GH Transcript Wednesday 12/31/97

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 12/31/97


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Whether to close the ductus surgically. Wait, wait. Wait, wait. Wait a minute. Now, the baby's been on this medication for how long? So, are you saying the baby's having an adverse reaction? Because otherwise, you don't want --I think dr. Kaplan's point is that it doesn't seem to be working, tony. But it's too soon to say. You got to give it time. Would you let the man finish? Whether it's an adverse drug reaction or the onset of heart failure, I'm not comfortable saying that time is the answer. You're more comfortable cutting him open? -Tony! -Tony, come on. You're a surgeon. You know that the procedure to close a pda is well established as being safe and effective. In children under 3, not in preemies born four weeks early! Dr. Kaplan, how does the surgery work, and what are the risks?This is a medical decision. You are way over your head here. Nothing is gonna be done to that boy unless I say so. I appreciate your interest, but this really is between me and the baby's father. And that's me! So, do you want to get a paternity test right now? You want to get it out and just find out? So it's okay -- it's okay with you if the kid stops breathing, as long as you can call him yours? You know, all of this is not helping us figure out what that child needs right now. There is none of "us." If the kid needs an operation, I'll see he gets it, but not until I hear what it's gonna do for him. Doctor, please. This man is not competent to make life-or-death decisions about a child that may not even be his! Mr. Morgan's name is on the baby's birth certificate. That's all the competence he needs. Birth certificate? You mean it happened? The baby is here? Why do I sleep for so long and wake up feeling like I haven't shut my eyes? I'm fine now. I feel fine. I'm sorry. I'm interrupting your work. I'm gonna go get coffee. No, you're not. You're not interrupting. Actually, I was just thinking about what -- what would be kind of fun to do tonight. Tonight? New year's eve. Right, right. We could, uh -- we could go to manhattan. I've got a ton of invitations to all these really cool parties. Uh, you know, I don't -- I don't really, um, feel like being around crowds, if you know what I mean. You should go, though. Or we could, uh -- we could hang out at the -- at the branch office, order in some dinner. It's got a fantastic view of times square. You know, I think that maybe I might want to just... uh, stay home tonight.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, okay. Well, if -- if you're feeling really, uh, extremely boring, you could -- I mean, you could join me. Oh, "boring" is my middle name. You're probably sorry now. What for? Uh, whatever it is, I seriously doubt it. For getting me out of the hospital early. Hey, I think it's great that we spent christmas here and not there. Hm. Hey, you know what would make me really, really happy today? To know that I am not keeping you from doing important work that you need to get done before the end of the year. So, I know that you have to be going by the office today, so you should go. There's nothing that I have to do that can't -- can't keep, okay? It's the last day of the business year. That's what I heard you say. That won't keep, right? Okay. Look, I just woke up. You know that means that it is fairly safe to say that I won't even be able to see straight for the next few hours. Okay. Look, I'll leave my cellphone on. If you need me, I can be here within 15 minutes, okay? Oh, you're gonna -- you're gonna go right right now? I just thought you said you wanted me to go. I did. I did, yeah. You should go. Now is good. Okay. Okay. Look, it's only gonna be a couple of hours. On the way back, I'll pick us up something for tonight, all right? Okay. Well, there's no hurry. I'm -- I'm fine, so just take your time. And I'll be here. See you later. Bye. See you later. The most important thing is that nikolas is still nikolas. And I think it would be a big mistake if the staff tip-toed around and treated him to pitiful looks all day long. He'd hate that. So he can understand what we're saying, but h-he just can't speak? He's having difficulty speaking, so he won't try. That's the first thing that we need to change. I understand. Thank you, mrs. Lansbury.

[ Knocking at door ] Sarah! Hi. Come in. You must be freezing out here. I wasn't sure if anyone was home, so I was looking around. Nikolas is not here yet. Yeah, I-I was hoping that I could be part of the welcoming committee. I-I brought him some homemade candy.

[ Laughs ] It's soft, so I thought he probably could have it. You know, um... do you mind th-that I came? No. I'm the one that issued the standing invitation. Yeah, but you probably didn't think that I'd take you up on it so soon. It's just that, um, I have a really good feeling about today. And once he gets home, he's gonna be more himself and, you know, stop feeling so invaded by everybody.

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ] Welcome home.

 I can tell you that the respiratory distress is unlikely to resolve until the pda is closed off, which, as you know, is a fairly straightforward procedure. Oh, he's just so tiny. Yeah, that's right. There's nothing straightforward about surgery on a low-birth-weight baby. Could I have a moment alone with jason, please? I will not be excluded from decisions about what happens to that little boy. He has to fight for every breath. It's not right. It's too much. You think he'd give up, but he doesn'T. How long have you been here? Since they brought carly in. She's doing better now. We heard -- well, you knew we would -- that, uh... carly is saying you are the father of the baby. Well, considering that honesty is not carly's strong suit, uh...we really didn't know what to believe. Well, I guess we do now. Uh, tony, on the other hand, is probably gonna need something a bit stronger than just carly's word. Yeah. Yeah, he wants to carve his name on things. And if he can't, he wants nothing to do with them. I already know what he thinks should be done, because he keeps saying it over and over to me. What about you? You're a heart doctor. Wow. It's been a long time since you've asked me for -- for advice. May I make a request first? May I go in and see him? I'm not blaming you. I -- I-I know that you tried to get ahold of me. It's just that if I had been there when they brought carly in, I could've ordered a blood sample drawn, and then I'd have some proof. I could tell jason to get the hell away from my child. You know, jason has been very responsible. Responsible?! He's not responsible. He is a criminal. If he lets them open up that baby's chest -- tony, stop! Stop reliving it. Look, I understand. B.J. Is all I can think of, too. But this isn't the same. Well, um, thank you, doctor. His recommendation makes sense, you know. I mean, it isn't open-heart surgery. The surgeon goes in through a single incision and just clamps off and severs the ductus and seals the end so it won't reopen at a later time. There are less-invasive variations, too. You -- you make it sound almost routine. Oh, it's not. But it's not uncommon, either. Does it work? You mean, what are the success rates here in the hospital? Um, off the top of my head, I would say probably 90%. But we have statistics, if you want to see them. It's what you'd do? This is not hypothetical, jason. He's my grandson. I wouldn't mind taking a look at those statistics. Okay. Could you run the survival stats for me, please? Of course. And I think you can bring a consent form, too. You have no right. He has no right!

[ Sighs ] I'll be back.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] Reginald? Hi. Uh, it's me. Is anybody home? Still at the concert? Um... okay, I want you to do me a favor. I want you to, uh, page alan for me. Uh, when he calls the house, tell him I'm here at the hospital on the fourth floor, and I -- I need to see him. Um, no. Just -- just -- just tell him it's important. Okay, thanks. Nikolas, sarah brought this for you. I believe she made it herself. Don't blame katherine. It's not an ambush. I showed up myself. You look much better. He is. His color improved the moment he was released. And no one recovers completely in a hospital. They're designed for the sick.

[ Rips paper, sighs ] I see, um... I think that nikolas is looking forward to having his privacy again. I'll just come back another time. This is his home. He has every right to it. I know my way out. Happy new year. Bye. -Bye, sarah.

[ Door opens ] Are you hungry? I think they've been working full time in the kitchen since this morning.

[ Door closes ] Yes, well, uh, lying down in your room for a while sounds eminently sensible. Let me get that for you.

[ Sighs ] It's difficult to know what and how much to do for him. I think it's even more difficult for sarah. Any progress with the speech therapist? Oh, I doubt I'll be conducting any interviews on new year's eve afternoon. Why don't you go back to the hotel and get dressed for dinner? I'll send a car for you at 8:00.

[ Laughing ] I have my own car. Please, allow me. It's a celebration -- the new year, nikolas' homecoming, and perhaps there'll be some more good news. From where? From you.

 Jason: Well, you look better. You're not so white. Carly, can you hear me?

[ Sighs ] Well, if you can... they told me you needed an operation, and I -- I said no. Now they tell me the kid needs an operation, and I -- and I said yes. I-I don't know what I'm doing. I don't think they know, either. But he's -- he's hanging on. He's little, but... but he's a tough little runt. Well, he would be, right? He's yours. Brenda: Jax? Carmen?

[ Phone ringing ]

[ Exhales sharply ] Robin: Hello?

I'm calling

for brenda barrett.

Hello? Robin? Hi. Hi! Did I mess up on the time difference and wake you? Uh, no, u-um... well, just right now, I was saying, "hello, who is it?" You didn't hear me? Well, I can now. Happy new year. I tried to call you on christmas, but it was impossible to get through, so I didn't want to wait again till tomorrow. Are you there? Yeah. Okay, can you hear me? I mean, are we getting an echo? No, you sound fine. I got you in the middle of something, didn't I? I can call you back. No, no, no! No, don't call back. Uh, I really want to talk to you.

Okay. Did you get my postcard with my new address and everything on it? Yes. You should see your page in my phone book. It's, like, 2 1/2 pages long. Oh, and you said you were doing that thing for jacks cosmetics on star-tv. We get that here on cable. When is it gonna be on?

Do you know?


 Well, they're, uh, scrubbing up for surgery now. Dr. Kaplan asked me if I thought you'd want to observe. Oh, too close. That's what I thought.

[ Door opens ] Mom.

[ Door closes ] I heard that carly -- is it true? Yes, it is. Is it a boy? Yep. But it's too soon. Mom, w-where is he? Monica: Jason? The baby! What baby? Monica, what baby? Well, let me be the first to call you grandpa.

[ Gasps, laughter ] Yes! Congratulations. He was born a month early, and he's had his fair share of troubles. But he's beautiful. -A boy. -What troubles? Where is he? He has a heart defect. -Ooh. -Pda. It is serious, but it's correctable. And he's in surgery right now. And there's no reason to expect it won't be fine. Um, lila's not with you? No. Thank god she isn'T. She -- she'd be beside herself. Yeah, after I spoke to reginald, I decided to put mother in a car, send her back home, and then the rest of us just piled into a taxi and came here. I didn't know what to expect. I have a grandson. Where's jason? Well, he may be with carly. Uh, she had kind of a rough delivery. In fact, she almost didn't make it. -Oh. -Well, did jason say anything? I mean, did he explain anything? I haven't asked him a lot of questions. Which he wouldn't have answered, anyway. Yeah, which is real convenient, isn't it? You don't have to ask him. He doesn't have to answer. You just make something up for him, and everybody's happy. Meaning what, junior? Meaning... we don't know that jason is the father of this baby. I realize how much you resent jason, but could you for once just resent him in silence? Well, we can't just stand around here and wring our hands. Now, where -- where can I find that roberts girl? She's in icu, edward, and you can't see her. -Oh? Who's gonna stop me? -I am! Now, you listen to me. Soon as this operation is over, somebody is going to take my great-grandson -- premature, with his little chest all stitched up -- and they're going to hand him to jason and that -- that unpredictable girl to take care of, and they're going to have to stop my heart first! I'm sure that all ms. Roberts is waiting for is a better offer.

[ Door closes ] She's about to get one. Edward, you want to buy a baby, I'll give you a phone number to the black market. This one isn't for sale. -These people, they speak a language we cannot understand.

[ Telephone ringing ] -Whoa.

[ Indistinct talking ]

 Of this your business? We're friends of the father, right, which is more than I can say for anybody else in the room.

[ Door closes ] But here he is. Let him do his own talking. Hey, uh, listen. I-I had no idea until, uh, luke told me on the way over in the car. Well, you think

you were surprised. Jason, this may not be the right time -- I just want to offer you congratulations. Jason: You're right. They -- they took him to surgery? I'm sorry, A.J. I'm sorry that you had to find out like this, that your own family didn't think to tell you what was going on. What am I, keesha? Am I just some guy that used to live in their house? I have no rights here. 10 words from you could change that. Why confuse them? Let them harass jason now.

[ Sighs ] Mostly, I'm sorry the baby's having so much trouble. Monica seems optimistic. But I know... he could be your son. Yeah, well... my big court order and paternity test don't seem so important right now.

[ Monitor beeping ] Hey. Are you looking for jason or looking for me? Uh, jason is currently being trampled by a stampede of cloven-hoofed quartermaines.

[ Laughs ] How is she? She's still in and out. I was just about to check on her. This thing the baby's got, is it bad? It's very serious. So they both could still die. That's not going to happen. So, what's up? You're looking like you want to tell me something.

[ Rapid footsteps approaching ] Uh, no. Any word yet? I'll check you later. Thank you. Tony, what are you doing? Well... okay. All right. She's a-positive. I'm o-negative. Therefore, the baby is either a or O. Tony, tony. Well, you know? And my goodness, the baby might have to have a transfusion in the surgery. So therefore, there will be a blood type. That's it. And I know what you're thinking. You think I'm obsessed, don't you? Well, you're right, because people are out there making life-or-death decisions about a child that's probably not even theirs, and I'm supposed to stand here and watch. Tony, you know that blood typing isn't proof of paternity.

[ Scoffs ] I don't need proof. I just need a leg to stand on right now.

[ Whispering ] And you can go in the O.R., And you can get the blood type of that baby for me. Would you? Please, you can do that, can't you? I've been a really bad friend. I can't even blame the phone lines. Um, well... who have you talked to this week from here? Nobody, really. Even uncle mac and I wound up leaving messages for each other on christmas day. If I didn't have a roomful of presents, I'd feel neglected. Why? Uh, the star-tv thing didn't really work out.

[ Chuckles ] Guess it's kind of my year for things not working out.

[ Door opens ] I'm glad to see it... go.

Yeah. Well, I'd rather see you in person than on tv anyway.

Oh, are you coming home? Actually, I was thinking maybe you would come to paris. No? Uh, no. It's kind of impossible for me to, uh, get away right now. But I don't understand. Why aren't you coming home for your -- don't you have a huge semester break? I know the french know how to holiday and vacation, right? Yeah, well, I have a lot of time before classes. But as much as I miss you and everybody, I just -- it feels too soon, you know? Oh. Jason. I guess, yeah. Are you in touch with him? No. I mean, what would be the point?


[ Sighs ] It's so great to hear your voice. Will you please tell everybody that I said hello and to stay off their phones so I don't keep getting busy signals?

[ Laughs ] Yes, I will. I love you.

I love you, too. Bonne annéE. Happy new year to you, little sis. I'll see you later.

[ Phone beeps ] How's robin? She's great. She's perfect. I was actually starting to feel a little...weird. And then she called, and now I feel... good, like myself. Oh, really? Mm-hmm. Well, we'll have to see about that, won't we? What'd you get?

[ Horn screeches ] Aah! Oh, my gosh. Did you get -- oh, my gosh! Look what you got!

[ Gasps ] Wait, these are my favorite. Oh, yeah? Yes. Oh, yeah. Cool. Aah!

[ Laughs ]

[ Popping ]

[ Screams ]

[ Giggles ] Yeah, you're back to normal again.

[ Laughs ] Did you get more of these, 'cause these are my favorite. Uh-huh, yeah.

[ Honking ]

[ Giggles ]

[ Laughter ]

[ Rock music playing ] The guy ordered scotch and soda. Scotch and ginger ale? Mm-hmm. This is the fifth time you've made a mistake. You need to pay more attention, mac. Well, maybe I could if you weren't wearing that. Are you trying to shut me up or butter me up? I'll let you know when I figure it out. Hey. I thought the back of that head looked familiar. Oh.

[ Laughs ] Are you behind me a lot? Mm. I should do back flips more often. I'm glad you came. Well, hey, invite me, I'll go anywhere. All right. So, when does the show start? All this merriment is giving me the urge to tie someone's shoelaces together. Well, there's something I have to ask you before I go on. Oh, I hope it's not about jason morgan. I thought we were over that hump. What hump? That's just work. Who cares? No, this is something I want to do tonight, but I have to make sure it's okay with you first. Hey. You're here! You're leaving? Well, after dropping about a thousand hints that he was gonna be here tonight, lucky decided not to show. Well, maybe they weren't hints. Well, then, he should've said so. When he says he's thinking of maybe possibly doing something, I pay attention.

[ Laughs ] What -- what about you? I thought you were doing something serious at the cassadine castle tonight. Yeah. Well, that's what I invited myself to do, but the serious people that live there uninvited me. Can you believe the nerve? Ooh, ouch. So nikolas is kind of being that way? Well, this is new year's eve, and it is a party. And there's nothing we can do with guys that we can't do without them -- except for kiss at midnight, right?

[ Laughs ] Yeah, you must be really feeling sorry for me now, huh? Well, generally, I try not to feel sorry for anyone but myself.

[ Laughs ] But what can I do? You're so pitiful. Oh, yes.

[ Both laugh ] Mrs. Lansbury: Ms. Bell is here. Thank you. That will be all. Katherine: Thank you. Sorry I'm late. You're fine.

[ Sighs ] Will nikolas be joining us tonight? He had an early dinner. I was hoping he would help us toast the new year, but apparently not.

[ Glasses clink ] This is for you. I thought you said that I'd be the one giving you good news tonight. That's what I'm hoping your answer will be. Open it. Beautiful.

[ Laughs softly ] It almost feels wrong to be this happy... after everything that's happened to us, to nikolas. I've come to realize what I want in this house is happiness -- for nikolas, for you. Yes, you in this house, katherine. That will be my happiness. Stay with me tonight and every night. Light up this musty old place... ...and make it -- make it a home.

[ Crying ] Something wrong? No. Everything's right. Everything's finally right.

[ Indistinct conversations ] So, is it true? You're a father? I'm not trying to give you a hard time. No, I -- I know. I know. But I-is this what you wanted it to be? I mean, is it what you meant for it to be? Of course it is, sorry, or else you wouldn't be here. The procedure went very well.

[ Sighing ] We'll know more over the course of the next 48 hours, but for right now, I think there's every reason to feel optimistic. Where is he now? He's not all by himself or anything, is he? We're keeping a close eye on him in recovery. We'll get him back down here just as soon as possible. Thank you, dr. Kaplan.

[ Monica sighs ] So you, uh... how long have you been, uh, sweating this out? Since you brought carly in?

[ Clears throat ] What's your point? Just saying that, uh, I'm not sure that I could've white-knuckled it through. You'd be scraping me off the ceilings.

[ Clears throat ] I can't stay here. Don't you want to see the baby? No, not like this -- not knowing whether the baby's my son or my nephew and having to fake it. I -- I-I'll come back when -- when they're gone.

[ Indistinct conversations ] His, uh... his heart is fixed now? It sounds that way, if everything goes okay for the next 48 hours. Then you gave me good advice. I'd like to say I'm old and wise, but I am too young to be a grandmother. Well, I guess it happens. Oh, I know. Edward, happy new year... you and your whole blood-sucking clan.

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ] The surgery's over. They're all practically dancing in there. It went so well. Thank god. Oh, this is the last time I'm ever gonna let jason morgan or -- you got it. You got the baby's blood type. I'm sorry, tony.

 Thank you, thank you. Well, we all have another year under our belts, and a new year is being born. A child -- well, that's how the cartoonists always show it, anyway. This first song is in memory and in honor of somebody whose life and example meant a lot to me, somebody I didn't know, but somebody who sang this song better than I ever will -- mary mae ward.

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Somber music plays ]

Tell me what's up

you were the one with words

the harder I try

the more I only fade

hold onto me now

I swear I won't let you fall

don't ever die

if time will heal you it's weird, but I actually missed that. Come on, sit down, we want to hear all about the writing program.

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