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General Hospital Transcript Thursday 5/21/98


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(At the Cassadines’ Bacchanalia Ball, Stefan and Katherine celebrate their engagement in grand style, while Brenda and Jax keep theirs a secret; Luke and Alexis plot Helena’s demise; Lucky and Elizabeth share a secret dance outside.)

Emily: There you go. That's perfect.

Edward: Good, thank you.

Ned: Emily, you look absolutely exquisite.

Emily: Thank you.

Ned: Grandfather, new tails?

Edward: Oh, well, it was time.

Ned: Well, I felt the same way.

Edward: [Laughs]

AJ: Ahem. Me too.

Emily: So, is everyone excited about Katherine's big engagement party tonight?

Ned: Huh. Masks and phony mystery. Frankly, Emily, I don't see the point.

AJ: It doesn't make sense to me either.

Edward: You ask me, it's an affront to good taste.

Emily: You know, robin said there's gonna be all kinds of interesting people there.

AJ: We don't have to stay long, do we?

Ned: Oh, absolutely not.

Edward: Remember, the only reason we're going there in the first place is to give our best wishes to Katherine. After that's been done, we can leave at any time. Oh, Alan, you finally came downstairs. Where's Monica?

Alan: Monica. Monica. Yes, I just spoke to her on the telephone. She's tied up at the hospital. She'll meet us and Wyndemere.

Edward: All right, then let's get this over with. Here we go. Get a mask if you don't have one.

Stefan: Katherine.

Katherine: You know, we really should have repainted the sashes on these windows. The color doesn't go with any of our decorations.

Stefan: From this moment on, all that is important is you and me and Nikolas and the rest of our lives together.

Katherine: Thank you. I have dreamed about this night my entire life, but never in my wildest fantasies did I imagine sharing it with someone as wonderful as you.

Stefan: I should be thanking you. Look at the life you've brought into this house, into my heart. You light up all the dark corners, Katherine. And around here, that's a full-time job.

Katherine: I love it here. I've been my happiest and most in love I've ever been. [Giggles]

Stefan: Mmm! Not that I couldn't be tempted, but isn't it time to get ready for our guests?

Katherine: Yes. I'll be upstairs if you need me.

Stefan: I'll give the command to light the torches. This is our night, my love. Let's enjoy it to the fullest.

[Crickets chirping]

Luke: Ok. All right. You nervous?

Alexis: A little. It's my first murder.

Luke: Well, it's very simple. All you gotta do is lure Helena up to the parapet and then just watch as she does a header into the cement. I know it's simple, straightforward, but it'll do the trick.

Alexis: All right, tell me again what you're going to do on the parapet.

Luke: Ok, see this? This little chisel. I'm going to loosen the railing. And all you gotta do is make sure she leans against it and let gravity do the rest.

Alexis: All right, now, tell me again that there's no other way.

Luke: Alexis, you know there isn't. This is the only way and the only time. If we don't do this now, Helena's just gonna continue her crimes against you and me and everybody we love. Uh-uh. Tonight, she eats it.

Alexis: I'm ready.

Luke: Good. Let's do it.

[Classical music playing]

Stefan: Of all the women who have worn that dress... you are assuredly the most beautiful.

Katherine: Maybe you're just prejudiced.

Stefan: I am. And will remain so for eternity.

Nikolas: Good evening.

Stefan: Good evening.

Nikolas: Katherine, you look beautiful.

Katherine: Thank you. So do you and you.

Robin: Thank you.

Nikolas: It's a good thing I picked robin up early. The dock is already lined up with limos.

Stefan: Well, then our guests will be arriving soon.

Robin: Katherine, I know that you belong to everyone tonight, but before they arrive, can we have a moment?

Katherine: Of course.

Robin: I just wanted to tell you that you're always someone that I've admired and loved and that tonight your happiness is mine.

Katherine: Thank you, robin. I realize that it may seem insane for me to marry Stefan, but I love him. He's not an easy man, but he's mine, and that's all that matters.

Robin: I know.

Stefan: Ah. Our guests are beginning to arrive.

Emily: Here, Grandfather. Take that.

Edward: Oh, thank you. But now listen, I have no intention of holding this piece of cardboard in front of my face all night long.

AJ: Come on, grandfather, get into the spirit.

Alan: Father, the evening belongs to Katherine and Stefan. If they want us to wear masks, we should comply.

Edward: I refuse to pay homage to a marriage that is doomed from the start.

Ned: That's a cheery attitude.

Edward: Mmm, listen. I'll give Katherine 3 months to dump that scoundrel, hmm?

Katherine: Edward!

Edward: Oh, ho, yes! Oh, Katherine and Stefan. My sincerest congratulations.

Lucky: All right, it's clear. Come on. Come on.

Elizabeth: You sure no one saw us?

Lucky: Oh, yeah. Security guards are so busy taking guests up to the house, they didn't even notice us.

Elizabeth: So, what do we do now?

Lucky: Well, we stay out of sight, make our way up to the house, find a good hiding place, take in the show.

Elizabeth: Can we get arrested for this?

Lucky: Only if they catch us.

Elizabeth: Maybe we should go.

Lucky: Elizabeth, did you not say you wanted to go to a party like this?

Elizabeth: Yeah.

Lucky: Yeah? All right, well, this is gonna be even better. We can see everything that's going on. We don't have to dress up like some old movie.

Elizabeth: Well, then, what are we waiting for? Come on, I don't want to miss a thing.

Lucky: Follow me. Thank you.

[People speaking indistinctly]

Brenda: Hello.

Jax: Hi.

Stefan: Ms. Barrett, Mr. Jacks, welcome.

Jax: It's nice to be here.

Brenda: Congratulations. Getting engaged must be so exciting.

Katherine: It's the happiest night of my life.

Jax: Glad we could share it with you. But I have to admit, I was a little surprised at the invitation.

Stefan: Well, I limited the guest list to my closest friends and most worthy adversaries.

Katherine: If you'd like to go inside, there's plenty of food and drink and lots of people you know.

Brenda: Oh, thanks.

Man: I didn't have the invitation. You did.

Woman: I gave it to you when we left the house.

Man: Well, it's gone. So now what?

Bobbie: Jerry! Let me go.

Jerry: You can't ..., darling. You need an escort, and so do I.

Bobbie: I'm perfectly capable of navigating my own solitary way through parking.

Stefan: Good evening, Barbara. I'm glad you could come.

Bobbie: You know, I debated staying home, but then I figured why?

Stefan: And this is?

Bobbie: This is my escort for the evening. Jerry jacks.

Jerry: Another one of them.

Stefan: Welcome. And enjoy yourself.

Bobbie: We will.

Felicia: Oh, Mac! Look what they've done to this gloomy old place. It looks like a palace instead of Dracula's castle.

V: Oh, sorry. Sorry.

Mac: Oh, hey, hey, are you all right? That's the third time you've bumped into me.

V: It's this dress. It's got a mind of its own.

Mac: Well, be careful, ok? We'll be inside.

V: Ok.

Alexis: Stefan. Thank you again for the invitation.

Stefan: I'm pleased you accepted.

Alexis: Really?

Stefan: Your presence here indicates a willingness to accept Katherine in my life. I know how difficult that's been for you.

Alexis: I really appreciate it. It's very generous of you. Thank you.

[Music continues]

Bobbie: I don't know how he did it.

Jerry: What's that?

Bobbie: Turned this drafty old barn into a palace.

Jerry: It's all right, I suppose, if you like this sort of thing. I know a castle in Romania where the two of us could be very happy.

Bobbie: Ha ha! I don't think so, but thanks for the walk in.

Jerry: Where you going?

Bobbie: Navigating.

Alexis: Hi.

Ned: I was under the impression that you were to be shot on sight if you ever showed up here again.

Alexis: Things change.

Ned: Sometimes.

Bobbie: Well, look at that. Filthy witch brought along her boy toy.

Helena: I'd say we've arrived.

Stefan: How nice to see you in true form, mother. After all these years, your ability to outrage remains unmatched.

Edward: That is positively pornographic. You know, decent people shouldn't be subjected to seeing those two together.

AJ: And I thought Carly was a bad choice.

Bobbie: So, have you given up all semblance of respectability?

Tony: I don't get that many invitations these days. It was nice to be asked.

Jax: So, jerry, you telling us that you had no idea that this train was gonna be full of people who were one step away from a divorce?

Jerry: Of course, I knew. My research is always very thorough.

Brenda: Then why would you book us on it?

Jerry: To broaden your perspective. So, how did it work out? Pretty sorry lot, weren't they?

Jax: It actually was a very rewarding experience.

Brenda: I agree.

Jerry: Rewarding? How?

Jax: Being surrounded by a bunch of unhappy people like that made us realize how dreary life can be without love.

Brenda: Yes, that's true. In fact, if it hadn't have been for that train, we wouldn't be as close as we are right now. So thank you, jerry, for ... for us.

Jax: Yeah. Thanks.

Jerry: My pleasure.

Emily: He was trying to get in the bathroom.

AJ: What do you think he was doing?

Emily: Who can tell? That's the point, isn't it? He's been acting so weird lately, who can tell.

AJ: Yeah. Well, I'll keep an eye on him.

Emily: Ok.

Monica: Anybody home? Hello? [Sighs] Everyone's gone. Ok. Where's the invitation? Come on. He said it was gonna be here. What...

[Waltz plays]

Edward: Someone ought to inform Stefan that the formal sash went out of fashion 300 years ago.

AJ: He looks like a contestant in search of a beauty contest.

[Edward chuckling]

Felicia: They look like they're right out of a storybook.

Mac: And did you see the buffet table? They got shrimp the size of dolphins.

Robin: So, come on, tell the truth. Is your uncle really a romantic at heart, or is he just serving tradition?

Nikolas: Both.

Robin: Does he really love Katherine?

Nikolas: Look at the way he looks at her. Tradition has nothing to do with that.

Ned: Did you handle the prenups?

Alexis: What makes you think there is one?

Ned: Because I happen to know both parties.

Alexis: My, my, aren't we romantic.

Ned: No, we're not.

Brenda: I don't know what's more fun, throwing a party to announce your engagement or coming to a party and keeping your engagement a secret, like us.

Jax: You can have both, if you want.

Brenda: I have what I want.

Jerry: I never cared too much for a waltz. Too much space between the partners.

Bobbie: Space, huh? What a good idea.

Helena: Oh, someday you will announce your own engagement at a party 10 times larger than this. That will be a night for celebration. This means nothing.

[Door closes]

[Waltz continues]

Nikolas: If you'll excuse me, it's my duty to join my uncle and Katherine on the dance floor as a signal that others may also begin to dance.

Helena: Well, thank you, Nikolas. I'd be delighted.

Nikolas: Perhaps another time. Perhaps not. Robin. Will you honor me with this dance?

Ned: Enjoying yourself?

Emily: Yeah, it's ok.

Ned: Emily, at your age on a night like this, you just have to put all your troubles aside and just throw yourself into it completely.

Emily: Why?

Ned: Because these nights live in your memory forever.

Elizabeth: It's even more... everything that I imagined.

Lucky: Elizabeth, it's just a party.

[Waltz ends]


Elizabeth: Pizza and a CD player is just a party. This is a major event.

Lucky: Yeah, the Cassadines have a way of overdoing everything.

Elizabeth: I just can't figure out where all these people learned how to waltz.

Lucky: You call that waltzing? Robin's lucky Nikolas hasn't stomped her to death.

[Waltz begins]

Elizabeth: Oh, and I suppose you can do better?

Lucky: You want to see? Come on. It's cool. Watching can be fun, too.

Elizabeth: Lucky. May I have this dance?

Ned: Here, let me.

V: Oh.

Ned: What happened?

V: Well, I was reaching for another glass of champagne, and my hoop bumped it and dumped it all over me.

Ned: How's that?

V: Perfect. Thanks.

Ned: Do something for me.

V: What?

Ned: Don't lead.

V: Oh, ok.

Tony: May I have this dance?

Alexis: What, are you afraid no one else will dance with you?

Tony: Well, Helena asked me. I just haven't quite had enough grog yet to work up to that, so... you know you're the reason I'm here. Actually, you're the reason I'm anywhere.

Alexis: I'm really not in the mood for dancing.

Alan: Hello, and good evening. I actually just came in here for a little rest and a nip. I thought I'd locked the door. Are you part of the security team? Nice costume. You look like a medieval executioner. Oh, very convincing. I'll bet you're not having any problems here tonight. It's a very orderly crowd. Well, I better get out of here before I miss something that's really entertaining. Nice chatting with you. Oh, hey mike. What are you up to?

[Waltz ends]

Robin: Nickolas, will you excuse me for a minute? I didn't even say hello to Brenda.

Nikolas: Yeah, sure, go ahead. I'll catch up with you later.

[Music playing]

Bobbie: You know, the only thing I miss about this place is getting to see you every day.

Nikolas: Hello. I miss you, too.

Bobbie: So, are you comfortable with your uncle's choice of permanent dance partner?

Nikolas: It could not be better. What's your opinion?

Bobbie: I'm sure Katherine will bring out the best in him. They'll be happy for many years to come.

Robin: Hi!

Brenda: Hey!

Robin: With all the excitement, I forgot to ask you about your trip.

Brenda: Oh, my trip was... unforgettable.

Robin: Unforgettable is good. What happened? Is there something you want to tell me?

Brenda: Yes, there is, but I'm sworn to secrecy just for tonight.

Robin: Oh, oh, you better spill it.

Brenda: Ok. Jax and I--

Robin: Yeah!

Jax: "Jax and I are" excuse me?

Brenda: You know what we're talking about.

Jax: Do you think she can be trusted?

Brenda: I don't know.

Robin: Come on, you guys. I'm dying here.

Jax: Ah, I think she's safe.

Brenda: Jax and I--

Robin: Yeah, I got that part.

Brenda: Ok, ok.

Robin: You guys are doing it. Right?

Brenda: Yes.

Robin: Yes!

Brenda: Shh. We're also getting married.

Jax: Yep.

Robin: Oh, come here. I'm so happy for you guys. Why aren't you announcing it to everybody?

Brenda: Because we have to wait a few days.

Jax: Yeah, tonight belongs to our host and hostess.

Robin: Ok. Congratulations.

Tony: My, my, my, you're looking good.

Alan: Well, thank you.

Tony: I don't mean that as a compliment.

Alan: Why not?

Tony: Because if you were truly kicking that pill habit of yours, you would look terrible.

Monica: Oh, good evening, Reginald.

Reginald: Hello.

Monica: How lovely to have it so quiet around here for a change.

Reginald: Yeah. Wow, you look lovely.

Monica: Well, thank you very much. I had to work late, so I'm gonna have to catch up to the family at Wyndemere. Reg,'s your memory these days?

Reginald: Pretty good as always.

Monica: Oh, I wish I could say the same. I was doing some work, for records at the hospital, and I was trying to remember if I was working the night that Alan went on that retreat. Do you remember what date that was?

Reginald: April 13.

Monica: You know that for sure?

Reginald: Yeah, well, it's my cousin Benjamin's birthday, and I remember calling him while dr. Quartermaine was away.

Monica: Oh.

Reginald: Would you like me to drive you to the party?

Monica: Yes, that would be fine. Listen, why don't you get the car, and I'll meet you out there in a couple minutes?

Reginald: Great.

Monica: Ok. [Sighs]

[Music playing]

Ned: May I have this dance, fair maiden?

Emily: [Haughty voice] Yes, milord, I am ready to rock and waltz.

Nikolas: Emily, you look very beautiful tonight.

Emily: Thank you.

Helena: Alexis. Excuse me. So lovely to see you. Thank you. Well, are you enjoying yourself?

Alexis: Yes, it's a lovely evening.

Helena: Well, don't let your presence here give you false ideas. You were invited out of protocol only.

Alexis: That's interesting. Stefan mentioned that the door was open for reconciliation.

Helena: And you believed him? Oh, you poor sweet darling. You're still the same needy wretch you always were.

Alexis: And what are you, Helena?

Helena: The tune you dance to. You'd be wise not to forget it. I won't.

Elizabeth: Oh.

Lucky: It's ok.

Elizabeth: Sorry.

Lucky: It's all right. Ok?

Elizabeth: Mm-hmm.

Lucky: Uh, no.

AJ: No, thank you.

Edward: Where have you been?

AJ: Looking around.

Edward: Oh, this is a preposterous building, isn't it? I wouldn't own it on a bet.

AJ: I think it has possibilities. If you level it and start all over.

Edward: Ha ha ha!

Katherine: I'm going to have to retread my shoes.

Mac: Well, here you go. Have some of that.

Katherine: Oh, thank you.

Felicia: How does it feel to be engaged to one of the most eligible bachelors in the country?

Katherine: I don't know. You tell me.

Felicia: I'd say wonderful.

Katherine: It's funny, isn't it-- everybody's fear of commitment? Afraid in what we know. They don't understand that commitment is the greatest feeling in the world.

Felicia: I'd say you're right. Don't you, honey?

Mac: It's like nothing I've ever experienced before.

Stefan: Pardon me. It's time.

Katherine: I'm happy for both of you.


Luke: Did anyone see you leave?

Alexis: No.

Luke: All right. I loosened the railing on the parapet. Now, all you've got to do is get Helena to back against it.

Alexis: Listen to me. You have to make this look like an accident. I'm not gonna be charged with murder.

Luke: Hey, whoa! Calm down. You're covered.

Alexis: All right, what about the evidence--the chisel, any footprints? Are there any--

Luke: I've got the chisel right here. Of course, there's no footprints. It's rock.

Alexis: I'm sorry. I'm a little nervous.

Luke: Helena murdered your mother, Alexis. You're next.

Alexis: Right.

Luke: Good. I locked the door to the parapet so no one would wander up there. This is the key. Now everything's ready.

Alexis: When do I do it?

Luke: Whenever you think it's right. Natasha... you know those long, dark nights that you wake up in a cold sweat because this miserable bitch owns your life? Tomorrow, you're going to be able to sleep in.

[Waltz ends]

Stefan: Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention, please? Thank you. First, my sincere appreciation to all of you for joining us on this happy occasion. For those of you who have never attended a bacchanalia before, I hope it's been an enjoyable experience.


Stefan: And now to the reason for our celebration. For many people, true love remains the most elusive of life's gifts, and yet we all spend a good portion of our lives pursuing it. For me, fortunately, that pursuit has come to a happy end. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the future Mrs. Stefan Cassadine. Katherine bell.


Stefan: This ring represents the union of the Cassadine family with another. Tonight, I offer it to Katherine. I place this ring upon your finger... and ask you to accept it as a token of my love and commitment for the rest of our lives.

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