GH Transcript Monday 7/7/80

General Hospital Transcript Monday 7/7/80


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(At the Fourth of July party, Scotty and Laura make plans for their first anniversary; Bobbie covers for Luke so he can search Frank Smith’s office for the black book; Monica wants Alan to admit he tried to kill her and Rick.)

Too much food. Dang.


Well, I don't believe it.

You don't believe what?

Scotty: Well, I never thought I'd hear the day that you said you had too much to eat.

Brian: 3 helpings of potato salad, 6 hot dogs and 3 hamburgers.

Claudia: 4 hamburgers.

4 hamburgers.

7 hot dogs.

Who's counting?

I was.

Uh-huh. Betrayed again.


It's really been a perfect day. But when are the fireworks gonna start? I can't wait.

I don't know. I don't know. When are they gonna start?

I...Laura. You know when the fireworks are gonna start? Laura. The fireworks. When?

I-I guess when it gets dark.

The lady is a genius, honey.

No doubt.

Hey, girl, what's up? Tell me now, what are you and Scotty gonna do to celebrate that wedding anniversary?

We aren't.

How come?

Claudia, some other time, all right?

Back off, babe.

Well, honey, did I say something wrong? I said something wrong.

You got the picture.

Sorry, Scotty. I didn't know.

Listen, it's ok, Claudia. It's just that I promised Laura I'd take her away for a couple of days to celebrate our anniversary, but I also promised Luke that I'd be an usher at the wedding. Then there's the bachelor party, you know. I mean, you can't do everything.

And I had to ask when do the fireworks start?

They've already started, and I'm not talking about Luke's fireworks.

Me and my big mouth.

You said it. I didn't.

Luke, can we please just do this? I'm getting very nervous.

Just take it easy. You got a cold, remember?

Yeah. That's another thing. I didn't like lying to Jessie and Dan about this stupid fake cold.

Yeah, well, I'm sorry about that.

I also had to miss the whole picnic.

Aw, what a shame. And it was such a blast. We raised all that money for the charitable ward. Sorry you couldn't be here.

Mm. Why are you so afraid that smith's gonna be keeping a special eye on you tonight?

Listen, I just don't want to take any chances, that's all.

Oh, sure. So, you're gonna go search his office while I set off these fireworks?

You can handle it.

Yeah, I read the instructions. Looks real easy.

Just follow the safety precautions, wear your little helmet, your little goggle. It's gonna be dark soon, but, uh, come on. Try to look taller, will you? Look like me. Taller.

We're not gonna get away with it.

Yes, we are. If you do your job, we will. My only trouble so far is Joe Kelly. He's been sticking to me like glue all day.

Joe takes his job as best man very seriously.

Yeah. Too seriously. Keeps helping me--wanting to help me set these off.

What am I gonna do if he comes over here?

Don't worry about it. Ruby's got it covered. She's, uh, she's gonna have him hand out pie or something during the fireworks.

You know, you could be elected president one of these days, big brother.

Yes, I think so, if I live that long. Now get back in the bushes where you belong until I call you, ok?

Tell me the truth, Alan. You intended to murder rick and me down at the waterfront that day.

[Stops tape]


[Recording] Tell me the truth, Alan. You intended to murder rick and me down at the waterfront that day.

Monica? What are you doing?

I was getting a blanket. It might be chilly out on the terrace when we watch the fireworks.

How kind of you.

Well, Alan, you just got home from the hospital. You have to watch yourself.

Wonderful to have such a loving wife. I should think that they'll be starting the fireworks and the hospital picnic very soon now.

Ok, fine. I will make us a couple of drinks, and then I'll join you on the terrace. Alan...we do have to talk.

Do we?

You know it.

[Sirens wailing]

Oh, there you are. Hi.

Hi, Mr. Smith.

Hello, Steve.



Hello, lee.

Mind if my better half and I join you?

Oh. Well, he only calls me that on the fourth of July.


Oh, lee, Gail.

Hi, frank.

How are you, frank?

We certainly--

Having a marvelous time.

Good. We certainly enjoyed your speech earlier.

Well, I enjoyed it myself. I suppose there's a bit of the performer in all of us.

Probably, but I really hate making speeches.

Now don't listen to him. He practices in front of a mirror for hours before every speech.

Did I say my better half?

You know, we're all really quite excited about the new teaching wing, frank.

Yeah, that's quite a gift you're giving the hospital.

Oh, it's been a dream of Steve's for years.

Well, it's a pleasure to make that dream come true.

Uh, Mr. Smith.

Oh, Scotty. I didn't notice you were here.

Yes. Uh, hope I'm not interrupting, but I'd like to talk to you about something.

Oh, anytime, Scotty. Of course, you know that. Hasn't this been a marvelous day?

Yes, sir, it has.

I hope Laura's enjoying it. Where is your lovely wife?

Well, that's what I want to talk to you about, about Laura, Luke and Jennifer's wedding.

Oh, oh, oh, don't tell me that you're not gonna be there. Luke and Jennifer are counting on you to be one of their ushers.

Oh, yes, sir. Yes, sir. I'm gonna be there, all right. It's just that, uh, uh, you see, I-I don't think that I'm gonna be able to make the bachelor party.

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. I was counting on you.

Well, you see, I made a mistake. Well, I goofed things up really badly. You see, my wedding anniversary's the same night as the bachelor party.

Ah. Beginning to get the picture.

Yes, sir. Well, you see, in all the excitement over the wedding, I forgot that the 2 days came--same time.

Ha. It's perfectly all right, Scotty. You want to spend the time with Laura, of course.

Well, thank you, sir. You're very understanding.

I was young myself once. Now you run along and find Laura and be sure to tell her that I hope you have a wonderful anniversary.

Ok. I'll do that. Thank you.


Luke, we're here to help you launch the fireworks.

Yeah. Look, Joe, I told you I didn't need any help.

Well, you've got a very persistent bride-to-be.

We think the bride and the best man owe it to the groom to help him launch the fireworks. After all, you did donate everything to the fundraising drive.

Yeah, but it wasn't that expensive.

Too modest.

Jennifer, I don't want you here when the fireworks start.

Why not?

Because it's dangerous. You have to know exactly what you're doing.

You're doing it.

I know what I'm doing.

Man of many talents, huh?

Yeah, when you grow up in the slums, you need a lot of talents to survive. You know that, Joe.

I think you're being selfish and mean, don't you, Joe?

Jennifer, will you listen to me? It's dangerous. You have to know what you're doing. Now, why do you think I got these goggles and this helmet, huh? One spark flies in my eye, I'm gonna be tapping down that wedding aisle with a white cane.

Can't argue with that kind of logic.

I hope not. Will you take my lady to a safe place, please?

Ok, fine. Just--if you need any help, yell.

See you later.

I will. Just get out of here and thanks, Joe.


Dangerous, huh, Lucas? Thanks a lot...


Lucas Lorenzo. Dangerous for little Jennifer, so what the hell am I doing here? This plan is ridiculous. I think you ought to take the whole thing and stuff it. It's crazy. I don't want to do this.

I know this night is crazy, but give me a break, will you? If I can get this, if we can handle this, I can come back here with an insurance policy for you, for me and for ruby all signed, sealed and delivered. Baby, look, elm street has got its back against the wall. We have to stick together if we're gonna survive, ok?

Tsk. [Groans] Ok.

Ok. You got your goggles, you got your helmet. Now, what time have you got?


8:27. All right, at 8:30, I'm gonna go out and make an announcement that the fireworks are about to begin. Then you give me one minute to be on my way. You give me 3 minutes each way, and some time to search his office. That should take us to about 9:07.

And that's when you'll be back here?

I hope so, baby.

Ok, so I space these things so that they don't end before 9:10?

9:10, right. Ok, let's get you started. Get your goggles on.

Do I look like you?

Well, we should be so lucky. Let me see. Well, put on your goggles. Think tall.

Hey, Luke!


Hey, Joe, will you get back there where you belong?

Well, are you sure you don't need me back here to help?

I don't need any help. I don't want any help. Just get the hell out of here.

Hey, Joe, there you are. I've been looking all over for you. I need you.

Hi, ruby.

Hi. I need you to help serve watermelon and pie.


Oh, it's the big special treat. The hospital is getting the fireworks spectators the watermelon and pie, so I need you to help me.

Well, I'd really rather be here to help Luke in case he needs me.

Well, you heard the man. He doesn't need you. Besides, I need somebody terrifically charming to help me serve the watermelon and pie, and that's you. Come on.

Look, ruby--

I never give up.

You're pulling my arm right out of its socket.

Well, there's a magic word.


You got it. Terrific. Off we go. Remember, this is all for charity. Come on.

Oh, boy.

Ok. Here goes everything.

[Spectators cheering, applauding] Just want to welcome you to the fireworks display! Hope you all have a good time. Let freedom ring!

[Spectators cheering] Good luck.

Ok. You too.

Come on!

[Fireworks popping]


Been looking for you. I want to make a date.

For when?

For the day and the night of our anniversary.

You mean, we're gonna go away to celebrate?


What about the bachelor party?

Listen, I-I talked to, uh, Mr. Smith.


He said to forget about the bachelor party.

[Whispers] Scotty.

Ah. Listen, Laura, I thought maybe we'd go away to, um, Canada, Toronto. Get one of those, um, honeymoon suites, you know? Romantic night. Would you like that?

Oh, it sounds absolutely heavenly. It also sounds expensive.

What's money, comes to our anniversary, huh?


It must be a million dollars.

Well, that's one tired little boy if he can sleep through fireworks.

Ah, he's tired, all right. He's the kind of guy that likes to see and do everything, and then...conks out.

Well, he's missing all the fireworks.

He caught the first 2 or 3 'cause I propped his eyelids open with toothpicks.


Where's your husband?

Oh, he had to leave a couple hours ago. Paddy's just convinced that the things at the diner won't run smoothly in the evenings unless he's right there on the premises.

Yeah, and the 3 of us are on our way to the waterfront right now, so we'll bid you adieu.

All right.

It was a wonderful day.

Wasn't it?

Thank you for coming. Thank you for coming.

Nice to see you.



Good night!

Oh, that!

They just keep--

Honey, now where are-- on earth are Scotty and Laura?

Well, the last time I saw Scotty, he was talking to frank smith.

I'll go see if he knows anything.


Frank, excuse me. Do you know where Scotty is?

I sent him to find Laura. I think I did a little bit of peacemaking.

You did?

[Chuckles] Yes. I told him to forget about Luke's bachelor party and concentrate on their first wedding anniversary.

Good for you. Thank you.

Daddy likes to see everybody happy.

I'm a peaceful man. That's why.



[Fireworks exploding]

Oh, I like that one.

I like you.

I'm sorry about breakfast this morning.

So am I.

I was really foolish.

Listen, Laura, that is ancient history, all right? Let's talk about modern history, right now, all right?

Ok. No more fights, ok? 'Cause lately when we fight, I worry that we're never gonna get over it and that we'll never find our love again.

That's impossible.

Well, let's not take any chances, ok?



I love you. Happy anniversary.

Happy anniversary.

Uh, I think we should go find the other people, huh?


'Cause if we don't, we may be here all night. Here.

Well, let me freshen your drink.

Trying to get me drunk, Monica?

Alan, I really hope when we talk, we can be civilized.

I don't really know. Being civilized isn't exactly your strong suit. Well, shall we watch the fireworks, or shall we talk?

Whenever you're ready. But we're going to talk.

Very well. Is that a new pin you're wearing?

Yes. Yes, it is. You like it?

I've always admired your taste, at least in jewelry. Never seen it before. Did rick give it to you?

I really don't want to talk about jewelry.

What do you want to talk about?

I want to talk about whether or not you intended to murder rick and me down at the waterfront that day.

[Laughs] You're very amusing, you know that?

I don't find any humor in attempted murder, Alan.

You know, for a woman of your wide experience and background, you're really quite naive, aren't you?

What does that mean?

I mean, there you were, the 2 of you in that cottage, making love in the middle of the afternoon. Now, if I intended to kill you, do you think I'd tell you?

[Voice] Alternate destination suggested. Repeat--emergency on operation 264. Alternate destination suggested. Orchid in the black book. There will be no further contact on this matter.

Black book.

[Click] Where is the black book at? Where is that black book?

[Murmurs] Black book.


Oh, that's great! Oh, look at those colors, baby.

It's terrific.

Oh, yes!

[ Lane ] Are you growing old

Hey, hey, hey. Look at that look on your face, honey.

Yeah, you two look like you've been looking at more than just fireworks.


Well, we put the fireworks out that started this morning.


So, tell me, tell me.

It's turned into a beautiful evening.

Well, that's obvious. How? How?

Well, Scotty and I are gonna celebrate our first anniversary with a day and night in Canada.


No kidding.

Yeah. He's gonna find a honeymoon suite in someplace really romantic.


I hope you two are enjoying the fireworks as much as we are.

We're trying to, babe. You know what, pal? You're getting pretty savvy about how to please a woman, you know that?

Well, Bryan, you know, I've read a lot of articles on that.

[Laughter] No, it's been a terrific night.


Mr. Smith.


Thank you.

I found out tonight that their wedding anniversary is the day before your wedding.


I told Scotty it was a good omen for you and Luke. I hope you and Luke will be as happy as those two are.

Well, I hope that Luke and I are even happier than Laura and Scotty.


Yoo-hoo! The dessert man cometh!


Little watermelon, little apple pie. How about it? How about it a little here?

Hey, uh, Joe, the private eye business bad, huh?


It's so bad I'm reduced to peddling. How about some dessert?

I think Bryan will probably have the whole plate. Put it down right there.

He's my best customer so far. How about it, old boy? What'll you have, watermelon or apple pie?

I'll take 'em both.


Ok. Just for that, I won't touch anything.

Ok, come on, come on. Let him have some, let him have some.

I'll take 'em both.


How about you, Claudia?

Well, I don't want my friend here to be lonesome. I'll take an apple pie. Thank you.

Sorry, Joe. No sale.

How about the bride-to-be?

Ooh, I'd love some. Thank you.

[Whistles] Well, it looks like--ohh. Looks like Luke didn't need our help after all.

You're back earlier than I expected. It's not even 9:30 yet.

This little guy couldn't keep his eyes open for one minute longer.

That's the only reason why we came back home. He wanted to stay right to the bitter end.

Well, I missed you.

Well, I brought 'em both back to you safe and sound.

Thank you very much. What are you gonna do with this little guy?

He's gonna spend the night with me.

Let me take him up. You've been lugging him around all evening.

Yeah, that's true, but are you sure you can navigate up those stairs?

You bet. You just watch.

Oh, muscles. All right.


Let him sleep.



What about corky?

Did you get him his dinner?

Oh, listen, mike, corky had a meal that was fit for a dog. And don't you worry about anything.

I'll see you two later.

Hey, doc, how about letting me buy you a beer?

Sold, right now. Take you up on that.

All right.

Hey, doc. Doc! It's me--rocky baker.

Yeah, my patient, right. How are you?

I'm not your patient anymore. I'm out of your general hospital and celebrating with my buddies. Hey, paddy, paddy, whatever he's drinking is on me. It's my tab.



Thank you. Rocky drinks anymore, he's gonna fall off that stool and end up back in the hospital.

Ha. What, from fallin' on his head? Listen, that one's head's too thick to crack. Are you kidding? Aw, he's a bum. You know, he's a customer. What can I do?

He's probably celebrating fact that he's alive. Maybe I ought to be celebrating myself. I might have been killed that day as well. Let him celebrate. Send him the next round on me. When many soles pass through the most trodden areas

10 minutes. 10 minutes. I gotta get out of here.

Sooner or later, Alan, you're going to have to face the fact that rick and I know your whole plan.

My whole plan?


Would you mind telling me what it is?

You bought a gun, intending to kill both of us. You needed the practice, so that's the reason for the target down in the basement. When you thought you were good enough-- when you thought you were good enough to kill both of us with 2 bullets, you waited until you could catch us in bed together. Hence the reason you encouraged me to spend that day with rick and why you lied to me about spending the day with Tracy and her lawyers discussing a divorce and trust fund-- because what you did do was follow us all around that harbor until you got to the cottage where rick and I were staying. And if it hadn't been for that explosion, we would both be dead right now.

You really do have a flair for the melodramatic, don't you?

Is that all you have to say?

I admit I bought a gun.

I know that. Rick has the permit and the registration.

Well, it's all over and above board. I will also tell you that I practiced with it. It wasn't with the express purpose of trying to kill you and rick. Was to protect you and Alan Jr. From any intruders. I will also admit to you, Monica, that I did follow you and rick down to the docks, but that's only because I knew that Tracy had gone to the courts about the blood tests. Those are the facts. That's all there is. Your interpretation of those facts, Monica, is not only untrue--

My interpretation of the facts, Alan, is the truth, and you know it.

So what?


I said, so what? Let's assume that this incredible fabrication of yours was true. Point is, you can't prove it. You go to the district attorney, you go to a jury, and you try and make them believe it. Where's your evidence, Monica? Where are your witnesses?


Rosie, Rosie, this is for you, rose.

Thank you.


[Laughter] You know, what you jerks gotta do, you gotta find yourself a guy that's as generous with his hush money as Dr. Alan Quartermaine is. Get out of here. Let me tell you, and because of this hush money, you know what he's got? He's got me for a friend, and that ain't all he got, either. He's got a most luscious blond wife you ever saw in your life. She's a doctor. She's a doctor over at the general hospital over there. Yeah. Now, this is one blonde that I would like to have doctor me! [Laughs]

Hey, rocky. Easy, easy, rocky. Now, you talk about that lady one more time like that, and I am liable to come looking for you.


I'm serious, rocky. I'm serious.

What, do you think you scare me? I know what I know.

What is that? You want to tell me?

Yeah. Yeah, I'll tell you. I saw your buddy Dr., Quartermaine go up the steps of the cottage that day. You know what he had in his hand?

No, no. What did he have in his hand?

He had a gun in his hand! Yeah, drawn and ready to fire. That's a strange way for a doctor to be walking around, ain't it, huh? You know what I think? You know what I think?

What? What? Tell me.

I think that luscious blond old lady of his was up there with some guy. Yeah.


Sit down, rocky. You don't want to fall down, do you? You have anything else you want to tell me, anything else important? Easy. Easy. Easy. Easy.

No. I don't even--I don't have nothin' to say to you. I don't want to tell you nothin'.

Good. [Mumbles]

Damn. Oh, damn. Oh, Bobbie. Ruby.

[Whispering] I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

[Sighs] Ohh. Nature's true celebrities aren't always the most obvious.

Why don't you sit down and watch the fireworks, Monica?

Oh, the fireworks, Alan. How can you sit there and ignore every word I'm saying?

Because I think every word you're saying, Monica, is built straight out of your imagination. It's entire fabrication, Monica. Nobody would believe a word you said anyway. You see, your entire life is built on nothing but lies and deceit anyhow.

[Telephone ringing] Be a good wife and answer the phone, will you?



Oh, rick. Oh, I needed to hear your voice.

Well, look, I, uh, I got some good news for you.

That's wonderful, because one thing I need right now is good news.

I know a man who saw Alan on the docks with the gun in his hand.


Rocky baker, the fellow with the cigar that bumped into Alan. The cigar fell into the marine fuel and started the fire. Look, rocky just told me that he saw Alan going up the outside stairs of that cottage with the gun in his hand.

Oh, rick. Rick, do you know you have just gotten Alan's consent for my divorce? Oh, thank you. I love you.

Who was that on the phone?

Oh, that was a call for me. Very interesting call.

Seems to have calmed you down, anyway.

Yes, I guess I needed a few minutes to pull myself together. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to shout at you, Alan.

That's all right. Let's watch the fireworks.

No, I think what I'll do is pack.

You're going to what?

I'm going to leave you. I'm going to take our son, and you are going to give me a divorce.

Am I now?

Or I'm going to tell the world everything that you've tried to do to rick and me. You are a monster, aren't you?

Am I supposed to answer that, Monica?

You stole my deposition from lee Baldwin's office, didn't you? Or you had somebody steal it for you. No matter. You had read every single line in my deposition before rick and I ever came to you and told you the truth, right?

So, I'm a thief now as well as a murderer, am I?

You tried to murder us twice. That day that the attic collapsed, that was your first unsuccessful attempt.

Oh, Monica, stop being so ridiculous. Now, why would I try and bring the roof down up in the attic if I was in the room with you myself?

You have an answer for everything, don't you? Ok. Then answer this for me. If your gun was broken and you were taking it to be fixed, then why was it in your hand as you walked up the steps to the cottage?

I have no idea what you're talking about.

Earlier you mentioned something about witnesses. Well, I have one. Rocky baker. Does that name ring a bell? He was one of the men that was injured at that explosion. Rick was on the phone just now. He told me that rocky baker has confessed to him that he saw you go up the stairs of the cottage with a gun in hand, the cottage where rick and I were together.

Did he now?


Well what?

Well, explain, Alan. Explain that if your gun was broken, why was it in your hand as you went up the steps of the cottage?

You know something? Rocky baker's word is worth about the same thing as yours...


Oh, calm down, Monica, will you, please, before you have a breakdown? I think, really, you're losing your mind.

Rick and I have the proof, Alan, and, no, I am not losing my mind, though you have tried your best to make me think I have.

Give it up, will you?

Oh, remember all those months of the hell you put me through?

Why don't you just watch the fireworks, Monica?

Those months after the baby was born. Rick's baby.

Why don't you stop it?

Those nights that you wanted me, Alan, and I couldn't stand the sight of you. I didn't want to have anything to do with you. If you touched me, it made my skin crawl right to the point where you practically had to rape me to satisfy your needs sexually.

I don't have to listen to any of this.

Because you knew in your heart that Tracy was right. Your sister was right that your son belonged to another man, and you wanted rick and me dead.



I wanted rick and you dead, and I'll see you both dead yet. I tried to kill you both up in the attic, and I tried again on the waterfront. But I will succeed, Monica. I'll see you both dead. I don't know how it will happen, but it will, because I won't rest until it does. Go on, you slut. Get out of my sight. But you're never gonna have your son back, Monica. Never. If it takes every penny I have, I'll see that you don't. You're gonna have to kill me to stop me.

9:10. Come on, Luke.

[Fireworks popping]

Whoa! Look at that one! Marvelous!

[Indistinct chatter]


All right.

Whoa, look at those 2!

Sweetheart, ok, success.

You made it b--

Take off, darlin'.


[Spectators cheering]

Ha ha. Happy fourth of July! Good night! Good night!

[Mumbles] Bimbos. Well.


Joe Kelly. Where you been?


I thought you were gonna help me tonight. Where you been?

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