GH Transcript Tuesday 1/11/00


General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 1/11/00

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Sonny: What brings you by, hannah? The feds sending you after jason next?

Hannah: You know that's not it.

Sonny: Oh, no, no. I get it. You came by to ask jason to help you get me back. Tell him how much you love me, cry a little bit, say you're sorry, blah, blah, blah. Who do you think told me you were a fed in the first place?

Carly: I have to say i appreciate your concern for my mental health. But if i decided to go into counseling, i would pick my own shrink.

A.J.: I'm not sure you can. Carly, you just disrupted a family event, insulted people you barely knew. From what i can see, you're in the middle of a nervous breakdown.

Carly: Nice try. Where's your proof?

A.J.: Shouldn't be too hard to assemble. Your wardrobe alone screams that you're out of touch with reality.

Carly: I don't care what you think, A.J. I'm not taking sedatives because you say so.

A.J.: They were prescribed by a psychiatrist.

Carly: Who you probably bribed.

A.J.: I'm just a loving, caring husband and father who wants what's best for his family. Any doctor can see that, not to mention any judge.

Carly: Fine. Maybe seeing a professional would help me sort things out. And i'm sure gail baldwin would be very happy to see me. She has an excellent reputation, and i know that you can't bribe her.

A.J.: Yes, gail is a highly competent therapist. I don't think it'll take her too long to realize you're unhinged.

Carly: It's not going to work, A.J. The only way you're going to get rid of me is to divorce my little butt and give me full custody of michael.

A.J.: Oh, you are dreaming, baby. That will never happen.

Carly: We'll see.

A.J.: Yeah. Yeah.

Alan: You actually want me to divorce you to marry gertrude?

Monica: Well, well, now -- given the circumstances and -- and a little time to think about it, it could be a solution.

Alan: How?

Monica: Well, it would -- it would give A.J. Something to hold on to when carly's gone. And you know that marriage is doomed. That's just a matter of time.

Alan: Well, i know after carly's performance this evening you're absolutely right.

Monica: Right.

Alan: But there's got to be some other way to support A.J.Without tearing our marriage apart.

Monica: Ok. Any suggestions?

Alan: We'll just continue to support him and defend him against father and all of his enemies.

Ned: Here's the deal, alan -- if you refuse, i'll be forced to go to grandfather with the happy news that i'm ready to come back to ELQ as CEO. Now, do you really think that a few hugs and kisses from mom and dad are going to get A.J.Through that?

Alan: A.J.'S a lot tougher than you think.

Monica: It will shatter him.

Alan: Do you honestly believe that? Besides, you're bluffing. You don't want to go back to ELQ. You want to stay with l&b, don't you? I mean, you just got yourself a new office.

Ned: Oh, no. There are a lot of people who can run that company in my absence.

Chloe: Ned is offering you a chance to save your son's job.

Alan: A.J. Is an outstanding CEO.

He is creative and capable, and he's going to take that company to places you couldn't even begin to imagine.

Ned: Are you certain that grandfather and the other board members share that opinion?

Mac: Put out a statewide a. P. B. And notify the border patrol. Good. Look, i also want a list of everyone that visited faison in the last 24 hours, including members of the department. Right.

Dara: I got your message. What's going on?

Mac: Faison's escaped.

Dara: That's impossible. How?

Mac: Oh, he had help. And i have a pretty good idea where he got it.

Helena: Go back to the yacht. I'll want to speak to mr. Faison privately.

Man: Are you sure that's safe?

Helena: Oh. You're worried about me. Isn't that sweet? Yes, it's safe, or i wouldn't be doing it.

Man: What about that police officer you bribed to help faison escape? If he decided to turn you in --

helena: Ofc. Malloy? He's not a problem.

Taggert: Mrs. Cassadine. Have we met?

Helena: This is andreas, my personal secretary.

Taggert: Oh, that's what they're calling it now, huh?

Helena: I'm a busy woman, lieutenant. What can i do for you?

Taggert: Come on down to the station, answer a few questions.

Helena: Concerning?

Taggert: Mr. Faison's escape from jail.

Man: Here you go.

Faison: Yeah, yeah. So this is what cassadine calls proper accommodations?

Man: Well, madam asks that you wait here. She'll join you as soon as she can.

Faison: Uh-huh. And what about the arrangements to make sure that i get safely out of port charles?

Man: Hmm. You'll have to take that up with her.

Faison: Do you know anything at all?

Man: Good evening.

Faison: I still have unfinished business.

Luke: So, was there a letter with this? Did faison give us any idea what he wants?

Felicia: No. Just the tape.

Luke: Well, then there's nothing for us to do but just lay back and wait till he makes his next move.

Felicia: No, that's not going to do any good. Sooner or later, faison will use this.

Luke: I think i know where you're going with this.

Felicia: No, i have to do it. I have to tell mac the truth.

Luke: Ok, you're going to tell mac the truth. What exact truth are you going to tell him?

Felicia: Faison had us in a gas chamber, and we thought we were going to die. And that moment, two partners, two friends found comfort in each other's arms. But that's all. Nothing more because i could never be unfaithful to my husband because i love him so much.

Luke: Well, that about covers it. You think he'll believe you?

Felicia: Oh, yes. I always have told him the truth -- until now. Until recently.

Luke: Are you going to tell him about the tape?

Felicia: Ah, yeah.

Luke: Are you going to show it to him?

Felicia: Sure. If he wants to see it, i'll show it to him. Yeah, i will.

Luke: You know, it's going to be a lot harder for him to believe that nothing happened between us after he sees that.

Felicia: He still -- he has to see it. He has to see that.

Luke: You want me to go with you?

Felicia: Oh, no. No, of course not. That would make it much more difficult for mac. You can't go with me.

Luke: No, i think it would be more difficult for mac if i wasn't there to blame. He's going to blame me anyway. We might as well just get it over with. Let's go.

Jason: Remember all the times you thought i didn't like you? Now you know why.

Hannah: Do you think it was easy for me to come here with my heart in my hands, begging him to listen to me? But i did it anyway because it was the only way i could get through to you.

Sonny: You're here for the same reason as always -- to get evidence against me.

Hannah: No, sonny, that's not true.

Sonny: Why should i believe a fed? When i look at you, all i see is lies.

Hannah: I'm not going to let it end this way.

Sonny: She say anything else i need to know, jason?

Jason: She didn't realize she loved you until it was too late.

Sonny: Oh, right.

Jason: Even if everything else was fake, her love for you was real.

Sonny: Yeah, right. Well, you know, sounds pretty. But, you know, it's getting -- it's getting repetitious.

[sonny sighs]

jason: Did you come by for anything specific?

Sonny: Sorel's explosives guy was spotted in town the night before the bomb was set. Pretty much locks rel as the guy who ordered it. He wanted you dead, and he was willing to take elizabeth with you.

Jason: Thank you fothe information. Anything else?

Sonny: No.

Ned: Grandfather's only loyalty is to ELQ. Now, if he thinks he can make another dollar, he will dump A.J.Like yesterday's coffee grinds.

Alan: You have stated time and time again you don't want to come back.

Ned: What i want, what i desperately need, is for you to court and marry gertrude. And i will do anything to get it.

Monica: Don't rule this out completely. It could be a positive solution for all of us.

Alan: Monica, excuse me. Fake divorces and marriages are not a positive solution for anything.

Chloe: Well, maybe you could look at it as a temporary inconvenience. The point is you marrying gertrude gives everyone what they want -- you get to save A.J.'S job, you protect him from edward, and i get to hold on to my company.

Monica: Oh, wait a minute. Wait a minute. Didn't your uncle's will say that you could keep the company if you stay happily married for a year? And you and ned are married, so why would you need us?

[knock on window]

emily: Juan, what are you doing? Are you crazy? There's ice all over the roof. You could slip.

Juan: Is that your way of saying you're glad to see me?

Emily: I thought you were mad at me.

Juan: I was. Look, i know you were trying to help me --

emily: Juan, i'm so sorry. I never meant to tell ned -- can we start over?

Juan: Ok.

Both: Do you forgive me?

Chloe: Ned and i are more in love than ever. The problem is gertrude refuses to believe it.

Ned: She has people spying on us day and night. She followed us to italy on our honeymoon. She harassed us at the spa we were visiting. At this point, we will do anything to get rid of her.

Chloe: Yes.

Monica: Why don't you take out a restraining order?

Chloe: Alexis seems to think that would be very difficult. Besides, i do have sympathy for my aunt gertrude for losing uncle herbert.

Ned: Chloe and i, we just want to be alone.

Chloe: Mm-hmm.

Alan: So do i.

Ned: Look, alan -- alan, i know this is an unusual request.

Alan: "Unusual"? It is absolutely heartless for me to prey on some unsuspecting widow.

Chloe: Alan, gertrude is a piranha in expensive pumps. I promise you, if you didn't have money, she wouldn't acknowledge your existence.

Alan: What is to prevent me from telling gertrude exactly what you're doing?

Ned: Well, if you do, i'll be forced to visit grandfather and get my old job back. And he will bounce A.J. On the spot.

Monica: Look, i -- i can see there are benefits to this solution, but i've got to consider what a divorce would do to emily.

Ned: I've thought about that, monica. I think she's old enough to be trusted. We should just tell her everything.

Monica: I think alan and i need to talk privately.

Ned: A. J's your son, and he needs you. I don't think the decision should be that hard.

Chloe: Do you think we were too hard on them?

Ned: No. Threats and emotional blackmail are the engines that keep this family running. Anything less wouldn't make a dent.

Chloe: Heartwarming. Hmm.

Ned: Let's go.

Chloe: Ok.

Alan: I still don't believe him. Working with father's the last thing that he wants do.

Monica: Are you willing to bet A.J.'S future on that?

Alan: Monica, i love my son. I don't need to convince you of that. But i love you, too, and i don't want to leave you for another woman.

Monica: You've done it before. At least this time it would be for a positive reason.

Alan: Are you listening to yourself? You know, it's one thing if a crack appears in a marriage on its own, but to put one there on purpose? You are courting disaster.

Monica: Ok, i'm -- thank you for caring about our marriage, but this time it isn't about us. It is about A.J.

Alan: And A.J.'S more resilient than you give him credit for.

Monica: And i'm glad that you have confidence in him. But right now he is vulnerable, alan. His marriage is doomed. His job is the only thing that's holding him up. If he loses that, there's no telling how far he'll fall.

Emily: Can i ask you a question without you getting mad at me?

Juan: I don't ever want to be mad at you again.

Emily: Why'd you get so upset when i wanted ned to hear you sing?

Juan: Because i'm not very good.

Emily: Juan, you have an amazing voice.

Juan: No. Miguel morez has an amazing voice. I'm not in his league, and i never will be.

Emily: Wait a minute. Nobody's comparing you to miguel morez. I mean, you could be known for you, for juan santiago's singing talents, you know? Nobody ever has to know that miguel's your father.

Juan: I'd still know. And there'd always be a part of me trying to live up to his accomplishments. Miguel is a big star, and i'm proud to be his son. But i need to doomething that belongs to me.

Emily: I know. Because you have an incredible talent for knowing what you want and knowing how to get it.

Juan: I'm glad you noticed.

Emily: Yeah, well, if i didn't, you would have told me.

Juan: You got that right. Knowing that you believe in me makes me feel like i can accomplish anything.

Emily: I do believe in you, juan. But i still want you to sing to me every once in a while.

Juan: Only if it's for you and nobody else, ok?

Emily: Ok. I'm glad that we made up.

Juan: Me, too. I could never stay mad at you, emily. You mean too much to me.

Emily: You mean too much to me, too.

Mac: Who told you?

Felicia: What?

Mac: Faison's escaped.

Felicia: Oh, God.

Mac: Felicia, it's all right. Look, i have someone with the girls right now, 24 hours.

[intercom buzzes]

mac: I want you to go home and i want you to stay there, ok? Scorpio. Good. What about the airports? Bus stations, car rental agencies? Good. Seal it up tight. Let me know the minute he turns up. I -- i tried to call you the minute i found out. Where were you?

Felicia: I was with luke. Well, what happened? Did someone help faison escape or what?

Mac: Probably. He was there one minute. The next minute, there was a dummy in his place.

Luke: It was an inside job.

Mac: Yeah, we're investigating that.

Officer: We've questioned everyone that had access to faison in the past 24 hours. The only one we can't find is malloy.

Mac: Great. Send a unit to his house. If it looks like he's skipped, call me. We'll put a bulletin out on him.

Officer: Right.

Mac: And criswell -- have someone subpoena malloy's bank records.

Criswell: Got it.

Luke: Faison got to him. He found his price.

Mac: Malloy isn't the issue, luke. Finding faison and bringing him in is. I'm not going to have him torment my family any longer.

Sonny: So --

sonny: You -- you settling in ok?

[jason sighs]

jason: Yeah, i'm -- i'm fine.

Sonny: How's the wound?

Jason: It's better.

Sonny: You know, jason, carlos is sending a shipment tomorrow night. Sorel's tried to take us both out. I figured we'd beef up the security and --

jason: I'll take care of it.

Sonny: I mean, i, you know -- you got -- maybe you can get somebody you could trust because i've had all the double crosses i could take for a while.

Jason: Yeah. I'll get you a list and whoever you want to change on the list --

sonny: No, i mean, whoever you choose is fine. I'm not -- it's -- it's good, you know? Um -- so -- stay clear, though, because, you know, bad wound and it's got to be healed. The whole deal.

Jason: Yeah. I'm fine.

Sonny: All right. So you check in with me before you go to the warehouse tomorrow night, then.

Jason: Sure.

Sonny: All right.

Edward: I thought our little late-night rendezvous was supposed to take place upstairs.

Carly: Michael likes to play with this as soon as he wakes up.

Edward: I enjoyed your little performance tonight, carly. It had all the aspects of great theater. It had surprise and suspense, comedy and drama. All it needed was a musical finale.

Carly: Well, i'll remember that for next time.

Edward: I don't blame you for wanting to flee this place, carly babes. This family would exhaust anyone.

Carly: You know what? No arguments there.

Edward: And i also understand your problems with A.J. He tries hard. And of course he means well. But he just keeps tripping over himself, and i'm afraid he always will.

Carly: You don't know the half of it. But thank you for your sympathies.

Edward: I've been a supporter of yours since the moment we met. But i have my limitations, carly, and i think you should be aware of them.

Carly: Edward, if you don't mind, i think i've had all the warnings i can take for one night.

Edward: You can't dismiss me, carly. I'm not your husband. Now, A.J. Will try to save this marriage, i think. But it's my guess that you will -- you will eventually break free. Which is unfortunate because i enjoy having you around.

Carly: Even after tonight?

Edward: Hmm. You keep us on our toes. You remind me of myself at your age.

Carly: How is that?

Edward: Well, you know what you want from people. You just don't know how to get it.

Carly: And let me guess. You think you're going to teach me, right?

Edward: Hmm, let's just say i could help you focus your energies.

Carly: In exchange for what?

Edward: All i ask is that you fight for the quartermaines and not against us.

Carly: Well, sorry, edward, but i have a few limitations of my own.

Juan: Do you want me to stop?

[knock on door]

alan: Em? Can i come in?

Emily: One second. Oh. Hold on. Yeah, come in.

Alan: Hey. Am i disturbing you?

Emily: No, not at all.

Alan: God, it's freezing in here. What are you doing with the window open?

Mac: There's been no sign of faison on the roads or at the transportation terminals.

Luke: And there won't be, either, mac. If he isn't out of the country by now, he's holed up somewhere waiting for it to cool off.

Mac: He didn't evaporate, luke. He'll surface eventually.

Luke: Look -- mac, look. He wouldn't trust some nobody like malloy to mastermind his escape. He's working with somebody -- somebody big. Whoever it is is going to be hard to find. Of course.

Mac: I'm glad you approve.

Helena: Well.

Luke, i should have known. Whatever he told you is a lie.

Luke: Oh, no, baby. I can't take credit for this one. Mac figured you out all by himself.

Helena: Figured me out?

Mac: Your connection to cesar faison.

Helena: I have no idea what you mean.

Mac: Faison escaped tonight, and i think you helped him.

Helena: If there is a criminal at large, i will do everything i can to aid in his apprehension. But to suggest that i am responsible is sheer lunacy, not to mention grounds for a lawsuit. Now, why are these other people here?

Mac: Where were you tonight?

Helena: In the company of my private, personal secretary, andreas andropoulis. And i'm sure he would be happy to swear to that if it should be necessary.

Mac: You recently transferred large amounts of money into faison's account. Mind telling me why? What exactly were you paying faison to do?

Helena: Have you noticed this, commissioner? It's an 18-carat stone.

Mac: Your point?

Helena: Mr. Faison is a jeweler. Over this past year, he has supplied me with a number of rather overpriced gems.

Dara: Faison is not a jeweler. He's a fence.

Helena: Wait, you mean that my jewelry was obtained illegally?

Mac: Have you had dealings with faison about something other than jewelry?

Helena: For example?

Luke: How about murder?

Helena: Oh, please, luke. Not that tedious katherine bell affair again. My innocence has already been established.

Luke: Oh, no, baby. You didn't need faison to help you take care of blondie. She'd been living on borrowed time since her last swan dive. You hired him to take care of somebody else.

Helena: Are you suggesting that i used mr. Faison to assist me in doing you harm?

Luke: Oh, i'll bite down hard on that one. Did you?

Helena: Thank you for alerting me to mr. Faison's escape. I'll have my staff be on the lookout for him.

Mac: Take her home, taggert.

Helena: Don't blame yourself, commissioner. Jailbreaks happen.

Luke: Mac, can't you hold her on something?

Mac: I'll have someone watch her 24 hours a day. That's the best i can do.

Felicia: Do you still think she helped faison escape?

Mac: I'll bet my job on it.

Officer: We think we have a lead on faison.

Mac: I got to go.

Felicia: Mac -- be careful.

Mac: You, too.

Felicia: I love you.

Mac: It helps to know that.

Luke: This was right under my nose the whole time.

Felicia: What's that?

Luke: Faison working for helena. That puts a whole new spin on everything.

[emily shuts window]

emily: Sorry about that. I opened the window to get some fresh air. Then i just got lost in the book.

Alan: "Brothers karamazov. " How do you like it?

Emily: There's a lot of characters.

Alan: Well, maybe when you finish it, we can go out to lunch and discuss it.

Emily: I like the going-out-to-lunch part, but maybe we can discuss something else.

Alan: Whatever you want. Listen, i know that your mother and i have been kind of distracted lately. I just -- i just wanted to tell you that we're very proud of the way you've been behaving.

Emily: What did i do?

Alan: You know, just observing the rules, being open and honest with us. Going in through the front door instead of a window.

Emily: Well, i've been trying very hard, and so has juan.

Alan: Well, that's pretty apparent. And juan isn't nearly the bad influence i ever thought he would be.

Emily: Is that what you came up here to tell me?

Alan: That and i love you very, very much.

Emily: I love you, too.

Alan: I'll let you get back to your reading.

Emily: Ok.

[door closes]

emily: Ahem.

Juan: That was a close one.

Emily: Yeah. My dad really does love me. I'd feel so bad if he found out that, you know, we were --

juan: Well, do you want me to go?

Emily: No. I just think we should play it safe.

Juan: Whatever you say. See you tomorrow?

Emily: Yeah. Look forward to it.

Juan: I'll be thinking of you all the way home.

Carly: You make fighting for the quartermaines actually sound like a worthy cause.

Edward: It is, in certain situations.

Carly: Name one.

Edward: When it concerns your son.

Carly: We're not discussing my son, edward.

Edward: Of course we are, carly.

And you're trying to take him away from me, and i'm not going to let you.

Carly: I realize you're used to getting what you want, edward, but you will not control michael.

Edward: Carly, he is my hope for the future -- my grandsons, my sons --

carly: You know -- no. It's not michael's job to make up for your disappointments.

Edward: Carly, i have worked my whole life to make this family rich and powerful. Surely you want michael to benefit from that.

Carly: I want -- what i want for michael is i want michael to grow up not believing in quartermaines but believing in himself, ok? To know how to love and how to receive love, to have the kind of strength that comes from knowing what you have inside, not what you have in the bank. That's number one. Everything else is second to me.

Edward: Those are noble aspirations. They are excellent qualities for a boy to acquire. And if you are serious about michael's learning them, i suggest you try to find a way to do it here because he's not going anywhere. And neither are you, young lady. Good night.

Jason: I can't -- i can't come to see you. We can't go feed the ducks. You can't come to your -- where i live anymore. I can't -- i can't see you after tonight. But your mom -- your mom's still here, and she's -- she's going to take care of you. She loves you, and so do i. Fighting with A.J. Is wrong. Oh, man, the way i fight with him is so wrong. I don't want you to grow up with that. Especially with your mom in the middle. And the only way to stop the fighting is -- is to leave. But not because of you. Not because of anything you did. It's because of me. I can't -- i can't be in your life, and i thought i could.

Lila: Oh, i'm sorry. I was looking forward.

Carly: Lila? Are you mad at me?

Lila: Should i be?

Carly: I ruined your party. I embarrassed your grandson, and i flirted with your husband. I wasn't really flirting with him, though. You know, i was just trying to make a point.

Lila: Which was?

Carly: I don't belong here. And neither does michael, you know? I've done some really stupid things, and i've hurt some innocent people that didn't -- that deserve better. And i'm just trying to make sure that michael doesn't end up being one of those people. Not that i'm saying that i've been a wonderful mother. But i'm doing my best. I'm doing my best every day to make sure that michael's happy and that he's loved and that he's not being used for anything. I wish this was a house where i could do that, lila, but it's not. It's just not. And i have to do what's best for my child.

Lila: Are you sure that's what you're doing? Or are you doing what is best for yourself?

Felicia: Yeah, i'll be home soon, honey. I just wanted to say good night to both of you before you go to bed. Ok. Well, i love you, too. Good night.

Felicia: I don't think this is a good time to tell mac what really happened in the chamber.

Luke: I agree.

Felicia: So, you got any ideas as to why helena would hire faison?

Luke: No, not really, but it does answer some questions.

Felicia: What questions?

Luke: Well, like why faison contacted me two years before he went after you. I've always been suspicious about how he found me in europe.

Felicia: Well, it could be because you were robert's best friend.

Luke: Yeah, that would be true if helena weren't involved.

But if she was footing the bills, i was definitely being set up.

Helena: Well. Good evening, cesar. How nice to see you on the other side of those awful bars.

Faison: Yeah. Where you been?

Helena: The police were following me. I had to exercise utmost caution.

Faison: Look at this place, hmm? Is that what you call taking care of me?

Helena: Well, no one has und you, have they? Hmm? How about a little gratitude? If it weren't for me, the police commissioner would still have you safe behind bars.

Faison: Everything you've done for me has been well earned.

Helena: True.

Faison: Yeah.

Helena: True, our relationship does enjoy a healthy reciprocity. You restored my mobility by giving me the antidote for stefan's poison, and, in return, i restored yours.

Faison: Yeah, so why am i still stuck here? Helena: The final phase of your escape will happen tomorrow. Following that, we're even.

Faison: Not quite.

Helena: Why not?

Faison: Because you still have lucky spencer.

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