GH Transcript Tuesday 1/4/00


General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 1/4/00

Provided by Laura

Jax: Alexis?  Honey? You'll never guess who i found wandering in the lobby. Chloe's back from milan a whole day early.

Chloe: Yeah, i caught an early flight to surprise ned.

Jax: Right, but he wasn't home.

Chloe: Oh, apparently alexis isn't, either.

Jax: Nope. All righty. Will you take these down to the ashton suite?

Bellboy: Certainly.

Jax: Thank you.

Jax: I'll get my bags from you later, ok?

Chloe: Yeah. Do you really think that bellboy's a spy?

Jax: Mm-hmm. Absolutely, mrs.  Ashton.

Chloe: Oh. After that new year's, how are we going to keep pretending?

Jax: If ned and alexis can manage, then so can we. Uh-huh.

Alexis: The l&b tour contract does not provide catering for the backstage entourage -- [laughter]

emily: No, don't! Oh!

Alexis: Where does it say we serve organic kiwi to the hangers on?

Emily: You're horrible!

Alexis: No, we feed the artist. We feed -- excuse me! We feed the band. Thank you. We feed the sound people because we're not stupid, and we feed the roadies because the show won't go on without them. You're the promoter. You want a party, you pay for it. Guys! No, i don't have children at the office. Why would i have children at the office? Look, l&b is not going to foot the bill for this. It's just not going to happen. We have a bad connection. Are you on a cell phone? Because you didn't just threaten to cancel the show, did you? Oh, good, because you need to -- no, you need to grasp the connection here, because if you -- no, if you cancel the show, we will sue you. You will lose and we will win. Yeah, see, that's the way it works. Now, if i get another call like this from you again, i promise you, you will not book another act at l&b again. Do you understand that? Good!

Helena: Well, brava, brava. Such passion, such style. Even humor. You're exactly what i need.

Elizabeth: Hey.

Tammy: Doll, i didn't expect to see you here today. Bobbie told me about a bomb in your apartment?

Elizabeth: Yeah, my studio's now a crime scene.

Tammy: So what, like the cops, they won't let you in?

Elizabeth: Well, you know, yellow tape, guys in uniforms who call you ma'am, the whole nine yards.

Tammy: Oh, elizabeth.

Honey, do you need a place to stay?

Elizabeth: Well, you know, they said they should be done by this afternoon, but for now i'm staying at bobbie's.

Tammy: Well, ok. But just know that i always have a place here for you just in case, ok?

Elizabeth: Thank you.

Tammy: You're welcome. Well, well, if it isn't mr.  Millennium himself.

Mike: Well, how's the new year treating you so far?

Tammy: Oh, you mean, have i forgiven you for almost standing me up?

Mike: I'm ready to explain in detail.

Tammy: Well, i don't doubt that because you've had two days to think about it.

Mike: Nothing but the truth shall pass these lips. Would you like me to throw in a noisemaker and a hat?

Tammy: Hmm. I'll let you know, ok?

Felicia: Hello, you.

Luke: Hello, you. It's really you. I thought maybe it was a dream i was having.

Felicia: Were you just sneaking by?

Luke: No. No, i would never try to sneak by you.

Felicia: I didn't think so.

Luke: How's the shoulder?

Felicia: Well, better than a hangover.

Luke: Is it that obvious?

Felicia: Yeah, just a little.

Luke: Well, you know, they said it was going to be the end of the world.

Felicia: Well, it wasn't.

Luke: Not yet.

Felicia: No.

Luke: Happy 2000.

Felicia: To you, too.

Luke: I think all i need to face the next thousand years is a big bucket of your hangover medicine.

Felicia: You remember how to mix it up?

Luke: I do. I remember everything you ever said to me. But i cannot remember which way back to luke's.

Felicia: Well, it's that way. Turn right on talmadge.

Luke: Thanks.

Felicia: Luke? I lied to mac.

Luke: What exactly did you tell mac?

Felicia: Nothing.

Luke: Then you didn't lie.

Felicia: Mac asked me specific questions.

Faison was in his office the other day, and they were talking about me.

Luke: Does mac think that something happened between you and faison?

Felicia: I don't know. Maybe.

Luke: What did you tell him?

Felicia: Everything i said before. Except about us.

Luke: Yeah, me, too.

Felicia: You talked to mac?

Luke: Mm-hmm.  The other day.

Felicia: Well, i wish you would have told me.

Luke: Why? What for? You told me you were going to tell him the truth.

Felicia: Well, what did you say specifically?

Luke: Well, i told him everything except -- what i said.

Felicia: Do you think that he suspects anything?

He was gone all new year's eve.

Luke: All night?

Felicia: Well, until -- after midnight, i went to go pick him up.

Luke: You saw in the millennium alone?

Felicia: Me and my girls. They've had their family torn apart before. I don't want that to happen again.

Luke: I told you i'd stay away. Is that what you want? It's ok. I'm gone.

Mike: Now, you've seen me at the grill with that woman before.

Tammy: Yeah. Some kind of a big business deal where there's serious money involved.

Mike: But i promised you a night on the town.

Tammy: Well, then, you must be really desperate for the cash.

Mike: Tammy, you deserve better than you got new year's eve.

Ned: Do you know how long i've been looking for you? Do you even walk your own bar?

Mike: Too many bookies. Sorry.

Ned: Tammy, if you'd excuse us for just a moment.

Tammy: Yeah, sure.

Mike: This won't take long.

Tammy: Ok.  Coffee?

Mike: Sure.

Ned: No, thank you. We're fine. What the hell happened on new year's? You were supposed to sweep gertrude off her feet, get her to some altar somewhere, at least get marriage into the mix. But what do you do? You ditch her at the port charles grill. Do you have any idea where she ended up? I'll tell you. At our table, with grandfaer.

Mike: So?

Ned: The deal was for you to take gertrude out on new year's eve -- not for a glass of champagne -- for the whole night. We were very clear.

Mike: Well, i'm going to tell you what the deal is now. I quit.

Alexis: Whatever you want, the answer is no.

Helena: Run along, children, and don't stare.

Alexis and i have legal matters to discuss.

Alexis: Actually, we don't. Now, go away.

Helena: Oh, poor natasha. No one ever bothered to teach you manners, did they?

Juan: What's that supposed to mean?

Emily: Stay out of it.

Alexis: That's a good point. And you've got to go. So get your broom and get out.

Juan: Can't you see that mrs.  Jacks doesn't want you here, whoever you are?

Helena: Whomever, dear.

Juan: " Whomever,"  Then. Get out.

Alexis: Juan, juan, i appreciate your help. I really do.

Emily: I think you should drop it.

Juan: My boss wants you to get out.

Helena: Ooh -- " My boss. "  How quaint.

Alexis: Juan? You know something? I think i can handle it from here.

Juan: Are you sure?

Alexis: I am. Why don't you see if the track lights are in.

Juan: You'll be ok alone?

Alexis: Oh, i'll be fine. I'll be fine.

Juan: Be nice if you weren't here when i got back.

Emily: We're leaving.

Helena: Well, he's handsome enough, i suppose. But how do you make him call you boss?

Alexis: I don't know if your illness has affected your hearing, but i said whatever you want, the answer is no.

Helena: Well, i see you're still trying to work against the mousiness, even now. I admire that.

Alexis: All right, fine. I'll just call the d. A. 'S office.

Helena: What, i don't even get the police?

Alexis: I can have your bail revoked.

Helena: Oh, but it's so inconvenient being in jail. Why would you want me there after what happened to your dear mother? Oh, it would be a shame if something terrible happened now that you've started a new little life.

Alexis: All right, i'll bite. Why don't you tell me what you want, and maybe i won't call.

Helena: Well, you've always been reasonably bright, and you do seem to have a genuine skill as an attorney. My attorney is incompetent.

Alexis: Oh, god!

Helena: I need you to represent me.

Alexis: Oh. Say that again.

Helena: I need you.

Alexis: No. No, it's not what i thought.

Helena: Oh, don't babble, dear. Just a simple yes or no will do.

Alexis: You know, i used to fantasize about this. I did. You coming to my doorstep and just begging me for help. But you see, in my fantasy, you grovel more. So i'm afraid that i need you to grovel.

Helena: Have you forgotten with whom you are dealing?

Alexis: Have you?

Helena: You know, your dear mother had similar poor judgment.

Alexis: If i were you, i would never mention my mother's name again. Not if you want my help. And apparently you do, or you wouldn't risk looking so pathetic. And you do look pathetic. But being a compassionate cassadine, i'm going to show you some mercy. You don't have to grovel. But you do have to ask nicely. Now, say " Please. " 

Helena: Please.

Alexis: " Pretty please. " 

Helena: Over your dead body.

Alexis: No, has to be yours or i won't help. And, you know, i have friends now that can take care of that for me.

Helena: You are threatening me with your client friends? Are you sure that's legal?

Alexis: Why don't you find out?

Helena: Oh, poor natasha. You're not nearly as intelligent as i had hoped.

Alexis: Yes.

Mike: I didn't hold up my end of the bargain, so here's your refund.

Ned: What about the real payoff? Are you willing to walk away from $100,000?

Tammy: Ahem. Hey.

Mike: Hey. Thanks. You know how many times i have promised that lady a night on the town and i still haven't come through?

Ned: Oh, so that's why you walked out on gertrude.

Mike: I already told you i had a date for new year's. But i let you convince me to hang in there, and why? Because of money. What kind of guy does that make me?

Ned: Rich?

Mike: Do you know what happened after i left the grill? I showed up here just in time for new year's. And never mind the fact that i had promised her a night on the town or that i had let her down at the last minute. Tammy opened that door, and we brought in the millennium together. Now, a woman like that -- she is priceless.

Ned: So your mind is made up?

Mike: I can't pretend to be in love with one woman when i really care about another.

Ned: It can be done.

Mike: Not by me. Not anymore.

Ned: So, this is what you want? Spending your evenings in a little diner where you can't even afford the special.

Mike: I can afford kelly's all right.

Ned: As long as tammy lets you run up a tab.

Mike: Hey, now, wait a minute

ned: Mike, mike, what about manhattan? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to take tammy to new york and not even consider the cost? Is this the life you really want? Bookies hassling you? You can't even hang around your own bar. Always looking over your shoulder. Always $100 short. Do you deserve a life like that? Does she? And don't you want to give tammy more than what you have right now?

Mike: You must really be desperate.

Ned: You have no idea. But if you aren't interested

mike: Wait a minute. Wait, wait, wait, wait. I'll finish what we started on one condition. We tell tammy what's really going on. Now, do we have a deal or not?

Emily: Juan, look, helena cassadine was arrested for katherine bell's murder. Do you have any idea how dangerous she is?

Juan: I'm not afraid of her.

Emily: Well, you should be. She's done a lot of horrible things to people.

Emily: Elizabeth must be working 24-seven.

Juan: Do you want to go someplace else?

Emily: No, i want my best friend back.

Juan: Even if she thinks you're an immature brat?

Emily: I am sometimes. How do you think i got our own table at the new year's eve party?

Juan: That was different.

Emily: Aren't you supposed to be packing or something?

Juan: Oh, but what if she throws something at you?

Emily: Go.

Juan: What if you throw something back at her?

Emily: Go now.

Juan: All right. Call me if you need backup.

Emily: Hi. Um

elizabeth: Emily

emily: Do you have a minute for an immature brat?

Elizabeth: I am so sorry.

Emily: And i am so over it.

Emily: I'm so sorry, elizabeth.

Elizabeth: For what?

Emily: Oh, where do i start?

Elizabeth: No, no, no, no. I haven't been the greatest friend. And you had good reason to be upset with me.

Emily: Jason explained everything to me.

Elizabeth: What did he tell you?

Emily: Well, that you guys are friends and that nikolas was totally out of line at the christmas party. I should have been more understanding.

Elizabeth: And i should have handled the situation a lot better.

Emily: It was a tough night for everybody.

Elizabeth: You're the best.

Emily: So, tell me, did jason take you for a ride on his bike?

Elizabeth: Oh, yes, and it was perfect. It was like flying into the millennium.

Emily: Oh. So, did you guys do anything? Come on, you can spill, best friend.

Elizabeth: Someone planted a bomb in my apartment. Jason rescued me right before it went off.

Helena: Oh, thank you. So like your brother.

Man: Yes.

Helena: Oh, i miss him terribly. Such a tragic accident, and when i was so ill. No. I'm not going to allow myself to think of ari. I'm going to be grateful that his twin brother is here to take his place.

Man: Ari would have wanted me to be here.

Helena: Shall we dedicate this little errand to him?

Man: I'd be honored.

Helena: All right. I want you to meet with an ofc.  Malloy. He's a perfectly lovely man and willing to take a bribe. He is guarding cesar faison.

Man: I understand.

Helena: Now, make sure that he places this with the evidence against faison. It's imperative for the police to believe that this was confiscated when faison was arrested.

Man: I'll take care of it.

Helena: Thank you.

Helena: Such a lovely boy. I hope i don't have to kill him, too.

Jax: Isn't infidelity fun?

Chloe: Yeah. For now. But what about later?

Jax: Oh, when you have to pretend to love ned? Yeah, i see your problem.

Chloe: I'm serious.

Jax: Come on. Ned and alexis have been cheating on us since day one.

Chloe: Well, alexis is better at hiding her feelings than i am. And ned -- don't take this the wrong way -- he's a little more cynical than you.

Jax: Oh -- mmm -- thank you.

Chloe: What if we ruin everything?

Jax: You know, we don't have to keep this up forever. I mean, we don't even have to start now.

Chloe: No?

Jax: No.

[door opens]

alexis: Jax -- bye.

Jax: Oh, whoa, whoa. Hey, wait, the bellman could be --

 alexis: Hi, honey!

Jax: Hi, honey!

Alexis: Chloe, you're back!

Chloe: Oh, hi, alexis. It's wonderful to see you.

Alexis: I thought you were having your little thing in manhattan.

Jax: Yeah. We got sidetracked.

Alexis: I see.

Chloe: Yeah. I'm really embarrassed. Um

alexis: Why don't i give you a couple of minutes?

Jax: That's a good idea.

Alexis: Welcome home, honey.

Jax: Yeah.

Chloe: Ok, i'm going to fall through the floor right now. Don't even try and stop me. I'm just

jax: Why?

Chloe: Because we've been in port charles for a little over an hour and we've already gotten caught.

Jax: Yeah, but it was only my wife.

Chloe: What if it's a bellboy? What if it's gertrude? What are we going to do when we walk out of here? It's going to be all over my face.

Jax: No, chloe. We just need a little more practice. I'm not going to give up on you. I'm not giving you up. Not now, not ever. Ok?

Jax: So are you ready for the real world now?

Chloe: No. But you are. You look great.

Jax: Hmm. Thank you. Sorry about this -- this meeting. These people flew in from canada -- or dallas, i think. Dallas, yeah.

Chloe: Yeah, and you have to make back all that money you lost with jerry.

Jax: Yes, that's right.

Chloe: Yes. And i desperately need to call therese.

Jax: Absolutely.

Chloe: Mm-hmm.

Chloe: Ok, let's try again.

Jax: Ok. That's -- that's a good idea.

Chloe: Ok. Ok, how about this? I'll leave first.

Jax: Now, there's something we haven't tried.

Chloe: Ok.

Jax: All right.

Chloe: I --

jax: Oh --

chloe: What are we going to do?

Jax: I have an idea.


Chloe: Yeah, we need you.

Alexis: Are you dressed?

Chloe: Yes.

Jax: Yeah, would you -- would you distract chloe while i make my escape? She's

alexis: You two are such amateurs.

Jax: Oh, thanks. You know what? Next time i'll call when i'm coming home early.

Alexis: Good idea.

Jax: Yeah. I'm sorry about this last-minute meeting.

Chloe: No, it's ok.

Alexis: All right. Don't tell her about the meeting. Just go.

Chloe: She's tough.

Alexis: Experienced.

Chloe: Hmm.

Jax: Yes, but she's an outstanding wife.

Chloe: Yeah.

Jax: Bye.

Chloe: Bye. Don't be long.

Alexis: Out!  Just -- jax: Yes, yes.

Alexis: Just -- just go!

Jax: Yes, dear. I'm going.

Chloe: Oh, you -- ok.

Alexis: You must have had some new year's eve.

Chloe: Oh, yeah. We ended up on an island, just jax and i, after we flew practically around the world. And finally, it came down to just the two of us and the ocean and the next thousand years. What's the matter?

Alexis: Jax is cheating on me.

Tammy: Ok, let me get this straight. You're paying mike to romance chloe's aunt so that she'll release her hold on chloe's company?

Ned: That's right.

Tammy: Ok, and in return for this, mike gets what exactly?

Ned: Serious money.

Tammy: Mm-hmm. What does jax have to do with this? Because, you know, he tried to steer me away from mike's table at the grill the other night.

Ned: He wants to invest in chloe's company, but that's impossible until gertrude is out of the picture.

Mike: You know, i'd keep an eye on jax if i were you.

Ned: Thanks. Now, i want to make something very clear -- this whole thing is way beyond confidential.

Mike: Oh, understood.

Tammy: Yeah, me, too. Oh, let me ask you something, ned -- how long does this romance go on exactly?

Mike: Until i marry gertrude.

Tammy: Excuse me?

Ned: Once gertrude's name is on that marriage certificate -- mike: I'm out of there.

Tammy: Don't you think that's kind of mean? I mean, considering that the poor girl doesn't even have a chance with you-know-who here?

Ned: Gertrude gets whatever she deserves, believe me. So, do we have a deal?

Tammy: Always make them pay you upfront.

Mike: You heard the lady.

Ned: Agreed. It's the advance on your next date.

Mike: Then we're on?

Ned: So why are you still hanging around here?

Mike: You see what i'm up against?

Tammy: So, i guess gertrude was a little bit miffed the other night, huh, when you had to dump her at the grill?

Ned: Oh, mike may very well have his hands full.

Mike: I can manage.

Tammy: Yes. You always do.

Mike: Thank you.

Tammy: You're welcome.

Emily: Elizabeth, how did a bomb get in your studio?

Elizabeth: Well, the police are still trying to figure that out.

Emily: It was because of jason, wasn't it?

Elizabeth: Probably.

Emily: Listen, elizabeth, i want you to be really careful, ok? Jason has a lot of enemies, and they don't care who gets hurt. Don't forget what happened to nikolas and juan.

Elizabeth: What would you do if you were me, especially if jason need you? Would you turn your back on him?

Emily: No possible way. He's my brother.

Elizabeth: And he's my friend. It's all i care about.

Dara: So, anything new on the bomb at elizabeth webber's studio?

Mac: So far, it looks professional.

Dara: Why doesn't that surprise me?

Mac: What about helena cassadine? You're being careful sticking to the evidence.

Dara: Well, it's all circumstantial. But we caught a break with the judge. He's allowing in a lot of background, so helena's reputation is catching up, you know?

Mac: Go.  Terrific.

Dara: Um -- faison is driving everybody crazy downstairs, just in case you were wondering. I mean, i don't know.

Mac: What's your best guess on a trial date?

Dara: Well, we're still gathering evidence. He's in custody, so there's no need to rush, mac.

Mac: What, do you think i want to rush, that i'm going to blow this case after everything faison's done to my wife?

Dara: Mac, just be careful. That's all i'm saying. Nobody wants faison to slip through the cracks.

Mac: That won't happen.

Felicia: Mac.

Mac: Hi.

Felicia: So glad you called.

Dara: Hi.

Felicia: Hello.

Mac: Listen, i want to make sure that we review all the evidence when it gets together.

Dara: Fine.

Mac: All right, and just to make sure we're on the same page.

Dara: I understand.

Mac: Good.  Thanks.

Dara: Ok.

Felicia, how you feeling?

Felicia: Oh, i'm getting better every day, thanks.

Dara: Yeah?

Felicia: Yeah.

Dara: Good to see you.

Felicia: You, too. So did you want to have a late lunch? Is that why you called me?

Mac: It's about your statement.

Felicia: Isn't that in some file by now?

Mac: I just wanted to make sure that everything is correct before you sign off on it.

Fecia: Sure.

Mac: I don't want any surprises later on.

Felicia: I understand.

Mac: Just to be sure you haven't left anything out.

Juan: Should i duck? Whoa, emily, watch out!

Emily: Juan, somebody planted a bomb in elizabeth's studio on new year's eve.

Juan: Are you ok?

Emily: Jason got me out just in time.

Juan: Did your studio blow up?

Elizabeth: No.  No. A guy named roy dilucca, he defused the bomb.

Emily: With, like, seconds to go.

Juan: Wow. You know it's because of jason.

Emily: We don't know that for sure. For all we know, it's a secret.

Elizabeth: The cops are trying to keep it out of the paper.

Emily: Yeah. If my parents ever found out

juan: They'll be back. You know that, right? They don't care who knows. They're out to get jason.

Elizabeth: Jason's not even there.

Juan: These guys don't kid around. You know what i'm saying?

Elizabeth: I realize that.

Emily: I just wish all of this would go away.

Taggert: I'm afraid that's not how it works. Elizabeth, you got a few minutes?

Elizabeth: I guess so.

Juan: We're out of here.

Emily: Ok.

Taggert: Yeah, that's a good idea.

Elizabeth: See you later.

Juan: Bye.

Elizabeth: Have a seat. So, did you guys find anything out yet?

Taggert: Well, we're still bagging evidence. We're going to need your studio for at least another 24 hours.

Elizabeth: That's fine.

Taggert: Have you got a safe place to stay?

Elizabeth: Mm-hmm. I'm at bobbie's.

Taggert: Yeah.  Um -- i'm sorry about the other afternoon when you found me questioning morgan. I was way too harsh on you.

Elizabeth: Oh -- taggert: But i -- i had a good intention, you know. Jason morgan is serious trouble, elizabeth. Has he been staying at your studio?

Elizabeth: He isn't now.

Taggert: Well, you know, i have to wonder after what happened at the g. H.  Christmas party.

Elizabeth: You know what?

That was a total misunderstanding.

Taggert: Well, from what i hear, nikolas cassadine should have paid you a little more respect.

Elizabeth: Well, thank you.

Taggert: He got slugged pretty good on your behalf, though, which makes me wonder how close you are to jason morgan.

Elizabeth: Jason and i are just friends.

Taggert: Is he a friend worth dying for?

Alexis: I think i was just surprised. I didn't really expect to see the two of you naked on the couch.

Chloe: Oh, i am so, so sorry.

Alexis: What are you apologizing for? It's not like ned and i sneak around behind your back. I just don't know how you stand it.

Chloe: Yeah, but you and ned love each other.

Alexis: But you're married to him. Oh, this is really odd. What's odd is why this bothers me.

Chloe: Well, you and ned were together from the start. And jax and i kind of got together in front of you, so -- alexis: But if i can sleep with your husband, why can't you sleep with mine?

Chloe: I -- i think i know exactly what you mean.

Alexis: I mean, who knew that jax and i would get along so well, you know? I -- i really find him very easy to live with. I -- except for those shakes that he makes in the morning.

Chloe: What -- what shakes?

Alexis: He puts flaky things in them and then raw eggs, before daylight, which i find thoroughly disgusting. And one morning, he -- he actually threw one at me, and i was so sleepy, i caught it and then i dropped it and then we ate it, had coffee.

Chloe: But what's up with that championship wrestling?

Alexis: What?

Chloe: You know, he watches it late at night.

Alexis: No, he doesn't.

Chloe: Oh, yeah. I've caught him.

Alexis: Guess he misses the quartermaines.

Chloe: Sometimes i bring ned a cup of coffee early in the morning just to wake him up. I hope you don't mind.

Alexis: Sometimes i leave a bottled water for jax so he doesn't get dehydrated in the middle of the night. But if you have a problem with that, then i can -- chloe: I think that's very sweet of you. And i think that you and i are probably just happier with our husbands than most women i know.

Alexis: At least for now.

Chloe: Yeah. But the sooner gertrude marries mike -- alexis: The sooner we can all get back to where we belong.

Gertrude: And you checked the luggage tags for mrs.  Ashton?

Bellboy: Yeah. They all said milan.

Gertrude: Were they stamped?

Bellboy: They looked official.

Gertrude: They're very clever. But i'll wear them down. Yeah. Here you are, dear. Keep your eyes open.

Mac: So are you sure the statement says what you want?

Felicia: Yes.

Mac: This is everything that happened with faison?

Felicia: Everything.

Mac: As soon as you sign off on it, it's official.

Felicia: This should be enough to put faison away forever.

Mac: Sometimes i think faison will always be with us.

Felicia: Now we can be a family again and we can be happy again.

Mac: That's all i want.

[knock on door]

mac: Yeah?

Luke: You wanted to see me? Hi, felicia.

Felicia: Hi, there.

Luke: How are you?

Felicia: Much better, thanks. Are you all right?

Luke: Oh, yeah.  I'm fine. It's been a while.

Felicia: Yeah. Um -- so do you need me for anything else?

Mac: Not right now.

Felicia: I have to go pick up the girls.

Mac: Thanks for stopping by.

Felicia: You going to be home for dinner?

Mac: Uh, sure.

Felicia: Ok.

Luke: So?

Mac: Your stories -- they don't match.

[telephone rings]

chloe: L&b records. Therese! Hi. Oh, it was wonderful. How was yours? Oh, good. Do you have the delivery dates for those packages? Yeah, those spring shows are -- therese, i will have to call you back. All right?  Bye. Oh.

Jax: Hey. Oh! You ought to remind me to bring flowers more often.

Chloe: No, you cannot bring me flowers again ever for any reason.

Jax: Why? Just because you're married to ned?

Chloe: You aren't any better at this than i am.

Jax: Why should i be? Why should i hide the way i feel about you?

Chloe: We are hopeless.

Jax: Yeah, we're going to get busted.

Chloe: So what?

[knock on door]

ned: Whoa. Mmm. Remind me to drop by more often.

Alexis: You don't watch championship wrestling, do you?

Ned: Who told you that?

Alexis: Jax and chloe are back. I walked in on them this afternoon.

Ned: Oh. Leave it to them to be indiscreet. But don't worry. Mike is back onboard.

Alexis: He's going to marry gertrude?

Ned: Consider it done.

Mike: Gertrude, i don't believe this. I -- i just came over and i was going to call you to apologize for new year's eve and --

Helena: Mmm. That's a delightful, light touch.

Man: Thank you.

Helena: Mmm. I hope you were this skillful with the police.

Man: Ofc.  Malloy was delighted to put the wig in with the rest of the evidence against faison. And it didn't cost you very much.

Helena: Excellent work.

Man: But forgive me if i'm being forward.

Helena: Oh, i appreciate forward.

Man: Won't that wig make the police think you're connected to cesar faison?

Helena: Oh, i certainly hope so. A little lower, please. Mmm.

Luke: Mac, why would you expect that my statement would match felicia's?

Mac: Did i say what i expected?

Luke: We didn't compare notes, you know. And it gets pretty subjective when you're being gassed by a psychopath.

Mac: Are you sure this is everything?

Luke: As far as i'm concerned, that's everything.

Felicia: So all your friends were glad to see you, i hope.

Maxie: Incredibly.

I can't believe we had to stay in texas for, like, 50 years.

Felicia: Yeah, i know.

I hope you didn't get too far behind on your work.

Maxie: They sent everything on the net, mom. You know that.

Felicia: Yeah.

Maxie: The only bad thing -- you know my best friend, cora?

Felicia: Mm-hmm.

Maxie: Her parents are getting divorced.

Felicia: Oh, honey, i'm sorry.

Maxie: That won't ever happen to you and mac. Right?

Felicia: I can understand why you would be worried after what happened to your father and me. But mac and i belong together. We're a family, ok? Ok? And that's the way it's going to stay. Ok? Don't worry about that.

Maxie: Ok.

Felicia: I love you. Ok?

Maxie: I love you, too.

Felicia: All right. Now, let's go. Oh! And i love you, too. Let's go.  It's cold out.

Maxie: I'm cold. Let's go.

Luke: You going to let this thing be over now, bubba?

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Roy: Come again?

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