GH Transcript Tuesday 4/9/96

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 4/9/96


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(Jax distracts a heartbroken Brenda with sunshine and shopping sprees, but she still dreams of Sonny; a mix-up has Ned and Lois rushing to the emergency room, each thinking the other is hurt; newcomer Carly Roberts arrives in Port Charles.

Brenda: Good morning.

Jax:  What are you doing here?

You brought me here.

I meant, I thought you'd be sleeping in. This is supposed to be R&R.

How could anybody sleep here? I mean, if I was in port Charles, I would have slept till noon.

You have an answer for everything, don't you?

Yes. So you looked like you were working pretty hard out there.

Nah. Just make it look hard to garner your sympathy.

Aw. Ha ha ha!

Did it work?

Yes. You have my sympathy and my admiration. You have no idea what you looked like walking out of that ocean. It reminded me of this... mmm.

Reminded you of what?

Never mind. It will make you blush.

I never blush. Go on.

Ok. It reminded me of this picture that I saw once when I was studying mythology.

Greek or roman?


Let me guess. Poseidon, god of the ocean, also of earthquakes, in case you didn't know, which is rather appropriate since we're in southern California.

Nope. Adonis.

Heh heh. That's very kind of you.

Oh. I thought you never blush.

Well, that's a sad smile.

Oh, well, I've been up since 4:30 in the morning worrying about Brenda. Something tells me she's not taking care of herself. You know how she gets when she's excited. All her common sense flies right out the window.

It's not Brenda I'm worried about. It's you.

There's nothing wrong with me. I'm just lonely for my best girlfriend.

Well, what about your husband?

Ruby, I don't want to get into that right now, ok? Please. I haven't even had my first cup of coffee yet. You know what? You better make that juice.

I've got it covered. There you go. Listen. You can't avoid this forever, so why don't you just call him?

I can't, ok? It's just--it's too much. Just being in the same room with him is enough to break my heart, ok? I just--I take one look at those dimples, and I'm a goner. So you do me a favor, ok? If he comes here looking for me, tell him I moved to Venezuela, no forwarding address.

Oh, sure.

What? You think I'm being unreasonable?

I didn't say a thing.

No. You didn't have to. I can te--you know what? You think I'm being edgy and unforgiving, but that's just not the case at all. You see, I--I would never presume to deny Ned any sort of private thoughts. He can have all of the deep, dark secrets he wants. You know, everybody has those, but that's just not the point.

Morning, everyone.

Hi, sweetheart. You come here and join us.

Hi, Bobbie. I'm talking about it's the big secrets that I can't live with, you know, the stuff that you promise to tell each other, for better, for worse, till death do you part, you know? I mean, after everything that we've been through, I took it for granted that all the lies are behind us, but you know what that taught me?


That you don't take anything for granted.

And here you go.

Thanks. Um, I'm looking for a payphone.

Oh. There's one right behind you.

Great. Thanks again.

Oh, and good luck to you. Hope you find what you're looking for in port Charles.

I have a feeling I will.



I am starving. Swimming first thing in the morning always does that to me.

Oh, great. What do you feel like eating?

How about yogurt with granola?

I thought you said you were starving.

I am. What's wrong with yogurt? It's a great breakfast.

Well, I'm taken care of.

Yeah? What'd you have?


Oh, very nutritious.

I put some nonfat milk in it.

Oh, that changes everything.

Listen. I hope you're not gonna start dictating what I eat. I don't respond well to direction.

Oh. Well, I'd never be so presumptuous. You go ahead and put whatever you like into that poor, recuperating stomach.

Thank you. You know, I've been on my own my whole life. I know how to take care of myself.

Mmm. So I see. You know, it is a shame, though. Here I was all set to take you on this fantastic tour through the hills of Beverly, but obviously you'll be far too weak to endure it. Maybe if we just make one little stop.

Ha ha ha!

No. You know what? Dr. Quartermaine would have my head for jeopardizing your health. Sorry, Brenda. Looks like you're not gonna be able to enjoy all that great southern California sunshine.

What an award-winning performance.

You think I'm bluffing?

Of course I do.

Well, I'm not. Either you eat something that's marginally good for you, or you're not leaving this beach house.

Oh! Oh, ok, dad. Fine. We'll stay here then. No adventure is worth eating yogurt.


Fine. I can't go anywhere anyway. I don't have anything to wear except for yesterday's lovely ensemble. So just out of curiosity, exactly what kind of adventure were you thinking of?

Why do you care? It makes no difference now.

I'm saying just out of curiosity.

Oh, nothing special, just a mad shopping spree on rodeo drive for a new spring wardrobe.

That sounds nice. I couldn't go shopping anyway. I don't have my credit cards with me. I don't even have any cash on me. I came from the hospital, remember?

Oh, I'm sure that problem could be easily solved, but if you'd rather spend your entire vacation in that one outfit than eat one measly carton of yogurt, then, eh, it's fine with me.



[Sighs] Have I ever told you how much I love yogurt?

Good. Here. While you're at it, put some banana in there, as well.

No. I don' bananas.

Go ahead. Eat it.

You know something, ruby? You look great. Maybe next time you'll get a flu shot before the season begins.

I don't need a shot to tell me that you have something on your mind.

Oh. Back to that, huh? Ruby, really, I have nothing on my mind.

Then why all that conversation about falling apart? And you've got that look on your face you always have when you know there's something wrong.

Oh, you. Now you know why I really hate coming in here sometimes. It's very unnerving to be served breakfast by someone who scrutinizes my every facial expression and then tries to interpret them.


Well, it's actually not as big a deal as you're making it seem.


But I have been a little depressed. I mean, it's nothing, you know? I mean, it's nothing major. I've had a few bad dreams, which were exacerbated by the winter doldrums. You know, so much snow for so many months and being held captive by one's own thoughts, it can be a very dangerous thing.


And I feel as though it's all finally starting to pass, you know? Maybe it's just the smell of spring in the air. I feel as though, I don't know, I'm finally starting to rise above it.

You haven't mentioned your husband once.

Well, things are great. Tony's really wonderful. As a matter of fact, I just had a great idea. I think I'm gonna stop and get him a beautiful arrangement of spring flowers on the way home and then I'm gonna stop and make a reservation to take him salsa dancing Friday night. You know, we haven't done anything silly and crazy like that in a long time, and husbands need to feel appreciated. Good ones are hard to find.

Looks like everybody's miserable these days.

Good morning, ladies.

Well, hey!

Good morning, Ned.

Has anyone seen Lois?

I haven't.

Oh. Well, if you see her, tell her I stopped by.

Oh, sure.

[Mobile phone ringing]


Mr. Ashton? This is Beatrice in your office. I'm your temp today.

Yes, Beatrice?

There was an emergency message from general hospital. It seems your wife was admitted this morning.

Ok. I'm on my way. Thank you.

All I really want is for you to be ok. That's all I want.

[Groans] No, no. No, no. No, no. It's wrong.

It's not wrong! Sonny, even if it's wrong, then let me be wrong.

I can't.

I can't pretend like we're over when we have our whole lives ahead of us.

No. You know, but see, you know--don't. I may have nothing ahead of me.

You have everything ahead of you. Sonny, please. I'll help you see this. Let me help you.

You can't.

I can. I can help you through anything. All you have to do is let me. I can do anything if we're together.

We're not together.

We are. We should be together! Listen to me. People hurt each other, and they betray each other, and then they get over it, and they start again. I want us to forgive each other.

No, no. No, no. Wait, wait, wait, wait. It's wrong, it's wrong.

Yes! Listen to me! Ok. We're gonna go inside, and we're gonna make an appearance, and then we're gonna leave, and we're gonna go somewhere together. Sonny.



Ha ha ha! Ahem. Caught me daydreaming.

About the shopping spree?

Yes! Of course.

It's gonna remain a daydream unless we get a move on.

You're right.

You ready?

Very ready.

I can never get enough of this those brown eyes looking at me when your hair's raining down and strands land all around me I'm so lost in you there's nothing I can do 'cause you, ooh, ooh, ooh you got me in the palm of your hand you, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh I'm caught in your quicksand got me in the palm of your hand come on, come on give me one more kiss I can't stand the space between us if I could only find the words I'd sing them and you'd know how I see us I'm so stuck by you there's nothing I can do because you, ooh, ooh, ooh you got me in the palm of your hand you, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh caught in your quicksand do you feel like I do? Do you feel like I do? Do you feel like I do?

Excuse me. I'm Ned Ashton. I'm looking for my wife. Do you know where she is?

Hey, buddy. Wait your turn. I've got a dog bite here!

Can you point me in the right direction, please?

Just a minute.

Mrs. Ned Ashton.

Is your wife a patient here?

Obviously. This is a hospital, isn't it? I'll--I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Forgive me. I'm upset. I just got a message that my wife was brought into emergency.

Was she injured?

Of course she was injured! Why else would she be here? Does anybody have a clue as to what's going on around here?

Mr. Ashton.


Come with me. I'll take you to your wife.

Thank you!

It's been nuts here today. I'm sorry if you've had a difficult time.

That's fine. I just want to see my wife. How is she?

I recognized her face when she came in. Here we are.

Was she seriously injured?

Oh, no, not at all. She had a run-in with a bicycle messenger, but the scare was enough to get things started. I can't even get her in upstairs.

Get what things started?

Surprise! Guess who I found lurking around.



Oh, god. Ned?

Ned and I are having some difficulties, you know, so.

I'm sorry. Kind of figured.

Well, I'm not blaming him, you know, by any means. I take part of the responsibility.

Well, you know, taking responsibility is a very positive first step.


Uh, you know, Lois, if it's none of my business, just say so.

Heh heh. No. That's ok. You can, you know--go ahead. Yeah.

Just how serious are the difficulties?

Well, you know, we don't agree on the concept of honesty in a relationship, so--he doesn't think it's necessary, and, well, I have this really neurotic hang-up about telling the truth, and, um, that's why it's partly my problem, you know, because I won't back down, and he says it's interfering with our progress maritally speaking.

Well, I've always felt that honesty is the kind of hang-up that keeps a marriage going.

Well, it's really nice to hear somebody who's speaking my side of it, you know?

So obviously you don't subscribe to the notion that if the truth hurts, try something else.

Major surgery hurts, but it can save your life.

Hey. I got to remember that. That's good.

I think that the truth is worth hearing at any cost. I mean, what's the alternative? Lies? Lies can come back to haunt you for the rest of your life.

Ohh. Thank you. I'm sitting upstairs, and I'm thinking--looking at the 4 walls thinking that there is something wrong with me.

No way.


I'd like to give you some advice.

Voice of experience I could use.

Stay honest and available. What both of you need right now is to hear the truth from each other calmly, rationally, and in the same room. There's really no other way.

Thank you. Excuse me. Ahem. Yeah. Ned Ashton, please. Where is he? Oh, my god. Oh.

What's the matter?

Ned. He's at GH emergency. I'll call if it's bad!

[ Female announcer ]

It balances you...

Jenny... what are you doing here?

Having my tonsils out. Where'd you come from?

Just one of those lucky breaks, I guess.

Ha! You're pregnant.

Here. Uh, put this on and try to stay calm, ok? Can't afford to have you falling apart at the seams.

No, no, no, no. Wait, wait, wait. Hold on. Wait.

I need you to start timing her contractions. We're getting close, so let's not waste time.

No. You don't understand. I'm not--she's not--we're not--

Oh, god. This has been the craziest day of my life! I should have known that you'd show up. So who you been? Oh! Oh, god! Oh, not another one already. I just had one.


Here you go. I w--oh, my goodness gracious! Look at that!

Hey. Hey, hey!

It's so beautiful!

That's enough.

Ok. I'm sorry.

You need to slow down a bit, ok?


Let's go and have a coffee.

I'm sorry. Can I just look at some of my stuff? I just want to look at those one shoes that I got. Weren't they amazing?

You think you have enough shoes now?

Yeah. I--well, a woman never had enough shoes actually. Just maybe one more pair.

I'll have to remember that.


Aren't you exhausted?

Actually I am feeling so much better. You know, they say that shopping is the best medicine.

No. I believe that's laughter is a very good medicine.

That's right. That, too. I can't believe I've never been here before! I love this place, so--

Hold that look.


That's the one.

The one what?

The new look of jacks cosmetics.


Yeah. You. Brenda Barrett, the jacks woman.

Jax, that is a wonderful idea, but it's impossible.



Never heard the word.

I'm very well aware that you are a powerful man. All right. I'll give you this much. You did get me to eat yogurt. That's very impressive. Listen. If you told me that you could walk on water tomorrow, I wouldn't be surprised, but you will never, ever steal me from deception.

Never say never, especially to me.

Never! I have a contract with Lucy. You know that. I gave my word. I would never do that to Lucy.

It was Lucy's idea.

What do you mean?

I buy deception, merge the two companies. Everyone's happy except maybe Edward, but who gives a hoot about him, right? Deal's practically done.

Oh! Ha!

Hey. I like that look, too.

Come on. Just give it to me.


Do as you're told. Oh, yeah. You look so good.

You think so?

Yes. Wait. Let me just fix this.


There you go. Perfect. Ok. Where are we gonna go now?

Home for you.


Yeah. You need to slow down a bit.

Ha ha ha! Oh, I need to slow down?

I'm very good at taking it easy.

Oh, please.

Leisure time is my forte.

You never, ever stop, especially when you see something you want.

You're only half right. I relentlessly pursue what I want, but then I have the good sense to stop and appreciate it once I have it.

Weren't you the one who unloaded businesses just as fast as you bought them?

Oh. I didn't realize we were discussing business. That's another matter altogether.

Stop looking at me like that. Are you trying to confuse me?

Yeah. Well, it seems to be working. Come on. Let's go home.

Lois, I can explain. Listen. What you're witnessing is a huge mistake.

Yeah! You can say that again!

Hold up! Lois, stop. I got a message saying that my wife was brought into emergency, so I thought--

So of course you thought of course that you could get away with it again? What are you? Are you a career bigamist or something?

You think I'm some kind of lunatic?

Maybe I do. Maybe I do because it's not just me you're hurting this time! It's a baby, a poor, defenseless, little baby! I mean--I'm Lois, by the way. You know what? I'm sorry. I'm not even gonna bother a pregnant woman. How is the pain? Is it bad?

Not at the moment. I'm jenny, by the way.

Oh. Oh. Jenny. Oh. Ned's jenny. The Ned's jenny from the picture in the gate--oh, obviously, hey! You're still in the picture from the way things look here!

For god's sake, Lois! This is my ex-wife jenny Hornsby, who happens to be married to Paul Hornsby, who I assume is the father of this child! Where the hell is Paul anyway?


Oh, that's right. I heard that.

No. Actually he's not anymore. He's on a plane coming in right now. I just thought we'd have a little more time because the baby's not due until next week. I don't think this baby's gonna wait.

Till next week. No. I don't think so.

I know what time Paul's flight gets in. I think this little one is gonna arrive before his daddy.


Paul's gonna be so disappointed. God. We took childbirth classes. He was so excited.

Well, it serves him right. He shouldn't have scheduled a business trip, you know, the week his baby was due.

Oh, please! That is so not for you to judge! You know what? Let's just start over again. How do you do?

Oh, no. Oh. Here comes another one. Oh, please.

Are you ok?

No! Somebody do something! Ohh!

Uh, we need a nurse.


Yeah! Somebody!

I feel this is all my fault.

What is?

I shouldn't have lied to Ned. I should have let him go upstairs and see Lois. Then he wouldn't be in the hospital now.

Aw, ruby, don't be so hard on yourself. Besides, I'm sure Lois would have called if something were really wrong. Stop worrying.

I'm not.

Oh, yes, you are. You're a mother hen, and there's no denying it.


Come on. Nobody knows you like I do.

You're too smart for your own good.

I'm not smart enough. Laura was showing me some pictures in this old photo album that you gave to her and Luke. Do you know the one?

I do.

Well, there were some pictures of me in there when I was 21 or 22. I was such a kid. Oh, ruby, I did some really stupid things in those days.

Honey, nobody's supposed to know anything at 21.

I guess you're right.

Yeah. Are you upset because I gave the album to Luke?

Oh, no. Luke's entitled to have it. I don't know. I suppose there's no point dwelling on the past, huh?


Like I said, it's spring, and that means fresh starts, beginning with Tony. I'm off. I am going to make a reservation for a dinner at this new Moroccan restaurant that I heard about where all of the servers are belly dancers. It's very erotic.

Heh! Sounds good. That's right. You go home and you take care of your husband.

I will.

I love you, sweetheart.

I love you, too.

Mmm. Bye-bye. Take care.

Oh, sorry. I startled you?

I'm sorry. I didn't hear you. I guess the hearing's the first thing to go.

Is it ok if I leave my suitcase here on the floor?

Oh, of course it is. Nobody will bother it.

A cookie?

I always do that for new customers.

Thank you. I guess I wandered into the right place.

I own this place. My name is ruby Anderson.

Oh, how come it's not called ruby's?

Well, I bought it from my friend rose Kelly.

Oh. I'm Carly Roberts.

Hi, Carly Roberts. Can I get you something?

Coffee, please.

That's easy. Nothing else?

I had some chips and stuff on the bus. I'm not really hungry. Um, would it be ok if I took the cookie with me for later?

Well, of course. It's yours.


Now where are you from?


Florida. Yes. I used to live there, Jacksonville. Do you know it?

Uh, not that well. I live in Pensacola. My family does. I'm hoping to stay in port Charles for a while, depending on how things go.

Do you have friends?

No. Actually, I don't know anybody. I picked the place because of the university, and I knew I wanted to live up north.

Well, I can go in the kitchen and get you some northern style chili.

Thanks. Not yet, but you know the sign out front? Is the room still for rent?

Paul's gonna hate that you were here and he wasn't. Ohh.

Who's fault is that?

Nobody's, but you know how he feels about you.

Well, it's mutual, but we'll discuss Paul later. Right now, we have a job to do, don't we?

Thank you. You know, I really--oh, god! Oh, no! Here it comes. No! Oh!

Deep breath now, jenny. We can do it if you focus.

Here we go.

Count for her, dad.

I'm--whatever. Here we go.


10, 9...

Keep counting!


We've got a head!

6, 5--keep pushing, baby. 4.

It's a beautiful head. Would you like to see it?

No. I think I'll wait until the whole baby's out, ok?

Here come the shoulders. Good. Nice.

Keep pushing. You got it.

It's a boy! It's a boy!

It's a boy! It's a boy!

It's a boy.

It's a boy.

We did it. We did it.

Ohh. Ohh.

Are you ok?

Oh, yeah. Oh, I'm ok. Oh, you were so amazing. I'm really sorry. I'm one of those sappy type people.

My nurse is in trauma two. Can you hold him while I put the bracelet on?

Uh, yeah. Of course. I would love to. Um...

Here you go.


Oh. Ha ha.

You always wanted kids.

I still do.

May I hold my baby now?

Yeah. Of course. Oh. Oh, god.

Oh, sweetie. Oh, yeah. Paul Jr. I'm your mommy. Thanks again.

He's so beautiful.

Oh. You want to hold him?

Could I just for a second?

Oh, of course. Just make sure you give him back.

Hey. Hello, there. Oh, my gosh. Aw. Here you go. He's a cute kid.

He's so nice and warm, too.

Listen, jenny. Would you do me a favor? Will you not tell Paul that I was your coach? He might not appreciate this as much as you do, considering how we feel about each other.

But he's gonna ask me who helped me through labor.

Well, you know, there are a lot of nurses around.

Paul and I don't lie to each other.

Well, it's not exactly a lie. It's just, you know, an omission.

I'm sorry, Ned. He'd rather hear the truth, even though he's not gonna be too thrilled about the fact that my ex-husband held his son before he did.

Of course. Absolutely. I understand. You just tell him whatever you need to.

Ha ha ha! Why must you--aah! Oh, my gosh. Ok. That's not funny. Why must you insist on carrying me?

Because it's been a long day, and I don't want you overdoing it.

It's a been a perfect day, and I couldn't feel any better. Put me down! Put me down.

Right here?

Yes, right here is fine. Oh. Thank you. Whew. Listen. As long as I have your full attention, there's two things I really want you to know.

There are a couple of things you should know, too.

Ok. Well, let me go first. First of all, I want you to know that I'm gonna pay you back for all the clothes you bought me today.

No, no. There's no need. It's a legitimate business expense.

All right. Well, we can fight about when we get home. Number two's more important anyway.

What is it?

I want to thank you for being a really good friend to me. I had a really amazing time. So thank you. Ok. Your turn.

There's nothing I want to say. Jolly rancher bold hard candies...

Oh. Wait a minute. Ohh. Jax, this was not part of our deal.

No, you're right. That was our first proper kiss, and a fine one at that.

That is besides the point. Oh, god! What are we doing? This was not part of our understanding. I am in love with sonny, remember, and you're supposed to be my very good male friend who's helping me to get sonny back.

Yeah, and the deal still stands, ok?

It does? Ok. Good. Ok. Good. Look. Let's just--let's just forget that that just happened, ok? Because we need to be very, very careful. I mean, we can't let anything like that happen again, all right? Because I--I don't want either one of us to get confused about anything.

Ok. Just friends.

Just friends.

You know, I'd like to promise you I'll never kiss you again, but I never make promises I can't keep.


Don't even say it. I was wrong. I was absolutely wrong to ask jenny to lie.

Yeah. That threw me.

And I'm sorry. I truly am.

Yeah. It's not what I wanted to say. You were incredible in there. I mean, you were really, truly incredible. Heh heh heh.

You know, it was like... like something larger than me took over. I can't explain it, but it was an extraordinary feeling.

Well, jenny was amazing, too. Oh. She made it look so easy.

She reminds me of you.

Yeah? How?

She's strong, she handles every situation with such class. It will be us one day.

Oh, god. Oh, please, Ned. Come on. I'm not ready for this.

Well, at least you know that you can trust me in the labor room.

I want to be able to trust you everywhere.

The room is perfect. I would love to rent it.

I am very fussy about tenants.

Well, I just got here, and I don't have any local references, but if you want, you could call the clinic where I worked in Pensacola. They know me really well, and they know my folks, too.

That won't be necessary. I'm pretty good at sizing up people, and you look like a wonderful bet.

I do?

There's something about those eyes.

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