GH Transcript Tuesday 11/17/81

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 11/17/81


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(Luke and Laura are finally married – but how long will their happiness last after Elizabeth Taylor’s Helena Cassadine puts a curse on them and Laura’s ex, Scotty, shows up to catch the bouquet.)

Minister: We are gathered here to celebrate the marriage of two people. But we're doing more than that. We are celebrating life itself. The two young people before us, through their love for one another, remind us of what it is that makes life precious to all of us--love, loyalty, courage. Together, in the face of extreme danger to themselves, they overcame powerful forces that sought to destroy Port Charles and its people, even the entire world. We call Luke and Laura heroes. That they are, indeed, but more importantly, they are the children of our whole community. We love them. We care about them. We admire and respect them. And I know I speak for every one of you when I say Luke and Laura, it is with great admiration and affection that we share with you today the joy of this, your wedding day. Dear friends, we have gathered together in the sight of God to join this man and this woman in holy matrimony. It is an estate commended and honorable among all men. And therefore, it is not to be entered into unadvisedly or lightly, but reverently, soberly, and in full knowledge of one another. Into this loving estate, these two persons present come now to be joined. I require and charge you both that if either of you knows any impediment why you may not lawfully be joined together in matrimony, you do now so say. For no marriage can be considered truly lawful if it is not entered into in full disclosure and with open heart. And if there be any present who can show just cause why these two may not be lawfully joined together, let him now speak, or else hereafter forever hold his peace.

[Rotary dial spinning]

Jean-Paul: Hello? Oh, Mr. Victor. Jean-Paul. Yes. All preparations have been concluded. I just heard from the chauffeur. He has informed me that Madame arrived at the wedding precisely as scheduled. All is in order. Au revoir.

Minister: Lucas Lorenzo Spencer, will you take Laura Webber Baldwin to be your lawful wedded wife? Will you love her, comfort her, honor and keep her in sickness and in health, forsaking all others, cleave only unto her, so long as you both shall live?

Luke: I will.

Minister: Laura Webber Baldwin, will you take Lucas Lorenzo Spencer to be your lawful wedded husband? Will you love him, comfort him, honor and keep him in sickness and in health, forsaking all others, cleave only unto him, so long as you both shall live?

Laura: I will.

Minister: The ring, please.


Minister: Take Laura's hand. Repeat after me. I, Lucas Lorenzo Spencer...

Luke: I, Lucas Lorenzo Spencer...

Minister: Take thee, Laura Webber Baldwin...

Luke: Take thee, Laura Webber Baldwin to be my wedded wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part.

Minister: And thereto...

Luke: And thereto, unto thee, I pledge my troth.

Minister: Laura... now, Laura, please repeat after me. I, Laura Webber Baldwin...

Laura: I, Laura Webber Baldwin...

Minister: Take thee, Lucas Lorenzo Spencer...

Laura: Take thee, Lucas Lorenzo Spencer...

Minister: To be my lawful wedded husband...

Laura: To be my lawful wedded husband... to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, until death do us part. And thereto, I pledge my troth.

Minister: For as much as Luke and Laura have consented together in holy wedlock and have witnessed the same before God and this company, and thereto have given and pledged their troth each to the other, and have declared the same by giving and receiving a ring, and by joining hands, by the power vested in me by the authority of the state of New York, I pronounce that they are husband and wife.

[Cheering and applause]

Minister: You may kiss the bride. [Laughs]

Laura: [Laughs]

[Cheering and applause continue]

[Music playing]

Luke: Thank you!

Laura: [Laughs]

Luke: Ooh!


[Cheering and applause]

[Music playing]

Lesley: Mwah! You were so beautiful!

Laura: Was it all right?

Lesley: All right? It was absolute perfection.

[Indistinct talking]

Laura: Where did Luke go?

Luke: I'm right here. Can I kiss you now?

Lesley: You certainly may.

Laura: Oh, Rick.

Rick: Perfect. Luke, welcome.

Luke: Thank you, Rick.

Rick: It was just the best ceremony. I just--

Luke: Ruby! Ruby! Oh!

[Indistinct talking]

Ruby: Oh, I bet! Oh, come here! Let me kiss the bride!

Laura: Oh, Aunt Ruby!

Ruby: Oh, [Indistinct] Saying those words all day long.

Luke: Yeah. I got them all right, didn't I?

Dan: Congratulations, Luke.

Laura: Thank you, Dan.

Dan: Long life and happiness.

Luke: Thanks, Dan.

Laura: Thank you.

Bobbie: [Laughs]

Laura: Um, Bobbie... [Laughter] Thanks.

Bobbie: Go on.

Laura: Ok! [Laughs]


Laura: Thank you very much.

Luke: Thank you for coming.

Laura: Thanks for coming.

Joe: Well, you finally got around to doing it!

Mrs. Spencer. Mr. Spencer.

Laura: Thank you.

Amy: Hey, Laura!

[All talking at once]

Amy: The most beautiful bride in the world.

Oh, my baby girl, you are just lovely!

[Indistinct talking]

Brian: You look lovely.

Luke: Well, we couldn't have done it without you. You found the ring.

Robert: Don't even blame me for it!

Luke: [Laughs]

[Indistinct talking]

Luke: Thanks, Tiffany. Thank you, Tiffany.

Slick: Mr. Lucky. You got lucky. She's gorgeous. When do I get to kiss the bride?

Laura: Now!

Slick: Now? Sure. You had a choice between me and Luke. I hope you didn't make a mistake.

Luke: That's enough! That's enough!


Luke: That's enough. Oh, look at this.

Agnes: Oh.

Laura: [Gasps] Mr. Whitaker! Oh.

Agnes: You were so beautiful.

Laura: Oh, my God.

Luke: Thank you for coming, sir.

Mr. Whitaker: You look sweet, Laura.

Luke: And you got a new tie, too.

Mr. Whitaker: Yes.

Emma: Luke! Luke! Aah!

Luke: Oh, Emma. Hello! Thank you, baby.

Emma: You remember Charlie?

Charlie: Congratulations.

Emma: Oh, congratulations.

Laura: Thank you, Emma.

Rose: Ahh. You did it! Mwah!


Laura: We will be. We will be.

Edward: I wish you happiness.

Lila: Hope you'll be very happy, Laura.

Luke: Mr. Quartermaine.

Edward: I never thought I'd see this day, young man.

Lila: I've never seen a more beautiful bride.

Laura: Thank you, Mrs. Quartermaine.

Luke: It's nice to see you.

Monica: Oh, Laura.

Laura: Monica. Thank you.

Monica: Oh, you look beautiful.

Alan: I wish you good luck.

Laura: Dr. Quartermaine.

Luke: Thank you for coming very much.

Alan: I wish you luck.

Luke: Thank you, sir.

Hi, honey.


Hi. Oh!


Luke: Ha!

Mrs. Grant: Hello! Best of luck to you.


I know you're going to be as happy as you are beautiful, darling.

Laura: Oh, thank you.


Laura: Thanks so much. Thank you for everything, Mrs. Grant.

Mrs. Grant: Oh, I'll tell you, the two of you, there's so much love. It made me cry!


Luke: Well, no wedding is complete without a few tears.

Luke: Thanks for coming. Thanks a lot. Reverend!

Reverend: Luke, congratulations.

Luke: Thank you, sir.

Reverend: Laura.

Laura: Oh, good to see you again.

Lee: Luke. All the best, and I mean it.

Luke: Thank you, Mr. Baldwin.

Gail: Congratulations, Luke.

Lee: Happiness, darling.

Gail: Lovely wedding.

Luke: Thank you for being here.

Gail: Congratulations, Laura. You look beautiful.

Laura: Thank you, really. Thank you.

Audrey: Congratulations.

Luke: Oh.

Laura: Mrs. Hardy!

Steve: Congratulations.

Audrey: You made me want to get married all over again!

Laura: Oh, really? Dr. Hardy.

Steve: All the best luck.

Luke: It's really a pleasure to have you here. Thank you.

Audrey: Such a beautiful wedding.

Luke: Thanks a lot. Hi.

Hi! Good to see you again.

Thank you.

Thanks for coming.

Steve: Where's Ann? She didn't leave already, did she?

Audrey: Yes, right after the ceremony. She went back to the hospital.


Audrey: Oh, isn't she beautiful?




Jessie: Thought you were supposed to be at the wedding.

Noah: Yeah. I planned on it.

Jessie: What are you doing here?

Noah: Uh, it was Bradshaw's first surgery this morning. He asked me to assist.

Jessie: Oh, you probably still have time. I'm sure the party's still going on.

Noah: Yeah, but I have to stick around.

Mary: The only reason I'm still on duty is 'cause half the nursing staff took the day off to go.

Jessie: Well, you can't blame them, Mary. Everybody loves a celebration, and this is certainly a big one.

Noah: [Laughs]

Mary: Um, you know, my relief comes in an hour. How about we have a little celebration--

Noah: Well, hello.

Ann: Hello.

Jessie: You're not due for another hour.

Ann: I know.

Noah: How come you're so early?

Ann: Uh, I guess I just wasn't in the mood for a wedding. I don't know.

Noah: I tell you what. Uh, I have some time to kill here, and seeing you're early, why don't you keep me company over a cup of coffee?

Ann: Well, I don't know what kind of company I would make. [Laughs]

Noah: I'll take my chances.

Ann: Sure. Why not? I think I could use a cup of coffee. [Laughs]

Noah: All right. Jessie, if anyone needs me, I'll be in the cafeteria, ok?

Jessie: Ok.

Ann: Great.

Noah: Let's go. Too bad they don't have champagne there.

Ann: You buying? [Exhales]

Noah: Cream and sugar?

Ann: Nah. Just black. My mood.

Noah: That bad, huh?

Ann: The pits.

Noah: Why? What's up? The wedding that much of a drag?

Ann: [Scoffs] No, it was beautiful. That's what's so depressing.

Noah: [Sighs] What?

Ann: You know, that wedding was so beautiful. I mean, it's like a dream of my wedding that I know I'll probably never have.

Noah: [Laughs] Well, that's the silliest thing I've ever heard.

Ann: Go ahead and laugh, but it's true. And you know what? I have nobody to blame but yours truly.

Noah: Oh, you're not serious.

Ann: Oh, yes. I'm very serious. I have blown it twice, Noah. I mean, how many chances does a girl get, you know what I mean?

Noah: It's not your fault that the men you chose happened to not know a good thing when they see it.

Ann: You are very kind.

Noah: You're a really lovely person, Annie. And I have a sneaking suspicion you'll be dancing at your own wedding before too long.

Joe: Ahh.

Rose: Mmm.

Joe: You make this yourself?

[Indistinct talking]

Laura: I have never seen so much food in all my life.

Rose: Oh. Wait till you try Mrs. Pearson's fish chowder. It's out of this world.

Agnes: Dora's ham, it is magnificent. It just melts in your mouth.

Emma: Oh, I made you some weiner rolls, but I messed them up. So why don't you try these oysters Rockefeller instead?

Laura: Oysters Rockefeller? Luke is allergic to them.

Luke: Yeah. [Indistinct]

Emma: Lionel Quartermaine brought a whole mess of them--

Luke: Thanks, though.

Laura: Well, thank you anyway, Emma.

Agnes: We have pies and apple


Hey, here. Try--have some of this beer, son.

Luke: Now you're talking, Pop.

Laura: There you go.


Luke: Good kick to it.

Agnes: Yeah. We'll get the bubbly stuff later.

Luke: Ok. [Laughs]

Laura: Thank you for that, Emma.


[Indistinct talking]

Luke: I don't know. I haven't been able to find out.

[Indistinct talking continues]

Lesley: I see you're both thoroughly enjoying your wedding feast.

Luke: Oh, yeah.

Laura: Mom, I don't know what to eat first, they have so much food back there.

Lesley: Oh, all right. Well, then, perhaps you'll let me steal you away for a few minutes.

Luke: Away from this?

Lesley: Yes. Well, your presence is requested required on the dance floor.

Laura: Mother?

Lesley: Yes?

Laura: Are you kidding? I mean, getting married works up an appetite. You know what I mean?

Lesley: Your hunger is going to have to wait. Nobody can start dancing until you do, because the first dance is always the bride and groom.

Luke: What do you say, Mrs. Spencer? Shall we take a quick buzz around the floor with your old man?

Laura: I say I'm hungry.

Luke: Oh. Some things never change, do they?

Lesley: Got it from her mother, you know?

Luke: Really? Come on, wife.

[Indistinct talking]

["It Was Fascination" plays as Luke & Laura dance then invite all the guests to join in]


[Indistinct talking]

[Music continues]


Tiffany: Oh, gee. What a lovely house you have, Mrs. Muir.

Claudia: Oh, it sure is. It has such character.

Amy: It's beautiful, elegant, but lived-in.

Mrs. Muir: Well, shall we continue?

Amy: Oh, yes. That's the ticket.

[Indistinct talking]

Claudia: Oh, and that clock.

Bobbie: Oh, my Lord.

Amy: It's amazing.

Bobbie: Oh, I hope this chair is to sit in, because my feet are killing me.

Mrs. Muir: Of course. Do sit down, please.

Bobbie: Ahh. You know something? I think Delfina was right. They shrunk the shoes when they sent them out to get them dyed.

Tiffany: Oh, no.

Amy: Well, mine feel ok.

Claudia: Mine, too.

Bobbie: Well, then, I guess my feet grew.


Claudia: Mine are just itching to get on that dance floor. Why don't we go?

Amy: You lead the way, ok? Thank you very, very much for showing us your home.

Claudia: Oh, I really enjoyed it.

Mrs. Muir: Oh, it's my pleasure. It's so good to have you young people here.

Amy: Well, thank you. Coming, Bobbie, Emma?

Bobbie: I can't move.

Emma: Oh, and I want to stay with Mrs. Mayor for a little bit. You know, I am very interested about the society work that you do. You probably read in the society pages about the huge donation I made to General Hospital.

Bobbie: Come on, feet. Wake up. [Sighs]

Joe: Hello, there. You have sore feet?

Bobbie: Well, I think they're beyond that by now. You looking for someone?

Joe: Or something. I need a phone.

Bobbie: Right here.

Joe: Ah. Great.

Bobbie: I suppose that means I'm going to have to get up, huh?

Joe: No, no, no. I'm fine. You just sit there and rub away.

Bobbie: Oh, ok. You having a good time?

Joe: Yeah. It's a great party.

Bobbie: Well, I heard you say it, but I don't believe it.

Joe: What do you mean?

Bobbie: For a guy who's having a good time, you look miserable.

Joe: Well, no. I'm not miserable.

Bobbie: You want to talk? Something bothering you?

Joe: Yeah. Heather. I mean, it's a nice day, it's a beautiful day, and it's great for Luke and Laura, and I'm very happy for them. But while we're all here partying and singing and dancing, she's locked away in jail.

Alan: Hi.

Susan: Didn't expect to see you back so soon.

Alan: Not soon enough.

Susan: Too much family fun and games?

Alan: Ugh. Not now, Susan.

Susan: I was merely inquiring about that tight little family circle of yours. Hope they didn't crowd you too much.

Alan: Stop it.

Susan: Stop what?

Alan: Stop needling me. I get enough of that from Monica. I don't need it from you.

Susan: Oh, I see. Well, just what do you need from me, Alan? You don't want questions. You don't want me mixing with your friends.

Alan: You have no right to start badgering me as soon as--

Susan: That's it, isn't it? I have no rights at all. I sure as hell don't have any rights in this relationship.

Alan: That isn't true.

Susan: Isn't it? I can't be seen with you in public because it might offend your family, and now, it seems I'm not even allowed to be upset about it in private.

Alan: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. It's just getting to be too much of a strain.

Susan: Oh! Well, I'm sure that refers to me, too.

Alan: I'm not referring to anything--you or anything else. Now, will you stop arguing with me? Can we please talk about something that's pleasant, for a change?

Caller: Everybody go forward and back!


Caller: And forward again with a--



Caller: Now forward again with a left arm swing!


Caller: Everybody, form an arch! Now, sashay to the front of the line!


Caller: Now, sashay to the end of the line! Sashay to the end of the line! Now, sashay to the end of the line!


Caller: Now, sashay to the end of the line!


Caller: Now, sashay to the end of the line! And sashay to the end of the line! And sashay to the end of the line! And sashay to the end of the line!

Robert: I think--[Indistinct]

Caller: Hold it a minute. Ladies and gentlemen, the best man has an announcement to make.

[Cheering and applause]

Robert: Luke and Laura, will you come up here, please?

Luke: I like the sound of this.

Robert: Get that lighter, all right? Just a few things I'd like to say, but I will be brief and to the point.

Luke: Right. That means he's going to do the whole second act of "Hamlet."


Robert: Give me a break, will you? This is my big solo number. Right. Friends, to Luke and Laura. May you always have what you have today--the love of your friends and the everlasting love of each other. To Luke and Laura.

Everyone: Hear, hear.

[Cheering and applause]

Luke: All right.

Laura: Thanks.

Tiffany: Ok. Now, it's time to cut the cake.

Here we go.

Luke: With a sword. A sword!

Tiffany: That's ok.

Traditionist to the end here.

Tiffany: Yes, no? Now, Laura, you do it, too. You put your hand on-- both of you cut it together, the first piece.

Laura: Ok.

Everyone: The bride cuts the cake the bride cuts the cake hi, ho, the dairy-o the bride cuts the cake the groom cuts the cake the groom cuts the cake

Helena: My curse on you, Laura and Luke. My curse on both of you.

Everyone: The bride cuts the cake hi, ho, the dairy-o the bride cuts the cake

Laura: All right!

[Cheering and applause]

Luke: Oh, this is good.

Everyone: The bride eats the cake hi, ho, the dairy-o the bride eats the cake the groom eats the cake the groom eats the cake hi, ho, the dairy-o the bride eats the cake

[Cheering and applause]

Monica: Oh, Ann.

Ann: Hi.

Monica: Oh, didn't I just see you at the wedding?

Ann: Yeah. Oh, yeah. I was there.

Monica: Well, how come you're here?

Ann: Well, I decided to take over for the afternoon shift. I didn't want to stay after the ceremony, anyway. I see that you left early, too.

Monica: Yes, I discovered I really wasn't in the mood for a wedding today.

Ann: It was beautiful.

Monica: Well, yes. Weddings usually are. It's the marriage that follows that causes all the problems.

Ann: Marriage. I take it you're not in favor of it.

Monica: Oh, don't pay any attention to me, Ann. I just have very little faith in the institution, at the moment. However, I think if anybody can make a go of it, I guess it's going to be Luke and Laura.

Ann: Yeah. If those two can't, there isn't much hope for the rest of us, huh?

Leslie: Oh, hello.


Lee: Your honor, thank you for bringing us up here. My tired feet can use the rest after all that dancing.

Mayor: Well, this is where I come to solve all such weighty problems.


Gail: Private study, huh? Well, it is very pleasant.

Lee: Indeed. I bet you get a lot of work done in here.

Mayor: Well, not to mention a little privacy, time to think. Please, sit down.

Dan: Oh, here you are.

[All talk at once]

Lee: Hey, Dan, come on in and join the wiser set.

Dan: My foots hurt.

Lesley: Wiser, I don't know. But our feet hurt us from dancing.


Mayor: Didn't I see you down there dancing, Dan?

Dan: Yes, until they started the fast music. That's too much for me.

Gail: Oh, come on, Dan. There was something for everybody today.

Lee: There were so many different groups of people here today.

Dan: Yes, even Helena Cassadine.

Lesley: Did you say Helena Cassadine?

Dan: Yeah. Didn't you see her?

Lesley: No.

Dan: I didn't talk to her, but I did get a glimpse of her through the crowd.

Lesley: Maybe you just thought you saw her.

Dan: Oh, I don't know, Lesley. I don't think I'd mistake somebody else for Helena Cassadine.

Luke: What do you say, Slicker?

Laura: [Laughs]

Slick: Oh, boy. You look like you're floating on cloud 9.

Luke: I think cloud 9's a little low. More like 11, 12, 13, something like that.

Slick: There you go. [Laughs]

Luke: I think it's about time we went upstairs and changed, don't you?

Laura: Oh, yeah.

Slick: Change? Oh, what are you, changing your clothes? You never looked better in your life. What, are you kidding? You had the clothes on for two hours.

Robert: Say, for an intelligent guy, you're not very bright. They're going to honeymoon.

Slick: Ooh.


Robert: Yeah. That's what it's all about.

Slick: Hey, I'll drive you.

Luke: Oh, no thanks. We'll walk.

Slick: Ok. I'll drive myself. See you.

Amy: Laura, I will help you get ready.

Tiffany: Me, too.

Laura: Oh, great. Thanks. I am in need of help getting out of this dress. Could you take care of that for me?

Tiffany: I'll be glad to, darling.

Amy: Great.

Laura: Oh. Oh! This is so exciting.

Luke: Hey, stop dragging! Don't drag it! Come on, come on, come on!

Laura: Oh!

Luke: Wish I knew what happened to that stick pin you gave me.

Robert: I'm sure it will show up.

Luke: I want it, Robert.

Robert: Look, when I get back to the penthouse, I'll have a look for it.

Luke: What do you think could have happened to it, man?

Robert: Look, what's with all this housecleaning bit here?

Luke: Oh, I don't know. Guess--it calms me down, I guess.

Robert: What are you so worried about? You two have wanted this for a long time. I mean, you both knew what you were getting into.

Luke: Yeah, I know. But now, I'm-- look, man. I'm actually married. It's a whole new territory, you know?

Robert: Hey, it's a whole world of it. It's a big step, I know. But everyone's--the world's your oyster, buddy.

Luke: I guess so. I kind of feel like I'm in one of those big widescreen westerns, you know, and I'm, like, with John Wayne or Fabian or somebody--

Robert: Francis X. Bushman.

Luke: Yes! Dorothy Lamour. And I got the lead, you know? I'm the guy who gets to ride off in the sunset with the beautiful girl. But I want my stick pin.

Robert: [Laughs]

Amy: Laura, I bet you cannot wait to ride off with Luke. Here you go.

Laura: Oh, no. I can't. I just hope that that old car goes.

Tiffany: Oh, don't worry, darling. It has to. Everything has been so perfect up to now. I know it's going to be good. Most beautiful wedding ever.

Amy: Wait till you see what the guys have done to it. There are tin cans streaming all over. It looks exactly like it did the last time.

Tiffany: Last time?

Amy: Except last time it was Luke and Jennifer's wedding. Tiffany, you would never have believed it. There was the biggest fight you have ever seen in your life--

Laura: Amy, please.

Tiffany: Fighting at a wedding?

Amy: You wouldn't have believed--

Laura: Amy, listen to me. Now, you can tell Tiffany about this some other time, all right? This is not the time to talk about it.

Amy: Now, don't be so sensitive. I wasn't comparing your wedding to theirs. I was just telling her about the fight.

Laura: Amy, please.

Amy: I'm sorry.

[Knock on door]

Tiffany: God! What is that?

Amy: [Laughs]

Laura: What--

Luke: Mrs. Spencer?

Laura: Yes.

Luke: This is your old man.

Laura: [Laughs] Yeah, I thought I recognized your voice.

Luke: Yeah. Um, are you about ready?

Laura: Yeah, I am.

Luke: Well, let's hit it.

Laura: Ok. I'll meet you in the hall.

Luke: Ok.

Amy: How cute!

Tiffany: How romantic.

Amy: Oh, Laura, Laura, wait a second. You have to remember-- look for me when you go to throw that bouquet, ok? And promise me that you will not go out onto the balcony until I've had sufficient time to run downstairs and get a perfect position. Ok, promise?

Laura: I promise.

Amy: All you have to do is aim it in my direction, and I will take care of all the rest.

Laura: Amy, you're impossible. You know that?

Amy: Yes, but you love me anyway.

Laura: Yes, I do. I do.

Amy: Are you ready, Tiffany?

Tiffany: I'm ready. Darling, have a wonderful time.

Laura: I will.

Tiffany: You look beautiful.

Laura: Thank you.

Tiffany: Now, remember, now, just in case Amy doesn't catch it, I'll be right there, and my arms are longer. Let's go!

[Both talking at once]


Luke: Mrs. Spencer?

Laura: Mr. Spencer?

Luke: Mmm. Are you prepared for the command performance?

Laura: Uh, yeah. The last one, I hope, from now on. It's just going to be the two of us.

Luke: Yeah. Where's the garter?

Laura: It's on my right leg. Why don't you get it?

Luke: Think I'm going to like married life.

Laura: I thought you might like that.

Luke: You know what else I like?

Laura: What?

Luke: [Exhales] I like this beginning to our very hard-earned future together.

Laura: Ohh. I'm with you.

Luke: For always.

Laura: Today, tomorrow... forever. It's just going to keep getting better and better and better. [Laughs]

[Indistinct talking]

Rick: Lesley.

Lesley: Did you have some food?

Rick: I think I tried everything here. Champagne?

Lesley: Oh, that sounds nice.

Rick: [Laughs] I think it's about time I got calmed down, don't you?

Lesley: [Laughs]

Rick: Yes. Just relax and enjoy the rest of the day. It's turned out to be an incredibly beautiful wedding.

Lesley: Oh, yes. Oh, yes. And our daughter is, indeed, married to the man she loves.

Rick: No more worrying about Laura?

Lesley: No. No. No, I believe that Luke absolutely will keep her safe from all harm. I know he will.

Ruby: What a terrific day. I was so proud of both of them.

Rick: We were, too.

Ruby: To the kids.

Rick: Mmm.

Lesley: Only happiness. [Laughs]

Amy: Excuse me. Everybody, gather around! They're going to come out on the balcony!

Everyone: Oh!

[Cheering and applause]

[Drum roll]

Lesley: They're going to throw the bouquet.

Rick: Maybe you ought to get a little closer. [Indistinct]

[Indistinct talking]

Luke: Who's the lucky guy?

Lesley: Maybe you should move in there.

Rick: Maybe I should. [Indistinct]

Luke: All right. Get ready...


Luke: Hey!

[Cheering and applause]

Rick: Now, look at this.


Laura: Of all people! I don't believe it!

Everyone: Ohh!

Laura: Ready?

[Indistinct shouting]

Laura: Are you ready? Amy?

Amy: Laura!

Laura: Claudia? Bobbie?

Luke: Right there. Right there.

Laura: Ready?

All right!


[All shouting at once]

Laura: [Gasps]

[Talking stops]

[Indistinct murmuring]

Scotty: There is no marriage.

What's he doing here?

Luke: I'll kill you!

Laura: [Gasps]

Luke: I swear, I'll kill you!

Laura: Luke, no. No! No! Don't do this! Luke, no!

[Indistinct screaming]

[Both grunting]

Help him!

Laura: Stop it! Stop it!

Luke: Get up! Get up!

Everyone: Oh!

Joe: If we can get a hold of Ramsey, maybe he can--

Laura: Stop them! Somebody, stop them!

Mrs. Grant: Laura, honey, what's the matter?

Joe: What is going on outside?

Maid: Good heavens! Sounds like all hell is breaking loose!

Joe: What is the matter?

Mrs. Grant: Can't imagine. I'm going to go find out.

Joe: Ok, fine. You, go ahead. It's all right. Oh, Bert! Yeah, where you been, man? This is Kelly. I've been trying to get a hold of you all day.

Charlie: Hey, where's the kitchen? I need some ice.

Mrs. Grant: Uh, what's the matter?

Charlie: Oh, somebody just got knocked out in a fight.

Mrs. Grant: A fight?

Charlie: Yeah, I tell you. Just wait.

Mrs. Grant: Wait a minute. Who was it?

Charlie: I don't know. Somebody said that it was the bride's ex-husband or something like that. I got to get some ice.

[Indistinct talking]

Luke: Let me at him! Let go of me!

[Indistinct shouting]

Luke: I'm all right. I'm all right. Let go. Let go of me. Let go.

Robert: Only if you can control yourself.

Luke: I'm all right.

Charlie: Got ice. Here, coming through.

Brian: Give it here.

Lee: Scotty, come on. What did you think you were doing?

Luke: Are you ok? Huh?

Scotty: I'm contesting the divorce!

Luke: The hell you are! We are married. And we're going on our honeymoon.

Lee: All right, then. Go. I'll talk some sense into him. So...

Luke: We have our whole lives ahead of us, and we are married. We are married. We are married. Let's go! No, wait, wait. No, wait. Don't do this.

Laura: [Crying]

Luke: Baby, it was beautiful. We are married. We are married. We had a beautiful wedding. You were the most beautiful bride any man ever saw.

Laura: [Chuckles]

Luke: Now, those tears are for nothing. He will not contest. We're ok. Now, give me a smile.

Laura: I love you.

Luke: I love you. Give me a smile. You feel good?

Laura: Yeah.

Luke: You feel good?

Laura: Yeah.

Luke: All right. Let's go.

[Engine backfires]

[Cans clattering]

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