GH Transcript Wednesday 5/18/94

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 5/18/94


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Ned: Let me get this straight. You are going into business with Brenda.

Lois: Yeah. Isn't that the most brilliant idea you ever heard of?

Ned: No, it's absurd.

Lois: I'm going to ignore that crass initial reaction on the grounds that you probably can't grasp the enormity of the moment.

Ned: No, I grasped it, ok. I'm just here to tell you that you are courting disaster.

Lois: Your confidence in me is overwhelming. Ugh!

Ned: Sweetheart, it's not you. It's Brenda. She's a kid.

Lois: I'm the one who's gonna be running the business. She is gonna bring in something much more important--the money.

Ned: [Laughs] Brenda does not have that kind of money.

Lois: No, but she has friends that do.

Ned: Oh?

Lois: Mm-hmm.

Ned: You're talking about a loan?

Lois: Yeah.

Ned: [Laughs]

Lois: What?

Ned: Well, who in their right mind is going to lend somebody like Brenda the kind of money it would take to start a record company?

Lois: Well, I can tell you one very interested party.

Ned: Hmm?

Lois: Sonny Corinthos.

Laura: Put the stuff down right here.

Lucky: This is where we're gonna plant the gladioluses?

Laura: Gladioli. And yes, this is where we're going to plant them.

Lucky: We?

Laura: Well, you don't expect your poor pregnant mother to plant 24 bulbs all by herself, do you?

Lucky: No. We'll help. What do we do?

Laura: Dig 24 holes.

Lucky: Mom, I'm serious. Foster could help. I mean, he loves digging.

Laura: Uh, yes. But the problem is, that's only where and when he wants to. I'm sorry, foster, but you're gonna have to just watch this time. Oh, and we have to put a little bit of fertilizer in each one of the holes. Ok?

Lucky: I'm telling you, foster could help.

Laura: Lucky, it's just two rows, ok?

Lucky: Yes, ma'am.

Laura: Make them about 10 inches apart, about 8 inches deep. And next we're gonna put in some rosebushes.

Sly: Are we gonna be digging holes for them today, too?

Laura: [Laughs] No. They're just on order over at the nursery. We'll put them in on another day. Ok? Come on now, you guys. Let's get started. Here. Ok? Here you go. Ohh. Hmm. This feels so good.

Lucky: The sun does feel good, Mom.

Laura: And the earth and the air. And all the things that come alive in the spring.

Mac: Felicia? What is it? What's wrong? Is it the donor? Has something gone wrong?

Felicia: No.

Mac: Then what? What?

Felicia: [Cries] Where's Frisco?

Mac: He went to find tony. To tell him there's a heart for Maxie.

Felicia: Oh, my god.

Mac: Felicia. Felicia, what is it?

Felicia: I found out who Maxie's donor is. It's Barbara jean.

Monica: Tony, don't even ask. Please.

Tony: And don't try to stop me, because there's no way I'm not going to be in the O.R. When you take BJ's heart.

Monica: Tony, being in the O.R. during surgery is against hospital regulations, not to mention common sense.

Tony: Why? I'm a doctor, I know what to expect. I'm the patient's father. What makes more sense?

Monica: It's because you're the patient's father. I can't allow it.

Tony: Monica, I have to be in there.

Monica: It would be too hard on everyone. Don't put yourself through anymore.

Tony: I didn't ask to be put through this much, but here I am. I can't run away. I owe it to BJ and to myself to be in there with her.

Monica: I understand that, and I sympathize with you, but I have a surgical team, I have assistants I have to think about, and how difficult it is going to be for them if you are in that room. They have to focus on Maxie and make sure that BJ's heart is received successfully. Don't--please don't do anything to jeopardize that.

Tony: I'll wear a mask. They won't know it's me.

Monica: Tony. They'll know.

Tony: They're professional. Tell them to concentrate and do their job.

Monica: They're also human. And I want them to do the best job they can. Please. Please let them. Your daughter is giving another little girl the gift of life. I think that is the most profound gift anyone could give. You wouldn't want anything to distract from that mission, now, would you? [Sighs]

Frisco: Tony! Tony, I've been looking all over for you. I got some news. You're not gonna believe this. We got a heart for Maxie. There was a child that was in an accident. And she was just brought into E.R. And, well, the most amazing part is that they've tested her and... the type matches. The blood matches. The tissue matches. They're prepping her for a transplant right now. We got our miracle.

Tony: Yes, you did.

Frisco: I know. I mean, I can't stop thinking of those parents of the child. But... look, I'm gonna go back up to ICU. I want to be with Felicia right now.

Tony: Frisco, wait. It's, uh...

Frisco: What is it? Tony?

Tony: Uh... the he...the heart for Maxie is BJ's. The school van crashed and overturned, and BJ was pinned. And she had massive head trauma. And they put her on a ventilator when they brought her into the E.R., but she was essentially brain dead when she got there. And there's not any chance. So when I found out that Maxie carried the small "P" factor, I had myself and BJ tested. And it's lucky that I did because BJ carried the small "P" factor, so she's the same as Maxie. And I told Monica to go ahead, so...

Frisco: Thank you. Thank you. I'm so sorry.

Felicia: Might tell you that Barbara jean had come to the hospital. She was already too far gone. So then tony gave them permission to her heart. Oh, Mac, I prayed for a miracle. I prayed for a miracle, but nothing like this. Not Barbara jean, not our little baby Barbara jean. [Sobbing]

Frisco: Tony told me.

Felicia: Are you ok?

Frisco: Yeah.

Mac: Thanks. Hmm.

Amy: Hi. It's time to get her prepped. You want to help me wake her a little?

Felicia: Yes. Right. Ok.

Amy: You ok?

Felicia: Yeah. Ok. Ok. Hey. Hey, Maxie. Honey, it's time to wake up.

Maxie: Hey, Mommy. How are you?

Felicia: Oh, I'm doing really fine. But now it's time to make you all better. Aunt Amy's here, and she's gonna take you for a little ride to see doctor Monica.

Amy: She's been waiting to see you.

Felicia: Your heart's been working very, very hard, and that's why it's tired, and that's why you don't feel very good. So guess what? Dr. Monica, she's gonna fix it. She's gonna make you all better.

Maxie: I'd like that.

Felicia: But when you wake up--listen to me. When you wake up, you're not gonna feel very good. But then you're gonna get all well.

Amy: Are you ready to go for a little ride now? Ok?

Felicia: Ok. Here we go. Let's get on this bed.

Amy: We're gonna put you right up here in the middle, ok?

Felicia: Oh, boy. Ok.

Everyone: 3!

Amy: I got her.

Felicia: There you go.

Maxie: I'm fine, mommy.

Felicia: Hmm. You're such a brave good girl.

Frisco: You know, everything's gonna be just fine. You know why? Because you're the strongest little girl in the world. Ok?

Maxie: Just like daddy.

Mac: Hey. You're gonna be just fine, kiddo. It's gonna be over before you know it. I love you.

Maxie: I love you, too, uncle Mac.

Robin: Hey, Maxie. I just remembered I promised to teach you to dive this summer, so you gotta get better, ok?

Maxie: I will. Promise. Will you teach BJ, too?

Amy: Ok, it's time to go, ok?

Felicia: May I come?

Amy: Yeah, you can stay--

Felicia: Ok.

Amy: Are you ready?

Felicia: We're gonna have a really good summer. We're gonna go boating and we're gonna go swimming and we're gonna go fishing. Oh, I think we could go to the circus and we could see all the elephants and the clowns. All right?

Frisco: I'm gonna go check on tony.

Mac: Yeah. Bring him back here if he wants to wait. Bobbie, too.

Robin: Why does everything have to be so hard?

Laura: I hit a worm.

Lucky: Mom, you split him right in half.

Laura: Yeah. That's all right. Now we'll have two worms.

Lucky: Yeah, two dead worms.

Laura: No. Uh-uh. Each half will grow another half.

Sly: No way.

Laura: Yes way.

Lucky: Mom, come on.

Laura: Oh, you don't believe me?

Lucky: No.

Laura: Oh, well, we'll just have to go to the library then and check it out. Now, the biggest enemy of the gladioli is thrips. It lives in the bulb and it crawls up the stem and sucks the juice out of the plant just before it's about to flower.

Lucky: Gross.

Laura: Be on the lookout. If you see tiny little black bugs crawling on these flowers, you give a holler.

Lucky: Oh, hey, dad.

Luke: Hey.

Lucky: How do you get two worms?

Luke: Oh, please. No more reproductive questions. I'm a journeyman here. Merely a laborer, no expert.

Lucky: No. The reason I asked is because mom said if you cut one in half, you get two.

Luke: Well, if that's what mom said, it must be so. She's always had a way with worms. How's the sowing going, cousin?

Laura: Great. Love the feel of soil on my hands.

Luke: Mm-hmm.

Lucky: Or fertilizer.

Laura: Whatever. I think it's time for mom to take a little break. You with the good knees and no babies inside, you continue to work. I'll check your work later. [Laughs]

Luke: How you feeling? You feeling ok?

Laura: I feel great. I mean, this is what I've been dreaming of. I have my garden. And we're finally putting down roots, literally. And our baby is growing. Nature is renewing everything. Including me and you.

Luke: Us.

Laura: I feel great.

Bobbie: But why BJ? Why my little girl?

Ruby: Darling, girl, nobody can explain that.

Bobbie: I know that life is fragile. And you can never see what's coming.

Ruby: Yes.

Bobbie: I know that better than most people.

Ruby: Yes, you do.

Bobbie: And I know there's a reason for everything.

Ruby: You have to believe that, yes.

Bobbie: But I hate it that god took my child. I hate it. I'm sorry, but I do.

Ruby: Darling, even the good lord wouldn't expect you to feel any different. It's not possible.

Bobbie: [Sighs] You know, when Maxie got so sick, I kept wondering how Felicia was able to hold it all together. How she could sit there and keep hoping and watch her daughter slowly and silently slip away. And then suddenly, without warning, my own daughter-- [Sobbing]

Ruby: You should--

Bobbie: I don't think I can bear this.

Ruby: You shouldn't have to bear it alone.

Bobbie: Thank you for being here.

Ruby: I couldn't be anywhere else. But I was talking about tony. The two of you should be together.

Bobbie: I know. Damian.

Ruby: Well...let's forget Damian. Top of the list is we've got to find tony. The two of you have to help each other through this terrible tragedy.

Bobbie: I wish Luke were here.

Ruby: I left two calls for him. I'm sure he will be. Darling, we will get through this. You will.

Alan: Lucy.

Lucy: They're just children. Little innocent children. Maxie and BJ. It's not fair.

Alan: No, it's not.

Lucy: So confusing, too, you know. Maxie gets to live because BJ... because of her death. What Felicia and Bobbie must be feeling.

Alan: I can't begin to imagine.

Lucy: Oh. Have they started yet?

Alan: Almost.

Lucy: Ok. Well, I just--I'm gonna wait, you know. I just want to wait to make sure that it goes ok. I'm not gonna go wait with them. You know, I don't want to make anybody uncomfortable. I'm not family anymore. I'm just gonna wait here by myself.

Alan: May I wait with you? We used to be family, too, didn't we?

Lucy: Yeah. We did. Thank you.

Tony: Hey.

Felicia: Tony. Oh, tony, thank you.

Tony: Being able to help Maxie is all that's making this bearable.

Felicia: I'm praying for Barbara jean just like I prayed for Maxie.

Tony: Thank you.

Felicia: Where's Bobbie? Tony's inside. Why don't you come in and join us?

Ruby: Go in, Bobbie. Go on, darling.

Frisco: I'm so sorry.

Robin: Thanks for coming, honey.

Felicia: Do you want to go with him?

Bobbie: No. No, the last thing in the world tony wants right now is me with him. [Sighs] He wants to be alone.

Ruby: Some people need to grieve alone. So let's not interfere.

Felicia: I know there's nothing that I can say that can make this easy for you. I love you so much. If Maxie makes it through this, Frisco and I have you and tony to thank.

Laura: Any messages on the machine?

Luke: Hey, guys. There's lemonade in the kitchen. Why don't you take a break.

Lucky: Cool. Come on, foster. Come here, boy. Foster, come here.

Laura: What happened? What's the matter?

Luke: [Sighs] Ruby called from the hospital. There was an accident with BJ's school van. It...BJ didn't make it.

Laura: Oh, god. No. Not BJ. Oh, god.

Luke: Apparently she was gone by the time they got her to the hospital. To...tony did...a test on BJ last week regarding some blood factor that they discovered in Felicia's little girl. It turns out that BJ and Maxie are compatible. So they're...they're transplanting BJ's heart to Maxie.

Lois: How could it ever be this good? It's got to be a sin. I mean, the bees are buzzing and the birds are chirping and you're with me. I got my very own record company. Ooh! This is so incredibly major. Come here, you. Come here. Come here.

Ned: Ahh, does that make me the boy toy in this relationship?

Lois: [Giggles] That and so much more. I am riding you and the idol rich straight to the top.

Ned: Lois.

Lois: Hmm?

Ned: You can't hang your star on one group. You really should expand, find more talent.

Lois: Don't think I haven't been looking. I already have a couple of very strong possibilities. One right here in port Charles.

Ned: Who?

Lois: Oh, now don't get all bent out of shape. You're always gonna top my personal favorites list. Let's just drop the shoptalk, shall we? It always makes you so edgy. Think spring. Hmm?

Ned: But really... is this the best time to start your own record company?

Lois: Yes. Will you stop worrying already, huh? Hmm? Ooh! [Gasps] Eddie, do you believe in signs? Ok. This color is

Ned: Mmm. You know what this reminds of?

Ned: The dogwood trees in Brooklyn?

Lois: Ecclesiastes.

Ned: For half a second there, I thought you were talking about the name of some group.

Lois: No, it's the old testament, Eddie. "To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven. A time to be born, a time to die, a time to plant, a time to pluck up that from which was planted, a time to kill and a time to heal, time to weep, time to laugh, a time to mourn, a time to dance, time to gather stones, a time to cast away stones, a time to embrace, a time to refrain from embracing, a time to get and a time to lose, a time to keep, time to cast away, a time to rend, a time to sow, a time to be silent and a time to speak, a time to love and a time to hate, a time of war and a time of peace."

Ned: I can't believe you recited that whole thing.

Lois: Yeah. Sister Christina made me memorize it in the fifth grade. Mmm. But you know, there is a time for everything, Eddie. And whether you want to believe it or not, now is our time.

Lucky: [Scoffs] I knew it, something's happening.

Luke: Where's sly?

Lucky: He's inside with foster. Look, dad, we're a family. If something's happening, we're all in on it, right? Right?

Luke: Yeah. Right.

Lucky: It's about frank smith, isn't it?

Luke: No. I told you that's over. Come here. Sit down. Something else.

Laura: It's ok.

Luke: It's about your cousin BJ. There was a school bus accident.

Monica: I've transected the vena cava, pulmonary veins, and the aorta. Now I have the pulmonary artery, and we're ready. Scissors.

Surgeon: Taking it a little extra light.

Monica: Yes. I want to make sure we have a good size match. How are they next door?

Surgeon: Got her on bypass. Maxie's septic. Suction there. Ok. Clamp? Stitch.

Lucy: Maybe you could tell me what's happening in there.

Alan: Are you sure you want to know?

Lucy: I don't know. A heart transplant still seems like such a minor miracle to me.

Alan: Me, too. Particularly this one since it involves such incredible odds.

Lucy: So, what...what are they doing to BJ?

Alan: There'll be two surgical teams. One will be prepping Maxie. They'll remove her diseased heart and put her on a heart/lung machine. And the other team will remove BJ's heart.

Lucy: I know it's all so scientific and everything, but I don't understand how they can live with themselves knowing they specifically ended her little life.

Alan: BJ's life's already over, Lucy. Her breathing's being sustained on a ventilator. Her brain has stopped functioning entirely.

Lucy: Right. Makes it easier for them. Not for tony and Bobbie.

Alan: No, not for them.

Lucy: So then what?

Alan: Well, when Maxie is ready, they'll inject BJ's heart with an ice cold solution containing potassium, which will cool it way down. This will cause the heart to slow down. Eventually it will stop beating. They will then take the heart and implant it into Maxie just as quickly as they can, because the longer a heart goes without blood flow, the greater the chances of failure.

Monica: I'm going to re-scrub and re-gown.

Surgeon: Ok. The incision's closed. Let's move it in.

Alan: They'll implant the heart, connect all the blood vessels, and remove the clamps, which will start the blood flow. And this is the moment of truth. Hopefully the heart will start beating again.

Lucy: Doesn't it help that...BJ and Maxie are cousins and that they share that same rare genetic blood factor?

Alan: Yes, indeed. You know, in the past, there have been many transplants that were rejected because of a small "p" incompatibility. But that was before we had or even knew about this test. Of course, there can be some abnormal antibodies which would cause Maxie's body to reject the heart.

Lucy: Well, if that happens, then what?

Alan: If the rejection is hyper acute, it would almost certainly cause the heart to stop functioning immediately.

Surgeon: Suction.

Monica: Hey, well, the suturing is completed. Let's de-air. Time?

Nurse: 46 minutes.

Surgeon: We're in good shape.

Monica: Ok. Either it's going to be or it isn't.

Surgeon: Releasing the cross pipe. EKG looks good.

Monica: [Sighs]

Surgeon: Normal sinus rhythm.

Monica: Oof.

Surgeon: No ischemic changes. Heart's beating vigorously. Looks like we're gonna come off bypass without any trouble.

Monica: All right.

Surgeon: Congratulations.

Monica: Heh heh. Thank you. Thank you, everyone.


Tony: Bless you, BJ. Daddy loves you. [Sobs]

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