GH Transcript Tuesday 8/11/81

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 8/11/81


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(Luke, Laura and Robert make themselves comfortable on the island – until they discover that the Cassadine’s are directly underground; Tiffany is furious that Victor and Mikkos won’t allow her outside; Hutch and Rose grow closer; Jessie and Dan offer their support to Rick and Lesley.)

Dan: Morning, Jessie.

Jessie: Good morning, Dan. Thanks again so much for the concert last night. I loved it.

Dan: Oh, sounds like the night air gave you laryngitis. I liked it just as much as you did, maybe even more.

Jessie: I don't know about that. The laryngitis will clear up by the end of the day and, uh, nobody could have liked it more than I did. Gershwin's my favorite music, under the stars, on a beautiful night.

Dan: Well, you helped make it that way. Gershwin out of doors is great, but, uh, you were the main attraction for me.

Jessie: Thank you.

Lesley: Yeah, I do--

Dan: Oh, morning.

Lesley: Hi.

Rick: Morning. Has, uh, Steve checked in yet?

Jessie: No, not yet.

Dan: You two music lovers really missed a great concert in the park last night. I say, music is the best medicine. Soothes the soul.

Lesley: I don't know that anything could soothe us right now, Dan.

Dan: Yeah, I know. You've got a lot on your mind. I'm sorry.

Rick: Well, that's all right. As long as you had a good time, that's what counts.

Lesley: Is Alan in yet?

Jessie: No, but he's due any minute.

Rick: Gosh, I don't think I should wait. I think I've really got to get up to the clinic.

Jessie: Is there anything I can do?

Rick: Let Steve know that I need to see him the second he walks in these doors, ok?

Lesley: And tell Alan I need to see him the minute he arrives.

Jessie: Of course.

Rick: We're going to Washington tomorrow.

Dan: What's in Washington?

Rick: Information about Laura and exactly what she's involved in, we hope.

Jessie: Well, I wish you good luck.

Rick: Thanks.

Lesley: Say a prayer.

Jessie: I sure will.

Dan: I don't know what good my prayers will do, but if there's anything I can do to help.

Lesley: They'll do good. You just say a prayer, too. I've got to go. Um, tell Alan if you want to that, um, I need to talk to him about maybe taking over the clinic for me for a couple of days. Have a good day, all.

Dan: Yeah, you, too.

Lesley: You're going to call me?

Rick: Of course, I'm going to call you. You try and have a good day yourself.

Lesley: I will. Thanks.

Rick: Bye. Well, guess I better get to work.

Jessie: I'll be sure to tell Steve.

Dan: You, uh, take it easy, rick. Everything's going to work out fine.

Rick: As long as we get some cold, hard facts about Laura, yeah. Thanks, Dan.

Dan: Boy, those two have had a time of it.

Jessie: No telling where it's going to end.

Dan: Well, duty calls. Thank God for Gershwin!

Jessie: Right.

Rose: Hi, Jessie.

Jessie: Oh, how's our number one volunteer this morning?

Rose: Aw, things are great with me, thanks. But have you seen rick?

Jessie: Oh, you just missed him.

Rose: Did he seem okay to you?

Jessie: Well, he seemed very preoccupied. He has a lot on his mind.

Rose: I know. I' really worried about him, Jessie. This morning, he barely said a word and didn't even drink his tea.

Jessie: You can't blame him. He's sick with worry about Laura.

Jessie: Yeah, we all are.

Tiffany: Hun, do we--

Victor: Shh!

Tiffany: What am I going to have to say to convince you? I am going to die if I have to stay down here another minute.

Victor: Now, now, you'll feel better after you've had a cup of coffee.

Tiffany: Coffee's not going to change anything.

Victor: Well, perhaps you'd prefer some juice.

Tiffany: Victor, you're not listening to me! I mean, I thought this was some kind of joke when we first got down here. I mean, it's definitely an incredible place and all that, but we're not even allowed to go out. I mean, it's ridiculous.

Victor: Yes, I understand how you must feel. But there are valid reasons.

Tiffany: Give me one.

Victor: Security.

Tiffany: Against what? Sharks comin' up on the beach? They seem to be the only thing within miles of this place.

Victor: Calm down, tiffany. Mikkos has his reasons.

Tiffany: Oh, does he? Not with me.

Victor: Yes, but you mustn't take it so personally.

Tiffany: Oh, no? It's my person that's down here, victor, that's locked up in this place. I am not spending 6 weeks of my life locked up underground like some kind of little worm. You're going to have to talk to him.

Victor: I'm sorry. He's already given his order and it is a matter of security.

Tiffany: Oh, you know what I think? I think you're just afraid to talk to him. Honestly, victor, what has happened to you? Ever since we've been down in this subterranean jewel-box, you've become a different man. Now, you're nothing more than his yes-man.

Victor: [Yelling] That is enough.

Tiffany: I'll say "it's enough." If you're not going to talk to him, I will. I am not going to let him tell me what to do, like he tells you. I am not afraid of Mikkos Cassadine or any man, for that matter. And I'm damn well going to get up to that beach if I have to blow up this entire place to do it.

[Birds singing]

[Birds chirping loudly]

Laura: Robert, Robert, wake up.

Robert: What?

Laura: Luke's gone.

Robert: What?

Laura: Luke's gone. Where is he?

Robert: [Shouting] Luke. Luke.

Luke: Hey, breakfast, anyone?

Laura: Luke. Where have you been?

Robert: What've you been doing?

Luke: Hey! Wait a minute. Me Tarzan, me go get plenty good num-nums for Jane and--

Laura: Don't do that to us.

Luke: Don't bruise the fish, dear.

Robert: Now listen, next time you get the urge to go walk about, you tell us, all right?

Laura: Right.

Luke: Oh, boy, this is a fine thanks I get for gettin' up, lettin' you sleep in, goin' out and getting the bacon.

Robert: All right. Where'd you get that stuff?

Luke: Well, I got it out in the jungle. And I fished for this in, uh, the sea.

Laura: Don't you ever do that to me again.

Luke: Okay, baby.

Robert: Look, I'm rather partial to bananas now that you're back.

Luke: All right, take 2, they are small.

Laura: Luke, do you know how much you scared me?

Luke: Do you know how much papaya is a pound in Port Charles?

Laura: It's impossible to stay angry at you.

Luke: It is? Good. We'll save the, uh, fish for lunch.

Robert: Ah, all right.

Laura: This looks good. Here.

Robert: Mmm. All right.

Laura: What're you doing?

Luke: I'm makin' myself some shorts. This is hardly long pants weather and you ought to do the same.

Laura: Why? I'm going to ruin my only pair of pants.

Luke: Well, you're goin' to have to do it sooner or later, darling. It's hot out here. Hey, what about all this material you brought? Can't you make something?

Laura: Yeah, that's right. I can make something. I forgot about that.

Luke: Make somethin' real sexy, for the jungle, you know? One of those sarong things, over one shoulder like Dorothy Lamour on the road to ruin.

Robert: Yeah, I'd like to see that.

Laura: I could do it. There's enough material here.

Robert: Now, listen. While you guys are getting your fall collection together, I think I might head back to the yacht, swim out there, it's not too far away, get on board, there won't be any people around, get out a radio message.

Luke: Robert. Robert. Make some shorts, pal.

Robert: Why?

Luke: You're not going to swim to the yacht. If you climb up to the top of the mountain, here, and you take a look over, you'll see nothing all around but clear blue sea.

Robert: What?

Luke: [Sighs] While we were asleep, the yacht sailed off.

[Knock on door]

Alan: Come in. Hiya, Lesley. Nice to see you.

Lesley: Boy, am I glad to see you.

Alan: And how are you this lovely morning?

Lesley: Goodness, you're in a terrific mood.

Alan: Yes, I am and why not?

Lesley: Well, the last time I saw you I--none of my business. When has that ever stopped me before? You're in a much better mood than you were the last time I saw you.

Alan: That's right. But I was troubled about a personal problem and--well everything's fine now and I'm sure everything's going to work out just swell.

Lesley: I'm glad for you. I hope that's going to be true for me, too.

Alan: Problems?

Lesley: [Whispering] Lots.

Alan: Let me tell you something. This is the voice of experience talking.

Lesley: Ok.

Alan: When you have problems...

Lesley: Yeah?

Alan: ...And you think everything is lost...

Lesley: Yeah.

Alan: ...Everything has an extraordinary way of working out. Now, tell me what I can do to help you.

Lesley: Oh, yes. That's why I'm here. Uh, would you be an absolute, adorable person and take over for me, maybe for one day, maybe for two, I don't really know how long, in the clinic? Rick and I have to go to Washington.

Alan: Laura?

Lesley: [Sighs] Yeah, I've got to find out what's happened to her, Alan.

Alan: Um, look, I really do want to help you out. The problem is, I think I have to go to new York myself, on business.

Lesley: Oh. Well, if you can't do it, you can't do it.

Alan: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Of course, I can do it. I'm sorry I even hesitated. I'll be glad to do it and I'm sure they won't even be calling me from new York for at least a few days.

Lesley: You sure? Oh, oh, thank you. Oh, I can't thank you enough.

Alan: Don't thank me at all. You just go away to Washington with an easy mind, ok?

Lesley: I wish I could. I wish I could stop worrying for 6 1/2 minutes. I wish I knew what the hell she's gotten herself into this time. Thanks a lot.

Albert: Would you care for some more coffee, sir?

Victor: Uh, no, thanks, Albert. Tiffany? Perhaps you should ask her.

Albert: Uh, ma'am?

Tiffany: Thank you, Albert.

Victor: Tiffany, how long are you going to maintain this silence?

Tiffany: Albert, would you kindly inform Mr. Cassadine that I am not speaking to him?


Good morning. Good morning.

Ah, good morning.

What a glorious morning.

Mind if we join you?

Victor: Oh, of course. Why don't you please sit down?

Thank you. My, my, you are an early bird this morning. How ever did you manage it, victor?

Victor: Oh, yeah.

Well, of course, there's so much to see down here, one doesn't want to miss anything. I tell you, waking up in this place is like waking up in the middle of a beautiful dream. Well, I've never seen anything like it.

Victor: Well, I'm certainly glad you appreciate it.

Appreciate it? How could one not? I must say that Mikkos has incredible style.

Imagine creating a beautiful, brilliant, self-sufficient, underground environment. It's incredible.

Tiffany: It's insane. That's what it is. It's insane.

Why, tiffany.

Tiffany: There's not one ray of sunshine in here. I mean, God only knows how we breathe.

Max: It's genius, tiffany. Pure genius.

Tiffany: Oh, come on, max. You've seen glass houses and champagne fountains before.

Well, you can't be serious. Why, everywhere you look, there's something even more breathtaking.

Tiffany: Oh, what? These stalactites back here? I'm telling you, it's not worth it. Not when your freedom is taken away.

Freedom? What are you talking about?

Tiffany: We are prisoners here.

Max: Oh, come now, tiffany.

Tiffany: Well, what do you call it? Come on. We can't get out of here. We can't even get any fresh air. Don't you miss that, max? I mean, I remember how you loved it on the yacht.

Max: I find it very comfortable here.

Yes, I'm perfectly content.

Tiffany: Well, it's just fine, for you. I cannot stand being locked up down here. Not here or anyplace else. And any way you look at it, it all comes down to the same thing. We are locked up. Well, if you enjoy being prisoners, that's just fine and terrific; I don't.

Victor: Ahh! [Claps] There's just no reasoning with that girl sometimes. [Chuckling]

Nobody's told her, have they?

Victor: I beg your pardon?

She obviously doesn't know what's going on.

Hutch: Hmm. Do I have a fever?

Amy: No, you don't.

Hutch: Well, how could I, when I've been chilled out the way I have, you know?

Amy: You know. You shouldn't even be here in this hospital. And I refuse to come in here and be harassed by you any longer. So, from now on, you can take your own temperature.

Joe: How's it going, Mimi?

Amy: Great.

Joe: Ohh! You affect all your women that way?

Hutch: Just her. No, it's very hard for her to deal with me. I can understand that.

Joe: Nah, nah. She's just jealous because of all the attention you're getting around here. And I'm here to give you some more.

Hutch: Well, tony, uh, you got some good news for me?

Joe: No, not exactly. I just really came by to see how you're doing.

Hutch: Well, according to the lady there, I shouldn't even be here.

Joe: You shouldn't be in jail, either.

Hutch: I hope you can communicate that to the parole board.

Joe: Oh, I'm tryin' to. We should be hearing from them any day now.

Hutch: Well, I hope, uh, something happens before doc hardy has to toss me out of here.

Joe: Man, if he does that, we're up a creek.

Rose: Hutch? Oh, excuse me.

Joe: What're you doing here?

Rose: I'm a volunteer, remember? But if I'm interrupting anything...

Hutch: No, no. Please, come on in.

Joe: I was, uh, just goin' anyhow.

Rose: Look, you don't have to go on my account. I just brought hutch's wristwatch.

Hutch: Oh, thank you.

Rose: You left it in the therapy room.

Hutch: Yeah, well, it's nice to have it to-- to watch the time fly by.

Joe: It's kind of nice to see that you two are talkin' to one another now.

Rose: Well, look, Joe, I'm a volunteer and, anybody needs my help, well, that's why I'm here.

Joe: Yep.

Rose: Hey, is that a new tie? It's real nice.

Joe: Uh, yeah, it's a new--uh, I didn't pick it out. It's a, um, gift, from heather.

Rose: Ohh, that's nice.

Joe: Yeah, well. I thought it'd look nice with the--

Rose: Mm-hmm.

Joe: I've got to go to work, man.

Hutch: Ok. Thanks for coming by.

Joe: Yeah. Take care.

Rose: Bye, Joe.

Hutch: And, uh, thank you, too. I appreciate it.

Rose: That's ok. I knew it was your watch.

Hutch: Well, thanks anyway. Listen, uh, mike's a great kid, isn't he?

Rose: Yeah, he is.

Hutch: Yeah. Look forward to seeing him this afternoon.

Rose: Uh, he won't be there. They cut down on his sessions.

Hutch: Oh.

Rose: I thought maybe I could fill in for him today. You know, keep you company in the therapy room?

Hutch: Well, that would be great. Uh, watching the guard glare at me all the time doesn't do that much for me, you know?

Rose: I don't know how you do it. Living under constant guard like that.

Hutch: You think about other things. Things that give you lift. People. People that care about you. People like yourself.

Rose: Come on. If you're ready, I'll walk you down to therapy.

Luke: Sure this is going to work?

Laura: Yeah. I saw it in a movie once. Just take the fish and put it in this with a little bit of water and it bakes in the sun.

Luke: Well, maybe the sun'll work like a broiler with it, you think?

Laura: I don't know. I guess. I just wish they said something in the movie with the, you know, Jane Sheena queen-of-the-jungle about how they kept their clothes on. I wish I had a needle and thread.

Luke: Well, why don't you just, kind of, tie a knot up there and another little knot around the side or something.

Laura: Yeah, with my luck, the whole thing's going to fall all.

Luke: No!

Laura: Yes!

Luke: Oh, what a shame! Oh, no!

Laura: Don't come near me with that fish! It smells like fish!

Luke: We can't have your clothes falling off!

Robert: Aw, not again!

Laura: Ew, get that fish out of here.

Robert: Can't you two leave each other alone for a minute?

Luke: Oh, our man, Friday.

Robert: Well, so much for the yacht, but there's a transmission coming from this island. That pulsating sound means something. I just can't pinpoint where the hell it's coming from.

Luke: Yeah. Listen. Speaking of pinpointing things, you know, Robert, what the hell are we doing here, really?

Robert: Really?

Luke: You know? No, no. I'm--you may as well tell us, you know? As soon as my head got messed up with the ice princess when it first came to Port Charles, and now, here we are, ironically enough, dealing with an--the aftermath of an ice princess in a tropical sweatbox. Wha--what is--

Robert: Look, I told you right from the word "go" you were messing with something too hot to handle, but you wouldn't listen to me.

Luke: Well, I-- I'm ready to listen now. And I'm bored, so why don't you tell me the story?

Robert: Ok. It has to do with a weapon.

Luke: Yes, I know it has to do with a weapon. You told us that. How big is the weapon? I mean, I'm missing details. Why are Laura and I sitting here, risking our lives, sweating in our socks, wrapping fin and marti in leaves and--and wondering what the hell we're doing here?

Robert: Look, if only cheetah had your gift with the English language. Ok, I'll level with you. To start with, there's a by-product of the ice princess that contains energy, energy far more powerful than the atom. I won't bore you with the chemistry and the physics of it. I've forgotten most of that myself. The important thing to remember is this, this energy. Now, this energy, as you know, as any energy can be, it can be harnessed for either good or evil.

Luke: Yeah, so that means that the formula tells you how to use that energy.

Robert: No. No, no. Deval created the formula, invented the formula, solely for the manufacture of diamonds. Now, Mikkos, he came up with this concept of-- of energy, all right? My mission right from the very word "go" was not to get the ice princess diamond itself, it was to get the formula and the world security bureau understand the importance of this formula.

Laura: But we already have that now.

Robert: We don't want a copy of it, love. Deval made two and the only way we can stop Cassadine is to get the other one. Now, he may have started manufacturing. He could have even harnessed the energy at this point.

Luke: He could do that?

Robert: Oh, yeah. Yeah, he could do it all right. Trouble is--what he's going to do with this energy. How he's going harness it. Now, judging by this-- this gang of 4 that he's collected around himself--

Luke: Mm-hmm. Tony, max, uh, victor--

Laura: The general.

Robert: Right. Ok. There can be only one thought at the back of his mind. One thought. That is, world control.

[Luke sighs]

Laura: Is that possible?

Robert: Yeah. Yeah. It's very possible.

Luke: Sounds like we've got more to do than just find this formula.

Robert: Absolutely. Our job is to find out what their plans are and what kind of a weapon this guy is going to unleash.

Victor: But I still think it'd be much better if the two of us asked him.

Tony: Oh, I quite agree.

Victor: Good.

Mikkos: You wanted to see me?

Victor: Ah, yes, thank you. Tony and I wanted to ask you a question.

Mikkos: Oh? What might that be?

Tony: We heard this rumbling sound a little while ago.

Victor: Yes, we're curious about it.

Tony: What is it?

Mikkos: I'm surprised you even have to ask the question. Nigel's got the plant running to full capacity now.

Victor: Splendid.

Tony: That was quick work.

Mikkos: Well, what'd you expect? I told you he was perfect for the job. And from now on, you're going to hear that rumbling, as you call it, quite often. Now, if you'll excuse me.

Victor: Please, Mikkos. There's one other thing I thought you should be aware of.

Mikkos: Well, if it's of any importance, I probably already am. What is it?

Victor: Well, this morning at breakfast, a small incident really, but it became quite apparent that Maximilian has clued his wife into every aspect of our plan.

Tony: I do not trust him, Mikkos. I mean, what are we going to do about him?

Mikkos: First of all, it was very stupid of him to tell his wife. Women should never be told what's going on until the very last moment, but never mind. She can't interfere with us. Secondly, we are not going to do anything at all about max. And finally, we're not on board the ship anymore, Anthony. It's my business to decide who we trust and who we don't trust.

Tony: I still believe that he stole the formula.

Mikkos: Oh, don't be an idiot. If he took it, why didn't he bolt off with it and with his [Indistinct] And start his own private coup? Surely he would have found some way to get away from us before we locked him in here.

Victor: What you say makes a lot of sense, but there's still one other possibility. Maximilian may plan to make his move after we've completed our plan.

Mikkos: Well, there's certainly a great deal more sense in that, and wisdom, than there is in your brother's theory. You see, Anthony, that's a real potential problem. Yours is merely conjecture born of fear.

Tony: That is not true. The truth is, you never value my opinion. You always listen to him. Only to him.

Victor: Please, tony, stop feeling sorry for yourself. Mikkos always listens to an idea--

Tony: Victor!

Victor: ...That's worth listening to.

Tony: I do not like your attitude.

Mikkos: And I don't like wasting time with two quarrelling schoolboys.

[Indistinct speaking]

Luke: Well, Robert, you trendsetter.

Robert: Haberdashery by, uh, jungle fashion team.

Luke: Very nice. Nuts to you, old boy.

Robert: Ah, well, where'd you get these?

Luke: Out in the jungle there.

Robert: Going to eat 'em?

Luke: No, no, no. I'm not going to eat 'em. What I'm going to do is make Laura some nice, beautiful little bracelets.

Robert: Aw, she'll love that.

Laura: I don't want bracelets.

Luke: Yes, you do. I've even figured out a way how to string them.

Robert: Really?

Luke: Uh-huh. This way, Laura, you'll always have some protection. You see, Robert, tell me if this is going to work. This is the way I figure it...

Robert: All right.

Luke: ...I will take the nut, I will hollow it out, then I'll take some of the explosive putty, put it in the nut...

Robert: Yeah.

Luke: Thread them around in a bracelet.

Robert: Yeah.

Luke: She will then wear it, right?

: Watch out.

Robert: Hey, that's not bad.

Luke: Is that going to work?

Robert: Yeah.

Laura: Oh, sure. That's terrific. What happens if I fall down? I blow up?

Luke: No, darling, I wouldn't suggest it if it weren't safe. You see, on one hand, you'll have the putty, and on the other hand--

Robert: You'll have the--the caps. Look, love, here, hand me that. Look, sweetheart, this stuff is absolutely harmless, right? You can belt-- you can punch it with a hammer, until we insert one of these little caps that are down here. Now, what happens is you insert the cap, you then pull it out, it's automatically, electronically charged. So, you throw it, just like a small grenade. But stand back, it's got 3 times more potency than TNT.

I swear I heard something in the brush over there. This way.

Laura: Just what I've always wanted, a grenade bracelet.

Luke: Darling, don't you understand? The putty is on one hand, the caps are on the other.

Robert: Yeah.

Luke: So we--it's very safe until you pull off a cap and--

[Indistinct speaking]

This way.

All right.

It's just around this corner.

Robert: Listen.

[Indistinct speaking]

Robert: Cassadine.

Luke: Let's get the hell out of here.

Robert: Over here, over here.

Luke: Get everything. Including our rubbish, come on.

Tiffany: Please, don't misunderstand me, Mikkos.

Mikkos: I understand you perfectly.

Tiffany: [Laughs] I was sure that you would. I mean, I wouldn't want you to think I was ungrateful or anything, but-- well, you've treated us like royalty since we've been here, hasn't he, Corinne?

Corinne: Oh, yes.

Tiffany: It's just that, as ingenious as you are, even you can't bring the sun all the way down here. And I need that sun, Mikkos. I need it to feel alive.

Mikkos: Well, you appear to me to be most alive.

Tiffany: Oh, yes. But it's the sun-- it's the fresh air that makes me feel that way. Well, certainly, you don't want any little dull creatures lying around down here, now do you? I've worked very hard for this tan, I know that you wouldn't want me to lose it.

Mikkos: My dear tiffany, the color of your skin is not the issue.

Tiffany: Ohh.

[Door opens]

Mikkos: Ah, Alex, perhaps you'd care to join us.

Alex: Well, actually, I was looking for tony.

Mikkos: Oh, you've just missed him, but please stay. I'm sure you'd like to join us in this discussion. It concerns the relative importance of sun tans.

[Corinne laughing]

Alex: We were just talking about going outside.

Mikkos: And you know there isn't really very much to talk about.

Alex: You know there...

Mikkos: Thank you, Alex.

Tiffany: There certainly is a lot to talk about. I just am not going to put up with this anymore. How dare you treat us like prisoners, locking us down here like we're some kind of criminals? I never expected something like this from a Cassadine.

Alex: Well, tiffany, life is just full of little surprises.

Tiffany: Ugh! I was told I was going on a voyage. A very short one, in fact, to a tropical paradise. Ha! A tropical paradise? And you call 6 weeks short?

Alex: And sometimes life is just full of little disappointments.

Mikkos: Oh, come now, Alexandria. I should think you'd be a little more sensitive. After all, you did nothing but rave on and on about the very same thing when you first arrived.

Alex: And I didn't get anywhere either, my dear.

Tiffany: Well, nobody should have to put up with something like this. Not even her. It's positively inhuman.

Mikkos: I'm not an ogre. No, and since I made the rule in the first place, I can also change it.

Tiffany: Then why don't you?

Mikkos: All right. I shall.

Tiffany: Oh! How wonderful!

Mikkos: But there are certain conditions you'll have to abide by.

Alex: Aren't there always?

Tiffany: What conditions?

Mikkos: There'll be a time limit. And a guard will be with you at all times.

Tiffany: I'm not going to have somebody leering at me all the time.

Mikkos: And I will not endanger our presence here. When I allow you to leave, I will have to deactivate the radar-band that protects the entrance to our underground quarters.

Corinne: Hey, look. He said we could go. Come on, let's go. Alex, are you coming?

Mikkos: Whoa. Wait, wait. I didn't say you could go today.

Tiffany: Oh, well, if you think I'm going to sit around and wait--

Mikkos: That's exactly what you're going to do until I tell you otherwise. No one sets foot out of here until I'm absolutely certain that we were not followed to the island, is that clear? You may do your sun worshiping in due time. When I say so.

Alex: What I would give to be back in Port Charles.

Lee: Hi.

Gail: Hi, darling. Hi, Lesley.

Brian: Lesley, why don't you take my seat, because I have to run. Will you all please excuse me?

Gail: Sure.

Lee: Yeah, sure. Nice to see you, Brian.

Gail: Good-bye.

Brian: Good-bye. Good to see you.

Gail: Yeah, thank you. That Brian, he really is something.

Lesley: Yeah, he's a cutie.

Gail: What are you two up to?

Lee: Well, I just stepped in, I saw Lesley and she said I am the man she was looking for.

Lesley: Yes, but I'm delighted that you're here, because I actually have something to tell both of you.

Lee: What?

Gail: Do you want some coffee before you tell us?

Lesley: No, no. I just wanted to talk to you. I don't need anything. Uh, rick and I are going to Washington tomorrow.

Lee: To see Balantine?

Lesley: Yeah, we've got to. He's got to tell us something more about Laura. And I don't know what I'm going to do, lee, if it's another blind alley.

Gail: Lee, can't you do something to help?

Lee: Well, I can give you a couple of names to call of some friends of mine in the state department.

Lesley: Oh!

Lee: Listen, if, uh, if Balantine, you know, doesn't treat you right, you go right over to congressman sterner's office, because he wants very much to help you any way he can. Their names and phone numbers.

Lesley: Oh, thanks. I feel better just having this. I'm sure rick will, too.

Lee: Well, here he is. What is this? Staff meeting?

Steve: More like a summit meeting.

Lesley: Oh, lee's giving us names and phone numbers of people to call in the state department in Washington.

Rick: Lee, thank you again. I--I don't know how to thank you enough.

Gail: Listen, rick, we're both rooting for you.

Rick: I talked to Steve, filled him in, and he's going to cover for us while we're gone. How do you like that?

Lesley: That would be wonderful.

Steve: Oh, anything to make you happy. The important thing is for you to find your daughter.

Lesley: Thanks a lot. Gosh, everyone is rooting--

Jessie: Oh, I'm sorry. I'm so glad you're still here, because Bobbie just called. She'd like to talk to you.

Lesley: Oh! Maybe--

Rick: Did she say anything?

Jessie: Yes, she said that she and Nora are on their way home, she'll be here at the hospital at five, and she thinks she's found somebody who can help you locate Luke and Laura.

Somebody been here, you think?

Nah, some animal, probably. Let's head back.

Luke: Well, that was close.

Robert: Quite.

Laura: I never ran so fast in my life.

Luke: Where are we?

Laura: They could be following us.

Robert: I don't know. A little more lost than we were before.


Luke: What's the matter with your watch?

Robert: Geiger counter. There's some sort of radio activity around here.


Robert: Now, don't move, either of you.


Laura: What's he doing?

Luke: Damned if I know.


[Tapping speeds up]

Robert: Are you listening to this? Stop. Don't. There is some sort of an alarm system around here, and we don't want to trip it.

Luke: Well, what do we do?

Robert: We stand absolutely still.

Luke: An alarm means there's something here they're trying to protect.

Laura: Yeah.

Robert: One this big does.

Laura: But, Robert, it's just a pile of rocks.

Robert: Yeah, I know. Look. Just take a good look at this area and remember exactly where it is. And now, we get the hell out of here, because for us, this is the most dangerous part of the entire island. Come on. Come on.

Rose: You should feel pretty proud of yourself, that was a good session.

Hutch: Yeah, well, I'm starting to feel better, thank you. It's too bad that, uh, has to mean I'm one step closer to prison, though.

Rose: Nah, Joe won't let that happen to you. Listen, do you need any help?

Hutch: Um, no, thanks, I can manage. Yeah, I'm starting to feel like, uh, I want it as much for Joe's sake as for mine. He's going to feel worse than I do if the parole board comes back with a "no."

Rose: I know. He really cares what happens to you, hutch.

Hutch: He's a great guy. Uh, they don't make too many like him anymore.

Rose: I know. But I think sometimes he gets involved too much for his own good.

Hutch: Yeah? You mean, with people like me, for example.

Rose: No, that's not--

Hutch: It's all right.

Rose: Honestly, hutch, I wasn't talking about you.

Hutch: Well, that's ok. What I meant is, uh, Joe knows how to handle people real well and, uh, he's a good lawyer.

Rose: I'm not worried about his professional life, it's his personal life I'm a little concerned about. I can't imagine anything tougher than falling in love with somebody you're trying to convict of murder.

Hutch: What? You mean the girl with the tie?

Rose: Yeah, heather. Oh, I don't know. Maybe it'll all be all right, but I do worry about him.

Hutch: Well, sometimes, people don't always fall in love with the right people, rose.

Robert: All right.

Luke: All right. Hey! Look at this.

Laura: Oh, it's beautiful.

Robert: Oh! Heavenly Jacuzzi. Natural shelter. Far away from the radar band.

Laura: Well, does that mean that we're going to stay here?

Robert: We can probably live here for the rest of our lives if we're so inclined.

Luke: That's right. Hooray!

Laura: Aah!

Luke: The water's great.

Laura: Oh, it feels so good.

Robert: Hey, it tastes good, too. So much for our water supply, now where do we start our housing project?

Luke: Hey, look at this.

Robert: What?

Luke: Look. Baby, look.

Laura: Oh, my gosh. They look ancient.

Luke: I bet if we, uh, clean 'em up a little bit, we can use 'em.

Robert: There's plenty of bamboo around here, too.

Laura: Bamboo?

Robert: Yeah.

Laura: That's great. You know, we can build a little hut. I even kept that material to make those curtains.

Luke: Ah, good. As long as it's safe.

Robert: Huh? Yeah, yeah. There's no reading on the Geiger counter at all. I'm not picking up any other transmissions either. Look, as for those other two guys, look, they wouldn't be bothered traipsing through the mess we've just traipsed through.

Luke: Oh.

Robert: Look, I'm sure they were just on a basic, routine, security walk.

Luke: Good.

Robert: We can even risk lighting a fire here.

Luke: Oh, great.

[Robert sighs]

Luke: I brought the fish. I wouldn't forget the fish.

Robert: Ah. All right. This is now our home, people.

Laura: Really?

Robert: Yep.

Laura: Great. I'm going to wash my hair.

Robert: Hey, look at this, will you?

Luke: What?

Robert: Everything you could possibly wish for. Look at this here.

Luke: What is it? Is that a coconut tree, man?

Robert: More like a big milk trough With a high first step.

Luke: What? Has the sun got to you or what?

Robert: Coconuts. Milk. Coconuts. Hey.

Luke: What, are you going to climb this thing?

Robert: Absolutely.

Luke: Break a leg and we're going to have to shoot you. You understand that.

Robert: Oh, thank you for your encouragement. [Grunting]

Luke: Whoop! [Laughing]

Laura: Help me get my bootie off. Ohh.

[Luke laughing]

Rick: It's 5:00 p.m. Where is Bobbie?

Jessie: I don't envy either of you.

Amy: Hi, rick. Hi, les.

Lesley: Hi, hun.

Amy: You guys going home now?

Rick: Not just yet.

Amy: Me neither. I have to go out and unwind a little, what a day.

Lesley: Of course. Poor, overworked child.

Rick: Yeah.

Amy: Hey, Brian. Want to go out and get a hamburger?

Brian: Oh, sure, but I've got to pick up Claudia first, though.

Amy: Ok.

Gail: Hope you, uh, get some good news. Night, Jessie. Would you sign me out, please?

Jessie: Sure.

Gail: Good night.

Rick: Good night.

Lesley: I'm right here.

Dan: Need a ride, jess?

Jessie: Oh, thanks anyway, Dan, but I'm going to stay a while and cover for Georgia.

Dan: Nobody can doubt the dedication around here. Good night, all.

All: Good night.

P.A.: Call orthopedics, third floor, nurse's station.

Rick: Where is Bobbie?

Lesley: There she is. Bobbi!

Bobbie: Ugh, traffic was awful. I'm so late.

Rick: It's all right. Just fill us in. What happened?

Bobbie: Come on. Let's sit down. You're going to love it.

Lesley: What? What? What? What?

Bobbie: Noah's uncle, the senator, turns out to be quite a man.

Lesley: What'd he say?

Bobbie: Well, first, I told him everything we know about the world security bureau.

Lesley: Yeah?

Rick: Did he know about it?

Bobbie: He certainly did. He said that all of the senators know about it. He also said he knows the American rep. He's going to contact him as soon as possible to get on Luke and Laura.

Lesley: Oh, that's wonderful!

Bobbie: I knew you'd be dying to hear. I know he's going to do it.

Rick: Yeah, well, we'll let Balantine know that we've had this conversation when we see him in Washington.

Lesley: You do still think we should go? I mean, I know 2 senators just said that they would help, but--

Rick: Uh, you bet we're going. The more pressure we can put, we're more apt to get some answers somewhere.

Lesley: We can use all the help we can get, thank you. That's just-- that really is good news.

Bobbie: Oh, it's a big relief, isn't it?

Lesley: Yes. And thanks to Noah, please.

Bobbie: I will tell him. See you.

Steve: Well, good news, I hope.

Rick: Well, it may be good news, but we're still leaving tomorrow, sorry.

Steve: Just don't worry about a thing, either of you. Concentrate on finding Laura. That's the important thing.

Rick: Thanks.

Robert: Did I ever tell you about the time I spent with Alex in a little grass hut, huh?

Laura: You and Alex?

Robert: Yeah. It was in south Africa, involving a rather messy finance deal. Diamonds were involved then, too, as it turns out.

Luke: Well, what happened?

Robert: Well, we were trying to get away from these 2 rather sleazy types, and we run through the bushes, come into a clearing and we discover a hut, not unlike the one we're about to build.

Luke: Hey, Robert. How was it?

Robert: [Laughs] Well, that sort of depends if you weren't too choosy about the company you were keeping. Uh, no, I take that back. Alex had a degree of humanity about her then. Told me I snored.

Laura: You do.

Robert: I do not.

Laura: Yeah, you do.

Luke: You snore. We're both here to testify, as are all the monkeys in the trees.

Robert: I do not snore.

Laura: Yes, you do.

Luke: You do snore.

Robert: I don't snore.

Luke: On guard.

Robert: Oh, really? What do you mean?

Luke: You snore, pal. You snore.

Robert: Aah! Aah!

[Laura laughing]

Robert: I needed a bath anyway. Where this little expedition is, I am hopelessly outnumbered. Listen.

Luke: Oh, he's flipped.

Laura: Oh! Ha ha ha!

Robert: The ground. Listen to it. You hear that?

Luke: It's rumbling. The whole thing's rumbling.

Laura: What? Oh no, don't tell me we're on a volcano.

Robert: No. In fact...

Luke: What?

Robert: It all fits. The radar, the alarm. The whole thing is protecting a--an entrance down inside the island, and they've started the process.

Luke: Oh, no.

Robert: You know, you weren't far wrong, Laura, when you said under the sea. Cassadine and his little group are under the island. Under this very spot.

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