GH Transcript Tuesday 11/5/96

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 11/5/96


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Brenda: Jax, I have something important to tell you. I have to tell you before the wedding.

Jax: Come in.

Brenda: Ok. This is major.

Jax: It must be, so tell.

Brenda: I didn't wanna tell you this in front of a room full of people. [Breathing hard] I love you.

Jax: That's what you were banging on my door about? To tell me that you love me?

Brenda: Yes. I love you, Jax. Heh! I love you so much I feel dizzy. I can't even see straight. I can't think straight. I don't even know when this happened. All I know is that I wanna marry you again right away.

Jax: Thank goodness for small mercies.

Brenda: I wanna live with you forever and have a family with you and do everything and nothing together. I even wanna get old and lumpy with you. [Laughs]

Jax: There's a picture.

Brenda: I don't even feel this way because it's the smart thing to do anymore or because I like you. I'm crazy, head over heels, in old-fashioned love with you. [Laughs] I really wanted to tell you this before we walked down the aisle together and said our wedding vows.

Jax: My bride, my true, beautiful bride.

Brenda: I really am. I don't mean beautiful. I mean I really am yours, truly. I don't know what I ever did to deserve you.

Jax: I ask myself that question about you all the time. I swear to you, Brenda, I never thought I could love so much in my lifetime, didn't think I was capable of it. Sure I wasn't that lucky.

Brenda: [Laughs] Hey. I'm the original "do everything wrong" girl. Falling in love with you is the first perfect, right thing I've ever done in my whole entire life.

Jax: In a few minutes, in front of my family and our friends, I will put this back on your finger forever, as you will with mine, and from that day on, I will look at this ring and think of my wife and how much I love her and know she loves me.

[String quartet playing]

Edward: Katherine's done a fine job, don't you think? Of course she has poor Reginald babbling to himself back in the kitchen. Heh. What do you think of the old man? All that good-cheer rubbish while he's probably assessing the net worth of everyone here.

Ned: I'm sorry, grandfather, but this occasion doesn't exactly put me in the mood for chitchat.

John: Edward.

Edward: Oh, yes. Quite a power grouping here this evening, huh?

John: Ah, no business tonight. Tonight we celebrate my son's happiness and my newly found daughter's.

Ned: To the golden boy and his lady.

John: Wouldn't think it to look at him, but the lad's had his share of adversity. All his mother and I want for him is some peace and pleasure with his new bride.

Jane: It's grand of you to do this for the children.

Alan: Oh, not at all. Actually this room has seen quite a few weddings.

Monica: Yes, we kind of specialize in repeats. Well, second weddings are kind of a tradition around this house.

Alan: Yeah, we have a theory that we'll just keep doing it till we get it right.

Waiter: Excuse me.

Alan: Don't mind if I do.

Jane: Oh, my, these are delicious. What are they?

Katherine: Fresh figs with mascarpone cheese, wrapped in prosciutto.

Jane: Mmm, wonderful. Your gardens here must be spectacular in the spring.

Alan: Oh, my mother is nuts about roses.

Katherine: I was beginning to think that you weren't gonna show up.

Mac: And miss your night of triumph?

Katherine: Aren't you gonna say anything? I mean, what do you think?

Mac: I don't know what to say or what to think.

Katherine: How about, "the room looks sensational"? Do you know how much work I put into it? Especially since Brenda changed the location at the last minute and everything. So do you think I overdid it. Did I underdo it? Are you clamming up because you hate it? What?

Mac: It looks beautiful, Katherine.

Katherine: Then why am I getting this sort of negative vibe or something going on here?

Alexis: Well, you know, possibly, Kathy, that negative vibe could be coming from me. Now, see, I am not going to ruin Brenda's happy little day here like you tried to ruin her career, but I want you to know I'm well aware you tried to sabotage her tour out of sheer malice to me.

Katherine: Oh, yes, you of course being the reason for everything.

Alexis: Well, I'm the reason actually that you didn't succeed, that you failed. And by the way, I have rebooked every single appearance on that tour, so after her brief, yet ecstatic honeymoon, she's gonna be making all the appearances for jacks cosmetics. Ta.

Katherine: I can explain.

Mac: You always do. I'm gonna get a drink.

[Katherine groans]

[No audible dialogue]

Edward: Katherine, you've handled this affair very well.

Katherine: If only I could do the same for my own.

Edward: Beg your pardon? Are you all right?

Katherine: Oh, sure. Weddings have a way to heat a romance.

[Door closes]

Bobbie: Tony loves you.

Carly: I'm sorry you had to hear that. I never expected you to come here again.

Bobbie: I, um--I suppose this place is sacred to you, too.

Carly: Tony would hate for you to be hurt like this.

Bobbie: Please. Do me the courtesy of not telling me what my husband of years thinks or feels.

Carly: I'm not saying that I know him better than you. I just know him differently. I'm-- God, I'm not helping, am I?

Bobbie: No, you're not. What is it that you're trying to express, Carly? That you understand, that you respect the relationship that tony and I have, that we've built over all these years?

Carly: No. I guess I don't, or I would never have let this happen. I just wanted something for myself, and I wanted it, I wanted him so bad that I didn't care. I knew that you would be hurt, and I did it anyway.

Bobbie: I thought maybe that was a fringe benefit for you.

Carly: That I wanted to hurt you? No. Bobbie, I don't hate you. You were my friend. You were my mentor. And when I see the pain that you are in right now, I feel sick at myself, but...

Bobbie: But you're still in love with my husband.

Carly: Yes, I am. I don't know what else to say, except I am sorry that you were hurt. But I can't be sorry for loving tony, because he is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Bobbie: I remember that feeling.

[Strings strum]

Bobbie: I haven't heard tony sing in a long time. I never liked this place. I always thought it was so old and decrepit. I could never understand why he liked to hang out here. You've made it new for him. You're new. Nothing really bad has ever happened to you yet. I've had the highest highs and the lowest lows of my life with tony, and I guess I thought that those highs would be enough to carry us through some of the worst pain we ever imagined. But it wasn't enough. I wonder if the highs you and tony are making here will be enough to keep it going. I guess you'll never know if you don't try, will you?

Carly: Bobbie.

Bobbie: Hey, if you're worried I might try to stop you, don't be. I couldn't fight this even if I wanted to. I just never thought I'd have to.

Carly: I just want you to know something. When I came to port Charles, I never thought anything like this would happen.

Bobbie: Well, Carly, you'll find that most of life is like that. In a weird way, I almost wish you well.

Mike: Oh. Thank you.

Edward: Oh, mike, I didn't think you'd be here.

Mike: Well, I thought all the people who care about Brenda should be on hand to wish her well.

Edward: Does that number include your son?

Mike: I don't believe sonny was invited.

Edward: That never stopped him before.

Alan: So, reverend, what do you think about this modern trend of people making up their own wedding vows?

Reverend: And why should I object? When you've done as many of these weddings as I have done, you're grateful for the variations.

Emily: I could never imagine a wedding being boring.

Monica: Well, not the ones that take place in this house, that's for sure.

Jane: I haven't seen Mrs. Quartermaine yet.

Alan: Oh, actually she's upstairs resting. The show's running a little late.

Ned: Yeah, I'll have Reginald get her as soon as the bride's ready.

Emily: Should I be helping the bride?

Ned: Couldn't hurt. I'm on my way up there right now to see if it's time. Why don't you come along, and we'll gather up the groom, too?

Jane: Boy must be a quivering mass at this point.

Monica: Oh, well, I don't know Jax that well, but I really don't imagine that.

Jane: I think he himself has a case of nerves as well. Excuse me. Now, I've just explained away that look on your face. Now will you kindly explain it to me?

John: Probably just the shock of seeing you in a dress again. I don't know why you wear those infernal trousers all the time. Look awfully good to me.

Jane: Oh, cut the bull, john. What's wrong?

John: I'm just getting anxious for this shindig to get started is all.

Jane: That look is way past anxious. Here it is the boy's happy moment, and you're quaking in your boots. Now, what's wrong?

Jax: Hey.

Brenda: What?

Jax: We're keeping them waiting.

Brenda: So? We're worth waiting for, aren't we?

Jax: You were.

Brenda: I hope you like what I wrote. It was really hard for me to write down what I feel in my heart.

Jax: Nothing you can say can be better than what you just told me. I just hope I can get my vows right without embarrassing you. You know, I kept trying to practice and rehearse them in front of the mirror, but it came out all gibberish.

Brenda: Ohh.

Jax: Finally I had to write them down.

Brenda: Honey. Come on, now. You speak before board meetings and leaders of industry, practically heads of state.

Jax: Yeah, but this is important.

Brenda: Have I told you how gorgeous you look tonight?

Jax: Thank you, but you know what? No one's gonna be looking at me, not with the most beautiful bride in creation walking down the aisle.

[Knock on door]

Emily: Jax, Brenda isn't in her room.

Jax: Oh. Um...

Emily: Are you guys crazy?! Don't you know this is bad luck? You couldn't wait 5 minutes?

Brenda: Oh, come on. We're already married. Besides, we have enough luck for 9 lives.

Emily: Whatever, you guys. I'm sorry. Hello. But I'm gonna have to go downstairs and tell everyone that you guys broke the rules.

Jax: Not to worry.

Ned: Isn't there a caveat about this?

Emily: Yeah.

Brenda: We're ignoring it.

Ned: Oh. Ok. So are you ready to be walked down the aisle?

Brenda: Actually, no. I'm not.

Emily: Something terrible has happened. I tried to stop them, but they would not listen.

Monica: Wait, Emily. Just slow down a little bit. Take a deep breath and tell us what happened.

Emily: Brenda was with Jax in his room. That's bad luck. You're the ones that told me that. I told them, and they just laughed at me.

Alan: Well, you've done your duty as a bridesmaid, and I would just let the chips fall where they may.

Monica: Alan.

Alan: I wouldn't worry about it. I'm sure they had their reasons.

John: What the devil is keeping them, then?

Emily: I don't know, but the last thing I heard Brenda say is that she wasn't ready to be walked down the aisle.

John: Ah.

Brenda: When I asked you to give me away, it was because I don't really belong to anyone to give. I'm mine to give.

Jax: As am I.

Brenda: Jax and I are gonna walk each other down the aisle. You're not hurt, are you?

Ned: I think it makes all the sense in the world.

Brenda: I still want you to stand up for me, though, if you want to.

Ned: I'll be honored. Meet you by the minister?

Brenda: Ok. 2 nutes.

Ned: Keep making her happy.

Jax: Shall we?

Brenda: Let's do it. Rings.

Jax: Oh.

[Brenda laughs]

Jax: Oh. Thank you.

John: I'll just go up and see what's keeping them. What is it? Don't tell me the woman's changed her mind.

Ned: Not a chance. Why? Were you worried?

Emily: I sort of told them that things seemed a little iffy up there.

Ned: Trust me. I've never seen a couple more willing to tie--or I should say "retie" the knot. Yes, the groom did see the bride in her dress, and they say, "so what?" And to be even more untraditional, they've decided to walk themselves down the aisle.

Monica: Well...

Ned: Believe me, there is absolutely nothing that could stop them.

[Brenda giggles]

Sonny: Come on in.

[Miranda gasps]

Brenda: What the hell are you trying to do?

Jax: Is it you?

Miranda: You lied to me.

Sonny: May I present Mrs. Jasper jacks.

Brenda: Why would you do this to me? You get some kind of joy out of this, sonny, out of bringing this woman in here and disrupting my wedding? What did you think was gonna happen? Did you think I was gonna freak out and cancel everything and tell everybody to leave? Why would you do something so sick and mean?

Sonny: Brenda, ask Jax--

Brenda: No. No! Don't tell me to ask Jax anything. I don't have to ask Jax anything about anyone. Jax and I are together, and there is nothing that you can do to tear us apart. Honey, what's goin' on?

Jax: It is you, isn't it? Brenda, I have to go to her.

Sonny: I had to.


Lila: Isn't this a lovely occasion? And Brenda is bound to be a beautiful bride.

Jane: The question is where is the beautiful bride. Not to mention the groom.

Emily: Ah, they probably stopped halfway down the stairs to kiss and haven't stopped.

Ned: That's a strong possibility. Brenda did say, "2 minutes," and it's been 10 minutes. Maybe we should start the proceedings and trust that they'll show up. Reverend. Shall we?

Reverend: Let's.

Ned: Best man?

John: Ah. All set here.

Katherine: Mac, what is it?

Mac: I'm ok.

Katherine: No, you're not. You're not even here. You're a million miles away. Is this wedding getting to you or something? Are you having a seizure? Should I call Alan and Monica over here?

Mac: Don't.

Katherine: What is it? You look like you've seen a ghost.

Mac: That's how it feels.

[Miranda sobbing]

Mac: Miranda. My God.

Sonny: I don't blame you for being mad at me, but I did what I had to do.

Brenda: Oh, so when I understand why you did it, then I'm gonna feel much better?

Sonny: Brenda, these people, this jacks family--

Brenda: You know what, sonny? I really don't wanna hear anything that you have to say. In fact, I don't wanna hear anything you have to say to me again for the rest of my life. Do you know what I'm doing here? I'm getting married again. That means Jax and I are already married. All my friends are here. They came to watch me, and this is supposed to be such a joyful day for me. Why would you do this to me today?

Sonny: If you would just--

Brenda: No, forget I even just asked you that question. I don't wanna hear anything you have to say. I'll find out everything that I need to know from Jax.

Sonny: No, wait, wait. You need--this is the story.

Brenda: Do not touch me. I don't wanna hear your story.

Sonny: I know you don't wanna hear the story, but I gotta tell it to you. This jacks family wanted a mine. In order to get it, they resorted to violence, a bomb. Jax's wife was there when the bomb went off. She wasn't pretty anymore. They kept her in hiding.

Brenda: Oh, I see what's goin' on. You're so happy right now, aren't you? You accomplished everything that you wanted to accomplish here. You ruined my wedding, and you hurt me more than I ever thought you could. You did it, sonny. You finally got me back, didn't you? Finally got me back for wearing that wire and betraying you. You really happy now?

Miranda: I didn't know. You have to believe that. When sonny said I had to come to you, I thought at least I could make things easier. I didn't know about the woman or your marriage. But if I had, I wouldn't have tried to stand in your way. Jax, please say something.

Jax: If I could have had one wish in my whole life, it would have been to see your eyes looking at me again as they are right now, Miranda.

Miranda: It's damn good to see you, too, Jax.

[String quartet playing "here comes the bride"]

Brenda: I hope this is enough for you.

Sonny: Wait a minute. Don't leave. Don't leave.

Brenda: Sonny, I'm in love with Jax. I'm in love with my husband. I am his wife. This is all for show. We did all of this to get married in front of the people that we love who are happy for us. We didn't have to get married again to prove anything to anyone. We know we love each other. I love him with all my heart, and I'm gonna go to him.

[String quartet no longer audible]

Jax: I can't believe this. It's true.

Miranda: There's so much to tell you.

Jax: Oh, God, it doesn't matter, Miranda. You're alive. You're alive. Ohh.

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