GH Transcript Thursday 1/13/00


General Hospital Transcript Thursday 1/13/00

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Chloe: Hi. Yes, i would like to order a fruit and cheese platter. And yes, a bottle of your finest champagne.

Mrs.  Pruitt. Thank you.

Jax: I'm sorry. Am i late?

Chloe: You are perfect.

Alan: You are not serious about giving in to ned's threats, are you?

Monica: We know ned, and we know ned is quite capable of carrying through with this. He'd like nothing better than unseating A.J.

Alan: That's presuming he can do it.

Monica: Listen, i am presuming that with the stress A.J. Is under with carly right now, he's distracted. If he loses that job along with her, who knows what could happen to him. We can do something to help.

Alan: It's easy for you to say. I'm the one who has to marry gertrude.

Jason: I told you not to do this to him.

Carly: This is for him, jason. Michael stopped sleeping through the night again. I've tried everything. Leticia and i have both exhausted ourselves. I tried to read to him and it didn't work, and i thought maybe, you know, you could work some of your magic with him.

Jason: You know, this is not good for him. You know that.

Carly: And not sleeping is? Jason, please, come on. I'll leave as soon as he goes to sleep, i promise.

Jason: All right, come here, michael. Hey, buddy. Come here. I'm reading a book over here. You want to see it, huh?

[michael fusses]

jason: Look, it's about -- it's about egypt. I thought i'd tell you a little story. Look. Look at that. What's that? You remember that, huh? Those are pyramids.

Hannah: I have to know what the FBI'S planning to do to sonny.

Roy: Yeah. Yeah, you do. Problem is if i told you something, you'd go right to sonny and tell him. And that's obstruction of justice.

Hannah: Please, i need your help.

Roy: Sweetie, i am helping you. I'm protecting you from yourself.

Hannah: No, you're not. You're not helping me. You're protecting your case.

[boat runs]

luke: I'm here! Alone, unarmed.

Faison: Thought i'd have to leave without saying good-bye.

Luke: What is our unfinished business?

Faison: You've been a worthy adversary, spencer. I'll leave you with this -- lucky, your wonderful son, is alive.


luke: Mac, no!

Mac: Get out of the way, luke! Get out of -- luke: Let him finish!

Mac: Let go! He's getting away!


luke: You couldn't wait another second?

Mac: He was getting away.

Luke: Well, he didn't get far, did he?

Mac: This is comm.  Scorpio. I need immediate assist, 10-22, pier 39, coast guard water search and rescue. I repeat -- i need the coast guard water search and rescue at pier 39. I have a small craft explosion with at least one man missing. Who else was involved, luke? Who else was helping him?

Luke: I don't know.

Mac: The hell you don't! What was going on before i got here, luke? What was going on? Why were you keeping me from stopping faison?

Mac: Have you lost your mind? I could've had him. Why in God's name did you stop me?

Luke: Well, i'm sorry, mac, but just maybe he was more useful alive than dead -- or vaporized. Not that it matters now.

Mac: How did you know he was here?

Luke: He called me. He told me to meet him here.

Mac: What else did he say?

Luke: He didn't have time to say anything. You showed up.

Mac: Oh, why should i believe you, luke? Did you bother to call 911, tell anyone that you made contact? I should have you arrested for aiding and abetting a felon!

Luke: Oh, that's crap. You're just burned up because you didn't get him yourself.

Mac: I'm the cop here, luke, all right? If you'd have cooperated form the start, he'd still be alive.

Luke: Well, it doesn't matter now, does it? He's smoke!

Mac: Oh, really? Really? Or maybe -- maybe that's what you want me to believe.

Luke: What?

Mac: Yeah. No, faison -- you see, faison survived a bigger explosion than this before, right -- the one that killed robert and anna. Damn you, luke!

Luke: Come on, man, he didn't have time to jump off there. That had to be c-4 with something. Look, if you're not going to arrest me, i'd like to go home. It's a little chilly out here.

Mac: This is scorpio. I need a status report.

Monica: Oh, so now you're opposed to cuddling up with gertrude?

Alan: What if, God forbid, she learns to appreciate me and respect me? What am i going to do, monica? How will i ever get used to that when, over the course of the years, you have taught me that true love is nothing but your endless abuse?

[monica chuckles]

monica: I just tell you the truth. I mean, i wouldn't begin to puff you up with useless flattery. Besides, my darling, you know that every time gertrude looks at you, all she sees is money.

Alan: Oh, thank you very much.

Monica: Well, you know what i mean.

Alan: I'll tell you what -- if i do marry gertrude, i'm signing everything over to you.

Monica: Oh!

Alan: Oh! Don't be too happy because it all reverts back to me if we're not remarried in six months.

Monica: Well, i have no intention of being divorced for six months. Besides, the way gertrude is mooning all over you, i wouldn't be surprised if you were at the altar within weeks.

Alan: Really?

Monica: Mm-hmm.

Alan: I don't know, monica. My romantic technique's a little bit rusty.

Monica: Oh. You are incredibly charming.

Alan: You really think so?

Monica: You also could use a little coaching.

Alan: Oh, really? Did you have a particular coach in mind?

Monica: Well, as a heart surgeon, i think i would do. So try out your technique. Oh, dear.

Roy: You know, i've been given this assignment. I really don't care for it much, but it's my job and i'm going to do it. That's what you need to do. Corinthos is no longer your concern. He doesn't trust you. He wants nothing to do with you. Now, i know how bad that hurts. I understand that you want to change his mind, you want to make it up to him somehow. The truth is there is some damage that can't be undone. And in your case, it would be a terrible mistake to try.

Hannah: Why? Because of my career?

Roy: Yeah, because of your career.

Hannah: What do i care if i lose it?

Where did this career really ever get you? You're playing a role. You can't even know for sure if anything you feel, if any of the connections you're making are real. I don't want to live my life that way. What i felt with sonny was real, and i know that, and i'm going to find a way to prove that to him.

Roy: Hannah, hannah -- you need to get away. You need to park yourself somewhere and try to start seeing this for what it really was.

Hannah: We really loved each other.

Roy: No doubt. But now it's over and you need some distance from it.

Hannah: I'm not leaving sonny unprotected. No way.

Roy: Hannah, listen to yourself.

Hannah: Please just tell me what the FBI's planning to do.

Roy: If i say that nothing is going to happen for the next couple of days at least, will you think about taking some time away?

Hannah: Yeah, i'll consider it, ok? I know how worried you are about me.

Roy: Me worried about you? Oh, babe.

Roy: You'll never know how much.

Roy: I'll talk to you.

Bobbie: Hi, roy.

Roy: Hey.

Bobbie: Cold out, huh?

What are you doing here?

Roy: What am i doing out here? I -- i'm headed home, i guess. I seem to like the view down here better than up along the street. You done for the day?

Bobbie: Finally. It's cold out, isn't it?

Roy: Not cold, it's invigorating. Gets the blood moving.

Bobbie: I owe you an apology.

Roy: I owe you an apology, too.

Bobbie: Well, let me go first, ok?

Roy: Ok.

Bobbie: About the other night when you called me on my bad habit of sticking my nose into your business -- you were right. It is your life. And you get to live it any way you want. And you don't have to justify your actions to me. So i was wrong and i'm sorry.

Roy: You still get that same look on your face.

Bobbie: You think you know me so well, don't you?

Roy: Well --

bobbie: Well, ok, i guess you're right, because i do hate to admit i'm wrong, but at least in 20 years i learned how to do it.

Roy: You're being very generous. The truth is that i never seem to mind you interfering with my business until you start saying certain things i don't want hear. So -- i guess, you know, we could both be a little -- a little more -- you know.

Bobbie: Well, i'll try to mind my own business from now on. You know what it is? It's just that sometimes you -- you just seem so familiar to me. It's like you haven't changed at all. And i have to remind myself that there are a lot of things that i don't know about you now and i have to make room for you to be a different person.

Roy: In a lot of ways -- the most important ways -- i'm just the same. Can i walk you home?

Bobbie: No, that's ok. Good night.

Roy: Yeah, good night.

Carly: Did he stay asleep?

Jason: Yeah.

Carly: You still have the touch. I mean, i knew that you would. That's why i brought him here. He's been really cranky and i just couldn't listen to him scream, you know, for one more night. He's probably picking up on mommy's vibe. I don't know if sonny told you or not, but i put on a little show for A.J.'S guests at his party the other night.

Jason: Sonny and i don't discuss you. But i'm not surprised by anything you do, carly.

Carly: That's because you know me. But A.J.'S guests were pretty surprised.

Jason: No, because you're out of control, carly. Don't you get that michael knows when everybody's fighting and it scares him? What are you thinking about, bringing him here? Being around me confuses that kid.

Carly: Don't -- ok, you know what? Don't treat me like i don't know what's best for my son, ok? Everything that you did for michael -- leaving him, pushing me towards A.J. -- has done nothing but hurt that little boy. He misses you, jason, and i am not going to raise him in that house. Michael will never be happy there, and you know that. He will never be happy there. I need you to help me get him through it.

Jason: How can you use him like that?

Carly: I'm not using him.

Jason: The hell you aren't.

Stefan: Laura.

Laura: Hi.

Stefan: Hi.

Laura: Mrs.  Lansbury said that you were on your way over. I called for a launch. Well, obviously you're on your way somewhere. I don't want to interrupt.

Stefan: Oh. I was on my way to the hospital. Paperwork. I used to relish being alone, but i don't seem to enjoy it as much anymore.

Laura: I've been wanting to call you. It's just that i -- i wasn't sure what i'd say.

Stefan: I would appreciate honesty. Although i do recognize the irony in that.

Laura: Lovers shouldn't have to ask each other for honesty. Should just be there.

Stefan: We're not ordinary lovers, though, are we? There's nothing ordinary about us -- not the way we met, not our years apart, and not the way we've tried to come back together. Complicated as it may be, there is a pull between us that i've -- i've grown to rely on.

Laura: Me, too. I guess that's why i'm here.

Felicia: Mac? I got here as soon as i could. I heard on the car radio.

Mac: Look -- faison's getaway plan.

Felicia: They find the body?

Mac: The explosives used in this job were some high-grain primacord mixed with a military explosive like c-4. It left nothing but ash.

Felicia: But if they didn't find the body -- mac: He's gone, felicia. He's gone.

Felicia: Did anyone see the explosion?

Mac: Yeah, i did.

Felicia: And you saw faison onboard? Are you sure?

Mac: Look, even if by some miracle he was thrown from the boat, i mean, the water's freezing. He would've had to have come onshore. He didn't. I have divers checking just to make sure.

Felicia: So you didn't see him die.

Mac: I glanced away, but only for a second -- not even that.

Felicia: He could've jumped.

Mac: He didn't have time.

Felicia: Are you sure? Are you sure it was him? Are you absolutely positive?

Mac: Yes, yes. It was him. There are still a lot of unanswered questions, though, like who was helping him.

Felicia: Wasn't that helena?

Mac: Well, that would be my first thought. But when i came to the docks, the person faison was talking to was luke.

Luke: I'm not sure how the high priestess of hell raised you from the dead, sonny, but you're about this far from getting stuck back in the ground. Helena? Darling, are you home?

Helena: Remove that knife from andreas' throat.

Luke: Of course. But first, some questions, and then some answers.

Helena: Luke, there's no need for violence or threats. I -- i will tell you whatever you wish to know, but please release andreas. I couldn't bear to lose him the way i lost his dear brother, ari.

Luke: Oh, is that it? I see. You're buying your boy toys in pairs. Or maybe you got a whole baker's dozen of these guys laying around, huh?

Helena: I apologize, dear friend. He's jealous. You may go.

Andreas: No, madam. I'll stay.

Helena: Thank you, but i am more than capable of defending myself against mr.  Spencer.

Andreas: As you wish.

Luke: What's your connection to cesar faison?

Helena: Oh. Well, you are jealous. Well, there's no need to be. You will always come first in my heart.

Luke: Well, i can't tell you how gratified i am to hear that, but you're stalling.

Helena: I purchased gems from mr.  Faison. That's all.

Luke: You framed him for the murder of katherine bell. And then you arranged his escape from jail so that you could kill him so he would never testify against you.

Helena: Are you saying that he's dead?

Luke: Tonight, in that little boat explosion.

Helena: If faison is dead, as you claim, i'm not responsible. But i will say this -- in the end, he was overrated. Unlike you, of course.

Luke: It's good to see you up and around, princess.

Helena: Thank you. I feel lucky to have survived my ordeal.

Mac: When faison held you and luke prisoner, did you get a sense of any of luke's past dealings with him?

Felicia: Luke's past dealings?

Mac: Look, i'm fairly certain that luke and faison were smuggling diamonds together. Is it possible that luke was helping him again?

Felicia: Oh, no. Absolutely not.

Mac: Luke admitted that faison called him.

Felicia: To tell him what?

Mac: To meet him here.

Felicia: Well, faison probably just wanted one last chance to mess with luke's head like he messed with ours. Like he's going to keep messing with everyone's head until they find a body. What was luke doing here with faison before you got here?

Mac: Faison was in the boat, luke was on the pier. I saw faison and fired a shot. Luke jumped me and faison pulled away. And that's when the boat exploded.

Felicia: What do you mean he jumped you?

Mac: Just what i said, felicia. Luke jumped me. He didn't want faison disabled.

Felicia: No, but you're wrong. Luke would never do anything to help faison.

Mac: Yeah, well, like i said, there's a lot of unanswered questions.

[telephone rings]

mac: Scorpio. Oh, no, i don't want to hear this. All right, fine. I understand. Yeah. The river's freezing over and there's a front moving in. They're going to have to pull the divers out, but they're certain that faison is dead.

Felicia, i saw faison in the boat with my own eyes. Ok? There is no way he could've survived that explosion, all right? He ran out of lives. He's gone.

Felicia: But you're not positive.

Mac: He's gone. Ok? You and the girls are safe. It's over. It's over.

Felicia: And he can't hurt us anymore.

Laura: I love you, stefan. I want you to know that.

Stefan: I do know that.

Laura: I've been thinking a lot lately. And i don't have everything figured out. I -- i don't know if i can stay with you forever. But i'd like to try again. How do you feel about that?

Luke: Don't let me interrupt. Laura, you should -- you should know that cesar faison is dead. Not that i ever thought you were in any danger or anything, but it's -- it's one less thing to worry about.

Laura: Who got him?

Luke: I don't know. There was an explosion.

Laura: Well, thanks for telling me.

Stefan: Are you all right?

Laura: There's something strange about luke.

Stefan: I can see that you're concerned for him.

Laura: I will always worry about luke. Just like i'd always worry about you. I love you both. You're both a part of me.

Jason: You know, carly, i -- i have always believed that you wanted what was best for michael. But now you're using him like a weapon. And you brought him here because you know that i can't turn him away. And you claim that he's unhappy at the quartermaines' because you hate it there.

Carly: He does, too. You know better than anyone how miael understands.

Jason: So change it.

Carly: I'm trying.

Jason: Not by hauling him over here in the middle of the night so you can see me, carly.

Carly: You know what? Michael's not sleeping, ok? I'm not lying about that. Do you want to call leticia? I'll dial.

Jason: It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if you're having problems with A.J. Because you always have problems with A.J., but you still bring michael around. Don't you get it? All A.J. Wants is for you to stay away from me. And i want that, too. Why can't you just do that?

Carly: Because i love you. And i know that you're right for me and you're right for my son. Maybe you'll turn your back on me, but you know you'll never turn your back on michael. That's truth. That's not manipulation. All i'm trying to do is get you to see and face reality. Michael needs you just as much as he always did. And, you know, no matter what else you may think about me, you know that i love my son and i'm just trying to do what's bestorim.

Jason: You should go. I'm going to get michael.

Jax: So what do you think?

Chloe: I think your wilderness skills come in extraordinarily handy.

Jax: You know, i took special care to request a room without a bearskin rug.

Chloe: Oh, could you do me a favor and never mention the bearskin rug incident ever again? I find it very embarrassing.

Jax: You know, in all honesty, i really -- i don't think i can promise that because, you know, you looked so funny when your head was hidden under that big --

chloe: Just stop.

Jax: Fluffy, pink coat.

Chloe: No, no.  You're mean.

Jax: And your reaction --

chloe: I think you need to stop right now.

Jax: When your nurse told you that you were in line after the calf delivery --

jax: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. What, what? Did you remember something else you're allergic to?

Chloe: No, just something that i love and had the foresight to bring with me.

Jax: Oh?

Chloe: I am not a wonderful cook, but i do have a specialty. I learned it at summer camp when i was a girl. How do you feel about smores? I've done it again, haven't i? This reminds you of brenda.

Jax: Give me those.

Chloe: These?

Jax: Yeah, bring those, too. I want to tell you a little story. You know -- sit down. Brenda used to say that she spent half her life in temporary places -- boarding schools, hotel rooms. And when she finally got her own place, she had no idea what to do. She didn't know how to decorate. She had no idea how to cook. The only thing she could do was boil water -- and not very well -- and how to make smores. She knew how to do that. So i used to come over and we'd sit in front of the fireplace and we would eat smores.

Chloe: How do i keep doing this?

Jax: Oh, chloe, there are a million memories like that. If i made every one of those sacred, that i couldn't do them with anyone but brenda, then what kind of a life would i have? I could never eat smores again. I could never go outside again. Brenda wanted me to love my life, and i tried that. At first it was a conscious choice to try to be happy. But then -- i found myself in a gazebo, looking at you in the middle of a downpour, and i didn't have to try anymore. You make me love my life. I wasn't sure that was possible after brenda. But now it's not only possible, it feels inevitable.

Dara: Good. This saves me a phone call. I wanted to let you know that the charges against helena are going to be dropped tomorrow.

Stefan: Why? It was an open-and-shut case.

Dara: New evidence points to an alternate suspect.

Stefan: Who?

Dara: Cesar faison.

Stefan: Faison?

Dara: Yeah. Bank records show that your mother made large deposits of money into his account right before katherine bell was murdered.

Stefan: You're being set up.

Dara: And a blond wig that we found in his possession -- forensics proved that it's a match for the hair strand you found in the tunnel outside your mother's room.

Stefan: Ms.  Jensen, she is playing you for a fool.

Helena murdered katherine bell. Only last week, she came to me and tried to bribe me into recanting my testimony. Failing that, she framed this faison, who's now conveniently dead. Do you think that's a coincidence?

Dara: My, word travels fast.

Laura: We ran into luke.

Dara: Well, unfortunately, i think this means that helena's counsel has means to create reasonable doubt in a jury, so --

laura: Does that mean that you're not even going to look into whether or not helena had something to do with faison's death?

Stefan: Setting up a fall guy and then killing him. That doesn't concern you?

Dara: It's out of my hands. Sorry.

Laura: That means that your mother is free to retaliate against you.

Stefan: There will be no retaliation. I will do whatever i have to to stop her.

Helena: Oh, luke is so annoying. He gets carried away. Makes me cross.

Andreas: It's you i'm concerned for. Spencer's insane. I could see it in his eyes he wants to kill you.

Helena: Well, he can certainly try. But if i ever had reason to truly fear for my life, i would simply tell him the truth. I would tell him that his beloved son, lucky, is still alive. And i am the only one who knows how to find him.

Roy: What the hell's going on?

Luke: Ask me what i want more than anything on earth. Ask me. Ask me what i would be willing to die for or to kill for without a moment's hesitation. Ask me what i want more than life, more than money, more than any of this. I want my son back!

Luke: Faison -- he said -- he told me that lucky is alive.

Roy: You trust faison?

Luke: No. He's a psycho. He's a world-class game player, and this is the ultimate revenge -- to tell me exactly what i want and then to disappear with no proof and no trace.

Roy: He got away?

Luke: Sort of. The boat he was in exploded. He's fish food. That parting shot packed a hell of a wallop. He seemed to want to tell me more, like maybe even where lucky is, and then trigger-happy mac showed up and i couldn't stop him and -- and faison hit the gas and that seemed to trigger the explosion. Oh, God, man. I was just starting to get used to the idea that my son was really dead. I was starting to accept the fact that maybe -- but, now -- see, now, if there's even -- if there's even a chance -- i have to be sure.

Roy: Yeah.  Ok. Did you tell scorpio?

Luke: No. Hell, no.

Roy: You going to tell laura?

Luke: No.

No, i can't tell her. I can't get her hopes up for something that's so impossible. That's why i didn't tell scorpio -- so he wouldn't pass the word along. And you can't tell anybody.

Roy: Yeah, yeah, i got it.

Luke: And i also need your help here, roy. You have to take care of things here.

Roy: Where you going?

Luke: Amsterdam. That's where i first met faison. I have to trace all of his steps to prove to myself that there's no chance that lucky is still alive.

Carly: Ooh. I tell you, i had really hoped that you would stay asleep. But i'll tell you what --

Michael: Horsies.

Carly: Horses. Ok, mommy's going to read you a story about horses and you can go to sleep for me like you did for jason, ok? Wow, look at that one. You love jason, don't you, honey? Jason loves you.

[michael talks]

Carly: That's why even though jason's really mad at mommy right now, he's going to help us.

Michael: Mommy.

Carly: Mommy loves you.

Michael: Mama love you.

Jason's voice: "Dear michael, by the time you're old enough to read this, you won't remember me. But i -- i loved you very much."

Jax: Here we go. Here we go.

Chloe: Oh, no, no.

Jax: Whoa!  Here we go! Flaming sugar coming up!

Chloe: Chocolate graham crackers.

Jax: Take it.

Chloe: Oh, oh.

Jax: It's going to drop.

Chloe: Oh, oh.  Ok.

Jax: Ok. Oh, fantastic. Oh, yeah. There we go. What is that? Is that milk chocolate or semisweet?

Chloe: Mmm. I'm going to let you guess.

Jax: Oh, ok.

Chloe: Mmm.

Jax: Hey.

Chloe: Mmm.

Jax: Thought you were going to let me guess, huh? Come here. Let's --

Chloe: Ok. Now guess.

Jax: Oh, i see.

Chloe: Mm-hmm.

Jax: Ok.

Jax: I'm going to have to go in for another taste. Come here.

Jax: Oh, it's milk chocolate.

Chloe: You like that better than semisweet?

Jax: I don't know. You know, the -- the way these things are being served, it's impossible to judge. I think i'm we're going to have to conduct these tests all night long.

Chloe: Oh.

Jax: Uh-huh.

Chloe: Ah!

[jax and chloe laugh]

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