. Here you go. There you go. There you go. Look what we got here for you. A present. Let's see, huh? Can you make that go? Good. Good boy. Did you know about these? Going to take these off. That's it. Put that back in. Good. Great.

Laura: Hi.

Luke: Hi.

Laura: Come on in.

Luke: Thanks. Is cupcake around?

Laura: As a matter of fact, she's in the kitchen eating one right now.

Luke: Oh.

Laura: Has there been any more word about faison?

Luke: Well, just a confirmation of the type of explosives that were used and the fact that there's no way he could have survived.

laura: But there's no body?

Luke: No. This kind of explosive doesn't leave enough for even a d. N. A.  Sample.

Laura, i'm here to tell princess that i won't be able to take her ice fishing next week. I'm going out of town. I'm working on something important. It may come to nothing, but i have to follow it though.

Laura: What's going on, luke?

Laura: Luke, if something is going on -- i'm sorry. I know i shouldn't ask. I know that if it had anything to do with lulu and me that you would tell us.

Luke: Of course i would. Hello, princess. Oh, my goodness. You look beautiful today. A little bit of bad news -- we won't be able to go ice fishing next week.

Lesley lu: Ok.

Luke: Is that ok? All right? I'm going to go out of town. But while i'm gone, i want you to know that i'm going to be looking for something very exciting.

Lesley lu: What?

Luke: Well, it's a surprise, and if i tell you, it wouldn't be a surprise. But if i find it, you're going to be one happy little girl. I -- i swear. So give me a little kiss on the cheek, please. Ok, good girl. There you go.

Laura: Come on, sweetie.

Luke: If you need anything -- laura: I'm ok.

Luke: Ok. Well, take care of yourself.

Laura: I will. You, too. Please.

Luke: Bye, sweetie.

Monica: Lila. I'm so glad that you got in touch with me. I mean, if i had just heard that jason had left town -- he told me he loved me. You know, i think it's taken almost five years for him to say that.

Lila: Jason didn't say he'd never come back.

Monica: I remember when he -- when he was little and he ran away. It was one of the few times i ever saw his temper. I think he got about as far as the boathouse. I remember the time when i used to just call him "The brat. " 

Lila: But you came to love him just as much as any mother can.

Monica: After the accident, i thought that -- that i'd lost my youngest son and i never had a chance to say good-bye. It took me so long to try to get to know the jason that he became. Lila, i figured out that all the -- all that kindness and that love, that inner strength of his -- they're all still there. He is my jason. He's our jason. Oh, God, lila. I'm going to miss him so much.

Carly: Jason? Jason?

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