GH Transcript Monday 9/21/81

General Hospital Transcript Monday 9/21/81


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(As zero hour approaches, will Luke be able to crack the code for the weather machine and save Port Charles? Laura and Robert convince Victor to help their cause; Noah, Anne and Rose attend to those in need at Kelly’s Diner.)

Ballantine: Yes, they're somewhere off the coast of Venezuela. Yes, sir, I'll be here on 24 hour call. Yes, sir. Apparently Mikkos Cassadine knows that we've been tracking his radio signals. Everything's gone dead.

Steve: Isn't there another way to finding that island?

Ballantine: Yes, by a grid crisscross search by air. That's exactly what we're doing right now.

Audrey: That could go on forever. It may be too late.

Steve: Audrey, we can't even consider that possibility. They'll find that island. They've just got to.

Audrey: [Sighs] Steve, it's impossible to believe, but it's 40 below out there and the temperature's dropping at five degrees an hour.

Steve: Good Lord. Not much of anything can live in that kind of weather. Mikkos is certainly going through with his threat.

Ballantine: We've got to find that island and stop him.

Steve: Well, Mikkos is going to find out he's got a fight on his hands. We're not going to give up that easily.

Dan: Well, it won't be much of a fight, Steve. The hospital's oil supply is down to almost the fumes. Not to mention the patients stacked up for O.R. availability. And that's not counting the emergency. Keep coming in every hour.

Audrey: Monica and rick are going to have their hands full.

Dan: That they are. City, power and water company's told me that they expect a power failure any minute. I don't know what to do anymore, Steve.

Steve: 30 minutes to zero hour.

[Luke yelling]

[Alarm sounding]

[Alarm stops]

Luke: [Gasping] All right. Computer. Sequence letters, the word-- the word Cassadine. C-A-S-S-A-D-I-N-E. Mikkos! M... [Gasping] I need help. Laura. Laura! Help me! Help me, Laura! There's got to be a way to talk to them out there. Robert, Laura. Robert, Laura. Robert. Laura, Robert, this is--this is Luke, can you hear me?

Robert: Luke, we hear you!

Laura: Luke, are you all right?

Luke: Robert, Laura, if you can hear me, say something.

Robert: We can hear him, but he can't hear us.

Laura: Luke, we're right here in the crystal room!

Victor: You're wasting your breath, the door is totally soundproof.

Robert: Ah, shut up, Victor!

Luke: Robert! Laura! If you can hear me, I don't know if you can or not, but I'm locked in the control room, I can't get out. There's been an accident. Mikkos is dead. Repeat--

Victor: Dead?

Luke: Mikkos dead.

Victor: That's impossible.

Luke: He pushed the control lever all the way to total freeze. I can't get out of the control room. He fell into the ice chamber. He's gone. I can't get the lever back. Repeat, I cannot stop the weather machine!

Steve: We'll solve this, Dan.

Dan: Somebody better, I can't.

Audrey: Oh, yes, you will be able to, and we're going to help you. Now, Steve, what are we going to do about energy if there's a blackout?

Steve: We'll use auxiliary power, then give top priority to the operating rooms, heart and lung patients, dialysis, every function that requires a life supporting system.

Dan: Right. I'll have maintenance standing by ready to cut off part of the other circuits.

Steve: Audrey, we may need to resort to candlelight on some of the floors.

Audrey: Oh, well, that's fine, we've done that before.

Steve: Yes, I know, but tell the nurses. Tell them to get ready and have enough candles.

Audrey: Yes, of course, I'll see to it.

Steve: And Dan, I think we should keep an open line with the gas company in case a pipeline breaks and there's a threat of fire.

Dan: Yeah, I'll call the switchboard, tell them to hold the emergency line open. I've already called the gas company, told them to have a crew standing by with jackhammers in case we have to break through a wall or dig into frozen earth to get at frozen pipe.

Steve: Good idea, hadn't even thought of that myself.

Audrey: Steve, shouldn't we set up some kind of coordination with the red cross, hmm?

Steve: By all means, Audrey. Call them and see how many blankets they can spare, how much clothing. We're having emergencies here.

Audrey: And I'll check with the cafeteria and check on the inventory of the food.

Steve: Fine. We might have to resort to a rationing system if we get stranded here too much longer.

Dan: Well, what are standing around for, Audrey? Let's get things going.

Audrey: Yes, right. I'm right behind you.

[Door closes]

Steve: Setting up an emergency doesn't necessarily mean we're prepared for it.

Ballantine:  I know. But you can only do the best you can, Doctor.

Steve: You know, we'd be in a lot better shape if we knew how bad the weather was going to get. Any guess?

Ballantine: I'd say you'd be wise to expect the worst possible conditions. We've had our last contact with Mikkos Cassadine. I'd say that he will probably carry out his threat to destroy Port Charles.

Robert: Is it finally getting through to you what's happened? You've lost, you blew it. Mikkos is dead.

Victor: I must finish what Mikkos started.

Laura: You can't do anything now. Don't you even care about those people in Port Charles?

Victor: No one wanted to hurt people. Just to help them.

Laura: Well, you're hurting people now, thousands of them, who don't even understand what's going on.

Victor: Mikkos only meant to convince your government to capitulate.

Robert: You Cassadine guys are something else.

Laura: Don't move! Victor, your plan to take world power has failed.

Robert: There is no need to destroy Port Charles. There never was, and there never is.

Victor: I wasn't in charge.

Robert: But you're the only Cassadine left now. Tony, Mikkos, all dead. You're going to join them if you don't help us stop this madness.

Laura: Victor, please. Please, open the door to the control room so that we can stop the weather machine.

Victor: Even if we could get into the control room--

Robert: Then what?

Victor: The control lever is locked by a digital computer.

Robert: But you know the code to that computer.

Victor: No, I don't know the code. Only Mikkos knew what locked the code to the door.

Laura: You must know something!

Robert: He thinks he's undecided about living and dying. And I'm just the boy to help you make the final decision.

Victor: And I told you, even if we could get into the control room, we couldn't unlock the lever without the computer code.

Laura: At least you must be able to tell us how we can communicate with Luke.

Robert: There must be some sort of internal communicating device; some kind of failsafe system to ensure communications between rooms.

Victor: I don't know what you're talking about.

Robert: Funny, but I'm not convinced. Now, one more time with passion and feeling--where is the internal communication intercom located?

Victor: It won't help. Nothing will help now.

Laura: Then you do realize how wrong it is to destroy Port Charles?

Victor: Mikkos and I had no intention of destroying anything. We never wanted this to happen.

Robert: Victor. The intercom system to the control room. Where is it?

Laura: Victor, please. Please, tell us where it is.

Luke: All right, Victor, come on. Calm down. Calm down. What are we going to do here? To release the lever to the weather machine, it takes a code. The code is a word, or a series of words, or numbers. Ok. The word... [Snaps] is--island. Island. [Grunting and mumbling] Anthony Cassadine!

Robert: Luke, can you hear me?!

Laura: Yes, Robert, yes! Man, I can hear you! How's Laura, is she there, is she all right?

Robert: She's fine, mate. Listen, we're having a bit of trouble getting in there to see you.

Luke: Hey. Hey, listen, pal, I'm having a little trouble getting out there, too. Let me talk to Laura.

Robert: Luke, there isn't the time!

Luke: Robert, let me talk to Laura! I need to talk to Laura.

Laura: Luke? Luke, can you hear me?

Luke: Yeah. Yeah, baby. Yeah, I can hear you.

Laura: Oh, Luke, I was so worried about you.

Luke: Worried about me? I love you. Listen, we've got to get this door open between us.

Laura: We're trying to get the door open, we can't.

Luke: I know. I'm trying in here, too. I've got knobs, I've got buttons in here, I could launch a missile, I can't open a damn door!

Robert: Listen, Luke.

Luke: Yeah!

Robert: There's a button on top of the radio console, there. I saw Mikkos use it when he was talking to Ballantine. Can you find it?

Luke: Yeah.

Robert: Ok. It activates the relay system, which puts you through to Port Charles. Have you got the right one?

Luke: Yeah, I think so. It's got a red light, right?

Robert: Ok. Right. Don't touch it. I have Victor out here. I think he's finally seen the light.

Luke: How'd you manage that?

Robert: I appealed to his better sense of self preservation. Now look, while you're trying to get through to Port Charles, I'm going to be working on this code to the door.

Luke: Oh. Ok. All right. And I'll get through, and I'll tell them what's happened here.

Robert: Right.

Luke: Well, come on, put the man on! Let's get this dinner in the oven, man!

Robert: Victor, you heard me. Don't double cross, or so help me...

Anne: You wouldn't believe it before, but I think I actually might have some fingers here. Ohh.

Noah: Let me see.

Anne: Ahh.

Noah: Ok, it's happening. Wait a minute.

Anne: What?

Noah: Your nose.

Anne: What?

Noah: You may have the beginnings of frostbite.

Anne: No! I can take care of my own nose, thank you.

Rose: Listen, I've got some lamb stew on the stove in the back. It's getting hot.

Noah: Lamb stew, my favorite food.

Rose: Yeah, what if I said beef stew?

Noah: That's my favorite food, too!

Rose: Heather, would you get the stew, please?

Heather: Sure. Anne, did you say you wanted some soup?

Anne: Yeah, she'll have some.

Heather: I'll get it right away.

Noah: How are things going here at headquarters?

Rose: Well, mike's grandmother is sleeping safe and sound upstairs. As are a lot of these other people we managed to drag in here tonight. Jeremy's up there, too.

Noah: Oh, good.

Anne: Well, welcoming committee, hi. How are you doing?

Jeremy: Good!

Jeremy: Oh, it's great to see you. I was worried about you.

Anne: You were? Well, that's sweet. You didn't think your old mom would cut it out there, huh?

Jeremy: Oh, I'm always worried when you're away.

Anne: Oh, you are? Oh, come here.

Ballantine: Well, looks like we've had our last call from Mikkos Cassadine.

Steve: Well, he did say it would be the final one.

Ballantine: Well, keep trying, just in case. But Dr. Hardy, I meant to ask you--

[Knock on door]

Steve: Come in.

Bobbie: Uh, Dr. Hardy, can I talk to you for a minute, please?

Steve: Yes, bobbie, what is it?

Bobbie: Is it true? Is my brother alive? Rick Webber just told me that he heard his voice on the radio, and he was somewhere on the Atlantic, on an island?

Steve: Yes, Bobbie, it's true. Both Luke and Laura are alive.

Bobbie: [Laughs] Uh... um, where is he? Uh, when he's coming back?

Steve: I'm sorry, Bobbie, I can't give you any details yet. When I have more time. Just be assured that Luke is still very much alive. Now, haven't you better get back to your--

Bobbie: Well, yeah, but when's he going to come--

Steve: Bobbie, Bobbie, we're going to need you on top capacity if we're going to make it through this terrible freeze. Please?

Bobbie: Ok. He's still alive.

Ruby: Well?

Bobbie: He's alive! [Laughs]

Ruby: Ohh. I don't think I'm going to live to my next birthday. What did Steve say?

Bobbie: Uh, well, he didn't say that much, but he said enough to make us feel a whole lot better.

Ruby: And they really are alive and on the islands?

Bobbie: Yeah. Well, he didn't deny it, so...

Ruby: Oh, darling. It's incredible!

Dan: You're telling me. I just talked to the weather bureau. The temperature's dropping 10 degrees an hour now.

Steve: How's it going, Georgia?

Georgia: It's just a minor madhouse, but we'll get it sorted out.

Steve: Good.

Audrey: Oh, is that the group from the red cross?

Georgia: Oh, yes. I told them to take the clothes and the blankets and put them in the lounge until we decide what to do with them.

Audrey: Very good. I'll go and see if I can help them.

Dan: Steve, the men from the water and power company are checking the pipes in the basement and there's a man from the gas company with them.

Steve: Good. Then we have nothing to worry about, hmm?

Dan: What, me, worry? Ah, talk about opening my big mouth too soon.

Bobbie: Oh, hey, gang, would you give us a hand? Take all this stuff down to emergency.

Amy: Oh, sure, Bobbie, you got it.

[All talking at once]

Ruby: Here, give me a few, darling. Here, I'll take one.

Bobbie: Ok.

Ruby: Let's go.

[Telephone rings]

Georgia: Oh, Steve, it's for you.

Steve: Hmm?

Georgia: It's Dr. Drake over at Kelly's diner.

Steve: Oh,. Thank you. Well, are you holding the fort down ok?

Noah: Yeah. I mean, it's pretty, it's pretty busy down here. Look, I know you got your hands full, but we sure could use some more supplies down here. It's going to be a long night.

Steve: Well, I don't know if I can send anybody, but I'll certainly try.

Noah: Oh, heads up.

[Indistinct chatter]

Rose: Come on in.

Noah: Why don't you sit him over there, rose.

Rose: Get him a blanket.

Noah: Want to get him some soup, rose?

Rose: Yeah, sure.

Noah: Thanks.

[Indistinct chatter]

Noah: Let's get these shoes off. They're pretty wet. Uh, Jeremy, is there a blanket there somewhere we can wrap his feet up in? His shoes are really wet.

Jeremy: Yeah. Hold on, I've got to find it.

Rose: Here you go, here's some soup. There. You make yourself good and warm, ok?

Man: It's getting cold out there.

Rose: This is the worst cold spell Port Charles ever had. How did you know to come here?

Man: Heard it on the radio. Said if we was hungry or cold...

Rose: Well, yeah, you just make yourself at home. We've got plenty of hot soup.

Noah: Yeah, it's good. Rose's soup is the best.

Rose: Why don't you stay with him, ok?

Jeremy: Will do.

Anne: I don't know how she does it. Rose must have made a vat of soup before this freeze started, huh?

Noah: Yeah, she is a dynamo, that's for sure. So are you.

Anne: Why, no, you don't have to throw bouquets my way just because we got stuck on triage duty together.

Noah: I wouldn't throw them if they weren't deserved. Well, we got as many people upstairs as we got down. I better go up and check on them.

Anne: Ok.

Noah: See you later.

Anne: Mm-hmm.

[Telephone rings]

Anne: I'll get it. Kelly's Diner.

Woman: Senora Kelly, por favor.

Noah: I'm sorry, I can't hear you, who's calling, please?

Woman: Senor Joe Kelly.

Anne: Joe?!

Heather: Let me talk to him.

Joe: Rose? Hello?

Anne: No, no, this is Annie. Joe, hi!

Joe: Anne, what are you doing at the diner this time of night?

Anne: Well, it's the freeze. There's an emergency here.

Joe: I think we have a lot of static or something, I can't really hear you.

Anne: Oh, Joe, it's so good to hear your voice!

Joe: Hey, is that really you?

Heather: Anne, I have to talk to him!

Anne: Heather's here and she wants to talk to you.

Joe: Listen, don't worry about heather any longer. I'm going to see that she's put away for good.

Anne: Joe, she's right here. I guess you haven't heard.

Joe: What?! I, uh, what?!

Heather: Joe, it's heather.

Joe: I think your voice is fading away.

Heather: The gun Sarah gave you, it isn't the gun that killed Diana Taylor.

Joe: I can't make out what you're saying.

Heather: Joe, I didn't kill Diana, and that's proof.

Joe: Listen, if you can hear me, just give rose my love, and tell her that I'm coming home.

Heather: Joe. Joe? Well, at least he's coming home.

Anne: Not to you, heather.

Heather: You just watch and see.

Robert: How does Luke make contact with Port Charles?

Victor: All he has to do is to activate the switch on top of the console, no other.

Robert: You hear that, Luke?

Luke: Yes.

Victor: Once you've made contact with the relay station, pick up the red phone and speak into it, then put the phone next to the intercom speaker. And then I will give permission to clear the transmission to Port Charles.

Robert: And while you're doing that, I'll be trying to crack the code to the door. Watch him, Laura.

Laura: All right. Move around the couch.

Robert: Now. I did it before, I can do it again. There's only several hundred thousand combinations I haven't tried.

Laura: I won't say that I'm sorry that Mikkos is dead. But I am sorry for you. I know you must have... some feelings.

Victor: Two brothers gone. It's something I never conceived would happen.

Laura: You could have let Luke hit the wrong switch. Why didn't you?

Victor: Mikkos. His dream of a world without pain and suffering turn into hideous nightmare. What good would be accomplished for all of us to die as well?

Luke: Relay station. Come in, come in, relay station. Come in. This is a red alert from the island. I must contact Ballantine in Port Charles, immediately!

Man: Where is Mikkos? We must have his authorization.

Luke: Mikkos and tony Cassadine are dead. Victor Cassadine has turned over all authority to me.

Man: Who is this? Identify yourself. We must have confirmation.

Luke: Now you listen, we've got a red alert here, we've got a crisis! I don't have time to argue. I'm putting Victor Cassadine on. He'll give you every necessary authorization. Hold on. All right, go for it. Relay station is standing by. Tell them to put me through to Port Charles.

Robert: And tell them not to monitor the conversation.

Victor: This is Victor Cassadine. You will open direct contact with Port Charles immediately. And you will also turn off all monitors on this transmission. That is all. Out.

Man: Your orders will be carried out, Mr. Cassadine. We will establish radio contact with Port Charles as soon as possible, and cut off all monitors from this station during transmission. Out.

Rose: Heather.

Heather: Oh. Joe asked me to tell you he was coming home.

Rose: Why didn't you give me the phone?

Heather: I had to talk to him. I wanted to tell him about the gun.

Rose: Look, Joe is down in Mexico looking for Scotty Baldwin and taking a well-deserved break from his problems around here.

Heather: Problems? I suppose you're talking about me.

Rose: I don't want him going on any guilt trips because of what happened with Sarah and that gun she gave him.

Heather: I think he may feel pretty guilty.

Rose: Oh, you'd enjoy that, wouldn't you?

Heather: What about hutch? I've been watching what's been happening here since you've had him hidden down in the basement.

Rose: Thanks for the concern.

Heather: I'm just worried about you, rose. That's all. I can tell you're getting involved, and that only can lead to trouble.

Rose: You mind if I handle my own problems?

Heather: Rose, you know he's going to go eventually. Where does that leave you?

Rose: I think we've discussed this subject enough.

Heather: Rose, what about Joe? What do you think it would do to his legal career if people found out hutch was--

Rose: I said, that's enough, heather! I don't want you to say a word to Joe about hutch, do you understand me?

Heather: Sure, rose. I understand. I only wonder what would happen to your business here if people heard about it. I guess you would just have to suffer the consequences.

Bert: Come on, boys, hurry up, get the door closed. That's it. Hi, hi, rose.

Rose: Hi, Bert.

Bert: I found a couple of friends down the block who could use some tender loving care.

Rose: Well, you came to the right place. We've got a few warm spots around here somewhere.

Bert: Good. Hello, heather.

Heather: Hello, captain Ramsey.

Bert: Hi. Uh, rose?

Rose: Yeah?

Bert: I'm going to spend the rest of the night here, in case you need a helping hand. That won't cause any problem, will it? My hanging around?

Rose: No! No, Bert, that's fine. That's good.

Bert: Good, come on, boys, come on. Boy, I tell you, it is murder out there.

Claudia: You know, Amy was right. When does this mush team rest?

Brian: Well, I guess when the weather starts thawing out.

Claudia: And you know what, I'm not going to hold my breath for that one. Oh, boy. I am really tired.

Brian: You know what, doll, I think I owe you an apology.

Claudia: What did you do to me this time?

Brian: Oh, I guess for treating you like a thoughtless, flip little kid. You've proven yourself to being more of a woman than I ever thought possible. I'm quite proud of you.

Claudia: Wow, I don't believe it. I mean, that's the sweetest, kindest words you've ever said to me.

Brian: I mean every word of it.

Bobbie: Amy, Georgia, great news-- Luke is alive!

Georgia: Oh, I'm glad we got some good news to cheer about.

Bobbie: We don't know all the details yet, but we do know that he's with Laura and he's on an island somewhere in the Atlantic.

Amy: You're putting me on!

Ruby: No, no, it's true.

Brian: Come on, Amy. Look, we're talking about Luke Spencer.

Amy: Well, I guess anything's possible when he's involved.


Steve: I hate to break up this happy little gathering.

Bobbie: Oh, we were talking about my brother.

Steve: I see. Well, Dan and I want to thank each of you for pitching in the way you have; for doing the impossible by keeping this hospital open under the most difficult conditions. But now we must ask a little more of us.

Amy: Here we go again.

Brian: You name it, Steve.

Steve: The kids in Pediatrics, they're cold and they're scared. We need people up there to calm them down, talk to them, read to them. Anything to help them get to sleep.

Bobbie: Well, troops, I think that sounds like our cue to go help out, huh?

Brian: Well, I'm ready.

Claudia: Well, that's one way to put me to sleep. And I don't think you mind joining us, do you, Amy?

Amy: Thanks, Claudia.

Steve: I need Amy down here.

Amy: You do?

Steve: She's been a very valuable and key person during this emergency.

Amy: I have?!

Everyone: She has?!

Steve: And I want to thank you for it, Amy. As a matter of fact, I want to thank all of you.

Brian: Come on. Back to the express to pediatrics.

Bobbie: Ok, let's go.

Amy: Well, I'm sure I can organize this blanket brigade a little more efficiently. Will you please excuse me?

Steve: You know, I hardly know how to put into words how I feel about our staff tonight.

Audrey: I know. They really are wonderful.

Steve: I'm so proud of them, I-- I feel like handing out medals.

Audrey: Well, that's why they're working so hard, because they know how much you appreciate it.

Dan: Who knows how long everybody will keep it up.

Luke: Relay. Relay, this is control, come in. Do you read me? Relay, come in. What is the problem about contacting Port Charles?

Man: Weather conditions in Port Charles are still interfering with transmission.

Luke: I don't care about that. Victor Cassadine is getting very impatient. Do you read me?

Man: Roger. We are doing everything we can to establish contact.

Luke: Well, do it faster. Faster! We have an emergency here. You understand? Out. Emergency. Emergency. Emergency. [Murmuring] Venezuela. That's it, that's it, that's it! Venez... uela!

Dan: Looks like we're approaching the zero hour, Ballantine.

Ballantine: Yes.

Dan: I think we better take a look at the bottom line.

Ballantine: Well, we have taken a look, Mr. Rooney. Everybody knows what's going to happen when the freeze gets worse.

Dan: That's the part I don't understand. I've never seen morale at such a high pitch in this hospital.

Ballantine: That's because of you and Dr. Hardy. You've done a wonderful job of keeping this hospital functioning.

Dan: What's going to happen to that morale when it becomes unbearably cold? And it is going to, isn't it?

Ballantine: Well, I can only speculate, just like the rest of it.

Dan: Well, it doesn't take much speculation to know the suffering that cold's going to cause when it hits bottom.

Laura: Robert, can't you figure it out yet?

Robert: I've only got several hundred more combinations to go. How could I miss? I'll need your permission.

Laura: Just don't make any sudden moves.

Victor: Would you prefer me to stand against the wall with my hands on my head?

Robert: I've given that considerable thought. But you appear to be quite docile now.

Victor: What difference does it make?

Robert: A difference of life and death, Victor, specifically yours, if I don't get this bloody door open.

Luke: Laura, Laura, find out from Victor exactly where the siren is located.

Robert: Listen, have you got that lever released yet?

Luke: No, it's locked tight. I can't budge it.

Laura: What about Port Charles? Have you made contact yet?

Luke: No luck, darling. The relay station tells me that because of the weather, we can't get through. I'm going to keep leaning on 'em. Poof! Abracadabra. All right. Relay station, this is island, come in.

Man: Go ahead, please.

Luke: What are you doing there, playing jacks? Will you put me through to Port Charles? I asked you this 15 minutes ago.

Man: We anticipate locked in transmission at any moment.

Luke: Right, I know, and you told me that five minutes ago.

Man: Please stand by.

Luke: Please stand by. Stand by. Stand by while Port Charles dies. Die. Die. [Murmuring] Greek. Greece. Socrates. [Murmuring]

Steve: Well, any luck?

Ballantine: We're getting some kind of transmission.

Luke: Port Charles, come in. Come in, please. This is Luke Spencer. Can anybody hear me? Can you hear me? Port Charles, please come in.

Ballantine: We read you, Spencer. This is Ballantine at general hospital.

Luke: All right, look, uh, Mikkos and tony Cassadine are dead. We're holding Victor Cassadine prisoner.

Ballantine: Have you unlocked the weather machine?

Luke: No. It takes a code fed into a computer. I can't figure out the code. Can you help?

Ballantine: Do you know your location?

Luke: Don't go away, hold on.

Ballantine: Yes, yes, we'll hold. Look, get on that phone to Washington. Tell them we've got a location on the island.

Luke: Robert. Robert, this is Luke. Listen, I'm on the wire with Port Charles. Do we know the location of the island?

Robert: We're 40 to 60 miles north of Caracas in the grenadines.

Luke: Got it. Stand by. Port Charles, Luke Spencer here, are you still there?

Ballantine: Yes, go ahead, Spencer.

Luke: All right, I got you an approximate location of the island.

Ballantine: Look, I'm afraid it's too late, but try to get this on tape. Go ahead.

Luke: All right, we're 40 to 60 miles due north of Caracas.

Ballantine: Check.

Luke: In the grenadines, an uninhabited island.

Ballantine: Ah, yeah, we've got planes in the area, but it's too late. We can never make it on time. Now what about that weather machine?

Luke: The only thing that's going to stop it is feeding the right code into the computer.

Ballantine: We're on a critical basis here, Spencer! Almost at zero hour, in a total freeze. Can't you do anything to stop it?

Luke: I'm working on it, man!

Ballantine: It is 15 minutes to zero hour. Repeat, 15 minutes to zero hour. You are on your own. Repeat--you're on your own. Do you read me?

Luke: Yeah, I read you. I know what you're saying. You're saying if I don't come up with the code, Port Charles is dead and probably all of New York, thank you.

Anne: Ohh.

Heather: So, they left you down here all alone, huh?

Anne: Got my patients. Yes, Noah is upstairs.

Heather: Don't stand in the way when Joe gets back.

Anne: Don't threaten me, heather.

Heather: You already have Jeff. Isn't one man enough for you? It's been fascinating watching you play nurse.

Anne: Well, I wasn't aware that you were paying such close attention.

Heather: I always pay close attention to my competitors. It's the only way to win the game.

Anne: Ok, we've done this scene once before. Excuse--

Heather: Anne, you must feel very special being a trained nurse, doing something so noble; such noble work, something so worthwhile.

Anne: It's not going to work, heather. You're not going to frighten me again.

Heather: I'm not trying to frighten you. I'm just telling you how much I admire you. Or at least your profession. Maybe if I had had your background, Anne, maybe I could have done something noble and worthwhile with my life.

Anne: I think that, um, everyone has a chance to choose what they want to do in life.

Heather: I don't think it's that easy.

Anne: Well, I think we all end up with what we deserve, yes.

Heather: Well, then, it's not too late for me, is it?

Anne: Too late for what, heather?

Heather: Jeff, of course.

Anne: Ok. You've taken your shot.

Heather: He asked for a divorce.

Anne: What?

Heather: He wrote me a letter. Maybe you should read it some time. In fact, I want you to read it. I'm not going to let another woman raise my son, Anne. And that's not a threat. That's just a fact of life. You should be able to understand that. You love Jeremy, don't you? You'd fight for him. You wouldn't let another woman take him away from you.

Anne: [Sighs] No.

Heather: I think you'd fight very hard. Maybe to your death, if you had to.

Luke: I gave them the location of the island.

Laura: Luke, you did it.

Robert: Wait, what else?

Luke: We'll have to talk about that later.

Laura: Luke, don't do that to us. You're stalling again. Tell us what else Ballantine said.

Luke: They're going to send planes, Laura.

Laura: Yeah, go on.

Luke: That's it. What? It's too late. It'll never get here in time. But we can do it. It's no sweat.

Robert: Yeah, just like a walk to the corner bar.

Luke: Look, if the clock's working, I got five minutes, so I got to go.

Laura: Luke?

Luke: What?

Laura: I love you.

Luke: I love you, too, baby.

Laura: You're not going to let anybody freeze to death, are you?

Luke: No, no, no. I'm not going to let anybody freeze to death. I'll talk to you later. I won't let anyone freeze. Freeze. Freeze. That's it. Freeze, that's it. It's got something to do with the weather. Freeze. Uh, a storm, a storm. That's it. Storm. Uh, snow. Snow. Snow. Ice. Ice. That's it! There's more. What do you want, machine? Come on, baby, what do you--what do you want from me? Ice. Ice cream. Iceberg. Ice Princess. C-E-S-S. Ha ha! Yes! [Cheering] I did it! Ahh. [Gasping and laughing]

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