General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 8/17/98

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Monica: I am so proud of you.

Alan: If I would have known that's all it took, I would have joined narcotics anonymous a lo time ago.

Brenda: Veronica wilding Barrett?

Alexis: The defense would like to call Laura Spencer.

Clerk: Would you raise your right hand and place your left hand on the bible.

Stefan: This is unacceptable.

Clerk: Do you, Laura Spencer, swear that the testimony that you shall give shall be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?

Laura: I do.

Edward: No, this is not her manager. This is her grandfather.

A.J.: Is that for Emily?

Edward: And as a matter of fact, you are interrupting Emily, and she's trying to give a party for her parents' anniversary.

A.J. They're not even here yet.

Edward: Hd or you ho fast-lane fashion types snicker at that sort of thing, huh?

A.J.: Hello? Yes, this is Emily's brother. She just went upstairs to change. May I ask who's call--_ hello? Hello?

Edward: She apologized and hung up, as well she should.

Emily: Oh. No mom and dad? They said they would be here rlrl8 gz what? You hate it?

Edward: Oh, I -- I think you look very nice. As a matter of fact, Ned called right after you went upstairs, and he said that his flight had been canceled and that he was stalled at Dulles airport. You remember, you used to call it "dulleses airport."

Reggie: Are ototling anyone, sir.

Edward: Get back to your business if you want to keep your job.

Lila: Edward. A.J., What was it that Lois used to tell him?

A.J.: "Blow it out your ear."

Lila: Blow it out your ear, Edward.

Edward: Well.

Lila: Thank you, dear.

Edward: Your honeymoon luster from lake placid certainly went away quickly.

Lila: You do look lovely, darling. Oh, somebody called for you just now, but due to your grandfather's rudeness --

A.J.: You know, I think it might have been your agents.

Emily: Grandfather, what did they want?

Edward: They wanted Ned. Why Ned? Then they got very insistent and said that I should check my calendar for some --

AJ.: Emily, if you have the number, give it to me. I will call them and apologize.

Emily: No, it's fine. These aren't exactly what you would say sensitive. Grandfather, please, I am sensitive, and I would really appreciate it if you just didn't mess up something that really means a lot to me.

Edward: Why should it be so important that you should look good for a bunch of strangers? Don't we tell you every day how well-groomed you look?

A.J.: Mom, happy anniversary.

Monica: Well, I see the merriment started without me.

Emily: Wasn't dad supposed to come with you?

Veronica: I wanted to tell you. I hope you'll forgive the little ruses that I had to resort to to speak with you at all.

Brenda: How long have you known about that?

Jax: Brenda, this is first time you saw us here together.

Brenda: I know that you had her investigated because I found the file in your desk.

Jax: It was handed to me just last night. I wanted to make sure, that's all.

Brenda: Why? Because you thought if someone walk mand sa, "hello, I'm your mother" " atho ispightosos k my temper? Oh, I know -- you thought I might freak out, right? What are you trying to do to me?

lucky: This will be ok.

Elizabeth: So, the mandarin inn for lunch.

Lucky: Yeah. It's Elizabeth.

Man: Could we get our check, please? Please?

Elizabeth: You're still here?

Man: Did you get a haircut?

Elizabeth: No, I cashed out, went home, changed, and came back. And I left your check on the table.

N: Oh. Well, it must have blown away. How much was it?

Elizabeth: I'll go get the dupepend m m ma a w w w rahoital.

man: Ok.

woman: You and Lizzie.

judge: Order.

Alexis: Thank you. Let's first put to rest any skepticism. Did you travel under your own name from north Carolina? He saw you there earlier that day.

Laura: Yes, I did.

Alexis: The passenger manifests from Mrs. Spencer's flight will arrive by messenger before we adjourn. Did anyone see you in port Charles that night?

Laura: Stefan, Katherine,

Laura: There is no secret that there is bad blood between the Cassadine family and mine. The fact that I have a Cassadine son that I love very much is sometimes a source of friction in my home. Luke and I talk about it very sparingly, so --l hoped he wouldn't find out that I had been to Wyndemere because I went masked and in costume like everyone else. So since I didn't have to explain it, I didn't.

Alexis: I suppose the next question would be, why? Why did you ?

Laura: I was alarmed to see the tholina, andndututut of the asked me whether or not I had ever been in love with his uncle. And when I answered him, he didn't seem to believe me, and then he left. Whs hehehe o o osudddd so full of misgivings about the most important relationship in his life? C@qraho yoyoe, I ias prerented raising Nikolas. I haven't been someone that he could count on, and he has every reason to doubt me. But his uncle has never, ever failed him. I bitterly resent the way he has trtrted myususus,hoit ke, , d my other son, lucky. But I have never doubted his devotion to Nikolas. And it meant everything to me to know that Nikolas had someone that he could rely on, even if it couldn't be me. But now, all of a sudden, he was wondering whether or not his uncle's engagement was just a a a am, , ether his innermost ral & kelelgs were opposite of what he was saying. And rai fe t tt I hahaha s s s spit nikolas again and reassure him.

Alexis: I see. So you went to wyndemere, masked like everyone else, to find your son.

Laura: There's a good view of the grounds and the garden from the parapet, so I decided to go up and look for him there.

Alexis: And what did you see when you got there?

Laura: Well, I heard them before I could see them, and from the sound of their voices, it seemed like something was wrong. Spsp ra it ma you ecat tell e you two aren't going to --

lucky: Well, does it matter? I mean --

elizabeth: You don't have to pay me. You can just pay inside.

woman: I always thought you were so pretty. I always thought you should have somebody. I'm glad. Hd_ a a a aexalk weekend? You said it would be nice to have mpan you don't like my friends.

man: My father's got a hunting cabin down in the southern tier. Doesn't use it till fall. Only two bedrooms, but, hey, you guys don't mind sharing one, right?

Lucky: I have to work.

Woman: The whole weekend?

Lucky: And I really don't like you making the assumptions you're making, ok?

Man: He's defending your honor. Is that too totally sweet or what?

Man: Come on, it's time to go. She just likes to see people happy.

Woman: What did I do wrong? You're the one who mentioned the bedrooms.

Lucky: You still feel like chinese food or more like chinese water torture?

Elizabeth: If only they knew.

Lucky: What?

Elizabeth: How long we shared a bedroom. You know, I don't really mind people thinking whatever they want to think about you and me.

Lucky: Yeah, well, I mean, I do.

Elizabeth: I'm just going to take this inside, and then we can go.

veronica: Brenda, I didn't come here expecting anything from you -- not affection or forgiveness. Certainly not a payoff, if that's what you're thinking. I saw a picture of you with mr. Jacks. I read that you were engaged. It might be interesting to find out who you e w, icould, if you'd let me.

Jax: Look, I'll be upstairs if you need me, ok?

Veronica: he's arveus .hospalab ge whenalou're in the room, he can't take his eyes off you.. I mean, with most men thatne handsoso, they can't take their eyes off themselves.%%Alk geal hd_ ab m so glad the truth is out. I wasn't sure if that's what I wanted, but now I'm so glad. Brenda, I know -- I can see u dokt beabe me. You're skeptical my meiv.Ne_ I I nt you to know that it doesn't offend me, t that I --hdge I mean, who could blame you?

Brenda: Well, I'm really --spspsp. I'm so glad that you're not offended, veronica. Oh, my god.

e spdooukc--hd ev rahoal e abc%ge around the world and notiti w maho mothe a a detetetete ho th everywhere? I mean, out on the streets? Just everywhere. I mean, out on the streets? Just everywhere. And I -- I think not too many of those daughters have to ever stop and say to their mother, ab "w a aou h he?" You know why? Because that's what mothers are. I mean, that's what mothers are supposed to do, right? Mothers are supposed to be there! Oh, god. I'm sorry. I just -- it's really hard for me to understand why -- why you would leave me and why you never nenenene would make believe that you are dead hdspal and why you would leave me to be raised by people who didn't love me.

veronini: We don't want to do this in a lobby. Look, let's go up to my--

Brenda: I don't think so. I guess if I would have had a mother, she probably would have taught me not to go places with strangers, right? Well, I had to learn that one on my own. You've been such a huge part of my life, you know? I mean, not you, but who I I thought you were -- this beautiful angel who sususued. I used to pretend that there were lessons that you taught me. And I used to pretend that I knew how you felt about me. Like I've -- like I've woken up on mars. I can't believe that you're  standing here in front of me. Look, I think of all the things that I could demand of you, the different ways that I could possibly respond to you right now, that it would not be unreasonable of me -- no. I think it would be really generous of me to ask you if you could possibly answer just one of my questions. Like -- why'd you leave me? And please do not give me a long, sad sob story, because I will never feel sorry for you and you will never be able to say anything to me that will make me believe that you had good intentions. So please, Veronica, just tell me something that I can believe.

Veronica: I didn't leave you. I left your father.. to be more accurate, i was thrown out. There was no more question of taking you with me than there was of taking his dress socks or his ferrari. He was having to pay me to get out of the marriage, and he would spite me in every possible way. I don't know why. Maybe he was in love with me that never occurred to me, because I thought that I fell under the category of trophy -- some otherwise useless object that he loved to display to persuade himself that he could still win, not just place or show. There must have been men who have wanted you fill a mimir fufutiononit brenda, there are laws against murder, even in europe, even for men like harlan barrett. So the next best thing for him to do was to pretend that I was dead. That's his story, and I won't be responsible for it. Nene w, would I have fofoht him u u I iadn't bebe quite for you if I hadn't t t quite so youououououe sososoaid him?? No. My mothering instincts we nonoxistent.  Llook, I know we're not going to be best friends. Know t tt we're not t g to be mother and dspr r ny her e t e biological any sort of perspective or any information that I could give you probably would ouout t enenananan orororw whatato doqh rarara sososot say the word and ndndl papa u u u ui'lllleaveveve that's what you want.

Monica: I'll start here.

A.J.: I need the number of the county sheriff's office.

monica: Ok. Oh! Edward.

Edward: Mm-hmm. And this frame is solid gold. High level of purity, so I'm told. And, you know, if you ever decide to melt it down, you could live quite nicely for some time on this, should you give in to the urge to flee all.

Emily: This looks like a deed to something.

Monica: Yes, to this house, which your grandfather has always insisted d d is. Believe me, it's a long story.

Edward: You know, thank god my son has you. And I mean that. And if you ever decide to dump him, which he so richly deserves, I hope you'll do me the honor of dumping some arsenic in my coffee.

Monica: Well, I n't divorce Alan if there's any chance I may. I mean, three anniversaries a year is more than anyone should have to bear.

A.J.: No, no, I didn't try the highway patrol. If he was in an accident, I assumed that it would be local, close to home.

Monica: Oh.

Emily: Grandfather, we almost got her the exact same thing.

Edward: Oh.

Lila: What is it

monica: It is a picture of my very handsome grany son.

Lila: Oh.

Emily: You know, jason took this picture. Actually, he wanted me to pick whichever one I wanted to. Originally I picked the one that rinaldo took because, see, jason has this tendency of not knowing how to stand still when he's taking a picture, so it comes out all blurry. But I thought it'd mean more if it sort of came from him.

Monica: And you were right. Thank you.

A.J.: There was no identification on the driver? Ok, the man that we're looking for is tall, over six feet, in his 50s, dark hair. What? Where did the ambulance take him? No, , . I know where mercy hospital is. Thank you.

Monica: Oh, please.

Edward: No, I mean it.

Emily: Oh, A.J., Come over here. You're going to miss everything.

Monica: Yeah.

Ward: Come on. Don't spoil your sister's party.

Lila: Your father said he was going to one of those meetings.

Emily: What? An N.A. Meeting? Did he go?

Monica: He was supposed to pick me up after.

Emily: Well, maybe it just ran late or something.

A.J.: You know what? I was thinking that very same thing. In fact, I got the number of the pay phone over at trinity hall. Of course, they wouldn't tell me whether he was there or not -- duh. So, you know, I was thinking maybe I would just t t ta a a len over there and cck ououou

emily: Well, why you ououd your car keys?

laura: You have to understand- it was all over faster than it can even be described.

Alexis: You hehed no words, no phrases, no snatches of phrases -- nothing of the conversation?

Laura: I can tell you that stefan's voice was not raised and that they stopped as soon as they saw me.

Alexis: Where was the defendant standing in relation to miss bell?

Laura: Not close enough to touch her. 10 feet, maybe.

Alexis: And then what?

Laura: There was no "then what."" It all sort of happened at the same time. I stepped out on the parapet, saw Catherine, took a step back, and the railing gave way.

Alexis: Did the defendant move toward her in any way?

Laura: No.

Alexis: Did he make any threatening gestures?

Laura: No. No. When she fell, he was standing right where he had always been. After she fell he ran towards the parapet, calling her name. I thought he might fall over himself.

Alexis: And yet he had the presence of mind to help you get away -- to conceal the fact that you were even there.

Laura: Nobody ever thought that anyone was going to be accused of murder. I would find it diffucult to explain m enen stefan's s ests, to nikolas, to my family, so I left. After stefan was arrested, I waited, but no one ever came to question me. I went to him and asked him if he wanted me to do anything, and he said no. I didn't know what was asest. It ra there were situations hdgesp made about hewow of us that coming forward might t t ononrmk. But this morning I realized that I didn't have a choice. If I kept silent, he might actually go to prison.

Alexis: Thank you. Your son flew to north carolina for no other reason than to ask you about your past with his uncle. I'm very interested in that story myself. Care to tell it?

alan: It was just such an emotional meeting, I can't even begin to tell you. You know, I started to tell everybody about all of you and my beautiful, loving w we and what today is and how much it meant to me. And before I finished, I'm telling you, there wasn't dry eye in the whole room. And, emily, please, I promised you I would be here sooner, but please forgive me for being late.

Emily: Oh, dad, it's perfectly fine.

Alan: And the snapshot that you gave us of michael? That is -- that's absolutely perfect.

Monica: Yes. Isn't it sweet?

Emily: Well, you know, it's easy to take a snapshot, it takes a lot of guts to go to an N.A. Meeting. And, you know, that's -- that's the perfect present for all of us.

Alan: Well, thank you. You know, when I think of what I almost lost, I really have to say I'm one of the luckiest men in the world.

Monica: Oh.

Emily: Oops

alan: Oh, reggie. Good for you.

Brenda: Don't play games with me.

Veronica: Have you ever heard of dead earnest? That's me.

Brenda: Wow. I can't drop you as easily as you dropped me. But I want you to know that my only interest in you is a lifetime of unanswered questions.

Veronica: Such as?

Brenda: You know, veronica, I missed a period this month.. and I was really scared. I was scared that I wouldn't know how to be a good mother. d nonothat I've memeyou, I know what t t uld haha b bn fine because I'm nothing like yoU. I would never -- and jax is just nothing like daddy, thank god.

Veronica: Have you seen a doctor?

Brenda: That's none of your business. I'm not your daughter.

laura: It was the hardest time in my life. Stefan was the only one on the island who was kind to me. He befriended me. He kept my sons safe. He raised them for me when I couldn'T. I will always be grateful to him for those years. I never saw him again until a couple of years ago, and since then, we've been more at odds than anything else.

Dara: Is that what you told your son, nikolas -- the story he didn't believe?

Laura: ur his s anitotrlilirately m m md him. I don't know who Helena cassadine hates more, me or her own son.

Dara: I don't know. Call me crazy, but this all sounds very noble and tortured and romantic to me. If you're asking us to believe that you were there at that fatal moment, then you're also saying that the defendant kept your secret at great risk to himself to protect your rutution, your marriage.

laura: You misunderstood me.

Dara: Did I? Set me straight.

Laura: You're trying to make it seem that katherine died because stefan was really in love with me. My coming forward would seem to play right into your hands.

Dara: Mr. Cassadine said that?

Laura: ur , that I justified for r lononas I dqhid.. you don't know stefan. He doesn't care what you think. He doesn't care about my marriage. The only thing he cares about is nikolas. The only reason he wouldn't want anyone to know that I was on the parapet that night is because he doesn't want to confuse nikolas any further and make him think that there's any truth to helena's lies about boit@qqheabc spsp us.

Dara: But as we heard in y yte_rd ayab's testimony,,, that is exactly what nikolas does think, isn't it? Does your husband also think that?

Alexis: Objection.

Laura: Of course not.

Dara: Didn't he leave home, move out of the house, soon after you came home?

Laura: One has nothing to do with the other.

Exisisis your honor, isisisme doeoethisisll s sm prettyne secondhand and aimless?

Judge: Well, if you pull a a rprpsese witness, I think it gives opposing counsel some leeway at leasas overruled.

Dara: Well, helena cassadine didn't commission the portrait of you, did she? Did you see it that night on your way to the parapet?

Laura: I was in a hurry to find nikolas, I just went straight up the stairs. I was looking out towards the torch light to where I heard katherine and stefan's voices.

Dara: Right. Conveniently speaking in words you couldn't hear. Then, acininto you walked out on the parapet ms. Bellllaw you, and shshjumped ckck _l ho whwh

laura: I -- maybe I startled her.

Dara: There were hundreds of people at wyndemere that night. Why would seeing one of them startle her? Hd or was it alu? . . Ll afraid d d you,,,, gegeenhor?

laura: No. I don't t welel I don't nononononoit % ybe.It% maybe helena was whihihiing the same poison into her ear.

Dara: Well, but again, it may have been helena cassadine, with defense counsel's help, who arranged for that trunk with all your belongings in it l to wind up at wyndemer but it was s s cfefeantt o gave his own fiancee old engagement ring. Don't you find that odd?

Laura: You don't know how the cassadines think.

Dara: And you do.

Laura: To stefan, that ring was never my property. It was something that belonged to his brother.

Dara: I see. And is that t w the defendant thought of you, too?

Alexis: Ururururur - - -spththeses% alk ab

laura: Well, I don't know.. I I I , you would have to ask him.

Dara: Well, , w w pressed with his brother was he? For instance, did the two of you ever have sexuallations? L hospital_%gel hospc *ra

alexis: Your honor, aren't we getting a little far afield?

Dara: The defense would have us believe that virtually all the preceding testimony has been moot and mistaken because of certain secrets this last-minute witness just this morning decided to reveal? Well, how w ny s srere wilililile e gerarahdhdhdhd @ql spital nono am m m m m ishingngsp yes. Is it irrelevant to the defendant's motives and the witness' motives for coming forward? Your honor, I don't think so.

Judge: The witness will answer.

Laura: I -- I'm not sure I understand the question. Did stavros and I --

dara: Did you and Stefan Cassadine now or in the past,, ever had a physical relationship?

Laura: No, of course not.

Dara: Never? Not once in all the time that you known him?

Laura: No.

Dara: Not even greree

alexis: Asked and answerer, your honor.

judge: Ms. Jensen?

Dara: No further questions at this time.

judge: In that case, the witness may step down, and this court is adjourned until tomorrow morning at 10:00 A.M.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Alexis: N'T.Ral spal % ral hoalqhesp l neneitalalalc% __rahoitk gealab

brenda: Why'd she come to you first?

Jax: I don't know. I asked her that, too. You know, maybe she was scared. Maybe she s oking for a sense ofhat kiki of receptiti s s'd get.

Brenda: She didn't ask for money?

Jax: in fact, she turned it down. Maybe it was for show. I don't know. Look, I'm sorry about the -- veronique from the french advertising agency story. I mean, she whipped it up. I made it necessary because I told her not to approach you until I'd checked her out. If that was the wrong thing to do, then--

brenda: No, it -- it wasn'T. Thank you. I can't even imagine going through what I just went through with her and having to wonder if she heasasasng on top spof it all. She might still be lying. She's not lying about being your mother. So, what do you want to do?

Ananwewean set h h up a p pacacacac%sphd orororcould sel ho to the north pole. It's up to you, brenda. Come here.

brenda: Oh, god. I don't abevenemem be_if cneriririit why father tololololol was dede. Gerak probably not. I was too little. I can't believe she's alive.

Jax: It must be hard for you to understand.

brenda: I used to pretend that she tried to find her way back to me before she died, but that my father, big dragons or something, were too strong and kept her away. That's the mother I grew up with--my angel. Oh, it's just so unfair, isn't it? I mean, all I ever wanted in the world was to have my mother back. But not this woman."

Bellman: Miss? Looking for something?

veronica: My room.

Monica: My mymym.

Bellman: Well, this is the lobby, miss.

Veronica: you ththth to call a woman "miss," no matter what her age?

Bellman: No, miss.

Veronica: It's on my card key.

Bellman: Is what on your card key?

Veronica: Room number.

Bellman: For security.. you understand.

Veronica: I do I, enough? 916. My room number. Isn't memory an annoying thing? Could you do me a favor and open the door for me, maybe turn on a light and just wait a few moments while draw a bath? I'm afraid sometimes in a strange city. You never know what could happen.

Bellman: Of course, miss.

Alan: Thank you for such a wonderful party.

Monica: Yes, two years.

emily: Well, you know, your anniversary is mine. Hey, just let somebody else cut in for the next 20 years.

A.J: Okay, I guess I'll go.

Emily: Help me listen my C.D. Let's go.

A.J: Right. Right. Ok.

Monica: happy anniversary.

alan: Listen to me-- I love you so much, and I real -- want yosper but e ie e arned d ininelelab% neital qtieab it'%no tho to put me lelel a p p pureee situation or set myself up for failure.

Monica: I understand. I just like being close to you. Now, that's ok, isn't it?

Alan: Yes.

monica: Mmm.

Al rakabc elizk h: % Wet spaly y ththtotal l t t theck? D dodot lie.K % lue wait a minute.

Elizabeth: No. I know I must h he be en over $30. That was the nicest chinese restaurant I've ever been to.

Lucky: You made me come all the way back here so you can cash your check?

Elizabeth: Well, why should you have to pay for the whole thing? It's not like you asked me out on a date. I don't know why I just said that -- not that it would make any difference.

Lucky: Nene th this enough ghl itit

elizabeth: No, lucky, it's not. Here, take this. It's a silly thing to argue about.

lucky: Are we arguing?

Elizabeth: No. But if we were, it'd be silly.

Stefan: the alspations you will die in a prison cell for what you did to katherine.

Helena: Oh, is that to be my reward for giving you everything you ever wanted? I don't think so.

Stefan: You know better, I think, than to listen to her now.

nikolas: Laura stood up for me. I went to her this morning, and I told her how afraid I was, that I'd ruined everything and that you might be convicted because of it. She must have gone to you right after that. She chose me. For once, she chose me.

katherine: Happy now? She chose you.

laura: Luke?

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