GH Transcript Wednesday 1/5/00


General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 1/5/00

Provided by Laura

Hannah: Commissioner, you wanted to see me? 

Mac: Yeah, i need an update on the corinthos investigation. The fbi file on the case. I know you're not working on it. Just tell them i asked.

Hannah: Any particular reason? 

Mac: The way it works is i need information and the liaison, which is you, collects it for me.

Hannah: Yes, i know, and i'm sorry. I was just wondering. Is there something happening with sonny? 

Mac: Well, that's usually my first guess when bombs threaten innocent lives.

Hannah: Another one?  Was sonny hurt? 

Alexis: No bodyguard?  Is that a good idea? 

Sonny: Johnny's making a run. He'll be back.

Alexis: Yeah, well, if i were you, i'd put an army out there. With jason as the target, you're next. I don't want to belabor the obvious, though.

Sonny: Cops already got that figured out.

Alexis: Have the police been in touch? 

Sonny: Any second now, which is why i asked you here. It'd be nice to have my attorney present when taggert starts, you know, his harassment thing.

Alexis: Mm-hmm. Well, next time you want your attorney present, do me a favor -- don't send your bodyguard on an errand.

Sonny: There are plenty of reasons to stay away from me. It's a tricky situation. But if i have to retain another attorney, you need to let me know now.

Bobbie: Hmm.

[music plays]

Roy's voice: I love you and i'd like to marry you, bobbie.

Bobbie: Oh, wow.

Roy, it's beautiful.

[music stops]

Elizabeth: Bobbie, are you going to the hospital? 

Bobbie: Oh, why?  Do you need me for something here? 

Elizabeth: Well, if you happen to run into my grandmother, will you please not mention that i'm staying with you? 

Bobbie: Oh, elizabeth. You haven't told her about the bomb? 

Elizabeth: No. I'm working up to it, ok? 

Bobbie: Don't put me in the middle.

Elizabeth: I won't.  I won't. I'm going to tell her. I promise i will, ok?  Just not this minute. And besides, it's not like it got in the papers. I mean, what's two days going to do? 

Bobbie: Ok.  You know what?  I disagree, but i'm not going to argue with you right now, mostly because i don't have the time. But you are a responsible young woman, and i'm sure that once you think about it, you will decide to do the right thing.

Elizabeth: No pressure or anything.

Elizabeth: Jason?  It's me, elizabeth. Are you there?  Pick up, pick up the phone. Ok. The thing is i need to know you're all right, so can you give me a call?  I'm going to be at the studio all day. Thanks.  Bye.

Nikolas: I don't believe you. Do you want to end up like my brother? 

Luke: You don't like your pizza?  No?  Well, do you know what it means when you catch your very first fish in the middle of the very first week in january of the third millennium? 

Lesley lu: No.

Luke: It means you're a natural-born fisherwoman. Natural-born. And if you don't believe me, when we get home, look it up in the encyclopedia.

Lesley lu: Can we do it again? 

Luke: Yeah. Anytime you want. Tomorrow if you want. But, you know, we're going to have to work on that last move of yours, boo-boo. You know, after we catch the fish and you say hello to it, then you always want to throw it back. We have to work on that. So, is it a deal?  We are ice-fishing partners for life. For life.

Stefan: I woke up this morning with an impulse.

Laura: Ooh, i love it when that happens.

Stefan: Well, hopefully lesley lu will agree. I have two orchestra seats to the final performance of :.the nutcracker. “Do you think she'll be pleased? 

Laura: Oh, i think she'd be delighted if she were here. She's with luke today.

Stefan: Oh. Well, i suppose i will have to find another little girl. Is your inner child available? 

Roy: Laura, you haven't by any chance seen my work gloves, have you?  Oh.

Roy: I'm sorry. I didn't realize.

Laura: You don't have to apologize for walking into a room.

Roy: I know. I just -- i didn't know you had company. I could have taken the back way.

Laura: You're not the help here. This is your house, too. You remember roy, right? 

Stefan: Indeed.

Roy: Hey, man.

Laura: You said you were looking for your gloves? 

Roy: Yeah. Big padded things. Lulu had them last night.

Laura: Oh, i should have warned you. Lulu's a little bit of a pack rat. But fortunately, i know where she keeps her stash.

Roy: You point me in the right direction, i'll be happy to grab them.

Laura: No, no, really. It's ok. It's a little bit complicated. I'll show you next time.

Roy: Ok.

Stefan: Well. You've settled in, then.

Roy: Yeah, pretty much.

Stefan: It must be a difficult adjustment.

Roy: Not really, actually.

Stefan: A private home, a child in residence, after 20 years in an institutional setting.

Roy: Yeah, well, prison is not really a place you miss. And laura's so easy to be around, you know. We've been friends since forever, pretty much, and the rhythm of it is still in place. Plus i've always enjoyed being around kids, and lulu's a great kid, so -- stefan: You almost sound sincere.

Roy: Come again? 

Stefan: If you're as fond of laura and her daughter as you claim to be, you wouldn't be putting them at risk by your very presence in this house.

Laura: These look familiar? 

Roy: Yeah, yeah. That was fast.

Laura: Oh, experience. So, are you two getting to know each other? 

Roy: Yeah. Yeah, we are.

Laura: Good, good. Because you're probably going to be seeing a lot of each other. Hey, why don't you stay and have coffee with us.

Roy: You know, i think i'll grab my coat and head for work.

Laura: Ok. Well, next time, maybe.

Roy: Yeah.

Laura: All right.

Roy: I'll be seeing you.

Stefan: Well, the matinee is in an hour.

Laura: You know, i would love to go, but i can't. I have to pick up lesley lu at 3:00, so i guess my -- can my inner child have a rain check? 

Stefan: Only if you will have dinner with me on friday.

Laura: As myself or as the child within? 

Stefan: Whichever you like. I'm adaptable.

Laura: Really?  Well, in that case, i'll see you friday.

Stefan: If not before. Bye.

Laura: Bye.

Roy: Listen. I'm sorry about that. It won't happen again.

Laura: That's really ok.

Roy: Well, you know, i don't think it is. It may be a big house, but you still need your space. So i'll just try to be -- you know. Anyway, have a -- have a good day, ok? 

Laura: Ok. Um, roy? 

Roy: Yeah? 

Laura: Um -- would i be invading your space too much if i were to ask you -- have you seen luke much lately? 

Hannah: Jason was so lucky.

Mac: Elizabeth webber was lucky. Jason is using up borrowed time.

Hannah: Well, thank god roy dilucca knew what to do with that bomb.

Mac: Excuse me for not rejoicing. You see, my objective is to enforce the law, not wring my hands over people who break it. Look, if you can't see sonny as the enemy, then you're a waste of taxpayer dollars.

Hannah: I'll pull that file for you.

Mac: And contact the f. B. I.  Bomb unit. Tell them we need immediate assist. Maybe your so-called experts can trace that bomb.

Hannah: Anything else? 

Mac: You mean, like, if i had a wish?  Yeah, i wish for a suspect. But i realize that might be asking too much from the feds.

Alexis: Are you saying that my life is in danger sonny: Life is a tenuous thing. You could slip on the ice, choke on a fish bone, get killed by a swarm of killer bees.

Alexis: And these sudden fatal catastrophes would be a result of representing you? 

Sonny: Probably not.

Alexis: Define :.probably. “Sonny: Well, i retain a number of attorneys, and most of them are still alive.

Alexis: Most? 

Sonny: I haven't done a head count lately.

Alexis: Well, why don't you do one and get back to me.

Sonny: Do you, like, enjoy straddling the line? 

Alexis: Call me a thrill-seeker.

Sonny: Well, it's not like you need the business.

Alexis: What is this, :.test alexis:.? 

Sonny: What is alexis about? 

Alexis: I bill extra for that.

Sonny: Feel free.

Alexis: What do you want to know? 

Sonny: Are you one of those people who likes throwing their weight around by using certain connections they've made? 

Alexis: Oh, do you mean do i enjoy using you as a weapon?  Yes, i do. But just occasionally.

Sonny: You got an interesting mind. Too bad access is so limited.

Alexis: Are you flirting with me? 

[knock on door]

Sonny: What'd i tell you?  Oh, boy.

Sonny: Lieutenant. Surprise, surprise, surprise.

Taggert: Yeah, i can see that. Mrs.  Jacks.

Alexis: Hello, lieutenant. I take it this is official business. And what can my client do for you? 

Taggert: He can tell me why a bomb was placed in the home of an 18-year-old girl.

Elizabeth: I've said this before and i'll say it again. Don't ever use lucky against me.

Nikolas: That is not what i'm doing, elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Do not use lucky's death as a weapon.

Nikolas: Lucky died in a building jason owned.

Elizabeth: By accident! 

Nikolas: Yeah, are you sure of that? 

Elizabeth: Yes!  And so are you.

Nikolas: No, i'm not. Not anymore. Open your eyes, elizabeth. Jason is the kiss of death. He -- i was shot in a parking lot -- in a parking lot -- because of him.

Elizabeth: Yeah, but jason, :.the kiss of death,”Single-handedly saved your life.

Nikolas: Lucky died in his building. Look, i don't care if you think jason is the second coming. He is dangerous to be around.

Elizabeth: Ok. Do you remember how angry you got when stefan tried to screen all your friends? 

Nikolas: I wasn't associating with criminals.

Elizabeth: Oh, but it's ok for you to do it to me? 

Nikolas: Ok. Maybe -- maybe it's wrong. Maybe it's totally obnoxious. But get mad at me, ok?  I can take that. But i can't take you risking your life.

Elizabeth: Thank you. You just made my point. It's my life, nikolas. Not yours.

Roy: I see -- i see luke pretty regularly.

Laura: I guess that was kind of a silly question, huh? 

Roy: That's not really the question you wanted to ask, right? 

Laura: Ok, caught. I'm sorry.

Roy: That's ok.

Laura: Just trying to pry the best friend for a little bit of news about the soon-to-be-ex-husband, that's all.

Roy: Well, i think the news is that there -- there isn't much news, really.

Laura: Yeah, you wouldn't tell me even if there were, would you? 

Roy: Well -- laura: Now, you know, it's not like i'm asking you to inform on luke. I'm not. I don't even know what i want to hear. I -- i guess that he's ok -- i mean, whatever that means.

Roy: Well, he hits the occasional bump in the road. Quite a few bumps in the road. But i think most of the time he's all right.

Laura: Yeah, but he wouldn't tell you if he weren't.

Roy: I read him fairly well.

Laura: You do? 

Roy: I do.

Laura: Oh, good. You know, because he needs that. He really, really does. I used to do that for him. Maybe -- maybe that's just what i told myself. Maybe luke always was alone.

Roy: Oh, that's not the impression i get.

Laura: No? 

Roy: Not at all.

Laura: Good. I'm so glad you're back. He's so picky about close friends. You know, there was robert -- robert scorpio -- but he's gone now. And luke and sonny -- but there was a parting of the ways there. And there's felicia. But, you know, who knows what that's all about. And -- that's not a question. I mean, it is, but i'm not asking you. It's -- i don't know. I guess it's just -- as painful as it is for me to imagine luke drifting, it's even more painful for me to imagine him connecting with somebody else. Do i make any sense? 

Roy: Oh, yeah. Yeah, you do. Once your life was set, your future revolved around this one person.

Laura: Yeah.

Roy: Now it seems like they might be moving on to something, and, you know, you want to be glad about it, but you're not.

Laura: Yeah, that's pretty much it.

[doorbell rings]

Roy: I'll get it.

Bobbie: Oh, good.

Roy: Bobbie, hi.

Bobbie: There's something i need to ask you, but -- oh, hi. Laura.

Bobbie: It doesn't have to be right now.

Roy: Uh --

Laura: Well, that's ok. I'm on my way out.

Bobbie: Not on my account, i hope.

Laura: No, no, no. I have to pick up lulu. Hey, thanks. I appreciate it.

Roy: I didn't do anything.

Laura: Oh, you did. You did, really. See you.

Bobbie: Bye, laura.

Laura: Bye.

Roy: Yeah, have a -- whoo.

Bobbie: Dismantled any explosives lately? 

Roy: Oh, no, no. Not since sometime in the late 20th century.

But that's not what you came to ask, is it? 

Bobbie: No. But i do have questions. And none of them are exactly my business.

Roy: When did that ever stop you? 

Bobbie: Well, certainly not today. How did you happen to be with jason the night the bomb was found?  Have you started working for sonny?  And i don't mean lugging coffee beans.

Sonny: I sell coffee, lieutenant. Explosives are not my line.

Taggert: Well, they're not elizabeth webber's, either. Who'd want to blow her to bits? 

Sonny: Sounds to me like somebody made a mistake.

Taggert: My guess is it's somebody you know.

Alexis: Yeah, but a guess is just a guess, lieutenant. Do you have any proof? 

Taggert: Where do you think they're going to plant the next one, corinthos?  The student union building at p. C. U?  The auditorium at the high school?  How about the playground at jefferson park?  Does any of the above concern you, or you been in the business too long? 

Sonny: Coffee business? 

Alexis: I resent the implication.

Taggert: I resent the fact that a college student almost ended up in a body bag.

Alexis: Lieutenant, my client is just as concerned about the webber girl as you are.

Taggert: Yeah, is that why he's so helpful? 

Sonny: I'll assist you any way i can if i could.

Taggert: Good. See, the way i see it, you have two options. A, you and your colleagues can knock each other off like ducks in an arcade, or, b, you can finger the person who's responsible for it. Now, i don't have a problem with a if the toe tags are reserved for thugs. But innocent people get killed in street wars, so why don't we run with b? 

Alexis: Lieutenant, you're not going to get what you came here for.

Taggert: What, did your client forget how to speak? 

Sonny: You're absolutely right, taggert. I have enemies. You want me to name them?  Would that help you? 

Taggert: It would give me something to go on.

Sonny: All right, i'll give you my principal enemy. You going to write it down?  Guess not. F. B. I. Federal bureau of investigation. You want the address?  Because i can give you the address.

Taggert: I got your message loud and clear. Now here's a message for you. Sorel has an accident, his car runs off the road, i'm going to ball over you, corinthos.

Sonny: That would be a change of pace, wouldn't it? 

Alexis: This meeting is over.

Taggert: For now.

Alexis: So, am i out of the loop here?  Are you improvising?  The f. B. I. ?  What f. B. I. ?  I thought the charges were dropped.

Sonny: The feds were working another angle. The personal approach -- one-to-one operation. Code name kiss and tell.

Alexis: Hannah? 

Taggert: What the hell you think you're doing? 

Felicia: Hello there.

Luke: Hi.

Felicia: Georgie spotted lulu from way far away.

Luke: Well, you're very observant.

Felicia: Well, i think it's good that she recognized her.

She's been out of town for so long.

Georgie: Hello.

Lesley lu: Hello.

Felicia: Do you want to ask her? 

Georgie: Do you want to go and play with the swings? 

Lesley lu: Yes.

Luke: You do?  Good. Go have fun.

Lesley lu: Ok.

Luke: Swing and be free.

[felicia laughs]

Luke: Well, i've lost my bench warmer. You know anybody who could take that job? 

Felicia: So how are you? 

Luke: Oh, about the same. How are you? 

Felicia: I'm fine. It's really good to have my girls back. I missed them so much.

Luke: Yep. Missing somebody is a painful experience sometimes.

Felicia: It's really good to see you.

Luke: You, too.

Felicia: I think about you.

Luke: I think about you, too.

Felicia: I wish things were different.

Luke: Me, too. What would you change? 

Felicia: Well, i'd still see you every day.

Luke: Day.

Felicia: When my girls are in school.

Luke: Well, i'm open from 8:00 to 3:00.

Felicia: I'm sorry.

Luke: Why? 

Felicia: Well, i'm a wife and a mother, and i think i forgot that for a while.

Luke: No, you didn't. I forgot it.

Felicia: Well, i set it up that way.

Luke: No, you set it up just the way i wanted you to.

Felicia: Maxie has this friend at school. She said that the parents were getting a divorce. And then she asked me if that was going to happen to our family, and i just instinctively said no.

Luke: That's good. It's good to be that certain.

Felicia: But it doesn't make it any easier not being with you.

[knock on door]

Dara: Hey. Bad time? 

Mac: I didn't realize it was locked.

Dara: Oh, ok. Look. Hot from evidence. A complete list of the contents of faison's hideaways. If you need me, i'll be in the bullpen.

Mac: All right.

Dara: Ok.

Mac: Thanks.

Taggert: What if you'd run into the commissioner right now instead of me?  What would you be telling him? 

Hannah: He asked me to get information about the bombing. Obviously it's connected to jason. How do you know i'm not here to question him? 

Taggert: What, do i look stupid? 

Hannah: You're not going to say anything, right? 

Taggert: I'm not going to have to, hannah, if you don't conduct yourself better. I mean, are you trying to lose your badge? 

Hannah: No.

Taggert: Good. Then do yourself a favor -- get back on the elevator, push the down button, and don't even think about looking back. Come on.

Alexis: I'm really sorry.

Sonny: Do i have a case for entrapment or not? 

Alexis: I don't think hannah could testify, but any evidence that she obtained could be admissible in court.

Would that be a problem for you? 

Sonny: Hannah can't touch me.

Alexis: May i ask you, how did you meet her? 

Sonny: On the docks. She was being mugged, and -- setup, i'm sure.

Alexis: Was she the one who pursued you? 

Sonny: Is it the comedy thing you're attracted to?  Babe turns tough guy into a chump? 

Alexis: I don't think this is even remotely funny. Do i seem amused to you? 

Sonny: No. I mean, it's just -- you know, it's questions.

Alexis: You asked me about the case of entrapment. I need to know the details.

Sonny: Well, you know what?  Nobody ever said i was easy to get along with.

Alexis: Nobody is when they're hurt.

Sonny: Occupational hazard.

Alexis: Of every occupation.

Roy: You -- you know what i do for sonny.

Bobbie: I know what your job used to be.

Roy: It hasn't changed.

Bobbie: Yet.

Roy: I did make it clear to him that i want to expand my role.

Bobbie: You know, this is what i was afraid of.

Roy, what are you doing? 

Roy: I'm -- i'm making up for lost time.

Bobbie: Time you lost because you took crazy chances. 20 years down the drain. You want to lose that again? 

Roy: Believe it or not, bobbie, i know what i'm doing.

Bobbie: And you always did, and look where it got you.

Roy, please, don't go that way again.

Roy: It's not the same. This is not the same situation.

Bobbie: Look, i'm sorry. You know, i have no right to tell you what to do or to even try to influence the choices you make. But i really want to because -- well, for a lot of reasons. Anyway, the bottom line is you need money to start over. So, as a favor to me, start over with this.

Roy: You must really be raking it in if you're going around handing out diamonds to people.

Bobbie: Don't pretend you don't remember.

Roy: How could i forget?  It took me four trips to miller-howard. It had to be perfect -- for you.

Bobbie: It was.

Roy: Oh, yeah, yeah. So perfect you threw it back in my face.

Bobbie: Well, that was later. I was angry.

Roy: Yes, you were. You made that very clear.

Bobbie: Then you finally put this ring back on my finger. I promised i would never take it off. And i didn't. Not until a lifetime later. But it was a lifetime that passed in a matter of weeks.

Roy: Did you ever find that letter? 

Bobbie: From your safety deposit box.

Roy: Yeah.

Bobbie: Yeah. They brought it to me after you went away. :.went away”Is what i kept saying to myself because i couldn't accept the fact that you were dead.

Roy: You're a smart girl.

Bobbie: When i opened that letter, you left me all you had.

Roy: Wasn't much, was it? 

Bobbie: It was everything, what you said to me. :.i'll never stop loving you even though i won't be around to prove it to you. I hope you'll never forget me. “As if i ever could.

Roy: All these years, you kept that ring.

Bobbie: It was your promise to me. So take it now as a promise to yourself. Sell it or pawn it or do whatever you have to do to make a future for yourself. Don't go back to the life that took yours away.

Elizabeth: Jason, are you there? 

Sonny: Who is it? 

Elizabeth: Elizabeth webber. Hi. Sorry to bother you.

Sonny: You're not bothering me. You ok? 

Elizabeth: Yeah. Yeah, except that i can't reach jason. It kind of freaks me out because of the whole bomb thing.

Sonny: Jason -- he's out of town on coffee business.

Elizabeth: So he's ok? 

Sonny: Yeah, he's fine.

Elizabeth: Oh, good. That's good. You wouldn't happen to know why he hasn't returned my phone calls? 

Sonny: Well, jason, he forgets he has a machine. Sometimes he goes days without checking his messages, you know.

Elizabeth: Ok, then that's probably it. Do you know if he's going to be gone long? 

Sonny: Not long. Do you need anything? 

Elizabeth: No. You just gave it to me. I hope you don't think i'm always this strange.

Sonny: No, no. I don't think you're strange at all.

Elizabeth: You sound like jason -- totally accepting, you know?  But i promise you, i'm not as deranged as carly.

Sonny: Not too many people are.

Elizabeth: Well, if he checks in, will you have him call me? 

Sonny: Yeah, yeah.

Elizabeth: Ok.  Thank you.

Sonny: Ok, see you later.

Stefan: Nikolas?  What are you looking at? 

Nikolas: That's elizabeth's studio. I don't want to tell you, but i know eventually you'll hear. There was a bomb.

Stefan: In elizabeth's building? 

Nikolas: It didn't -- stefan: You could have been killed.

Nikolas: It didn't go off.

Stefan: It might have.

Nikolas: Well, i wasn't there.

Stefan: Well, you could have been.

Nikolas, i understand and i accept the fact that you are making your own choices, but if you continue to make the wrong ones, i will intercede.

Nikolas: Ok.

Elizabeth isn't safe. How do i get her to see that? 

Stefan: Perhaps she doesn't care to see it, like you.

Nikolas: Will you focus on what i'm saying, please?  Ok, listen. I lost my brother, and i won't lose her, too.

Stefan: How can i help?  Why don't we go to the island. We'll take the horses out. We'll talk about it.

Nikolas: No, i can't. I have left messages for elizabeth, and if she gets them, she might come by.

Stefan: I will not relent in my attempt to protect you. I will not.

Taggert: Have you ever examined a bomb site?  Seen what was left?  Now, that man that you can't stay away from -- hannah: Who had nothing to do with this.

Taggert: See all that passionate conviction?  That was once directed at something good. You need to refocus, hannah.

Hannah: No, you know what, taggert?  I was focused. I was clear as a bell. I was driven. I knew exactly what i was doing and where i was going. But i fell in love.

Taggert: With mr.  Wrong.

Hannah: I hurt him.

Taggert: It was your job to hurt him, hannah.

Hannah: Not like that. Not like i did it. I crossed the line. I was wrong. And i want to show sonny that i know that. And there's got to be a way, short of breaking the law and trashing my own life. I've got to get sonny to forgive me.

Luke: Hey, come on. Come on, don't do that. It's ok.

Felicia: I'm so selfish.

Luke: No, you're not. Not from where i'm sitting.

Felicia: I really hate not having you in my life.

Luke: Life's all full of change, you know?  One day you think you've lost, and the next day you find out you didn't lose. That's the way it is.

Felicia: When did you become so optimistic? 

Luke: About 20 seconds ago.

Laura: I'm sorry. I -- i didn't mean to interrupt.

Mac: Is miss jensen still out there?  Send her in. Thanks.

Dara: Hey, what's up? 

Mac: Here, check this out. What do you make of this, right down there? 

Dara: Let's see. blond wig. “

Mac: Ring any bells? 

Dara: Give me a hint.

Mac: Katherine bell case. Yeah, this is scorpio. Send up that wig that was taken from cesar faison's effects. Thanks.

Dara: You want to see if it matches the fibers.

Mac: From the passageway at wyndemere -- right outside helena's room.

Laura: I thought you told me 3:00. I mean, did i get confused?  Hi, sweetheart.

Felicia: Hey, honey, it's time to go. Hey.

Laura: Wow. She's getting so big.

Felicia: Time goes by in a flash.

Laura: Doesn't it, though.

Felicia: See you later.

Georgie: Bye.

Felicia: Bye. Ok.

Luke: Bye, georgie.

Georgie: Bye.

Laura: Sweetheart, u want to swing for another five minutes?  Yeah?  Ok, go ahead.

Luke: Should have seen the size of the fish she caught. I mean, this fish was -- and she threw it back, which is an instinct i'm sure she gets from you.

Laura: Hey, what do you think?  Yeah?  I'm trying to be a little less conservative, as befitting a soon-to-be-divorcee, i suppose.

Luke: Did i miss something? 

Laura: The papers. You should be getting them in a day or two. And then you'll be free in six months. Will you celebrate? 

Luke: Will you? 

Laura: You know, can we just start this over?  I mean, the conversation? 

Luke: The conversation started out fine.

Laura: I'm sorry, i -- i took the wrong turn. I did. I'm sorry. I -- is there a handbook for this? 

Luke: No, i'm sure --

Laura: Conversing with your ex-spouse? 

Luke: Probably. But, you know, when did you and i ever read a handbook? 

Laura: Yeah. That's true.

Luke: We're going to have to make this up as we go along. Just like we did everything else.

Laura: You think that'll work? 

Luke: What's the worst thing that can happen?  We get –

luke and laura: Divorced.

Roy: You know, i wanted to give you the world, and you ended up with not quite five grand and a broken heart. Now you're going to try to give me the damn ring back? 

Bobbie: Take it, roy. Take it.  For me.

Roy: Bobbie, you don't have to save me. I'm going to be ok.

Bobbie: And how is that going to happen? 

Roy: You know, it's -- you just put this back wherever it is that you keep it. You can give it to someone -- you can't give it back to me. It's yours.

Bobbie: What are you telling me?  There's nothing i can do to help? 

Roy: You could trust me for a change.

Bobbie: You could promise me you'll be careful.

Roy: How about i promise to try? Can you live with that? 

Bobbie: The question is, can you?

Roy: What do i have to say to you?  I'm going to be ok. I'll be fine.

Bobbie: I hope so.  I really do.

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Mike: I quit.

Tammy: Mike, you didn't have to do that.

Mac: Now, i assume it's still a priority of the fbi to put sonny behind bars.

A. J.: Hey. You will be there. You have no choice.

Jason: You are in danger as long as you're around me.

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