GH Transcript Thursday 6/19/80

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 6/19/80


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(Monica gets a blood test to try and prove that Alan is her baby’s father; Luke storms over to confront his boss, Frank Smith, for lying and leaves Bobbie and Ruby afraid for their futures; Amy tells Alan she’ll keep his secrets.)

Little guy.

We're all set, doctor. I'll take the baby now.

Oh, no, that's all right. I'll go on up. I can hold him.

Well, I'd rather you didn't. We have taking a blood sample down to a routine. It's better if the mother isn't there, even if she's a surgeon on staff of this hospital.

Well, ok, all right. I won't argue with you. There you go.

We won't have any problem, will we? No.


Good morning, Monica. Sorry to keep you waiting.

Oh, that's all right, tom.

Now, what is all this nonsense about blood tests? Are you afraid there's something wrong with you or the baby?

No. Oh, no, no. Both of us are perfectly healthy.

Well, then, why are we wasting each other's time?

Because my sister-in-law Tracy Quartermaine has filed a suit. She's trying to disprove the paternity of my son. She's alleging that Alan is not the father.

That's ridiculous.

Well, yes, I know it is, but since the judge is not going to make a ruling for another 6 months, I just can't stand the suspense, so I want you to run some tests right away so I can prove that Alan is the father.

What are you saying, Monica?

Tom, I'm saying that my blood type is o, Alan's is o, and the baby's is B.

That's impossible if Alan is the natural father.

Alan is the natural father. You're the hematologist, tom. You tell me how it can happen.

It can't, unless... unless of course it is the Bombay phenotype.

Well, that's extremely rare, isn't it?

3 chances in a million that Alan could be the father. Monica, I don't want to get personal.

Then don't, tom. I mean, just take a sample of my blood, sample of the baby's, and you have a sample of Alan's right here in the hospital. He was cross-matched for transfusion. His blood will still be fresh. Then you run whatever tests you have to run to prove that that 3 in a million chance happened. Alan is the father of my child. There is no possible doubt.

[Knock on door]

Come in.

Good morning, Dr. Quartermaine.

Hi. How are you today?

That's the question that I'm supposed to be asking you.


I got a message that you wanted to see me?

I did indeed. I hope I didn't interrupt you from anything.

No. I have a free study period in between nursing classes.

I seem to always be asking you favors and errands. I hope you don't mind.

Not at all.

I'm very grateful, more than I can say.

Well, what can I do for you?

I understand that there were 4 other people that were hurt in the accident that put me in here.

Mm-hmm. One woman and 3 men.

Have you met them?

No. Have you?

Well, sort of. I bumped into one man down at the docks just before the explosion occurred. I was wondering if he was badly injured.

I don't know, but I'm sure I could ask a few questions.

I have a better idea. Why don't you get me a wheelchair and let me go and ask the questions?

Now I see. You want to talk to those people without having to wait until you can walk again.

Can you do that for me?

Of course I can. You want to see if they found your gun, huh? You don't have to worry, Dr. Quartermaine. I like knowing your secrets, and all of them are safe with me.


[Theme music playing]

I suppose you know more about me than anybody else in the world.

Does that bother you?

No, should it?

Well, you're a very important person in this hospital and in Port Charles. I'm not really anybody.

Don't say that, Amy. Don't ever say that. You're a very important person, to me, anyway.

Am I really?

Indeed you are, and I'm very much indebted to you.

I like being an important person to you, but you're not indebted to me.

Well, I feel as if I am.

Because of the testimony that I gave to Tracy's lawyer. I really helped you out then, didn't I?

You certainly did.

Of course, I never perjured myself the way Tracy accused me of doing. I just said what had to be said.

I'm glad you understand that, because I'd never want you to think that I would try to compromise you in any way at all. But I do want you to know that I...I'm very grateful for all the favors and errands you've done for me.

Compared to all of the wonderful things you've done for me, I haven't done anything. You've been so sweet to me, making me feel like a real part of your family.

That's how I feel about you.

You know the one thing that I'm really glad I did?

What's that?

Was when I switched your son's blood type card in the hospital file so that Tracy would never find out the real truth.

Yes, I remember that day very well.

But she knows enough about medicine to know that type o parents can't have a type b baby.

Yes, of course she does. You were a very brave girl to take a chance like that.

Of course, I did put the card back right afterwards. In case your son ever had another emergency here in the hospital, it would be ok.

Mm-hmm. Well, being a student nurse, you would never tamper with the files unless, of course, it was urgent and necessary, would you?

You know, there's one thing that really worries me.

Mm-hmm. What's that?

The gun that you lost down at the dock the day of the explosion.

Don't you worry your pretty little head about it.

But I do.

It was a very foolish thing for me to be carrying in the first place.

Well, you had to take it to the gun shop to be repaired, you said.

That's what I did, and that's what I said.

Did you ever find out what rick and Monica were doing the day of the explosion? Why were they in that cottage?

I think it was just a strange coincidence.

Oh, I was sure of that.

I knew that they were both down there that day.

Did you?

Of course.

You're a very understanding husband.

I try to be.

What were they doing?

They were looking for a location for the free clinic that Rick's going to set up on the waterfront.

A free clinic? In one of those cottages? What an original idea. I bet the idea of the cottage came from Monica.

You amaze me, Amy.

Do I?

Indeed you do.

That's nice.

I don't really understand you at all, you know that?

That's ok. I don't understand me either.

And I don't really know an awful lot about you except the fact you want to be a nurse.

Oh, and I'll be a good one.

I'm sure you will. You're interested in people, you care.

Well, see, you do understand me after all.

That isn't really understanding you, Amy. You see, I don't really know what you want out of life besides the fact that you just want to be a good nurse.

Not much, really.

I find that very hard to believe.

All right. Do you want me to tell you the truth?

By all means.

What I want... is the chance to be your friend.

You are my friend, Amy.

No. What I want is one day to really be your friend. You see, I think the time will come when Monica will get her divorce or at least leave you, and I hope it doesn't happen. But if it does, you're gonna need someone who really cares about what happens to you.


I care, even if Monica doesn't.

How long will these tests take?

About a week.


Yes, well, the kind of tests that have to be run are very sophisticated. We don't have that kind of facility.

Where do you send them?

Los Angeles. However, I will run some routine tests first to make sure that there's been no error in the blood typing.

Oh, no, there hasn't been an error. I know that.

Well, then, either you or Alan have a phenomenon in question, then.

The lack of h substance in the blood.

Precisely. It's the only way that this could have possibly happened. There's a special reference lab on the west coast that handles a great deal of paternity testing. And I'll get a full written report, of course.

Oh, I really can't wait that long, tom.

Well, I can get the results by phone first, but we'll have to wait at least 5 days for the HLA testing.

You say it is 99% accurate?

That's right.

Oh, please don't misunderstand me, tom. I mean, there's no doubt in my mind that the child is Alan's. It's just that there is a great deal of money involved in this trust fund, and Tracy--well, she would like it for her own son.

You don't have to explain, Monica.

Well, actually, really, I think I do. I mean, I have to admit, I was a little shaken when I found out the baby's blood type, but since then, something's happened that's eased my mind considerably. And the evidence will get a lot stronger as time goes by.

What are you saying, Monica?

I'm saying the developing of a birthmark on the child's arm. Alan's mother says that that seems to be a Quartermaine trademark, that all the male children have it. So you see, there's absolutely no doubt the baby is Alan's. It's just we have to be certain we can prove it.

Of course, and I intend to help you do that.

Strange, isn't it? Long ago, a mother knew who the real father of a child was. Now blood tests can be taken to prove whether the man either is or isn't the natural father.

Medical science has come a long way, Monica. And the women have to be more discreet, because they can't do what they used to do in the history books--not any longer.

What do you mean by that?

Pass off one man's son as belonging to another.

Well, I don't know why a woman would want to or... or try to do something like that, unless she was desperate. See you later.

Luke, are you here?

Behind the bar.

Surprise! I'm on my lunch break, and I thought I'd come by to cheer you up.

Oh, no, thank you. I still have indigestion from your last attempt to cheer me up.

Oh, you mean the hot dog that I fed you for breakfast?


Well, actually, that's why I'm here. I thought I'd make up for that by taking you out to lunch.

Oh, thank you, but I'm really not hungry.

It's not your week, is it?

Barbara jean, this is not my life.

Have you talked to Jennifer today?


Are you going to?

I hope not.

Well, don't forget about the shower that Jessie and I are giving her.

Look, Bobbie, does that have to be tonight?

Yes, Luke, it has to be tonight. You always have showers before the wedding, and the wedding is coming up in 3 weeks. Now, tell me you aren't serious--what you said this morning about walking out on the wedding.

Oh, I meant every word of it.

Luke, you can't do it.

Why not?

Because you'd be copping out on everybody.

I'm tired of carrying this whole town on my shoulders.

Does that include ruby and me?

Come on, Barbara. You know what I mean.

No. No, I don't know what you mean, Luke. As far as I know, we're all supposed to be in this thing together. Now, I don't know how you can even think of walking away and leaving ruby and me to swing in the breeze.

Listen, I'm not thinking of letting you swing in the breeze.

You're so uptight about everything. I think you're capable of doing almost anything right now.

I would never sell out my family.

Ok, that I can believe, 'cause you haven't up till now. And even though you may get me crazy mad at you sometimes, I will never sell you out either.

I believe it, 'cause you wouldn't dare.

[Bobbie giggles] Our little pact that we made when we were kids--you know, if we hang, we would hang in adjoining nooses--still stands. I won't let you hang alone--

[Phone rings] And you're not gonna let me hang alone. Excuse me. I believe that's the phone. Campus disco. Luke Spencer. Oh, hi. What's happening out there? No, that's no problem. I told you to call me any day--during the day or night. That's what I'm paying you for. Well, come on, man. Spit it out. The worse the news is, the faster I want to hear it. Yeah. What? Listen, if this is some kind of gag you're trying to pull here and I find out, I'll be on the next plane out there to break your neck! Well, who's responsible? Bill Watson?

What's going on?

All right, I'll find out. Believe me, I will find out.

What's coming down?

The sky, Henny penny, if I can bring it down.

Please tell me.

Listen, this is a guy who just called me from Las Vegas.


The manager for me in Las Vegas who runs the disco!

What? What is it?

That creep of a manager, that liar frank smith!

Luke, please. What?

They're trying to make a fool out of me. They're trying to make a fool out of me. Listen, this guy tells me that the organization is all over that disco. The guy who frank smith hired for me to work in the disco, to manage it, he used to work here in Port Charles for the organization and he has a police record.

All right, calm down. So maybe it's Watson's fault. Smith might not know anything about it.

Oh, little Barbara jean. No matter what happens in your life, you will never understand who you have to trust in this world, will you?

What is that supposed to mean?

They're trying to suck me into the organization until I'm as filthy as they are, but I swear to you on mama's grave I will not let them do that without a fight.

So, what are you gonna do?

I'm going to frank smith right now!

You can't do that!

Yes, I can, and I'm gonna take every book I have in my office about the organization in Vegas, and I'm gonna tell him I'll blow it sky high if he doesn't tell me the truth.

You're gonna blow everything that you have and everything that you have worked for.

But oh, doesn't that sound like a good idea?

Oh. Cathy, hi. Bobbie. Can you locate my aunt ruby? Anderson. Yeah, I know she's working today. Thanks. Come on, ruby.




Huh! What do you know? Somebody wants to talk to me? Hello?

Ruby, I'm sorry. You gotta leave work, and you gotta get right over here to the disco.

Is it Luke again?

Better believe it, the worst ever.

You're gonna be a thing of beauty during your honeymoon, but then you always are.

Thank you, daddy. It's sensational fun shopping for the trip.

You haven't told me where you and Luke are going yet.

That's because Luke hasn't told me.


Knowing what to buy is such a problem.

Obviously you solved the problem by buying everything.

Of course. All Luke said was that our honeymoon was going to be quite a surprise.

I'm sure he's planned something very special.

It's so exciting marrying a man like Luke.

That's the way it should be.

He's a lot like you are.

I trust that's all right.

You know it is. He's the take-charge type.

That's why he'll be very good for you.

He's already made it clear that if our marriage is to be successful, I've got to be a very obedient, old-fashioned wife.

For an old-fashioned man like me, that makes sense.

You know, it's not gonna be easy for him. You've raised me to be very independent.

That's the best training for being an obedient wife.

It is?

Jennifer, you have no idea the immense power that can be wielded by an obedient wife.

Ha ha!

I have to go in the conference room. I have a meeting scheduled today.

Daddy, I'm going to trust Luke. I'm going to put all my faith in him. That's what you want, I know.

You're right, because Luke's a man to be trusted.

It's good to hear you say that.

Don't worry. If there ever comes a day that Luke can't be trusted, you'll be the first to know. That's a promise. 3q it's scary how much dirt your vacuum can leave behind.

Ruby, thank you for coming over.

Is Luke still here?

Yeah, he's collecting all of his Vegas records. He found out that the Vegas disco is dirty.

How are we gonna stop him from going to Mr. Smith with this?

I haven't the vaguest idea.

Well, have you talked to him since you called me?

No! He's in there. He's in the office.

Look, if he goes to Mr. Smith with this, what's gonna happen?

Nothing's gonna happen, ruby. We're all gonna be dead.

You really mean that.

Yeah, I really mean that. Luke got off the phone, he was crazy. And if he says to frank smith things he said to me in here, he's not gonna walk out of that office alive.

Honey, honey, why is he so angry at frank? It's not his fault that the disco operation is dirty.

Because Luke feels betrayed, because frank smith promised him that all of the business that Luke was going to be involved in was going to be clean. He said that this disco and the disco in Vegas were gonna be clean.

It doesn't make sense. Why would frank do it? I mean Jennifer's crazy in love with Luke. They're about to get married.

I don't think smith's behind it.

Well, then, who is?

Bill Watson.

Oh. Terrific. That's one man I'd really like to see in trouble.

I have a feeling bill Watson is gonna be in a lot of trouble.


In here! Ok, now, listen, that's the angle I'm gonna take. You back me up, ruby.

Sure thing.

If I get another phone--

Hi, honey.

What the hell are you doing here?

Don't you talk to me that way.

Oh, thank you, Barbara jean. What did you do, call ruby over here to help hold me down?

We are trying to save your life. Would you stop being--

Butt out! I'm gonna have it out with that crook, and there is nothing that the two of you can do to stop me. Do you understand?

Just suppose that it's not frank smith's fault.

What if it's bill Watson?

Listen, don't talk to me, either one of you. Just don't talk to me. We're talking about my life here.

No, we're talking about my life and ruby's life, too.

And you listen to your sister.

Shut up!

[Chair bangs against wall] Now, if you don't understand what I have to do, I am sorry, but I will not marry little miss smith unless the man knows that he can't tell me one thing and do another. I love you both, but I have to have it out with Mr. Smith and this is as good a time as any because I'm in just the right mood!

Well, it's about time. I was beginning to think our date was for dinner instead of lunch.

Oh, I'm not that late.

Yeah? Tell that to my tummy, will you?

Darling, I can't even think of food until I tell you about Lesley. Can we sit a minute?

Well, sure. Sit down. How is she?

Lee, she's in the worst shape I've ever seen her.

Oh, a lot of tears?

No, no, none.

None? Well, that's a good sign, isn't it?

No, no, it isn't. Not in this case, not really.

Well, if she wasn't crying, why do you say she's in bad shape?

Darling, she just isn't like herself at all. She's so... bitter. She's so on the defensive. And all the time, she was just pretending that she was going to have such fun tonight going out to dinner with Howard to celebrate her newfound freedom.

I'm very concerned about her.

So am I. And suddenly, the facade began to slip, and she said some very revealing things.

Such as?

That she doesn't feel free at all. Divorce is so simple. All you do is pick up a paper and that's the end of it. And she's so deeply angry and she doesn't even know who her enemy is.

Doesn't-- her enemy is Monica Quartermaine. At least you and I know that.

Oh, lee, please don't start up with me on that.

Come on, honey. When are you going to stop trying to whitewash everything that lady does? Why don't you force her sometime to face the fact that her behavior has been selfish, that it's self-serving, her whole life.

That is not her fault--

And don't try to foist off the argument that she's an orphan. I've already heard that, and it doesn't wash with me anymore.

Well, we're not talking about Monica. We're talking about Lesley.

Honey, you can't talk about one without involving the other. How many lives has that lady ruined? And how many more is she going to ruin before she gets what she wants here?

You mean rick?

Yes, of course it's rick. It's always been rick. Her passion for rick has made her blind to everything else.

Are you excusing Rick's behavior in all of this?

No, honey, not at all. He is attracted to that woman. He's always been attracted to Monica. Look, if she had just told him the moment she knew she was pregnant that she thought it was his child...

It could have saved a lot of people a lot of hurt.

Yes, exactly. Lesley's living this nightmare situation that would have driven a weaker woman half out of her mind. And there's only one person to blame, and that's Monica Quartermaine.

Well, we ran the rush test through our own lab just to make certain there was no mistake.


And you have type o blood, Alan has type o blood, and the baby is definitely type B.

I knew the information was correct, tom.

What am I dealing with here, Monica?

What do you mean?

One doctor to another, you know, like one friend to another. Is there any chance that another man could have fathered Alan Quartermaine, junior?

Not a chance at all.

You swear to that, Monica?

On a stack of bibles.

It has to be Alan's son.


Ok, I had to make certain because, see, that means we're dealing with a 3 in a million shot, the Bombay phenotype syndrome. I've never run across it before in my entire career as a hematologist.

The child is definitely a Quartermaine.

What's the matter?

I beg your pardon?

Don't beg my anything. What's wrong? I can see it the minute you walked in this room.

Well, so far, it hasn't been the best day of my whole life.

I know that. It shows all over you. What's wrong?

I got my final divorce decree today.

That was fast.

Wasn't it?

I'm sorry.

Yeah, me, too.

[Knock on door]

Come in!

Uh, hello, Monica. I've got to change Alan's bandage, and then I'll get out and let you two be alone.

You must have been very persuasive with my secretary.

Yes, sir.

Frances is normally very reluctant to disturb me when she knows I'm in an important meeting in the conference room.

I insisted!

Evidently. You shouldn't take advantage of your new situation as a member of my family, Luke. It wouldn't be wise.

I'm not a member of your family. Not yet.

What an interesting remark. Those account books you brought with you interest me, too.

Yes, I'm sure they do.

Very well. Would you like to tell me why you're here?

I got a phone call today from Las Vegas.

From whom?

A friend.

What friend?

My friend!

Well, well. What was on your friend's mind?

Some information about the man you hired to manage that disco for me.

What an interesting conversation this is turning into.

You lied to me!

Luke! You can shout all you want. This room is soundproof. But remember, I'm hearing the words you choose to use.

Fine! I want you to hear me good! I will not be lied to by you. And certainly, I will not be lied to by bill Watson!

May I know how Watson gets into this?

You promised me--we agreed! That whatever business I did for you would be clean. Now I find out that the man that you and Watson hired to represent me in Las Vegas not only has a police record but he also worked for the organization in this town!

Your spy told you this?

My friend.

Your spy. I feel sorrow and anger to find that you feel you need protection from the organization. Why, Luke? Why?

Because you've taught me that. I learned everything I know from you. You have a whole network of information out there. You've got spies in the police department. You've got spies in the longshoreman's union. Now you're on the board of general hospital. I'm sure you have spies there, too.

You have anything else to say to me?

I am putting you on notice, sir. You either clean up my act in Las Vegas and go straight with me from now on, or I want out.

You want out?

All the way out. If you can't be honest with me, I want out of the discos, I want out of the organization, and I want out of this marriage with Jennifer!

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Thank you.

Thank you, Elizabeth. Well, I will tell hydrotherapy that you are ready when they are.

Fine, and will you please check on that wheelchair for me?

Sure. Why don't you get into the gown now so that you will be ready when they come for you.


Ok. Good-bye.

Good-bye, Lesley.

She got her final divorce papers this morning.


She's very upset.

As I noticed earlier.

Are you gonna be upset when you have to divorce me?

Here. I'll help you into your gown.

I can manage, thanks.

No. Let me help you.

All right, if you insist.

What's that?


That. That brown spot on his arm?

Oh, he's starting to get a birthmark. It's about the age for that sort of thing to show up.


Mm-hmm. It's strange how it runs in families. Have you any birthmarks on your body?

No. No, I don't.

I've seen cases where it's reproduced itself almost exactly from generation to generation.

If you're gonna help me, help me. Don't you think it's a little late for you to be staring at my chest, Monica?

I don't know. My mind just was elsewhere, I guess.

If you're gonna go and celebrate Rick's divorce from Lesley, I have one word of caution for you.


Be discreet.

You know we both will.

I don't want any scandal.


And don't play me for a fool while I'm here in the hospital.

Alan, surely you can credit me with a little more integrity than that. I will be very circumspect until you get out of the hospital.

And what happens then?

Then we are going to sit down and we're going to talk about what's going to happen for the rest of our lives.

All right, Luke. Now it's my turn. I'm not going to rant and rave in your style, but believe me when I tell you that behind everything I say lies a conviction as strong as yours. Will you listen to me? Quietly? Thank you. I made a pledge to you. I meant it then, I mean it now. Any part of my business empire that I involve you in will be clean. I did not lie to you when I made that pledge, and I am not lying to you now. Is that clear, Luke? Is it?

Yes, sir.

If what you claim about the manager in Las Vegas is true, I didn't know about it. I had no knowledge, I swear to you, that anything was not being played straight out there. I'm going back into that meeting and discuss this matter with the gentlemen in there and also make some phone calls. If you're right about that manager, I promise you he'll be fired today and you can choose anybody you like. Will that clear the matter up, Luke?

It'll help.

It'll help? Is that all?

I'll wait right here for you while you get me that information, sir. But there's more. If I'm going to come into your family, and I mean all the way into your family, we better get it very, very clear, all our signals, so there's no possibility of confusion.

I agree.

I know that once I marry Jennifer there's no way out. That's why I need proof you're gonna be straight with me from now on.

What proof do you have in mind?

I want a legal document drawn up spelling out very carefully and very clearly what I get from your empire, and I want it signed the day I marry Jennifer.

Before the ceremony of course.

Of course.

Excuse me while I take care of the Vegas matter.


Frances, could I have an outside line, please? Thank you.



Luke. Hello?


Ruby and I are going out of our minds.

Yeah, all right, cool down. Cool down. Be cool, you know. I'm calling from smith's office.

What's happening?

I am buying respectability, baby. I'm buying a respectable future.

Come in. Ah, I thought it was you.

Me and my trusty wheelchair.

Did you have any trouble getting it?

Well, I might have had a little, but Lesley helped me out in that department.

Ah, good.

And I talked her into letting me wheel you to your hydrotherapy session. Now, isn't that fun?

That's wonderful. I'm very pleased.

Well, I knew you'd rather have me as your chauffeur than some strange candy striper.

You bet I would.

And I have a surprise for you.

Yes, what's that?

I have the room numbers of the other accident victims.

You're a marvel, you know that?

Oh, I know. But there's more to my surprise.

Mm-hmm. What?

Well, on our way to your hydrotherapy session, we just happen to go right by one of the rooms of one of the accident victims. Now, isn't that lucky?

It certainly is. Ok, now, let me just get into that wheelchair then.

Well, let me help.

No, no, it's all right. You just go stand by the wheelchair and just listen to me. I'm just gonna get the good first, then the bad one. Ok! Now you just move that wheelchair in here, and you just hang onto it tight.

My, you're strong.

Ah! Thank you.

Ruby, Luke is gonna crack. He can't go on taking chances like this.

How could you talk to him when he was in smith's office?

Smith's in the other room. He's talking to some men.

About Luke?

I don't know. He went in to talk to him about the manager of the Vegas disco. He says he's gonna try to get him fired.

Sounds like bad news to me.

Oh, stop, ruby!

Look, honey, it's true! Smith is conning Luke. There's only two things smith cares about--the organization and himself. And everybody knows it.

Yeah, I know.

If Luke does this, he's gonna lay his life on the line.

So what else is new? Isn't his life always on the line?

Well, don't take it out on me.

I'm sorry. I haven't told you the worst part of the story yet.


Crazy Luke has decided to ask smith for a signed agreement specifying exactly what part of smith's business Luke is gonna be involved in.

Well, then, heaven help us.

I don't know what he thinks he's doing.

What did smith say?

Nothing...yet. Went in the other room to talk to the men.

What is Luke doing?

Waiting for smith to come back.


[Loud chiming]

Yeah, Frances, it's Luke. No, no. I don't need an outside line. Changed my mind. Thank you.

[Chiming continues]

[Chiming gets louder]

[Chiming stops] Yes?

This is lieutenant Boyd. Sorry for calling outside regular hours, but there's an emergency on operation 264. Alternate destination suggested. Repeat emergency on operation 264. Alternate destination suggested. Mark it in the black book. There will be no further contact on this matter.

[Dial tone] "Mark it in the black book." What's the black book? What's going on? What's the black book? Black book.

[Smith speaking indistinctly]

Good day, George. I'll be happy to sign the legal agreement you asked for, Luke.

Well, thank you, sir.

No, thank you, for opening my eyes to what's going on in Vegas. The manager's already been fired. I want you to put your thoughts immediately to his successor. It's all in your hands.

I appreciate that.

Hiring that man was the last mistake Watson will make, the very last mistake. Don't worry about bill. He'll never cause us any trouble again.

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