GH Transcript Tuesday 9/11/84

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 9/11/84


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(Frisco pulls the hat off the thief in his apartment and reveals Felicia; Jimmy Lee is convinced that Beatrice was murdered and the Quartermaine’s are involved; Robert questions Holly hoping to gain some inside information.)

Frisco: How do you take it? Black? Cream? Sugar? Any combination thereof? Black. I think it's about time... that I found out what this is all about. I could call the cops, you know? I should, I mean, you broke into my apartment, you tried to rip me off. They could put you away for a long time for something like that. Kid your age wouldn't last long in prison, if you know what I mean. So much for scare tactics, huh? What is the big deal with this ring? Man, it's only worth 20, maybe 40 bucks, and you'd be a lot better off stealing radios or car stereos or something. Why is this so important? Huh? All right, kid. It's the cops you want? You got it. Officer? Yeah, I'd like to report a burglary.

Alan: I see that we weren't the only two who couldn't sleep, huh.

Edward: All I did was toss and turn all night long, asking myself the same question, over, and over, and over again.

Monica: "How did Beatrice die?"

Edward: More like... who has that bible page?

Alan: The point is we have no control over it, so we can't do anything until whoever has it speaks up. We have to wait.

Edward: Well, you can wait. Wait all you want, Alan. I plan to take some action.

Monica: Don't you mean more action?

Edward: Monica, if you're implying I had anything to do with Beatrice's death...

Alan: I just tell you it's this whole Susan Baldwin syndrome all over again. I don't know how we get involved in these messes.

Monica: It's in the Quartermaine genes. I mean, that's along with the family trades like greed, and ruthlessness, and...

Edward: Oh, let's have none of your cynicism today, Monica. Especially not this early in the morning.

Lila: I thought I heard voices.

Alan: Good morning, mother.

Lila: What on earth are you all doing up so early this morning?

Alan: Well, just couldn't sleep. There's nothing to worry about.

Lila: Hmm. Well, that takes care of Alan. What about you, Edward and Monica?

Monica: I would say, Lila, that we all are suffering from the same type of insomnia.

Edward: Yeah, worry over something we possibly have no control over.

Alan: Very possibly.

Monica: Specifically just what went on at the spa last night.

Lila: Just as I thought.

Edward: Well, I assume it's your reason for being up this early as well.

Lila: Well, I'm afraid I feel a little guilty about it all.

Alan: Why should you feel guilty, mother? You didn't have anything to do with Beatrice's death.

Lila: Well, after all it was I who put all that pressure on you to get rid of her.

Alan: Oh.

Edward: But you can't think that any of us had anything to do with it.

Lila: What I think doesn't matter, Edward. It's what the rest of the world will think.

Robert: Didn't expect to find you up.

Holly: I would imagine it's going to be an early morning for a lot of port Charles.

Robert: Or a late evening, depending on what side of midnight you walk.

Holly: I wasn't sure of where you were, that's why I didn't call you.

Robert: This is going to be some investigation if last night was anything to go by. [Chuckles] Just as things were starting to settle down too.

Holly: Do you know yet what killed her?

Robert: Well, the autopsy report isn't through. I understand they've ordered more tests.

Holly: But you must have some idea.

Robert: One or two. In particular one.

Holly: What's that?

Robert: The worst disease of all... acute greed.

Holly: Greed? That's an interesting theory.

Robert: I thought so.

Holly: It's rather abstract, though.

Robert: Well, until I see the autopsy, I... can't be any more specific.

Holly: Are you ruling out foul play?

Robert: That's the only thing I'm not ruling out. One thing I'm sure of is that Beatrice didn't die of natural causes. You know, I find it interesting that you were one that, um, originally suggested there was something going on at the spa. You were right. I'm surprised that with your... superior powers of detection you never got to the bottom of it.

Holly: There really wasn't much I could do once...Sylvia stopped coming to the spa.

Robert: The proverbial dead end, aye?

Holly: Yes.

Robert: Too bad. I was... counting on you to help me out.

Holly: Do you think Beatrice was murdered?

Robert: Well, if you rule out natural causes, that leaves suicide, and I doubt that Beatrice would ever have given anyone that satisfaction, least of all that mob there last night.

Holly: What do you mean?

Robert: You could almost hear the sigh of relief when Alan announced she was dead.

Holly: Well, all I felt was shock.

Robert: You see...I think that, ah, Beatrice was involved in something way over her head. What she was wallowing in, I can't even imagine.

Holly: Unfortunately, you won't be able to ask her.

Robert: No, just the rest of you.

Holly: Are you putting me on your list of witnesses?

Robert: You worked with her side by side for many months. In fact... why don't we do that right now? Um... do you have any reason to believe that, ah, Beatrice was involved in anything? I mean, you were always saying what a-- what a--what a snoop she was. Perhaps she discovered something that she shouldn't have.

Holly: No, I don't think so.

Robert: Why?

Holly: Because I would have known about it.

Robert: It's a shame. I thought you might have been able to give me some inside information.

Holly: I guess you'll have to rely on the others for that.

Robert: I guess so.

Holly: I think I'm going to go upstairs and get changed, Lorena wanted me to go into the spa to help tidy things up.

Robert: Don't let me keep you. Holly?

Holly: Yes, darling?

Robert: You never did tell me what was keeping you up.

Holly: I was all shook up about Beatrice. I mean she-- she was a friend.

Robert: Yeah. I guess that must have been it.

Alan: Mother, you must realize that we as doctors are pledged to save lives. We would never do anything to harm Beatrice.

Lila: I never said you would. I'd just like some kind of an explanation. Up until now I've chosen to remain in the dark, but now I'd like somebody to pull up the blinds.

Monica: Lila, you wanted us to get Beatrice out of town, right? We have been working on that.

Alan: We actually came to terms with her.

Edward: Yes, the boy is right, not the best of terms, but nevertheless terms.

Alan: We were going to buy her out. The transaction was to take place last night.

Monica: At the spa.

Edward: And the rest you know.

Alan: So you see, mother? There really isn't anything for you to worry about. I'm sure that... Beatrice died of natural causes.

Monica: And if not that, we don't know what.

Lila: I find the whole thing terribly difficult to understand. I mean, on one hand, she's gone out of our lives, which is what I wanted, but on the other hand she's dead, and...that can be a problem.

Stella: Oh, excuse me, I didn't know anyone was here.

Monica: Hi, Stella.

Lila: That's all right, Stella, I was coming to find you anyway.

Stella Oh, your juice is on the dining room table. Do you like it now or later?

Lila: Oh, now will be fine, dear, thank you. And I will see the rest of you later.

Alan: Ok, Mother.

Edward: Boy, there's nothing like being the suspect in a murder.

Monica: Imagine what the rest of the world is saying.

Edward: Me, a murderer? Ha! Preposterous.

Alan: You said you had a plan. You also said that nothing, and nothing would ever stop you or make you give in to Beatrice on giving her one third of that estate.

Edward: Not you too!

Alan: I am trying to find an explanation. I am doing exactly the same thing that the police are doing right now.

Edward: Well, I am not a murderer, all right? I mean, humbling as it is for me to admit it, I just don't have the guts for it.

Alan: A desperate man's capable of anything, father, and I know that for a fact because I was desperate once myself.

Monica: Both of you, stop it. You are jumping to conclusions. We don't know what caused her death. I mean, for all intents and purposes she could have died of natural causes, and then we could go ahead and celebrate, in our own quiet little way.

Edward: Not quite yet. Monica, you keep forgetting one very important point.

Alan: The bible page.

Edward: Yes, exactly. There's no way in the world that that died along with her. You can be sure it's floating around out there someplace, waiting to fall into the wrong hands.

Alan: Unless it's already there.

Edward: We have got to find out where it is, today.

Monica: Okay, where do we start? Well, at least we know that it is not in an envelope.

Alan: I think it could very possibly be back at the spa.

Edward: Unless she gave it to someone.

Monica: Jimmy Lee.

Edward: Well, it is perfectly logical, I mean, if she was looking for somebody she could trust.

Alan: What are we going to do?

Edward: We're going to split up. You'll go to the spa, Monica, to talk to Lorena; you to Jimmy Lee.

Alan: I don't know whether that's such a good idea, father. I mean, that kid never trusted me very much.

Monica: Alan, Alan, listen. You could, uhm, you could play on his sympathies, uh, "remember the time that you took our trunk?" Come on, I mean, he just lost his mother. He's--he's got to be vulnerable.

Alan: That aside, he's not going to turn over anything to me without any question, that's for sure.

Edward: Well, offer him the same incentive that we offered to Beatrice. You know, one third of the trust fund for the page.

Monica: What?

Alan: You can't be serious.

Monica: Edward, this is what got us into this mess in the first place!

Edward: Wait a minute, wait a minute, hold your horses. I'm not saying we are going to give it to him. Just make the offer, that way we can find out whether he has the page or not.

Monica: We can?

Edward: Well, he has no recourse! I mean, if he doesn't have the page, he can't make the deal. When Alan asks him, if he says no to the deal that means he doesn't have the page; if he says yes, or he'll think about it, well, that must mean that he does have the page.

Alan: What will you do?

Edward: I'm going to talk to the only other person she trusted.

Monica: Well, I didn't think other than Jimmy Lee there was anybody else.

Edward: Yeah, their lawyer, Jake Meyer. I mean, you know, there is every chance that she turned it over to him for safekeeping.

Alan: Always thinking, aren't you?

Edward: Oh, well. Somebody around here has to. Now, look, before this day is over I expect some good news from at least one of you.

Alan: We'll do the best we can.

Edward: Ok.

Monica: I wonder...

Alan: About what?

Monica: Just how far Edward might go.

Alan: Be smart, Monica. Keep the wondering to yourself.

Frisco: Want more coffee, pal? Sure you will.

Felicia: [Screams]

Frisco: Well, he speaks! Or it speaks. Anyway, something does. Was that you?

Felicia: Stay away from me.

Frisco: No, not...not till you straighten this out a little bit.

Felicia: There's nothing to talk about.

Frisco: Convince me.

Felicia: Sorry, I'm leaving.

Frisco: No, you're not. You're going to stay right where you're at.

Felicia: Don't you give me orders.

Frisco: Come here. What do you know?

Felicia: All right, are you satisfied? Does that satisfy your curiosity?

Frisco: Baby, I'm getting more curious by the minute.

Felicia: Well, on that note I shall leave you.

Frisco: No, you don't.

Felicia: What's it to you if I leave? You still have your ring, no damage has been done.

Frisco: Well, how do I know you won't go rip somebody else off?

Felicia: I won't. I promise. I'm not a criminal.

Frisco: Oh. Just a petty thief, huh?

Felicia: No!

Frisco: You tell me, then.

Felicia: I can't explain it.

Frisco: [Sighs] I'll give you an easier question, okay? What's your name?

Felicia: Felicia.

Frisco: Felicia what?

Felicia: It's not important.

Frisco: If you say so. So...what else do you do besides park cars for a living.

Felicia: I'm not really a valet.

Frisco: You don't say.

Felicia: Look, I don't have to explain myself to you. The ring was mine and I wanted to get it back.

Frisco: Well, there are easier ways. Like asking. Listen...Felicia, that's it, isn't it? Felicia? Look, you're going to have to be a little bit more communicative, okay? Or I'm going to call the cops.

Felicia: All right! The ring belongs to my grandmother. I was looking for it and... someone said it was going to be at that charity ball. I knew I couldn't afford it, so I decided I'd have to steal it back. I mean, what else could I do?

Frisco: Well, at the moment you could try to tell the truth.

Felicia: Why should I bother? You wouldn't believe me no matter what I tell you.

Frisco: Well, you've got to admit you haven't given me much cause to trust you, huh?

Felicia: All right. My grandmother isn't dead, she's still alive.

Frisco: There's a start.

Felicia: The ring was stolen by my cousin, the black sheep of the family.

Frisco: You're not the black sheep? You mean, there's somebody worse?

Felicia: Are you going to let me finish?

Frisco: Please. Sorry, continue. This is getting very good.

Felicia: I told my grandmother I'd get the ring back for her, but before I could, my cousin sold it.

Frisco: Mm-hmm.

Felicia: My grandmother wanted to buy it back, but...I know she doesn't have the money.

Frisco: So you stole it? Shame on you. What would your grandmother say?

Felicia: Well, the idea wasn't to get caught.

Frisco: Well, it usually isn't.

Felicia: But at least now you believe my story.

Frisco: Not a word.

Felicia: All right, okay? I'll buy the ring back from you. I'll pay whatever you want.

Frisco: We'll do this in installments. First...all I want is a little honesty. Not much, just a little. Just so I can start to trust you.

Felicia: It's trust you want? All right.

Frisco: Hey!

Felicia: [Screams] Oh! My ankle! [Whimpering] I can't move it. It must be broken.

Frisco: It's all right.

Felicia: [Moans]

Frisco: It's starting to swell already.

Felicia: What are we going to do?

Frisco: [Sighs] Get you to the hospital.

Brock: It's not for me, it's for terry I'm thinking about.

Bobbie: I promise I'll make the effort.

Brock: Well, I appreciate it. I may be home for lunch.

Bobbie: Good.

Brock: I'll see you, kid.

Terry: Ah! Good morning, Bobbie!

Bobbie: Ah, good morning! You just missed him.

Terry: Actually, I was looking for the maid. I've got some undies here that are desperately in need of hand wash.

Bobbie: Well, I'm afraid you're going to have to wash them yourself. We don't have a maid.

Terry: You don't? Daddy always had a maid.

Bobbie: Well, I guess he figures with me around now he doesn't need one.

Terry: Oh, hmm, you'll do it then?

Bobbie: In a load, with the rest of my things, sure.

Terry: Oh, great! But it is important that you hand wash these, you know? Imported material and all that.

Bobbie: Terry, you don't understand. When I said I would do them in a load, I meant a washing machine load. If they have to be done by hand, you'll have to do them yourself.

Terry: I don't know how!

Bobbie: Well, it's very easy, dear. All you need is some soap, some water, a sink, and your hands! The hands are very important.

Terry: I think I'll just take them to the cleaner's.

Bobbie: Good idea!

Terry: Yeah. So, uhm what's for breakfast?

Bobbie: I think there's some juice in the fridge and probably some eggs.

Terry: What kind of eggs?

Bobbie: The uncooked variety! If you need me, I'll be straightening my room.

Terry: [Sighs]

Alan: Do you know where I could locate him? This is very important. Yes, I realize that Mr. Holt has had a terrible loss, but I assure you this is an extremely urgent matter. All right. You tell him that Alan Quartermaine phoned...

[Doorbell rings]

Alan: And for him to phone me back just as soon as possible. Thank you.

[Door slams shut]

Stella: Oh, uh, dr. Quartermaine, I'm very sorry, but Jimmy Lee insisted he see Edward.

Alan: No, it's all right, Stella, it's fine, please. Thank you. Well, Jimmy Lee, would you like to sit down and make yourself comfortable? I can get you a cup of coffee if you want.

Jimmy Lee: No, I'm not going to be staying that long. Is our father here?

Alan: No, he left for the office about ten minutes ago.

Jimmy Lee: Fine, I'll catch him later.

Alan: Listen, is there something maybe that I can help you with?

Jimmy Lee: I doubt it. I want to see our father face to face.

Alan: Let me assure you that I know what you're going through.

Jimmy Lee: Do you?

Alan: Look, Beatrice was not one of our favorite people, but this was all a very, very big shock for all of us, and you do have our deepest sympathy.

Jimmy Lee: Come on, Alan. You gave that woman nothing but a hard time.

Alan: I know that. That probably is very true, but, uhm, well, we are sorry for it, and I realize that apologies are very late at this time, but I just want you to know quite sincerely that we are deeply saddened by this loss of yours.

Jimmy Lee: [Scoffs] Well, now I've got your deepest sympathy, and I've got your deepest sadness. Well, uh, very deep, I'm touched.

Alan: Uh, Jimmy Lee! Uhm, why don't you really hang on for a minute? Because actually I had just-- just phoned you just now, I needed to talk to you. I phoned you at the office.

Jimmy Lee: You want to talk to me?

Alan: Yes, it's important.

Jimmy Lee: Well, I've got nothing to say to you.

Alan: Well, I think that you'd better hang around and discuss this matter with me because it's very important.

Jimmy Lee: Well, this sounds like business, and I'm in no mood to talk about business, Alan.

Alan: And you're going to have to talk about business now, Jimmy Lee, because... this involves your mother, and the deal that we made with her. It was the same deal that we made with you, where we are willing to pay one third of the entire trust fund for the page out of the bible. And even though Beatrice is gone now, we are willing to hold up our end of the agreement.

Jimmy Lee: Are you through?

Alan: We did have a deal--

Jimmy Lee: My mother's only been dead one day, and you talk about deals?

Alan: I told you, you have my--

Jimmy Lee: Yeah, I know we've got your deepest sympathy.

Alan: You must realize that this family is in a very difficult position, right--

Jimmy Lee: I can't believe you guys! You know? I can't believe this! You've got the gall to talk about business at a time like this?

Alan: This won't wait, Jimmy Lee.

Jimmy Lee: No?

Alan: For you it won't. Believe me, this is going to be a tremendous advantage for you.

Jimmy Lee: Advantage for me, huh? The Quartermaines have never made a deal that wasn't advantageous to them, and you know it!

Alan: Well, not on this particular instance. This will be a very, very lucrative offer, and I think you should think, and try and be reasonable.

Jimmy Lee: You're too much. My mother's body's barely cold, and you're talking to me about deals.

Alan: You showed up on this doorstep, look.

Jimmy Lee: The only thing I want right now is to get my mother a decent burial, and then--then I'm going to find out who killed her.

Alan: Oh. I didn't realize that murder was an issue.

Jimmy Lee: Yeah. If it is, you'd better hope that the Quartermaines have got nothing to do with it, because if they do, I'm going to make them pay in spades. That's the message you can give Edward.

Alan: Really? Is that a threat?

Jimmy Lee: No. It's a promise.

Alan: Oh.

Frisco: We're almost there.

P.A.: Dr. Robert...

Felicia: It's really starting to hurt.

Frisco: You'll be all right once you get off it.

Felicia: Those men!

Frisco: What?

Felicia: You didn't see them?

Frisco: See who? What are you talking about?

Felicia: They're the ones trying to get the ring.

Frisco: Right.

Felicia: I'm telling the truth.

Frisco: And I'm telling you I don't believe the fairy tale you invented.

Felicia: Oh, you've got to help me, Frisco.

Frisco: I'm helping you. I'm taking you to the doctor so he can look at your ankle, okay?

Man: Let's try the stairs.

P.A.: Nurse Pisoni report to dr. Gonzales in the clinic. Nurse Pisoni report to dr. Gonzales in the clinic.

[Telephone ringing in the distance]

Frisco: Hey orderly, could you get dr. Jones up into the therapy room? I'm not sure where he is.

Orderly: You're his brother, aren't you?

Frisco: Yeah, I'm Frisco Jones. Tell him it's important, will you, please?

Orderly: All right, I'll get right on it.

Frisco: Thanks. Come on. You're a heavy one, you know?

P.A.: Report to x-ray. Nurse lamb report to X-ray. Orderly to the seventh floor.

First Man: If I have to run up one more flight of stairs, I'll have a heart attack.

Second Man: That's tough, but we've got to keep looking. Let's try four.

P.A.: Dr. Perez, report to radiology. Dr. Perez, report to radiology.

Tony: Why didn't you have an emergency doctor handle this?

Frisco: Uhm, Felicia is a friend of mine and I--I wanted somebody that I knew working on her.

Tony: Okay. You wait in the corridor, and I'll examine her.

Frisco: Yeah.

Tony: Okay.

Frisco: I'll be out here.

Tony: Okay.

[Door creaking]

Tony: Well, it's broken all right. And I'm going to get dr. Andrews to set this.

Frisco: No! No. No, we have to keep this quiet. Only--only you two can know about this. Please.

Tony: Oh, what a guy will do for his brother and his women. I just hope grant's this understanding.

Burt: Excuse me, Robert, these folks would like a word with you.

Robert: Sure, have a seat.

Jimmy Lee: I won't be long. I want to know what killed my mother.

Robert: Well, I can't tell you yet. The autopsy hasn't come through.

Jimmy Lee: You must have some idea!

Robert: A few. Nothing I'm prepared to make public.

Jimmy Lee: Robert, she was murdered. I know it.

Robert: You have proof?

Jimmy Lee: Look, there was nothing wrong with her except her leg. You could look at the hospital tests.

Robert: We probably will if we have to.

Jimmy Lee: I'm telling you she was murdered! And the Quartermaines are involved.

Robert: And I suppose you have a motive?

Jimmy Lee: That's right. She had them over a barrel.

Robert: How?

Jimmy Lee: Okay. First of all, she was suing them for $2 million, because of her accident in the spa, and second of all, she had a document, which they had already agreed to pay a lot of money for. I'm telling you, Robert... I want that document. I want it before the Quartermaines get their hands on it.

Robert: Well, I daresay it will turn up. It's her things. In the meantime, I'm going to have to wait for the autopsy to come through.

Jimmy Lee: So when's that supposed to be?

Robert: Burt?

Burt: Well, the last I've heard, about noon time.

Robert: We'll call you.

Jimmy Lee: Save your dime. I'm not going anywhere.

Burt: Hey, Jimmy Lee, how about waiting outside, huh? Wait in the lounge area, the commissioner does have other work to attend to, huh?

Jimmy Lee: Yeah, whatever. Come on, let's go.

[Indistinct voice over the speaker]

Burt: I feel sorry for that young man. He's really upset. By the way, you did say that you found a document among other things that were on the body.

Robert: Our little secret, Burt. The last thing we want at the moment is Jimmy Lee holt screwing up our investigation.

Burt: Mm-hmm. This one is going to be a real whopper, Robert.

Robert: I know. And it's going to be hard to keep the cast of characters in line.

Brock: Bobbie? Bobbie!

Bobbie: I'm glad you're home!

Brock: What the hell happened here, huh?

Bobbie: [Laughs] Tornado terry happened.

Brock: Well, clean it up.

Bobbie: I'm sorry, DL. I don't think that's my responsibility.

Brock: Well, if you don't clean it up, then who does?

Bobbie: Why not the person who made the mess?

Brock: What, terry? She's our guest! You don't ask a guest to do that sort of thing!

Bobbie: Oh, I see, now she's our guest! This morning she was part of the family.

Brock: Now wait a minute, Bobbie. Don't try to get out of this now.

Bobbie: I am not going to be her maid.

Brock: Who's asking you to be?

Bobbie: Today she came pretty damn close.

Brock: Now, look, all I'm asking you is to be nice to her. Just be a little nice to her instead of constantly fighting, and maybe you'll get some cooperation.

Bobbie: You know, it's really hard to try to be nice to somebody who will not give you the courtesy of listening.

Brock: No, you're approaching her all wrong.

Bobbie: Okay, captain! Tell me how you would do it?

Brock: Okay, the first thing, you don't make an issue out of a room being upset a little bit once in a while.

Bobbie: You're the one who's making the issue! I am simply defending myself.

Brock: That's right. You are more defensive now than you have ever been since she arrived.

Bobbie: Well, somebody's got to defend me! All of a sudden I feel like it's me against the two of you, and apparently I'm losing badly.

Brock: Look, just for this once clean up after her.

Bobbie: No.

Brock: Come on, Bobbie.

Bobbie: I am not her slave, and I'm not your slave. I'm nobody's slave.

Brock: It's a two-minute job.

Bobbie: Well, I'm sorry! I'm going to stand on principle.

Brock: Oh, you are the most stubborn and righteous person that I have ever...

Bobbie: It's part of the family.

Terry: Hi, daddy! Home for lunch already?

Brock: Hi, honey.

Terry: Hi.

Brock: Actually I was hoping that we would go out to lunch. Is that okay with you?

Terry: Oh, that's fine! Where should we go?

Brock: Well, any place that suits your little heart.

Terry: Oh! Just the two of us?

Brock: Well, I suppose so.

Bobbie: Uhm...

Brock: Forget about it. Come on.

Terry: What's her problem?

Brock: No problem, just I know this little place downtown I think you're going to like.

Terry: All right then!

Brock: You good with Chinese food?

Terry: I love it!

Brock: Okay, you've got it!

Monica: Ah, hello.

Alan: I talked to Jimmy Lee and it is obvious that that page is as lost to him as it is to us.

Edward: Then he wasn't interested in your offer, huh?

Alan: No, and he thought it was insensitive for me to bring it up.

Monica: Well, come on. Fellows, you've got to admit this is all a little premature.

Edward: Yeah, not if he really wanted that trust fund money. He'd be knocking on our door if he had that page. No. Beatrice must have hidden it somewhere.

Alan: Well, the only place that's left is her suite at the spa, and according to Monica, the police have cordoned it off.

Monica: Right.

Edward: Well, you know? There's always the chance that she could have had it on her person. I mean some place other than that bag she had with her.

Monica: You know, considering the fact that the deadline was ten o'clock at night, that's more than likely.

Alan: Well, if that's true, then the police have the page.

Monica: Oh, come on. I don't want to think about that. Oh...

Edward: Why not? That's not necessarily so bad. It could be the safest place in the world for it.

Alan: I don't understand.

Edward: Well, you know, Scorpio is a pretty decent man. He's about as decent as they come. At least we know he's not going to use it to harm us.

Monica: Unless all of a sudden foul play enters into the picture, and we shift from being just witnesses to prime suspects without even a chance to call our lawyers.

Edward: Yeah, and I'd rather be calling a lawyer than the bank, which is what we will be calling if somebody gets hold of those papers and starts blackmailing us.

Monica: Besides Jimmy Lee, Edward, who would want to do that?

Edward: Oh, good lord, Monica, this town is full of them!

Alan: You mean blackmailers?

Edward: No. I mean opportunists.

First Man: Okay, we've checked four, five, and six. What do we do now?

Second Man: We work our way down. First this floor, then two, then one. They've got to be here somewhere.

[Frisco sighs]

Tony: Your turn.

Frisco: You didn't sign that.

Tony: Yeah! So did grant, he does all this work.

Felicia: I told him we were in kind of a hurry.

Tony: Yeah, and I asked her why and she wouldn't tell me.

Felicia: I'd just like to get home and get some rest. It's been a tough morning.

Tony: See? That's all you had to say. There are some crutches against the wall, and you're free to take them.

Felicia: Thanks.

Frisco: Listen kid, I need a word with the doc, okay?

Tony: So what were you doing? Folk dances?

Frisco: Heh. Listen, is there a way to get out of this hospital without being seen?

Tony: Can't you ever do anything like normal people, Frisco?

Frisco: Well, I try, but it never seems to work out that way. Now, what about the exit?

Tony: There's one in the basement. It's supposed to be only for doctors, but about half of them don't even know it exists.

Frisco: Sounds perfect.

Tony: No, it sounds melodramatic. Now, what is going on with you two?

Frisco: Tune in tomorrow.

Tony: I'll see you later. You know, it looks like you've got a lot on your hands with her. Now, you call me if you have any problems. And you don't call me when the bill arrives, because it's going to be from Andrews anyway.

Felicia: Let's get out of here.

Frisco: Not so fast. Those creeps that were after you, well, they're still outside.

Felicia: They're the German sort.

Frisco: I got that impression.

Felicia: Do you believe me finally that they are after me?

Frisco: I believe they're after you, but I don't necessarily believe your story.

Felicia: You've got to help me, Frisco.

Frisco: I know.

Felicia: I'll give you whatever you want.

Frisco: All I've wanted from the very beginning is the truth.

Felicia: I'll see that you get it.

Frisco: Yeah. When? Before or after those guys rearrange my face, huh?

Felicia: When the time is right, which I think you'll agree is not right now.

Frisco: Okay. I'll get you out of the hospital, and then we'll negotiate later, all right? Can you walk on those?

Felicia: I think so.

Frisco: Now, you follow me.

Holly: Oh, Burt, I'm glad I got you! They said at the front desk that you were on your way out.

Burt: All right, holly, what can I do for you?

Holly: Well, it's...I didn't want to bother Robert, and... it's about Beatrice.

Burt: It was a terrible tragedy.

Holly: I just wondered if that you heard, uh, I mean, if she died of natural causes or not.

Burt: Come on, holly, you know I can't tell you that even if I knew, and, no, I don't!

Holly: Is that it?

Burt: Is what what?

Holly: Is that the autopsy report?

Burt: Yes. So you caught me, yes, this came in from the coroner's office.

Holly: Can I have a look at it?

Burt: Come on, holly, you know that would be up to Robert, not me!

Holly: Well, then I'll come in with you.

Burt: Uh, I have to say no again. He is very busy, he has Jimmy Lee in there. But I will tell him that you're out here, okay?

Robert: Look, I don't know. It could take an hour, a day, or a week. If you just go home, I promise to be in touch with you.

Jimmy Lee: Look, I'm not going anywhere until I get some answers, okay?

Burt: Hello. Here it is, Robert, it just came out.

Robert: Thank you, Burt.

Jimmy Lee: Is that the autopsy?

Robert: Apparently.

Jimmy Lee: Drug overdose? My mother never took drugs!

Robert: Now, this is official police business, which, I will remind you, we shall not discuss with anybody.

Jimmy Lee: Look, what are you going to do about this?

Robert: As I just said, launch a full investigation.

Jimmy Lee: Well, you'd better do that. Because, I'm telling you, if you don't, I'm going to see to it that I get even.

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