GH Transcript Monday 2/18/91

General Hospital Transcript Monday 2/18/91


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(Robert and Anna’s desire to exact revenge upon each other turns passionate; Frisco is amused when he has to set Robert free from Anna’s trap; the protest against the ELQ ship goes awry; Robert is shocked to discover the man he’s just rescued is his brother.)

Anna: Hi, Frisco.

Frisco: Hi, how are you doing? Want to sit down and have a little lunch here? They've got a great corned beef sandwich today.

Anna: I don't want anything to eat.

Frisco: You sure?

Anna: I need to talk to you.

Frisco: You look terrible.

Anna: Oh, thank you, I am. I've, uh--I've been everywhere today, and I just can't get anyone to help me in that. I need to speak to you.

Frisco: Sure, what's the problem? Sounds a little serious there, what is it?

Anna: It is serious.

Frisco: Well, listen, if you need me--

Anna: No, no, it's fine, you, uh-- stay and finish your lunch, and-- [Clears throat] It's about Robert.

Frisco: Robert? Is he okay?

Anna: Yes. Uh, he's fine. He's at his apartment.

Frisco: No, he's not. I tried to call him all morning, and he never--

Anna: No, he is there, at his apartment, trust me, I know, he can't leave. He may not have been able to come to the phone, because... he's tied up.

Frisco: Tell me about it. The busiest guy in town.

Anna: No, I mean... you see, he's really tied up. You know, bound and gagged, and... well, I need you to go over there and untie him.

Frisco: Are you putting me on?

Anna: No, no, no, I was just there, I saw him.

Frisco: And why didn't you untie him?

Anna: I can't untie him, he's going to kill me!

Frisco: All right, well. Maybe you ought to pass this all by me one more time, here.

Anna: I'm the one who tied him up.

Frisco: I'm sorry, I didn't hear you, what?

Anna: I'm the one who tied him up.

Frisco: You tied him up?

Anna: Can you go over there and untie him?

Frisco: You tied Robert up?

Anna: Can you go over there and untie him? Just answer the question, please.

Frisco: And there's a whole other side to your personality, eh?

Anna: Yes, I know, but this is private, Frisco, it is between Robert and myself.

Frisco: Sounds like it.

Anna: Thank you. Please keep all your little schoolboy snide remarks to yourself. Can you help me or not? Is there a problem with this?

Frisco: No problem.

Anna: Great. It's a simple task, go over there, you untie the man. Okay? These are the keys to the elevator. I don't ever want to discuss this again. I would appreciate it if you never brought it up, ever. Finish your lunch. This has been a horrible day, I'm going home. Thank you. I appreciate it.

Frisco: I hope I'm dressed for the occasion.

Tracy: You don't understand, I don't want them to wear the old uniforms, they're too drab, they're not festive enough. No, no, no, no, no, that's much too high! Just work it out.

Ashton: I told you that she wasn't going to want them up there!

Jennings: Well, excuse me, sir, but this is where you told me to put it.

Ashton: Excuse me, Jennings, I think you would be much better off admitting your own mistakes instead of trying shove the blame off onto other people.

Tracy: Now, now, now, Ashton, let's not give Jennings a hard time, he is on loan, you want him to feel appreciated.

Jennings: Oh, don't worry, Madame, I rarely listen to what he says.

Tracy: Well, that's a lesson we should all learn.

Ned: Mother, you're not really putting up all of these decorations, aren't you?

Tracy: No, darling, I'm not, I'm hoping the caterers will when they get here.

Ned: I mean, really, with all these hearts and cupids, and--

Tracy: We are having a celebration.

Ashton: Ha! Bloody marvelous celebration we're going to have in a quarter this small.

Tracy: Ashton, you obviously have no imagination.

Ned: Mother, it has nothing to do with imagination, I've seen the bill for the flowers alone, you're spending a fortune on this party.

Tracy: A fortune we are going to have after today.

Frisco: Hello, sir.

Robert: Thank you. That's it. So, what's been going on?

Frisco: You mean business-wise, sir?

Robert: Business.

Frisco: [Clears throat] The rumor is that the green belt environmental group is staging a protest down at the dock. I thought we might check it out, sir.

Robert: Mm-hmm. I' you there. First I have something of a personal nature to deal with.

Jenny: Yes, looks good. Yeah, we should do another one.

Girl: Where? We're out of tables.

Jenny: No, we're not. Hey, kiddo, I need your table.

Robin: Hmm?

Jenny: Our group, we need your table. Hey, are you the kid I met at the university?

Robin: Yeah, hi.

Jenny: So, do you mind?

Robin: Mind what?

Jenny: Moving to another table. Okay? Okay, fine, stay there. But as long as you're going to be just sitting there, you might as well make yourself useful. You do know how to fold, don't you?

Robin: Yeah.

Jenny: Thanks. All right, guys.

Anna: Robin? Hi, robin, I'm home! Oh, boy. I've had such a day. Robin? Is that you, sweetheart? I'm back!

[Metal noise]

Anna: Robin? I'd love a cup of tea, if you're making any. Robin?


Anna: Whoever is in here, if you're thinking of stealing something, there is nothing worth taking. And I have a gun, and I'm warning you, I know how to use it.

Robert: I'll bet you do.

Anna: Robert.

Robert: Champagne?

Tracy: I thought I made that perfectly clear to you, and would you please get after the rental people? The tables were supposed to be here an hour ago. Hi, what do you think?

Alan: What do I think about what?

Tracy: About what? About this, about the place, doesn't it look festive?

Alan: You called me from the hospital for this?

Tracy: I did. I did because I need the opinion of somebody that I really trust.

Alan: You want my opinion?

Tracy: I want your opinion, and I want you to be honest.

Alan: You want my honest opinion?

Tracy: Uh-huh.

Alan: What the hell are you doing throwing a party like this, now?

Tracy: Alan--

Alan: How dare you spend money like this right now, Tracy?

Tracy: Okay. I'll cancel.

Alan: No, wait a minute, you can't cancel, it's too late, there's people here.

Tracy: I just thought that-- that there was time for us Quartermaines to get out from under, and I thought--I thought if anybody would agree with me, it would be my big brother.

Alan: All right. You win, go and have a party.

Tracy: No, I'm going to cancel, because it's not appropriate.

Alan: Just stop it, will you? Please, stop, stop, put the phone back down. Maybe it is time for us to stop being so conservative, maybe it is.

Tracy: Okay. You sure?

Alan: Yeah, I'm sure.

Tracy: Would you do me a little favor?

Alan: What?

Tracy: Would you get me some extra cash, so I can tip the caterers?

Anna: What's the game, Robert?

Robert: You want to put that down?

Anna: No, I'm not sure yet.

Robert: Do I have to grovel?

Anna: Oh, come on, don't be coy, you know you're dying to take a swing at me right here, aren't you?

Robert: And waste all this good booze?

Anna: Yeah, you're furious at me, admit it.

Robert: Well, I can't stay angry forever.

Anna: Yes, you can.

Robert: Please.

Anna: Well, I'm not going to shoot you, am I?

Robert: Now, isn't this much friendlier? Come on, admit it. Drink.

Anna: What's in it?

Robert: Oh, you're a sexy little number when you're suspicious.

Anna: You really aren't upset with me?

Robert: How can I be upset with someone who's as unpredictable, as just all out drop dead beautiful as you are?

Anna: Beautiful?

Robert: Mm-hm. You have a lot of time to think when you're tied up with someone's stockings.

Anna: Yeah. Also revenge, no doubt.

Robert: Wasted emotion, after a while. You know? Thoughts of... thoughts of the last... ten years? Thoughts of a woman screaming at a guy saying what he's done to her. What he should have done. How he reacted to her. Why didn't he forgive her? Thoughts of closeness, thoughts of-- thoughts like that.

Anna: Oh, those thoughts.

Robert: Yeah. And I... I wondered with them. Just maybe, you'd miss those thoughts, too. Oh, you're very good, but, you know, you've always opened with the same move, and I think you should watch that in the future. [Kissing] I missed you. What's more to the point, I missed us. You know what really, really gets me?

Anna: What?

Robert: The thought that you've just plain lost it. [Sighs] I'll let myself out.

Frisco: Robert?

Robert: What's the problem?

Frisco: Well, that ship out there is taking on water.

Robert: Oh? Why wasn't I told about it?

Frisco: I just found out from the harbor master myself.

Robert: Oh. What's the cargo?

Frisco: Got chemicals on there, they've got some heavy equipment from the Quartermaine plant.

Robert: And it's taking water, doesn't sound too good. How many more of these green people do we have to contend with?

Frisco: Word is they are all meeting at Kelly's.

Robert: Look, I think I'll nip this in the bud right now. Uh, tell Louis, if he doesn't know, and tell him to get over here.

Frisco: Right. Last night looked like fun.

Anna: [Humming]

Olin: Hi!

Anna: Hi.

Olin: Hey, honey. It's me, just stalling with the tea.

Anna: Is robin back yet?

Olin: No, no. Uh, she's probably cruising the malls and checking up on the dudes. Hey, what's the matter? You mad at her?

Anna: No, I'm not mad at her. Not mad at anyone, really.

Olin: Right now, your face doesn't look exactly like smile button.

Anna: I think I hate myself.

Olin: Oh, goodie, goodie, oh, for a minute here, I thought you found the blue vase I broke. Okay, have some tea. Come on.

Anna: I think I messed just about everything up, really.

Olin: Well, not everything. Robin's pretty buff.

Anna: Yeah. I guess maybe there's something just wrong with me. So maybe he's right.

Olin: Who's right?

Anna: I don't have it anymore.

Olin: Oh, so that's what you're talking about. So, now you think you're [Indistinct].

Anna: Well, Robert says so and he must know, right?

Olin: So, now we're talking about sex appeal, hyper hormones and body heat, you know, the kind of stuff that make men pant. [Pants] Now you've got it in spades.

Anna: Don't know about that, but, you know? Last night, I... I don't think he was faking it. I don't think I was either, but I don't think he was faking it.

Olin: So what happened last night? The two of you got horizontal?

Anna: No, it doesn't matter what happened last night. What happened this morning, comes out and he only hates me now, he has to hate me, we've got the same taste.

Olin: Oh, the commissioner said he hates you? Oh, wow, that's fabulous! And check this out, the only real passion people have, is for people they really care for. Well, indifference, hey, indifference is a real turn off. You got that?

Anna: Mm-hmm.

Olin: Oh, the dude's only admitting that you rocked him to his socks!

Anna: You think so?

Olin: Sure, sure. Hey, look at this skinny. Whatever you're feeling now, he's feeling.

Anna: Oh, I doubt that.

Olin: Oh, men can't deny passion! It's the life force!

Anna: I know that! You should've seen us last night.

Olin: Oh, yummy, yummy, rad! Hey, you hot, he hot? Oh, what happened? Tell me!

Anna: I'm not telling you, you're out of your mind. No.

Olin: Okay. All right, I'll tell you this, chum. The commissioner is just as bent out of shape right now as you are.

Anna: He better be.

Jenny: Keep it up. How you doing? Keep it going. My gosh, would you look at this stack of flyers, we should have put her to work sooner. Do you mind doing some more?

Robin: Why not?

Jenny: All right, listen, guys, keep up the good work, okay? I'll check on you later, I've got to make the rounds.

Robert: Anybody in charge, here?

Jenny: I am, are you here to volunteer?

Robert: Not exactly. Police. You're going to have to move your little gathering.

Jenny: Why? We're not in anyone's way.

Robert: Perhaps, but this is a business establishment, it's not designed for public meetings.

Jenny: Okay, okay, besides, we're almost finished, anyway. All right, guys, we've got to pack it up, okay?

Robert: Okay.

Jenny: Just...

Robert: Robin?

Robin: Yeah.

Robert: What are you doing here?

Robin: Helping to fold some stuff.

Robert: Look, I think you'd be better off at home rather than hanging out here with a bunch of radicals, right?

Robin: What? Dad, they're not radicals, they're nice.

Robert: Maybe, but I think you'd be better off at home, okay?

Robin: Why? I'm not doing anything wrong.

Robert: Don't talk back to me, robin, all right?

Robin: I'm not talking back and you don't have to treat me like a little kid.

Robert: Stop sounding like your mother.

Robin: I don't understand you.

Robert: It's not really important that you do. Just get your things and go, otherwise I'm going to have to do it for you, and I wouldn't want to do that.

Ashton: Ah.

Ned: I've just been in touch with the captain of our ship.

Tracy: Problems?

Ned: No, uh, but I think you should both know that it's going to be needing repairs as soon as it comes into dock.

Tracy: Really? Isn't that special? More money to spend. What's wrong with it, Ned?

Ned: It's taking on water, but there's nothing to be concerned about, it's going to make it to the harbor in plenty of time.

Tracy: Ned? What about the cargo?

Ned: No problem with that, it's in a sealed area.

Ashton: This sounds very serious.

Ned: No, every--everything is under control, but maybe we should alert our crewmen so that they can be standing by.

Tracy: Well, I'm, uh, don't take too long, okay? Because you'll miss the party.

Robin: I don't think I'll ever understand, he's unfair...

Anna: Hello, beloved daughter.

Robin: Unreasonable.

Anna: Who?

Robin: Dad!

Olin: Oh, here we go again.

Robin: I tried everything with him, it just does not work. I've made valentine cards, invited him to my recital, stayed away so he can have time with you.

Anna: Wow, wow, wow. What has he done? Tell me.

Robin: All right.

Anna: Yes.

Robin: I was at Kelly's, right? Okay, I'm sorry I didn't call.

Anna: That's okay, I'm sorry, darling...

Robin: Okay, okay, anyways, jenny was there, right? With some of her friends.

Anna: Right.

Robin: Greenbelts.

Anna: Aha.

Robin: And all I was doing was helping them fold some flyers. Anyway, dad burst in, tells them all to leave, and then bugs me off for helping them.

Anna: He does?

Robin: Yes! And I wasn't even doing anything wrong, I mean, I tried to tell him that, but he wouldn't even listen to me.

Anna: He wouldn't listen to you?

Robin: No! I wasn't even doing anything wrong.

Anna: Right. Well, I know exactly what you're talking about, so maybe the two of us should go over there and speak to him, you think?

Robin: [Exhales] No, you talk to him, I'm too upset.

Anna: Maybe I will. Yes, I think I'll go and have a word with him myself. I'll set him straight.

Olin: Going out again?

Anna: Yes, I'm going to go and have a little chat with Robert.

Robert: All right, everyone, come on, let's, uh, let's all move back. All right, come on, let's all get back, now! Everybody! Excuse me, come on, please, bugs, let's all clear a path here, come on! Listen, bring reinforcements, quick.

Frisco: You got it.

Jenny: Okay, if someone could just remember to grab those flyers, I think we're set, you guys, we better move it, that ship's going to be here in less than half an hour, okay? Let's go!

Anna: Oh, excuse me, are you in charge, here?

Jenny: Hey, you're not stopping me either.

Anna: Uh, okay. Can I help?

Jenny: Are you a greenbelt?

Anna: No, not actually, a I'm black belt, no, I mean, is it all right? Um...

Jenny: It'd be great, we could really use the bodies, we're heading to the docks now, so, if you could, come on along.

Anna: Okay, um, what do I do about, do I get a sign?

Jenny: Yes, I'll tell you what, just make one up, meet us there. You guys come on, we've got to go, it's going to be here!

Anna: Hi.

Waitress: Hey.

Anna: Hello.

Waitress: What can I get you today?

Anna: Oh, um, let me just get a coffee, a large one, extra caffeine.

Waitress: Okay.

Anna: Thanks.

Girl: Hi, I heard you need a sign.

Anna: You better believe it.

Girl: Markers are over here.

Anna: All right, oh, what would I put down?

Girl: Anything against the ship, something pithy.

Anna: Great, this is a great day for pithy...

Waitress: Here's your java large.

Anna: Thanks very much.

Waitress: So, you're part of this, uh, angry crowd?

Anna: Oh, yeah, I have a few protests that I would like to make myself.

Waitress: Oh, Robert was in here earlier and, uh, he definitely frowns on this activity.

Anna: I know.

Waitress: Well, you might find yourself butting heads with him.

Anna: Oh, I'm counting on that.

Waitress: Oh. Okay.

Anna: I'm not much of an artist. Are you going out there, now?

Man: Yes.

Woman: Let's go.

[Crowd protesting]

Robert: Come on!

Let me through.

Robert: More rope, I want this whole section all cornered up.

All right, you got it. Come on, let me through here.

Reporter: Mr. Scorpio, we'd like a few answers.

Robert: It's a bad time for 20 questions.

Reporter: Come on, commissioner, what's the skinny?

Frisco: Commissioner is busy right now, help's on the way. Back up, please. Back up, please.

Robert: Come on, please. Please, do as we say. Behind that.

Frisco: Circle that up over there. Make sure you make that a barrier.

Robert: Didn't I tell you to sit this one out?

Jenny: You're only the commissioner, you're not god. Stop the ship now!

Crowd: Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now!

Frisco: You think this is a problem?

Crowd: Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now!

Robert: Get me the harbor patrol now.

Officer: Yes, sir.

Crowd: Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now!

[Crowd continues protesting]

Robert: And what would you be protesting?

Anna: I don't know. What have you got?

Robert: Listen, Anna, this isn't funny.

Anna: I think I'm protesting millions of things, quite honestly.

Robert: You don't give a damn about that ship...

Anna: Don't yell at me and don't yell at my daughter.

Robert: I am not yelling, I am en... I am enunciating loud. Now, just try to keep away from the ship, all right?

Anna: I'm not leaving here.

Robert: Look, run, jump or stand still, I really don't care what you do, just...stay out of the crowd.

Crowd: Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now!

Anna: Why?

Robert: You might get hurt.

Anna: You care whether I get hurt?

Robert: What? Well...

Crowd: Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now!

Robert: As an official, it's my job to make sure that no one gets hurt, all right? That includes you. Now, just do what you're told.

Anna: I'm on camera.

Robert: Just get out of here, all right?

[Crowd protesting]

Robert: You! Yeah, you, in the small craft! Get out of here! I said get out of here!

[Crowd protesting]

Robert: Get out! Get out of here!

Tracy: Ah, ah, you put that down.

Alan: I am.

Tracy: Thank god you're here.

Officer: What's the urgency?

Tracy: My property is covered with protestors, I'm about to have guests come any minute.

Officer: They're not on your property.

Tracy: Well, they might as well be. They're in the street next to my gate. You got to do something, get them out of here.

Officer: I can't, they're not breaking the law.

Tracy: You mean, I have to endure these people cluttering the street on the day of my party?

Officer: There are only three people out there.

Tracy: That is three too many.

Officer: Look, I'm sorry, but there's nothing that I can do.

Tracy: Wait, wait...

Ashton: Oh, look, Jennings, turn the sound up. Quick, quick.

Officer: That's where I'm needed right now, certainly not here, excuse me.

Monica: Oh, excuse me, hello.

Tracy: Monica, how nice.

Monica: Well, I take it I'm either too early or too late.

Jennings: Just in time, actually.

Tracy: Jennings, could you turn that down?

Announcer: Within the confines of...

Monica: Thank you, Jennings.

Tracy: Oh, Monica, it's, um, been really, really, really nice having Jennings here to help out.

Monica: Well, the place does look absolutely wonderful.

Tracy: Oh, do you think so?

Monica: Yes, I do, indeed. I think it takes a lot of guts to throw a party like this when we're working so hard to, uh, keep a budget.

Tracy: Gee, Monica, if you're going to be a party pooper, you can go wait outside with the protestors.

Monica: Maybe I will.

Ned: I just got off the phone with the ship, they don't know how or why, but it seems to be taking up more water than they anticipated.

Monica: The ship? What ship? Our ship?

Ashton: Have a drink, Monica.

Crowd: Stop the ship now!

[Horn blows]

Crowd: Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now!

Robert: I'm warning you, get out of this area now!

Crowd: Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now!

Robert: Right now!

Crowd: Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now!


Robert: Make the small craft get out of the water! Come on! Go! Make the small craft get out of the water!


Robert: Let's go.

Crowd: Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now!

Robert: To the small craft, leave the area now!

Crowd: Stop the ship now!

Robert: You're endangering lives with the ship dock and the crew. Leave the area! Now!

Crowd: Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now! Stop the ship now!

Protester: [Shouting] This is America.

Tracy: Mother, Alan.

Alan: Tracy.

Lila: Darling, the place looks beautiful, what a wonderful idea to have a party here.

Tracy: Yes, wasn't it?

Alan: You did good, sis.

Tracy: Why, thank you, that means so much to me coming from you.

Lila: You look a little pale, dear. Are you feeling all right?

Tracy: Pale, I do? How silly of me. Well, I guess it's just all this last minute running around. I think I'd better mingle. Excuse me, will you? Oh, pardon me.

Alan: Can I get you a drink, mother?

Lila: Ah, yes, please, dear. Ah, nothing too strong.

Alan: Okay, darling.

Tracy: Ah, darling, are you sure?

Ned: See for yourself, you can see it from the upstairs window.

Tracy: Well, it's an optical illusion.

Ned: It's not an illusion, mother. Go look for yourself. The ship is in real trouble, and it's only a matter of time before everybody here finds out.

Tracy: I can't believe this is happening.

Monica: Hello.

Alan: Monica, hello.

Monica: It is nice to know that the Quartermaine money is being put to such good use.

Alan: It's not a total loss that you're here. Happy valentine's day.

Monica: Thank you.

Alan: Don't you think it's a little bit strange the way Ashton and Tracy and Ned have been acting?

Monica: Oh, you mean you don't know?

Alan: No, I don't.

Monica: Then I think you'd better ask your sister.

Tracy: I found a bug in the pate.

Ashton: It's impossible. Someone must have put it there.

Tracy: Well, I don't care how it got there, but I'm not spending perfectly good money on bug infested food. I got out of paying the caterer.

Ned: That was the captain of the ship. Now he's got another problem. These lunatics from the greenbelt group are trying to obstruct the area with their boats to keep us from docking.

Tracy: You forget about everyone else.

Alan: That's funny, Tracy, sounds like you're talking about yourself.

Tracy: Alan.

Alan: Would you like to tell me what's going on?

Tracy: Going on?

Ned: What do you mean?

Alan: Are you going to tell me what's going on? Or do I have to find out in my own way?

[Crowd shouting]


Crowd: [Screaming]

[Alarm sounding]


Robert: Evacuate the dock area, now! I want a parking for emergency vehicles. Anyone below, except the people in the water.


Robert: Lois, get them out of here before it explodes. Come on, get them back.

Officers: Move it! Move it! Move! Move back!

Alan: What was that?

Ned: It was an explosion. It was the "ELQ."

Lila: [Gasping]

Ned: You can see it from the upstairs window.

[All murmuring]

Tracy: What are we going to do?

Ned: I don't know, what do you suggest?

Tracy: Well, I don't think you should just stand here.

Ned: If that cargo is on the bottom of the river, we are sunk.

Tracy: Oh.



[Indistinct chatter]

Robert: Come on now.

Mac: [Grunts]

Robert: Yeah. Ah!

Anna: Robert, who was that?

Robert: My brother.

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