GH Transcript Monday 8/19/96

General Hospital Transcript Monday 8/19/96


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(Robin convinces Jason she wants to be with him and the two spend a romantic night together in Montauk; Sonny celebrates Stone’s birthday; Nikolas and Stefan cause further conflict in Luke and Laura’s marriage.)

Jason: Still don't get why the clerk had to run your credit cards for the room deposit. What's wrong with cash?

Robin: Well, it's just surprising when someone that looks like you starts waving $100 bills around.

Jason: Ha ha! Yeah, that's what sonny said. I mean, he always pays that way, but he's older. Maybe I should get a credit card.

Robin: Credit card? You're gonna have bills. And then before you know it, you'll be a regular citizen.

Jason: Ah, you're right. I think I'd rather live with the hassle.

Robin: Why does that not surprise me?

Jason: Because you know me... like I know you. What's wrong?

Robin: Nothing. This room is perfect. The night is perfect. I can't believe we made such good time on the way down here. And we're here! That ocean is so close. I feel like we're the only people here. You wanna go swimming or something?

Jason: You don't have to lie to me. Ever.

Robin: I know.

Jason: Ok? What's wrong?

Robin: It's stone's birthday.

Nikolas: So, what happened between you and Laura that sent you home so full of admiration for her?

Stefan: Come on, Nikolas. You know she had the guts to do it.

Nikolas: To do what?

Stefan: Oh, I see. You're bored. You want to have a little game of cat and mouse. Fine. I'm bored, too. So we'll both pretend you're completely in the dark. Your mother was having dinner in the same restaurant dr. Alan Quartermaine and I had our meeting. And when our business was concluded, dr. Quartermaine joined his wife, the other dr. Quartermaine, for what appeared to be some sort of vague, half-hearted celebration of something, when suddenly, about halfway through her entree, Laura got up, walked over to their table and announced that you were her son. A fine move on your part. I applaud you.

You can't fault me for this. I mean, neither one of you can stand to miss the end of the movie when you're really into it.

Hey, cowboy, stay up as late as you want.

Thanks, pop.

Uh, wait a minute, now. Let's not take that literally. Why don't you watch the end of your movie and then try to stop bouncing off the walls and get a little bit of sleep, ok? It's great to see you enjoying something, though.

Yeah. Well, I'll catch you later.


Oh, is lulu still in her room?

All snuggled in and fast asleep.

That's great. Almost back to normal... sort of. Good night, dad.

Good night, son.

All right, Luke, go ahead.

Go where?

Yell. Yell before you explode.

[Theme music playing]

It's late.

Yes, and you're angry, so come on, let's just have it out and get it over with.

Over with? How do you suggest we get it over with?

He accused me of being ashamed of my son, and it's exactly the kind of garbage the Cassadines have been programming Nikolas to believe. I had to take that weapon away.

Well, you're a fierce mama bear. There's no doubt about that.

I'm sorry it upset you. I really am. If I were in your shoes, I'd be upset, too, but... I did what I had to do.

No, you didn't! You did what Stefan wanted you to do! Again!

What does that mean?

You've been dancing to his tune since he got here, Laura. And because he's armed with your guilt over that kid, he can keep you spinning till hell freezes over!

Really? I had no idea you saw me as so weak.

This is not about strength, woman. This is about being blind. You just ain't fightin' trim, that's all, darlin'.

I really resent that.

Whatever it is you said to her in the park or however you convinced her that this was something she should do, it was a brilliant stroke. I'd only wished I'd had advance warning.

I never spoke to her about anything like that. And she certainly didn't say a word.

Are you telling me she didn't make sure this was something--

I never had a mother, ok? And I don't want one now. And I don't want her going around telling people otherwise. What gives her the right?

Well, that's the point, isn't it, there? Laura gives herself the right. That's outrageously selfish, even for her. I'm very sorry this happened, Nikolas.

I just--I don't understand. Why would she speak of me so publicly, or at all, for that matter?

Well...the doctors Quartermaine are influential people. They're a very powerful family in this town. And if that sort of thing means anything to you, being in their good graces is important. With you running around loose, she wanted to make sure she got her version of the story out first.

Hey. Bust open a bottle of your best bubbly and give the sweet lady whatever she wants.

What are we celebrating?

Stone's birthday.

In that case, I'll go get the reserve.

You remembered. I thought I was the only one.

Well, you can bet robin remembers, too.

She's not coming here to toast or anything, is she?

No, no. She's on a trip with a friend. And I hope she's smiling big.

I take it that friend is a guy?

Yeah, he's a good guy. She is moving on. God bless her.

I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to do this.

Why not? It's his birthday. You're allowed to be sad.

I didn't even know until I signed that credit card receipt, and then I saw it. August 19th. He would have been 20 today. He was 19 last year. 19 on the 19th. We made a big deal out of that.

Did you have a party?

Not really. I bought him a cupcake and he blew out a candle. It wasn't much of a celebration, though. He was in the hospital getting treatments for... preventing him from going blind.

That's right. It stole his eyesight. The virus. That's what you said at the nurses' ball. "It caused him unspeakable pain and stole his eyesight."

You remember that?

Every word. You were the bravest thing I ever saw, standing up there crying. And you hurt so bad and you just kept going on. And I wanted to help you.

You did.

No, you got through the speech on your own.

Barely. At one point, I didn't think I could. But then I looked up, and there you were. And all of a sudden, I was strong again. You do that a lot for me.

Don't worry. I get plenty back. Come on.

Where are you going?

Come on, I'm taking you home. Hmm, I don't think I took my pill today.

We just got here.

I know, but like you said, we made good time. You just hold on, close your eyes, we'll be home before you know it.

No. I don't want to go back. I came here to be with you, and nothing has changed.

Sure it has. It's stone's birthday, and you're sad.

Yeah, well, it's my night to be alone with you, and I'm happy, too.

But you love him.

And miss him. But he's gone and you're here. It doesn't sound right. It makes you sound like a substitute, and you're not.

I know. Believe me, I can tell when people are looking at me and thinking of someone else, and you never do. But if you don't want to be here--

I'm trying to tell you that I do. I can miss stone anywhere, but what I can't do is let it wreck what's good in my life. When you asked me to go away with you, I was so happy. And I still am, mostly... because we're here together. That's what I want... to be with you.

I can't believe this.

Monica, you know as well as I do that the hospital was Steve's personal mission in life. He brought in state-of-the-art equipment. He funded research grants, and he did all of this until we were grossly overextended.

[Sighs] I have the sickening feeling, Monica, that at the end he was putting in his own money, certainly in the last 6 months or so.

Steve was such a pragmatist. How would he let things go so far afield?

Well, I think in this instance, he was guided by his heart.

You think Audrey knew?

I doubt it. I hope not. I'm certainly not gonna tell her.

Ok, do you have any strategy?

Other than protecting Steve's good name? Cassadine.

Oh, I really hate the thought of you being cozy with a Cassadine.

Monica, there is no other alternative. Sonny has already told me where to get off. My father is not interested in any investment where there is no return. He is the only man around here who has that kind of money to throw around.

I understand that, Alan. I still hate it. Did you see the look in Laura's eyes tonight? It was frantic. It was...well, I can't really describe it except that it gave me the chills.

Do you have any alternative suggestions?

Other than letting the takeover happen and throwing ourselves on the mercy of mercy for Steve's sake, no.

You resent? Laura, that's almost funny.

Stefan did not manipulate me. If anything, I manipulated him.

Really? Ok. All right, then, when did you hatch this grand plan?

It wasn't any kind of a grand plan. Stefan has been poisoning Nikolas against me with this dirty little secret routine. And then he was gloating to me about it, all right? And the next thing I knew, I was over at Alan and Monica's table, and... oh, my god. Acting totally on impulse and playing right into his hands. Sorry. Sorry.

You've never been any good at chess. Laura, you can barely play checkers. And if there's any time to be on top of your game, this is it. Cassadines are not making any impulse moves. They've got everything very well thought out. So what's next? Now you've claimed the kid. What's next is he's gonna use that against you. We just have to wait and see how--how's he gonna use it against you, against us, against our kids. And he will. I'm taking a walk.

[Door slams]

Oh, my god, Nikolas. Oh, my god.



Stefan, it's Laura. Please, please don't tell Nikolas about what happened tonight. I want to tell him myself.

Lasha, you sound nervous. Now, take a deep breath and try to relax. Now, what is it you want me to keep from Nikolas?

Give me the phone. What do you want now?

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Nickolas, I don't know what Stefan told you about what happened tonight, but I'd just like the chance to tell you myself.

You mean tell me more lies? Well, I don't want to hear your version. 'Cause my uncle...told me the truth. And since you decided to put a spin on our relationship, then I guess I'll do the same. I'll go to your good friends the Quartermaines and I'll tell them my point of view.

I'm sorry. I really am. I seem to be doing everything wrong lately. I never should have told anyone without...without talking to you first. But I want you to know that...I want people to know that you're my son. I'm not ash--

I don't want to be claimed by you. I didn't come here to look for you. I came here to save my sister's life, and I... and I did that. There's nothing more for us to say to each other.

No, wait. Please. I want to talk to you, please.

Well! Do you feel better now?

Yeah, right. I feel great.

You know, in your own way, Lasha, you're as destructive as your husband. Thanks to you, I have major damage control on my hands this evening.

Well, I don't suppose there's any chance that you told them about your role in what happened tonight, did you--about how you goaded me?

I really don't have time to listen to your whining right now. Good night, Lasha.

To stone!

To stone!

[Glasses clink]


You were a big help to me today. Thanks a lot.

No, thank you, because meeting you... was like a gift from stone. Well, I got some things I got to take care of. Can you... you don't mind taking her home?

Nah. I'd be honored to.

I appreciate it, but I don't really need an escort. I just live at Kelly's.

No. You ain't goin' out there alone.

Don't give us a hard time, because you're not gonna win.

I can see that. All right.

Don't be a stranger.

I won't.

Oh, whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa


[Sonny sighs] Stone was lucky to have him, huh?

Ah, yeah, you bet he was. Come on.

[Door closes]

Happy birthday, buddy.


I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do that.

What? I kissed you.

I know.

What, you didn't like it?

Of course.

Then why did you pull away?

Because I can't stop... wanting you. Uhh! You see, most of the time I'm ok, but when you kissed me like that... it's just better if you don't. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable.

You don't.

I did. Before... in the boxcar.

[Sighs] Look... it's not that I'm mad or anything. You can't help it, if you don't want me that way.

I do. I dream about you. When you kiss me, I feel it on my mouth hours later.

You do?

Yeah. I love kissing you.

Yeah, but I... my desire doesn't stop there, robin. I want to have sex with you... or sleep with you or whatever. I mean, I know we can't because of stone and everything.

Because of stone?

He's still in your heart.

That's what I thought. That night. But you have your own place in my heart... and it's not second. It's separate... apart from anything I felt for him. I want to make love to you, Jason.


If I hurt you...

You won't.

You don't know that. I mean, you know all the risks. You can use every spermicide and condom known to man. And we could be so careful that we give new meaning to the word. But if I looked up at you... you're so beautiful and healthy. If I thought for one second that I could give this to you... I'd freeze up. I know it. I can't.

Uhh! It's ok. It's ok, take it easy. I understand... better than I did. It's a million times worse to watch someone you hurt than it is to hurt yourself. So of course, you're more scared about me getting HIV than I am. And since sex is supposed to feel good... and all it would make you feel with me is rotten... I guess we'll never do it.

[Robin sighs]

Can I tell you how much I just hated hearing that?


Not as much as I hated saying it.


What do you mean "why"? Because you are so beautiful and you feel so good. I just want to touch you and hold you.

Would you? I mean, we can do that. Just that.

All right, let me get this straight. You want me to touch you? Like that?

That's all right.

How about that?

That's nice, too.

Good, 'cause I could kiss you all night long.


Yeah, it would make up for all the times I wanted to and didn't.

Was there a lot?

Every single day. Is this really ok with you?

It's wonderful, but I know it's not enough for you.

Being with you is enough. Holding you and kissing you is...

Icing on the cake?


Just this expression. It means better than the best.

That's it. Better than the best. I just want to hold you all night long and touch you, and if there's anything you don't want me to do, you just tell me, ok?

Ok. I'm not afraid.

I know.

Are you terribly disappointed?

About not having the surgery?


A little. You know, it took a lot of soul searching for me to get there, and it wasn't easy. But I'm not really considering this a cancellation. It's just a postponement until this crisis gets resolved. Why are we talking shop? This dinner was supposed to be special.

Well, look at what just happened. We've managed to get through an entire dinner without having one single argument. I would say that's pretty special.

I think you have a point.

And thank you. Thank you for reminding me what a good date you can be. Thank you, again.

Please leave a message, and I'll get back with you.


Yes, Alan. Stefan Cassadine. I need to ask a favor of you.


Been a long day.

[Door opens] Hey.

Hey, I'm glad you're still here. What, are you joking with that?

I'll take some of that. It's stone's birthday. Ooh! Uh!

So, tell me something.


What would you make of Cassadine and big al Quartermaine putting their heads together over dinner?

I know exactly what that's all about. The hospital's in trouble, financially speaking.

Is that the favor Alan wanted from you?

Yeah, he said he wants to use my $30 million as some kind of bailout mission. I said "stick it."

I see. Well, that makes sense, doesn't it? See, Stefan Cassadine is working overtime to try and paint himself as the kinder, gentler Cassadine. You know, save a little girl today, save a whole hospital tomorrow. Pretty soon, people are so dazed by the gleam off your white hat, they forget what you're standing in. They forget to be cautious. I know this game.

You know, I know I've told you 1,000 times, but if this is becoming more trouble than it's worth, why sweat it? Let me handle it.

Well, I'll tell you what. If this spud is still standing when I'm through with him and you want a piece, be my guest.

A man with a plan.

Life's full of little strategies, isn't it, son?

I heard that...pops.

[Glasses clink]

Thought you had your heart set on watching that movie.

Well, I did, but...

[Indistinct] Came down the hall, and all of a sudden I was in lulu's room just watching her. What's your excuse?

Oh, pretty much the same reason. I just had to make sure that she was actually there in her own bed, safe and sound.

Where's dad?

He's out for a walk.

What happened?

He's angry at me, and you will be, too.

Well, I don't want to be, mom.

Then let's just let it lie for tonight, ok?

I can't.

All right. Uh... look, before I tell you... I'll try to give you reasons for what I did to make you understand, but I'm not making excuses.

I'm not gonna like this, am I?

But it's done. I told Alan and Monica that Nikolas is my son. And then Stefan told Nikolas, and Nikolas got very upset. Are you?

It's ok. I mean, the... point is no more secrets, right?

Right. No more secrets. Is this all the fallout I'm gonna get?

Yeah. Unless you want to know how much I care about Nikolas being upset.

Lucky, it really isn't fair to blame him for the way he is. I mean, if I had raised him--

Mom, it wouldn't have made any difference! Some day you're gonna realize that.

You ok?

Yeah. Are you?

I think I'll live.

[Robin sighs]

I can't believe we were together this way.


Because... I wanted to be with you this way for so long. And I didn't think we could without having sex.

You could have asked. Why didn't you say anything?


Do me a favor. Next time, speak up.

I will. Jason.


Thank you.

For what? I didn't do anything.

You always say that. It's never true.


Well! I delivered Gina home, safe and sound.

Thank you.

Now it's your turn. Come on! Move your butt!

Move my what?

Ha ha! Come on, let's go. I've been here 15 hours today, and Luke's is now officially closed. Come on, let's head out.

What? All right, whatever.

Come on.

Now, can you remind me the last time that I'm supposed to be taking orders from you?

Ha ha!


Well, tonight's a good night to start. All right?

Uhh... made it through another one.

You know something. You'll make it again tomorrow. Let's go.

[Telephone rings]



Stefan. What is it? Is something wrong?

I may have made a mistake in telling Nikolas what happened tonight. He's very upset, more so than I expected. I think we should meet. Are you willing?

Yes, of course I am. I'd do anything to help.

I'll be in touch, then.

All right.

[Hangs up phone]

Is everything all right? Good. Be ready. Ok.

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