GH Transcript Thursday 3/3/94

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 3/3/94


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(Luke and Laura tell Lucky he’s going to be a big brother; Steve and Audrey help Miguel get a job at the Outback; Robin and Stone are excited to learn they’re both in Jagger and Karen’s wedding party; Brenda and Sonny flirt at Kelly’s.)


Oh, hi, Felicia.


Hi, Felicia.

Are you feeling ok?


Ha ha.

Is, uh, is Maxie feeling any better?

Well, her fever's holding a 100. I just came back to pick up the books, so I can work on them at home.

Well, sometimes it's best to let a virus run its course.

But this one doesn't seem to be letting go.

She's being such a good girl, too.

Oh, thank you. Oh, I know you meant Maxie.


I meant both of you. I'll get the books.

Ok. Are you having lunch?

Yeah, yeah, and we're treating a young friend of ours who happens to be a local hero these days, Miguel Morez.

Ah, you might have seen him on the news.

Oh, yeah, he's the guy that helped Karen Wexler save that woman, isn't he?

Yeah. Yeah, he's the one and we wanted you both to meet him.

Oh, really, why is that?

Well, because, uh, he's such a hard worker and we can't seem to find enough to keep him busy at the hospital.

And my big-hearted husband thought that you might find something for him to do around here.

Ruby, we've got to have chili, ok?

Oh, are you sure?


Oh, ruby, we love your chili. It would be perfect for a big group too.

Oh, I don't know chili. I don't think so.

What about chili dogs? Chili dogs?

Chili Mac.

Chili and cheddar fries.

Ha ha ha.

Huh, what about that?

Oh, no.

Ha ha ha.

How about Cesar salad?

Well, for how many people?

Uh, about 30.

Yeah, tops.


Great, I love Cesar salad. What's going on?

And a pasta salad. That'll be enough food for everybody.

I think so.

Sounds like a party to me.

Well, it is. Saturday night, save the date.

Cool. What's the occasion?

Oh. Oh, a wedding reception. Ours.

I'm stuck.

Is that whole wheat?

Yeah, BLT.

Want a bite?

No. No, thank you. I couldn't possibly, just--just the smell of that bread, it's just...yucky.

Oh, hon?


Coffee I can understand maybe, cigarettes, definitely, but wheat? Complex carbohydrates, staff of life, this is new.

Do you know what he's yakking about?

Uh, yes. Honey, come here. Uh, please leave that sandwich there, though. Sit down. Do you remember when you were a little boy and you used to ask dad and me to buy you a baby brother?

Yeah, but that was before I knew babies came from Cleveland. I'm just--tell her I'm just kidding.

He's just kidding.

But we're not. Lucky, we think that you've waited long enough.

Come summer, cowboy, you're gonna have yourself a sibling.



What kind?

We're hoping for a boy or a girl. Chances are good.

This is cool. This is neat.

Very neat.

Ok, guys, how'd it happen?

What do you mean, how did this happen? You're making me look bad.

Yeah, I thought dad told you all about where babies came from.

Well, he did, but not the really good stuff.

What, dare I ask, is the good stuff?

Uh, well, I know all about the birds and bees, which all together is pretty weird because we're nothing like birds or bees, so that doesn't really count.

Well, at least he, uh, heard that part.

Uh, oh, and I know all about dad's little squiggly things, how the sperm travels to the egg and makes a baby.

Good. Well, then I'd say we're on a path.

I even learned about D.N.A.

Wow. Well, I'll tell ya, it just passed me right by.

What do you know about genetics?

Stuff. Do you know that you and mom could make like a gazillion babies and not 2 of them would be alike.

Oh, I don't think even we could make a zillion babies. Wanna try?

You know what I mean. Everybody's D.N.A. Is totally different. Now, until they get cloning down, uh, until they'll be able to duplicate everybody, D.N.A.'S like the perfect fingerprint.

He's been watching "nova."

No, it was this, um, movie "boys from brazil." They had to, uh, they cloned Hitler's D.N.A. And gave it to all these little kids and then, oh, there was this old guy, um...

Lawrence Olivier.

Whatever. Um, anyway, anyway, these little kids had Hitler's D.N.A. And stuff, so when they grew up, they were going to destroy the world, so that guy had to stop them. Oh, there was this incredible scene with the Rottweilers.

Ok, that's enough. You see why I don't want a TV?

I'm still trying to figure out how we got from "son, we're having a baby," to Hitler's D.N.A.

Well, don't you think it's really cool?

I am really mesmerized. Is this genetics business, this stuff that you claim is really good that I didn't discuss with you?

No, that's different.

I can hardly wait.



You know, I'm not sure, you know, mom's here.

Oh, I think she can handle it.

Ok. Well, see, sly and I were talking to these guys at school. They were a little bit older.

How much older?


Oh, 14, men of the world.

Yeah. Well, they were talking about, you know, sex. Not about the little squiggly sperm stuff, but kind of how you get there to begin with.


And they had pictures.

Oh, dear.

In a magazine of these women.

Let me guess, the women had nothing on except, uh, staples in their navels.

Uh, ok, this is time out here. Uh, do you mind if I...

Oh, I wish you would. Right over there.

Come here, lucky. You too. Um, I know that these 14- year-old boys probably think that they know absolutely everything, but I promise you there's one thing that they don't know anything about and as far as I'm concerned, it's the most important part of creating a baby.

Is this going to be the mushy stuff?

This is not mushy, kiddo. This is fundamental.

Thanks. Lucky, this isn't very scientific, but it's the best I can offer you. When your father and I fell in love, deeply and truly in love, something very complex and very powerful took place. Our love for each other was so strong that we wanted to be as close as 2 people could possibly be, as though we were one person, in our hearts and in our thoughts and in our bodies and that's what making love is, joining together, becoming for an instant, one person. And when you mature and when you have the kind of commitment that your father and I have to each other, that joining results in a child. And that's what you are. You and this new baby are living proof of our love for each other. And we're very blessed to be able to make this family.


I bet you never heard that on the playground.

Uh, yeah, that's another thing, about those pictures that you saw of those women.


That's not real, lucky. It's really just a fantasy, so you shouldn't expect that, ok?




Any other questions?

Uh, no... except I guess this means that we're safe, right?

Well, uh, yeah, I certainly hope so.

Well, I mean, you guys are smart enough not to have a baby, you know, if we're in trouble, you know, right? X


You are getting married next week?

Why wait so long? Congratulations, you guys.



Thank you.

I mean, this is really amazing, right? We all knew you were going to get married, but whoo, next Saturday!

Well, Karen's got a scholarship to northwestern.

Yeah, we want to be married when we move there.

You're leaving Port Charles?

Well, it's a full scholarship, robin. I can't exactly turn it down.

What am I gonna do?

People go away to school all the time. We're not moving to the moon.

Jagger, what about the police academy?

Well, I'm applying to the one in Chicago and I passed the G.E.D.

Wow, that's great! Things are working out so great for you two. You're really lucky.

It's about time, huh?


Hey, um, I really would like it if you would come to the wedding if, well, if you're comfortable with that.



Yeah, um, I'm ok with that. In fact I would be a little bit upset if I didn't get to go.

Well, good, I'm glad.

Thanks, Karen.


Boy, am I thirsty. Can I still get my own soda around here or do I have to die of thirst?

No dying. Help yourself.

You know, in case no one told you before, uh, you're a pretty class act.

Uh, oh, well, it's not an act. I'm really happy for you.

I know you are.

Hey, wasn't I always the one who said you two were in love? And wasn't I the one who said you would end up with her sooner or later?

Yeah, that was you.

Hmm, see. That's what I thought.


Listen, I always knew that this was the way it was supposed to be. I mean, I always knew it even when you had doubts.

Well, it's time now to start being a friend.

Uh, no, Jagger.

Well, one day...

Please, no, don't say it. Don't say that one day I'm gonna have someone really wonderful because I'm a good girl and I deserve it.

Yes, you do. You do deserve it.

Ohh, I told you not to say that.

Wow, next week. I can't believe it.

I know.

Karen, I'm really happy for you.

Oh, thanks so much. Hey, uh, I know this is really last minute, but, uh, and I know you've gone through that whole thing of Mac and Felicia and everything too.


Well, robin, you're the closest thing I have to a little sister and I really, I just love you so much.

I love you too.

And uh, I was wondering if maybe you'd stand up with me at my wedding?

You mean, kind of like a maid of honor?

Well, kind of exactly like my maid of honor, yeah.

Karen, I'd love to.

Would you?

I really would.

Oh, I was hoping you'd say that. Thank you.

Karen, are things any better with your mom?

Uh, well, nothing's really happening with my mom. She hasn't said 2 words to me this morning.

Well, have you talked to her?

Look, ruby, sometimes you get to a point when you recognize that some things aren't going to change and in my mom's case is that she can't accept this wedding.


Rhonda, how are you?

I've been better, but thanks for asking. I'm trying to find Dr. Baldwin.

Gail? I think she's at a conference. Can I help you?

No, this is between the two of us and what she's done to my daughter.


Karen's not even speaking to me.

And that's Gail's fault?

If she were a half-way decent shrink, would she let Karen just run off and get married?

I think that you and I need to get clear on the concept of therapy. Let's go sit down. First of all, even if you could find Gail, she wouldn't talk to you about Karen. I mean, she has pledged to preserve Karen's confidentiality as her doctor. Second of all, I guarantee you that Gail neither prompted Karen's decision, nor discouraged it. She just gave her a safe place to consider her options.


So, I think that you need just to mind your own business and give the therapy a chance to work.

Well, thank you for the support.

Listen, Rhonda, I'm sorry if I sound harsh, but you're not doing Karen or yourself any good by interfering in her therapy.

If she were so damn healthy, why did she not invite her mother to her wedding?


I'm not even welcome at my own daughter's marriage.

Rhonda, is there another side to this story you're not telling me?

No. Unless it's the part where I'm just supposed to close my eyes and pretend that she's not making the biggest mistake of her life. I can't do that.

Yes, you can.

Excuse me?

Yes, you can. You can trust me on this one. I know what I'm talking about. I had the same kind of situation with A.J. And I interfered and I'm telling you, we haven't gotten past the damage yet.

But you saved him from making a very big mistake. You were absolutely right about it.

Was I? I mean, we're never going to know, are we?

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It balances you...


You're not grounded anymore?

No, I'm grounded, but my uncle Mac let me off the leash for this afternoon. Big whoop, huh?

Ha ha. Congratulations. Where's Jagger?

Oh, he went to go visit his future mother-in-law. Doesn't that sound bizarre?

Ha ha. That is pretty strange, huh?

Well, I think it's exciting.

Oh, robin's just all stoked because Karen asked her to be in the wedding. She already has about a dozen bridesmaid's dresses in her closet.

I know, but this one's very special. I mean, Karen only asked one attendant and it's me.

I know what you mean. I'm Jagger's best man. Well, maybe this thing will be some fun after all.

Oh, great, great, another cute couple. This happily ever after stuff is really getting boring.

I actually haven't even had a chance to think about the wedding, there's so much going on work wise.

Did you get a new job?

No, but there's major happenings with the job I have.

What, like a promotion?

Things are getting big time for us, that's all.

What, like a secret or something?

I'm sure he'll tell us when the time is right. Right?

Yeah, maybe.


Life goes on. Are you eating alone?

I'd rather not.

Then you don't mind?

We don't have a choice. Like moths to a flame.

And well, I love the work at general hospital, but what am I going to do with the rest of the time of the day?

I told you he was a hard worker.

Have you ever worked in a restaurant before?

Unfortunately, I never asked you that question.


Well, you know, since I was maybe this big, I was trained by a master. My uncle, tony Morez, he was the head bartender at the old hotel san Juan in Puerto Rico. Have you heard of him?

Can't say I have.

Well, he's--he's pretty famous in Puerto Rico. He basically taught me everything from mixing drinks to inventory to emergency dry ice packing, especially when the fishers fell, you know. That's a very big problem down in Puerto Rico because of the weather, not here I don't think, well, anyway.

It sounds like you're way over qualified for busing tables, which is what I thought we were talking about.

No, no, no, that's a waste of a local hero. Can you imagine what kind of draw he would bring behind our bar?

Well, can you show us what you got, if it's not too much pressure?

Hey, no, no, definitely. I've been--I've been through worse auditions. Remember, I work for Dr. hardy, ok? Ok. So, everybody get comfortable.

Oh. Ha ha ha.

And name your poison.

Oh, ah, well, what do you recommend?

I think for you maybe something...something a little sweet with a little tang behind it. So, what do you think of a piña colada? No, no, definitely a green rain forest for you. That's what it is.

Well, that's a new one.

No, no, no, sir, actually, it's as old as the jungle itself. And as a matter of fact, it's filled with mysterious forces of life. Let's go. Let's go on that. It's going to be good, ok? Stir it and flex. Don't worry if I splatter it.

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has asked real women to try

Ok, ladies.

Ooh. Thank you.

There you go. And for the guys maybe something a little...

A little less green please.

You got it. That's what it is.

Thank you.

Ha ha ha.

Oh, no problem.

Thank you.

Thanks a lot. There you go.

Oh, oh, this is delicious!

You better take it easy, Audrey. We have to work this afternoon.

Well, just one more sip here. Mmm. It's so scrumptious.

So, uh, how--how long have you been married?

Oh, we're not married. We should be celebrating our one month anniversary though.

And what happened?

The mysterious forces of life.

Oh, fate eventually appears whenever you least expect it, right?

I couldn't agree with you more on that.

Very good.

Excuse me? Hi. Which one of you is the manager?

I'm the owner.

Perfect. Can I talk to you for a minute?


Won't be but a sec. Ah, hi.

Hi. Hey.

Lois Cerullo, Bensonhurst.

Max Scorpio, Sydney.

Scorpio, as in the astrological sign? You--oh, I'm so sorry. You should thank your lucky stars I walked in here today.

Actually, I was right in the middle of a meeting.

Well, no, no, no, no, no. This won't take but a minute, ok? I'm in the rock and roll business. I manage a band. The idle rich?

Never heard of them.

Here, it's on me. We just released this in Port Charles and they are selling like hot cakes, no kiddin'.


No. I was just at the record store on Gabel street not 5 minutes ago, every single one we shipped them sold out like in the first 24 hours. Do you know how often that happens? Absolutely never, so we figured since we're taking off like a shot here, this--the Port Charles area--would be the spot to start on our current tour, starting with right here in your little club.

Why the outback?

Why not? This is a classy joint. Besides, hey, don't look a gift band in the mouth, you know what I mean? I mean, this might be the, uh, the last and only time the idle rich plays in such an intimate venue.

They're that good, huh?

If I'm lying, I'm dying.

Is he involved?

In what?

In that new job you're talking about, is sonny involved?

I work with him, of course he's involved. Why?

Well, then it's probably trouble. I mean, it's probably dangerous.

And that bothers you?

Well, sure it does.

Well, thanks, but I wouldn't worry about it.

So, your friend disapproves?

Oh, robin's kind of like a little sister to me. She's--she's a little naive, but she's really a good kid.

I don't know, maybe you should listen to her opinions.

About you? I don't think so.

You don't want to get mixed up with a guy like me.

Sonny, I thought you wanted me to draw my own conclusions, ah, based on what I see and how I'm treated, right?

I like being quoted back to myself, so when do I get that rain check on dinner?

Hmm, I don't know. I mean, there's something to be said in taking things slowly, right?

In certain circumstances.

I have found that men who rush things with me tend to not have the stamina to keep up with me.

I'll remember that.

And there's still so many things about you that I haven't figured out yet.

I'm an open book.

Oh, right.

[Chuckling] What?

You, yeah, right?

What do you want to know?

How are you going to react when I tell you that Jagger and Karen are getting married next Saturday.

Where do we send the gift?

[Knock on door]

Sorry, but, uh, you have to come to our wedding.

You know something? Wouldn't that front room just make the perfect nursery? I didn't even--it didn't occur to me when we first bought the house, but with a little bit of paint and a little bit of paper, perfect.

I'm going to be dreaming in pink and blue, aren't I?

Not necessarily. How about green?

Well, green is tricky, you know, it depends on what green. You have to be specific, there's so many, forest green, mint green, lime green, baby poop green, which we'll soon be up to our ears in.

You know that you can influence a child's development by the colors you surround them with. It's true. Certain tones can promote health or wisdom or kindness.

Financial security. What color do we paint the kid's room so that I can take an early retirement and he will support me?

You always have to be so practical. You know, of course, I'm going to be the size of a beached whale by, uh, the hottest months of the summer.

Fret not, my precious. I will wait on you slavishly. I will fan you with palm fronds. I will feed you lemonade that I have squeezed with my own bare feet.

Ha! Is that a promise?



Can you imagine what our garden is going to look like this summer? Isn't it going to be beautiful?

No doubt about it.

You know, that's actually one of the things that I liked about being in a new place every year was watching the flowers come up, you know? Uh, whether it was tulips or queen Anne's lace or whatever, you know? It was sort of like a gift that we nomads left behind for each other.

What did you plant in Canada?

Glads, the big tall ones in every color. And this year I want to replant may May's rose garden. I've always hesitated with roses before because they're, well, because they're permanent, you know, but this year I want to take a chance. I want to plant something that I can watch grow year after year after year.

That would be nice.

It would, wouldn't it? I mean, can't you just picture it, this summer sitting out there in our rose garden rocking our little baby to sleep and lucky playing with his dog. I mean, I can't believe it, it's just like a story book. It's almost too good to be true, I mean...


He took the news really well, didn't he?

Like a pubescent trooper. Ah, he really knows how to twist the knife though, doesn't he, how he connected having a baby with being safe.

He was just saying what's on his mind.

I think that's a good idea.

I have a lot of things to do...

Sweetheart, we can't avoid this. We need to talk about something.

Please, I don't...

Laura, please sit down, just for a second. I have to know, I have to know with the baby and everything, if you're still ok with me doing this job.

Luke, given a range of options, there are a lot of things that I would rather see you doing than breaking frank smith out of jail. We don't have a range of options.

But the baby changes, uh, so much.

I know. I know. I know. But no child should grow up believing that it's acceptable to live in fear every day of their lives. Children deserve better than that.

Everybody does.

Well, that can't happen unless we put an end to this right now. And I believe that what you're doing is trying to make a very bad situation into a better one.

Trying isn't good enough.

You will do it. I have absolute faith in you. Ok? What else do you need to hear, huh?

Just one thing.


The fantasy, in the garden.


Rocking the baby, lucky and the flea bag.


Am I in there anywhere?

Oh, Luke, of course you are. Of course you are. If you're not there, there isn't a fantasy for me.

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So, when did you two newlyweds tie the knot?

Well, how do you know we're not living in sin?

Audrey, please.

Oh, well. No, we're married. In fact, we're so crazy about each other we decided to do it twice, didn't we?


He's good.

Audrey, you're over served.


You're drunk. There's no way you're going back to work today.

Oh, Steve, I couldn't help it, it was so yummy.


It's hard to believe there's not a drop of alcohol in it, right?


The green rain forest? No, not a drop of liquor, none at all.

Wow, you're very good.

I don't understand.

Never underestimate the power of a good bartender.

You're a natural.

And with a new band playing and Maxine needing my attention, we could use the extra help.

Tastes like you got the job, Miguel.

Um, good, thanks--thanks a lot. You won't--you won't be sorry about that.

Oh, I knew it would work out.

But you didn't know you were going to have so much fun doing it. Now, let's get back to work.

Mm-hmm. I've got the keys.

No, let me have them. You're not driving, Audrey.

Don't be silly. You heard what he said, I'm not drunk.

I bet you can't walk a straight line.

Oh, it's all in your mind.

It's in your mind. Now, let's...

Don't be ridiculous, I'm driving, end of discussion.

All that sugar.


It's not a guilt invitation, it's from my heart.

Come on in.

Thank you.

Karen send you?


Well, that's right, nobody sends you anywhere. Jagger, that's very sweet of you, but do either of you really care if I'm at your wedding or not?

You know, I told her that between us you're the only mother we have, so I won't treat it that lightly.

I wish my daughter took it as seriously.

She does. It just hurts her that you won't come to the wedding, that's all.

Where I'm not wanted?

You know, between you and Karen, I could go crazy.



What's going on?

Well, I--I didn't really officially invite your mom to the wedding, so I thought it would be the right thing to do.

Well, that's nice. What was my mother's response?

We're still working on it, you know.

I don't want to be anywhere where I'm not wanted and I certainly don't want to ruin your day.

Well, there's your answer.

Karen, it's not quite...

You know, I never told her that I didn't want her there.

Not in so many words, but you implied it.

It's bad enough that I have to watch what I do say, now I have to watch what I don't say?

Well, maybe I should just wish you the best and get out of your way.

Well, if you'd wished me the best to begin with, we wouldn't be fighting.

You keep on dumping all these surprises on me. I mean, how am I supposed to react, like Emily Dickinson or something?

Ah, you mean Emily post?

Oh, great, see? Everything I say is wrong.

Ok, wait, wait, wait a second. Wait a second. Maybe this was a big surprise in the first place, ok, and maybe it wasn't fair, but now you had time to sleep on it, so what do you say? I'd be honored if you would come to our wedding.

Well, ahh.

Mom, will you please come? I really do want you there.

You mean it? I--I--I'd love to come, honey. Thanks so much.

Ha ha. Hallelujah.

I'm so sorry.

So, so...

I know.

When's the big event?

Next Saturday.

Oh, jeez. That's--that's just like a minute away. What are your plans?

Well, we're, um, we're going to have an evening ceremony and we're still looking at places.


Well, you know, maybe we could have the reception here if there's not too many people.

Well, ruby's going to have one for us at Kelly's.


Oh, well, as the mother of the bride, I really--well, that's very sweet of ruby.

You know, she's like family to me, that's all.

Now, what about your dress?

Oh, I'm going shopping this week. Do you want to come?

No, no, no, I'll make the dress.

Well, it's only days away.

Oh, please, sweetheart, it would mean so much to me and this way we can control every detail. I will work day and night on it. It will be your perfect dress.

Are you sure?

Yeah, no, it would--it would really mean the world to me.

That's it?

What--what do you want me to do, cut my wrists right here in this pleasant little family establishment?

Come on, sonny, I know you feel something about Karen getting married.

She deserves all the happiness she gets. We all do.

Even you?

Especially me. You got any ideas?

I can't believe you're being so blasé about this.

Right, and you're so hung up on Karen and Jagger and their plans. You do yourself a disservice.

No, I am not jealous. Not the way you think. I'M... I'm a little envious of what they have, that's all.

And what do they have?

I don't know how to put it into words.

Exactly. They don't need words. They have a look, a smile, a touch. They're connected to each other right here. A connection we all dream about, right? It's on a whole other level, cosmic if you believe in that stuff, soul mates. It takes your breath away and at the same time it makes you complete. It's a strange thing, this connection and it can be terrifying.

So they say.

Settle for nothing less. I want you to promise me that. Say it.

I promise.

That's my girl.

Are you toying with me?

No, I don't play--I don't play that game. Life's too short.

I gotta go.

Wait, wait, where are you going? I'll drive you home. You need a ride?

No, thank you, I have my car. I'm picking up my new one next week.

Oh, yeah, so what did you finally decide on?

It's a surprise.

I hate surprises, ok, so give me a hint. What color is it?


Convertible? You bought my sports car? Ah, you little vixen.

Ah, what can I say? There was this great, great salesman there.

Oh, yeah? What--what did he pitch?

Uh, he said something like I've never seen a brunette in a red sports car I didn't want to know better.

No, I believe it was he's never seen a beautiful brunette in a red sports car.

Oh, yeah, right, well, whatever.

Ha ha ha.

I fell for it, though.

Yeah, right. Now look who's messing with who.

I'll see you, sonny.

I don't doubt that.

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