GH Transcript Wednesday 1/12/00


General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 1/12/00

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[knock on door]

Felicia: Hi. You got a minute?

Luke: For you? Sure.

Felicia: I know that i'm being selfish because i keep leaning on you and then pulling back, and i'm not really sure what it is that i expect you to do.

Luke: Relax, orphey. Tell old hiram what's on your mind. If he thinks you're being too selfish, i think he'll tell you.

Felicia: Mac didn't come home last night. He's determined to find faison. And i'm starting to think that i don't want him to.

Mac: What do you mean? What about the waterfront? The corinthos-morgan warehouse, for starters. i happen to know sonny's smuggled people out of the country before.

[knock on door]

mac: Yes. Also notify the county sheriff. Tell him i want to continue searching the outbound trucks. Look, i don't care if they're protesting. Tell them we're searching for an escaped sociopath. Thank you. Anything?

Dara: The governor's office says we have to lift the roadblocks within the next three hours.

Mac: Does the governor's office know what we're dealing with?

Dara: Hey, as far as they're concerned, we let faison get away.

Mac: What -- wait a minute. Wait a minute. One of my officers takes a bribe, and all of a sudden the governor's office isn't interested in catching faison?

Dara: They're not willing to shut down the highways.

Mac: That's too damn bad. This is my jurisdiction. I'll do what it takes to catch faison.

Faison: Finally.

Helena: Oh, you missed me? Oh. I'm touched.

Faison: You told me i would be out of here by now.

Helena: Oh, so impatient. You're a wanted man, cesar, universally hated, and you're the object of the police commissioner's personal vendetta.

Faison: Thank you very much. When do i get out of here?

Helena: In a few hours.

Faison: You're stalling, right? You're stalling.

Helena: On the contrary. I can't wait to get rid of you. You have no idea the trouble you're causing me. There are roadblocks everywhere. Police are searching passengers at the airport. You might at least say thank you.

Faison: Thank you? You know what? Since i saved your life, you lied to me, you framed me for murder, you stole lucky spencer. I mean, why don't i snap your neck right now, hmm?

Helena: But then how would you get away?

[helena laughs]

helena: No, we all have to compromise eventually, cesar. Now, true, you've been framed for katherine bell's murder, but after so many deaths, what's one more? And you lost lucky spencer. But since you were so well paid to kidnap him on my orders, he never really was yours in the first place, was he? No, and now look at the bright side. I have personally financed your rampage through port charles, hmm?

Faison: Yeah.

Helena: And you did have the pleasure of kidnapping a married woman. And i'm fully funding your getaway. So all in all, you haven't done badly, have you?

Faison: Hey, hey. Where are you going?

helena: Well, you didn't think i was going to smuggle you out of here personally, did you? No, a driver will be here in a few moments to pick you up.

Faison: All right.

Helena: So, good-bye, cesar. I can't say that it's been a pleasure, but there have definitely been moments of delight.

Faison: If you insist.

Helena: Au revoir.

Faison: I'm not done with you. Not at all.

Carly: Ah.

Alan: Hi. Did you have a nice walk?

Carly: Oh, yeah. Really nice. We started building a snowman, michael and i, before he went up for his nap, and i stayed behind to finish it.

Alan: You must be freezing.

Carly: Oh, not too bad, actually, but i think i'll run upstairs and change my shoes.

Alan: Do you have a minute to talk to me?

Carly: My shoes are kind of damp.

Alan: I'm sure you've got a minute. It's about your husband.

Sorel: Miss webber.

Elizabeth: Excuse me.

Sorel: I don't believe we've met. Seph sorel.

Elizabeth: I don't know you. And i don't want to. So move, or i'll scream.

Sorel: That would be unfortunate for mr.  Morgan.

Elizabeth: What about jason?

Sorel: He's a friend of yours, i believe. At least i hope so, anyway, because he desperately needs your help.

Elizabeth: Is he hurt? Did something happen?

Sorel: More important, what could happen -- unless you get a message -- jason: What the hell is wrong with you, huh? How stupid are you? Elizabeth, leave.

Elizabeth: No.

Jason: Elizabeth, i said go.

Elizabeth: I'm not leaving. What if someone sees you? You could get arrested.

Sorel: Listen to her!

Jason: What happened to moreno will happen to you. No negotiation, no warning. If you look at her, if you even speak to her, i will find you. Do you understand?

Sorel: I --

jason: Do you understand? Get out of here. Get out of here.

jason: Are you ok?

Elizabeth: Is that the guy who shot you?

Jason: It was him or one of his men. He was also the guy who put the bomb in your apartment. Why didn't you leave when i told you to leave?

Elizabeth: What if he had a gun, jason? Or what if someone showed up to help him? I knew they couldn't hurt you if i was a witness.

Jason: A witness? Are you crazy? If you were a witness, he would have gotten rid of you. This is not a game, elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Don't you think i know that? I'm the one who found you in the snow, remember? I care about you, jason. Stop asking me to pretend like i don't.

Felicia: I can't stop thinking about that tape and what mac will do if he sees it.

Luke: I think you should plan on him seeing it. Just because faison disappeared doesn't mean he can't drop a copy of it in the mail as soon as he stops running long enough to buy a couple of stamps.

Felicia: Well, i can't tell him now. He thinks faison's still in port charles. He's even put up roadblocks on the highway.

Luke: Oh, that's what happen to my liquor delivery.

Felicia: If faison gets away, i don't know what's going to happen. Mac has been so angry and so driven, as if nothing else matters to him. I can't tell him about the tape now.

Luke: Are you headed somewhere with this?

Felicia: No, i just am going around and around in circles. There's nothing i can do that won't hurt him.

Luke: Well, you could try to minimize the damage.

Felicia: How?

Luke: Wait another 24 hours. If the cops haven't found faison by then, they're not going to. Then, in case he does send mac the tape, you might want to tell him about it.

Felicia: So wait 24 hours?

Luke: That would be my suggestion. But of course, you're free to disregard it.

Felicia: Oh, i think it's a great plan. Thank you.

Luke: My pleasure.

Felicia: If i don't see you for a long while, you take good care of yourself, ok?

Luke: You, too.

Tony: Do you have mrs.  Warren's chart?

Bobbie: Right here.

Tony: Thank you.

Bobbie: So, how was lucas' riding lesson?

Tony: Why didn't you tell me how great he was? He took thunder over those jumps like a pro.

Bobbie: I know. Well, jerry spent a lot of time teaching him.

Tony: Well, obviously our son loves riding. In fact, if it's ok with you, i was thinking about taking him to one of those dude ranches in wyoming or montana for a couple of weeks this summer.

Bobbie: I'm sure he'd love that.

Tony: That wouldn't be a problem for you?

Bobbie: No, of course not. I mean -- tony, you have been so wonderful. I think lucas is lucky to have you. Hey, monica.

Monica: Hi.

Bobbie: How was your ELQ Party?

Monica: As a matter of fact, i'd like to talk to you about that.

Tony: And i was just going to my office. Excuse me.

Bobbie: What's up? Something wrong?

Monica: Well, it seems that your daughter has gone from just trying to undermine my son every chance she gets to now actively trying to destroy his life.

Alan: Why did you marry my son?

Carly: I married A.J. Because he convinced me that that was the right thing to do for our child. Obviously, he was wrong.

Alan: No, the only one that's wrong here, carly, is you.

Carly: What a surprise you feel that way.

Alan: I understand the mistake that you're making. I did it myself.

Carly: Do you know what? The only mistake that i made here is marrying A.J.

Alan: There's nothing wrong with A.J. Except that he's not jason.

Carly: Well?

Alan: I used to feel exactly the same way. Jason was the perfect son. He was brave and kind and brilliant.

Carly: Yeah. And then A.J. Drove his head into a tree. I know.

Alan: No, you don't know because even after the accident, i was determined to keep jason as the perfect human being, and nothing A.J. Could ever do would please me. I would never give him a chance to do that, and i couldn't forgive him for not being his brother. And then one day, i realized that A.J. Has qualities that jason will never possess. He had his own kind of strength and his own kind of intelligence, and he has a world of love to give you, carly, if only you would allow him to do it.

Carly: No. ~ you were right the first time, alan. Jason is kind and brave. And brilliant. So if you'll excuse me, i'm going upstairs to be with my son.

A.J.: Wet feet?

Carly: I was just leaving.

A.J.: Not so fast. Dad, would you excuse us, please? I'd like to have a word with my loving bride.

Alan: Sure.

A.J.: So, have you scheduled your visit to the psychiatrist?

Carly: Don't you ever get tired of making threats?

A.J.: Absolutely. It would be much easier if you cooperated. Why don't you let the doctors help you with your problems, carly? Have you taken the medication?

Carly: Flushed them down the toilet first thing this morning, actually.

A.J.: Mm-hmm.

Carly: Although i have to tell you, taking sedatives would definitely help me live in this house if i were planning on staying.

A.J.: You know how i feel. You can leave.

Carly: Not without michael.

A.J.: Oh, more proof you're delusional. You think i would ever give you custody of my son? And after that little show you put on last night, no telling the damage you could do to him.

Carly: Please, A.J., why don't you save the concerned father act for somebody who actually buys it. You know what michael is to you? He's a bargaining chip. He got you ELQ, and he's keeping me in this house. But not for long, honey. I can make your life hell. I'll make you a laughingstock. I will ruin every business attempt you even get close to. Wouldn't it be easier to just let michael go?

A.J.: Oh, easier, sure. But not nearly as satisfying. You're so desperate to get out of here, it's worth whatever it takes to keep you. It's what you deserve. See you.

[A.J. Laughs]

Bobbie: Well, i'll admit that thigh-high boots and a sequined miniskirt are a little extreme, but i'm sure some of your guests have seen worse.

Monica: I'm not. She attacked him. She set out to make him look bad, and, oh, boy, did she succeed.

Bobbie: Monica, i'm sorry, but what do you want me to do? Take her shopping for a better wardrobe?

Monica: I want her out of A.J.'S life. She undercuts him every chance she gets. She lies right to his face. She's gone for hours at a time. And now she's trying to sabotage his career.

Bobbie: Well, look, i am not defending carly. But A.J. Certainly knew who he was marrying. And if they're this unhappy together, why doesn't he just give her a divorce?

Monica: Do you think your daughter would compromise on the custody of michael?

Bobbie: I doubt it.

Monica: Well, i know that A.J. Wouldn't. He lost a year and a half of his son's life. He's not about to lose any more.

Bobbie: Well, i know my daughter. And carly is just going to keep on fighting any way she can. And the harder she's pushed, the harder she's going to push back.

Monica: Well, bobbie, can't you reason with her?

Bobbie: So far, that hasn't done much good in the past, has it?

Monica: Well, try again. Because i mean it -- i won't have her destroy my son.

And she has no idea how much trouble the quartermaines can make for her.

Bobbie: Monica, hey. Come on, now. When our children got married, didn't we both promise that we wouldn't take sides?

Monica: Well, that was before i realized she's trying to ruin A.J. He's worked too hard, bobbie. I will not have him lose everything because of her.

Elizabeth: I spent all last year pretending. I can't do any more, especially with you.

Jason: I'm not asking you to.

Elizabeth: Well, sure you are. Or maybe it's different with you. Maybe you can just decide someday that you don't want to be friends with someone and that it doesn't hurt and that you don't really care and you don't miss that person.

Jason: You know i care. You know i'm staying away because i care.

Elizabeth: It doesn't seem to be working, does it? That guy sorel -- he still knows who i am. And the only thing that's changed? I don't get to see you. Do you miss me? Do you?

Jason: Yes.

Elizabeth: Well, i miss you, too. And i don't see why i should have to.

Jason: Because it never stops, elizabeth. Someone always wants to take the territory. That's how -- that's what this job is. It's made me a target. I don't want you to be a target. You know, i thought if i stayed away, sorel would think that you don't mean anything to me. He's stupid that way.

Elizabeth: I hate to break it to you, but the way you went after sorel, he definitely gets that i mean something to you.

Jason: Because you do.

Elizabeth: Well, then if i'm willing to take the risk, and obviously you staying away isn't working, then could you please not stay away anymore? Look, you know i'm going to do what i want anyway, right? Like in the snow. You told me not to say anything, and i did and --

jason: And when i said to leave, you came back.

Elizabeth: Well, i'm kind of a brat that way.

Jason: No, you just do what you think is right.

Elizabeth: And i think it's right for me to see you. Don't ask me how i know. I just do. Actually, i know because when i'm with you, i don't have to pretend.

Jason: I have to be able to trust you.

Elizabeth: You can.

Jason: Then promise that next time i tell you to do something, you will.

Elizabeth: I can't promise to leave you if you're hurt or walk away if you need help.

Jason: I don't mean that. I mean there are things about my life you can't know. And if the only way to make sure is to never see you again, then i'll have to do that.

Elizabeth: I promise you can trust me.

Jason: Ok.

Elizabeth: Ok, what?

Jason: Ok, we can go for a ride because i know that's all you really wanted.

Elizabeth: Oh. That is completely untrue.

Jason: Oh, so you don't want a ride?

Elizabeth: No. Yes, but no.

Jason: No?  Yes?  Yes? No?  No?

Elizabeth: Where's your bike?

Jason: In the alley.

Elizabeth: Come on. You know what this means.

Jason: What?

Elizabeth: I get to steer.

Jason: Steer? There's no way.

Elizabeth: I'm riding in front.

Jason: Forget it.

Elizabeth: Yes -- you're not even healed.

Jason: I'm fine. You are not driving.

Roy: Felicia just leave?

Luke: Yep. And the next time claude feels compelled to report my visitors to you, tell him he's fired.

Roy: I haven't seen claude. I just looked at your face.

Luke: Oh.

Roy: Is she ok?

Luke: She's terrified. Faison's got a videotape he made of us while we were locked up in that cell.

Roy: And he's going to blackmail her with it?

Luke: I'm sure that was his intention before he escaped. Now he can send it to mac whenever he feels like it if he hasn't already.

Roy: So, what, she wanted to warn you?

Luke: She doesn't want to hurt her husband, although there's no way to avoid that. If mac's got half a brain, he'll listen to her explanation, he'll know that she loves him, and he'll let it go.

Roy: Nah.

Luke: They'll hurt for a while, but they'll stay together. And i won't see so much of her anymore. I knew this would happen eventually, but it still takes some getting used to.

Roy: I'll bet.

Luke: Course, mac could lose his mind and throw her out in the street, demand a divorce, which would suit me just fine, except i hate to see her go through that.

Roy: Well, that's very standup of you.

Luke: Standup sucks.

Roy: Oh, i heard that.

[telephone rings]

luke: What?

Faison: Spencer, it's faison here.

Luke: What did you do, call to say good-bye?

Faison: Yeah, in a way. But we still have some unfinished business, so i'd like you to come alone down to pier 39, across the river from the refinery.

Luke: Why would i do that?

Faison: Oh, you will be most grateful, so just come. And do come alone.

[faison hangs up]

roy: Faison.

Luke: Yeah, he wants to meet me.

Roy: Probably a trap.

Luke: Well, it could be, but i have to go anyway. I can't leave him out there.

Roy: Ok, i'll come with you. Let me just grab my --

luke: Hold it, hold it, hold it, roy. No. He said for me to come alo. If you go, it could blow everything.

Roy: I could come around the far side.

Luke: No, i'll go alone. I can handle it.

Roy: Ok, watch your back.

Luke: Always.

Helena: Well, comm.  Scorpio, this is becoming a habit. Not that i don't enjoy the company of your most attractive detective.

Taggert: Actually, it's lieutenant.

Helena: Oh. Lieutenant. But i am a businesswoman, and i have numerous obligations. I can't be spending all of my evenings at the police department.

Mac: Unless you cooperate, you're going to be spending all your evenings in prison. Thank you, lieutenant. We'll let you know if we want to process the prisoner.

Taggert: Sure.

Helena: "Prisoner"?

Mac: Either you tell us where you're hiding faison, or i'll bust you for aiding and abetting and conspiracy to commit murder.

Helena: I am sympathetic to your difficulties, commissioner, but as i told you, i had nothing to do with mr.  Faison's escape. I have no idea where he is. And what's more, i'm starting to feel harassed. If this treatment continues, i may have no choice but to sue.

Mac: Let me put it to you this way -- you are on trial for murder. You add conspiracy to that, and you'll be facing life in prison. Now, you tell me where faison is, i will drop it to manslaughter and you'll be out in five years.

Dara: Commissioner, you can't make that offer.

Mac: I can do whatever it takes to find faison.

Dara: I'm sorry, but that is not the case. The commissioner made an offer he had no authority to make, and the district attorney is not prepared to honor it.

Helena: I understand. Stress. Perhaps you need to take a vacation, commissioner. Go someplace exotic with that lovely wife of yours.

Mac: Last chance to cooperate, helena, or i will see you rot in prison.

Dara: Mrs.  Cassadine, you are free to go.

Helena: Thank you, ms.  Jensen. Commissioner.

Helena: No need to process me, lieutenant. I'm told i'm free to go.

[telephone rings]

taggert: Taggert. What did you get? Was corinthos there? Ok. Get me copies as soon as you get them. Thanks.

Hannah: What happened with sonny?

Taggert: It's not your case, agent scott.

Hannah: Come on, taggert. Is he ok or not? Did you find something to use against him?

Taggert: You want to throw your life away on the man, that's your problem, hannah. I'm not going to help you do it.

Mac: Don't ever countermand an order of mine again!

Dara: Look, i am sorry, mac. You are my friend. But i am not going to let you flush my career along with your own. Now, you are over the line and out of control. If you don't back down now, i'm going to have to go to the mayor's office and ask that he pull your badge.

Mac: Whatever.  Fine. I don't --

[telephone rings]

mac: Scorpio. Where? I'm on my way. They sighted faison.

Dara: Mac --

jason: You cold?

Elizabeth: Oh, i feel great.

Jason: You look like you're shaking a little.

Elizabeth: I always do after a ride. You know, it's like the stars seem closer. Everything's a little more intense.

Jason: That's the adrenaline.

Elizabeth: Well, whatever. There's probably a scientific reason for everything, but i don't want to know. I just want to have this feeling and not worry about where it came from. How's your side?

Jason: It's fine. It doesn't hurt at all anymore.

Elizabeth: Good. And how's everything else?

Jason: Well, some days are easy, some are hard. I can't pretend, but i can forget sometimes, which is good because, you know, things seem like they used to be, and of course it doesn't last.

Elizabeth: What happened that night? I mean, besides you getting shot.

Jason: That's one of the things you can't know about.

Elizabeth: Fair enough.

Jason: Have you ever wanted more than anything to undo something?

Elizabeth: Where do i begin?

jason: I never saw the point in looking back. You know, whatever happened happened. But sometimes you wreck things that you don't mean to.

Elizabeth: Oh, yeah. I know all about that. Remember i told you i wrecked my room and it took about 15 seconds to destroy?

Jason: Yeah. Some people do worse. They wreck their lives. They -- they're sorry about it afterwards. They didn't mean to. They did it because they were screwed up and in pain, but the damage is done. They say you can't unbreak a mirror. You can put it together and glue it, but the cracks still show.

Elizabeth: But your arm gets stronger.

Jason: What?

Elizabeth: You know, my dad's a doctor, and he told me once that when you break an arm or any other bone, when it starts to heal, that broken place gets stronger. I don't know. Maybe it's your body's way of rewarding you for living through it. Not that arms are the same as people, but --

jason: Yeah. Probably more than they are like mirrors.

Elizabeth: The thing is whatever hurts you, you didn't hide from it, which would have been really easy and i practically begged you to. So maybe what you think is ecked is really healing. And it may ache a lot right now, but when it starts to mend, it's going to be stronger than ever.

Larkin: I'd like to ask you a few questions, mr.  Dilucca.

Roy: What the hell are you doing here, larkin? Aren't you violating procedure?

Larkin: You are not an agent. You're an informant. Bureau procedures don't apply to you.

Roy: This is what you did to hannah, isn't it? You harassed her to the point she couldn't do her job.

Larkin: Agent scott fell in love with corinthos. What's your excuse?

Roy: You want to get to the point?

Larkin: The assignment was you were to feed us information on sonny corinthos. So far, you've found nothing.

Roy: So far, there's been nothing to find. The man is very cautious.

Larkin: Or you're not trying. Maybe you're too busy getting reacquainted with bobbie spencer. Or is it just a coincidence that the only evidence that you've gotten for us so far was against jerry jacks, the man she was supposed to marry? Do you see this as an assignment, mr.  Dilucca, or a romantic opportunity?

Roy: All i did was give the bureau a series of account numbers. I had no idea it would lead to jerry jacks.

Larkin: You say. Still, jerry jacks is gone and you're in town, available to mend miss spencer's aching heart.

Roy: Which has what, exactly, to do with my current assignment?

Larkin: That's what i want to know. The bureau pulled you out of prison in order for you to infiltrate corinthos' operation, not romance your old lady love.

Roy: You know, i may only be an informant, john, but i have a track record that's longer and a hell of a lot more impressive than yours. You compromised agent scott's investigation and led directly to her exposure as a federal agent. You will not pull that crap with me. If i have to go to ford and have you reassigned, i'll do it.

Larkin: You think you have that kind of pull?

Roy: Try me. And while you're at it, you leave bobbie spencer the hell alone. She has nothing whatsoever to do with this investigation, and you know it.

Larkin: That is a lot of attitude for a man who could be shipped back to prison at any minute. Get something on corinthos, or miss spencer will be visiting you in pentonville.

Elizabeth: Mmm.

Jason: Finished?

Elizabeth: Mm-hmm. I can go for another one. You?

Jason: Oh, no, i can't. You know, i should get going. I got all these coffee invoices to go through.

Elizabeth: Oh, why did you have to say that? It reminds me that i have homework to do.

Jason: So, how's school going?

Elizabeth: It's a lot better this semester. You know, i have a new art professor that actually seems to think i have some potential.

Jason: Lucky him.

Elizabeth: And i'm not pushing as hard to paint a picture that's going to save the world, which is good.

Jason: As long as you don't give up.

Elizabeth: Not a chance. You know, i learned a lot this christmas vacation. If i can stand up to gram and the entire town, i can stand up to me professor.

Jason: I can't see you having a problem standing up to anyone. But you have to be careful. If you see sorel again, you have to call me right away.

Elizabeth: I will. So if you happen to stop by kelly's tomorrow for a cup of coffee, i can say hi to you, right?

Jason: Yes.

Elizabeth: Just checking. Thanks for the ride.

Jason: Anytime.

Tony: Hey.

Felicia: Hello! How are you?

Tony: I'm fine. Are you here for a checkup?

Felicia: Oh, no. My shoulder's doing much better now. I'm actually here to talk to bobbie for a minute.

Tony: So, what's the word on faison?

Felicia: Mac is hoping that he's still in port charles. The good thing is is that there's actual charges against him so that if he does get away, he'll have to hide and maybe he'll be tucked away safely where he won't hurt anyone.

Tony: You know, i believe mac will find him because over the years, i've noticed that mac has a way of coming through for you.

Felicia: Yeah, you're right. He does.

Tony: Well, call me if you need anything, ok?

Felicia: I will. Happy new year to you.

Tony: Happy new year. See you.

Felicia: Ok. Hi. Do you have a minute to talk about something?

Bobbie: Yeah.  Why? Is something wrong?

Felicia: Yeah, it is. Have you ever made a decision about something and you weren't really able to stick with it? You know you know you made the right decision, you knew you did the right thing, but the thought of hurting someone just kept you from doing it?

Bobbie: Hurting mac or luke?

Felicia: I know it's not really fair to put you through this. You're luke's sister and mac's friend.

Bobbie: Honey, you're my friend. And you're right. Nothing about this is fair. And i guess that's why it hurts so much. Sometimes things just happen at the wrong time and the person and the feelings are right and they're truer than anything you've ever known. But there's just no way to act on then without hurting yourself and everybody else involved.

Felicia: I love mac. We belong together and with the girls.

Bobbie: Well, then make it work. Whatever you have to do.

Felicia: You're right.

[motor runs]

luke: I'm here. Alone, unarmed.

Faison: Thought i'd have to leave without saying good-bye.

Luke: What is our unfinished business?

Faison: You've been a worthy adversary, spencer. I'll leave you with this.

Lucky, your wonderful son, is alive.


luke: Let him finish!

Mac: Get out of the way!

Luke: Let him finish!

Mac: Get out of the way! He's getting away!

A.J.: Yes, tell him to run the figures and have the revised results on my desk in the morning. Anything else? yeah, ok. Send it in my package this evening. Thank you.

Alan: Sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt.

A.J.: You're not.

Alan: Hey, you know, michael built a snowman out there this afternoon. You want to go have a look?

A.J.: It's freezing out there, not to mention dark.

Alan: Excellent point.

A.J.: I'm sure the snowman will still be there in the morning.

Alan: I remember your first snowman.

A.J. : How bad was it?

Alan: It wasn't bad. It was a little lopsided, but it was respectable. I dragged your mother out there to have a look at it, and we got into a fight. She slipped and fell. I had to carry her back in the house.

A.J.: Sounds like you and mom.

Alan: Yeah, we fought a lot back then.

A.J.: And you don't now?

Alan: Well, it was different. She was in love with somebody else, and i was convinced that the only reason she married me was because she couldn't have him. And i was so angry and so hurt that i was damned if i was ever going to let her leave.

A.J.: You think that's what i'm doing with carly?

Alan: Isn't it? You deserve so much better than she's ever going to give you.

A.J.: I know how to handle carly, all right? Things might get a little unpleasant for a while, but she's not going anywhere.

Monica: Hello.

Alan: Hi.

A.J.: Hey. I have some calls to make. You know, michael made a snowman this afternoon if you want to take a look.

Monica: No, thank you. I took one of the worst falls of my life being dragged out to look at a snowman.

A.J.: Yeah, dad was just telling me. I'll see you.

Monica: Ok. How is he?

Alan: Determined to hang on to carly.

Monica: Oh -- why?

Alan: I don't know, monica. Maybe it's us. Maybe we've convinced him that constant fighting and attempted murder is the hallmark of a successful marriage.

Monica: You know, i loved you from the very first. I may not have shown it or even admitted it to myself, but i know i did. Carly, on the other hand, feels absolutely nothing for our son, and all she's going to do is ruin his life.

Alan: Well, we're going to have to stop her, won't we?

Monica: Oh, thank you. I've only been saying that since the day they got engaged.

Alan: Ok. Well, when you stop gloating, let's try and find a solution.

Monica: Ok. I think i have a place to start. How do you feel about getting a divorce?

Roy: Hey.

Hannah: Thanks for coming.

Roy: Yeah. You know, we can't keep meeting out here like this. It's not a good idea.

Hannah: Yeah, but where am i supposed to see you? At luke's or laura spencer's house?

Roy: I don't know, i don't know. It's hard to tell.

Hannah: What did the bureau get on sonny?

Roy: What do you mean?

Hannah: Don't do this to me, please. I need you to tell me how much trouble he's in.

Roy: Hannah, hannah --

hannah: Please.

Roy: Look. What can i say to you? You have to stop anguishing over this guy.

Hannah: Oh, man --

roy: Please -- no, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Come on, come on. Stop and think about it. There can't be a future in it. Please.  Please.

Luke: Let him finish!

Mac: No, he's getting away!


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Hannah: I need your help.

Roy: Sweetie, i am helping you.

Jason: What are you thinking about, bringing him here? Being around me confuses that kid.

Mac: Why were you keeping me from stopping faison?

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