GH Transcript Monday 11/16/81

General Hospital Transcript Monday 11/16/81


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Laura: It's my wedding day. Ha!

[Knock on door]

Laura: Come in!

Lesley: I thought you'd probably be awake. Good morning.

Laura: Oh, thanks, Mom.

Lesley: I brought you some coffee.

Laura: Oh, thank you, thank you.

Lesley: You're welcome, you're welcome.

Laura: It's a gorgeous day outside.

Lesley: Of course, it is. Mrs. Whittaker promised you one, didn't she?

Laura: Yes, she did.

Lesley: Yeah. So, how'd you sleep?

Laura: Uh, I slept like a log.

Lesley: Did you, really?

Laura: I really did. You know, with going back and forth to Mexico and then having the party, as soon as I put my head on the pillow, I just was out like a light.

Lesley: Ah. Yeah, you've been in kind of a whirlwind.

Laura: Yeah, I have. But, well, you, too. You know, with the parties and the fittings and everything.

Lesley: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

Laura: Uh, Mom.

Lesley: Yes.

Laura: Did you ever find out why Helena Cassadine's here in town?

Lesley: Yeah. Rick said she wants to make some kind of major bequest or give some kind of very large gift to the hospital. But today is your wedding day. This is a gorgeous day. We are going to be happy. We are not going to talk about anybody with the name of Cassadine. Blecch!

Laura: [Laughs]

Jean-Paul: No, Madame has not awakened as yet. Oh, no, Sir, Luke Spencer has not replied. And if he does not accept the invitation to Madame's reception, he may find one guest at his wedding that was not invited.

Luke: "Luke, don't wake me until Slick gets here. I'm counting on him to be late, as usual." T--t--uh, ter-- "terrible headache. Robert." Boy...idiot can't spell when he's drunk. Ha ha! Indian summer. What a perfect day for a wedding. [Screaming] Hey, world! Hello, Port Charles! Lucas Lorenzo Spencer, king of the single life, is giving it up today! And... I'm gettin' married in the morning ding dong the bells are gonna chime

[Bells chiming]

Luke: Ooh. That's a good sign.

Mmm! Cinnamon.

Freshly baked. They're good, too.

At a time like this, all they think about is food.

Tiffany: Well, Delfina, and how is your adorable little self today? Your moment of truth is at hand.

Delfina: Yeah, and take this sticky bun out of yours and put the dress on, please.

Tiffany: Touchy this morning, aren't you?

Delfina: Touchy? No, but I don't want to dirty the--get crumbs.

How's it going?


But it's still not right.

Amy: Laura, you aren't even dressed!

Laura: Well, there's plenty of time. Can I have one?


Thank you.

The bride is not going to be dressed down here!

No, Delfina, darling, she's going to dress in her room.


So, so, so, how do you feel?

I feel great.

Ohh. I hope the guys can say that.

Amy: They better. You know, they were up partying all night.

Laura: Mm-mmm. Not Luke. I can promise you that.

Amy: What do they do at bachelor parties, anyway?

I don't even want to ask. I don't want to know.

Delfina: Will you hold still!

[All talking at once]

Lesley: So we have a beautiful day thanks to Mrs. Whittaker.

And her friends, no doubt. How do you like my hair?


Lesley: I love it that way. What?

Amy: Everybody, Slick came through.

Oh, the cars! Ohh!

Amy: I can't get over these cars! You're never gonna believe this.

Bobbie: What's out there?

I want to ride in that one.

You'll probably ride in that one back there.

Lesley: Ladies.


Laura: Slick found the antique cars. Beautiful.

For the wedding. He did. He did it.

Laura: It's going to be so much fun!

Lesley: It's going to be wonderful.

Laura: Now we just have to pray that Dad is not going to be called away on a sudden emergency.

Lesley: Not a chance. We've got doctors covering for him and for me. There is no way we're not going to be at the wedding. We are going to be right up front to watch you become Mrs. Lucas Lorenzo whatever.

Laura: Spencer, Spencer.

Lesley: I knew it. It was on the tip of my tongue.

Ruby: Come on in, Dan. What are you doing here?

Luke: I came to spend a few important moments with the most important beautiful woman in my life.

Ruby: Me?

Luke: Yeah. Yeah, you. I don't think I'm gonna get a chance to talk to you later with all those people around.

Ruby: What do you want to talk about?

Luke: I just want to say that I love you.

Ruby: Oh, I love you. So much.

Luke: And, and...just because I'm gonna have a wife doesn't mean that I won't need you. Because I will always need you.

Ruby: [Crying] Oh, I love you. I just love you. You're the best.

[Knock on door]

Ruby: Oh.


Ruby: Come on in, Dan.

Dan: Anybody for a wedding?

Luke: Was there a wedding today?

Dan: Yeah. I thought it was yours.

Luke: Is that right?

Dan: What's the groom doing running around in blue jeans?

Luke: Well, to tell you the truth, Dan, I had to--I had to have one last fling as a bachelor. I'll see you. Oh, by the way, Ms. Anderson, you are magnificent.

Ruby: Thank you.

[Indistinct chatter]

Rose: Hey, you guys! Lookit, you're working so hard. Oh, my gosh, isn't this great? Oh. Oh. Oh, look at this ham. It is beautiful. You're working so hard. Now, I wonder where they want the rolls. Oh, my gosh, look at this. I love it! Agnes!

Agnes: Good morning.

Rose: It's so wonderful to see you.

Agnes: Thank you. Oh, you smell those rolls clear across the whole yard.

Rose: Oh, we got a whole lot more coming, too. Now, where do you want them?

Agnes: Uh, uh, over there.

Martha: I'll take them.

Rose: Thanks, Martha. Ohh...

Agnes: What do you think?

Rose: It looks fabulous.

Agnes: Oh, and everything's shaping up so beautifully. The folks from Port Charles and from Beecher's Corners are working together like they've known each other for years. And having a wonderful time doing it.

Rose: Well, of course, they are! It couldn't be a more perfect day.

Agnes: Oh, yes.

Rose: Hey, listen, we'll, I'm gonna jump right in and give a hand.

Agnes: Oh, wonderful. We could use your help--

Rose: With all of the desserts... say, where's Lila Quartermaine? Is she around?

Agnes: Well, the funny thing is, she was supposed to stop by and pick up Charlie and Emma Lutz, and nobody's seen them yet.

Charlie: Do I gotta wear this?!

Emma: Yes, you do, Charlie. I don't want you looking like a schlep while I'm wearing a Paris original.

Charlie: Paris? It looks like Vegas.

Emma: A lot you know, Charlie. Lila's probably waiting right now in their limousine. Now take these wieners, will you? Aah! Oh! Charlie, how could you?

Charlie: Oh, sorry, baby.

Emma: You ape. Look what you've done to me.

Charlie: Hold on.

Emma: Aah! You're making it worse. How dare you! You're horrible.

Charlie: Hey, I'm...I'm sorry.

Lila: What is it? What happened?

Charlie: I, uh, dumped the wieners.

Emma: Oh, Lila...

Lila: Oh, my goodness! Oh, you poor little thing.

Emma: It's a mess.

Lila: There's something we can do. Now don't worry, dear. Now don't cry. I know what we'll do. There's a very nice little shop near here. Carreza.

Emma: Carreza?

Lila: Very chic. Very chic. And we'll get my chauffeur to stop there, and we'll run in, and we'll buy you something lovely. Something really elegant.

Emma: You're so kind, Lila. You're so sweet.

Charlie: What are you babbling about? It's gonna turn out good. You'll probably end up getting an original.

Emma: Charlie, you just button your lip--

Charlie: You shut up.

Emma: Come on, we've got a wedding to go to.

Charlie: I'm coming. I'm coming.

Slick: Here you go, Killer. Drink this down, you'll feel a lot better.

Robert: Imagine doing this once a week. I hope his lordship doesn't feel as bad. Where is he?

Slick: He's upstairs.

Robert: No. No.

Slick: What do you mean, no, no? He's upstairs getting dressed.

Robert: No, he got up early and went out somewhere.

Slick: What? Oh, come on, man! He didn't do that. Oh, you've gotta be kidding.

Robert: No.

Slick: Oh, I don't like this. I don't like this. I'm very suspicious, because I'll tell you why. The man did not want the big shindig at the beginning, am I right?

Robert: Right.

Slick: Well, what if he chickened out, he and Laura, and they want to be on their own, bugged off alone?

Robert: Well, we--we--call somebody.

Slick: Yeah. That's a good idea. But who?

Robert: Uh, the Webbers. Ring the Webbers.

Slick: Webbers. Webbers. You got it.

Robert: Be quick.

Slick: Got it. Ok.

Robert: [Sighs] [Groans] Now, listen. Be careful what you say. We don't want to upset Laura.

Slick: Right. Right. Right. Hello. Who's this?

Lesley: It's Lesley. Who's that? Is that Slick?

Slick: Right, yeah.

Lesley: Hi.

Slick: I'm just calling and I want to sort of check on the bride. How's she doing?

Lesley: Fine, fine.

Slick: Good. Uh, is she excited?

Lesley: Are you kidding? How about the groom?

Slick: The groom. The--she wants to know about the groom. The groom is fine. He's sort of--he's sort of lost. He's like walking in the stars. You know what I'm talking about?

Lesley: Oh, I sure do. You just make sure you get him to the wedding on time. I'll see you there. Thanks for the cars.

Slick: All right, bye-bye, sweetheart. [Groans]

Robert: Ok, uh, call Ruby. Yeah.

Slick: Ruby. Ruby.

Robert: Ring Ruby.

Slick: Ok. Wow...

[Line ringing]

Slick: Uh-oh. I'm nervous.

Robert: Tell me about it.

Slick: [Sighs] Nobody's answering. That's it. Hey, I got news for you. That man will drive you nuts. You know what I'm talkin' about? Why don't--I'm gonna ask you a serious question. You think we can improve Laura's life if I stand in for him? You know, if I marry her?

Amy: You are really going to look beautiful.

Laura: Thanks.

Amy: This garter's wonderful.

Laura: Isn't it? You know something? It's funny, but I'm almost more excited about wearing that garter than I am about wearing this dress. I don't know, it's just something about...wearing the same garter that your grandmother wore. I mean...

Amy: Yeah.

Laura: It's neat.

Amy: I wonder who's going to catch it when you throw it.

Laura: I don't know.

Amy: I bet maybe it'll be Joe Kelly. I kind of hope he catches it, 'cause I know that even though she's in jail right now, I know she's gonna get out, and I know who's gonna wind up with Heather.

Laura: Amy, please, let's not talk about that, ok? Why don't you do me a favor and get me my pearl earrings. They're on the desk there.

Amy: Sure.

Bobbie: I love it. [Laughing]

Delfina: All right, don't get dizzy.

[Doorbell rings]

Bobbie: I love it. It's perfect.

Delfina: Thank you.

Bobbie: You're welcome.


Lesley: Yes?

Man: Hi. How you doin'? Yeah, I got a special delivery here for Mrs. Laura Baldwin.

Lesley: Uh-huh. Yes.

Man: Well, I'm supposed to deliver it to her personally.

Lesley: Uh, but she--it's her wedding day. She's getting married, and she's upstairs dressing. I can't call her down just to sign for a package. I'll do it.

Man: Yeah, I'm--she's supposed to open it in front of me, see, and she's gotta sign for it.

Lesley: Well, but I can't let you go up there while she's getting dressed, can I? Look, let me sign for it. I swear to you, Brownie word of honor, that I will stand there and forcibly make her open it, immediately after I close the door. Ok?

Man: Uh...

Lesley: It'll be fine. Don't worry about it.

Man: [Sighs] Ok.

Lesley: Honest, youse is a good guy.

Man: I know.

Lesley: [Laughs]

Amy: Laura, I am telling you, there is only one.

Laura: Amy, that's impossible. I know I put them both there last night.

Amy: Well, they're not there now.

Laura: That is strange. How could that be? Oh, well, I know. Maybe, uh, maybe I dropped one when I was in mom's room last night. I went in to kiss her good night. Would you do me a favor and go in there and look for it?

Amy: You want me to go crawling on the floor in that bedroom in this dress?

Laura: I just want you to take a look. Please, Amy? I really want to wear these.

Amy: Ok, but only because you're getting married today.

Laura: Thanks.

Lesley: [Humming] Hi there.

Laura: Hi!

Lesley: Another package. And I had to swear on my life to the delivery kid that I would watch you open this in front of me, right away.

Laura: [Laughs]

Lesley: Don't ask.

Laura: Ok. Well, let's see. What do you suppose it is?

Lesley: I don't know. Why don't we open it and find out.

Laura: Would you hold my earring for me?

Lesley: Yes.

Laura: Thank you.

Lesley: I'm putting it in this brush so you won't lose it.

Laura: Why did they want you... that's strange.

Lesley: Hey, I'm just the delivery person here. I didn't send it, I just took it! You know what I mean?

Laura: [Laughing]

Lesley: It's really packed. Oh, my gosh, let me have the card.

Laura: My goodness.

Lesley: That's beautiful! Oh, it's the boat!

Laura: Huh! Yeah, it is. That's strange. Can I see the card?

Lesley: Yeah, sure. Let me look at this. That is so unique. That's really fantastic.

Laura: "On your wedding day, may I wish you and your Luke a long and happy life together. With best wishes and your... your grateful and loving donor"?

Amy: I have looked everywhere and I cannot find that other earring.

Lesley: Ok, I'll go look for it. Gotta be the person who gave the boat itself.

Laura: Mom.

Lesley: What?

Laura: Don't you think that's kind of strange?

Lesley: It's a lot better than 10 more butter dishes.

Laura: Well, I guess so. Oh, my gosh. Oh, wait'll I show Luke.

Luke: Anybody want to go to a wedding?

Robert: Glad you could make it.

Slick: Forget about it, Joe. He's here. [Sighs] Can you tell me something, my friend? I want to ask you a little question. Why would you pick your wedding morning to do a disappearing act?

Luke: Who disappeared?

Slick: You did.

Luke: I--I'm right here.

Slick: Yeah, you're here now, but what about when we were going crazy looking for you. Where were you?

Luke: I had to go see an old girlfriend.

Slick: Oh, will you come on, man?

Luke: Ruby. Ruby. Ruby.

Slick: You may as well give me a heart attack. Tell me about it later. Will you get dressed.

Luke: Surely.

Slick: You know you're getting married, don't you?

Luke: I'm gettin' married, yes, this morning

Slick: Oh, is he a beauty. Hey, where's the aspirins?

Robert: Be my guest. I'm starting to feel halfway human. If only that wretched tie of yours would stop yelling at me.

Slick: What is wrong with the tie?

[Doorbell rings]

Slick: I'll get it. I'll get this. I don't know who this is. Come on in, Sir. The man is dressed nice.

Jean-Paul: I am Mrs. Cassadine's emissary.

Robert: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, we've heard it all before what do you want?

Jean-Paul: Mrs. Cassadine would like to know if Mr. Spencer is going to attend her reception.

Robert: Luke!

Luke: Yeah!

Robert: Listen, I got a Cassadine singing telegram down here. Wants to know whether you're gonna turn up at the little soiree tomorrow night.

Luke: Well, tomorrow night I will be on my honeymoon, and the last thing I'm gonna do on my honeymoon for even one second is think about the family Cassadine. Got it? Thank you.

Robert: You may inform Helena that Mr. Spencer will be out of town. You may also inform her that Robert thinks that it's probably quite a good idea for her to do the same thing.

Slick: Ahem. That is some kind of a nervy dame. She thinks he's gonna give up a honeymoon for a party.?

Robert: Helena Cassadine has had people do a lot more than that for her. Ok. Help me on with this...

Slick: You got it, pal. Just put--

[Doorbell rings]

Robert: What is this?

Slick: I'll get the door. You got it. You got it. Let me get the door. Who could this be? Yes?

Man: Yeah, hi. I got a special delivery here for Luke Spencer.

Slick: I'll take it.

Man: Uh, no, no. He's gotta sign for it himself.

Slick: I'll sign it myself.

Man: No, no, only him.

Robert: Luke! Listen, there's a gift down here. You gotta sign for it. Looks like a wedding present.

Luke: Be right down! I hope it's not another candy dish.

Robert: [Chuckling]

Man: Just sign right here at the X.

Luke: Sure.

Man: And, uh, you're supposed to open it right now.

Luke: Robert, give the boy a quarter or something, will you?

Slick: Look, I got it, I got it. Here, pal. See you around. Nice to see you. I know. Wonderful.

Luke: I'm supposed to open it right now.

Robert: What's it say?

Luke: Lucas Lorenzo Spencer's address.

Robert: Hmm.

Luke: What is this?

Robert: Wow.

Luke: Here, read the card.

Robert: It would appear that, uh, the anonymous donor doesn't want to be easily forgotten.

Luke: Why didn't he just paint an elephant white and send that instead? Look, anybody else comes along, just--just--I don't know--

Slick: Give me that.

Luke: Tell them I skipped town, will you?

Slick: Ok, hurry up.

[Traffic sounds]

Doorman: Did you find Mr. Spencer all right?

Jean-Paul: I saw what I needed to see.

Luke: What do you think? Think they'll let me in?

Slick: If they recognize you. I never saw you so dressed.

Robert: We're a symphony in gray if ever there was one.

Luke: Uh, Robert, do you hear one discordant note?

Robert: Most definitely.

Luke: Mm-hmm. What shall we do about it?

Robert: I think we've gotta do something about it.

Slick: What are you talking about? Do something about what?

Luke: Your tie.

Slick: Oh, yeah?

Robert: Listen, look. When they start flashing the bulbs, you know, and you're standing next to the mayor, all anybody's gonna see is a face full of polka dots.

Slick: No kiddin'? I never thought about that.

Robert: This is what you should be wearing.

Slick: Ah, it's a nice tie, but it's not me. If it was plaid, I'd consider it.

Luke: I quite understand. All right, let me just get the stickpin and we're off.

Robert: Ok, look, we better get a move-on.

Lila: How beautiful.

Agnes: Did you ever see a more perfect place for a wedding?

Lila: Oh, it's lovely, Agnes. It--it's so personal.

Agnes: Everybody came through so beautifully. It's just so wonderful. Now all we have to do is wait for the bridal party to arrive.

Lila: [Laughs]

Slick: Thank you. Thank you, sir. Hey, guys.

Luke: Ah. Hey.

Slick: Huh?

Luke: We're going in this?

Slick: Isn't that beautiful?

Luke: Ha ha!

Slick: Isn't that beautiful?

Luke: Let's go.

Robert: It's brand-new.

Slick: Get in.

Robert: ...10, did it in 4 1/2.


Robert: All right, Slick.

Luke: Yeah.

Slick: All right, boys.

Robert: Make it work.

Slick: You're in for the ride of your life. All right.

Luke: Go.

Slick: Wait a second. Let me get the brake off. All right, now...

Robert: I'm waiting.

Luke: Come on. There's smoke coming out of there.

Slick: Is it smoking?

Luke: You're smoking up there.

Robert: How did you do that?

Slick: Oh, oh. Wait, wait. We gotta get it started. The main thing is to start.

Luke: I don't want to be late. Do you know anybody with a cab?

Robert: We'll have Lila get a limo over here.

Slick: Ok.


Slick: I think I got it. I got the handle. I just didn't get it started. What do I do now?

[Whirring, backfire]

Slick: I did it!

Luke: Let's get outta here.

Robert: [Coughing]

Slick: Ok.

Luke: Let's go. [Coughing]

Robert: For heaven's sake, move. You like that motor?

Luke: Hey, let's move it.

Robert: Move.

Luke: Whoa. Rolling backwards.



[Flapper music playing]

[Indistinct chatter]


Slick: Ok. Beep beep.

[Horn beeps]

Slick: Ha ha ha ha!

Luke: An education.

[Beep beep]

Slick: Get out of the way.

Maid: Oh, Mr. Quartermaine, my friends are waiting for me outside. May I go to the wedding now?

Edward: Oh, yes, go ahead.

Maid: Thank you.

Edward: The whole town's gone mad.

Gail: Good morning.

Edward: Yeah, good morning. Uh, where's, uh, Lee?

Gail: Oh, he wanted to stop by the office, pick something up. He's going to meet us at the mayor's house.

Edward: Oh. Well, Monica should be down in a moment. You know, I don't understand you women. All this fuss about a wedding. You've see one, you've seen 'em all.

Gail: Oh, Edward. Come on, you know that's not true. A wedding's a very special thing. And this one, I mean, it doesn't happen very often that the whole town plans the wedding.

Edward: Well, personally, I'd rather stretch out in a lounge chair with a "Wall Street Journal" than stand around and watch Luke Spencer get married.

Monica: Oh, Edward, complaining again, huh?

Gail: Good morning. Why, you look wonderful. How are you?

Monica: Mm. Thank you. Well, seems this is going to be an exciting day.

Gail: Yes, I think everybody is going to have a good time. Even you, Edward.

Edward: Yeah, well, not if I can help it. I'll bring the car around.

Monica: Thank you, Edward. Charming.

Gail: What about Alan? He's coming to the wedding?

Monica: Well, I suppose so.

Gail: Alone?

Monica: We'll have to wait and see. Come on, let's go.

Alan: Still upset?

Susan: Does it really matter?

Alan: Of course, it matters.

Susan: But not enough to take me with you.

Alan: I really thought that you understood. The only reason, the only reason that I can't take you to the wedding is because my mother and my father are gonna be there, and you know that this relationship of ours, how it upsets my mother.

Susan: Is that really the reason, Alan? Or is it because you're just afraid you might embarrass Monica?

Alan: Are you serious? I couldn't care less about Monica's feelings. But I sure care about yours. And you.

Susan: [Sighs] I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm acting like a child. This is ridiculous. It's a wedding. Nothing should overshadow that. You just go and have a good time, all right? Give Luke and Laura my love?

Alan: I love you. I wish with all my heart that I could take you with me, but it can't be, not yet.

Dan: Ah, Mr. Mayor, I want to congratulate you. This is quite a party.

Mayor: Well, thank you, Dan, but I didn't do anything. The people did. It's their party for Luke and Laura.

Steve: Ah, look over there.

Here's your...

Fish of the day, just like I promised.

Rose: Hey, you did it!

Yes, ma'am, all poached and ready for the table.

Rose: Oh, well, we're all ready for you, too. Come on, bring 'em around here. Look at that. That's incredible!

Edward: Hello there. How are you? No Lila yet.

Gail: Who is that?

Monica: What? Oh, my God.

Delfina: Oh...where is that wizard woman?

Lila: Oh, my dear, I think she's over here.

[Indistinct chatter]

Lila: Here she is.

Agnes: Here I am.

Delfina: Mission accomplished. The bridesmaids look divine. I'm here to assist them out of their vehicles.

Agnes: Oh, wonderful.

Emma: Oh, Delfina, that is just such a gorgeous outfit.

Delfina: Thank you.

Emma: You come right with me. I want Charlie to see this.

Lila: Oh, hello, dear.

Alan: Hello, Mother.

Lila: Hello, Darling.

Monica: Well, Alan, are you here alone?

Alan: Don't looks so smug, Monica. Susan has a cold.

Monica: Oh.

Emma: Hello. Hello, Dr. Quartermaine.

Monica: Where do you want me to put this caviar?

Gail: Yes, and my cheese ball.

Emma: Oh, follow me, ladies. Right this way.

Alan: How are you, Mother?

Monica: We would like to know, well, this is caviar.

Gail: And some cheese.

Caviar?! Oh, my goodness. Well, put it right over there.

Gail: All right, thank you.

Monica: Thank you. Thanks, Emma.

Right here.

[Rim shot plays]

Agnes: All right, everybody, everybody gather 'round. Gather 'round. Now, the wedding party should be arriving at any minute. Joe? Brian?

Joe: Right behind you.

Brian: Excuse me.

Agnes: You're the ushers. You better get out there and meet 'em.

Joe: Yes, dear.


Agnes: Now, those of you that want to go see the bridal party, you better go now. And, Delfina, if you want to check the bridesmaids, you better go, too. Luke should be arriving at any minute.

Got it.

It's not quite what I had in mind.

[All talking at once]


Bye! See you soon.


Oh, you look lovely. You look lovely.

See you later.

Bye! Oh, my goodness, it's Dr. Webber. Mara!

Jean-Paul: Tell Mrs. Cassadine that Mr. Spencer has refused, but there is still time. And tell her I will have the car brought around immediately.

[Flapper music plays]

[Cheering and applause]



Oh, there's...

Here we are, guys.

This is it. Whoo!

Yes, we are here.

Luke: Yeah, look, this is the place where I change my mind and run, isn't it?

Robert: No, this isn't that place. The...have been opened. Too late for that.

Luke: All signed, sealed, and delivered. You know what? I like it. Let's get this show on the road!

You have the coat. It's called a duster.

Joe: Nice quiet entrance there.

Luke: Yes, yes.

Joe: You look a little green around the edges.

Robert: I thought purple, actually.

Luke: Oh, you guys are funny. Now, where do I go?

Robert: No, no, no. Where do we go? First rule of being the best man--never leave the side of the groom, just in case he gets second thoughts. All right?

Luke: All right.

Slick: This is a hoity-toity place.

Joe: Vous go down the yellow brick road and up to the...

Robert: Is this where the bar is?

Slick: There is a bar?

Luke: There is a bar.

Brian: You guys...

Joe: Try to be able to stand up when the bride gets here, will you?

[Indistinct chatter and laughter]

Slick: Go on. Go on.

Robert: Get in there.

Slick: You can't chicken out now.

Joe: Good luck, guys.

[Cheering and applause]

Brian: Here comes the second car.

Slick: Hey, is that a beaut.

[Cheering and applause]

Joe: Well, gentlemen, I guess we're gonna start up soon, huh?

Brian: All right, let's go.

Joe: Look at them. They look gorgeous!

Brian: Is this incredible or what?

Joe: Whoa.

Brian: Whoo-hoo!

Slick: You're visions of loveliness, veritably, actually.

Lesley: Did Luke get here?

Slick: Oh, yes. We have one groom and one best man ready for action.

Brian: And if you don't mind, a mere usher would like to say that you look gorgeous.

Lesley: If you didn't, I would mind.

Ruby: I didn't get it out of the mail order catalogue.

Lesley: Oh, I'm so glad we changed the colors. There's so much here. That's much better.

Delfina: Look at these flowers.

Ruby: There's nothing like this on Elm Street.

Lesley: I've been doing this for days.

Slick: I'm absolutely loving it.

Joe: Well, mother of the bride, are you ready?

Delfina: No, not until I check her, she isn't. Hold it, Lesley, darling, I want to see that the hem is just as it should be. Divine, darling.

Lesley: Delfina, my angel, if I'm not ready now, I'm never going to be. Lead on, friend.

Delfina: Hold it, Ruby. It's fine.

Ruby: Oh, thank you.

Brian: Ok, milady.

Ruby: Well, what's that?

Brian: My arm. I'm supposed to walk you in.

Ruby: I have been navigating myself since before you were born. But you want to play it that way, go, baby, go. Ha ha ha ha!

Slick: Well, guys, here we go.

Ruby: We're waiting. We're waiting.

Lesley: First you have to look at the fountain.

Delfina: Wait for a minute, please! The bride's mother always goes last.

Ruby: Whatever you say. I mean, I don't know anything about these things. All right, I got--

Lesley: How are you? Everything's fine.

[Music playing]

["You'll Never Walk Alone" playing]

[Roaring '20s music playing]


[Indistinct chatter]

Slick: You all come.

Delfina: Come, girls. Allez, allez.

[Indistinct chatter]

Joe: Hi! A vision, too!

Bobbie: Hello!

[Indistinct chatter]

Oh, my...

Delfina: Thank you. Now stand up straight. Bobbie, that still does not fit, darling.

You have no idea.

Delfina: Amy, you sat wrong. You've creased it.

Amy: It's not my fault. What was I supposed to do, stand in the car?


Delfina: From now on, ladies, until after the ceremony, nobody sits.

Bobbie: Oh, it's not an Army camp.

[All talking at once]

Delfina: One must be vigilant...

Tiffany: Let's go now.

[Horn beeping]

[Cheering and applause]

[Roaring '20s music plays]

Aah! Laura! She's beautiful!

Jean-Paul: Hello. Ah, Mr. Victor. Jean-Paul. I'm sorry it took so long to get my call through. Yes, I am happy to report that everything is going as planned. Spencer refused Madame, the gifts were delivered. Oh, the other matter was taken care of during the night. Ah. At this very moment Madame should be arriving at the wedding.

["Wedding March" begins]

["Here Comes the Bride" plays]

Minister: Today is a day of joyous celebration. And with love in our hearts, we are here to witness the exchange of marriage vows between Lucas Lorenzo Spencer and Laura Webber Baldwin.

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