GH Transcript Monday 12/8/97

General Hospital Transcript Monday 12/8/97


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(When Nikolas is seriously hurt in the shootout at Lukeís club, Jasonís past medical training kicks in and he saves him; Stefan thinks Luke was responsible for Nikolasí injury.)

[Band playing]

Whoo! Whoo!

Yeah! All right! Whoo! Hey! All right! Come on! Whoo! Work it! Work it! Yeah! All right! Come on, babe! Oh, yeah! Give it to me! Whoo! Whoo! Oh, yeah! Come on! Come on! Give it to me! All right! Whoo! Hey!

Luke: Hey, babe, come here. Everybody gather round over here. Rich! Hey, look, uh, we gotta go for a new attitude. No more of this yes, sir, no, sir, whatever you say, ma'am. I mean, uh, you know, we're too polite. Well, I mean, look at 'em. Yeah, the customer's always right, I don't think so. Look at this crowd. You know why they come in here? They come in here because we are cool and because they would like to achieve a little cool-dum for themselves, all right? That's the only reason they come here. Ok, for example, nikki, give me that bill, yeah, that $100 bill. Edward quartermaine dropped this on nikki's tray and what did he say?

He said he wanted something french and bubbly.

French and bubbly. All right. Merci. Babe, give that back to him. Tell him his money's not good here. It's my welcome home party. I'm buying the drinks and then get him every bit of champagne he wants. Now, watch her, she has got the "'tude."

So, what's going on here tonight? Are you giving yourself a little, uh, welcome home party? I mean, you've been back from switzerland for months.

Mike, I've been home, but now I'm back.


Excuse me. I've got to master a ceremony.

Ha ha ha.

This is really a way to insult a paying customer, lady.

What do you expect?

My head is just pounding with this music.

Isn't it great, alan? My whole body's thumping. Whoo!


I really hope that you guys aren't going to hate me for inviting you here tonight.

Listen, I, for one, am having a very good time and so will monica once she gets here. Alan, when is monica getting off work?

Edward, I know that you're--that you're looking ok, but are you sure everything's fine? I mean, I know that luke's isn't exactly your kind of place.

Now, admit it, young lady, you're just trying to smooth the family feathers. Here take this. Family feathers for abandoning us and moving in with that kangaroo cut throat. Tell me, has he laid a hand on you?

Jax? It's not like that, edward, trust me.

Why is he even here?

Ah, well, he's here because, you know, jax gets invited everywhere and even when he doesn't, he shows up anyway.

[Music playing]

Oh, lovely. No party can be complete without my grandson the hoodlum.

Oh, brenda, you'll have to excuse me. This table is about as much fun as a trip to the dentist.

Back room open? Oh, come on jason, don't look at me dumber than you have to. Sonny used to be luke's silent partner. I'm sure you've taken that over, too, along with his limos and his body guards.

Well, if you want to be served in private, there's always the men's room.

Oh, no, no, I was just wondering if luke had one of his private card games going, you know. I feel like losing a few hundred thousand dollars, possibly your share.

Nah, you know what, jax? I don't gamble. It's illegal and it's boring, but you know what I'll do for you, I'll talk to luke about it.


So, the guy who showed up at brenda barrett's wedding instead of the groom is your brother?


Well, um, he lets me call him that.

But he's not really.

Well, he is, but he doesn't think he is.

Uh-oh, the fuzz.


You're so gullible.

Ugh. I'm also underage and so are you and so are you.

Emily, emily, this is a private party. The club is closed, ok? I could have invited the camp fire girls if I wanted. Now, come on.

Oh, but they didn't have to invite their little sisters just to be polite.

Elizabeth, that's not why you're here.

Oh, no?

No. See, if I hang out with you, i figure I'll know the signs in case my little sister ever gets an inferiority complex, huh?


Which I think is kind of inevitable, don't you?


Come on. Now, you're getting the hang of it. What is this dance called again?

The--the bump.

Oh, ok.

You know, I don't want it to get out. But I can dance that dance.

Yeah, is that what you do all day at the quartermaine house? Shake your booty up and down those beautiful marble floors?

Oh, yeah! And it is no easy feat to chamber music.

Oh, all right then.

So, how did you end up here?

Luke thinks I like him.

Well, he assumes all the women do.

Well, if he weren't already taken, I think I might think about it.

I think someone put something in your drink. Bartender!

All right!

[Cheering and applause]

We have a winner!

All right! Yes! Yes! Yes! For the best motion and commotion with the motion in the room, naturally, the best prize here is some of mexico's finest mezcal. I would give myself the prize, of course, but that wouldn't be fair. I would give it to my son. He was making some pretty cool moves over there.

[Cheering and applause] But my wife would kill him if he ate the worm. So... the winner is the ever lovely amy vining!

[Cheering and applause]

All right! Way to go!

Thank you. First--first... I would like to thank my family.

Yeah, that's me.

Thank you.

Yeah, that's me.

And of course, the academy.

[Cheering and applause] I'm out of here.

[Cheering and applause]

All right.

[Music playing]



It looks like a lot of fun.

Yeah, it is. Uh, sarah's not here yet, though. She can't take the car until her grandmother gets back from work.

May I see your invitation?

Well, I'm the guest of someone who hasn't arrived yet. But I'll wait for her outside.

Don't freeze. My blow torch is in the shop.

Hey, mr. Spencer, this is a great party.

Emily, until the day i wander around town with my underwear on the outside of my clothes, dribble running down my chin, please don't call me mr. Spencer.


How's everything?

All right.

All right, there's a few people who, uh, wondered if you would consider opening up the back room.

Let's take it outside. Uh, look, uh, I'd love to open up the back room, but there's a little bit of a risk involved, so what stakes are we talking? I won't do it for a weenie wager and I need a cut of the action.

Yeah, we got a couple of high rollers.


Jax for one. It would be a pleasure to watch you empty his wallet, let me tell ya.



[ Female announcer ]

A classic macaroni & cheese

from stouffer's

Are you ok?



It's him.

You ok?

Edward? Edward?

Don't go out there!

Edward! Edward, sit up. Sit up. Get some air.


It's sonny.



Lucky, stay back!

Now, open your heart...

Do you think we should stop and get a bottle of wine or something for--who is it again, our hosts?

Uh, bob and maureen. And it's in the back.

There was something you should know before you give up and go...

Do you think there will be anybody there that I know?

Uh, russ quigley and his wife.

Russ, russ is, uh, a what?

An anesthesiologist.


And dave clunage will be there.

Oh, he's--he's actually kind of fun.

And his partner's name is keith.


Well, you've met them 4 times. You never remember his name. He always remembers yours.

That's because he hears it all the time. People always say, yeah, you know, he's marrying that little tramp carly roberts.

Do you feel what I mean?

You know, I was thinking, we never did do those lamaze classes that we were talking about. It's a shame. Not that I'm totally sold on the idea of natural child birth. Maybe I'll just ask russ when i see him, you know, about my anesthesia options. I just hope that it doesn't happen while we're here. I hope it happens when we go away because, for one thing, if we're here, bobbie will make sure there's not a pain killer within the city limits. It's a little joke. It's really actually kind of scary to think about it, you know. I guess it's not scary for you. You know, Tony, if you didn't want me to come, you should have said so.

This just in. We've had 2 callers from the 300 block of prospect avenue reporting a drive-by shooting at luke's club. No details yet. It sounds like several people were hit. If you have any information. Give us a call.


Thank you.

Ha ha.

You know, sometimes good manners can be bad manners.

For coming back, for being here with me in my bed.

You know... I really got to get going home.

Mmm. You sold your home.

The hotel then.

I had rosa make up a room for you.


In case it seemed convenient.

For whom, my respectable border by day, tip toeing down the hall at night? Is that how you picture me living here?

Well, I do have nikolas to think of.

Innocent and impressionable are not words that I would use to describe nikolas, neither is gullible.

Still, I have to set an example, not to mention it might be a bit of a blow to him that we're together. Like me, he's been completely infatuated since the day he met you.

Have you really not noticed...I've been replaced?

By who, the webber girl?


Rinaldo! A town car, maybe 3 shooters. You find them before they get back to [Indistinct]. Go! Go!

Jason, he can't breathe!

Oh, my God, nikolas! Nikolas!

Mike, mike, get her out of her please! Mike!

Come on, the ambulance is on its way. Sarah, listen!

[Crying] Sarah! It's matt's brother, he knows what he's doing. You got to let him try, ok? Just let him try.

Jason's all right? Your hands are shaking.

It's ok. You go back inside. Your grandfather needs you.


No, I'm all right. I have worse chest pains than this every night after dinner.

Hey, take it easy, ok?


Here's your nitro.

I don't want that stuff. No! Was anybody hurt outside?

Ok. Did anybody see the car? The car the shots came from? Ok, just get down here, detective.

Ah, excuse me, my coat. I need my coat.

I need your ticket.

I don't know where my ticket is. They need me outside. I need my coat.

Sir! Sir!

Go on, get out of the way!


[Pills rattling]

I can't help him breathe. If I don't cut an opening in his throat, he'll suffocate from the blood.

All right, what do you need?

Uh, something hollow. A pen.

Hang on, I got it.


Come on! Hang on! Hang on, nikolas!

Hold on.

Do you think that was a car load of joy riders, jason?

They were looking for me, luke.

I got it. I got it. I got it. I got it.


What are you going to do?

Uh, mike.


Ok. Ok.

Lucky, come on, let's take a walk. Come on. Come on. Easy. Everybody get back! Get out of the way!

Ok, hold on! Hold on! Hang in there!


Ok. Hold it right there. Ok. Come on.


Hold on!

Nikolas! You know who I am. Just keep your eyes on me, nikolas. Eyes on me. That's right.


We were taking that short cut to the bridge down grant.

Oh, thank God. Bobbie was supposed to go to luke's after her shift, but she's not off yet.

Then the windows come down. I mean, there were bullets everywhere. People screaming.

Could you tell whether they were automatic weapons? Uzis or something. Am I coming in ok?

What are you doing? Just tell us what happened!

Did it look to you, uh, as you may know, luke's has a history of crime-related violence.

Tony! Tony, stop the car. We've got to go to luke'S.

Carly, what are you doing?

What do you mean? Maybe we could help.

I mean... I mean, there's one guy dead, for sure, and another close to it.

Oh, my God. I said--i said, stop the car! Tony!

Carly, what is the matter with you?

It could be jason!

Come on.

He's breathing now. He's breathing. You're breathing, nikolas. You're breathing. Help is on the way.


Nikolas, nikolas, I'm here. I'm here. [Crying]


You're a little late, doctor.

Take a look and make sure i did it right.

Sarah, he's going to be ok.

There's so much blood.

Blood can be replaced.

Good clean job.


Was anybody else hurt?

Pete's dead.

I'm dr. Quartermaine from G.H. There's been a gunshot wound to the throat. It looks like the bullet went right through.

Did you put the trach tube in?

No, a bystander did before i got here. Ok.

Where's lucky?

Easy. Take it easy. He took emily inside. Here. Here.


It's ok. They've given him something. He can't even hear you. Now, let them do their job.

Sarah, you need to let them take him.

He looked so damn scared.

Wouldn't you be?

Yeah... but I'm not laura's son.

Will you look after my kid? I'm riding.

[Labored breathing]

You don't look that bad really, considering everything.

[Labored breathing]

I--I--I wouldn't let you fall off the side of that mountain, i mean--I...what--what do you think I'm--I'm going to let you bleed to death in front of my club? I mean, that's--that's my business.

[Labored breathing]

[ Male announcer ] Commode.

Now, will you get a grip?

Will you just do this one thing for me, this one time because I asked you?

What good are either of us going to do at luke's?

None! Absolutely none now thanks to you.

Well, I'm taking you home. Uh, I'll call you from the emergency room. I'll tell you if anything is happening.

Forget luke's, all right? Just take me with you to the emergency room.

No, I am taking you home because you're 8 months pregnant, you have had problems, carly.

So, if I have more problems, I'll be right there at the hospital, won't I?

This is not me just talking. Your doctor warned you.

Will you just turn the car around and drive?!

Ok. What makes you so sure that it's jason?

Because luke's place is always where sonny corinthos-- does it matter?

What are you gonna do about it if it is him?

You know what, fine! I will hitch hike then!


[Car door slams]

So, are you out of your mind?

Why don't--

There is something seriously wrong with you!

Why don't you just go then?! Just leave! Obviously you don't give a damn what I have to say about anything!

Listen to me. I know you've made an effort to be nice to--

Made an effort?

You're not thinking straight right now! We are in the middle of nowhere! It's 25 degrees! There's ice on the road! Don't you care anything about the baby?

Of course I care about the baby, Tony, but the baby is fine! Jason could be lying in a pool of blood with a bullet in him!

So what?! He's got family, he's got hired men to take care of him. Why does he need you?

Because he hates doctors and he hates hospitals and he just so happens to be the best friend that I have ever had. Now, if I were lying in a pool full of blood with a bullet in me, you'd be busy and jason would be the first person that I saw if and when I opened my eyes and then he would take care of me. And every second that you waste keeps me from doing the same thing for him that he has always done for me without thinking twice!

Get in the car!

If you won't take me, i swear, I will walk!

I don't care where you end up right now! Just get in the car! Get in the car!



Sonny corinthos hasn't been gone 3 months and already we've got bullet casings littered around like peanut shells.

Blood and brains all over the pavement.

I am getting a serious sense of deja vu here. That's not the first body I've seen wheeled out of this parking lot. And guess who was right in the middle of it then, too?

He did save a man's life.

A man who took a bullet for him, big of him, huh, counselor? Let me ask you something, how come the right guy never gets hit?

Hey, we could do with less steam and more solid fact, guys. You gentlemen want to find us the shooters and stop shooting off your mouths?

Yes, ma'am.

Hey, morgan.

I got nothing to say to you, garcia.

Well, it all happened so fast I didn't even know that anybody was hurt. I was checking people in here. Father was really bad. He was pale, his breathing was shallow, and then by the time i went to the parking lot--

Ok, ok. Where was jason when the shooting started?

He was outside and somebody, you know, at the door told me that he was ok. I didn't even know anything about nikolas.

Well, this whole thing wasn't about nikolas cassadine. Somebody was trying to murder our son.

You know, I...I never feel old, except on nights like this.

Edward, alan said that you should stay still.

I don't understand the way we live now. The world has never been a clean, well-lighted place, but before if someone was gunning for you, you knew it, you saw him coming.

Well, hey, it may have been a shock to us, but I'm sure it wasn't to your grandson.


Yeah, you can be real sure about that one. This definitely wasn't a shock to jason. It's a thrill. He's finally important enough to be killed and sonny taught him really well to throw innocent people's bodies in his way so he can stay safe.

Could you identify the vehicle? Did you recognize anybody in the car or even how many of them there were?

I said I got nothing to say to you.

Was one of them your pal corinthos? I'm thinking maybe you pulled a fast one while he was away. He decided he needed to teach you a lesson. Why protect him? He doesn't deserve it.

Yeah, well, I need to go.

Hey, a teenage kid just left here fighting for his life and one of sonny's bodyguards is dead or was he yours? Does that mean anything to you?

It means I have to go and see pete's parents, detective.

This isn't getting us anywhere.

I agree. I think we need something a little more formal, high tea, down at headquarters?

And you'll make sure mr. Cassadine gets the message this time? Thank you.

It's late.

Then why get up at all?

Hmm. Nikolas will be home soon.

My arm's falling asleep. Why don't we join it?

I'll scream, I swear.

Oh, will ya?


Miss serlans will think it's another torture in the dungeon, that's all.

[Knock on door]

Mr. Cassadine, sir.


I left instructions not to be disturbed.

It's master nikolas, sir. There were 2 calls before. I should have told you, but they didn't say...

What about nikolas?

I don't know exactly, sir, but he's been hurt.

Wow, look at you.

Ha ha ha. Just a little ode-de- antiseptic to cover the blood and guts. Ha ha ha.

Bobbie, you didn't hear? Your brother's club, they're bringing someone in.


We got a teenage male with a trach tube in the neck in respiratory distress.


How much fluid has he had?

3 liters, normal saline.

How's his neurological status?

He's moving all extremities well at this time.

What's his blood pressure?

110 over 70.

Right in here.

Go with them, barbara.

His lungs are still clear.

Equal bilateral?

Equal bilateral at this time. Let's get him on the stretcher.

[Indistinct chatter]

Has he been awake the whole time?

Yeah, he's been awake the whole time until now. Can acne cleansers be tough on breakouts

Why are they talking to jason?

Well, he was who they were shooting at, don't you think?

He said that things were changing. He said that no one was trying to kill him and jason doesn't lie.

I guess they could have been after my dad. Emily, are you going to be ok?

Yeah, sure.

Ok. Mike, where's my dad?

He's, uh, he's on his way to the hospital, um, there was no one else to ride in the ambulance with nikolas.


Sarah is not an adult.

Listen, cassadine means nothing to my dad.

You know, lucky, you both keep saying that.

Well, because it's true, mike.

All right, well, maybe, uh, maybe luke felt responsible to, uh, a bystander that was shot in his parking lot.

Maybe? Are sarah and elizabeth still out there?

I don't know.

I'm going to go find them.

You mean he cut open the boy's throat and--

To keep him breathing, edward. Nikolas would be dead right now if he hadn'T.

Well, how did jason know what to do?

Because he's brilliant. He always has been. Whatever he lost in the accident, it wasn't that. He should be given the key to the city instead of being thrown in jail.

Oh, what are you doing, edward? All they're going to tell you is to mind your own business.

Look, I am not about to tell you hard-working public servants your business, but isn't he entitled to legal representation at least?

They're the ones who need a lawyer, not me. Give me a legal reason to keep me here or let me go.

My grandson will take care of this.

Mr. Quartermaine, it looks to me like it's your grandson that needs taken care of.

Oh, not him, him.

Sorry, not in my job description.

For God's sake, justus, that's your--that's your cousin.

Edward, he has a lawyer. If he needs help, he'll call valentine.

I don'T. I want to leave.

That boy is a disgrace. Now, he wants nothing to do with me, nor I with him, but he has a point. You cannot hold a man without a charge.

How about assault with a deadly weapon?


Jason didn't assault anybody! Somebody tried to kill him!

That's more than he'll tell us himself, miss.

Assault with a deadly weapon, what?

What would you call that butcher job he did on the cassadine kid with a switch blade, hmm? If that boy doesn't pull through, mr. Morgan here could be looking at a murder charge. Now, how is that for a reason to hold you?


Ah, who called you?

Nobody called me. What happened to you?

Nikolas was shot. He's breathing, but it's serious. He's in there.


In there.

Where is he?


Where is stefan? We need him now.

He's not here, bobbie. What's going on?

Uh, nikolas has a gunshot wound in his neck. We don't know how extensive the injuries are. The bullet passed through, but it damaged the left carotid artery, which carries blood to the brain, so he needs surgery, and he needs it now.

Then do it.

We need stefan to sign the consent form.

Here, you need a family member?


Bobbie, she'll do.

Luke, they said you and jason morgan saved his life.

It was jason.

Alexis, I know what you're thinking, but my brother had nothing to do with nikolas being shot.

Then you don't know what I'm thinking. Now, save him, please.

Your antacids are in the console. Now, how is it that I know your body so well and I have not a clue who you are?

You have the right to remain silent. If you give up that right, anything you say, can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney...


Assault with a deadly weapon? You can't get your guys to come up with anything better than that?

Are you making it your business?

Let's just call it an academic curiosity. I always thought there were lines you were too proud to cross.

There are, but they keep moving around, so what are you going to do? I'll meet you guys there.


We'll take the back way out because the reporters are already gathering out front.

Oh, great, we can see it all tomorrow in living color.


Excuse me, officers, but i don't see how you can do this. Jason didn't hurt anybody. Someone shot at him and you're acting like it's his fault because they missed and hit someone else! He kept nikolas alive until the ambulance came!

Miss, calm down.

This isn't fair! It's not right! You can't do this! Is it?! Is it?!

Come on, hero.

No, I'm not going to let you take him!

Wait--wait a second. Garcia?

A second.

Emily, it's ok. Everybody here's just doing their job, including me. I want you to go home now.


I'll be all right, I promise. Just go on.

Come on, sweetheart. Please.

Why won't you help him?

Because he doesn't want us to. Now, come on, emily, we have to go home.

You think that if I don't see them take him, it's going to be like it never happened?

I--I don't want to see them take him.

Ok. All of you are liars! Everybody knows that jason did nothing wrong!

Come on, sweetie.

She has a point.

Yeah, just like your son used to make. Oh, it's easy to look like a victim when you're hiding behind a little girl's tears. Let's go.

Let's get out of here.

Sir, excuse me. Excuse us, please.

Excuse me, move! I need this clear. Sir, sir, sir, I need you out. I need you out, sir.

Sir, back up behind the line, please.

Hey, you know the drill. We're going for a little ride. Come on.

I just wanted to say congratulations to you because I guess you're not sonny's second anymore, are you? I mean, you don't have to worry about getting caught in the line of fire, do you? Because you are the line of fire now, right, jason? People are getting killed because of you! Isn't that great?! I mean, isn't this a great life you have?! Aren't you really happy about it?! Well, aren't you?! Aren't you really happy about it?! Aren't you really happy about it?!

Brenda! Brenda, come on!

Say something, you--

Come on! Let him go to jail. It's ok.

Let go of me.

Barbara, where is nikolas?

He's been taken into surgery.


For what? By whose order?

You couldn't be reached and we couldn't wait, so alexis signed the consent form.

Alexis? Who contacted her? She's not a part of my nephew's immediate family. And what happened to him? All I know is that he was hurt. No one has told me how or by whom.

Stefan! Stefan!

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