GH Transcript Tuesday 1/30/96

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 1/30/96


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Brenda: The Quartermaine’s are shocked at Jason’s hostility towards them after his accident; Robin tells Brenda she’s attending Sonny and Lily’s wedding; Lois is determined to find a way for Ned to still sing in the band.

Lois: Oh, that's so sweet of her.

Brenda: I know. She told me to tell you that she supports us against Edward 100%. In fact, her exact words were, "give the old goat what he deserves."

Lois: Well, he's gonna get what's coming to him and soon. I came up with a plan last night.

Brenda: You did? Oh, my god, I knew that you would. What? How you gonna save us?

Lois: Ok, wait. You know what? It's my ma who deserves all the credit. I mean, she just broke it down to common sense as usual. She says, "Mr. Q has something that we want, right, so we find something that he wants and we make a trade."

Brenda: Right, except for have you thought about that Edward wants nothing more than to have Ned secure behind his desk at E.L.Q.?

Lois: Oh, no, no, that's not what I'm going after. I mean, Ned would never want to leave E.L.Q. I mean, that was never part of the deal. No. See, all I want is Ned's god-given right to be Eddie nights and weekends, and that, Edward will trade for... if I can find something he wants bad enough.

Brenda: So do you have any ideas?

Lois: Yeah, I do. I just haven't quite figured out how to get my hands on it. But I'm in search of help, so wish me luck.

Brenda: Well...good luck.

Lois: Bye.

Lily: Here you go, hot milk and no sugar.

Robin: Thank you.

Lily: You're welcome. Robin?

Robin: I was just remembering all those times and those weeks that you brought me coffee... and all those things that you did for me... for all of us... and I never thanked you.

Tony: Now, I realize these tests are tedious and they're exhausting, but they provide us with information that we need to prescribe a course of therapy, and your test results are enormously encouraging.

Jason: That I can't stand. I can't walk. I can't do half the stuff you ask me. I don't even know why you're asking me.

Yeah, but, Jason, everything that you can't do and everything you don't understand gives us things that we need to know about your condition.

Like what?

Well, um, ok. Like the weakness in your legs--we believe that's temporary because there's no paralysis. There's no damage to your spinal cord, which means that in time and with therapy, you're gonna walk again.

How much time?

We don't know.

Why do you keep saying that? I'm talking to you and I don't see anyone else in the room. Who's "we"?

"We" are the doctors here that are treating you, the staff at the hospital, the people that are gonna help you get well. And like I told you, I know you're exhausted. You're probably more tired than you realize, so I'm going to call an orderly, and I'll get him to take you to the room. Also, I'm gonna meet with your family right now, and when I'm finished with them, I'll send them up to visit you.


Because I thought you'd want to see them.

No. Why are they coming here?

So I can talk about your condition.

[Tony dials phone]

Forget about them! It's my condition! You discuss it with me!

Um, you need to understand some rules here. Now, I realize that you're disoriented. You're very tired. You have every right to be angry, but demonstrating it in that matter is unacceptable.

I won't throw things in your office anymore. I just want to know what's wrong with me and how long it'll take me to get back.

Well, what happened in here is what's wrong with you. Jason, you acted without restraint, and most adults learn to modify their emotional behavior. And very sudden, severe, violent rages are symptomatic of major head trauma, and it's just gonna take time before we know if your condition's permanent.

Well, when do I get out of this wheelchair?

Soon, I think. I told you, you're in excellent physical condition, and with time and therapy, you should completely regain your strength and mobility.

What about the rest of it?

That remains to be seen. You've managed to retain an enormous amount of acquired knowledge.

What does that mean?

It means you know Argentina is in south America.

A little kid knows Argentina is in south America.

But many patients recovering from cerebral edema do not. Jason, your speech is clear, it's unimpaired--that's good. However, your facilities for complex reasoning and the ability to process that information...may have been affected.

What are you trying to say? I'm a moron?

Well, since sarcasm is generally indicative of superior intelligence, I would have to say that you have intellect despair. You had severe trauma to your brain and, therefore, neurological pathways have undoubtedly been destroyed, and you may have lost some knowledge forever.

Like who I am...and who they are?

Well, "who they are" is your family, and, Jason, you love them very much, and those kind of emotions are strong and they're not easily erased. So I'd give it some time.

Try and listen to what he says, bro. Doctor knows what he's talking about.

When did you get here?

We just got here. You look tired, sweetheart.

Don't touch me.

He's just been through 4 hours of extensive testing and he's very tired, so I'm gonna get that orderly for you.

No, you won't. I'm here. I'm fine. Anything you say to them, you say to me.

I think you understand how much it meant to me to give him something, anything. But when he needed it...

You love him a lot.

I love sonny Corinthos so much, it hurts, but it is the sweetest pain.

I know. It's just that with you, it's kind of hard to tell. You're so serene. You don't really make a big deal out of things.

Ohh. "A lady never makes a scene." My mother said that so much, it became a part of me. You know, sometimes I wish I was more demonstrative, that I could just put everything out there.

But then you wouldn't be you.


Besides, I think sonny's had enough fireworks in his life. It's like he counts on you for quiet, like you give him peace.

I hope so. I want that so much. And because I do...


I know that Brenda's your friend, and I would never intrude on that relationship in any way, robin.

But? there any way you might come to our wedding?

Oh, thank god you're here! I need your help! I've been thinking about the incidents last night, which I know was a major inconvenience to you. And I realize that the way to get Edward...oh. Oh, I didn't even ask if I could come in. Oh, that was so incredibly rude.

Don't sweat it. Felicia and Lucy do it to me all the time.

Oh. Well, then I'm in good company. Ha!

In more ways than one. You're not the first person that Edward has swindled and you won't be the last.

Don't bet on it. I am going to teach him such a lesson. I'm gonna beat him in his own game, and you're gonna help me.

[ Lane ] Do you ever feel like you're growing old

I want you to find me a shark.

A what?

A big, fat, soulless corporate shark--you know, the kind that swallows small companies whole. Do you think that you could help me do that, huh? You know, somebody who could steal a company out from under Edward Quartermaine's nose? I promise, I guarantee they'll turn a healthy profit.

Off the top of my head, I can't think of anyone qualified to...


Uh, nothing.

No, no, don't tell me "nothing." No, you thought of someone! I know you did!

Lois, this person is totally ruthless, not to mention certifiable.

Perfect! He sounds exactly like what I'm looking for.

Sonny's worried that he'd place you in an uncomfortable position, and he does not want you to feel like you have to pick between him and Brenda.

It's a wedding, not a custody hearing. Besides, I think there's enough of me to go around.

It would mean the world to him to have you there. He loves you, robin. You are one of the most special people in his life.

He's one of the most special in mine, not just because of stone--because of him.

Jason, nobody is trying to hide anything from you.

Then what's the problem?

You're tired, you're over-stimulated, and very little of what I'm about to say is gonna make any sense to you.

So what else is new?

[Ned chuckles]

Ned, do you find this amusing?

He has a point.

My point is I don't care what they think; I care what I think! So tell me what you know!

He will. And you're right, you should be included every step of the way.

Of course. Tony, just tell all of us what's going on.

Ok. You should know that to Jason, you're all strangers. He doesn't know you, which means that any anxiety you have is disturbing to him, and you shouldn't be alarmed if he gets angry or unusually aggressive.

Jason doesn't have a temper, tony. I mean--Jason, listen to me. You don't get angry... not unless it's something really big, and then it usually doesn't have anything to do with you.

Let tony finish.

No, it's very important that you all feel free to ask questions. Now, to answer yours, what's normal to Jason as you knew him doesn't apply anymore, because the part of his brain that gave him a context for relationships and feelings has been damaged.

So I wrecked my frontal lobe?

Yes, exactly. The conscious personality is housed in the frontal lobe.

I knew it. I knew it. He's--he's starting to remember. The chill of peppermint.

You're remembering your premed course, honey. That's wonderful.

Think about it: Who taught you anatomy?

I don't know.

Come on, Jason, try and remember.

A.J., Back off. He can't remember what he doesn't know.

He does know! You're the only one here who wants to believe that he doesn't know!

A.J., In a sense, Ned's right because Jason doesn't know where and how he learned the things, but the knowledge itself--the facts, the dates, the math, the reading skills-- are all functions of a different part of the brain and that's why he retained them. What's the square root of 36?


And who was your high school algebra teacher?

If I answer correctly, do I get a gold star?

No. But you just proved my diagnoses, and that was a very good try at covering up there. Who was your high school algebra teacher?

I don't know!

Tony, aren't you getting a little combative?

No. I'm just trying to point out a little behavior of Jason's that you all need to be aware of. He's gonna try to cover up what he doesn't know. He's gonna try to deflect questions he doesn't have the answer to. And if you think about it, it makes sense because nobody likes their ignorance thrown up in their face, and that's what he's dealing with every minute, every day.

How the hell is he supposed to remember if we can't give him clues to help bring him back?!

Well, it may be that nothing will bring it all back. And we're gonna know more once Kevin finishes running him through the test.

You said the tests were finished.

Yeah, my tests, are, but Kevin Collins is a psychiatrist here on staff and he's gonna run through a battery of skill assessments to measure your memory, your concentration, your problem-solving abilities. And once we get that, we'll compare them to your college boards, and then we'll have a better idea of what cognitive skills that you've lost.

I hate tests.

It's because you always want to win them, and they're just a measuring device. We all hate tests.

We have to know where we stand if we're gonna get you well.

Stop saying "we"! There is no "we"! It's just a bunch of doctors telling me what to do and a bunch of strangers telling me what to feel! You can test me if you want. I don't care what I don't know. I don't care who I don't know. I just want to walk again. I want to get out of this chair and out of this place.

Jason, sweetheart...

Don't touch me!

Oh, my god, what has happened to my son?!

The name, Mac--who is he?


Ok. Could you be a little bit more vague for me?


"Jax" what?

Just Jax. Well, actually, it's jasper jacks, but I've never heard anyone call him that to his face. He has a brother, jerry. They're quite a pair.

How do you know them?

I did some work for Jax.

What kind of work?

I was a mercenary. You don't want to know.

Oh. But wait. They're businessmen, right?

Oh, yeah, the best. I mean, they've got corporate offices in new York, London, paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo--all with bulletproof windows. They're corporate takeover specialists.

Perfect! Then I'll call this Jax!

No, Lois, I wouldn't.

Why? What could they possibly do to me?

You don't want to know that either. Lois, Jax's family-- they're eccentric.

Oh. More eccentric than the Quartermaines?

Yeah, in a different way. In a potentially disastrous way. Are you sure about this?

Yes, I'm sure. Can I use your name?

Well, yeah. But I don't know if it's gonna help. And when you talk to Jax, tell him he owes me 10 grand.

For what?

For a little fireworks show that I put on when things got out of control and... forget it.

Oh. Mac Scorpio, you have led a very rich and interesting life, for which I have to say I am profoundly grateful. This Jax guy sounds like just the guy for the job!

Don't say I didn't warn you.

So do you think that I could find him in new York?

Oh, yeah. Check the wall street offices. They can track him down for you...


If he hasn't been kidnapped or shipwrecked.

Bite your tongue! This Jax is gonna help me save my Eddie! I just know it.

[Door opens and closes]


Hey! How you doing?

I want to ask you a favor.


Will you invite me to your wedding? Ñ/

Can I come in?

Yeah, yeah. Of course.

So? What do you say? Can I be there when you marry lily?

I thought you didn't approve.

I'm sorry. I know I was pretty hard on you.

No, no, no. It's ok.

No, it's not. My only excuse is that I was defending Brenda...and the fact that stone wanted you two together.

And whatever stone wanted, you want.

Not always. Not if he was mistaken. Maybe he was about this. I think stone wanted you two together because he thought that was what was gonna make you happy.


But I'm not so sure about that. Brenda's my friend and I love her, and I know she loves you. But there's just some things about--about you and your business that Brenda will never understand...and lily does.

Yeah, she does.

I understand those things, too, and I want you to know something. I love you, and no matter what, it's never gonna change.

Hey, oh. Well, thank you.

Does that mean I can come?

What it means is you have made my wedding perfect. Having you there means everything to me. It's like a blessing from you and stone.

He'll be there, too. As long as you're happy, he'll be smiling...even though he didn't get his way.


Hey, don't worry about me and Brenda. She'll understand that I wanted to be there for you.

Good, good. Just so you're comfortable with it.

I am. I like lily a lot, you know? When stone was dying, she was very good to me, and to you--always to you. She loves you a lot.

I'm a lucky guy.

I think you two are gonna be very happy together.

Yeah. Thanks.

Tony, I understand the fact that he can't remember, but that doesn't explain the hostility. He wouldn't let me touch him.

It's as if he hates us.

Can you blame him?

Ned, if he doesn't remember anything, then there's no reason for him to hate us.

There's no reason for him to put up with us either.

[Door opens]

Where's he going?

Who cares? I mean, Ned certainly doesn't. He's the original Teflon man! Did you see him? He didn't even blink an eye when Jason was flipping out!

Jason didn't flip out, he lost his temper, and it's not Ned's fault.

What, that he's an unfeeling jerk?

That he can control himself better than you can.

Stop it. Stop it! We cannot do this to each other. We have to concentrate on Jason.

I'm sorry. You're absolutely right. Tony, what was that tirade about? What's happening to him?

As far as Jason's concerned, he's alone in a world of strangers right now. He may not have had a temper before, but he's got one now, and he doesn't even have a familiar context within which he can control his feelings--at this point, he can't even define them.

Well, how long is he gonna be like this?

As long as it takes him to learn to manage his emotions.

Tony, what do you mean, learn? He is going to remember eventually, isn't he?

We don't know.

Oh, tony, you must have some idea. I've read case studies, victims of similar trauma that have lost their personality entirely, and Jason is so unlike himself.

It's true. It's not just his temper, it's his whole attitude. And it's not just his memory that's gone, it's like he's gone. And what we all simply want to know is, are we gonna get him back?

That depends. Even if his conscious personality is obliterated, his unconscious personality is still accessible. And even though he may have lost his memory of emotional attachments, it doesn't mean that he's lost his ability to begin new ones. Hey may not love you now, but he can love you again, given a reason.

See, that's the thing, tony: We've never done anything to earn his love; he just gave it to us.

[Knock on door]


I guess you're not in the mood for visitors.

They come whether I want them or not. Why are you here?

I have to tell you something.

Let me guess--you love me. You're so, so sorry this happened to me. You miss me and everything's gonna be all right. I'm gonna get better. I have to get better. You need me. You all need me. Did I miss anything?

What if I were to tell you something different?

Then you'd be the first. Go ahead. I've got nothing better to do. 3q save them.

I want you to know that I'm on your side, and that if you ever need anything, anything at all, all you have to do is ask.

You said this would be different.

Well, it is. I'm not a habitually generous person. I'm a CEO of an international corporation, and greed is my middle name.

I thought you were a singer.

Who told you that?

Your wife...the one with the pretty eyes.


Right, Lois. She said you and some other people sing for some--some company--l&b records. Dumb name.

Why do you say that?

They make CDs.

It's just a name.

That's what she said. Did you get arrested last night?

Who told you that?

The old guy with the white hair.


Right. My grandfather. Yours, too, I guess. I--I woke up, and he was here. He was ticked off about something-- I think it was you.

Hmm. It was me. Actually, you're lucky that you don't have to deal with what's going on in our family right now. Sounds terrible, but it's true. I meant what I said. I'd like to help.


By doing whatever you want, even if what you want is for me to go away.

Go away. No, wait, wait. It's ok if you come back. Say hi to your wife.

I'll do that. Hang in there, Jase. You're doing fine.

All right. I know--


Hi! Oh, so glad to see you. You're exactly what I needed right now. Ooh! Yeah.

Wow. Hard at work, I see.

Right? See, isn't this great? This is actually all that l&b is creating right now. It's our specialty: Paper airplanes and lawsuits.


Did you hear about last night?

In lurid detail from uncle Mac, not to mention the front page of "the herald." So what's up?

Well, Ned wants to countersue, which is great because it'll accomplish a big, fat nothing. Lois actually has an idea, but I don't know how she's gonna make it work.

She'll find a way. Have a little faith in her.

I do. So what's up with you? Something good, I hope?

Well, something important, anyway.


I went to sonny and I asked him to invite me to his wedding.


I want you to know that I'm not deserting you. You're my friend, my big sister, and I love you. But I love sonny, too, and this is really important to him and I really feel that I need to be there for him.

Right. Of course you do. Ha ha ha!

He wasn't sure about asking me to go. He knows that we're really close and that it would maybe make me feel uncomfortable. Plus, I don't think he wanted to hurt you. But I told him that you'd be ok with it. I hope that you are.

Hey, I am completely ok with it. You know? I mean, the only thing that I wouldn't be ok with is if I thought you were staying away from me. I'm glad you love sonny.

You know he's done so much for me, Brenda. I just want him to be happy.

Yeah. Well, you have such a big heart. Just promise me that you'll always be my friend.


Well, everything's better, then. Ha ha!




Were you in to see him?

Yeah. I get the impression that our concern won't be a big factor in his recovery.

He hates us.

He just doesn't know us. We're strangers who clutch at him like we're drowning. We tell him we need him. We ask for memories he doesn't have.

Oh, I really blew it today. It's just--it's so difficult. I mean, one minute you think he's remembering and he's Jason again.

You know, maybe Jason's gone.


Maybe all that's left is a scared and angry kid who sees us for just what we are. That's pretty frightening, isn't it?

Yes, it's frightening, and it's wrong. It's gonna take time, it's gonna take love, but he is going to recover. He is. I'm gonna go in and see him.

Monica, please just take it slow.

Don't worry. I'm not going to touch him.

Hello. What was that for?

Robin came by to see me. She's coming to the wedding.

That's wonderful.

How often are you gonna do that?


Go behind my back and give me whatever I want?


You spoke to her, didn't you?

All I said was that it would mean a lot for us to have her at our wedding. The rest of it she did on her own.

I think there was more to it than that, but I'm grateful, anyway. You and robin are the only real family I've got, and I want her to be with us on the most important day of my life.

Is it?

Oh, yeah. I take this very seriously, lily. You're gonna be my wife forever, and that's a very good thing and I want robin to see it.

And she will.

Because of you.


[Numbers beep] Yes, on wall street in new York. Um, you know, I'm not quite sure of the name, but it'll be the offices of jacks something. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, that's perfect. 212...great. Thank you.

[Numbers beep]

[Phone rings]

J&j jacks company of Alaska.

Hi. I'd like to make an appointment with Mr. Jacks, please.

And may I ask what this is regarding?

I'm a friend of Mac Scorpio's.

Did you say "Scorpio"?

That's right.

And may I have your name, please?

Lois Cerullo-ashton.

One moment, ms. Cerullo-ashton.


Mr. Jacks asked me to inquire if you intend to do him bodily harm.

No. No, I just want to have a meeting. I have a business proposal for him. Please don't forget to mention Mr. Scorpio's name.

Hold on another moment, please. Mr. Jacks has no openings at the moment. If you'd call back in 3 or 4 weeks...

Three or 4 weeks?

He has no openings at present. Perhaps if you'd try again next month. Thank you for calling.

Next month? Oh. In your dreams.

[Lois sighs]


"Hey" yourself. Is this the restraining order?

Yeah, and the counter-complaint.

Well, I'm glad to see it's useful for something besides the repression of artistic freedom. What's wrong?

Robin's going to the wedding.


Yeah. She came over here to tell me. She told me that she loved sonny and that she wants him to be happy... happy with lily.

Bren. Ohh.

Oh, god, I hate this. You know, I tried so hard to be understanding. I sat there and I told her that I was really glad that she was gonna be there with sonny, and all I could really think about was that I cannot believe that he is gonna marry lily when he should be marrying me.


He loves me, Lois. You know that. He told me that.

Honey, please.

I know. Let go, right? I just can't.

Yes, you can. You have to because sonny already has. Listen to me, hmm? Look, you can't stop this, and if you try, you're just gonna make it harder on yourself. Ok? I know what I'm talking about.

I know. You're right.

I am. Listen. Ned's picking me up in 15 minutes. Why don't you come with us?


Lois: We're going to the grill. We're gonna have lunch with Lila sans Edward. I know she'd love to see you.

Brenda: Ok, I'll go.

Lois: Ok?

Brenda: Mm-hmm.

Lois: Ok. I'll be right back. I got to go upstairs and change.

Brenda: Ok.

Lois: Ok.

[Numbers beep]

[Phone rings]

Miguel: Hello?

Brenda: Miguel?

Miguel: Brenda, how you doing?

Brenda: I'm not good. Listen to me. Sonny and lily are getting married on Friday. What are we gonna do about it?

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