GH Transcript Monday 5/15/95

General Hospital Transcript Monday 5/15/95


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(Luke and Sonny take out Scully’s men in a shootout at Luke’s house; Stone worries that his HIV positive blood has gotten on Robin; Brenda is scraped up and scared, but alive; Frisco and Felicia make love.)

Frisco: The rhinoceroses makes this horrible, haunting sound, especially when he's looking for his dinner. He goes... [Makes honking sound]

Maxie: Ha. Daddy, are you saying "hungry?"

Frisco: No. Rhinoceroses can't speak English.

Maxie: Do another one.

Frisco: Right, ok. Tell me what this one is, ok? It's a tough one. [Clapping and smacking]

Maxie: A crocodile.

Frisco: That's right. It's a crocodile. And what's he doing, huh? He's giving kisses.

Maxie: Crocodiles kiss?

Frisco: Absolutely, they kiss. They kiss just like people. You know when they really kiss? When they kiss their little crocodids goodnight when they go to bedtime, or swamp time. That's exactly what we have to do now. We have to get Maxie to go to bed pretty soon, ok?

Maxie: No. One more? Please?

Frisco: Please? Why say "please" like that? Ok. Now, this one you have to get right. Tell me what this one is. [Snoring]

Maxie: Scary. A tiger?

Frisco: [Snoring]

Maxie: A lion?

Frisco: [Snoring]

Maxie: A panther?

Frisco: No. It's daddy snoring if Maxie doesn't go to bed. Now come on, young lady. It's a school night. Come on. You heard me. You heard me.

Maxie: Daddy.

One more, ok?

Some technique.

Gets the results, doesn't it?

Yes, and I can't believe it. Normally it takes me about an hour and a half to get Maxie down. That's her bedtime ritual from the time I actually tell her to go to sleep to the time she actually drops off. I think you did it in half the time.

Ah, well. It's nothing.


Yeah. Uh, you know, silence in the jungle is a sign of danger. Here it seems to be, I don't know, something you wish for, huh?

Yeah, it's bliss. How did you do it?

Didn't you hear me?

Well, how did you really do it? Did you bribe her?

Oh, please. You know, the league of fathers, just like the society of magicians, never give away their secrets.

Make an exception.

Well, ok. Just this once. She's into "the lion king," right?

We know this.

Well, so what I did is I just impersonated a lot of those animals. Very authentic imitations if I must say so myself. And then this stroke of genius hit me. I told her that eventually all the animals go down for bedtime, right? So I told her, "why don't you pretend you're a baby giraffe going down to sleep?" But of course, we all know that giraffes have no voices.


I thought so.

You're pleased with yourself, aren't you?

Extremely. So what now?

Wait a minute and I'll go change into something more comfortable.

Now. Go, go.

What happened?

Don't move. Just lie still.

I'm scared. Are they going to kill us?

It's ok. It's ok. You just don't move.

Who were they?

I don't know.

Where'd they go?

They went to Sonny's.


Oh! Robin, you're bleeding. You were hit.

Oh, god. I can't feel it. Where is it?

I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. Ow! Aah!

Oh, stone! We're hit.

Oh, my god. No, no, no. No, no, no! No.

What are you doing?

For god's sake!



Anybody hit?

No. You?



Stay put! Cover me.

All right.

This one's out. What's your count?

4 altogether.

Yeah, well, there's one down here. There's one hit in the kitchen. That leaves the one that went outside. Are you all right, cowboy?

Yeah. Yes, sir.

Take him down to the basement. I'll get number 4.

No, dad. Come on--

Do it!

Come on. Come on.

Laura! Stay where you are.

Whoa, whoa. Come on, come on. Go.

Sonny, what about my mother? What do we do?

She's upstairs. Now, what I want you to do is I want you to get into the basement.

Sonny, look. I cannot leave--

No arguments. Get down there now! Please, come on.


Atta boy. Come on.

You'll be careful?

Get in. Go.

Luke. Sonny: Luke!

It's ok, it's ok. That's my girl. That's my girl. Shh. It's ok. Foster, guard. Foster.

No, not you.

What? Stone, it's you.

There's blood all over you.

Stop, you're hit.

There's blood all over you. My--don't touch me. Don't touch me.

Just let me take it off. It'll--stone, come back here. You're bleeding. Stone!

Hi. Are you hurt?

No, I'm fine. But stone, he's bleeding all over the place.

All right. Stay with her. Come on, we check upstairs. Bb8

[ Female announcer ]

Only degree antiperspirant

There. Much better.

Yeah. Yeah, much. Comfortable, huh? Ahem. It's always good to be comfortable. You know, I never get to read the paper anymore. Never get to read the news.

Well, you're just too busy making it. I wonder if I've ever read any stuff about you and just didn't know it.

Well, they never write about what we do. You know, this is nice, sitting around like this. Really nice.


I never lie, Mrs. Jones. Ever.

What did you just read? No cheating.

And no quizzes. Now give me the paper. I'm looking for a job.

Ha. Yeah, right.

I am. When are you going to take me seriously that I'm going to stay here? And I need to find gainful employment.

And what line of work interests you?

A lot of different things. I can do a lot of things. I'm a very well-rounded guy. Hey, hey. Careful, careful.

Ok. It's too bad the mayor already hired a new police commissioner.

I'm not interested. I'm leaving that type of work.

This is serious.

Well, I told you. When are you going to start believing me? Got a pencil?


I still don't know how you do that.

Prehensile toes. You either have them or you don't. What was that?

Pet store owner.

Oh, give me a break.

I just told you that I'm very good with animals. Oh, here's another one. Librarian.

Excuse me?

Yes. Nice, quiet.

Sorry, but you have to have a degree in library science for that.

Do you?


Oh, that's no good. I hate that screwy decimal system. It's always giving me trouble.

Dewey. Dewey.

Do we what?

Frisco, are you out of your mind? What's that?

A museum guard. Don't you see? That would be perfect. It'd be something where I could look at art all day and every now and then have a little action with your attempted heist.

Oh, yes. I can just see it. "Excuse me, sir, but can you tell me where the water fountain is? I'm thirsty." "Sir! Where's my son? I've lost him. He's about this tall in blue jeans with a baseball cap."

Yeah, please, please. You've got a point there. Maybe that's not the right one for me. Hey, look at this, huh? Frosty freeze manager. Could work with chocolate and vanillas all day.

And banana. Don't forget the banana.

Of course. You've got to have banana. And you could have the sprinkles and the syrups and, you know. Sounds great, don't you think?

Yeah. Maxie would love it.

Yes. Yes, see? She would love that.

Mm-hmm. But you'd hate it. You'd hate all of them.

Well, Felicia, I am trying to find a job because I am serious about staying here with my family.

But you're not a museum guard. You're not a librarian. You're not a pet shop owner. You are Frisco.

Yeah. Yeah. And who is he? Hmm? It's coming back to me. I'm getting it now. I see him. I can see who he is. Maxie: Daddy. I need you. I need you right now. Daddy.

Well, I guess your giraffe just learned how to talk.

Laura. 3q save them.



Check the other rooms, quick. Brenda. Brenda, it's ok. It's me. It's harry.


It's ok, it's ok. Take it easy, kid. Calm down, calm down. It's all over.

It is?

Yeah, yeah. It's ok. It's ok. Are you ok?

I don't--he came up behind me.

What happened?

Harry, I was in the shower and this guy came in with a machine gun. I threw myself on the floor right before he started shooting.

Oh, smart girl.

There's bullet holes all over. And I--I'm all cut up, I think on my head.

Shh. Let me take a look, let me take a look. These bums, they're shooting up innocent people. All right, listen. It's just a nick there, and these scalp wounds, they bleed like crazy. But it's ok, it's not serious. Come on. Come here, come on. Come on. Come on.

Thank you, harry.


Thank you.


Back room's all clear.

Yeah, thanks pat. Make sure the front entrance is secured and see how the other two guys are holding up.

What other two guys, harry?

Ah, well, two of our guards took hits.

Where's sonny at?

He's not here.

Where is he?

He went over to Luke's.

He's at Luke's house? Ok, that's good, right? Because he's gonna be safe at Luke's. Wait a minute, what if they start shooting--

No, no, no, no, don't worry. Sonny's ok. He can take care of himself.

What about robin? Where's robin? She was just here a second ago.

She's fine, she's fine. She's downstairs. I'll bring her up. Now, you sit tight, all right?


You ok?

Yes. No, wait--

I'll be right back.


Laura! Answer me, honey. Laura! Laura!


[ Female announcer ]

I love my hair

Honey. Honey, you all right?

Lucky. Where's lucky?

He's safe, he's safe. He's in the basement. What about baby?

Upstairs. I put her in the closet.

Ok. It's over. Laura, go up to lulu. I'll bring lucky up as soon as I know the coast is clear. Laura?


I'll bring lucky up. Go up to lulu. Come on, honey. It's over. It's over. Go up to lulu. Come on, baby. It's over. You're ok. Go to lulu. Go on, baby. It's ok. We're ok.

Aw, man.

Is it clear?

I couldn't see the car. They must've run for it.

I can't believe the neighborhood slept through this.

I'm sorry, Luke.

Save it. You almost got your butt blown off. Come on, man. One last look around the house. Just sweep the perimeter.

Oh, my god. Are you ok?

I'm fine. Harry said they came up here and--

I can't believe I'm still alive. Are you sure that you're ok?

I'm fine--oh, my god.

It's ok, it's ok. They shot at me in the shower, but I think I just got cut up from the glass. It was so unbelievable, robin. The noise was so loud. And I threw myself on the floor of the shower. And I think I just got cut up from the glass, but I think I'm really lucky. There's bullet holes all over the wall in the bathroom and the shower. They're all over.

Ok. We've got to get you to a doctor. Sit down.

Oh, god.

Shh. It's ok.

I just need to catch my breath for a second. Everything's going to be-- what the hell is going on?

I don't know. I'm still trying to figure it out. I found stone.

You found stone?

I found him and I was starting to talk to him and then I didn't even know what was happening. The noise, you're right, it's really loud. All this glass was just breaking around us, and he protected me. And then the two guys ran up here, I guess. They must have--

Wait a minute. What is this? Why do you have blood on you?

It's Stone's.

It's stone's? Stone was shot?

In the leg.

Where is he?

He protected me. I don't know, he just took off.

You don't know where he is? Why? Ok. I'm sorry.

He was just acting really weird, like he didn't want to be around. I don't blame him with all this stuff going on.

I don't know what's going on anymore. Ok, I'm sorry. Robin, I have to ask you. Please tell me. Stone told you something about sonny, right? He told you where sonny is.

No, I'm sorry.

He didn't? Sonny told me that Joe Scully's guys might try something. He told me to move out for a couple of days and I wouldn't listen to him. My god, I can't believe all of this over a nightclub.

Maybe harry knows.

Harry told me that sonny is over at Luke's. But I was thinking if the hit was on Luke's club, then it was also on Luke. And if they're over there, then maybe the guys went over there and started--

They'll be ok. They'll be ok.

That's what harry said. But what if they're not? Robin, we were caught by surprise by these people, and we're lucky that we're not dead. And what if sonny and Luke aren't that lucky?

Maybe you could call?

I was thinking about calling, but I don't think it's a good idea. I don't know, I think that maybe I should just wait here and see if sonny calls, or maybe harry knows what's going on. Harry's going to find out.

Ok. Oh, can I use the phone then, please? I'm not up to this, but I have to call my uncle Mac.

Ok, you call Mac. But just don't stay on the phone for very long, ok?

I won't.

So how did you get her back down?

Well, a little more animal talk. I told her this story about when I was in Kenya and I was in the Serengeti plain and I was in my sleeping bag, and I was looking up and I saw the biggest, most beautiful stars and the most beautiful sky I'd ever seen. I told her that the stars are very important because it kind of, you know, puts us all on the same planet and connects us. And she loved hearing the names of the stars, Orion, Ursa major, Pleiades. And I told her that she should probably close her eyes and dream about those stars. So she did. With the promise that we'd paint stars on the ceiling of her room tomorrow.

There it was, the bribe. I knew it, I knew it.

It'll be fun. Besides, she's asleep.

You're a genius.

Well, I still think that daddy being home is a bit of a novelty.

No kidding. For all of us. But it's a wonderful novelty.

Oh, that's reassuring. Weren't we in the middle of something?

Come here and I'll remind you exactly what. In Brookside chocolate,

Well, I'll tell you what. It may have been a long time, but it comes right back, doesn't it?

Yeah. Like riding a bike.

Yeah. It's not quite as much fun, huh?

You brute.

Oh, stop it. I love when you talk to me like that. Felicia, I mean, seriously. Come on. I mean, where did all that come from, huh? Whoo.

Me, remembering what I've been missing. And reminding you of what you will be missing.

Honey, I'm not missing nothing. Because I'm not going anywhere.


Why are you having such a hard time believing me?

Why do you have such a hard time understanding why I have such a hard time believing you?

You're the mother of my children.

Yes. And I love you. And no, I don't believe you.

Do you think that I'm lying to you?

No, I don't think you're lying. Otherwise, I wouldn't be here with you right now. I think that you believe that you're going to try to stay, but actually staying and talking about it are two different things.

I know that. I know, I know.

Front looks ok.

The back's clear too.

No sign of a car.

Maybe they had a driver. Or maybe he split when they took too long. Yes, I want to report an attack on my house. Spencer. 24 royal street. It's the big old house with the porch back up under the trees. We've got dead and wounded. Hey, I ain't going anywhere. 5 minutes. I gotta get lucky.

[Phone ringing]

I'll get it. Hello?

Hi. It's me.

Thank you. Thank you. Sonny? Are you ok?

Uh, yeah, I'm fine, honey. How about you?

They attacked the club, and they attacked our apartment. They came into the bathroom and they shot at me with a machine gun.

You ok?

I was standing in the shower and suddenly I got this really strange feeling. And I turned around and I saw the shadow of this man with a machine gun. And I threw myself on the floor right before he started shooting. So I'm ok, I just have some cuts all over me from the glass. But sonny, I think stone was shot. I mean, they were standing out in front of the club when these guys showed up, and robin said that he saved her. But I think he was shot in the leg. Robin's ok, and Harry's here. I'm so happy to hear your voice. Are you at Luke's house? Is everything quiet over there?

Yeah, for now.

What do you mean?

They sent a hit team out here and they shot up the place pretty bad, but Luke and Laura are doing fine.

And you?

Yeah, I told you, sweetheart. I'm doing fine and I'm very proud of you, baby. You're a brave lady.

Sonny, I want to be with you.

Hang in there, sweetheart. I'll be there as soon as I can. The cops are gonna be here and I need to give them a statement.

I love you.

You too, sweetheart. Listen, uh, I'll see you as soon as I can. Is harry there? Can I speak to him?

Thanks. How you doing, kid?

4 for us and none for them. How you doing, harry?

Uh, two of our guards took hits, but I think they're gonna be ok. Now, I called the cops and the club is secure.

These are amateurs, harry. They took their best shot and we're still here to talk about it. What does that tell you?

Well, let's hope this is the end of it.

I got a good feeling. Hey, listen. Um, when the cops get to the club, be cool, ok? You don't know anything.


And get somebody looking for stone, ok?

It's done.

Thanks, harry.

Ok, sonny. Ok, sonny will be here as soon as he can. And I think all the trouble's over.

Any word on stone?

I'll be getting somebody on that right away.

Thank you.

Ok now, you sure you don't want to go to the hospital?

No. Not right now.

Ok. Just stay cool. We got our guys all around. Ok.

Brenda, I'm really glad sonny's ok. But stone's out there. He's hurt and he's alone.

Come on, come on. Hey. You're ok. You're ok. Everybody's ok.

I thought you weren't going to be able to come get me.

Oh, no, no. It's all right. It's over, baby. It's over, it's over. It's over. You're cool. You're cool.

Oh. It's like a war zone.

Yeah, yeah. We got a big mess to clean up.

They hit the apartment.

Anybody hurt?

Two of my guys and stone.


No, no. He's alive. He was shot. Apparently he's still standing, but for some damn reason he takes off running. Harry's got somebody after him. But Brenda's got glass cuts when they took out the shower.

We were lucky.

Dad, I want--

Your son did-- he did a wonderful job.

Yeah, I know.

I want to go see my mom and I want to see Lu.

Ok, so do I. I'm--


Are you two all right?

I'm fine.

Brenda. Brenda, harry said you got cut up.

I'm ok.

Is this blood?

It's Stone's.

He was involved in this?

No. Only because he was caught in the crossfire just like I was.

Where is he now?

I don't know.

He bailed on you?

No, it wasn't like that. As soon as the shooting started, he covered me to protect me. He saved my life and he got shot for his trouble. I don't know what happened, he just freaked and panicked or something, but he left. But uncle Mac, his first thought was to save me.

Ok, ok. All right, look. We'll get into this another time. I just want to get you home and cleaned up.

I want to find out about stone. The police should be here any minute and I have to give a statement anyway, don't I?

Yes. I'm just glad you're alive. Both of you. 3q save them.

You're challenging me, aren't you? That's exactly what you're doing. You're challenging me. And you know what I'm going to do? I'm taking your challenge and I'm going to prove you wrong and I'm staying.

Ha ha ha. Ok.

I am. I'm going to talk to Maxie tomorrow morning. I'm going to explain everything to her, exactly the way I feel, and she's going to believe me.

Yes, she will believe you. So don't tell her.

She keeps asking me if I'm going to stick around.

If you're here, she'll know that you're here. If you're not here, she'll know that you're not here.

Why can't I give my daughter a little reassurance?

And what if you can't deliver on your promise? What kind of reassurance would that be then?

Uh, miss, I'm gonna need a statement from you, too, if I could. Could I get your name, please?

Robin Scorpio. Um, I was downstairs with my boyfriend, Michael Cates--um, stone Cates. He was shot. Could somebody please try and find him? He left right after it happened.


I don't know. I don't even know where he went.

He left under his own power?

Yeah, but he was bleeding. Look. Please.

All right. I'm gonna have-- run a check on him. We're definitely gonna want to speak to him, too. Can I get a description?

Tall, um...long dark hair. Very handsome. He was wearing dark clothes.

Ok, look. I'm gonna call this in and then I still need to get the rest of that statement from you.


Mac: Brenda. When this is over with, you want to come home with us?

Brenda: Thanks. I think that I'd better wait to see sonny first.

Lucky: Mom? Mom?

Laura: I can't do this anymore. I can't.

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