GH Transcript Thursday 12/28/95

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 12/28/95


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(AJ fights with his family and storms off in a drunken rage; Jason tries to stop him from driving, but AJ won’t listen and the two end up in a fateful car crash; Brenda joins Robin and Sonny as they scatter Stone’s ashes.)

Ned: As far as I'm concerned, the way grandfather took control of l&b wasn't just conniving, it was deliberately deceitful.

No doubt about it.



Ned: So, on that basis, I want the sale of Brenda Barrett's shares nullified. Am I understood?


Perfectly clear.

No question.

Ok. Well, once that's accomplished, grandfather will still own 60% of the company. So obviously I want to nullify Eddie Maine's contract as well.

I can see why you would.

And I want it set up so that he can perform as soon as possible.


We have a problem.

Why is that?

You can't do that.

Excuse me?

[Doorbell rings]


Hi. Is this a bad time?

No. Come in.


In fact, it's great timing. I was going to suggest when sonny got here--

Sonny's coming here? Now?

We're going to scatter stone's ashes.

Oh, honey.

It's ok. I feel pretty peaceful about it.

You have been so amazing through all of this. You've been so dignified. I could use a little of that. You know what, I'm going to come back later. So I'll just call you.

No, no, no, please stay. Come and go with us. Stone would want that.

I wish things could be the way stone wanted, but I just can't go. I want to, but I can't. But thanks for asking.

Brenda, what's going on?

Well... I really thought that sonny and I were starting to work things out, and...everything's just gone bad again.

How? I mean, why?

I can't even tell you why because I don't know.

Because of the charges against him? Did they indict him?

No, the grand jury hasn't come to a decision yet. And that wouldn't matter, because I would stand by sonny's side through anything.

I know you would.

Well, I guess he doesn't believe that.

Well, then you have to show him.

I can't show him if he doesn't want me. He's starting to push me away again, and I have a really bad feeling that this time it's for good.



Oh, I'm fine, I'm fine.

You are not fine. You are totally sloshed.

No, I just--I just need to sit down for a little bit. I--I couldn't think of where else to go.

AJ, how did you get here? Please don't tell me you drove.

That--um--the car's over at Murphy's. I just stopped in to have a couple.

No joke.

I said to myself, where can I go to see a smiling face?

Whoo, boy! Hey, AJ!


Glad you stopped by. Did I miss something?

AJ's been drinking again.

Listen, I had a couple drinks, Keesha. I'm not drunk.

It looks like more than a couple to me.

Yeah, well-- I thought you and I had an understanding. Why don't you just take out a billboard?

Sorry, AJ. But it's finally gotten through to me I'm not doing you any favors. Anyway, I think it would have been obvious the minute you opened your mouth or tried to stand up.

[Scoffs] Ohh. [Chuckles] I can stand up. I just... don't choose to.

That's the booze making choices for you. Ok. Let's get you home, pal.

Home. Home. Home is where the heart is, right? Hmm?


Let's face it, AJ. You have no other place to go.

You need help. AJ, you can't keep doing this to yourself.

Why not? Who cares?

A lot of people. Your family may not be perfect, but you know what, they love you. And right now, they're all you got.

[Laughing] She wonders why I drink. At least I had a couple friends.

You have better friends than you know. All right, come on. Let's go.

Ok, ok, ok. Let go! I can get home on my own, all right?


What are you doing? Stop--give--

I'm disabusing you of any thoughts you may have of driving home.

This, uh, this is a favor? What is it, friendship?

Yes, this is friendship, and it's also family helping family. You don't want to do that, ok? Now, easy does it.

That's right. One day at a time. One day at a time. Hey, listen, um, why don't you just take me to a meeting right now, you know? Give me a little shot of platitudes.

Not until you're prepared to listen to what they have to say.

Justus, do you want me to go with you?

No, no. I think one friend is enough, right?

I think I can handle it.

He can handle it.

Come on.

I don't understand, you know, how he can say "I love you" to me and then tell me to go away. He said that we don't have a future together anymore.

You think because he's afraid he'll get convicted?

No, he--either way, he tried to make that very clear, only nothing is clear to me anymore. I thought that we were getting through something together, you know. I thought we were getting past all that fear and doubt and pain.

Hey, I could tell.

You could tell?

Just from the way you guys looked at each other in that courtroom.

Really? Ohh, robin. I was starting to feel like all of that was just a dream. Because... everything's just bad again.

Well, you know what stone said. You have to hang in there. Just keep trying.

How could I try if he won't even let me near him?

Stay and be a part of this.

I want--I want to so much. But I just can't. You know I love stone, right? But I can't let sonny think that I'm trying to exploit stone's memory.

You know what stone would say to that, don't you? Go ahead and grab a chance. He told you pointblank to use his death to get back with sonny. Go for it.

I can't. I shouldn't. It's not right. This isn't about me. This is for you. You know? Well, I'll call you later, ok?


Brenda Barrett was strong-armed. She was lied to by my grandfather. She thought she was maintaining the status quo.

Mr. Quartermaine, you see, technically, is under no responsibility regarding miss Barrett's thought or what she didn't think.

She thought what she thought because of what he said!

But we have no witnesses to what he said. And she did agree to the sale.

Oh, that conniving old coot!

Well, be that as it may...

Wait a minute. Just now, when I said I wanted to nullify the sale of l&b, you all agreed. And when I said I wanted to nullify Eddie Maine's contract, you all agreed.

We agreed to the concepts, not the actuality.

You were nodding away. All of you.

Because we sympathize with your desire.

I don't pay you for your sympathy. I didn't bring you down here so you could tell me that there's nothing you can do! You are lawyers. You can do anything!

Unfortunately... not this time.

Well, if you're still looking for loopholes, I'm afraid all you're going to end up with is eyestrain. Because there aren't any. Didn't your overpriced solicitors tell you that? I saw them when I came home, skulking through the gates like a trio of chagrined hounds. I assume that's what the little consultation was about?

If you're here to do something other than gloat, grandfather, let's get to it. Otherwise, I am unavailable.

Well, actually, I'm here on the l&b issue.

An attack of conscience? Huh. No.

[Chuckles] Hardly. But, you know, I think that the transaction, legitimate though it was, generated an unhappy climate, hmm?

For business?

For anything. So I'm going to try to soothe the troubled waters, so to speak. Put this behind us, leaving Lois free to get on with her new venture.

Oh. Well, despite what you think, what you want isn't necessarily what's going to happen. L&b is hardly a dead issue.

Oh, come on, Ned! Surely I taught you better than that. When you pay your attorneys their exorbitant fees, you have to listen to what they say. And when they tell you that you've been bested, then you cut your losses and you move on.

Are you planning to say something new anytime soon?

I want to allay the discord, to promote peace and harmony within the family.

Since when?

And in the interest of that, how about a little present for Lois?

A consolation prize. She'll love that.

Ooh, it's a gift from the heart. As well as from the pocketbook. Come on. Come on, let me show it to you.



How you doing?

Uh, I'm a little antsy. But I'm ok.

I guess there's no word on the grand jury hearing yet?

It's happening as we speak behind closed doors, and I wasn't invited. Or my attorney.

That doesn't seem right.

Yeah, well, that's the way it is.

Sonny, I really want everything to be ok for you.

Thanks, but, uh, somehow or another, I got a feeling everything's going to straighten itself out.


One way or another.

Brenda was here earlier. Sonny, she's really hurt--

Robin, no.

Can I just say one thing? For stone?

See, that's playing dirty, now.

No, no, no, that's being real. I guess you could say it's none of my business, but the people we love are our business. You know, sometimes I can feel his arms around me. And I'm so grateful then to my senses and the memory that they have. And even though there's this awful pain that I'm never going to have him again for real, I'm so grateful for every minute we had together. Even the bad ones.

Robin, I know where you're going with this and I don't--

I'm sorry. But, sonny, you and I have been through a lot together.

Yes, we have.

And we learned a lot from stone. About loving.

Yeah, yeah, the kid never let up. Now he's got you carrying the message, huh?

Stone knew about love and how precious it is and how you can't waste a breathing moment. You and Brenda love each other.

Robin, wait, wait. Ok, look. You said what you wanted to say and I heard you. Leave it alone now.

Sonny, I love you, ok?

And I love you, robin, but this is--it's not up for discussion. I'm asking you to let it go. You learned something about that from stone, too, right?

Yeah, but it's hard. But if that's what you want...

Yes, it is. So, uh... still friends?


So, uh... where we going to scatter stone's ashes? [Chuckles]

I think I figured out the perfect place.

[Keesha sighs]

Ah, what's this, napping on the job?

Caught in the act.

You weren't sleeping, you were crying.

No, this is just how I look when I wake up.

Keesha, I've seen you wake up and that's not how you look.

Well, maybe it is when I've been sleeping alone.

Oh, no. No, no. What's going on?

Keesha, if something's hurting you, I want to know about it. Now, come on, what's going on?

You're going to find out anyway as soon as you get home. AJ was just here, drunk as a skunk. Justus took him back to the house.

Oh, no. I knew it! I knew that one slip couldn't be it.

I really thought after the accident with your father, he was scared enough to stop.

Yeah, well, I've been afraid ever since he was building up to it. God, all the signs were there.

He wasn't building up. He's been at it for a while, even before that.


Jason, I'm mortified. I was trying to help and I did everything wrong.

Wait a minute, wait a minute. Are you telling me AJ's been drinking right along and you knew?

I'm sorry. I caught him twice. The first time was at--actually, the day after robin's birthday party, after the whole Carla mess, and--

Keesha, that was weeks ago!

I know, I thought it was just that one incident, and that I'd be right to give him another chance. He told me he had it under control.

Yeah, and you believed him?

I felt sorry for him.

Oh, boy.

If anyone had a reason to drink--

But, Keesha, with an alcoholic, reason does not play a part. It's any excuse. And self-pity run rampant. Manipulation of people who care about them into enablers.

I guess I qualify. And then after the accident, he was so contrite. I really believed that he would never touch alcohol again. He begged me not to tell the family that it had happened before.

He conned you into holding out on me.

It was hard. But you were always so mean to him.

Keesha, you are a soft touch to him. How many times did I tell you?

A lot. I know, I know. What can I say? I'm sick about it, ok?

No, hold on, you are not the sick one. Ok. Ok. Ok. Just tell me the rest of it, ok? You said it happened twice.

The other night at your house. I was looking for you and I went into the den and he was sitting there alone brooding, with a glass of something he insisted was tonic water, but he was acting really strange. Just sort of babbling on about your grandfather and the family.

Yeah, yeah, I know that number.

I called him on it, though. I asked him straight out if he was drinking again, and he denied it totally.

Denial is the name of the game.

[Sighs] I know I should have told you. Now I've probably set him back, and everything is worse than it was before. I feel so responsible.

Damn it, you are not responsible. You see, that's exactly how he wants you to feel, and he's going to play it for all it's worth, Keesha. You played into him. You played into him. You played into him.

I know! I know! I am sorry. I don't blame you for being mad.


I'm not. I'm not. I--oh, man. Not at you. I mean, how can I be when I've been taken in any number of times? I just know how he operates now.

Jason, his pain and his misery and his low self-esteem, that's all real.

Well, that's true, Keesha. And they don't get any less real from pouring booze all over them.

He swore he was going to stop.

Yeah, right. Yeah, right. Well, he's going to. Or he's going to face the consequences. No more protection. No more cover-ups.

I don't understand what you're getting so upset about. I'm already starting to sober up.

Yeah, at the thought of your family finding out.

Look, that doesn't have to happen if you don't blab. Listen, all I need to do... is just go upstairs and sleep some of this right out of my eyes, and no one will ever know.

You know who has to know, AJ? You do. And the best way for you to get that information into your gut is for you to start telling the truth.

Well, cousin, the truth is a relative concept.

To Quartermaines, maybe. But they'll know as soon as it hits them in the face. And you need to tell them what you've been going through, how long, and what you're up against. Then you need to get yourself into rehab right now, tonight.

Yeah, right, yeah. So I can just get another one of the standard 30-day brainwashing sessions, is that it?

You know, for as much garbage as you've got running through your head, your brain could use a little sudsing down.

Right. Look, I had--had a relapse. A slip. And I can come back from it. People do all the time.

Not by themselves, AJ.

Fine. Look, I'll go to the meetings, Justus. I'll work the steps. I'll-- I'll swill down the slogans. I know the routine.

Yeah, and with that attitude, you'll last about 3 days, tops.

So when did you become such an expert?

I've seen people in recovery. But they don't stay there if they keep kidding themselves. Or if their misbegotten friends and family keep trying to save them from reality.

What do you know about my reality?!

I know that whatever it is, it's yours to deal with, AJ. It's your future, your life! It's got nothing to do with your family. Or with paying them back for what they've done to you or what they continue to do to you. It's about what you do to you!

I'm impressed.

You should be. So should Lois. Here, come in. Rev it up. And feel the leather in those seats, huh?

Oh, yeah. It even smells expensive.


It's a beauty. Very classy. Full of pizzazz.

Mm-hmm. Like Lois herself.

Mm-hmm. And I know just what my innately classy wife is going to think of this.

Hmm? Hmm. 3q save them.

You have to admit, it's a hell of a car.

Oh, it sure is. And just how do you, um, think Lois Marie Cerullo Ashton will react to this blatant bribery?

Well, it's too big to blow out my ear.

That would capture the essence of her response, I imagine. In other words, she'll see it the same way as I do--as an out and out admission of your guilt.

It's no such thing! Since when did you become so self-righteous and scrupulous? I am making a simple attempt to restore harmony in my household.

Yeah, lots of luck.

What the Sam hill is that all about?


[Inhales and exhales] Yeah. This feels good.

He was so crazy and happy and wild that night here.

Man, it's dark down there.

[Chuckles] And far. We threw a rock down there, and it took forever to make a splash.

You going to tell me stone actually jumped from here? Oh-ho!

It was wonderful. I don't think I've ever seen him that happy.


Luke connected him to the bungee, and... I yelled, "I love you!" I was so afraid that would be the end, right there. And then he yelled back, "I love you, robin!" And just jumped out into the night.

I always said he had more guts than anybody I ever met.

After he bounced back and Luke had pulled him over, he said it had been like flying, only better. Like he was in another dimension.

I guess that's where he is now, huh?

[Sighs] I hope he's as happy as he was that night here. After that, he took Luke's advice and make that wish list. You know, he did almost everything on that list. Some of them were so silly, but it made him feel good to be like, "yes, I meant to, and I did it."

I know which one he felt best about getting. This one.

So I wouldn't forget him. As if.

We did everything we could for him, didn't we, robin?

He just ran out of time, that's all. Sonny... Brenda's here. Please.

Before you--

Keesha told me what happened.

Well, I'm sure she didn't tell you my side of what happened.

I'm glad you're here. Your brother needs help.

Now that you know that...

Well, we'll see. Look, I don't mean to back out of a bad situation, but I think this is best handled by the people who are close to--

Hello! Am I in this room here?

Forget I'm home, Justus. Um, I'll call you later.

Good luck. Like I said, buddy, it's up to you.

Oh, yeah, hey, I got a myriad of choices, don't I?

You do have some choices.

Oh, this is where you set up the conditions so you don't tell mommy and daddy?

In your dreams.

Come on, man, why make it any tougher on me?

Why are you asking me that, AJ? That's a question you should be asking yourself.

Why should I, Jason? You always seem to have all the answers.

Yeah, and you're back to the point where your answer to everything is another drink. And another and another.

For cryin' out loud, will you just get off your pulpit! Everything with you, everything is a moral issue. It's not a problem, Jason. It never was a problem.

I see. I see, you never had a problem. All the arrests for drunk driving, the hush-ups, the payoffs to get the charges dropped. A month in the drunk tank. Well, that's poor AJ being the family scapegoat again. If you think I'm gonna stand here and listen to your manipulation and rationalization--

Enough! You're just gonna stand there and pontificate in that fine upstanding self-righteous way you do!

Well, it's better than whining and sniveling, isn't it? Or exploiting someone who cares about you.

You tell me when I ever got close enough to anyone to exploit them.

Well, you got close enough to Keesha, didn't you? You just used her to get you sicker, didn't you?

This is about Keesha, isn't it? Hmm?

No. No. I'm not biting, AJ. Because if I start swallowing your bull, I'll be in big trouble. know, I'm out of this. I'm done. That's it. Go ahead. Go right ahead in your grandiose, self-pitying, pathetic way, submerge yourself into the bottle. Go ahead. But don't come to me for help.

Great. That's fine. We all know AJ's a hopeless drunk. Tell you what, pal. I'll drink to that. Well, that was effective. That was effective. The song of an alcoholic. "To hell with you if it kills me."

What's going on in here?

Join me, grandfather. We can watch AJ self-destruct together.

That's right, I'm drunk, grandfather. Why don't you pull yourself up a chair and watch me get a little drunker, huh?

You impudent pup!

Ho ho! Bull's-eye! You want to try for two? Why don't you get your little hatchet, you know, so you can just chop up the bar. We all know how good you are at your little hatchet jobs.

You're damn lucky it wasn't your hand and the next time it will be.

I think you took care of that.

Listen to me, you little jackass, I will not accept the blame for the wreckage that you have made of your life. And I will not stand here and watch you drown yourself in alcohol and self-pity. Well, somehow I think I'm gonna be able to get along just fine without your customary show of support.

And furthermore, I will not cover for you, and I will not protect you from the law and I will not pay one dime to salvage your reputation ever again.

Well, yee-hah! Now I can finally start having some fun.

AJ, for god's sake, when are you gonna wake up?

Excuse me? Excuse me, weren't you the guy who just said "I don't care"?

No, that's not what I said. I said I wasn't gonna help you destroy your life. Can't you see that's what you're doing?

So what?

So quit the self-pity and get into a rehab. Nobody else can do it for you.

Did I ask for your advice or opinion? I don't think so.


Ho! Great. Now you got reinforcements. Well, I hope you all brought your own ammo, 'cause I think the golden boy and granddaddy here are just about out.

What is going on here? You've got this child frightened half to death.

I frightened her? I was merely responding to the fact that your son is a stinking drunk!

AJ, what happ--

Don't, Monica. Don't try to kiss it and make it better.

Oh, no, hey, god forbid anybody try.

Are you happy now, AJ? You have us all now exactly where you want us. Father's throwing things. Your brother's turned inside out. Your mother's heartsick. This child's frightened to death. And it all revolves around you.

Well, you forgot yourself, dad. Where are you in all this?

Me? I'm scared to death. I'm scared not because of the flying glass or the screaming, but I'm scared for your life. I'm scared that I'm gonna find you in the gutter or dead in a totaled car or in a mental ward with a wet brain. I'm scared of watching helplessly while you select one of these options. I'm scared that you're gonna drag this entire family down with you.

That's fine. Nobody has to watch. Out of sight, out of mind. I'll just go hole up in my room. I don't care.

No, you won't. No, you won't. You are going to stay and you are going to make a choice. You either check yourself into a rehab tonight or you leave this house and find yourself someplace else to live while you kill yourself.


And you will also find yourself some way to support yourself. I may not be able to cut off your trust fund, but I'm cutting off your allowance, AJ. I am not gonna stand by and just watch you kill yourself. You find some other way to support yourself.

Listen, don't you make me a part of this, Alan.

Monica, what are you gonna do? You gonna finance his ruin?

I know you think you're doing this for his good, but you're not.

No, I'm no longer concerned about his good. I am now only concerned about the welfare of everybody else in this house.

Oh, hey, way to go, dad! That's just what the boy needs, a dose of tough love. You got the tough part down real good, don't you? It's the love angle you have a little trouble with. That's all right. I'll tell you what. You should practice on everybody else. Tell you what, everybody. It's been a slice. I'm outta here.

Alan, you--

Ok, ok, mom, don't panic. Look, he can't go far. I'll handle it. No, no, dad, you stay with mom, please.


Thank you. Hi.


Oh, this is where you and Luke brought him to bungee jump, right? It's perfect.

The river flows through port Charles and out into the lake.

[Takes deep breath] Will you do it?

No, no, no, I think you should.



It's all yours.

Come on.

Ok, help me up. Wow.


I love you. I love you.



Oh, man.


That's beautiful. This car...

What are you doing? You can't drive the shape you're in.

There's gotta be somewhere--

Get out of the car, AJ. Get out--give me the keys. Give me the keys! Give me the keys. I'm not messing around. You can't drive like this. Give me the--you're not--you-- give me the keys.

Now it's just a box.

We did good. It was a good thing.

Sonny, you could go to ruby's right now and talk to Brenda.

It wouldn't be fair. Not to Brenda and not to me.

I don't understand. You guys were so close an hour ago.

Maybe it's not yours to understand, like a lot of things. Now, I got to--I got to check my messages. Can I use your phone?

Yeah. It's there.

Sonny: Ok. That was my lawyer. The grand jury handed up a verdict.

Robin: Sonny, what?

Ned: There's gotta be something.

[Tires screeching]


[Door closes]

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