GH Transcript Wednesday 8/6/80

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 8/6/80


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(On the run from Frank Smith, Luke and Laura take time out to spend a romantic night together dancing in Wyndham’s Department store unaware that Hutch is there too.)

Alan: I'll expect you at the fundraiser, Monica.

Monica: And I have told you, Alan, I'm not going to be there.

Rick: What is this fundraising gala?

Monica: Uh, nothing. It's nothing important right now. It's important right now is for the baby to go to bed. It's way past his bedtime.

Rick: All right, I'll take him up.

Monica: No, I'll take him.

Alan: Monica...

Monica: Rick, please. Good night, Alan.

Alan: I'll be calling you.

Rick: Alan, I want you to leave her alone.

Alan: Legally she's my wife. And Alan Jr. Is my son.

Rick: Legally.

Alan: Do you know how it destroys me to see that baby in your arms? I love that child so much and I miss him so desperately.

Rick: I know exactly how you feel.

Alan: I don't think so.

Rick: I think you're forgetting the time that you were living under the same roof. When you thought you were his father.

Alan: I am his father.

Rick: Alan, don't do that to yourself. He is my son. I am the natural father, we both know that.

Luke: Oh, no, that is definitely not you.

Laura: Luke! Did you put our new clothes away?

Luke: Sure. Stashed 'em in the boudoir.

Laura: Good.

Luke: Oh, now, wait, wait, this is it. This is what you wear tonight.

Laura: Oh, no.

Luke: Come on. Look, Laura, we've been living in crummy hotels. We've been eating junk food. We've been wearing the same damn clothes day after day. Now tonight, we're going to turn it all around. This is our night of nights.

Laura: What?!

Luke: All right, so we can't afford to buy a bunch of expensive, wonderful clothes. But we can sure afford to borrow 'em for one evening. We're going to get dressed up to the hilt, to the teeth, girl! Put on something wonderful. We'll have a gourmet meal with imported wine. Très elegant, kiddo. What do you say?

Laura: I have only one question.

Luke: What's that?

Laura: Who's joining us for dinner? The night watchman?

Luke: The watchman!

Laura: What?

Luke: Oh, you are clever. And he's due on this floor any minute. Come on. Oh! Shh, shh. Shh, shh.

Laura: Where are we?

Luke: Shh. I don't know, looks like a storeroom or something. Oh, this is a nice outfit. I like this. Ha ha.

Laura: It's more like a graveyard that stores dead mannequins.

Luke: Laura, please don't talk about graveyards.

Laura: Look at this.

Luke: Bad teeth, bad teeth, come on. [Laughs]

Laura: What are you laughing at?

Luke: I want that in my front yard.

Laura: Oh, Luke.

Luke: You like that?

Laura: Oh!

Luke: Baby, it's only us, ok? Chill out.

Laura: [Laughs] Chill out.

Luke: Listen, I think we've got to get out of the line of fire in case the night watchman looks in here. Come on. Come on. Shh, shh. Chinese lanterns. Very romantique.

Laura: I'm scared.

Luke: No, no. Laura, Laura, Laura. Chill out.

Laura: Hmm.

Luke: Don't be scared.

Rick: Alan, I've asked you to leave. I think you should probably do that.

Alan: I'll leave when I'm ready.

Rick: I don't understand you.

Alan: No, you never did. Neither did Monica. I see you both more clearly than I ever have.

Rick: And what is that supposed to mean?

Alan: It means I see how much you love the baby.

Rick: He's my son.

Alan: Yes, of course. Tell me something--how did it feel when Monica told you the truth about him? That your one night of lovemaking had produced a son for you.

Rick: What are you getting at?

Alan: Civility. That's what we all agreed, to be civil until Monica got her divorce, didn't we?

Rick: Yes, I think you can be better. She was upset, very upset, that you came over here so unexpectedly this afternoon with your father.

Alan: She didn't expect my father along, but I certainly told her that I was coming here.

Rick: Maybe I misunderstood.

Alan: No, no. Monica has a way of just telling partial truths.

Rick: I said maybe I misunderstood her.

Alan: Oh, yes, of course. What would you like me to do, apologize again for stopping by this evening?

Rick: You said something about a fundraising event.

Alan: Yes, that's right, for the new teaching wing at the hospital.

Rick: I thought frank smith was funding the entire wing.

Alan: Well, he was going to, but he's withdrawn now that Luke and Jennifer are having all this trouble.

Rick: So now there is a fundraising party.

Alan: That's right. My father and I are going to assume a major portion of the funding, but that won't be all of it. It's upwards of 20 million dollars and it's going to need additional funding.

Rick: All right, what does Monica have to do with all this?

Alan: Well, she's still my wife and she's a member of the Quartermaine foundation, and they're the ones who are going to be supporting this project. And she's going to be expected at the party, rick.

Rick: Alan, she will not be there. Period.

Alan: Well, just think about it. Seriously, will you? I really would like her there. I'd like you there, as well. It's going to be a very elegant evening. I think it'll probably be a night that both of you remember always.

Laura: Do you think the night watchman's gone now?

Luke: Well, he didn't come in here. I think we're ok.

Laura: That was an awfully close call.

Luke: Well, we're full of close calls, darlin'. However, I have the schedule. Let me check it. Come on out, my dear. He has eight more floors before we're going to be bothered again. I think we're going to be all right.

Laura: If you say so.

Luke: I'm sure I said so. I heard somebody say it, it must have been me.

Laura: Oh, Luke.

[Luke laughs]

Laura: Hey!

Luke: What?

Laura: Look at that.

Luke: Aren't they pretty?

Laura: Yeah!

Luke: Ohh. Laura June Simone, or whatever the hell your name is these days, are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Laura: What are you thinking?

Luke: I'm thinking that I'd like to live tonight like there's no tomorrow, and I'd like to wear this.

Laura: You want to wear the gown?

Luke: No, actually, I had the top hat and tails in mind. I thought maybe the gown would look better on you.

Laura: Well, I think so, too.

Luke: You do?

Laura: Yes, I do.

Luke: Perfect. No, no, no, no! Allow me, sil vous plait. Ha ha!

Laura: Whatever you say.

Luke: You mean it?

Laura: Don't push your luck.

Luke: Oh, well, she's pushing her luck. Look at this. Little too friendly for my taste, don't you think? Look, we don't know each other that well, my darling. She's cold, very cold. Very, very cold. Very cold. You're much warmer. All right, all right, all right. Listen, you know, I think that you should relax. I think that perhaps you should maybe not take life so seriously, you know? And your nose is chipped, as well.

[Laura laughs]

Luke: I hope my date tonight has a better...never mind.

Laura: No, no, leave her alone!

Luke: Look, I'm trying to get acquainted. Do you mind?

Laura: Well, get acquainted with him!

Luke: He's not my type. He's too tall.

Laura: Luke!

Luke: Ok, all right. All right, all right, come on, pal. We know where we're not wanted.

Laura: [Laughs] Where are you going?

Luke: Fred and I will go down to the first floor. We have at least three hours until the night watchman hits the first floor.

Laura: Well, aren't you going to wait for me?

Luke: Only if you let me watch you dress.

Laura: I'll meet you downstairs.

Luke: Ahh, that's what I was afraid of. Fred. Uh, look, are you going to be ok here alone?

Laura: It is kind of scary, isn't it? Yeah, sure, I'll be ok. I mean, look, I've got her to protect me, him and him and all these other people, sure. We're going to be fine.

Luke: I'll leave you with your friends, and I'll see you downstairs, princess. Don't take too long. I believe this is your cane, Fred. Talk to me, brother, talk to me.

[Laura laughs]

Howard: You hardly touched your dinner.

Lesley: Well, a little anxiety is good for the diet.

Howard: Look, I know it's wishful thinking, but I'd like to get your mind off of Laura for a little while.

Lesley: It's useless. I wouldn't even try if I were you. I do apologize for it, but I can't help worrying about where she is and how she is. And why she has this wonderful tendency to run away every time there's trouble. Well, I guess maybe I have to take some of the responsibility for that, don't I? I'm her mother.

Waitress: Here we are. Tea and coffee.

Lesley: Thank you.

Howard: Thank you.

Waitress: Enjoy.

Lesley: Well, to what shall we drink?

Howard: : How about to Laura's safe home coming?

Rick: Alan's gone.

Monica: Oh, I'm so sorry about all this.

Rick: You're sorry? Come here.

Monica: Hold me. Just hold me.

Rick: You're shaking like a leaf.

Monica: I know, isn't that silly?

Rick: No, it is not silly, Monica, it's not. Alan told me about the fundraising dinner. I'm in no way going to let him browbeat you into doing that.

Monica: I don't want to have anything to do with him. And I don't want him to have anything to do with that baby.

Rick: When I see you like this, I...I'm truly sorry I never lived up to the promises I tried to make the night our son was conceived, but Lesley needed me so much. I felt I had to go back.

Monica: As much as I hated that decision, I knew it was something you had to do. Anyway, it's like an eternity ago.

Rick: Everything is fine, and will be fine as soon as the divorce is final.

Monica: That's what I am living for.

Luke: We're going to have the waterfront clinic. The practice side by side. And no more estates on the lake or penthouses.

Monica: Sounds marvelous.

Rick: Very simple life.

Monica: And that's just the way I want it. There's this kind of money that the Quartermaines have, rick, that...I don't know. Just taints everybody's lives.

Edward: Oh, Alan, how did things go with Monica?

Alan: I think it went pretty well.

Edward: That's a rather ambiguous remark. What about the fundraising dinner? Did she say that she'd be there?

Alan: She's deciding.

Edward: Well, what does that mean?

Alan: What that means is with some encouragement from the right source, I think she'll go.

Edward: Encouragement from whom?

Alan: From you. Dad, will you please ask her for me? She's never been able to refuse you anything.

Edward: I think you have more faith in me than I deserve, Alan.

Alan: Not when it comes to Monica.

Edward: You still want her back, even after she walked out on you.

Alan: More than you'll ever know.

Edward: All right, I'll see if I can get her to come to the fundraising dinner, but I must say, at the moment, I don't know how.

Alan: Well, I have an idea. Would you like my suggestion?

Edward: Ok, let's have it.

Alan: Sit. It's, uh, a little under-handed.

Edward: Well, the best plans usually are.

Alan: Well, this whole fundraising is about the teaching wing, right?

Edward: Come on, get on with it.

Alan: All right, well, rick has agreed to teach the interns on a salary basis in order to help fund the waterfront clinic that he wants so badly.

Edward: The place where Monica plans to work?

Alan: One in the same.

Edward: In other words, if he wants the job, he better show up at the charity party, right?

Alan: Mm-hmm, and so would Monica. Would you help me?

Edward: If you think this is the best way to get Monica back as your wife, I will.

Alan: Thanks, dad.

[Indistinct chatter]

Susan: Mrs. Hardy, Dr. Hardy, how nice to see you.

Steve: Hello, Susan.

Jeff: Hey, what about me? Isn't it nice to see me?

Susan: Oh, it's always nice to see you, you know that.

Jeff: Susan, I'd like you to meet Dr. Tony Pirelli from the state mental hospital at forest hills. This is Susan Moore.

Susan: Dr. Pirelli, welcome to the floating rib.

Tony: Thank you.

Jeff: Forest hills is where we're thinking of transferring heather. And Susan is heather's cousin.

Tony: Oh. I may be getting in touch with you about her, ok?

Susan: Fine, any time. You can usually find me right here.

Tony: All right.

Susan: I take it this is your reservation for four.

Steve: That's right, I'm the big spender tonight.


Susan: I have your table right here.

Audrey: Oh, look, there's Lesley and Howard.

Steve: Sure is. Hello, Lesley, Howard.

Audrey: Hello, you two.

Lesley: Oh, hi.

Howard: Hi.

Audrey: Well, our prayers are with Laura, Lesley.

Lesley: Thank you. I know that, and I appreciate it.

Audrey: If you'll excuse us.

Lesley: Mm-hmm. How are you, Jeff?

Jeff: Oh, I can't complain. Or won't. Listen, Lesley, I don't think you know tony Pirelli.

Lesley: No, I don't. It's nice to meet you.

Tony: Ah, pleasure is definitely mine, uh, Lesley?

Lesley: Webber. Dr. Webber.

Tony: Webber. Any relation?

Lesley: Not anymore. We are ex in-laws.

Tony: Leave it to me to ask.

Lesley: Um, Mr. Pirelli--

Tony: Dr. Pirelli.

Lesley: Oh, Dr. Pirelli. Howard Lansing.

Tony: How do you do?

Howard: Nice to meet you.

Tony: Yeah. Well, you're a lucky man, Mr. Lansing.

Howard: I think so.

Jeff: Uh, listen, I think we're holding Susan up.

Tony: Ok, I'm ready. I hope we didn't interrupt anything.

Howard: Not at all.

Tony: Ok, see you.

Lesley: See you.

Howard: Ahem. Well, Dr. Pirelli certainly takes over, doesn't he? Hello?

Lesley: I beg your pardon, what did you just say?

Howard: I said, your Dr. Pirelli certainly takes over, doesn't he?

Lesley: What do you mean, my Dr. Pirelli?

Howard: Well, you couldn't take your eyes off him.

Lesley: Howard, that's not true!

Susan: Here we are.

Audrey: Oh, thank you.

Jeff: Hurray.

Jeff: Thank you, thanks.

Susan: There you go.

Tony: Thank you.

Susan: You're welcome. Just let me know when you're ready to order.

Steve: We will.

Audrey: Here we are.

Steve: I'm sorry, maybe I should have asked. Are we ready for menus or not?

Tony: Well, I think it's your ballgame, it's up to you, Steve, but I think we should wait until after dinner to discuss heather's transfer to state. It's a pretty hairy situation.

Audrey: Tony...

Tony: Now, Audrey, it's not my style to beat around the bush, you know? Right, Jeff?

Jeff: Yes, that's very right. And you seem to know what you're doing.

Tony: Well, when it comes to psychiatry, I know what I'm doing.

[Telephone rings]

Susan: Floating rib.

Edward: Ah, this is Edward Quartermaine. To whom am I speaking?

Susan: Well, this is Susan, Mr. Quartermaine, what can I do for you?

Edward: Ah, hello, Susan. I'm trying to locate Steve hardy. I called his home and Anne Logan said he might be at your restaurant. Is he there, by any chance?

Susan: Yes, he just came in a few minutes ago. If you hold on, I'll get him for you.

Edward: Thank you. Well, we're in luck, he's there.

Alan: That's good. We have to talk to Steve before anybody else, including Monica and rick.

Edward: Oh, absolutely.

Steve: Yes, Edward?

Edward: Steve, I'm sorry to interrupt you, but this is important.

Steve: What's the problem?

Edward: Well, there is a problem, but there's also a solution.

Steve: What's this about, Edward?

Edward: It has to do with frank smith. I understand that due to the situation with his daughter, he has to rescind his offer to donate the new teaching wing to general hospital.

Steve: I know, Edward. I spoke to frank this afternoon.

Edward: Well, I did say I have a solution.

Steve: That's right, you did.

Edward: Actually, it was Alan's idea initially, but I join him whole-heartedly. If we wouldn't be intruding, we'd like to drop by the restaurant and outline the plan to you. We have to come into town, anyway.

Steve: Well, by all means, come on over. We're going to be quite a while this evening.

["Fascination" plays]

Luke: Madame...

Laura: Luke...

Luke: Caviar?

Laura: Caviar! And champagne.

Luke: Nothing but the best for my lady. To our night.

Laura: To our night.

Luke: Would you like more champagne?

Laura: Yes. Thank you. You know, I've never had caviar before.

Luke: You have been supremely deprived.

Laura: Mmm.

Luke: This is a night of firsts. You've never been more beautiful to me than you are right now.

Laura: This is all like a dream.

Luke: Well, if it is, I hope you didn't leave a wake-up call.

Laura: Oh, it's a wonderful dream.

Luke: No, baby. Tonight is real.

Laura: And I'm very glad that it is.

Luke: I look in your eyes, I see every beautiful thing there is in the world.

Laura: Is that what you see?

Luke: I see love. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Don't look away. Don't look away. I love you more than I thought it was possible to love anyone. So... what would you like? More champagne, more caviar?

Laura: I think I've had enough.

Luke: [Chuckles]

Luke: What's wrong?

Laura: Nothing. It's just that everything... is so right.

Luke: It is for me, too.

Laura: Is there a world outside of this room?

Luke: Not tonight, there isn't. And after tonight, that world out there? It will never be the same again.

Laura: I do feel like Cinderella.

[Both chuckle]

[Bell chiming]

Luke: Oh, no. Let's see here.

Laura: What is it?

Luke: Oh, Cinderella, it's midnight. Here come the pumpkins. Night watchman is on his way. Soon.

Laura: The night watchman?

Luke: Yes. So I think that, uh, we better make the most of every moment and take a hike. Come on, love, while we still have time.

Laura: What are we going to do?

Luke: We're going to make the most of every moment we have left together.

["Fascination" plays]

Luke: Listen, they're playing our song.

[Laura laughs]

Luke: Care to dance, again?

Laura: Yes!

[Both laugh]

Laura: I love this dress.

[Rhythmic clapping]

Luke: Hit it!

[Laura giggles]

Luke: Come here, come here, come here. I love you, woman.

Monica: I'm sorry. I'm sorry I've been so uptight tonight.

Rick: That's all right, I understand.

Monica: I just don't have any right to take out my frustrations on Alan on you.

Rick: Honey, I said I understand.

Monica: Ok. Ahh. When you hold me in your arms, it's like all the problems of the world just go away.

Rick: One day very soon, we'll be able to spend all our spare time like this.

Monica: It just sounds heavenly.

Rick: Of course, I don't guarantee too much spare time, because with the clinic, it's going to take a lot of time, energy.

Monica: It's ok. I'm all ready for that challenge.

Rick: It's going to be our dream. We'll be working side by side. As a team. Helping those people that are less fortunate than we are.

Monica: Everybody is less fortunate than we are, you know that? Because we've got each other.

Rick: And a very beautiful bundle upstairs.

Monica: I have told you time and time again, he is not beautiful, he is handsome.

Rick: Well, that's something that I've been thinking about, trying to decide...

Monica: Decide what?

Rick: Well, if he looks more like his mother or his father.

Monica: Well, I think babies look like other babies. They're all alike, don't you?

Rick: I'm having difficulty finding resemblance to me.

Monica: Well, really?

Rick: Yeah, I even looked at my baby pictures.

Monica: You did?

Rick: Yes. I don't see any of the family characteristics.

Monica: Well, maybe, um...maybe they're all from my family. However, not having ever met my family, I can't really say.

Rick: Maybe that's it. They're showing up in him now.

Monica: Anyway, it doesn't matter to me who he looks like.

Rick: No, as long as he's beautiful--handsome. Beautiful.

Steve: Oh, hello, Alan.

Alan: Hello.

Jeff: Edward.

Steve: This is what I call perfect timing.

Edward: Well, it looks to me like we're interrupting.

Audrey: No, not at all. We've just finished. It's so nice to see both of you.

Alan: Hello, Audrey, Jeff.

Steve: I don't believe either of you has met Dr. Tony Pirelli. He's from forest hills.

Alan: Oh, the state mental facility.

Tony: That's the one.

Alan: I'm Alan Quartermaine, how do you do? This is my father Edward.

Edward: Dr. Pirelli.

Tony: Tony, please. I understand you're on the staff at general.

Alan: Yeah, I'm mostly fundraising these days.

Tony: Uh-huh. Steve here told us you were all coming by. Why don't we go to the bar, let these people talk, Jeff.

Jeff: Fine with me.

Edward: Well, we shouldn't be long.

Jeff: Ah, no problem, take your time.

Alan: Thank you. Sit down, dad.

Audrey: Yes, sit down, please.

Edward: I hope we didn't chase them off.

Steven: Oh, not at all. I told them you were coming by and this is a welcome break. I haven't even had the chance to tell Audrey the reason for you coming here.

Edward: Oh, Alan.

Alan: Well, briefly, frank smith has withdrawn his pledge from the teaching wing.

Audrey: Oh, Steve!

Alan: Oh, wait, Audrey, maybe that was a little bit too brief. I think we can still go ahead on schedule.

Steve: Really? What are you proposing?

Alan: Well, as you know, I was going to make a very large donation myself, in addition to having this fundraising party to augment the pledge that smith was going to make.

Steve: Alan, I have faith in you, but this is $20 million we're talking about.

Edward: Let me step in here, Steve. Alan and I have gone over this, and we'd like the Quartermaine foundation to take over the major responsibility for the funding.

Steve: Edward, we couldn't possibly ask you to do that.

Edward: Steve, now this is something I insist on doing.

Alan: The decision has been made. Will you stop fooling around with the Quartermaines? We're very stubborn.

Tony: What's the deal with Lesley Webber? Is she dating that Lansing guy?

Jeff: Oh, Howard's kind of a friend of all of ours.

Tony: Mm-hmm.

Jeff: He handled Lesley's divorce from rick.

Tony: Oh, he's an attorney.

Jeff: Yeah. Yeah, and I've been consulting with him about the ramifications of moving heather. In fact, I should probably talk to him tonight about that.

Tony: You want me to send him over?

Jeff: Now, would you mind?

Tony: All right! [Laughs] Ah, excuse me, Mr. Lansing, Jeff wants to know if he could see you for a minute.

Howard: Right now?

Tony: It's about the situation with his wife.

Howard: Do you mind?

Lesley: No--

Tony: Well, I'll keep you company.

Lesley: All right.

Howard: Ahem. I'll be right back.

Tony: Well, don't rush on my account.

Howard: I'm sure.

Tony: You don't mind, do you?

Lesley: No, Dr. Pirelli, goodness--

Tony: Tony, tony, tony.

Lesley: Tony.

Tony: Tony, that's right, tony. I've been seeing Jeff about his wife. I'm from forest hills.

Lesley: You're a psychiatrist. I've heard of you.

Tony: All good things, I hope.

Lesley: Oh, yes, of course.

Tony: Yeah. Well, you and your date must be having some conversation. You're really nursing that drink.

Lesley: Oh, well, I just don't like to drink too much. And don't start analyzing.

Tony: No, no, no, I'm off duty. You're a gorgeous woman.

Lesley: Thank you.

Tony: No, I mean it. I mean it. You're a gorgeous, divorced woman. I've met your ex, you know.

Lesley: You did?

Tony: Are you free to see other men or are you having an affair with Howard Lansing?

Lesley: You're a little blunt, aren't you?

Tony: Yeah, I don't believe in wasting time. Once it's gone, it's gone. So are you free?

Lesley: I'm free.

Tony: Ok. Then I'll take you to dinner tomorrow night, 8:00, all right?

Lesley: Do I have anything to say about this?

Tony: No. Listen, would you mind bringing us another round of drinks here, please, pal?

Waiter: Sure. Thank you.

Rick: You all right now?

Monica: Yes, I'm ok. I am not going to let Alan get to me like this anymore, I promise.

Rick: That's my girl. I'm going upstairs to give my son one last kiss. You first.

Monica: [Chuckles] Ok.

Rick: And then I'm going to leave.

Monica: All right, give him a kiss for me.

Rick: Ok.

[Telephone rings]

Monica: Hello?

Edward: Monica dear, it's Edward.

Monica: Yes, Edward, what can I do for you?

Edward: I'm over at the floating rib with Alan and Steve hardy, and we're going over plans for the fundraising dinner for the new teaching wing.

Monica: Edward...

Edward: I know Alan told you about it. The Quartermaine foundation is taking over the funding.

Monica: I have already told Alan that I won't be there.

Edward: Nonsense. You owe it to me, Monica. You also owe it to Alan Jr. To be there.

Monica: Edward!

Edward: Well, I can see that talking this out on the phone isn't the answer. I'll be right over.

Monica: No!

[Dial tone]

Alan: Did you speak to Monica?

Edward: I did.

Alan: And?

Edward: Well, she wasn't too receptive. I told her I was on my way over to make certain she's at that party.

Alan: How can I ever thank you?

Edward: By getting your wife back.

Laura: Almost got caught downstairs.

Luke: Almost. Almost. Who cares?

Laura: Luke...the night watchman comes.

Luke: No, no, it won't happen. Nobody's going to stop us tonight. This is our night to be alone.

[I'm In the Mood for Love" plays]

Laura: [Giggles] Ahh! [Giggling]


Luke: Oh, good evening, ladies, do you know I love this woman?

[Laura giggles]

Luke: Ok. [Chuckles] Just fine. [Scoffs] [Grunting] Ahh, boy. Oh, boy, boy, boy. [Sighs] [Scoffs as he throws off his shoes] Oh, Laura! [Grunting and sighing] [Sighs]

[A gunman approaches]

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