GH Transcript Wednesday 7/17/96

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 7/17/96


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Carly: Ohh. Ah. Oops. Bad timing?

Lucky: Why, what's up?

Carly: Um, I could really use a friend. Is there any chance you could stick around for a couple minutes?

Lucky: Sure. Come on in.

Carly: Thanks. Ahem.

Lucky: Uh, what do you need me to do?

Carly: [Sighs] Just hold me.

[Telephone rings]


Tony: Kevin, it's Tony.

Kevin: Tony, can I call you back? I'm right in the middle of something.

Tony: Well, actually I have some bad news for you. Steve Hardy died this morning.

Kevin: What? I'll be right there.

Lucky: Hey. Hey, my little sister. Hey, you. Can you tell I'm your brother, huh? Can you tell I'm your brother? I came from very far away to see you. Even though they didn't want me to. You don't know me yet. But you will. And I will never let anyone or anything come between us again, ok? I promise.

Luke: What's wrong, Lucky?

Lucky: Well, there was this really strange guy I found in Lulu's room.

Luke: What guy? How did he get in?

Lucky: Well, I don't know, man. He was saying all this crazy stuff. But, see, at the same time, some of it started to make sense.

Luke: Hold on, slow down, you're not making any sense. Just slow down. What happened?

Lucky: Well, this nutcase...I mean, the guy was crazy, Dad. This nutcase kept saying that he was Lulu's brother. And that he was the donor who saved her life. He kept calling Lulu "my sister". You know. He said, uh, what did he say? He said that he was the son his mother left behind to be with my father. To be with you. It's--it's a con, right? I mean... the jerk is just trying to scam us, right? I mean--[Chuckles] Come on, you guys, say something. Come on, just tell me the truth. You--the story is a lie, right? Mom? Mom?

My God. Nikolas. He's here.


Lucky: It's a lie, right? I mean, it's--he's not--he's not telling the truth. I mean... come on, Mom. Dad, Mom, please!

Laura: I never meant for you to find out like this.

Lucky: Dad? Did--did you know?

Laura: No, he didn't know. I just told him now.

Lucky: How could you lie to us, Mom?

Laura: I know how betrayed you must--

Lucky: Well, then why'd you do it?!

Please, calm down. Please let me explain to you.

Lucky: Mom, I don't want to hear excuses. Ok? If I want straight answers, I'll go to my new brother Nikolas. I mean, it seems like he knows all the answers anyway.

Laura: No. I think there's some very important things that you need to hear, Lucky.

Lucky: It's too late. Ok? I'm leaving.

Luke: Hold up, Cowboy. You ain't going anywhere. You just hang on and listen. You might learn something. And show your mother a little respect. We all have to be very careful with each other. The bottom dropped out for everybody today.

Lucky: I don't get it.

Luke: Well, I don't either, but hell, that's never stopped us before. The last thing you do when you get blindsided is turn on your own. So you sit down here and you listen to your mother. Listen to what she has to say. We both will. She's lived with this a long time. On her own. And it's been a hard, ugly road. So sit down and listen.

Laura: Thank you. Lucky... oh, Lucky, please look at me. Lucky, this happened long before you were born. Years and years ago. I was kidnapped by a man named Stavros Cassadine, who wanted to avenge his family. He brought me to his island in Greece, where I was held prisoner for two years. No one even knew where I was or even if I was alive. They convinced me that your father was dead. They showed me newspaper clippings of his fatal accident. It it was the darkest time in my life. [Sighs] A few months after I had been there, Stavros offered me a choice. He said I could live out the rest of my life there on the island as his prisoner, or I could become his wife. [Sighs] In exchange for that, I would have the freedom to move around the island as I pleased. So I agreed. And in time, we had a son.

Lucky: Nikolas?

Laura: Yes. Nikolas. I really believed that I would grow old and die on that island. And then something happened to change that, honey. I found out about your father., I found out that he was still alive. And then all I could think about was seeing him again. Even if it was only for just one minute. You see, I always thought that I would go back there. But as it turned out, I never went back to that island. And I never saw the little boy that I had left behind. Stavros did come after me. But he was killed.

Lucky: So what, you just forgot about your kid and didn't tell anyone, not even dad? I mean, how could you do that, mom?

Laura: I wanted to tell your dad. And I wanted my child back very badly. But, Lucky, the Cassadines threatened me. They said that if I ever tried to take the child back; if I ever spoke of him, if I ever let anyone know that he existed, that they would kill everyone that I loved.

Lucky: Didn't they think of a new threat?

Laura: Why? When that one worked so well??

Lucky: Mom, how do you know they weren't bluffing? I mean, you could have at least tried!

Laura: I did try. I did try!

Luke: Your mother believes the one time she tried to contact this boy, the Cassadines killed your grandmother.

Lucky: Mom, how could Dad help you when you didn't even tell him? And I just have one question. If the Cassadines are such a big threat to us, then why would they let this guy help their enemy? I mean, it doesn't make any sense!

Luke: The one thing that does make sense; the one thing that I would stake my life on, is that your mother has given you everything she had to give. From the moment you were born.

Lucky: Except the truth. Right?

Laura: I can't undo the past. I did what I had to do, and I think I had very good reasons. You know the truth now, Lucky. And all I can do is thank God that Nikolas was there, because it saved your sister's life.

Lucky: Yeah, the big hero.

Laura: Was he still with her when you left?

Lucky: No way. You think I'd let some stranger stay in there with my little sister? That's all he is, Mom. I don't care what anybody says, that is all he is.

Luke: I think we should get back to General Hospital. Check on Lulu. And the lay of the land. Can you do that, Cowboy?

Lucky: Yeah, I can do that. I'm going to be out in the car. [Exhales]

Laura: Oh, God, I wonder...

Luke: There's no use in wondering, angel. [Sighs] Till we get back to the hospital, we can't know if the boy is hanging around or anything else about him.

Laura: That wasn't what I was going to say.

Luke: It's what you we thinking.

Laura: I wonder if he will ever look at me with the same love and trust he had for me only a few hours ago.

Nikolas: There's so much that can happen to a child in this world. 'So innocent and helpless to protect themselves. I want you to know I'm here now, Lulu, ok? [Chuckles] And I'll protect you. I will. Ok?

Here you go.

Thanks. Congratulations, Carly, were proud of you.

Carly: Did I miss something? What are we celebrating?

Look, if you were on your way to a big date or something, I don't want to hold you up.

Oh, yeah. My bike and I have big plans with the wind on Route 6.

I envy you.


I wish the wind were enough. I wish I didn't need people.

Why don't you just tell me what's going on?

Ok. Something really great.

Yeah? Could have fooled me.

Only it got ignored. Did you ever hear that old one about when a tree falls in the forest? Does it make a noise if no one's around to hear it.

Well, who cares as long as no one gets hit when it crashes? [Laughs]

Sorry. I'm not too good at this kind of stuff.

No. Look, I'm sorry for boring you.

So why don't you make your point?

I was officially accepted into the nursing program at GH today. Gee, now you know what I do.

Go on.

Hmm. It was a really big deal for me. Only before I got a chance to get so much as a pat on the back, Dr. Hardy died. Steve Hardy. He was the chief of staff at GH. Anyway, I didn't know him very well, but he seemed like a really nice man. You know, he was kind to me.

Does this screw up your admission to the program?

No. Just everybody over there is so grief-stricken. They could care less about me and my little victory.

So your gripe is that your timing sucks. [Laughs]

Or this Dr. Hardy's did.

You know, the least he could have done was... waited another day. I know, it sounds terrible. It's just, oh, man, I am so sick of the same thing happening to me over and over and over again just when I think I'm finally getting somewhere. You know, and I might actually get a little recognition for it. [Sighs] Something comes along and that 's a bigger deal, so I end up background music.

Carly... congratulations on getting into nursing school.

Thank you.

Tom was about to turn in his official letter of resignation. And he found Steve in his office. A few seconds later, Tommy and Simone showed up. Fortunately, the little boy was spared that terrible sight. Right now tom and Simone are making all the arrangements.

How's Audrey?

The last I knew, she was insisting on seeing Steve's body.

Sometimes people need that finality in order for reality to sink in.

Yeah, I suppose. I prefer

I remember them when they were alive. Thank you for coming in, I appreciate it.

I'll be in my office if you need me.

Tony, they need you in X-ray.


Oh, and Carly's on a break and she's not back yet.

Why don't you take a break, ok?

I think I'd rather keep busy.


Hey. I, um...I finished my paper for the psych seminar. It's on your desk.

You've heard about Steve. Ok. How about giving me a hand with some of the grief counseling around here?

Where do I start?

Amy's pretty broken up.

I'll do my best.

Good. [Sighs] Get me out of here, please.

Let's go to my office.

Audrey: I asked Mona to take me home. But I couldn't get myself to go inside. I knew I'd find the coffee cup Steve had left in the sink this morning. And the blue striped shirt that he'd thrown over the chair in the bedroom. It had a button off its cuff. So I just stood there like a coward. I was so afraid to look back at what my life had been before today, and I was more terrified to look ahead. Our lives are so intertwined. Steve's in mine, and if he has no future, how can I? There was so much he wanted to do. He was so excited about that memorial thing. And we planned a trip to china to see the town where he had been born. And then this summer, he promised Tommy a fishing trip at the lake. Oh, I... how am I going to get through this?

Audrey, Audrey, Audrey, you will. You will, I promise you.

Nikolas: Hey, Lu. Hey. This prince, he had everything a prince could want. Everything. Except for one thing. You see, the strange thing was, he didn't know what y that strange thing was. Until one day. One day he looked out his window and he saw someone or something fall into the moat. Hey, hey, you know what? He ran down the winding and twisting stairs and jumped into the water and pulled it up on shore. And to his astonishment, hey, you know what is was? Hey. It was a beautiful little girl, just like you. And he saved her life. And that made him feel really, really good. And then she opened her eyes and smiled at him as if she knew who he was, that made him feel even better. You know what the prince said, Lu? You know what he said? He said, "sorry, she looks and acts just like a princess. So if she is my relative, that's what she must be. And should have told her about me before." And that's when he knew what he'd been missing. Somebody who needed him. That's you.

Hi. I'm sorry, you'll have to leave now. The doctor will be in soon. Are you part of the immediate family?

Nikolas: I am someone who is very fond of the princess here. Hey, Lu, get better, ok? Ok.


Nikolas: Bye.

Lucky? Are you coming?

Lucky: Why don't you let me and Dad stay with Lulu? You can go off looking for your newfound hero. Have a big family reunion. I mean, that's what you want, isn't it?

Laura: You're not being fair. I just wanted you to know what to expect--

Lucky: You know what, Mom? I don't care.

Luke: Hold it--

Lucky: No, I don't want to hear it, ok? I'm leaving!

Luke: You are not going anywhere!

Lucky: I'm leaving!

Luke: Hang on, hang on. Relax, relax. I know how you feel.

Lucky: No, you don't, man! You don't know how I feel. You wouldn't put up with this.

Luke: What are you talking about, put up with this? What do you think's happening here? You think your mother's running a con on us? You think she's trying to scam us? The only thing that matters right now is your sister. And keeping your family intact until she's free and clear. That's the only thing that matters. And right now she needs you more than she needs anything.

Lucky: As much as she needed him?

Luke: Stop it. If your sister needed penicillin, would you hate the mold it came from just because you can't--

Lucky: Dad, I've met the mold, you haven't!

Luke: All right, all right, -I'll give you that. You've been--you've been hit in the head by some stranger, I understand. But what you have to understand is, nobody thinks less of you cause your damn antigens didn't match your sisters, and this specimen' s did! You've got to understand that.

Lucky: I just have one question, keeping this family intact include my new brother?

Luke: No. Not if I have anything to say about it.

Lucky: Ok.

Is everything ok?

Yeah. Everything's fine. I'm just a little bit tired. I'll be fine.

Why did you ask me earlier about someone in Lulu's room?

I just wanted to know if she'd had any visitors, that's all. How is she?

She's beautiful. She's thriving. Simone's going to run a few more tests. It's just things are a little bit slow today.


I'm sorry, I thought you knew. Steve Hardy died today.

How? How did he die?

Heart attack.

Oh, God.

I'm really not too sure who I am without Steve. I mean, in the beginning, so many years ago, we were separate people who loved each other. And it was never certain that we would always stay together. I mean, there were years when we were apart. But there was a divorce and remarriage. And there were a lot of struggles. But... there came a time--now, I can't put my finger on the exact moment or the month or even the year, but there was a time... when we both knew that our lives and our souls were truly joined... until death do us part. Now, I'm not a help woman. But I don't know what to do now.

You don't have to make any major decisions right away.

I mean, I don't know what to do about everything. I mean, Steve took care of so much. He took care of me. And over the years, I learned to depend on him. And now that he's gone--I don't know how to put things in order.

But you won't have to do that alone. We'll all pitch in to help.

No, but, you know, if I--if I could have been there when Steve died. If I could have just held his hand one more time. And told him and told him how much I loved him.

Audrey. Audrey, I think you did that a hundred times, a hundred different ways, every day. I have a confession to make.


I used to watch the two of you at odd times. It's nothing special, it's just things like having coffee in the cafeteria or a meeting in the hallway. I could actually feel the love the two of you had for each other.


I could. I could feel it in the way that you'd reach for his hand, or the way he always looked worried and you looked tired.

Oh. [Laughs]

He carried your love with him, Audrey. So you were there. And you'll always carry his love with you. I know that.

You do. Well, I think I can face going home now.

You know, I do know a thing or two about losing a loved one. If there's anything I can do...lo anything.

Well, I may take you up on that.

I hope you do.


Can you get home all right?

Yes, I'm fine.

All right.

Thank you.


Hi. Lucy.

Oh. You are the most remarkable man I've ever know.

What brought that on?

Well, I was just coming in to see you, you know how I always barge...I wasn't really listening. I heard Audrey say that Steve died. I can't believe it. But, Doug, you were understanding and so very compassionate. I love you so I don't understand. What happened? When? How?

Doug: It was this morning. It was a heart attack just this morning. Tony called me up.

I can't believe he's gone. There isn't a General Hospital without Dr. Hardy. [Crying]

[Crickets chirping]

You don't look surprised to see me.

You don't look surprised to find me here.

Are you okay with that?

I'm more than ok. I think maybe I even willed you here. How's that for delusions of power?

I know it wasn't just the wind I heard. [Laughs]

There you are.

Oh, hey, I'm sorry if I was gone too long in my break.

Were you?

I don't know. Hearing about Dr. Hardy's death really threw me. I went for a walk to clear my head.

Yeah, it's hit everybody. You know there's a memorial service tomorrow.

Yeah, I'll be there. How's Bobbie holding up?

She's devastated.

I guess we should postpone that surprise party one more time, huh?

Yeah, you're right. At this rate, she's going to be another year older by the time we get around to it. I almost forgot about this. I have a little something for you. This is not right on the button here but it's as close as I could get at the GH gift shop. It's from me and Bobbie for being accepted into the nurses program.

Robin: Oh! Oh! I can't believe it. With all your sadness and everything that's going on, you still found time to think about me.

Jason: I just thought you might need a spare pink bear.

Robin: That's exactly what I need. Thank you. I needed that.

Jason: Good.

Robin: You know, you think it would get easier. After all these losses, it still hurts just as bad. Somehow that doesn't seem right.

Jason: This stuff is still like new for me. You know, I'm kind of feeling my way around still. But I would think it's even harder when it happens out of nowhere one day. it did with lily and this doctor guy. You said he come to work this morning?

Robin: Yeah.

Jason: Man.

Robin: Did you?

Jason: What? Go to work?

Robin: Sonny called me. Asked me where you were. He tried not to worry me, but he did anyway.

Jason: But look, I'm ok. So there was no reason to worry.

Robin: I think the logic's a little backwards, but I'm glad you're safe. 'Cause you're important to me. Tomorrow's going to be such a sad day. But at least if I see you afterward, I'll have something to hold onto.

Jason: Well, your Uncle Mac's going with you to that service, isn't he?

Robin: No. He's out of town on business. I wasn't angling to get you to go with me. Especially since most of your family's going to be there and a lot of people that you're supposed to know.

Jason: They don't matter. I'm going.

Robin: [Chuckles] Jason, I think that's the nicest thing you've ever offered to do for me.

Jason: Well, it's not an offer. It's a statement of intent.

Robin: You don't have to go.

Jason: Robin...

Robin: I'll be fine!

Don't try to stop me. I'm doing it for you.

Robin: Thank you.

Sloane came by with good news. She said Lulu's condition couldn't be better and that the transplant was everything that we had hoped for.

Night, Lulu. I'll see you tomorrow. I'll be outside.

Laura: Our son hates me.

Luke: He's hurt and he's angry. And he's jealous. But he doesn't hate you. He just needs a little distance.

[Chuckles] I'm going to take him home now.

I'll spend the night here with Lulu, then.

Get some rest. We have steve's service tomorrow.

I will. You get rest, too, ok?

I will.

Laura: Thank you. For... for your support. Tell Lucky I love him, please.

Luke: I will. I will. Come on, son, let's go home.

Lucky: I'm telling you, Dad, I haven't spent much time with my new brother, but he's bad news. Real bad.

[Laura mouthing]

[Nikolas sighs]

Come here, boy. Come here. [Sighs]

[Dog panting]

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