GH Transcript Monday 1/4/99


General Hospital Transcript Monday 1/4/99

Provided by Laura

Carly: you're the reason that I have my son.

Jason: thank you.

Carly: thank you.

Jax: you're quite the crusader on jerry's behalf, aren't you?

Oh, he's not all bad.

He's a lot better since he's met you.

Luke: your precious brother has been cheating you and lying to you.

You definitely have a claim.

Nikolas: you told me about how my father and laura met.

Stefan: I thought it was important.

Nikolas: what was?

Stefan: for you to think of your father as someone you could have loved.

Nikolas: I couldn't have loved you?

Carly: Jase. Listen, do you think they could make a skylight with bulletproof glass? Because I saw this picture in this magazine of this gorgeous house in Beverly Hills, and it had the coolest skylight in the bathroom over the tub, you know? And I was thinking, because Michael likes to look at the stars, what we could do is a put a skylight -- a really, really big skylight -- in the master bedroom, you know, in the bathtub -- above the bathtub so he could look at the stars? Because it would look up instead of out over the city. Look, you have to see it. It's -- Jason: Carly, you're not renovating the penthouse. I already explained to you, sonny's coming back, which means you have to be gone. That's why we're going out and looking for places for you and Michael today.

Get your coat.

Jax: you haven't seen my brother down here, have you?

Alexis: no.

Jax: you on your way to Wyndemere?

Alexis: actually, I was just taking a stroll, and I ended up here.

Jax: oh.

So how did your New Yearís Eve date with A.J. Quartermaine work out?

Alexis: it could've been worse.

I could've ended up with Edward.

We had an interesting conversation.

A.J. thinks that the weak should inherit the earth.

Jax: oh, yeah, well, that's A.J.

he's always close but never quite there.

It's not the weak.

It's the meek.

Alexis: is there a difference?

Jax: one means patient, or sometimes to be under the protection of the law, and the other is ace.

Jax: that's an unusual key.

Does it open something?

Perhaps one of those strange doors at Wyndemere?

Alexis: well, you never know.

Listen, it's late.

I should really get going.

See you.

Jax: oh, Alexis -- happy new year.

And thanks for all your help last year.

Alexis: it was my pleasure.

Happy new year to you.

Now that you're a player again, do you still specialize in hostile takeovers?

Jax: there's nothing I like better.

Why, you know something I should?

Alexis: there may be an empire ripe for raiding soon.

Jax: wouldn't happen to be Cassadine industries, would it?

Alexis: let's just say that I have a better understanding of what you went through last year.

Stefan: Laura, it's imperative that we speak about Nikolas as soon as possible.

He's all right, but I need to hear from you as soon as you get this message.

Nikolas: hey.

Lucky: you're back.

Nikolas: eating your cereal.

Lucky: you check it for bugs?


Man, you got a paper route I don't know about?

You were gone before I got up.

Almost forgot you were staying here.

Nikolas: I went for an early run this morning.

I tried to be quiet so I didn't wake you.

Lucky: thank you.

Nikolas: what's wrong with the machine?

Lucky: it gets cranky.

You like the floor?

Nikolas: it was hard as a rock, but appreciated.

Lucky: well, maybe one night for fun we can go down, sleep on the benches at the docks.

I guess being a prince, you don't get much occasion to sleep on floors, do you?

Nikolas: no, I don't.

Lucky: you ever camped out?

Nikolas: no.

Lucky: so I guess you never staked out a place in a department store, you know, so you can get a good night's sleep, either?

Nikolas: never have.

Lucky: you ever thought about how limiting being a prince is?

Think of all the stuff you miss out on.

I mean, what's the most out-there thing you've ever done?

Nikolas: well, Iím not a prince.

I'm a bastard.

Exactly what your father always said I was.


As it turns out, Iím not the eldest son of the eldest son after all.

My uncle is my father.

Lucky: come again?

Nikolas: Stavros Cassadine isn't my father.

Stefan is.

Carly: you want to move Michael and me out?

We just got here.

Michael's going to feel like we're playing musical houses with him, Jason.

I spent the whole night unpacking everything.

Jason: I asked Leticia to leave most of his things in the boxes.

Nice try. Don't lie.

Carly: well, how do you know that sonny's going to want to live here?

I mean, this place probably has a lot of memories for him, you know, not all good.

Did you ask him?

Is this how it always is going to be?

Sonny gets what sonny wants?

Jason: Carly, this is sonny's place.

Carly: was.

Jason: no, it is.

And what he's going to want is you not living here.

He doesn't like a lot of people around here on a good day, and right now his temper's not so great, ok?

If he lost it, he could upset Michael, and sonny would hate himself for that. So it's better if you and Michael aren't here.

Carly: mm-hmm, and Robin gets to stay, but Michael and I don't.

Jason: no, Robin doesn't get to stay.

Sonny does. I'll find a place for you and Michael, and Iíll find another one for Robin and me.

Carly: when? When is he coming back? Tomorrow? Next week? What?

Jason: I can't answer that.

Carly: I can't -- I can't believe what Iím hearing. It's like sonny Corinthos is more important than your son.

Jason: once sonny gets back, things are going to start moving fast. Everybody needs to already be in place before Moreno can make a move.

Carly: mm-hmm, and Michael gets left out in the cold.

Jason: Carly, why aren't you getting this?

Carly: because maybe I was the one that was left with Michael when you took off god-knows-where at the drop of a hat to check on sonny. And Michael cried. He is not going to understand, Jason. He is going to think that you don't like him anymore, that he's not important anymore. You cannot spend all this time with him in the first year and then suddenly, you know, sonny comes back and you're living with Robin and Michael has to play second fiddle. He's a little boy, ok? He's going to feel abandoned, and I know what that's like. And, no, Iím not going to just stand here quietly and let that happen to my son. I mean, I can't -- I can't believe that you feel this way, that this is ok with you.

Jason: fine. We'll get an apartment for the three of us. And then Robin can start getting our place ready if she wants, but you and I are going to get Michael used to living part of the week with you and part with me.

Carly: ok.

Stefan: Alexis, this is the third time I am speaking to this damn machine. There are things you need to be aware of -- legal issues that may arise concerning Nikolas -- and you need to be prepared. I hope that impresses upon you the urgency of getting back to me. Please do so at once.

Lucky: Stefanís your father?

Nikolas: yeah.

Lucky: you just found this out?

Nikolas: yeah. That's why I asked to stay here.

Lucky: maybe you'd better start from the top.

Nikolas: all right, but first I need your word that this stays between us. I mean, this pretty much changes everything in my life. I don't want it to get out until I know what I plan to do.

Lucky: hey, no one's going to hear it from me. You have my word.

Nikolas: all right. Someone -- someone who I don't want to name, someone that I trusted -- found out and passed the information on to me.

Lucky: and how'd they find out?

Nikolas: the point is they did.

Lucky: yeah, but did they have proof? I mean, a blood test, a birth certificate -- I mean, anything except -- well, then you don't know. They could be lying.

Nikolas: I confronted my unc-- Iím sorry -- my father. I keep doing that. I confronted my father about it, and he said it was true.

Lucky: just like that? He said it's true?

Nikolas: well, yeah, I mean, I didn't stick around for long explanations.

Lucky: have you -- have you spoken to our mother?

Nikolas: no, but it's on my list. You know, when I heard the words, you know, "Iím your father" --

lucky: everything shifted.

Nikolas: yeah.

Lucky: and you knew the world would never be the same.

Nikolas: yeah.

Jax: you know, it's against my better judgment to agree to this meeting. The least you can do is arrange your schedule so I don't have to wait around for you.

Jerry: hold your firearms. I didn't bring you out here to twist your arm about anything. I just happened to notice that you and that beautiful redhead that you dined with on New Yearís Eve had an awful bloody lot to say. So, what did she have to say about me?

Jax: I don't believe it.

Jerry: I swear Iím on the level. You know how unrelenting my curiosity is.

Jax: that's not what I meant. You've really fallen in love this time, haven't you?

Jason: they have to be penthouses, no one else on the floor, and money is not a problem. Hi, Bobbie.

Bobbie: hi, Jason. So what have you got him buying this time?

Carly: a new penthouse.

Bobbie: why? I thought you liked this penthouse.

Carly: you know, there's rumblings that sonny might be coming back. But don't go around telling anyone, ok?

Bobbie: oh. Why? Because of what happened to Mac?

Carly: I can't -- I can't discuss Jasonís business. You know that.

Bobbie: why not? I thought he was a motorcycle mechanic.

Carly: well, then he is.

Bobbie: Carly, are you sure that you and Michael are safe living with Jason?

Carly: oh, very. You know, Iím actually safe because of Michael. My kid is the like safest place on the planet, ok? This guy Moreno knows that if anything happens to Jasonís son -- I mean, if Michael so much as stubs his toe -- everybody's going to think it was Moreno, so no questions asked, he's history. As you can see, it's n everybody's best interests not to do anything anywhere near Michael.

Bobbie: ok. So who's all moving into the new penthouse?

Carly: Jason, me, Michael.

Bobbie: mm-hmm. What about Robin?

Carly: what about her? Oh, Iím sure she'll show up eventually. She always does. See, what we need is a good bell tower to put her in. Or an attic -- like that stiff, old biddy, you know, in the movie "Rebecca."

Bobbie: oh, Carly. Oh! Why didn't I think of this before? There's an upstairs apartment in the brownstone.

Carly: no, no. I was only joking.

Bobbie: well, Iím not, and it's really nice. I mean, it's got two rooms, you know, and it's got a bathroom, and it's perfect.

Carly: Bobbie, you got to be a kidding.

Bobbie: no, Iím not kidding. I think it's a great idea, Carly. Jason --

Carly: don't! Don't. Don't you dare suggest that to him.

Lucky: any idea what you want to do about this?

Nikolas: not yet.

Lucky: I don't -- what happens to your inheritance?

Nikolas: well, the law going back 500 years says the only one who can inherit the full estate is the eldest son of the eldest son, and every generation since the 1500s has produced an eldest son. Since Stavros didn't, the law says that all the Cassadine holdings will be divided among anyone who can prove that they're a blood relation.

Lucky: and that would be how many?

Nikolas: quite a few. Enough to destroy the power of the estate and end the dynasty. There's probably something else that you should know. My grandmother has always treated me with respect because Iím, a, the prince, and, b, Stavros' son. Since I am neither, if this gets out, it could be a little dangerous to be around me.

Lucky: thanks for the warning. I think I can handle it. I've been on Helenaís hit list since the day I was born a Spencer.

Nikolas: so what you think?

Lucky: about what?

Nikolas: our mother.

Lucky: she lied -- again. I mean, what else is there to say? Maybe she and my dad were meant for each other. Man, this shouldn't be a shock to us.

Nikolas: I know.

Lucky: we were both there the day she came down the stairs barefoot. We both thought the same thing.

Nikolas: I know. You think it's still going on?

Lucky: man, trying to figure out our mother's more than a full-time job. We got better things to do.

Nikolas: you think your father knows?

Lucky: yeah. Yeah, he knows.

Nikolas: yeah. See, remember -- remember at the end of my father's -- my father's trial? And that morning I came to you to the boxcar and suggested that you check on Laura? And then I mentioned the look your father gave her before he left the courtroom while she was still on the stand. And I told you, he took off right after that.

Lucky: that explains the fight.

Nikolas: yeah.

Lucky: see, I went over there to make sure everything was cool. And I didn't hear everything, but I could tell they were fighting. I mean, it was intense because it ended with him storming out.

Nikolas: yeah. It must've been when he found out. The prosecution asked Laura if she and Stefan ever had physical relations, and she answered no.

And somehow your father realized that she was lying.

You know what I can't believe?

I can't believe this never occurred to me.

I always said that I thought of him as my father, that no one could've been a better one to me than him, but what never occurred to me was that he is my father.

And, you know, there were little clues everywhere, and they weren't even subtle.

I mean, how could I have missed this?

Lucky: you wanted to believe the story you were being told.

Laura: I came as soon as I got your message.

It sounded urgent, so I -- Nikolas knows, doesn't he?

Stefan: yes.

Laura: where is he?

Is he here?

Stefan: he's gone.

Nikolas: all my life, Iíve been conditioned to think of myself as the prince, the Cassadine heir -- the end result of a 500-year-old legacy.

Now Iím just, what?

Lucky: you're Nikolas.

Whoever that is.

Look, you're the only one who can tell you who you are.

Nikolas: Iíll have to get back to you on that.

Lucky: you going to see her now?

Nikolas: I still have some more questions for uncle.

Then Laura.

You do me a favor?

If Stefan calls, don't tell him anything, ok?

Lucky: you got it.

Nikolas: all right.

And thanks.

Stefan: Nikolas confronted me.

I didn't deny it, and he left.

I have two men posted outside Jason Morganís garage where lucky is living.

Apparently, Nikolas is staying there as well.

Which concerns me, given the rumors that Scorpioís shooting was intended to be some sort of message to Morgan.

Laura: how did he find out?

Was it Luke?

Stefan: he wouldn't say.

Laura: well, he must've said something.

Stefan: very little.

It was the moment I had both feared and wanted his entire life.

And yet, I was unprepared.

He came in, was direct.

And when I responded circuitously, he protested.

And then I simply said, "Yes, I am your father." Laura: was he angry?

Stefan: I have to think that he was -- well, he -- he was restrained.

I told him that I would answer all of his questions, but he didn't ask.

Laura: he must have asked you something.

Stefan: well, he -- he seemed disturbed that I would rate fortune and power over his knowing -- Laura: he thinks that you kept the secret over money?

Stefan: Laura, I don't know what he thinks.

He left.

I was so ready for him to be furious that it never occurred to me that he would leave without venting that fury.

Laura: then how was it left?

Stefan: he went upstairs, packed a small valise, said that he was going into town.

You were right.

We should've told him on Christmas Eve.

I insisted that we wait.

I was afraid.

I wanted 24 more hours because I feared the look of betrayal that was in his eyes when he came to me.

We should've been the ones to tell him.

Should've listened to you.

Jax: jerry jacks in love.

How the hell did that happen?

Jerry: Iím just asking how the dinner chitchat went.

Jax: you never have before.

Jerry: Iíve never asked you before if a lady's inquired after me or commented on my charm or irresistible good looks?

Jax: no.

Never a woman you've already slept with.

Jerry: whatever it is, it just snuck up on me.

One day I was putting the moves on her, and the next -- I don't know what happened.


Jax: "so?" so when I walked away, I got the impression that she has a lot of faith in you.

I hope it's not misplaced.

And I told her as much.

Jerry: like I said, Iím trying to stay honest with her.

Although I almost blew it by not telling her the whole truth about my dealings with Stefan Cassadine.

Jax: because he's her ex-husband, or because of the nature of the services rendered?

Jerry: because anything connected with Cassadine is borderline colluding with the enemy as far as Bobbieís concerned.

And the edges got a little blurred.

Things spilled over onto someone close to her.

Jax: oh, yeah?

How did she find out?

Jerry: I told her.

So, you ready to give me that kiss yet?

Jax: no.

So, when you did the job for Cassadine, did you find out anything other than vulnerable subsidiaries?

Jerry: such as?

Jax: how clean's the mothership?

Jerry: very.

You shopping?

Jax: maybe.

You interested?

Jerry: you asking?

Carly: uh-uh-uh-uh.

Bobbie: no, now, what is wrong with the brownstone?

Carly: I just got out of a mental institution.

I am not moving in with my mother.

Bobbie: aw, no, no, no, no.

I think the thing is you don't want to let go of Jason.

But the point is if sonny's coming back and you have to move out of here anyway, it's just as good a time as any for you and Jason to start practicing this whole joint custody thing.

Carly: no, it's not.

Bobbie: yes, it is.

And if you and Michael are in there, you're going to have a backup team to support you -- one of whom, I might happen to point out, happens to be a registered nurse.

Carly: no offense, Bobbie, but my son doesn't need a nurse.

He needs his father.

Bobbie: Carly -- Carly: what?

Michael is not ready, Bobbie, ok?

That's what this is about.

When Jason is gone, all Michael does is fuss and cry.

Except after about an hour, he stops fussing and he just cries.

Bobbie: well, you know something?

He's probably going to cry a lot more in his lifetime, but he's never going to get used to being without Jason if Jason is always around.

Carly: you know what?

Just stay out of this, ok?

This is not your business.

Bobbie: it is my business!

Michael is my grandson.

I know what you're doing, Carly, and I don't like it, and Iím not going to stand around and watch you use that precious, little boy to try and manipulate Jason.

Carly: then don't watch.

Carly: I love Michael.

Bobbie: then move into the brownstone.

Carly: Bobbie, what about security?

Look, Jason said there's an unstable situation in the streets, which is why we have to take precautions about where we live, ok?

He wants a penthouse, not me.

Bobbie: oh -- Carly: well, look, last time I checked, the brownstone wasn't bulletproof.

Bobbie: oh, come on, get real.

So, what, you think you're going to find a bulletproof penthouse?


That's something you do to a place after you move in.

And you know that Jasonís going to provide you with his best guards.

Jason: guards for what?

Bobbie: Jason, we've been talking, and I think I have the perfect solution to this living arrangements predicament.

There happens to be an empty suite of rooms upstairs at the brownstone, and I was thinking that it would be a really good idea if Carly and Michael moved in there because then she'd have Lucas and me right downstairs to help out and to check up on her, and -- well, you and Robin could get a place close by, if you like.

Jason: no.

Jerry: are you asking if I want to team up with you against Cassadine?

Jax: let's get this straight.

There's no promises about any future transactions, ventures, connections -- anything.

This is strictly a business arrangement having nothing to do with where we stand personally.

Jerry: agreed.

Jerry: you have a plan?

Jax: Iím getting one.

Cassadine won't know what hit him.

Stefan: until now, I have made every decision concerning Nikolas' life.

Now I need your help.

My instincts are to go after him, bring all my force to bear, make him come back here.

But Iím -- Iím emotional.

I'm feeling off balance.

Perhaps that's not the best course of action.

What are your thoughts?

Laura: well, Luke and I chose to let lucky go.

And because of that, I know there's a part of lucky that we'll never get back.

I wouldn't do it that way again.

And this is an entirely different situation.

It's an entirely different secret.

I really believe that Nikolas needs to hear our side of this.

The sooner, the better.

Stefan: all right.

I'll check with the men watching him for his current location.

[Intercom buzzes] Stefan: yes?

Thank you.

Laura: what?

Stefan: Nikolas just caught the launch.

He'll be here momentarily.

Lucky: Nikolas had some business to take care of.

Elizabeth: what are you doing?

Lucky: phone machine needed new guts.

Elizabeth: you know how to do that?

Lucky: figuring it out.

Elizabeth: oh.

Ok, I want to show you a sketch I made.

Now, it's rough, but that's partly on purpose because I kind of like a whole lot of fine-tunings and the special touches for the final masterpiece.

And usually I wouldn't even show you, but I really like this one, so I want you to see it.


It's the mural for the next wall.

And you see this section?

This is the woods.

My idea was to paint it so that your Christmas present would hang right here.

You know, get that two-dimensional art thing going so that the painting of the boxcar would fit in with the mural of the woods.

What do you think?

Is it lame?

Lucky: I think it's brilliant.

Yeah, I like this.

This is good.

Elizabeth: good.

Well, that's all the previewing you get.

And Iím thinking Iím going to use light colors so it draws you in but doesn't overpower the room.

Lucky: well, guess Iíd better get cracking on getting these walls stripped, huh.

Elizabeth: it's no rush.

I'm just going to sit here and watch you.

You know, I could do this for months.

Lucky -- what's wrong?

Did you and Nikolas already get in a fight?

Lucky: no.

Just the opposite.

Elizabeth: what happened?

Lucky: it seems to be his turn to get a pile of family garbage dumped on him.

He -- he asked me not to pass any of it on to anyone.

Elizabeth: that's ok.

You don't have to tell me.

But was he able to discuss it with you?


I'm glad he has someone to confide in.

Is there anything I can do?

Lucky: well, give him the benefit of the doubt if he starts acting weird.

You know, it's funny -- just when you think your family can't hurt you again, that all the lies are out, that you know everything -- bam -- you're blindsided.

You know what I can't figure out?

Why does it keep mattering?

Elizabeth: because they're your family.

Jason: Carlyís right.

I've been thinking about it, and Michaelís not ready to do the shared custody thing yet.

Carly: you know, Bobbie was just pointing out that Michaelís never going to get used to you being gone if you're always there.

I'm just worried because, you know, when you're gone, Michael cries all the time.

I don't know.

Maybe we should try it.

Bobbie: Jason, it's true that Michael did cry quite a bit when you left him at the brownstone after Brenda died -- you know, that time when you had to go see sonny and Robin was with Mac.

And I know he missed you very much, but he wasn't off the meter.

I mean, if you think he's crying a lot when you're not around -- Carly: hey, wait a minute.

I'm not making this up.

Bobbie: I didn't say you were making it up, but if Michael is crying a lot just because he's picking up on the fact that Carlyís nervous -- well, honey, you're never going to stop being nervous if you don't get a little practice in.

Carly: well, excuse me for not being a natural the first time around like you.

Jason: the point is Michaelís already confused.

He keeps moving back and forth.

Carly and Robin keep showing up and then going away.

Now look, that's nobody's fault.

But the only thing that has been consistent in Michaelís life is me.

Michael's 1 year old, and he needs at least one thing to stay the same.

Bobbie: Jason, I understand what you're saying, but Michael is never going to get used to you not being around if you are always around.

And the good thing about Carly and Michael moving into the brownstone is he will have people that he's familiar with.

He'll have me, he'll have Lucas.

Jerry jacks is great with kids.

Jason: Bobbie, jerry jacks -- are you crazy? -- Never gets left alone with Michael.

He can be with jerry if you're there or Carly or Leticia.

Never alone, ok?

Bobbie: all right.

But -- Jason: now are we back on the brownstone?

Bobbie: yeah.

Jason: no.

Bobbie, it is nice of you to offer, but I wouldn't feel comfortable there.

And since Carly got out of ferncliff, we've been a little distracted and haven't had a chance to get Michael used to being with her for more than a few hours.

So for now, the move has to be the three of us.

Elizabeth: you've been thinking about your mom and dad, haven't you?

Lucky: I grew up sure that if one thing was true, it was that my parents loved each other.

And not -- not like other people.

My parents' was bigger and deeper.

And then it just popped.

You know?

Like it had a life of its own.

You know -- you know how you think I protect you?

Well, ironically, I got that instinct from my father.

Everything they did had a history -- everything.

They -- they couldn't cook fish without cracking up over some old story about two fish named frick and frack.

And the next thing you knew, they'd be kissing.

And they'd just start dancing at any moment -- no warning.

We lived up in Canada for a while and ran this diner, and there were certain songs -- have I told you this?

Elizabeth: uh-uh.

Lucky: no.

There were certain songs that when someone punched them on the jukebox, I just put my head in my hands because I knew no matter what was going on -- didn't matter if it was in the middle of a lunch hour or what -- I knew they were going to dance.

And all I can figure is it's the lies and the secrets that started changing everything.

When Nikolas showed up, and my dad had to wrap his head around why -- why she never told him.

I look back, and I -- I just see the whole thing breaking apart.

Elizabeth: so you think your mom started this?

Lucky: no.

That's not what Iím saying.

I don't know what Iím saying.

It's complicated.

Maybe it started with the rape.

Or maybe it started when she never told him about the whole Nikolas thing.

Or maybe even before that, when she lied to her first husband.

I -- the point is my parents seem to have become people who are better at keeping secrets than telling the truth.

And especially my dad has this tendency to go completely ballistic when he does find out, so -- Elizabeth: so you can kind of understand her being afraid to tell him.

Lucky: and I was raised by all that.

Elizabeth: but, lucky, you're not like that.

Lucky: no matter what, if one of us finds out we've made a mistake or if a lie somehow slipped out, we have to clean it up.

Elizabeth: ok.

Before we go to bed.

Lucky: ok.

But the best thing to do is not to lie.

Elizabeth: I agree.

Lucky: because lies destroy.

We have to make sure that doesn't happen to us.

Elizabeth: it won't.

Lucky: listen -- I think things are about to heat up again in the spencer-cassadine war.

That just means we're going to have to be a little careful.

Elizabeth: why?

Lucky: because people have died.

People have been in car crashes and -- look, all Iím saying is we just have to hold ourselves separate.


Elizabeth: you're really scared.

Lucky: no, I just don't want to lose you.

It's important that we stay absolutely straight with each other.

Elizabeth: we will.

Jax: that list you made of which Cassadine holdings are vulnerable -- Iíll need to see it.

Jerry: it's in my safe.

So what makes you think that Cassadine industries are susceptible now?

I mean, why now?

Is something about to break?

Is it a feeling or a tip?

A tip.

Money in the bank.

So how much time do we have to prepare?

Jax: my hunch is it's going to happen soon.

We have to be ready.

Jerry: we will be.

Alexis: look at her -- sipping her earl grey, so elegant, so invincible.

Enjoy it while you can. Your tour of duty is just about over.

Stefan: thank you. Nikolas is -- he's on his way up.

Laura: it's ok.

Stefan: I told him that all of his questions had answers and I would give them freely. Suddenly, I have nothing. We cannot lose him.

Laura: we won't. We're not going to lose him. It'll be all right.

Nikolas: should've known you'd be here.

Bobbie: Jason, of course he's going to miss you. But at what point do you think it's going to be any easier?

Nikolas: you're my father, and you were always there, and you never said anything. Why did you do that?

Helena: what is it that you think you know, exactly?

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