GH Transcript Wednesday 11/18/81

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 11/18/81


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(Luke and Laura arrive at the Whitakerís farm for their honeymoon; Scotty continues to rage about Luke and Laura, much to Lee and Gailís dismay; Robert is hesitant to commit to Tiffany.

Rose: Um, Burt, I'm sorry that took so long but I closed down for the wedding and I--it just took me a while to get everything going again.

Burt: That's all right, no problem, Rose. Tell me about the wedding, was it as great as everybody hoped it would be?

Rose: It was beautiful un-- until the end.

Burt: How?

Rose: Luke and Laura were up on the balcony and, you know, the bride and groom getting ready to go on their honeymoon, Laura turned around to throw the bouquet over her shoulder like she's supposed to and guess who caught it?

Burt: You.

Rose: Scotty Baldwin.

Burt: Scotty Baldwin , what--

Rose: I kid you not, in the next ten seconds all hell broke loose. I mean, Luke flew off that balcony and started punching out Scotty and then decked him.

Burt: But what was Scotty doing here? I thought he was in Mexico.

Rose: Well, yeah, and so did everybody else, but I-- hey, you guys!

Tiffany: Hello.

Amy: Hey.

Rose: Hello there!

Robert: Well, what you have here is two bridesmaids and the best man looking for shots of anything.

Rose: Ah, how about coffee? I think that's what we need right about now. Did you two change at, ah, over at Webbers?

Amy: Mrs. Graham gave us exactly five minutes to get changed before she kicked us out of the house saying rick and Lesley needed privacy.

Burt: I think she had a good point there. From what Rose just told me, I guess everybody was floored at seeing Scotty Baldwin at the wedding.

Robert: I think the only one that got floored was Scotty by a beautiful right cross, something I taught to Luke myself.

Tiffany: [Giggles] You know when Luke leaped off that building. I mean, he was magnificent. You know, Douglas Fairbanks did the very same thing in film that I did one time, marvelous.

Robert: You worked with Doug Fairbanks? Before or after the depression?

Amy: [Giggles]

Rose: There you go, hot coffees.

Amy: Thank you. That's what we need.

Rose: After all that champagne.

Tiffany: Thank you.

Joe: Hello, ladies and gentlemen.

Everyone: Hi!

Rose: Hi, Joe.

Joe: Hello.

Bobbie: Thanks, Joe.

Amy: Joe, did you talk to Scotty?

Joe: Well, we tried. When Lee and Gail took him home, we went right over there.

Amy: And what did he say?

Bobbie: Nothing, because he wouldn't allow Lee and Gail to let us in.

Joe: Oh, we heard a lot, plenty, yeah. One thing came through loud and clear. Our friend Scotty is a very bitter, bitter young man.

Scotty: Look, you asked me and I told you. I got to thinking about Luke and Laura, and the more I thought about them, the madder and the madder I got. You know how many nights I thought about Luke Spencer making love to my wife? Do you have any idea of what that did to me?

Lee: You tell us, Scotty.

Scotty: It ate away at me, can you understand that? Is that hard to understand? So finally I did what I had to do, I broke into the court house in Mexico and I stole the divorce papers.

Gail: But Scotty, you must have known that they had mailed a certified copy of those papers to Joe at lee's office.

Scotty: Yeah, Gail. I assumed that they'd be sent, but I had no idea that they were going to get lost in the mail. I didn't find that out till I got here.

Lee: Why did you come here now, Scotty?

Scotty: Do you want the truth?

Lee: Of course, I want the truth.

Scotty: To ruin the wedding.

Gail: Scotty, for heaven's sakes. How long have you been back here?

Scotty: Long enough.

Lee: But where have you been, what have you been doing?

Scotty: I've been following Spencer around and I've been listening.

Gail: Well then you must know that Laura went to Juarez and got another divorce?

Scotty: Yes, I found that out.

Lee: Scotty, I swear I don't understand you, I mean, you're not rational.

Scotty: Would you be rational if your wife was marrying some other guy? Some guy that you hated? Ah, there's no point worrying about it now, because if those papers show up, they've got my signature on it, consenting to the divorce, making the whole thing legal.

Lee: Scotty... those papers aren't going to show up. Because they already did and on time... and I burned them.

Luke: You haven't seen them?

Laura: No.

Luke: Ohh. It's got to be here, rick told me it was here. One, one, ha, there it is.

Laura: Oh, good, don't push, keep it down, because I think we woke up Bessie, I think I heard her mooing.

Luke: Ok, give me these. Lights! Ta-da! What, er, come in. Come on.

Laura: What do you mean come in? Luke, I'm not going to move an inch, don't you know anything about honeymoons?

Luke: Oh! Oh, that, oh, yes.

Laura: That's right.

Luke: Ok. We are in Beecher's corners, this is the official Beecher's corners. Carry over the threshold position.

Laura: Oh, oh!

Luke: Woow!

Laura: What are you doing! Ah, ah! You're making me sweat. [Laughs]

Luke: Welcome to your honeymoon, Mrs. Spencer.

Scotty: Wait a minute. Let me just get this straight now. Laura's divorce decree, the one that I signed, the one that I consented to, the one that made the whole thing perfectly legal? Was not lost in the mail?

Lee: No, I told you. It came, and I burnt it. I had started drinking again, Scotty and I, well, I'd lost control.

Scotty: What?

Gail: Scotty, it was just a temporary thing. Your father is dry now.

Scotty: But you fell of the wagon, dad, why?

Lee: Don't you know how I felt about you? Look, I lost control, let it go with that.

Gail: But not the way that you did today at the wedding.

Scotty: I didn't lose control, I was in perfect control. If I hadn't then I would have made myself...visible long before I did. You think it was easy? Waiting for the right moment?

Lee: Wait a minute, are you saying you planned that exhibition today?

Scotty: You bet I planned it. Of course, now first I thought about the obvious, you know, when the mayor asked if there was any man present who can state why this couple shouldn't be joined in holy matrimony. You know, half that crowd thought, if I was going to show up, that would have been the time to do it. So I didn't.

Gail: Why, why didn't you?

Scotty: Because it would have been too obvious and too easy. I want to wait until they're married and just pull that rug right from underneath them. That's more fun.

Lee: Fun? You consider what you did fun, Scotty?

Scotty: [Laughs] Yeah, yeah it was fun. I had a good time.

Gail: Scotty, how can you be so cruel, so calcula--

Scotty: Because I learned how to be cruel the hard way. From Luke Spencer, he ruined my life.

Robert: Just what could Scotty do legally?

Joe: He can contest Laura's Mexican divorce before or after her marriage.

Tiffany: Would he win?

Joe: I almost hate to tell you, but I think he would. American courts take a very dim view of a Mexican divorce without mutual consent.

Amy: Well, then what would that mean for Luke and Laura?

Joe: Well, anything can happen in a court, I mean, I can't tell you verbatim, but if Scotty contested the divorce, they could rule Luke and Laura's marriage null and void and Laura would once again be Mrs. Scotty Baldwin. Good night, baby.

Robert: Well, I think the best thing that can happen at this point is that character takes the hint and gets out of the town.

Tiffany: And what if he doesn't?

Bobbie: If he doesn't, Luke is going to handle it, because he always has and he always will.

Luke: I've never seen so many notes in my life.

Laura: I don't need them. Look at this! Try me.

Luke: Mm, mm, mm. [Laughing]

Laura: Oh, there are even more in the refrigerator

Luke: Yeah. I feel like I'm standing on the inside of a bulletin board here.

Laura: Oh, you're going to love this one. It's from whit. Dear Luke, there's cider in the fridge and six more jugs on the stoop outside the barn, PS: It's the hard kind.

Luke: Oh, the hard stuff.

Laura: Great.

Luke: [Chuckles] Good. This one had, this one has a ps. Ps: Buford Honeycutt will be by in the morning to help out, he is paid up till we get back from Chicago.

Laura: Buford?

Laura: Bu-well, Buford.

Laura: Wha-what's that?

Luke: It's a Honeycutt, obviously.

Laura: Oh, ok.

Luke: Want to hear the chore list?

Laura: Oh, well, I'm too tired.

Luke: So am I. But here it goes. 6:00 A.M. 6:00 A.M.?

Laura: 6:00 A.M.?

Luke: 6:00 A.M.

Laura: All right, the day's half gone by then, ok, read on.

Luke: I'm supposed to milk Bessie at 6 o'clock in the morning.

Laura: Oh! Oh.

Luke: All right. Before breakfast, feed chickens, gather, separate and size the eggs. Size the eggs? Separate and size the eggs, what does that mean?

Laura: Oh, I think that just means something like scramble, you know, separate them, I--probably that's what it means.

Luke: Oh. Feed the geese, put Bessie's milk in the separ, sep--sep... what is this? Separ...

Laura: Separator.

Luke: Oh, separator.

Laura: Yeah.

Luke: Turn on cooler, bring in pumpkins for canning.

Laura: [Sighs]

Luke: Pumpkins for canning?

Laura: Great, just what I've always wanted to do on my honeymoon, can pumpkins.

Luke: Well, you wanted--you wanted to take honeymoon on the farm, you got it.

Laura: Are you sorry?

Luke: No, it's exactly what I want to do, every morning at 6:00 on my honeymoon. Milk Bessie.

Laura: I know. [Laughs] Bessie. Ooh.

Luke: I think we'd better talk about it. You want to talk about it now or later?

Laura: Are you worried?

Luke: No, are you? I'll show you why I'm not worried. You see this right here? This ring on your finger?

Laura: I love it.

Luke: I love this, too. These two rings... mean that we are man and wife. We are married, and ok, so Scott did his number at the-- at the wedding, but... that's over and this means we are married, we are man and wife.

Laura: I know, but what if--

Luke: No, hold on, no, don't do the what if game, let's don't do it. I'll say it one time and then we'll be through with it.

Laura: Ok.

Luke: Scott is not going to get a chance to contest your divorce, he's not going to.

Laura: You mean that Lee will talk him out of it first?

Luke: Yeah, and if, ah, Lee can't then we'll talk him out of it when we get back.

Laura: He might not listen.

Luke: Oh, he'll listen, he'll listen while I'm banging his head on the pavement, he'll listen. Ah, and I may not get a chance to even do that, you know.

Laura: I don't understand.

Luke: It's probably going to be too late for that.

Laura: What?

Luke: Well, ha, if you ask me probably half the town is already doing that. So...a little of the--oh, no!

Laura: Oh!

Luke: Look! He's got notes on everything!

Laura: Look, it's cider hard.

Luke: Give me one, there's a couple of glasses, honey... it's hard!

Noah: So, how was the wedding?

Rose: Well, which part you want to hear about? The beginning, the middle or the smash ending?

Noah: Why don't you tell me about the exiting part? Who got the bridal bouquet?

Bobbie: Scotty Baldwin.

Gail: Scotty did you decide that you still love Laura? Was that it? Was that what made you change your mind?

Scotty: Love her? Are you kidding? She's a slut. The love and the pain died a long time ago. You know, when she came down to Mexico to ask me for that divorce, something else just burst wide open inside of me.

Gail: What, what burst?

Scotty: Pure hate. There was one other thing, the idea of getting even, of course.

Lee: Oh, Scotty, stop it! And don't you think I know my own son, you don't even sound like yourself.

Scotty: Maybe it's not the Scotty you know, but you spent a year in ruin and you changed.

Lee: Oh, come on. You think you're the only one that's had it rough in this life. You should learn the horrors of alcoholism, that's real horror, boy. But we all have to learn eventually that every experience, even the bad ones, lead to growth.

Scotty: Well, what do you want? A gold star there? My experience led to hate.

Lee: All right. All right, let's accept that just for the moment, huh? So you got even today, you've made a big grand stand play there at the wedding out of hatred. Now what? You planning more?

Scotty: I've only just begun.

Lee: Scotty, now wait a minute, we're not through with this conversation.

Scotty: You bet we are.

Gail: Scotty, Scotty you can't go like this, now wait. Just a mi--

Scotty: You get out of my way!

Lee: Stop it, Scotty. Now you go on back there and sit down, I'm going to tell you exactly what you're going to do. Please, son.

Noah: Sure you're ok?

Bobbie: I'm ok.

Noah: Probably worried about the bride and groom, you know.

Bobbie: Of course, but what else is new. Joe helped, though. He said that no matter what kind of legal mess Scotty tries to start, there are definitely ways to fight him.

Noah: Well, I listened to-- I listened to Joe, there's always two sides to every courtroom.

Bobbie: That's true. And Luke told me himself that Lee promised to try and stop Scotty no matter what. Strange, though.

Noah: What?

Bobbie: Me wanting things to go right for Luke and Laura.

Noah: I don't think that's very strange at all. He's your brother.

Bobbie: Oh, no. I meant Laura. There was a time, you know, when I hated her guts. As a matter of fact, I did everything I could to discourage my brother from being with her.

Noah: Really?

Bobbie: Yeah. But I was wrong. Because he loved her. And even though everything he touches seems to go wrong for Laura, I think he always will love her. And the two of them deserve nothing but happiness. Both of them.

Lee: All right, Scotty. I know the trouble you can cause Luke and Laura, legally. But I'm warning you, don't.

Scotty: I don't get it, I don't get it, when did you become so protective of Laura? When she dumped me, you couldn't stand the sight of her, so why the sudden change?

Lee: Well, when I sobered up this time, Scotty, I was ready to dump my whole legal practice. And it was mostly Luke and Laura who stopped me. And because of that I suggested the Juarez divorce. And I gave my word that if you, if you tried to make any trouble for them, I'd stop you.

Scotty: Do you mean you're trying to stop me...

Lee: Oh, come on, Scotty. You've got your revenge now, you got even. Why don't you try being a human being?

Scotty: You got some suggestions?

Lee: Yeah, you're still a lawyer, you know. Your desk is waiting for you at my office.

Gail: It has always been your father's dream, you know that.

Scotty: Oh, you know, you two kill me, you really do. You're living in a dream world, and you think they're real. Well, they're not! Look, I'm going to let you know what I decide, ok?

Gail: When will that be?

Scotty: That, Gail. That is really easy. When I think that those little newlyweds have suffered as much pain as I've suffered, and that is going to take some time, what?

Lee: I'm going to fight you.

Scotty: Good. I'd like a good fight. May the best man win.

Luke: Well, that does it.

[Knock on door]

Laura: Oh, no.

Luke: Hey, baby, take it easy.

Laura: But that could be Scotty.

Luke: It's not Scott. He doesn't know where we are. If he did know he couldn't find us and if it is him, I will take care of it. Look, if that's Scott, he's got a great disguise. Hi, there.

Buford: Well now, I expect you are the folks just got here.

Luke: Yes, there's rumor to that effect, who are you?

Buford: Oh, I thought you'd figured that out by now. Honeycutt's the name.

Luke: Oh, Buford Honeycutt.

Buford: Buford, that's me. All right, I'm here to help with the chores.

Laura: Tonight?

Buford: Woo, first thing in the morning, say, 5.30 if you don't think that's too late. Friends call me Buford, so anything I can help you with, tonight?

Luke: Tonight? Ah, no, not, I think can handle tonight alone, Buford.

Buford: Oh, oh, oh, oh, Whit said that he'd leave you a list of the chores.

Laura: Oh, yes, he did. We read them.

Buford: Well, I'll go over them with you if you like.

Luke: Now?

Buford: No time like the present, I always say.

Luke: Yes, well that's exactly what I always say, Buford. And my missus and I are on a honeymoon so we're very anxious to get to bed. To sleep.

Buford: Well, I'll say my good nights then, since you're tired.

Laura: Oh, we're exhausted.

Luke: That's right. We're going to be asleep by the time our heads hit the pillow.

Buford: Oh, miss, in the morning, three eggs.

Laura: Pardon?

Buford: When whit and I finish the chores, his missus always has a nice simple breakfast waiting, three eggs, sunny side up, slab of bacon, well done, stack of wheats. Oh, and buttermilk biscuits, of course.

Laura: Of course.

Buford: Oh, well. Sleep tight, as they say.

Luke: We'll sleep tight. Thank you, Mr. Honeycutt.

Buford: I'll be stopping by, off and on.

Luke: Off and on?

Buford: Least I can do, night now.

Laura: Good night, Mr. Honeycutt.

Luke: Buford.

Laura: Oh, sorry, Buford.

Luke: Buford.

Laura: Luke, what do you think shall I start cooking his breakfast, now?

Luke: I think that's the craziest idea you've ever had. [Sighs] Are you nervous?

Laura: No, um, [Laughs] Maybe a little bit.

Luke: That's good.

Laura: That's good?

Luke: Because so am I.

Rose: It has been one long day. So I saw you leave with Burt, then the girl outside, what was it all about, heather?

Joe: The D.A. has decided to charge her with assault with intent to kill and he wants bail set at $100,000.

Rose: $100,000, can he do that?

Joe: Well, he can try. Just as much as I can try to get it set much lower.

Rose: Well, Joe, if the D.A. is asking for that much bail, does that means he thinks she's guilty?

Joe: It doesn't matter what he thinks as long as I can prove she isn't, prove that the prowler did it.

Rose: That's going to be a tough one, Joe.

Joe: Yeah, well, nobody said it was easy, didn't give us all the answers in law school and, ah, pff. Tomorrow is another day.

Rose: I know, I know. What about Scotty Baldwin?

Joe: Oh, what is with him? I went down and saw him in Mexico, he gave Laura the divorce, just like that. All of a sudden for him to come and pull a stand like that at the wedding?

Rose: Maybe it just all got to him suddenly, you know what I mean, Joe. He'd kept it bottle up inside for so long and the least little thing ticked it off and he exploded.

Joe: I just hope his exploding days are over. I'm going to go to talk to him. Try and make sure he doesn't cause any more trouble for Luke and Laura.

Luke: Whooh. Don't bang the walls. Got the door?

Laura: Uh-huh.

Luke: Get the lights.

Laura: I'll get the light, there, got it.

Luke: Nicely done. Nicely... nicely.

Laura: Look! Look, we have some presents.

Luke: More wedding presents.

Laura: Uh-huh.

Luke: Well, if they're from the Whitakers, I'm sure there is a note. Or two.

Laura: Oh, that's mine.

Luke: That would be me.

Laura: Look at this, there's a ps. Made the laces...

Luke: We made the lace ourselves.

Laura: Oh, oh, this is beautiful. Oh, my gosh, and she says that they're made of lace?

Luke: She's lying.

Laura: Oh, I can't believe that. Look at this. Pretty, isn't it?

Luke: Yeah. So pretty I can't wait till you take it off.

Laura: [Giggles]

Luke: All right. Oh, no.

Laura: What did you get?

Luke: Here comes peter cottontail...

Laura: Oh, I don't believe it!

Luke: Do I look like a groom?

Laura: Um, definitely.

Luke: Uh-huh.

Laura: You look so funny.

Luke: [Laughs] Really?

Laura: Um... it's kind of strange to be back in this room, you know. Really makes me feel like a bride.

Luke: Yeah...well, you should feel that way. This is the first place we were ever...really together. And, ah, do you remember that was right up here?

Laura: Oh, oh!

Luke: The walls are gone. So...

Laura: How can I forget it?

Luke: It was the only time we were really together.

Laura: I know. Keep thinking about all those times that we were... trying to be together, couldn't quite make it, you know, after the auction.

Luke: Yeah.

Laura: Being on the ship, and then Robert was always there.

Luke: Complaining.

Laura: Yeah, and then on the island, you know, the Cassadine's security man breathing down our necks.

Luke: Yeah.

Laura: Sometimes I thought the whole world was conspiring to keep us apart.

Luke: You know what?

Laura: What?

Luke: There's no one keeping us apart tonight.

Robert: I just know I'm going to regret asking this, but what are you doing?

Tiffany: You know, Robert. I've been thinking, I've got this marvelous friend of mine who is a cute little decorator and I think he can do positively wonders with this place as soon as I move in.

Robert: Wh--

Tiffany: That's obviously our next step, isn't it?

Robert: Are you trying to be serious here?

Tiffany: Do you love me, Robert?

Robert: Subtlety never was your strong point.

Tiffany: You see that--every time I try to be serious about you, you're always trying to make a joke about something, you know, sometimes I think that you ju--

Robert: Hey, hey, all right, hold it. I'll be serious, I promise.

Tiffany: I think you're afraid of making a commitment.

Robert: You're not wrong, yes. Commitments worry me.

Tiffany: Well, that's what I was afraid of.

Robert: Then in that case, what's the problem?

Tiffany: Oh, there's no problem, really, it's just that sometimes you know, a girl likes to know where she stands with a man.

Robert: Oh, come on, tiffany. Don't give that, listen you've known exactly where you stood ever since first grade when you had your hooks into half the little boys and probably the teacher as well.

Tiffany: Well, I've always had my wit about me, I have to admit.

Robert: Yeah, you still have, love. It's a... part of your charm, it's a rare talent. And it does get to me, but, ah, I have to take a walk. I've got to think about a few things, us in particular.

Tiffany: Think about me.

Robert: Or, sure I can squeeze you in there, between... hmm, the newlyweds.

Tiffany: Robert, they're on their honeymoon.

Robert: Yeah, amusing, isn't it? Thinking about what they could be doing at any given time of the day there.

Tiffany: Uh-huh.

Robert: Night, love.

Luke: Mrs. Spencer.

Laura: Mr. Spencer.

Luke: You're beautiful.

Laura: So are you. You're a little overdressed, but, ah, you're beautiful. Come here, look what I found when I turned down the bed.

Luke: Oh, to Luke and Laura with love from the people of Beecher's corners.

Laura: Uh-huh. Isn't that beautiful?

Luke: Yeah. That is the nicest wedding gift we got so far. Get in bed and let's go.

Laura: Take that off.

Luke: You got it.

Laura: [Giggles]

Luke: Happy?

Laura: Happy? [Sighs] I'm so happy, so much more, too.

Luke: Like what more?

Laura: I don't know, I was just thinking.

Luke: Oh, no. This is a honeymoon, see, on honeymoons you're not supposed to think, you're only supposed to feel.

Laura: Well, I was thinking about us.

Luke: Oh. That's a good start. What were you thinking?

Laura: Well, I guess that I didn't realize that--well, I think I'm really more of an old-fashioned girl than I thought.

Luke: Oh, this farm girl is a bit getting to you.

Laura: No, no, no. That's not what I'm talking about and you know it. It's just so many times I wished that I could be here with you like this, you know. And now we're here.

Luke: Yeah. I've been thinking about that myself.

Laura: I used to get so aggravated when something would get in the way and stop us from being together. But you know, now I'm almost glad that we waited.

Luke: Yeah, I feel that way, too.

Laura: You do?

Luke: I know, I know how crazy it seems, but after all the waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting...

Laura: I know.

Luke: It's just all the more exciting.

Laura: That's exactly what I was going to say.

Luke: Two minds of a single thought.

Laura: Luke...

Luke: Yes, baby.

Laura: It's just, I want to say one more thing.

Luke: No, I will not make you a sandwich.

Laura: That's not what I was going to say.

Luke: What?

Laura: I want to say I love you. I love you.

Luke: Oh, I love you.

[Distant cheering]

Laura: Luke! What is that noise?

Luke: Oh, yeah, I will-- no, it's ok, baby, I was warned about this. It's a country custom, it's called the shivery.

Laura: A what? A shivery? What's that?

Luke: Oh, it's where all these idiots come outside the window, and they bang, and they're going to keep banging on their little pots and pans. Well, they want the-the-the groom, I am the groom, yes?

Laura: Yeah.

Luke: They want the groom to buy them a drink.

Laura: Oh, come on now. What? They're all going to come in now?

Luke: No! Over my dead body.

Laura: What are you going to do?

Luke: Well, what do you think, you married a dummy? I've prepared for this, honey.

Laura: Oh.

Luke: Watch this, I've got it covered. Watch this. Shut up! Oh, shut up! Hello, thank you very much. We're happy to see you, too. There are six jugs aside there waiting for you down by the barn, and it is the hard stuff. Ok? All right, now, give us a break.

[Distant cheering]

Laura: [Laughs]

Luke: Dear god.

Laura: My god.

[Both laugh]

Laura: Are they gone?

Luke: They're gone.

Laura: Did that real well.

Luke: Thank you, I have other things to show you. Yeah, let's go.

Laura: Let's go.

First Man: Look, if you ask me, Luke Spencer didn't do half enough to that character.

Second Man: Half enough to what character?

First Man: That moron that tried to bust up the reception.

Second Man: Oh, the guy Luke beat up.

First Man: Sure.

Second Man: Luke beat him up. I still say he should have ripped him apart. I mean, who was that character anyway? Anybody know him?

First Man: I heard somebody say he used to be married to Laura.

Scotty: He still is. And if he goes to court and objects to her divorce in Mexico, the judge will say what you saw this afternoon was invalid. She is not married to Luke, but she is still Mrs. Scotty Baldwin.

First Man: That couldn't be you, could it?

Scotty: In the flesh.

Second Man: You know, I thought I saw you somewhere before. Hey, guys! Here's the guy who tried to break up Luke's wedding.

Third Man: Well...

First Man: You know something, punk. We ought to teach you a lesson in manners.

Scotty: Why don't you start something.

Second Man: Ok, ok, buddy, if you start something, we'll finish it.

First Man: Come on, come on.

[All talking at once]

Brian: Come on, man, what's the matter with you? Haven't you had enough of that?

Scotty: Let me go!

First Man: Get him out of here, now.

Brian: Another few minutes they'd been scra--scraping you off the [Indistinct]. Now look, Scott. You got to get something straight in that little brain of yours. Luke is a hero, you try to bring down the hero in this town, you get torn apart.

Scotty: Will you knock it off, man! This whole Cassadine business is some kind of a freezing poor child, it sounds like something out of a science fiction comic strip.

Robert: It was no comic strip. It was real.

Brian: Hi, rob. What are you doing here?

Robert: I was walking earlier. I just happen to overhear you tow, sorry about that. But Scotty here is all wrong. There was no comic relief on that island, it was real. I would know, because I was there.

Brian: Scott, this is Robert Scorpio.

Robert: Pardon me if we don't shake hands.

Scotty: Suit yourself.

Robert: I do, most of the time. And this is one of those times that I will... suit myself, by advice, no. Telling you, pack up your act and get out of town.

Scotty: What if I don't?

Robert: They've finished first, get lost.

Scotty: Listen here, nobody tells me to get lost.

Brian: All right, all right.

Robert: I just did, old chap.

Brian: Where are you staying? Where did you stay last night?

Scotty: I'm staying at the Creighton hotel, and I don't need you now. Would you get your hands off me--

Brian: I'm taking you to the Creighton hotel. Whether you like it or not.

Robert: Scotty, leave Luke and Laura alone, it's finished.

Scotty: Listen here, Mr...

Robert: Scorpio, with a capital "S."

Scotty: You want to know when it's going to be over?

Robert: I'm sure you're busting to tell me.

Scotty: You bet I am, it's going to be over, when I say it's over. And not a minute before.

[Rooster crows]

Luke: Good morning.

Laura: Good morning. How long did we sleep?

Luke: [Sighs] Half hour. [Laughs]

Laura: Then why are we awake?

Luke: Because we are farmers.

Laura: Oh, no.

Luke: Bessie is out there waiting for my magic fingers.

Laura: Oh.

[Rooster crows]

Luke: I'm coming! Ok, listen. I tell you what, I've got to cover. You stay right here.

Laura: Ok.

Luke: Stay warm and cuddly.

Laura: Uh-huh.

Luke: And I'll go do those chores so fast, it'll make your head spin. And I'll send old Buford off in a fit without his breakfast and I will come back, I'll make you a sandwich first and I'll come back, and we'll spend the day in bed, yes?

Laura: Ok.

Luke: Thank you for marrying me.

Laura: Thank you.

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