General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 9/15/98


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(Devastated over Brenda’s apparent death, Jax reflects on the highlights of their relationship; Elizabeth gives Lucky a meaningful gift and they share their first kiss.)

Tammy: Roy, what is it? Is it your heart? What do I do, Roy? Where's your medication?

Alan: [Whispering] Wait. Wait.

Tammy: Roy, I'm calling 911.

Alan: Don't.

Tammy: Roy, don't tell me "no." What am I gonna do? Sit here and watch you die?

Alan: I can't go to GH.

Tammy: Ok, then where? Where do you want to go, Roy?

Alan: Richmond avenue clinic.

Tammy: Operator, Richmond avenue clinic, please.

[Alan gasping]

Elizabeth: Ok.

Lucky: You want me to fall down and break something, don't you?

Elizabeth: No, but we have to do it this way. There's a surprise in the boxcar, and if you open your eyes, you're going to see it.

Lucky: Well, I'm gonna see it sooner or later.

Elizabeth: Stay. But I want everything by the book just the way I want it. Ok, give me your hand and step up. I won't let you fall. Come on. All right.

Lucky: [Sighs] Ok. Now what?

Elizabeth: Just stay here.

Lucky: [Sighs] Ok. [Sighs]

Elizabeth: Ok, you can look.

Lucky: [Scoffs]

Robin: I almost walked in on you and Benny. I didn't know that he was still here.

Jason: Yeah.

Robin: [Sighs] He didn't sound upset. So, everything went ok, right?

Jason: Yeah, yeah. It went ok.

Robin: Ok as in the way you wanted or ok as in you had some problems?

Jason: You know, some of the guys are feeling that I let them down.

Robin: That's not good.

Jason: You see, robin... they're used to thinking that--that their job is something they can't quit. And here I am saying, "that's it. I'm quitting." You know? But the stuff that they're worried about, I did explain it to them, and then, they really didn't say too much after that.

Robin: But it's gonna be ok, right? I mean, you know what they mean by what they don't say.

Jason: Yeah, well, I--I think it meant that, you know, everything we want... the way we want to live... no one's gonna stop us.

[Both grunting]

Jax: You hear that? It's like a tomb.

Jerry: I'll call down to room service. What do you want? Coffee? Dinner?

[Keys clinking]

Jerry: Maybe you should change out of those clothes.

Jax: Ecch.

Jerry: I--I'll be right here.

Jax: I--I gave the coast guard captain my number.

Jerry: I don't think anyone would have called yet.

Jax: [Picks up phone] Uh, this is Jax. Any messages? From his back? Uh, thank you. [Hangs up] Uh... [Sighs] The item Brenda wanted is no longer in stock.

[Crickets chirping]

Lucky: Mine? As in, "I don't have to borrow my cousin Sly's anymore?"

Elizabeth: Yours.

Lucky: That is so cool. That's unbelievable. You bought me a guitar?

Elizabeth: Well, actually, I found it in my attic. Something else of my uncle Tom's.

Lucky: You're kidding. He had an instrument like this and he went to Africa without it?

Elizabeth: Gram says he never played it much, so, she was looking for a good cause to donate it to because grandpa spent way too much on it to throw it away.

Lucky: Your grandmother thinks I'm a good cause?

Elizabeth: Most days. But I didn't want to take any chances, so I just said I had a friend who plays.

[Both laughing]

Elizabeth:  I got it restrung. The guy at the shop said it sounds great, and I thought it looked a little plain, so I bought these decals to decorate it with.

Lucky: You did all this?

Elizabeth: Mm-hmm.

Lucky: Man, this sixties stuff is awesome. Got the peace sign, the yin, the yang and stuff.

Elizabeth: Good. I thought painting it might be a bad idea.

Lucky: Well, that was a--a wise choice. Man. Me with 24-hour access to a guitar. This--this is... this is the greatest present anybody's ever given me.

[Both sigh]

Robin: So, I guess we can go any place now?

Jason: Yeah, you know, I actually promised Michael I'd take him to paris sometime.

Robin: Hmm. Well, I wasn't thinking so much a vacation. I was thinking that we could really live any place we want.

Jason: Uh, well, you know, I can't--I can't take Michael too--too far away from Carly. Besides, I told people I'd be around if we just--

Robin: No, I didn't think that we would leave port Charles. I just meant we didn't have to live in the penthouse.

Jason: True. We don't.

Robin: Unless you want to stay here.

Jason: I don't know. This is... home to me, but only because it was Sonny's. And now, you're home to me, so, whatever you want is ok with me.

Robin: I want us to have a place that's just ours.

Jason: I guess my old room at Jake's wouldn't be big enough. Huh?

[Both laughing]

Jason: All right, where do you think we should look?

Robin: Well, I was thinking that we could look out near Brenda's. In the woods by sage creek? Yeah, it was so nice. I mean, I loved living there. It's quiet and there's lots of room and it's not that far from downtown. And it would be nice to have Brenda close by. Unless you think that would drive you absolutely crazy.

Jason: Aw, if she did, I would just tell her to stop. She always does that stuff on purpose, anyway.

Robin: Aw, you two have each other down cold. How much can we afford to pay--

Jason: Anything.

Robin: We still have money?

Jason: A lot, but I still want a job. You know, I want to do more than just tell Michael when to eat and go to sleep. Look at Edward Quartermaine. His family is his job and look how desperate they all are.

Robin: [Sighs] You know, at first, it might be kind of hard to find work that you like, but I'm sure if you--

Jason: No, I got it all figured out. When mike bought the building behind his bar? It included a motorcycle shop downstairs. Now, he needs somebody to run it, and I think I can do that.

Robin: Yeah. I mean, that is so perfect. I mean, you love to fix your motorcycle. Anybody's bike, really, and you'd be great at it.

Jason: I think it's all gonna work out.

Robin: Did you ever think we'd be doing this? I mean, planning our future like any other normal people? [Sighs] Just when you think you have life figured out.

Jason: Mmm.

Jerry: Help you sleep? If you've got an extra pillow, I'll take the sofa.

Jax: No. Go home, jerry.

Jerry: Can't call it home if you don't even have a toaster.

Jax: I'm all right.

Jerry: Of course, you're all right. If the hotel burned down, the earth opened up and swallowed it, you'd be all right. I'm the one that's out on my feet. I won't say a word.

Jax: I appreciate it, but I think I need to be alone.

Jerry: I don't think so at all.

Jax: There are some things I need to know tomorrow... and I need some time before I can know them.

Jerry: What things?

Jax: That Brenda is never going to walk through that door again. I'll never see her face. Or hear her voice. Or feel her hair against my neck. Ever. And I'm supposed to understand that. Somehow. I don't think I can do it with you in the room. I can't do that with anybody watching. So, please, just don't fight me on this, ok?

Elizabeth: Have you always played an instrument?

Lucky: No, but I always knew I would. Music just always mattered a lot.

Elizabeth: Because of a teacher you had or?

Lucky: Nah, because of my dad. [Strumming guitar]

Elizabeth: I'm too nosy.

Lucky: I have to give credit where it's due. My dad, he has the world's greatest taste in music. I mean, you should see the records and CDs he's got. He could start a radio station tomorrow. I mean, rhythm and blues, uh, jazz, real butt-kickin' rock. I mean, he--he taught me the way some parents teach their kids the alphabet. One night, it was Etta James, the next, it was Janis Joplin.

Elizabeth: Male bonding over the blues. It does sound pretty great.

Lucky: It was. Now see, that's what the club was supposed to be about, too. You know, BB king? He played on opening night.

Elizabeth: Yeah.

Lucky: I mean, maybe now, the club's better known for people or cars being shot up or blown up, but back then, there wasn't any place half as cool as Luke's. There wasn't anybody half as cool as the man.

Elizabeth: I'm sorry.

Lucky: Why?

Elizabeth: It seems so far away.

Lucky: Yeah, I never thought that, uh, I would feel as close to another person as I did to him. Then you happened. [Strumming guitar]

Elizabeth: What if somebody had a request?

Lucky: Well, if it was you, I think she could ask for just about anything right now.

Elizabeth: Would you mind playing the song you wrote for me?

[Door opens]


Right here.

Uh, your bedroom set, your new dresser and everything arrived this afternoon, so I let them in downstairs so they could set up the bed.


Don't you want to see it? Aren't you coming in? What's the matter? You look like somebody died.

Somebody did. My brother's fiancé.

[Whispering] Brenda? Oh, my god. Brenda?



[Flippers clacking]

[Indistinct speaking]

I'd say that's an omen, wouldn't you?

[Flippers clacking]

You know what you need? Some fun.

Yes. Flying your jet would be fun.

Yes, and life is to be enjoyed. I think you're in danger of losing sight of that fact. Luckily, I came along before the situation was critical.

Oh, I'm so lucky. You mean, all I have to do is hang out with you and sonny will pale in comparison? Jax. Aren't you afraid that I'll fall for you? I mean, wouldn't that make things complicated?

I can handle it. Can you?

Well, men and women can also be good friends.

And who says friends can't have a hell of a lot of fun? Fish, stars, moon. I give you Mr. And Mrs. Jacks.

[Brenda sighs]

So, is this our possible heart attack victim?

Yeah. Bp is 110/64. He's been in sinus tach. 100 to 110 all the way here. Pulse is holding at 90, respiration's at 22.

Was there ever any loss of consciousness? Tammy?





We're taking downy

to the streets.

All right, well, don't sugarcoat this for me. Just--I need to know what really happened, please.

Well, we were right in the middle of a, uh, a business transaction when all of a sudden, he grabbed his chest, he turned white as a sheet, and his breathing became very labored.

And when was the last time you had an EKG, or is this a heart problem at all? Come on. We need to know the complications I'm working with here, Alan. Is it hydrocodone, or have you graduated to something worse?

Roy, what is the problem? This is where you told me to bring you. Now, would you please tell the man what's wrong so he can take care of you?

He's not a fool. He's not going to clam up when he thinks his heart might stop working at any minute. So, did you have any chest pains at all, or did you just feel yourself getting a little hypertensive and then started to have a panic attack? Tell you what. I will order a cardiogram, but I have a suspicion that what we're looking at is an acute case of embarrassment, and it's following a dramatic, chemically-induced drop in blood pressure. What do you think of my diagnosis, doctor?

And how exactly do you two know each other?

I've never felt so... don't even know the word.


Pointless. As if it was all for nothing.

What was?

All of it. The life I led, the price I paid.

[Scoffs] Oh, I know that sounds... Brenda's the one who's dead, not me. But you know how you justify things in your head? Like, you tell yourself you can put up with anything as long as... as long as Lucas has shoes on his feet or clothes on his back? As long as you can pay the mortgage? Well, for me, it was always Jax. As long as Jax was happy and safe. As long as Jax was golden. I'm making it sound unselfish, but it really was half an excuse. I used it to justify whatever I felt like. The scam I was pulling, the corporation I was sabotaging. To Jax, it would taste like another win and we'd keep him from knowing too much about it. It would add to his luster, expand his legend. You understand that I was never jealous of my brother.


I didn't mind being the one who went too far. There could only be a Jax if there was a screw-up . So, I--I wore that black sheep status with pride. But tonight... when he dived right out of that chopper, never mind that he was still too far up, never mind that the impact could have broken his neck, the rip tide could have carried him away, he just kept diving and I kept holding my breath and counting... until I could feel my lungs starting to burst through my ribs, and still no Jax. And I started gasping for air, still counting, and I was sweeping the surface with the search light and still no Jax. And then finally, I'd see him. He didn't live for winning, or for the things that I had won for him. He lived for her.

I love you, Jax. I love you so much, I feel dizzy. I can't even see straight. I can't think straight. I don't even know when this happened. All I know is that I want to marry you again right away.

Well, thank goodness for small mercies.

I want to live with you forever, and have a family with you, and do everything and nothing together. I want to get old and lumpy with you.


There's a picture.

[Brenda laughing]

I don't even feel this way because it's the smart thing to do anymore or because I like you. I'm crazy, head-over-heels, in old-fashioned love with you.

[Giggling] I need to know that I'm the only woman that you love.

You are.

Do you mean that? Can I trust you? I really did love you. I still do. That's why this is so hard.

Remember all those times I tried to impress upon you how incredibly smart I am?

[Brenda giggling] Well, I'm--I'm about to prove it by wishing you the best life has to offer and walking away.

And I know that's what we need to do. I'm sorry, but nobody leaves.

Oh. Nobody did. We just let go.


[Brenda sighs]

You may have saved my life.

Well, they don't seem to think that you were in any danger, Roy.

Well, I thought I was.

Well, you know, you really gave me quite a scare. Please, don't ever do that to me again, Roy.

I'm sure you know by now that my real name is not "Roy."

Well, it still is to me.

Listen, Tammy, you are so good and so kind. I have--I have to tell you, I have to warn you. How well do you know tony Jones?

I don't know any tony Jones.

Have you had sex with him? More than once?


I swear I will forgive you. Just tell me the truth.


Because "Roy" is notorious for--well, 2 or 3 things these days, but first and foremost, is jealousy. Be it ever so inappropriate.

Why don't you mind your own business? Oh, why did I ever come here?

Is he gonna be all right?

Your cardiogram was normal. Your ABG shows that you're oxygenating just fine, so, I think we can rule out a heart problem. You know, Alan, it is bad enough to be addicted to one drug, but mixing a lot of other drugs--I mean, have you completely lost your mind?

Oh, look who's talking.

[Pills rattling]

I mean, really. Potency pills? And you caused this.

Uh, ha ha ha. I refuse to talk about that. I plead the fifth, all right?

She's not talking about this. She just pled the fifth.

Me and my special request. Oh, well. It's always the next time.

Think again, Garth. What a ridiculous name. How did you ever expect anyone to believe you? There won't be a next time. Tammy is on to you, and Tammy is too good for you. Besides, I'm taking care of her now.

Oh, Roy, please. Would you just cool it? This is not the high school prom, ok?

Heaven help both of you. 3 meals a day, 8 hours of sleep at night, lay off the pills, or you really are going to have a heart attack, all right? These doctor's orders seem pretty lame when you're flushing your life down the toilet. I'll be in touch.


The hell you will! I know you don't really like him.

So, tell me more.

About what?

About what you think.

About what?

About how it will be. You know, what you think you'll do, what'll--what'll it look like where we live? See? You should see your face when you imagine it. It makes you so happy, I wish I could imagine it.

It's not that hard. Remember Montauk?


Remember how by ourselves we were and how safe we felt that way? It was just you, me, your bike, the beach, our room, all this time, I mean. All that time was ours.

I do remember.





Add Michael.

[Jason sighs] And there it is, our future. Do you see it? It looks pretty great, doesn't it?

Best times that I've ever had in my whole life, the times that I've felt the most at ease and the most myself.

[Sighs] The times when I was the happiest and knew exactly what I wanted because it was right in front of me, were the times that I've spent with you.


You've always given me exactly what I needed, which was usually to find my own way. And... now I have. And it's led me back to you. I do love you. I want to share my life with you. You can trust me, Jax.

When you--when you came to tell me that we were over, I said that I was going to prove how smart I was by wishing you well and walking away. Well, I lied. Because you broke my heart. That's not an accusation. It's the truth. I've loved you since the first time we came to Malibu, and there is no way I can walk away from that. I'll marry you, Brenda.

[Brenda laughs] And I'll promise you, this time, no matter what happens, nobody leaves.

[Brenda laughing]

Nobody leaves. Sonny's in the past. I went there to hear the truth and say good-bye, and there is no way that sonny can ever hurt us again unless he gets you to break your trust in me. I want you so much. Only you. Forever.

So, if you have the tape, you can hear it whenever you want.

I know, I know, but I don't have the tape now. I only have you. And besides, you said you didn't like the way it came out, that you could do better. Of course, I think the tape is perfect, so, I might be hard to convince, but here's your chance. Please? Just this one time?

Remind me to learn how to win an argument with you.

[Elizabeth giggles]

[Lucky sighs]

As you kneel beside your bed tonight keep a little prayer for me in sight know that I will be there when you call know that I will catch you where you might fall listen well go to sleep I want to watch you breathe I want to feel god's peace all I want is this Elizabeth

Now, you see, moving is when you take a bunch of stuff and you put them in boxes, and then, you take them someplace else, and you've got a lot of stuff.

Yeah, you're gonna love the new house. We don't exactly have it yet, but, uh, we know it's gonna have a backyard.

And that's where you're gonna play every day outside.

Yes. Roll in the grass and climb the trees, but you'd better not trample the garden.

That's where people make flowers grow.

Yes, and herbs and vegetables, and Jason can pick them and put them in all the wonderful dishes he's going to make that uncle sonny taught him.

Yeah, and you're gonna really appreciate mashed bananas, huh, Michael? And robin's gonna tell you fairy tales.

Well. He says that, but he doesn't approve.

Yeah, well, at least I know they aren't all completely a lie. Brenda says they're about wishes coming true. And now, I see that can happen.

Ok. In that case, let's see. Once upon a time--

In a land far, far away--

Who's telling this story?

[Jason sighs]

When Brenda made a choice, she stuck by it. To hell with compromise. She didn't let go. Till the dream or the wish that brought her there died. That, I had to admire. You ought to get some sleep. Tomorrow's gonna be a lot harder than tonight was.

I wish I could... wake up tomorrow morning knowing what to say to him.

There are no right words. But there is a right feeling, and you have that for him. And you'll help Jax just because you want to so much. And because you love him. And one day, one step at a time, he'll heal.


3 little words I give to you all of my heart all the things I do, these 3 words are never hard but dreams come true until the sun breaks and after setting moon I'll make sure you never forget I love you mmm oh, oh, oh



That was... thank you.

It's the guitar.

Is it ok? Is it the right size?

Yeah, yeah. I--I don't want you to go. I don't want you to get in trouble, either.

I hope you don't freeze tonight.

No, everything about you is the best. The best there is.

[Elizabeth sighs] Whoa.

[Elizabeth giggles] All right. Come on. Unh.



[Elizabeth laughing]

Oh! Oh! Oh!

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