GH Transcript Monday 8/18/97

General Hospital Transcript Monday 8/18/97


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(Carly carries out her plan, pouring vodka over a drugged AJ, then calling the Quartermaines to tell them he’s been drinking – thus ruining Alan and Monica’s anniversary celebration; charges are dropped against Sonny, Brenda, and Jax; Jason informs Sonny of his split with Robin, and convinces Sonny to re-hire him.)

Dara: Corinthos, Ms. Barrett, Mr. Jax, deputy sheriff Ardanowski.

Sonny: All right, now that you've finished the roll call, you wanna tell us why we're here? The Florida police said the charges had been dropped.

Brenda: And you saw the tape, so you know that I didn't kill anyone.

Taggert: We saw someone say he did it. Why he said it and if he was paid to say it, we don't know that yet, especially since he conveniently disappeared, drowned in quicksand. Right, sonny boy? Or is he on a one-way flight to Buenos Aires?

Sonny: What do you do, stay up nights thinking of ways to look like a fool? This is over, Taggert. Ms. Barrett and I are not saying one more word until valentine gets here.

Dara: Mr. Valentine has already come and gone. I assured him the D.A.'s office would be dismissing all charges against both his clients.

Taggert: Like hell. This is a clear-cut case of abetting, not to mention assault.

Dara: This is the D.A.'s call, detective. Now, as soon as you and ms. Barrett sign your statements, you are free to go.

Sonny: Well, we already told our story. There's no need to say it twice.

Dara: I said, "sign," Mr. Corinthos. I'm not asking you for a second statement. All I need from you is to authenticate the ones you already made in Florida, but if you think you need your attorney present, then...

Sonny: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I think I probably should, you know, just so we don't have any misunderstandings.

Brenda: So the charges have been dropped against us, but what about Jax?

Jax: Yes, what about me?

Taggert: The second lab reports are conclusive. The heroin found in your luggage was identical to the 9 kilos that pierce Dorman had in the G.H. Morgue.

Dara: In light of the circumstances, we have concluded that you were framed, Mr. Jax, and the D.E.A. Agrees, so we have decided to drop all federal charges against you. We're just waiting for the paperwork. It'll be here any minute.

Jax: Well, it's about time.

Taggert: The department regrets any inconvenience this may have caused you, Mr. Jax.

Jax: You know, 2 months ago, I would have accepted an apology, but you chose to drag this out, so let me make something clear. If this mistake is ever repeated again, I'll have your badges and the city's operating budget for the next 10 years, which would put you out of a job as well, ms. Jensen. Public figures make easy targets, so next time you approach me or ms. Barrett about anything, be very sure. It's gonna cost you.

Alan: What are you thinking?

Monica: Got through another one.

Alan: What, anniversary or near divorce?

Monica: Both.

Alan: Hmm.

Monica: You know, I used to want to hurt you. I don't anymore. Heh. Guess that's progress.

Alan: I used to want to kill you. I don't anymore. I guess I'm mellowing.

Monica: No, not that much.

Alan: I haven't tried to kill you in 15 years. That's cause for celebration. Would you like some champagne?

Monica: [Laughing] Why not? Well, we got through that last knock-down, drag-out. Why not go ahead with an anniversary celebration?

Alan: Ok. I will liberate a bottle from cook, and then I'm gonna steal some canapés which she's made for the surprise party.

Monica: Oh, please, please, please, don't risk that. I would rather go hungry than be a widow.

Alan: Trust me. Danger is my middle name.

Monica: Good luck, danger.

Alan: [Laughs]

Edward: What did I tell you? They're getting another divorce.

[Knock on door]

Jason: A.J. A.J., I'm looking for Carly. You in there?

[Knocking on door]

[Cell phone rings]

Hello. When? All right, get there. No, I don't care. Just tell 'em it was on my orders. Thank you.

A.J., I'm really sorry. I have to do this. [Kiss]

What are you doing?

Go ahead, Monica. Give us the news.


Don't "Edward" me. It's as plain as the nose on my face. Alan has been moping around for weeks, skulking in the corners, trying to--to spy on Monica when he thinks she isn't looking. And he hasn't had to work very hard, either, because you have had eyes only for Ned. Oh, my lord. Please tell me that you didn't make that mistake more than once in a lifetime, huh?

Don't be ridiculous.

Well, don't you be naive. You know, I wouldn't put it past Alan to, uh--to suspect an affair. Oh, and once he gets jealous, what little common sense he has goes right out the window. Had a fight, didn't you, hmm? Hmm?

As a matter of fact, Edward, yes, we did.

Mm-hmm. And he bolted right out of here. I'll bet he's at the port Charles hotel right now. Justus, would you go get him, please?

Excuse me?

Well, if I send Ned, alan'll try to throttle him. We don't need a disturbance at the hotel. Besides, I want everybody here by the time that Emily gets back from that concert. Now, you know that little girl has worked all week to try to plan this surprise party for you, and you and Alan are going to celebrate your wedding anniversary whether you like it or not.

Oh, father, put a sock in it.

Alan? Why didn't you tell me he was here?

You were having such a good time, I didn't want to interrupt you.

Well, then--then, uh, this means that y-you're not, uh...

We're, uh--we're not getting a divorce. We're celebrating the anniversary. Champagne?

Thank you.

Why don't you have some, too, Edward? It'll wash the taste of your foot right out of your mouth.


What was I supposed to think, Justus?


Oh, there she is.


Hi, Emily.

Oh, Emily.


How was the concert?

Well, it was ok. Julianne's sister was there, so we got to sit in the front row for the second half.

Oh, great.

Oh, that sounds like fun.

[Laughs] To whom?

Well, we were gonna go backstage, but I didn't want to be late.

Oh, you should have stayed.

They're a local band. It's cool. So where'd all this come from?

Oh, I had cook fix up some snacks for us.

You know, don't you? It's impossible to keep secrets in this house.

An anniversary party is a lovely thought, whether it's a surprise or not.

You really wanna celebrate?

Of course we do.

We want to celebrate more this year than we ever have.

Well, I'm glad.

Oh ho.

Oh, I'm sorry about the party, though. I tried to have A.J. And Jason come, but A.J. Said he would call.

He called. He did.

Good. I think I saw Jason in the park. He cut all his hair off.

Oh, wonderful. He needs to look even more like a convict.

Oh, I thought it looked great.

Oh, sheesh.

Have you seen the cake yet?

No, it's probably in the kitchen under lock and key.

Oh. You know what? I cut, um, a picture out of a magazine, and I showed cook, and she made it, so I hope you guys really like it. I think you will. I'll be right back.



You know, Edward, I think the reason Jason irritates you is because he reminds you of you.


Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. You know, they're both independent.

Yeah, kind of gruff, standoffish.

Ruthless in their business dealings.

Oh, for God's sake, that-- that boy is a criminal.

I'm your lawyer, Edward, remember? So are you.


We're very lucky.

Oh, yes, we are. Emily is safe and healthy.

Ah, hopefully so is Jason.

For the moment, anyway.

And I think, this time, A.J.'S gonna make it. I think he's going to stay sober.

Yes, we're very lucky.

Happy anniversary, mom and dad.


Oh, yay.

Thank you so much. That is so sweet.

Oh, that is lovely.

Oh, you went to so much trouble. Thank you.





Oh. Thanks.

Could have my lawyer look over this if you want.

Mm-mmm. Valentine already looked over it, but thanks.



Honey, I was so worried about you.

Oh, no.

Would you do a guy a favor? The next time you leave town, will you warn me?

I'm ok.


You want to see sonny? He's over there.

Fine. Let's just save that conversation for later. I'll see you later. Hey.

Michael. You all right?


Well, I heard on the news that the, uh--the police met you at the airport, and I was afraid they were pressing charges.

They know I killed Rivera. They also--they know it was self-defense. It's over for now.

Good. Well, you, um--you probably have things you need to take care of, so I'll just--

Actually, you know what? We just gotta sign the statements, and then we're--we're finished. I haven't called Pete yet. Can you give us a ride?

Sure. It's good to see you.

You, too. All right, uh, you ready to get out of here?


Garcia, you want to...

Yeah. Uh, excuse me. I need you to initial each page and sign next to your existing signature at the bottom of each document. Here you go.

All right.

Listen, I, um--I don't have all the details yet, but I understand you saved my son's life again. I thank you.

Well, mike, you and I both know I did it for Brenda.

I know, but I can still be grateful.

Actually, a lot of the credit goes to, uh, officer Ardanowski. I don't know if you've met. Mike Corbin, this is officer Ardanowski.

Well, technically I'm suspended at the moment, but it's nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you. Jax tells me you saved my son's life.

Your son?

Mike is sonny's father.

Wow. You don't appear to be much like him.

Yeah, well, he doesn't think so either.


Didn't I see you in that lovely dress at the nurses ball?

Well, I had Mr. Jax under surveillance. I didn't want to be obvious, yes.

Yeah, she's known for her diligence, aren't you?

That's everything. We'll get, uh, copies to valentine.

Whatever makes it official.

We're also closing the investigation to Jason's shooting. He identified the hit man. Unless, of course, you have something to add.


For now.

[Laughs] You really thought you were gonna get me, didn't you?


Ain't gonna happen.

Yes, it is.




See, you've gotta beat me every time. I just gotta take you down once. I'd be very careful, ms. Barrett. Be very, very careful.

Ok, I think we're finished.

It's always a pleasure, sonny.

Yeah. You ok?

Let's just go home.

Right now. Mike.


You wanna get...


What are you doing here?

Jason's orders.


Joseph has the car waiting out front.


Well, then, I guess you-- you won't be needing that ride home, so...

Oh, no, mike, just come with us anyway. We can order in.

Yeah, yeah. Sounds good.

Ok. All right.

For you.

Oh, I'm sorry. Were you holding this for me?

Special Kona, 2 sugars.


In law-enforcement circles, the federal government's well known for its slowness with paperwork, particularly the D.E.A., So you might be here for a while.

Well, it doesn't mean you have to.

No, I think I'd like to see this thing through. Unless I'm bothering you.

Well, no more than usual.

Oh, good. Heh.

Jimmy, what are you doing out here? It's late.

I'm bored. What are you doing?

My laundry.

Uh-uh. Mr. Gordon always locks up the laundry room at 10:00, and it's after that, 'cause Tara's watching "road rules."

Well, I have a lot of laundry, so Mr. Gordon gave me a key, ok, and if you promise not to tell anybody, I'll buy you some candy.

Who wants candy?

Fine, then whatever you want.

Super-mega-power exploding gum.

Great. Fine. Sure. Go on.


Ah, man. That's unbelievable. Hector Guevara?

Well, you know Luke came up with that name, of course.

Que paso, loco?


He's doing this with the cops, right, speaking Spanish, and I'm sitting there with blonde pigtails and a southern accent, translating.

[Laughs] Translating?

Translating. You know.

You don't know how to speak Spanish. [Laughs]

[Indistinct conversation]

Hi, Jason.

Hi. I need to speak with you.

You're not supposed to be here.


Where's robin?


Why is she in paris?

Brenda, listen, Eli's is open all night, so, uh, why don't we go grab some sandwiches, ok?

Uh, ok. We'll be back.



All right.

You know, he wants you to be safe. That's why he's doing this.

[Door closes]

She's right, you know.

That's not up to you or robin.

Robin loves you. You know how lucky that makes you? You will never in your life have anything that good again, and you want to throw it away for what? For this? A penthouse with bullet-proof windows? 24-hour guards? Power you only keep if you kill for it? Women you love, but you can't protect because you can't? They hit you where you're most vulnerable, and that's never you. It's her, the woman who trusts you, who believes in you, who may keep you warm at night. But it cannot stop a bullet. You screw up, she dies. And if you're lucky, so do you. I don't want that for you, Jason. I want to make it better.

I chose this.

Yeah, you chose it, but you didn't know what you were getting into. Now you do.

Because you taught me. Look, I never asked you to take care of me, sonny. I only asked you to be my friend.

What kind of friend lets you wreck your life?

One who knows he doesn't have the right to stop me.

I tried to get tony to leave town with me. I did. A.J., I would have pick up and gone and never come back, ever, but tony couldn't do that. Tony couldn't do it, and he's the whole reason for all of this, tony and the baby. You see, tony is the-- a great father. You said so. You said so yourself. And he will teach me how to be a good mother. And the baby--the baby will be happy, not like you and me. It'll never feel unloved or unwanted, and it won't ever have to drink or make up some stupid name. This baby is never, ever gonna know that it could have come from a one-night stand like me. A.J., If you're the father, I just want you to know what we did, it wasn't dirty, and it wasn't wrong. We just needed each other. But what the baby needs is more important right now, and that's 2 parents who love each other and who deserve to be together. If you're the daddy, I want you to know that this child will always feel loved and safe, partly because of you. You don't know it, but you're giving this baby the best gift you ever could. Ok. God.

[Kiss] I'm sorry. [Sobs] I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

What is robin doing in paris? I mean, she loves him so much.

I know, and I think that's why she can't stay. I mean, it was real bad, Brenda. I'm--Jason almost died. And she was wearing this light-blue dress that had blood all over it.


He can't stop, and she can't watch.

No, he--he can stop, and he will stop, because sonny is gonna make him stop, and they're gonna be happy. No one deserves to be happy more than robin.

I know, but I don't think sonny can fix this.

Oh, yeah, he can fix it. He will. You know, he finally fixed things between me and him, and he's gonna fix things between robin and Jason, and everything's gonna be perfect. He asked me to marry him.



Oh, look. You're just as surprised as I was.

No, no, no, no. I'm not surprised. I'm just-- I'm surprised.

Surprised? [Laughs]

I just didn't think he had enough sense to make himself so happy. Did you say yes?

What do you think?

My son is a very lucky man.

I know. Heh. This is what I've always wanted.


Thank you.

When's the wedding?

Oh, well, we didn't actually get to that part, because, you know, Rivera came in to kill us. Doesn't matter. All of that is completely over. Nothing's ever gonna keep me and sonny apart again.

I can't believe that.


You're the one person who never treated me like I was damaged. If you warned me about something, it was up to me to listen. If you gave me orders, it was part of the job, not because you were protecting me. You're smart. You know more than I do, but that does not make you responsible for me.

I didn't do it for you.

I know. Uh, robin and I had a fight one time before I came to work for you. I was riding my motorcycle on the docks, racing it to the end of the pier as close as I could get before hitting the brakes. Now, the last time, the front wheel was right on the edge. A half-inch more, I would gone over. And that's pier 62. That drop could kill you. And I was laughing, sonny. I felt great. But then I looked up, and I saw robin crying. And that's how it was in the hospital, only worse, because we love each other now. I hurt her, sonny, and if I went to paris, I would keep on hurting her, because all the things I'm good at have no place in her life.

You weren't kidding about federal paperwork.

It shouldn't be too much longer. I bet you're looking forward to your freedom.

You have no idea.

Oh. I realized that I've been an annoyance to you.

You also helped me when I needed it. I mean, I'm not sure I could have gotten Brenda out of there alone. You risked your life. I'll always owe you for that.

Well, it was a valuable experience.

No, no. That was a truly decent thing to do. You're a good person, officer Ardanowski. I know that might not sound like much of a compliment, but I mean it. People who generally try to do the right thing are rare, and, uh, I'm glad I met you.

I'm glad I met you, too. I realize you could have made the surveillance much worse. Instead, most of the time, it was a privilege to tail you. I even enjoyed hearing about your brother.

[Laughs] Yeah. Jerry's ok. Maybe when he's in town, I could give him your number.

I don't think so. Ha! But if I insulted him or you, I apologize.

Well, you did, but you're forgiven.


You know, not all rich people are evil and, uh, shallow.

Well, poor people just like to think that they are so that they don't get jealous.

Oh, are you jealous of me?

I don't think so, but I'm not poor. Not yet, anyway.

Still, I insist. I think I should pay for the coffee at least.

Absolutely not.

Oh, come on. Don't be ridiculous. You're out of work.

I'm suspended. And as soon as I'm back on the force, I fully intend to reimburse you for that ticket from Florida.

Oh. All right, then I'll pay for your services in tiger key.

I volunteered as an equal. You have no obligation to me, Mr. Jax, whatsoever.

Damn right I don't.

Mr. Jax. Your paperwork.

Ms. Jensen.

Sign here, here, and here, and you're out.

Thank you. Done.

Case closed. By the way, you owe Mac Scorpio.

I do?

There's a travel permit here that I am fairly certain that you didn't petition for. He saved you several nights in the lockup and a substantial penalty for jumping bail. Now, I think you might want to thank him.

Well, I would, except of course I arranged for this travel permit myself.

Good luck, Mr. Jax. I hope I never see you in here again.

So do I. What, you still hanging around?

Well, I told you I wanted to see things through.

Well, the credits have all rolled. The lights are up. It's time to go home, officer.

Ok. Good-bye, then.

Officer Ardanowski, why not, uh--why not, "see you around"? Since Mac Scorpio and I are going to be friends whether we like it or not, we'll probably see each other at the outback.

All right. See you around. Oh, Mr. Dunstall.

Officer Ardanowski. Um, I'm glad you're here. Uh, I have to speak to you.

About my suspension being revoked?

I don't understand. If I'm not being reinstated, what do we have to review at lunch?

It's a violation of department policy to conduct county business in a city precinct. Are you available tomorrow?


We'll discuss it then. Excuse me.

Good news?

I don't think so. He wants to meet me for lunch tomorrow.

Well, that's harassment, officer. You could file a complaint.

Not that kind of lunch. Mr. Dunstall is the chief administrator of the sheriff's department. He wants to discuss my job situation.

Maybe he wants to give you a commendation. I mean, I'm sure the Florida police sent our statements. You know, even sonny said you saved his life. That's gotta look good on your record.

I guess you're right. It must be a positive sign. Heh. Thank you, Mr. Jax.


Well, then, um, I'll see you around.

See you around. Mr. Dunstall, isn't it?


Jax. You may have heard of me. Board member of E.L.Q. Major contributor to the mayor's reelection campaign.

Yes, sir. Uh, how may I help you?

Well, it's about officer Ardanowski.

You told her to go?

Not at first. But I thought about it, and it's better.

For you?

No. It's like someone cut a hole inside of me. I--I can't feel anything except what isn't there, but it's right for robin. She was afraid, sonny. I don't ever want her to be afraid like that again. I'd ask her if she was ok. She'd say, "fine," but she wasn't. I'd rather be away from her than have her lie to me.

I don't--I don't know what I was thinking when I hired you. Mostly that robin liked you and by helping you, would help her. I'd do anything for her, even lie to my best friend. Didn't do me a damn bit of good, did it?

She loves you, and she knows this isn't your fault.

It just happened?


How's the wound? Ahem.

I get the stitches out tomorrow.

Nah, I mean the pain.

Hurts when I move too fast, get out of a chair, but other than that, I don't notice.

You ok to go back to work?

I told Benny I'm going to Canada on Friday.

No, no. Send--send Francis. I need you here to tell me everything that happened while I was out of town, especially in Puerto Rico. I want--I want to know who knew Rivera was alive, and I want you to tell Benny that I want to look at all the numbers for all the casinos.

I'll take care of it.

I know you will. Also, get some sleep. You look like hell.

So do you.


Well, that was delicious.

I agree. Cook outdid herself.

Oh, why credit that miserable woman? It was Emily that picked out the cake.

Oh, well, she did it, and she worked very hard. You know, if you were nicer to her, she would probably be nicer to you.

Now, I refuse to kowtow to our own staff. Besides, we let her ban us from our own kitchen. How much nicer can I be?

Nonsense. Edward, I want you to stop by the kitchen tomorrow morning and thank cook personally.

Oh, Lila, I don't want--

You really are scared of her, aren't you?

Any sane person would be.

Well, why do you even bother to keep her around?

Now, that's my point exactly, Justus. If we--

She's an excellent chef.

Mm-hmm. And she has stamina. Before her, we were going through cooks about one every 2 years.

For some reason, people find it very stressful to work for us.


Emily, you look a little tired.

Must be sugar shock.

Why don't you go on upstairs?

[Telephone ringing]

Good idea. Happy anniversary.

Thank you for making it so special.

I love you, sweetheart.

I love you, too.

Good night, Emily.

Good night, Emily.

Good night, Justus.

Good night.

Where the devil is Reginald? Reginald, get the phone!

I'll get it. I'll get it. Hello.

[Southern accent] Hello. Is this the Quartermaine residence?

Yes, it is. Who's calling, please?

I'd like to speak to dr. Alan Quartermaine, please.

This is dr. Quartermaine.

Hi. Um, I'd rather not give my name, and you don't know me, but--it's probably none of my business, anyway, but, um, I've seen your son's name in all the papers, and--and heard about his accident and all the trouble it caused from his drinking, and I--and I think--actually, I'm fairly certain that he's passed out behind the building in the alley.


Uh, yes. Yes, sir, that's correct. A.J. Quartermaine.

[Monica laughs]

There are the basics, but if you need more, I'd be happy to have my attorney draw something up.

No, thank you, Mr. Jax. This is more than sufficient. I must say that given officer Ardanowski's somewhat overzealous pursuit of, uh-- of her duties, I'm surprised you feel this way. Frankly, I understood that, uh, she's made the last few months a living hell for you.

Well, there were stressful moments, but on the whole, I rather liked officer Ardanowski.



[Door rattles]

[Knock on door]


Hey. I, uh--I got to get you a key, right?

Yeah. That would be nice.

Where's mike?

Oh, he had to go back to the bar to close up, and, uh, I got Jason some food, too, but...

Yeah, he--he left.

He's gonna get over it.

You don't just get over losing the person you love. He still works for me.

Wait a minute. Just-- just tell him no.

I can't force him out, because that--I'd sign his death warrant. He knows that as well as I do. Unless he cooperates and changes his name, leaves the country, there's nothing much--

Fine. Fine, so whatever he has to do, right? I mean, he loves her that much, right?

He can't change who he is.



I love you.

Are you sure this is right?

It's his building.

[Gasps] My God, A.J. A.J. Oh, my God.

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