GH Transcript Monday 11/1/93

General Hospital Transcript Monday 11/1/93


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[Laughs] We got ya.

Oh, you scared me half to death.

Only half? Lucky, we've got to get better masks.

Halloween isn't over yet, and I'm going to get you back. I promise you that. ,Oooh, I'm scared.

Well, we almost didn't even get in at all. We locked the door and dad left his keys.

So how did you get in?

Well, I-- I haven't lost my touch, have I?

He picked the lock. Dad, when are you going to teach me how to do that?

Haven't I done that yet?


Oh, that's an essential survival skill.

For a 10-year-old boy? Right. N

Hey, I can sneak into Mr. Harris' office and look at the math tests early.

Aha. Ball's in your court.

Yes, lucky, you could cheat. But the maternally approved way to do this would bto study hard and do your homework. Right?


See there? Life's full of options.

[Laura laughs] Better get going, though. Before it starts to get dark.

You know what, why don't you wait 20 minutes and we can throw your bike in the back of the truck and we'll all go home together. Ok?

Oh, I'd rather ride. I want to see everybody's pumpkin.

All right.


Well, you be careful. All right?


Love you.

Love you, too.

Scare her good, lucky?

Oh, real good!

Nice save on the homework.

Oh, thank you, dear.

Don't mind me, I'm just putting some stuff in the back.

All right.

You know, when I was lucky's age, I had already learned to pick locks and I never took a math test. I turned out fine.

Well, you are a different case. You know, luke...


I think lucky's got a girlfriend.

All right! It's about time!

Stop that! He's still my baby. know, one day soon he's going to be all grown up and gone.

What does that make us?


Don't you say it. No, don't you even think it. I am not old. I don't feel old.

You're not.

Thanks. You sure as hell don't look old. How did we get such an old kid?

I don't know. Get just lucky, I guess. Ahem. What else...

Whoa. Uh-uh.


Uh-uh. He's lucky. You and me, baby... we be something else.

I spend on you you look like an angel a siren I'm drawn to the world's spinning how could I ever begin to be with you but there's something about you now, I don't think I'll ever figure it out when I'm drawn and there's something about you now that makes everything beautiful if I only believe

Ahem. I've got time to fix that leaky gutter tomorrow, if you want.

Great then, do it.

If you've got time, I could take the truck and run downtown and pick up the parts tonight.

Get out of here.

When are you two going to start acting like the real married folks?



There's something inside you now that makes everything beautiful if we only believe something is happening

[Engine stalling]

[Engine starts]


My god! Stay here.

Please, have a seat, please. Why did sonny ask you to throw this fight?

Because he ns a bigger piece of the other fighter.

I know you wouldn't take a dive. So what happened?

Knocked the guy out and I grabbed karen. She didn't know what the hell was going on, so we just took off.

So why didn't you come straight here?

Sonny's guys were right behind us. All I was thinking about was getting some money and getting out of town.

We've had our eye on sonny ever since he opened up the paradise lounge so we knew was a small time racketeer, but we never had anything solid to nail him with. I'll tell you something, though--if I'm going to be able to build a case against this guy, I'm going to need your help. Are you with me? To yeah.


Good, does corinthos know you're back in town?


Ok, then. First objective is to get him off the streets and into custody. I don't know how much of this I can make stick, but we'll hold him as long as possible just to minimize the danger against you two. Does anybody else know about sonny's threats?

Marco knows.

That's it?

As far as I know.

Huh. Well, we'll probably have to lean on marco to get him to talk, but we'll do it.

So what are you going to charge sonny with?

About anything we can. For starters, making terroristic threats. That's the legal term. Trying to fix the fight,ar and finally, hiring underage girl to strip at his club. Now karen, are you going to be able to testify against sonny on that last one?



Good. This is commissioner donnelly. Send a car to the paradise lounge. I want sonny corinthos picked up for questioning. If he's not there, find him.

[Hangs up phone]

What is this new party attitude?

Was having fun. That's what people usually do at parties, they have fun.

No, no, no, no. You are up to something. What is this, another trip to the hospital? Oops, I've fallen down and I can't get up?

I have consulted a lawyer.

Wait a minute, wait a minute, about what?

Aut that little agreement th

you hadaie sign. You know, the one saying that I didn't have any rights to this child after it's born. Well, I'm going to contest it.

You've got to be kidding here.

Yeah, well, what else can I do?

I'll tell you at you c do--you can have the baby, then you can go jump in the lake. Stick the dea lucy, he stick to the deal! And the idea did not include katherine be. She wasn't part of it when I signed it!

Ah, here we go. I knew thl! You were going to bring up katherine.

Yeah, well, you know, katherine is just after one thing. She's after more money and she's after the baby's money. And I made a promise to dominique that I was not going to let anything happen. I'm going to take care of you and that child. Anone day- one day you're going to realize what katherine's pp to.

And when are you going to realize that the minute that the baby is born, you're not going to get within a million miles of it. How do you like that?

Ha! Ok, fine. I'll see you in court.


Luke, no!


No, no! Get away from there, no! It's too late, no!

Oh, my god.

Oh, my god.

This is it, they found us.


They found us! They weren't trying to kill dan, they were trying to kill us. That's our truck. They found us!

Lucky, lucky!

No, no, no, no. We've got to wait. We've got to wait.

No, he's going home! What if they're waiting at home for him, luke? They might be waiting for him!

They won't be waiting for him, sweetheart. They think we're dead. Now get inside. Come on, get inside. Get the blinds. Wellthe trucs gone. I sure as hell a't ing for a taxi to take u to the airport. We'll have to take a freight to L.A. Make the call.Irll

Luke. I cant lee lucky. .Ama

You havto.

C no. I ct 't do it.

Laura, listen to me. We agreed a long time ago,T. If something like this happeneda e and we weren't together, that we'd make our separateet moves. The pn is in ace.To you have to sticto it.E'ke

He's ly 1years old!

H knows what to do! Sweetheart, we've been over this a hundred times. A hundred times. Make the call. S.Make the call. You have to. Go ahead.

[Line ringing]

He's no picking up the phone.

He hasnt had time to get home yet, laura. Just leave a message.

What if he doesn't check the messages? Me&gt&gtEte always checks the messages! Sweetheart, leave the message.He

Sorry, we're out.

But you're on.E.


Hi, lucky, this is mom. O there's been a change in plans. There' p

[Whistling] Hmm.

[Tape rewinding]

Lucky, this is mom. There's been a change in plans. Dad and I are going bowling tonight. Yr dinner is in the freezer. I love you, sweetheart. See you later.


[Laura crying]

He never--he never felt a thing.

We can't just leave him like this. Who will bury him? He didn't have any family. He only had us.

Sweetheart, listen to me. He only had us and he loved us. And what he would want for all of us right now is to be safe. Me on. Come on, angel. Come on.

[ Male announc ]

Ziploc presents ziplogic.

Ok, sonny, why don't you ll us how many fights o'reilly's had since yove been his owner.

What's the difference? I'm a busy man, commissioner.Hi w just what are you accusing me of?Mm.

You tried to fix a fight.

Oh, come on.Cu

And then threatened someone with bodily harm if the fix di't come off.On

&gt&gtReight. Next?

Ok, how abo hiring an underaged young woman to strip at your bar?

You guys are really something. Yeah, I got interest in a couple of fighters.Ar and, yeah, somebody might have e heard me say something like I'd kill if my guy could win. And you're going to arrest me? I don't think so.

Oh, come off it, sonn our sources tell us it's a little more direct than at.

Well, your sources are full of it. And as far as the women are concerned, how am I supposed to know if they show up with fake ids? I ask their age, they tell me, what else can I do?If

[Sighs] Can I make a suggestion?

Sure, commissioner, sir.

Get a lawyer. You're going to need o.

Yeah, you're right, I , when I sue this department for defamation of character. My club was full when those cops came in ere looking for me. And everybody saw what was going down.

Oh, we're so sorry, we didn't mean to ruin your reputation. Ev


Are you waiving your right to have a lawyer present?

What about my rights to seem- my accusers? What about that? Do I have rights to see those lowlifes face to face?Cc

&gt&gtOu have no legal rights to see your accusers face to face except in court. F lht yfa on the other hand, they mht enjoy it. On ohe boss.HtT.

Believeou know one another. Eot

I don't know if you told the policebut what I do know isf t you made one hell of a big mistake. H bak

There's no mistake.

Jagger, why don't you tell our friend here what your written statement says?

It says thahe teatened me, and he threatened to kill karen if I didn'lose the fight.

&gt&gtHey're lying. He's had it iif for me ever since I slept with s lile girlfriend.

You son of a--

Settle slwn, punk.

Break it up. Ck it ofhitt g- that's enough. Ick

This guy is crazy, man. He's crazy.

You are under arrest, my friend.


All right. Get him out of here and read him his rights. Y.Let's go.Es m



Wait a minute. Get out of aea here. It's just too bad, sweetheart. It's just too bad.

Get your hands off her.

Come on. Let's go.

You all right?


I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

There's one more thing.


No, I have to do it right now, ok? There's a man named ray conway. I want to have him arrested. When I was a little girl, um... I want to arrest him, and I want to have him charged with sexual abuse.

Is it ok if I sit here?

Of course. Are you traveling all by yourself?Se

Yep. Well, kind of. See, i was visiting my aunt, my dads sister. She lives in vancouver. She just drove me to the bus and dropped me off. And then, I'm going to meet my uncle at the airport.

What's your name, young man?


I'm margaret. Well, since I'm traveling alone, too, what do you say we share this part of our adventure?


Good. [Chuckles] I think we might as well share these, too.


So...why didn't your parents get to come along on this visit to your aunt?

Uh...they're pretty busy right now.Re

[Sirens wail]

There's only one body here.

Is it spencer's?

You want I should check his teeth? Where's the woman and the kid?

Well, the diner's empty.

We better go hit the house. Come on. We got to get out of here. 3q over 200,000 people are hospitalized every year

[Door opens]


Hey, man. Come over here. Listen to this.


[Tape rewinding]Er

lucky, this is mom. There'wi been a chae of plans. Dad and I are going bowling tonight. Aof your dinner is in the freezer. I love yousweetheart. See you later.


Nway. Bowling?

Let's get out of here.

8:51 to buffalo. We do have a direct flight. Are you sure you want to change planes chicago?

I'm positive.

Ok. There you go. Havech a nice flight.

[Luke grunting]

[Train wheels clacking]

&gt&gtOme on, sweetheart. You can do it! [Grunts]

[Both grunting]

[Both panting]

Ahh. Hi.

Hi. Ohh.

You ok?

Just a little out of practice for this kind of thing.

[Panting] Want to change. This lingti skirt almost got me killed.



I like that skirt. When you run, it shows off your gams.

[Whistle blows]

[Both panting] What's in there, anyway?

Everything that we need.

You know, it's about 10 times heavier than it was when I first put it under the counter

Well, I've added a few things over the years

Like what? Barbells, cinderblocks, bricks?

There's nothing in here that isn't absolutely essential. I promise you. Reno e are we all right? I mean, at least for now?

For now.

[Rattling] Come on. Come on. I know it ain't the "orient express." Heh. Ok. What is that? Oh. Ohh. Ohh! Exat oh. They ought to invest in better shock absorbers. [Panting] Oh, baby. Damn. Here. Look at that. Ooh. Sweetheart.

[Rails clacking]

Laura, don't think about it.

Don't think about what? Lucky? Can't help it.

You have to help it. Come on, now.

Luke, know that we've been y over the plan with him a hundred times, and I know that we couldn't go back to the house to find him, but I'm ared.Me I...can't get these images out of my mind. [Cries]

What images?

[Sighs] Everything, you know? All the things that could be happening to him, and the explosion--seeing dan like that. Luke, they're not even going to know that it's him when they take him out of that truck. We can't even tell him that we'rethorry.Ell hi

He knows, angel. He knows. Come hE. Come on. Come on.


I'm not mad at you.

I know. I know. I

[Shivers] It's just tha.. I loved those past three years so much. They were so good. And I felt so safe.

It was a mistakto feel safe, laura. I knew if we stayedwa in the same place long enough, eventuly, frank smith would find us. We did, and he did.

[Sighs] How do you know thatd,di it's frank smith? What about that guy in istanbul? You know, the carpet dealer?


That wasn't his name.

Why not? Hell, I was never properly introducery

Or the rancher, you know, in argentin.

Oh, that s just aotinor,pr little disagreement.E

No, it wasn't, luke. I'ma? Rious. Why are you so sure that it isn't one of them? Den

'Cause I took care of them, w baby. I took care of them. Harry

' will never leave istanbul again without his nurse. And that argentine psycho, if there's any god, is in an urn on his widow's mantelpiece. No, this was different. This was organized, lethal, very stylish. This was frank smH.

I don't understand how a man could be in prison for 10 years and still have enough power to ul tbes toprs.

Mey, baby. Lots and lots of money.

It's not fa.

[Scoffs]On I know. [Laughs] I know. Life isn't fair. [Sighs]Ow

[Rls clacking] How far do you think we can go on this train?

All the way to L.A. If we're lucky.T will be slick, baby. We'll just bounce into the bank, in the safe deposit box, and we'll just grab thastash. W have the money. We got the fake ids. We got the credit cards.

Oh, what if they're not valid after all these years?

Hey, whose hands are you in here, sweetheart? I took carof all that when I went to L.A. Last march.

So then, we're only going to

one day away from port charles, right?Y

Yeah, if we canump on a plane. Um laa, look at me.

[Train whistle blows] Lucky's fine. He's a handy little guy. He knows what to do.S trust me.

&gt&gtEre you go.

I've always wanted to fly first class on a big plane.

[Chuckles] You have your choice of entrees and three movies. Here are your travelings e socks. And would you like an orange juice or soda, sir

Both, please.

[Chuckles] This is way cool.

[Laughs]H, thting.

Well, honey, what do you think's in this one? Peanuts? Maybe pretzels? Ahh. Oh, baby. We hit the jackpot. We got lug bolts, 50 gross of lug bolts.Ja

Put a few in the ba

youro never know. A thWould I argue with that? I ask myself. You know, this is probably not a bad idea. If everything goes to hell, and worse comes to worst, I can always rig a slingshot and drop frank stoth with a l bolt right between the eyes.


[Sighs] I'm sorry, honey.

It's not your fault.

Oh, now, well, I think if you stroll down memory lane long enough, you'll realize that, basically, yes, it is my fault.N

Don't do this, ok?


I know you're just as worried about cky as I am.

No, I'm not. No, he can take care of himself. He's gotn the spencer touc

[Chuckles] And besides, if--if frank smith's bloodhounds are on our tail, he's safer away from us, because given a choice, they'll go after me, not him. Ca

Luke? [Sighs] What--if you were frank smith, would you gofter luke spencer or his son? Which would be better punishment? En

uh, no, no. Don't do that, now. No.Hey--they didn't try to blow up his bycle. They tried to blow up my truc they're after me, laura, notlo lucky.

And it's almost like we have somebody looking out for us, right? You know? I mean, every time something happens, we all manage to come out of it ok, don't we?

Yes, we do, don't we? Yes, we do. We're going to get to l., We're going to get the stuff that we need, then we're going to get to port charles, and lucky's going to have his little butt there, sitting in ruby's, eating probably a hot fudge sundin when we roll into town. Que es no problema.

Whoever's looking out over us, he can be in two places atin once, can't he?

Yeah. Yeah. I think she can.

[Rails clacking]




Who taught you to play this game?

My dad. He's good at everything. Except the bagpipes. At's what he always says-- he's good at everything but the bagpipes. Plus, he has to wear those stupid skirts.

[Laughs] His parts get cold.

Well, you've just won yourself another hot fudge sundae.

No nuts. And whipped cream. H and two cherries.

I don't remember that being part of the deal.

You never said it wasn'T.

[Chuckles] Hey, five-card stud. You know how to play that?

You know what you said about staying in one place too long?


You were right. This time, we did. I hate leaving there, luke. E,I E.Ted leaving our house and our friends.

I know, baby. I know.

It gets harder every time.

[Sighs] I can't imagine never seeing those people again. It's like they all died with dan. For us, they don't exist anymore.

Yes, they do.

How? We can'see themwe can't talk to them.

We can remember them. E

Luke? I don't want to do this anymore. N'ym

Ok. Ok. K. We'll get to L.A. And pk up our uff, and then, we'll get to port charles. And then, i swear toweou, this thing with heank smitwill be finished...swou once and for all... Once and for all.

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