GH Transcript Wednesday 2/8/95

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 2/8/95


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(Monica is uncomfortable with the idea of sex with Alan after her mastectomy; Mac is furious with Robin when she admits to having slept with Stone; Brenda gives advise to Stone.)

Alan: No. It's Irving stein. Yes, it's Alan. Did you forget I was here?

Monica: Well--well-- what are you doing awake at this hour?

Alan: I guess I'm still on east coast time.

Monica: Well, sorry, but it's-- it's the middle of the night for me.

Alan: Listen, since we're both awake, maybe we could find some way to occupy our time.

Monica: Well. As long as I'm awake, I might as well take a shower.

[Door opens]

Brenda: Hey. Morning, stranger.

Stone: Wow, nice job.

Brenda: Oh. On what?

Stone: Oh, the door. Sonny had it fixed already.

Brenda: What happened to the door? And why weren't you at B.B. King?

Stone: Oh, I was. You know, Robin and I caught the first act on the video monitors up here. It was great.

Brenda: Yeah, he was hot.

Stone: Yeah, extremely. Um... but it got even hotter up here.

Brenda: I don't like the sound of that. What happened?

Stone: Ahem. Mac walked in on us.

Brenda: The door.

Stone: Mac kicked it in.

Brenda: Why didn't he just knock? Oh, wait. Ha! There's only one thing that could make Mac that mad.

Stone: We hadn't even done anything at that point.

Brenda: Oh, but you knew how he'd react.

Stone: I didn't exactly expect him to come up here.

Brenda: So Mac knew?

Stone: I don't know. He was with Luke, which was lucky, because Luke kept a lid on things while Robin and I could get away.

Brenda: Oh. And went? Where?

Mac: Where have you been?

Robin: With Stone.

Mac: No surprise there. Where were the two of you?

Robin: It's really not important.

Mac: Well, that's just not gonna fly, Robin. I'm entitled to know why you didn't come home all night!

Robin: And I've told you.

Mac: Why were you in Corinthos's apartment?

Robin: Because I was invited. Stone and I watched B.B. King on the closed circuit.

Mac: And what else?

Robin: Nothing else. You broke the door in.

Mac: Before what would have happened could happen if I hadn't interrupted.

Robin: Aren't you observant.

Mac: I can't believe this is you. Is this really what you want to do with your life?

Robin: Yes, it is, Uncle Mac, and in spite of your bullying and complete lack of understanding, it is exactly what I did do with my life.

Mac: Am I--am I missing something here? Did you just say what I thought you said?

Robin: You heard me.

Mac: No. No, Robin. I didn't want to believe this. I won't believe it.

Robin: Do you want me to spell it out for you? Stone and I slept--

Mac: I don't want to hear it!

Robin: Of course you don't. That would mean you have to take me seriously, and we certainly don't want that.

Mac: I'm gonna kill that guy. I'm gonna kill him! How could he do this to you? You are just a kid!

Robin: No, I'm not! I grew up. Unfortunately, you didn't notice.

Felicia: We're back.

Tony: You stinker. Hi.

Felicia: Hi.

Tony: How you doing?

Felicia: I'm great. She's great.

Tony: You said "she"?

Felicia: Oh, I know.

Tony: Well, how do you know?

Felicia: I just know.

Tony: Oh, it's like one of those mother's intuition things?

Felicia: I think that intuition has gotten a bad rap. I just spent the last several weeks in close, quiet communion with my baby, and I think it's perfectly plausible that I could somehow sense that she is a girl.

Tony: Well, who is science to argue with that? I'd love to have another little girl around here.

Felicia: Me, too.

Tony: It must have been hard leaving, wasn't it?

Felicia: Mm. There were tears. But I had to promise her we'd go back sometime this summer. Trip home was pretty nice. We took the southern route in order to avoid all the bad weather and we made several stops and did some sightseeing. You ever been to Gatlinburg, Tennessee?

Tony: Gatlinburg, Tennessee. No, I haven't. What's it famous for? Country music?

Felicia: Miniature golf. A huge course with a gigantic concrete dinosaur with a big water hole with this huge shark in it. Maxie thought she'd died and gone to heaven. We stayed there and played and played until they closed the place down and kicked us out, and then we picnicked on the site until the sun set.

Tony: That sounds wonderful. You know, I've always had a soft spot in my heart for concrete dinosaurs. Tony: So, where is that child and her great-grandmother?

Felicia: Downstairs. I think the trip finally caught up with them.

Tony: So, what, are you immune to fatigue?

Felicia: No, of course not. I'm just excited to be back. I wanted to come up here and check out things and see how everything was going.

Tony: Excuse me.

[Tea kettle whistling]

Felicia: This is your lucky day, tony.

Tony: How is that?

Felicia: You get to tell me everything I missed.

Mac: You are growing up. You're not grown up.

Robin: If you had your way, I never would. Look at me. Look at me! Do I look like a kid?

Mac: At this very moment? Yes. Very much. A confused, rebellious kid.

Robin: You call it rebellion. I call it making decisions for myself. It felt good being in the arms of someone who loves me. I love Stone, ok? I have been trying to tell you this for weeks. Months. Why do you refuse to accept it?

Mac: You think that's all there is to being a grownup? Just deciding you love some guy and then sleeping with him and then forgetting everything else? Robin, you have been accepted at Yale university! You've got the brains and the ability and the opportunity to do whatever it is you want in life. And you're just willing to throw it all away on a kid that'll never amount to anything.

Robin: Stop insulting Stone. And stop going on about Yale, ok? I accepted.

Mac: You accepted?

Robin: Yes. I sent the papers in a couple days ago.

Mac: That's good.

Robin: Go ahead. Ask me why.

Mac: Why?

Robin: Because Stone talked me into it. Not you. Stone.

Mac: Is that supposed to make me feel better?

Robin: Would you wake up? This isn't about you. It's about me and what I want to do with my life.

Mac: No, no, I'll tell you what you're doing with your life, Robin. I'll tell you. You are just throwing it all down the tubes on a stupid adolescent infatuation.

Miguel: A penny for your thoughts.

Lily: What? Juan?

Miguel: What? Are you nervous?

Lily: No. Actually just the opposite. I can't wait to see him. I mean, it's been almost 3 months and kids grow so fast. He's probably so much taller and he's probably learned so much more in school.

Miguel: Just remember, lily, we are going to Puerto Rico to see the Santiagos, not to see Juan.

Lily: I know. I know. Just in case they need us.

Miguel: Yes, and they probably wouldn't, so, we should not count on the idea of wanting to see him. Not that much.

Lily: How can you say that? I know you miss him as much as I do.

Miguel: Of course, I miss him. I will always miss him, lily, but I can't allow myself to want him with me.

Lily: Miguel, dreaming is only dreaming. It doesn't make it real.

Miguel: Yes, but it can make leaving him too hard. We're only human, lily. If we let ourselves want him that much, we will be tempted to make a mistake. A very selfish mistake.

Alan: Well. Feeling better?

Monica: Yeah. Pretty good, as a matter of fact.

Alan: Good.

Monica: I managed to negotiate your shower without once looking at myself in the mirror. I'm getting pretty good at that. Brushing my teeth is a little tricky, but certainly is worth the effort. There's nothing worse than a bird's eye view of a ravaged body to sour your day before it's even begun.

Alan: Is that the latest version of survival humor?

Monica: Whatever gets you through, right?

Alan: Listen to me. You have never looked more beautiful than you do to me at this moment.

Monica: Now, come on. I don't need any mollycoddling.

Alan: I'm telling you the truth.

Monica: And I don't need to be patronized.

Alan: Ok, Monica. Enough is enough. I want you to stop this.

Brenda: Um... you took Robin to a motel?

Stone: It was a very nice motel.

Brenda: Ok, Stone, please tell me that you used protection.

Stone: Man, this really beautiful night is turning into a horror show. Yes, of course, we used protection. Do you Stone: think I'm an idiot?

Brenda: [Sighs] No. Stone, ok, why isn't Robin with you right now?

Stone: She went home to face the wrath of Mac.

Brenda: And you didn't go with her?

Stone: Look, I begged her to let me come, but she insisted on going alone.

Brenda: Ok. Yeah. You know what? Under the circumstances, that was probably best.

Stone: There's no reason to be sneaking around. Besides, she shouldn't have to deal with Mac alone.

Brenda: Yeah, but you being there would just confuse the issue.

Stone: I don't know. I think Mac is more upset with me than with Robin. Maybe we should just have it out and be done with it.

Brenda: Oh, no, no. I think that you should probably rethink that plan.

Stone: Look, I'm tired of his interfering. He treats me like a piece of dirt and he treats Robin like a child.

Brenda: Ok, I know. Listen, you're probably right, but you need to...pick your battles. Going to the wall with Mac on this right now would be the worst timing.

Stone: Am I supposed to be concerned with his feelings?

Brenda: No. But you need to play this smart so you can get out from under.

Stone: By buckling under.

Brenda: No. Stone... ask yourself what is more important to you: To go try and beat up Mac or to spend time with Robin.

Felicia: So, Edward's off. Lucy and Kevin are an item.

Tony: Mm-hmm.

Felicia: And Tom is on his way back. Wow. How about things in this house? Peaceful?

Tony: Yeah. Me and Bobbie are maintaining a reasonable facsimile of peace here.

Felicia: Good for you. How about Mac and Robin?

Tony: Um... well, actually, I saved the best news for last, or I guess the worst news. Tiffany told me there were some fairly serious problems at the opening of Luke's club last night.

Felicia: Oh, what kind of trouble?

Tony: Well, it involves Mac, Robin, and Stone, and you can connect the dots.

Felicia: Oh, no. Mac does tend to froth at the mouth when it comes to Stone and Robin has developed a real stubborn streak.

Tony: And I think you get the whole picture.

Felicia: One day, they're gonna say or do something that hurts each other really bad. What if it's today?

Tony: So, you think somebody should check?

Felicia: I have the sudden urge to mediate.

Tony: Well, good luck.

Felicia: Keep the thought. I just hope I'm not too late.

Lily: A mistake. Isn't it strange that wanting to care for your own child could be a mistake?

Miguel: Yes, but for us it would be a mistake.

Lily: You sound as if you're glad that things turned out the way they did.

Miguel: No, baby, I'm just trying to make the best of what's real. 6 years of my life without you. They were like a huge black hole. And I know they will always be there, but look what we have now. We have each other, we have a whole life knowing that Juan is happy, safe. We can have many children. And you have to admit, come on, we are more prepared now than we were then.

Lily: I was prepared then.

Miguel: Ok, perfect, well, I am better prepared now. Before, I didn't have a career. Now I do have a career. It is solid. I only had dreams before. You have your teaching. Come on, lily, we've grown up.

Miguel: And so has Juan.

Lily: Ok, we have to let him go

Miguel: Come on. Come on, lily. You have to let him go. If the time comes, if he needs us, we'll be there for him. But in the meantime, we just have to be strong and we have to--we have to trust that-- that his life is ok, his life is good.

Lily: I thought giving you up was hard. This is even harder.

Miguel: It's very hard for me also, lily, but we've agreed it's right.

Lily: Tell it to my heart.

Miguel: Lily, your heart is very strong. Come on. What's going on? Listen. We're gonna tell the Santiagos who we are. Juan's birth parents. We're gonna let them know we are available if they need us. They can tell Juan if they choose. It's not up to us, it's up to them. And then we must truly let go, lily.

Lily: Yes. We must.

Robin: You don't know what we feel for each other.

Mac: You're right. I don't know. I don't understand it. I don't understand you.

Robin: You don't have to understand it. You just have to accept me as I am.

Mac: I do.

Robin: Then why do you keep trying to make me different?

Mac: Because you are not being true to yourself. Robin, you are so special. You have so much going for you.

Robin: That's still who you want me to be.

Mac: No, it's who you are! I've watched you grow up. I know how gifted you are, what kind of future you can have. I'm sorry, but it makes me mad to watch you just throw it all away.

Robin: I'm not throwing away what's important to me.

Mac: Sleeping with a man for the first time is supposed to be special.

Robin: It was special.

Mac: In a cheap motel? With a kid like that?

Robin: That is so unfair. Stone is changing.

Mac: Oh, is that a fact? And is he going back to school? Does he have a job?

Robin: Yes. He's working at Luke's Blub.

Mac: Parking cars. And he's got that because of his pal sonny.

Robin: Sonny's trouble. I now.

Mac: Yeah, that's right. More than you can ever know. And Stone is never gonna change, and even you can't pull that off.

Robin: Well, you just wait and see.

Mac: And what do you get back?

Robin: Love and trust and respect, which is more than I get from you.

Mac: I do respect you, Robin. That's why I'm trying to open your eyes to this whole situation. I just don't want you to end up in more trouble than you can ever handle.

Robin: If you could give me a chance, you would see that I can handle a lot. What I can't handle is you constantly holding me back!

Mac: You think I'm holding you back? Wait till you try and stick it out with Stone.

Robin: Well, I guess we're all gonna find out, because I am sticking with Stone. You can't make me give him up, and you certainly can't change what happened last night.

Mac: Well, I can make sure that you don't see him ever again!

[Knocking on door]

Felicia: Hey! Come out, you two.

[Doorbell rings]

Robin: You're back.

Felicia: Yes. From the sound of things, not a moment too soon.

Alan: Do you have any idea how hard it is to be shut out like this?

Monica: Do you have any idea how hard it is to live with cancer?

Alan: I am living with it.

Monica: I see. You were listening in therapy.

Alan: If I don't have a full appreciation of what you're going through, Monica, it's because you won't let me learn. I know I'm not the one with the disease. I'm only the second banana. But it's not fun being pushed aside like this. You're starting to act as if you're allergic to me.

Monica: None of this is any fun, Alan, and no, I'm not allergic to you. I just don't feel like sharing every disgusting detail.

Alan: And what if I do? Do you know that I feel like a pig for even voicing these feelings? But I have them.

Monica: Ok. Ok, fine. Then let's hear them. Come on. Let's hear them.

Alan: I miss you. I'm alone. And I'm sad. You ask me to come down here and then you hide behind dinner with friends, and you send me off to husbands' therapy groups. Anything you can do to avoid me. And now you're avoiding my efforts to get through to you in the last way I know how.

Monica: Do you honestly expect me to be in the mood at this point?

Alan: Why not? No matter what's ever gone on between us, Monica, no matter how angry we've been with each other, no matter how much distance there's been between the two of us, we've always been able to make love. And when we did, it was good. It was better than good.

Monica: Well, those days are over.

Alan: What? I don't accept that.

Monica: The situation has changed. It's all different. The rules are different now.

Alan: Why? You tell me why the situation is different.

Monica: Oh, please.

Alan: No. I want to know. It's a problem, Monica, it's a big problem, but it's our problem. I want to know why we can't face it together.

Monica: You want to face it? Oh, let's face it together. Here, face this. Can you honestly say this is sexy? Go ahead. Get an eyeful. You think this is a pretty sight? You want to look at it in the mirror every single morning?

Alan: It's not as if I haven't seen it before. The mastectomy scar is healing. So is the secondary incision. There is some superficial trauma where you had radiation. But that'll heal in time.

Monica: Now, now who is avoiding? I am not your patient, Dr. Quartermaine. I am your wife. Do you want to go to bed with this?

Alan: I'd love to.

Monica: Liar.

Alan: You have some scar tissue, Monica, where there used to be a breast. Big deal.

Monica: It is a very big deal.

Alan: You know what's a big deal? Wondering whether I'm gonna lose you. That's a big deal. It scares the hell out of me. It takes up all my energy. I can't waste time worrying about a breast, Monica. You see, I'm too busy worrying about life. You think I lie awake nights alone in our bed wondering what it will be like to make love to you without a breast? No. I lay there frozen in terror wondering what my life will be like without you. Wondering how the hell I would get through the next day. Wondering what it will be like to see our sons get married and have children, and you weren't there at my side. What do I have to do to make you believe that it's not your breast I'm missing, it's you? I can love you exactly as you are, Monica. I just don't want to live without you.

Monica: [Sighs]

Felicia: My goodness. I can't leave you two alone for a minute now, can I? Ok.

Mac: How was your trip?

Felicia: Great.

Mac: The baby?

Felicia: Baby and mother are exceedingly well, thank you. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, am I intruding or can I help?

Mac: I don't think anybody can help. But you're welcome to try.

Robin: Uncle Mac's at the end of his rope.

Felicia: I heard there was some trouble at Luke's club last night.

Mac: Oh, you might say that. Robin?

Robin: Oh, no, please. Go right on ahead.

Mac: I accidentally walked in on Robin and Stone in sonny's apartment.

Robin: Walked in? He took the door off the hinges.

Mac: I interrupted them in the middle--I don't even want to say it.

Felicia: I got the picture.

Mac: Well, then get the whole picture. They managed to consummate things in spite of me a little while later at a motel.

Robin: I love him. I made love to him.

Felicia: Oh, boy. Do you want me to talk to her?

Mac: As an alternative to me yelling?

Felicia: That's not what I meant.

Mac: I know. But I'm so mad right now, all I want to do is yell. So, feel free.

Felicia: You want to go for a walk?

Mac: Yeah, I think I should.

Felicia: I don't want to force you. Do you want to talk?

Robin: Sure. I just can't handle any more lectures right now.

Felicia: No lectures, I promise. Just sit down. First of all, allowing Mac putting his personal point of view on things, is his account more or less accurate?

Robin: Yes.

Felicia: You didn't just tell him that you slept with Stone to make him mad?

Robin: Felicia, no. If I wanted to sleep with Stone to get back at Mac, I would've done it a long time ago.

Felicia: And why last night?

Robin: Because it was the right time. Because I love him.

Felicia: Are you ok?

Robin: With Stone, I am.

Felicia: Physically?

Robin: Yeah.

Felicia: Protection?

Robin: We used it. I-- I didn't forget. We even stopped once before because we didn't have it.

Felicia: Ok.

Robin: Did I pass?

Felicia: There's one thing you should think about. Considering Stone's lifestyle before you met him, has he been tested for HIV?

Robin: Stone was tested and he was negative, and he hasn't been with anybody else since then.

Felicia: Well, that's great, if it's true. Are you absolutely sure?

Robin: That he hasn't been sleeping around? Yeah, I'm sure.

Felicia: No, I'm talking about the tests and the results.

Robin: Why would he lie about something like that? I thought this wasn't gonna be a lecture.

Felicia: It isn't. If you're confident, that's good enough for me.

Robin: Then why do I feel like there's more coming?

Felicia: Robin, I'm not your parent, and I'm not your guardian, but I do love you, and I won't get into whether or not I think you're ready for sex, but I know you're not ready for pregnancy. So, I have one piece of advice for you. Go to your gynecologist as soon as you can and find out if you should be on the pill. Condoms are necessary but they're not always enough. As you can see.

Robin: You make a good point. I'll set it up today.

Felicia: Can you do one more thing for me? Try, if you can, not to make this any harder on Mac than it has to be.

Robin: Harder on Mac? He's on my case 24 hours a day.

Felicia: And don't you want to get in his face just a little?

Robin: All I want to do is live my own life.

Felicia: I know how that feels. Mac is just doing what he thinks a parent is supposed to do. Just remember--he loves you. And if it feels like he's hassling you, it's only because he wants to do what is best for you.

Robin: Yeah, what's best for me according to him.

Felicia: And according to you, too. You have to work out an arrangement that is right for both of you.

Robin: I don't think there is such a thing.

Felicia: Sure there is. Just have to give it time. Calm down and start over.

Robin: Will Mac calm down? Don't hold your breath.

Felicia: Well, even Mac can't stay angry forever. It's not in his nature.

[Doorbell rings]

Felicia: Maybe that's him. Maybe he came back.

Robin: Forgot his keys? Right. Brenda. Hi.

Brenda: Hi. How are you?

Robin: Fine.

Brenda: Yeah? I spoke to Stone this morning.

Robin: You did? How is he?

Brenda: He misses you. He told me about the two of you.

Robin: He did?

Brenda: Hi, Felicia. Welcome home.

Felicia: Nice to see you.

Brenda: I'll just put my jacket up.

Felicia: Well, I came to say what I had to say. I'm gonna go back to Maxie and Mariah.

Robin: Ok. Thank you, Felicia.

Felicia: Anytime.

[Door closes]

Brenda: So, tell me what happened.

Robin: Ok.

Brenda: Oh, wait, wait. Is Mac here?

Robin: No. He's out.

Brenda: Was he waiting here for you when you came home?

Robin: What do you think?

Brenda: I think that he was, and it wasn't pretty.

Robin: You got that right.

Brenda: I'm so sorry.

Robin: Don't be. It is exactly what I expected from him. But I still had a wonderful night. Except now it seems like my first time's the talk of port Charles.

Brenda: Hey, this does not go beyond me. Ha! Uhh. Between last night and today, you have been through a lot. How are you?

Robin: I don't know. I mean, I want to say I feel great. Cloud 9. And part of me does feel that way, but part of me feels just totally confused about the whole thing. It's kind of overwhelming, you know?

Brenda: Ay. I know. It's kind of like being in love.

Lily: Got you. Ha! Think you know why? Ha ha!

Miguel: Of course.

Lily: I can't stop!

Miguel: God, and it's--in my head, I can see him as clearly as last time he was here.

Lily: Me, too. Just think--in a few hours, we'll see him in person.

Miguel: Our son.

Mac: Listen, before I get started, I should tell you that Felicia's home. She's in Port Charles and she's fine, healthy, and the baby's fine and full of energy.

Kevin: That's great.

Mac: That's not why I'm here.

Kevin: Ok. Would you like a drink? Of water?

Mac: No, thanks. Can I tell you what's got me stumped?

Kevin: I wish you would.

Mac: It's Robin. It's Robin and Stone. She's made a tremendous mistake. The biggest mistake she could make, with Stone. Do you have any idea what I'm getting at?

Kevin: I'm gonna take a wild guess. Robin and Stone slept together.

Mac: Kevin, if you're gonna make fun of this, I swear I'm gonna come across this desk and I'm gonna strangle you.

Kevin: I'm taking this very seriously, man. Please, go on.

Mac: [Sighs] I have tried everything to protect Robin. She's my brother's only daughter. She's my responsibility. She's been such a good kid her whole life. But something's gone wrong. I mean, she's gotten some kind of a bug from that guy. And he's no good. Certainly not for her. I've tried to warn her about that. She's decided that she loves him. And I don't know if it's to defy me or what. But she's also decided that it's time for her to have an affair. She's 7--she is 17 years old, for crying out loud. And Stone. Stone. What I really want to do? I want to kill that little punk right now, but I know that that is not a viable option.

Kevin: I'd have to agree.

Mac: Nothing--nothing works. I've tried everything. And she just won't listen to me. I'm afraid for her. She could ruin her life. Look, I felt silly coming here with all this, you know, but I didn't know where else to turn. What do I do? It's been a long night, Kevin. I'm really not up for word games.

Kevin: This isn't a game, Mac. It's a legitimate question, and the only one in my view that's even worth exploring.

Mac: Well, then say it in English.

Kevin: Your feelings are clear. It's your actions that are in question. We're talking about Robin. She's almost grown and she has a mind of her own. Mac, no matter how much you love her or how much you want to protect her, you can't dictate to her how to live her life. And you've tried everything else. You've tried opposition, manipulation. You even tried cooperation.

Mac: And it's gotten me exactly nowhere.

Kevin: Precisely. And if she chooses not to listen, you don't have much recourse but to accept it.

Mac: I could put her in manacles and chain her to the wall.

Kevin: Yes, you could.

Mac: I'm kidding. I think.

Kevin: I thought you didn't want to joke.

Mac: I don't.

Kevin: Then medieval tortures are not an acceptable option.

Mac: All right. For the sake of argument, I'll accept that. What are my acceptable options?

Kevin: Embrace the reality. Simply put, Robin is sleeping with a guy that you can't stand.

Mac: Come on. Do you have to say it out loud?

Kevin: Well, one of us has to. Pretending like it doesn't exist won't make it go away.

Mac: Are you sure? I mean, following my instincts has always done well by me. And they're telling me that Stone is just not the right guy for Robin.

Robin: It was so... weird.

Brenda: Well, was he gentle? I mean, he was nice, right?

Robin: He was wonderful. But it was still really... awkward.

Brenda: A little romantic?

Robin: Yeah. Kind of. I mean, we were in this really cheap motel. I didn't want to look at it, but I think it was really tacky.

Brenda: Yeah, well, you know what? Every woman wishes she could make love in a castle. Most of us don't get to.

Robin: The strangest thing was the voices.

Brenda: Oh, I know. Those motels have such thin walls.

Robin: No, that's not what I mean. I mean Uncle Mac's voice in my head telling me that I shouldn't be doing this. I try not to listen, but it's so hard to concentrate. The most fun was the picnic in the bed after.

Brenda: Picnics are fun.

Robin: They are!

Brenda: I know. Absolutely.

Robin: The strongest feeling I have is that it's over for me. It's no longer an issue, and that is a relief.

Brenda: Right. Well, it's your first time, so, you were a little nervous. Just like anything, it improves with practice.

Robin: If Uncle Mac had his way, I wouldn't get to practice until he's dead and buried.

Brenda: Well, we certainly don't want that, do we?

Robin: No, but I still do have to deal with him.

Brenda: I think he'll get over it. He kinda has to.

Robin: I don't see him ever accepting me with Stone.

Brenda: See, now--I mean, it's not like you're sleeping around, you know, and you told him that you love Stone, right?

Robin: I know. I told him that and I thought it would make a difference, but he still hates him.

Brenda: Hmm. Well, I think you should stop worrying about Mac, because he can take care of himself. You just concentrate on loving Stone, and enjoy it, because when it's good... it's really good.

Robin: [Laughs] Oh, my goodness.

Brenda: It is.

Alan: You were right.

Monica: About what?

Alan: We shouldn't have tried. I shouldn't have tried. I pushed you.

Monica: It's ok.

Alan: I wanted you so badly. I just needed to be near you. You weren't even there.

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