GH Transcript Monday 2/16/81

General Hospital Transcript Monday 2/16/81


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(Heather sneaks out of the sanitarium and prepares to kill Diana; Jeff is furious with Diana when she finally tells him that PJ is Steve Lars; Alan shows Susan the new love nest hes bought for her.

[Telephone rings]

Alex: Hello. Oh, Luke, I've been waiting for you to call. Yes, I'm all ready. No, no, no, no. I'm afraid I'm gonna have to veto that idea. I'd like you to pick me up before Bobbie and Joe. Come on, I am still the boss lady, and that's got to hold some weight. Yes, that's true. You are going to try to recover what I lost, in spite of Robert Scorpio's tricks. Yes. All right, I'll be waiting. Now don't let me down. Bye-bye.

Alan: What is it you've lost, cousin?


[Indistinct chatter]

Nurse: Sarah, your mother's calling on the hall phone. Sarah?

Heather: Sarah's asleep. You see, she had a headache, and so she decided to go to bed early. Maybe her mom could call her back in the morning?

Nurse: They'll have to. Thank you, heather.

Jeff: Diana, what are you trying to say?

Diana: Why are you making this so difficult on me?

Jeff: Me? Diana, you're the one who's rattling on about heather's obsession with P.J., and then you start talking about Steven Lars.

Diana: I can't believe it. You're going to actually make me say it now, aren't you?

Jeff: Honey, I don't know what you're driving at. Frankly, I've had a rough day, and I'm not into playing games.

Diana: Jeff, this is no game.

Jeff: All right, you sure could've fooled me on that one.

Diana: I am trying to explain.

Jeff: Look, Steven Lars and P.J. are about the same age. So what?

Diana: They are more than about the same age. There were born on the same day. Steven Lars is P.J.

Jeff: If this is some kind of a sick joke you're trying to play on me, I don't like it.

Diana: It's no joke, Jeff. P.J. is Steven Lars. Why do you think I was so upset about you and Anne being together? I was hoping, I was praying that one day you would turn to me, that we could be a family together.

Jeff: I don't believe it.

Diana: It's true, Jeff.

Jeff: P.J. is Steven Lars. Look, if that's true, if, mind you, that's true, how long have you known about it?

Diana: I only found out about it recently.

Jeff: Recently?

Diana: That's right. I had to think about what to do.

Jeff: Oh, of course. Of course.

Diana: You don't believe me.

Jeff: Why should I?

Diana: I just told you, I had to think. I had to figure out what to do, how to handle it.

Jeff: And what did you decide?

Diana: I thought-I thought that maybe- maybe there would be a chance, a chance for you and me to have a life together with our son.

Jeff: You and me?

Diana: Oh, Jeff, it could be so beautiful.

Jeff: Diana, what is this? Why are you doing this? Is it because we spent that one night together? Is that what's giving you ideas about us?

Diana: No. No.

Jeff: Then what are you doing? What's this all about? I don't understand why you're talking about the two of us together and P.J. Don't you see that all that does is cheapen what we did have?

Diana: No. It was beautiful, and it can be beautiful again. Jeff, we can be a family-- you, me, our son.

Jeff: How dare you try to trap me with a lie like that. A lie about your son.

Diana: He's your flesh and blood.

Jeff: Diana, don't.

Diana: You can raise him. You have found him.

Jeff: Diana, why are you trying to torment me with this fairy tale that P.J. Is Steven Lars?

Diana: It's no fairy tale, Jeff. It is reality.

Jeff: No, it's not.

Diana: Please, Jeff. Don't shut me out like this. I am putting my life, I am putting my future on the line by telling you this.

Jeff: Your future?

Diana: That's right, my future. I know that you can get an attorney, and you can take P.J. from me, but that's a gamble that I have to take, because I finally had to tell you the truth, Jeff. Finally had to. I want us to be together to raise our son.

Jeff: You're serious, aren't you?

Diana: Jeff, you told me you were through with Anne.

Jeff: No, no. Anne is through with me.

Diana: It's because it wasn't destined. Jeff, please. People have learned to love one another. Jeff, please. You can try and love me enough to raise our son. Just give it a chance.

Jeremy: You look great.

Anne: Thank you. You like it, huh?

Jeremy: You're sensational. You're gonna be the best marcher there.

Anne: I got his approval, don't I?

Steve: All very impressive, Anne.

Audrey: Come here a minute. Let me check that hem.

Anne: What's wrong with it?

Audrey: Well, nothing. It's fine. But I just want to check out Mrs. Renfrew's work. Oh, it is very good.

Anne: Yes.

Audrey: Looks much better shorter.

Anne: Thank you. I like it, too. Hey, listen, what about doing some homework? Come on.

Jeremy: Why do I have to do it now?

Audrey: Well, Tommy is doing his now.

Jeremy: I know, but Tommy likes to do his early. I don't.

Anne: You don't like to do yours late. Now come on. Let's scoot.

Jeremy: Ok, I'm going. Love you.

Anne: Kids have been resisting homework since time began.

Steve: Well, some things remain constant, Anne.

Anne: Yeah. Not all things, though.

Audrey: What about the capes for the other nurses? When are you gonna get those?

Anne: Oh, gosh, Diana's expect-- I'm not even changed out of my uniform. Don't want her to think I'm not gonna show up.

Steve: Anne, I'm really proud of the way you've remained friends with Diana. Took a lot of courage on your part.

Anne: Yeah, don't be too proud of me, Steve. When I found out that she slept with Jeff that night, I wanted to kill her.

Audrey: Anne...

Anne: Well, it's the truth. Sometimes as much as I hate to admit it, I can't seem to get it out of my mind.

Steve: You're only human.

Anne: Sometimes too human, Steve.

Heather: I think those tranquilizers worked. She's not gonna wake up.

Alex: Edward, come in. Come in.

Edward: Hello, Alex, Alan.

Alan: You certainly know how to mistime your entrances.

Edward: Does that mean I'm intruding?

Alex: Of course, you're not intruding. And isn't it nice that Alan's home for a change? It'll give us a chance to catch him up on the business.

Alan: Why? Have there been some startling new developments?

Edward: I'm not so sure that it's startling, but you may be interested to know that I've talked to lee Baldwin about joining our team.

Alan: Our team?

Edward: Yes. I'd like him to take over some of the corporate work for E.L.Q. International.

Alan: Why didn't you offer it to Zelda Bernstein?

Edward: Alan, Zelda's never handled our corporate interests, just my own personal legal affairs. And she had her hands full with that. But I'm sure Lou--lee will do a fine job if we can just persuade him.

Alan: You said you approached him. What did he say?

Edward: He'd like to think it over. I'd like to cement the deal tonight. I've invited lee and Gail to come over here and talk about it. They should be here shortly. I imagine you would like to sit in on the discussion?

Alan: I'd love to, but unfortunately, I have to catch a plane to new York.

Alex: New York?

Alan: Mm-hmm.

Monica: I'll echo that. New York? What's all this about new York? You haven't said a word about it.

Alan: Well, it just must've slipped my mind, Monica. Just shows you how distracted I've been. I have to go to a meeting for the Hardwick foundation in new York.

Edward: I wasn't aware of any meeting.

Alan: You wouldn't be, would you? I'm the one on the board, not you.

Edward: Well, yes, Alan, but I keep in fairly close contact with Larry Forsythe. He just never said anything to me about a meeting.

Alan: I guess it must've slipped his mind as well. What difference does it make?

Monica: I think it's rather an imposition. I mean, asking you to fly to new York on such short notice.

Alan: Isn't really. I've known about it for a week, but as I said, it slipped my mind. Can we move on to another subject, or better yet, shall we move back to a previous subject, Alex?

[Doorbell rings]

Edward: Oh, we could talk about the cocktails. Oh, I imagine that's the Baldwins now.

Monica: Let's find out, shall we?

Edward: Absolutely.

[Indistinct chatter]

Alan: I want to talk to Larry Forsythe, please. This is Alan Quartermaine. Larry, it's Alan. I want you to cover for me, old boy. Will you do that? If anybody asks, I want you to verify that I went into new York tonight for a early morning meeting with the Hardwick foundation tomorrow. Please. I'm obliged, and I-- I'll explain it to you next time I see you, ok? Thanks so much, Larry. You're a prince. Bye.

Alex: [Chuckles]

Alan: Look at the Cheshire cat.

Alex: And with very good reason.

Alan: What are you smiling at?

Alex: Secrets, my dear cousin. As long as you keep mine, I'll keep yours.

Alan: Well, lee, Gail, how nice to see you.

Gail: Hello, Alan. Nice to see you. Hello, Alex.

Alan: Hello.

Jeff: And what made you think that P.J. was Steven Lars?

Diana: It wasn't until recently that I believed that. I think peter found that out just before he died.

Jeff: Peter?

Diana: That's right. I-I think the shock of finding out the truth actually did cause his heart attack.

Jeff: You know, you're really grabbing at straws now, bringing your dead husband into all this.

Diana: Jeff, don't you remember? Before peter died, he was desperately trying to tell you something about P.J.?

Jeff: Yes, I remember. So what?

Diana: And he finally managed to scrawl out a note to me which he gave to me just before he died.

Jeff: What kind of a note? This doesn't make any sense.

Diana: Don't yell at me that way, please. You're making me feel like an absolute criminal when it was heather who's been deceiving you all along.

Jeff: Heather?

Diana: That's right. I'm sure she told--I'm sure she told peter. I'm sure that's what caused his heart attack. It's the only thing that makes sense.

Jeff: Diana, none of this makes any sense at all to me. Show me the note. Show me.

[Nurse speaks indistinctly]

Nurse: Maybe we should take Sarah's blood after all and have her call her mother tomorrow.

Heather: Yes, all right.

Nurse: Let's forget it. She and heather are probably both asleep by now.

Nurse: I suppose she could call her in the morning, but let's not forget to remind her.

Audrey: Hello?

Dan: Hello, Audrey. This is Dan.

Audrey: Oh, yes, Dan.

Dan: I'm sorry to bother you, but I need to talk to Steve.

Audrey: Uh-huh. I'll see if I can rouse him out of his lethargy. Just a moment. Steve, it's Dan, and he says he must talk to you.

Steve: I hope there's no big problem. And I am not being aroused out of lethargy. I was working. Hello, Dan. What can I do for you?

Dan: Hello, Steve. I'm sorry to bother you like this, but the parade marshal has had to change the order of the parade.

Steve: Yeah.

Dan: So that means that all the various groups from general hospital have been moved up, so I'm gonna have quite a communications problem trying to get hold of them all and letting them know.

Steve: This is pretty late notice.

Dan: It sure is, but I'm holding firm that until you approve it, it stays as it is. Now, I don't like to bring you out on a night like this, but I have the amended parade order here at the hospital, and I think you ought to take a look at it.

Steve: That's too bad. I just missed getting a ride in that direction with Anne. She was headed over to pick up the last of the capes from Diana, but I'll be along. I'll be there.

Dan: Fine, Steve. I'll be waiting for you. Well, he's on his way.

Jessie: Poor Steve. It's a cold night, too.

Dan: Those are the privileges of being chief of staff.

Diana: Here it is.

Jeff: I recognize this.

Diana: You do?

Jeff: Yeah. This is the slip of paper that fell out of the cookbook P.J. was playing with one night. I remember how you snatched it out of my hands when I picked it up.

Diana: You have a very good memory.

Jeff: Diana, this means you are lying to me. You've known about it for a lot longer than a couple of days. This happened weeks ago.

Diana: I don't recall saying a couple days. I said recently.

Jeff: How the hell far back does recently take us?

Diana: Several weeks, Jeff.

Jeff: Is that all?

Diana: Jeff, please.

Jeff: How long, damn it?!

Diana: Ok. It was several months. Peter wrote it before he died, and he gave it to me. I never even read it. I crumpled it up and put it in my pocket. I was so upset at the time. I found it one day in my pocket, the day that I was moving into this apartment.

Jeff: I was here that day. I helped you move in, remember?

Diana: Jeff, please don't hate me for having waited so long to tell you.

Jeff: Why didn't you tell me? Why?

Diana: I was afraid.

Jeff: Afraid of what? Diana, you know how desperately I've been looking for Steven Lars and for how long. What could possibly have frightened you so much that you'd want to keep something like this from me?

Diana: I was afraid that you'd try and take P.J. from me. I was terribly afraid. At first, I couldn't believe it was true. I thought I was some terrible joke that someone had played on peter.

Jeff: What makes you think that it wasn't?

Diana: Because Mrs. Grant found the note one day.

Jeff: What?

Diana: And she looked at it, and suddenly I knew that she was in on the secret.

Jeff: Wait a minute. You mean to tell me that both you and peter knew about this and heather and her mother? Nobody bothered to tell me about it? I don't believe it. I don't.

Diana: Listen, Jeff, it seemed to be going along in some sort of natural sequence, and I think everybody did what they thought was best.

Jeff: Best for whom? Certainly not best for me.

Diana: No, it--no, it wasn't, but I was so stunned, I was so shocked by the whole thing. I tried to get advice from people. I didn't know what to do.

Jeff: Listen, I cannot believe Alice grant knew about this. She would not keep a secret like that from me.

Diana: She would to protect heather.

Jeff: Protect her from what? Diana, it seems to me that heather would've been a hell of a lot better off if she had known about all this instead of letting it fester like this.

Diana: Jeff, Mrs. Grant went to Dr. Nelson and asked him to not give heather the outpatient privileges. Why do you think she asked for that?

Jeff: I don't know. Why do you think?

Diana: Because she was afraid that heather would come back and try and steal P.J. from me again.

Jeff: Do you expect me to believe that heather fooled everybody, even her doctors, while she was planning to drive you out of your mind again?

Diana: Yes, that could've happened.

Jeff: I'm sorry, Mrs. Taylor, but that's a little too far-fetched for me. I don't believe it.

Jessie: Dr. Cunningham think she's taken a turn for the worse, and he like you to look at her. Yes, I'll tell him. Thanks very much. Bye-bye.

Amy: Is rick coming in?

Jessie: He'll be in shortly. Dan, you think the parade's going of without a hitch tomorrow?

Dan: It will if we get these schedules straightened out.

Jessie: Steve will take care of all that when he comes in.

Dan: I hope so. I'd hate to have to get on the phone and call everybody who's involved.

Amy: If you do, I'll be glad to help you.

Dan: Thanks a lot, Amy, but if I have to do that, I'm gonna need a whole crew of people helping me.

Amy: Oh, no. Oh.

Jessie: What's the matter?

Amy: Oh, I forgot something.

Jessie: You forgot what?

Amy: I promised Diana Taylor that I would call Anne and tell her not to pick up the capes until tomorrow morning before the parade. I swore I would do it, and I forgot.

Steve: Forgot what? What's going on?

Amy: Oh, I forgot something very dumb.

Dan: You made good time.

Steve: I did my best, Dan. Let's see what we have to deal with.

Dan: All right.

Amy: Hello, Audrey?

Audrey: Yes.

Amy: Hi. This is Amy. I'm calling from the hospital. I wonder if I could please speak to Anne.

Audrey: I'm sorry. She's not here.

Amy: Oh, no.

Steve: I could've told you she already left if you'd asked me.

Audrey: What's wrong?

Amy: Diana Taylor wanted me to get in touch with her and tell her not to pick up the capes tonight, but to do it instead tomorrow morning, and I forgot.

Audrey: Oh, I'm so sorry, but she's already left.

Amy: I'm guess I'm gonna have to apologize to her when I see her. I'm sorry I bothered you.

Jessie: How many messages did you get confused? There are 2 here for Monica and Alan Quartermaine.

Amy: Oh, darn.

Edward: I realize that you have a good many accounts to service, lee, but if you'd be willing to take on E.L.Q.'s corporate work, we'd all be very grateful. I know we could work well together.

Lee: Edward, I'm sure of that. Problem is the time to perform it.

Alex: We'd certainly be willing to make it worth your while.

Lee: I admit it is a most handsome offer, and I have been intrigued by it.

Monica: Well, then, why not say yes?

Lee: I have given it a lot of thought ever since you proposed it. And I think maybe I could tackle it.

Edward: Good. That's the spirit.

Lee: I said I think, Edward. Now, that doesn't mean yes.

Alex: Oh, come on, lee. It always pleases Edward when he gets his own way. He's just like a little boy.

Edward: Well, I've been spoiled all my life, and I expect it to continue.

Gail: Maybe if we all have another drink, it'll give lee a little time to decide.

Monica: Good idea, and I shall freshen them. Same thing for you?

Alan: I would like to stay with all of you, but unfortunately, I have to catch a plane to new York.

Gail: Oh, do you have to rush off right now, Alan?

Monica: Yes. This was an unexpected trip. Actually, it was unexpected to all of us. Apparently Alan has known about it for quite some while.

Alan: Yes. Seems I forgot to mention it. Now I'm in hot water with everybody.

[Telephone rings]

Monica: Excuse me. Hello?

Amy: Hello, Monica. Is that you?

Monica: Yes, it is.

Amy: Hi. This is Amy. Listen, I really did a dumb thing, and I hope you and Dr. Quartermaine will forgive me, but it slipped my mind, and I really apologize.

Monica: What are you talking about?

Amy: Well, I had some messages for you, and I forgot to give them to you before you checked out.

Monica: Why don't you give them to me now?

Amy: That's exactly what I was gonna do. Let's see, your decorator said that they're going to be here tomorrow to talk to you about decorating your new office, and they'd like you to be here, so they can go over the samples and colors and things like that with you. They said about 10 o'clock.

Monica: That's fine, Amy.

Amy: And there was one for Alan from Susan Moore.

Monica: Oh? And what was that?

Amy: She said that she forgot-- that he forgot to tell her what time they were gonna have their meeting tonight and would he please call her as soon as possible.

Monica: Well, yes, I'll see that he gets the message.

Amy: Please tell him how sorry I am.

Monica: Oh, yes, I will, Amy, and I'm sure there's no harm done. I'll see you tomorrow at the hospital. Bye. Well, Alan, it seems you got your signals crossed with Susan Moore.

Alan: What do you mean?

Monica: That was Amy Vining on the phone. She was calling from the hospital. She had forgotten to give us some messages. One of them was from Susan Moore. She wanted to know what time your meeting was tonight. Were you supposed to meet her at the disco?

Alan: Oh, yes, I forgot. We did have an appointment. Damn it.

Monica: Oh, well, was it important?

Alan: No. We were gonna go over the profit-and-loss statements on the disco.

Alex: In that case, don't you think you should phone her, Alan?

Alan: Yes, I guess so.

Alex: I think that'd be a good idea.

Monica: Guess you will have some explaining to do.

Alan: Yes, probably will. Look, I'll use the phone in the foyer. That way, I won't disturb anybody. Lee, I hope do decide to come along with us.

Lee: I imagine I will. Have a good flight.

Alan: Thank you. Gail, it's very nice to see you.

Gail: It's nice to see you, Alan. Have a nice trip.

Alan: Thank you. We'll have dinner when I come back.

Gail: Oh, fine.

Alex: Mm-hmm.

Monica: Well, listen, I'm going to freshen those drinks. I mean--

Alan: Hello, Susan?

Susan: Hi. I was beginning to wonder.

Alan: I got your message from the hospital.

Susan: Yeah. I called because you never did say what time you wanted me to meet you at that address.

Alan: I'm sorry. Lee and Gail dropped over unexpectedly, and I just got tied up.

Susan: Oh. Would you rather make it another night?

Alan: Absolutely not. I'm leaving right now.

Susan: In that case, so will I.

Alan: Ok. I'll see you then. Bye-bye.

Alex: [Snickers]

Alan: You seem to be making a habit of becoming an eavesdropper, dear cousin.

Alex: I think it must be a family trait, dear cousin. Actually, I came out to wish you a very good trip to New York or a good trip to the moon on gossamer wings, whichever it's gonna be.

Jeff: I'm sure you've got all kinds of concrete proof to support all this.

Diana: Jeff, please think back to the days that peter was in the hospital, lying there, no one knew who if he was going to live or die.

Jeff: Yes, I remember those days.

Diana: And he became so obsessive about P.J., and he demanded to talk to you, remember that? Something he had to tell you before he died.

Jeff: Peter wanted me to help take care of you and P.J. if he died.

Diana: That's what we all thought. But what he really wanted to do was to make a clean breast of it and to tell you that P.J. was really your son.

Jeff: I won't believe any of this. I'm sorry.

Diana: Jeff, if you want more proof, think about heather. Think about how possessive she was about P.J., how she wanted to babysit for him all the time. She would take him over to your apartment. She wanted to be with him 24 hours a day. Peter and I talked about it. That's why we finally had to replace her with Maggie, because we felt it was unhealthy for her after having lost her son. Doesn't it all make sense to you?

Jeff: Diana, she was always crazy about P.J.

Diana: Then she tried to drug me. Jeff, why are you being so stubborn about this whole thing? Just think for a minute. Think back to those last moments at the hospital.

Jeff: Relax.

Peter: I can't.

Jeff: You've got to, man, or I'll have to leave.

Peter: No.

Jeff: All right, I'll stay, but you've got to calm down.

Peter: Jeff, I'm dying.

Jeff: Peter, for God--

Peter: I'm dying. Now, I know it, and you know it. I've got to tell the truth before I go.

Jeff: Where are the adoption papers? I want to see them.

Alan: Well, what do you think?

Susan: What do I think? I think it's charming.

Alan: There's a nice fireplace and super country kitchen, which I'll show you later on. As a matter of fact, I'll give you a grand tour later.

Susan: I don't quite understand. Who lives here?

Alan: At the moment, nobody.

Susan: You mean it's vacant?

Alan: I've taken a long lease on this place in your name. I have an option to buy it in 6 months if you're happy and if you're comfortable.

Susan: I don't believe it. You mean this is for me?

Alan: If you like, yes, all you got to do is just nod your head. I wanted to do something to please you. I saw this place, and it reminded me of you. And I also put some champagne on ice just in case you did like it, we could celebrate.

Susan: Like it? I love it. This is the most charming, cozy--but I don't get it, Alan.

Alan: What?

Susan: Why are you doing all these things for me? You don't have to do this kind of thing.

Alan: You see, I think I do.

Susan: If you're trying to impress me, you did that a long time ago.

Alan: No. No, I'm not. It's much more than that. I don't want you ever to think this is just a casual affair, and I'm just another married man having a little fling on the side. I'll never cast you aside. Never. I want this relationship to grow and to last, and I want it to light up the darkness for the both of us.

Susan: Just the past few days have done that for me.

Alan: This is only the beginning. I have so many things to give you and to show you and to share with you. I can give you anything. I can't offer you marriage. Anything else short of that is yours. You ask for it.

Susan: I don't know what to say.

Alan: Susan... you aren't offended, are you?

Susan: Oh, no, of course not. We're both grown up, and I think we're both realists. Alan, I don't have any illusions about you leaving Monica for me. I understand why you can't.

Alan: I hope so.

Susan: It really doesn't matter. I love this house.

Alan: Good. I thought maybe you might be tired of living in that hotel room of yours.

Susan: Oh, yes. Oh, I can't believe it, to come home to a place like this every night.

Alan: Mm-hmm. And for me to come home to you.

Susan: I'll cook for you, too. Wonderful dinners.

Alan: There's a nice dining room.

Susan: No, I think we'll eat right over there in front of the fireplace.

Alan: Ah, yes. Well, there's one other little selling point, madam. Let me show it to you. Just step right this way. Look out there across the bay. Now, what do you see?

Susan: Lights.

Alan: Yes, you see lights. You also see houses. If you look at that cluster there, the taller one in the middle, that's mine.

Susan: You're right. It is.

Alan: Mm-hmm. Now, if you can see my house, I can see yours. You see, any night that you need me, that you want me, that you feel lonely, you open up those shutters, and I'll come running. I'll be here in less than 10 minutes, ok?

Susan: Incredible.

Alan: I want you to be happy.

Susan: I am so far beyond happiness. I'm into a whole new dimension of feeling.

Alan: So am I. You see this lease? Here, this makes it official. I'll buy it within 6 months. As a matter of fact, I think I'm gonna get them to wave the option altogether.

Susan: I think you could do anything you set your mind to. Oh, look at me. I'm in my own home. Our home.

Alan: Shall we have some champagne to seal the bargain?

Susan: Yes. Good idea.

Alan: Can I take your coat, ma'am?

Susan: Oh, please. Thank you.

Alan: There are--well, I brought you glasses. You can see that. But there are quite a few other things that I really--

Susan: You have thought of everything, as usual.

Alan: I didn't think of everything, because I didn't get you tableware and linenware and that sort of thing, but the only reason I didn't get it was I wasn't sure you were gonna like the place or not.

Susan: Alan, you have picked out exactly the kind of place I would've picked out for myself. It's like a cottage, and it's small enough to be manageable, yet there's plenty of room to entertain. Let's have that drink. I want you to show me every room. I want us to go through it together for the first time.

Alan: Agreed.

Susan: How long do we have to be together tonight?

Alan: I told the family that I was going to new York on business.

Susan: Alan.

Alan: We have the whole night if you want it.

Susan: Oh, I wish we could stop time right this very minute. I don't think I'm ever gonna be quite this happy again.

Alan: Don't say that. I may surprise you again.

Diana: I'm sure they're in here, although I haven't looked for them in a long time.

Jeff: Diana, I still don't see how P.J.'s adoption papers are gonna prove he's Steven Lars.

Diana: Jeff, the woman posing as P.J.'s grandmother had a copy of footprints taken. She must've gotten them from heather. Here they are. I am sure that these are Steven Lars' footprints, even though there is no name on them.

Jeff: And no hospital name, I take it.

Diana: That's right, but you can prove it yourself, Jeff. Take these to general hospital, compare them-compare them to Steven Lars' footprints, the ones that were taken of him at birth. Jeff, when you realize that I am telling you the truth, can we have a life together? Can we with our son?

Nurse: They're both asleep.


Heather: Hello. [Muffled] Who am I speaking to?

Jeremy: This is Jeremy.

Heather: Uh, is your mother there?

Jeremy: No. Nobody's here but me. You want me to take a message?

Heather: Uh, no. I just wanted to check on something.

Jeremy: I can't hear you very well. Your voice sounds kind of weird.

Heather: I have a cold.

Jeremy: Um, what's your name?

Heather: This is the seamstress-- Mrs. Renfrew. I'm doing the capes for the parade tomorrow.

Jeremy: Right. Sure. Yeah.

Heather: I wanted to find out if your mother was gonna pick them up tonight.

Jeremy: Yeah, she is. Um, she's on her way over there right now. She, uh, had to stop by Mrs. Taylor's along the way and do something else before that. I'm sure she'll be there pretty soon, but maybe you better call Mrs. Taylor first.

Heather: Yeah, it's a good idea. I think I'll try that.

Jeremy: I'm pretty sure my mom will be there by now.

Heather: Thank you. I wanted to make sure everything goes according to schedule.

Jeremy: Ok.

Heather: Bye-bye.

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