GH Transcript Thursday 12/13/79

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 12/13/79


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(As Lesley struggles to help Monica give birth at home, Monica blurts out that Rick is the father of her baby; Alan and Rick rush through a storm to try and save Monica and her son; Edward and Tracy fear for the worst.)

This is an emergency, lieutenant. Now, something has to be done.

We're doing everything humanly possible, sir.

My daughter-in-law may give birth at any moment, and it's a pre-mature child.

I understand that, Mr. Quartermaine.

Well, both Monica and that baby could die. You've got to get help out there and fast. Well, if that baby's born early, it's gonna need an incubator and God knows what equipment.

Sir, I'm aware of the situation. The chief of staff at general hospital alerted us today.

And you still haven't done anything?

When the snowplows clear the area, I'll call the hospital and they'll get an ambulance out there.

Well, can't you get more snowplows into town? I'll take care of the expense.

Now, sir, you'll have to give up the line. I have emergency calls coming in.

Are you sure you have the address?

Dr. Alan Quartermaine residence. 66 harbor view road.

All right. Now, you better give this top priority or you're going to hear from governor Stevens. Is that understood?

Yes, Mr. Quartermaine. I've got to cut you off. I have other calls coming in.


Daddy, what are we gonna do?

Well, what can we do? This city is a massive emergency because of that snowstorm. All the money and power in the world can't get us out of this. My grandson's gonna have to wait for help just the same as everybody else. Gah, I'm worried sick and there isn't anything I can do.

I'm worried, too, daddy. What about Mitch? Why doesn't he reach me? Why hasn't he called? Where could he be? Maybe he's stuck in the snow somewhere, freezing.

Tracy's convinced that Monica's baby's probably been fathered by rick Webber. Now, if that is the case, Tracy's gonna get all that Quartermaine money that's supposed to go to Neddy.

That's a lot of money.

Yeah, that's millions. Millions, honey.

So you will play the part of the doting stepfather, then?

Uh-huh. I will play it to the hilt. And when my marriage to Tracy breaks up, you and I are gonna have all this money to live comfortably for the rest of our lives.

Will you really do that to Tracy, Mitch?

Yeah. Yeah, Tracy will have a lot of money to live on above and beyond Neddy's trust fund. Besides, the Quartermaine's owe me.



Lesley, if I die--

You're not going to die. We're gonna save you and the baby.

I have to...I have to say something.

Oh, Monica, don't talk now. Just save your strength. You have to help us get this baby born.

The baby--Lesley, it's important.

You've got to help us. You have to help us. We can't do it without you.

It's all right. It's ok. It's only the contractions.

You're all right. You're doing just fine. Don't push. Don't push. What? Oh, my God. She fainted?


Oh, no.


Alan, you know there's nothing you can't do if you set your mind to it. Look what you just accomplished in surgery. An emergency. You were like a rock.

I'm shaking like a leaf now.

Well, that's natural after being under fire. Alan, you're worried. You're worried about Monica and your son.

I'm sick with worry. Look, when we do get out of here, will you come with me in the ambulance?

Of course. I'll be there for you.

I need you there, rick. Not only as a doctor. To think that I once accused you of making love to my wife.


No, no. Please, rick, I have to say this. I know it's difficult, but please let me. I want Monica to see, I want her to feel that everything is right in every possible way. I want her to know that you and I work together here in this hospital and that we came to help her together. She loves the both of us in very different, but in very special ways.

I'll be there with you every step of the way.

It's terribly important to me, rick. It's terribly important for Monica to know that, well, that I've changed, that I'm not the same man that I used to be. Oh, my God, maybe she's dying and all I can do is just talk about myself.

Alan, you're not. You're talking about Monica and your concern for her. Now, you said something about calling Edward again, right?

Yes, I must.

Why don't you do that. I'll go downstairs and see if the lieutenant's called about the roads being cleared. We'll meet downstairs after you make your call.

Ok, fine.

She's coming around.

Ok. Gail, we've got to get our incubator set up just in case.

Yeah, I know. Why don't you get Stella? I'll stay with Monica.

I found more candles.

Oh, that's wonderful. Let's hope we won't need them.

And I found a flashlight.

Ok, terrific. Keep this with you just in case the lights go out again, 'cause I have to ask you to do something for us. I want you to go downstairs, find me a box or a basket, about like this. It doesn't have to be very big, it's only a 3 or 4 pound baby. Get some baby blankets if you have them. If not, tea towels, anything that's soft and has a little bit of warmth, to line it with. We're gonna make a homemade incubator. Now, do you have an electric heating pad in the house?

Oh, yes. She keeps it in this drawer.

Perfect. Ok. Well, that's not gonna do us very good if the power goes out. I'll tell you what, keep a lot of hot water on the stove. And if you have a hot water bottle, fine. If not, get me some plastic containers, any kind, that has a top that we can keep hot water in case there's an emergency.

Well, now, there's a baby mattress in the nursery. Should I put that in the box, too?

That would be wonderful. But you better go right now because this baby's liable to come any minute.


Yes? Is she coming out of it?

No, she's fighting it. Come on, Monica.

Come on, Monica, you gotta wake up. Come on, you have to help us. Come on, girl. Come on. Come on, Monica. You want to wake up. Come on.

My baby.

Yes. Yes, your baby. Now stay awake and help us. Come on, girl. Come on.

You gotta know.

Yes. Yes, come on. Come on, Monica. Come on. Come on! Now, Monica, you have to stay awake. I'm gonna have to hit you to wake you up. You hear me? You hear me? Come on.

Come on.

Come on, stay awake.

Come on, you have to help us.

Come on, stay with us, Monica. For God's sake, stay with us. Come on. Come on. Come on, girl.

Hello, dad.

Alan, have you heard anything?

No, sir, nothing yet. I'm out of my mind with worry.

Well, so are we, son.

Did you get through to the police station?

Heh. For what good it did.

Oh, listen, dad, they're working as hard and as fast as they can as well, I'm sure of it.

Yeah, well, that doesn't lesson the frustration, does it? I'm afraid I lost my temper.

Oh? And what happened to the man that was gonna keep Tracy and me calm earlier on this evening?

Well, he joined the ranks of the nervous wrecks, I guess. I just can't take this feeling of helplessness.

I know what you mean. I'm here assisting rick in the hospital and all I can think of is that I can't even help my own wife.

Yeah. Well, I guess we're all just going to have to pray that Monica and the baby make it through all this.

Daddy, can I talk to him?

Here's Tracy, Alan. Alan?

Yes, Tracy?

I just wanted to tell you that I never wanted anything like this to happen to Monica.

I know that.

And in my own way, I'm praying for you.

Thank you. I appreciate it.

We just have to believe that Monica and the baby are gonna make it, ok?

Yep. Can't give up hope. They're in very capable hands. Lesley Webber's a very fine doctor.

Alan, I don't suppose Mitch has been around or anybody at the hospital's heard from him.

Well, I certainly haven't. You mean to tell me you still haven't heard anything at all?

Alan, I haven't heard a word from him, and I'm so worried.

We both have our worries tonight, don't we, little sister?

You bet we do. Alan, daddy wants the phone, ok?


I love you. Bye.


Alan, I guess you can see how quickly Tracy closes ranks when the family's in trouble. I'm speaking to both of you. I just hope this truce remains in effect when hopefully life is once again on the upbeat.


Luke, hi. What are you doing here at this time of night?

Oh, I gotta talk to you.

How'd you get here, on your snowshoes?

No, I didn't need them. The road between the disco and here is open. I caught a cab.

What about the rest of the city?

Well, the cab driver said it's still pretty grim. Only a few roads in the inner city are open.

We're all going crazy worrying about Monica Quartermaine.


So what do you want to talk to me about?

Um, my meeting with Mr. Smith. Apparently the hospital is looking into disco operations and the investigation's being done none other than by good ol' Dan Rooney.

I know, Dan told me.

He told you? You didn't tell me. Don't take this so casually. Mr. Smith is very upset.

Look, don't you tell me that Mr. Smith is very upset. Luke, there are a lot of people in this town right now who are in an awful lot of trouble. Monica Quartermaine happens to be stranded some place. Don't you tell me that Mr. Smith is very upset. Just lay off, ok?

Bobbie, I'll be in the cafeteria. When you come to your senses, you can take a break and come talk to me.

What are you talking about, take a break? Can't you understand we have an emergency situation? Look, if you want to talk to me, talk to me here, ok?

Bobbie, have you heard from lieutenant Stoddard?

Uh, no, not yet. Do you want me to call the station?

Yes, please. Please. I know he's gonna get tired of hearing from me, but it's plenty important.

[Dialing phone]

Hi. Lieutenant Stoddard, please. Dr. Rick Webber from general hospital.

Lieutenant Stoddard speaking.

This is Dr. Webber.

Yes, doctor, I was about to call you to tell you to stand by. I had a call about the snowplows. They're about to break through out there near the Quartermaine residence.

Oh, praise the lord.

I can't let you send an ambulance out yet, though. I'll have to wait until I get the ok.

Well, how soon do you think that'll be?

[Phone buzzes]

Hold on a minute, the other phone is ringing.

All right.

Stoddard here. Thanks, sergeant. Thanks. Great. Doctor?

Yes, yes. Yes, lieutenant.

Well, that's the report we've been waiting for. You've got the all clear sign.


They haven't broken through to the entrance of the Quartermaine estate, but they will have by the time the ambulance gets there.

Thank you. We're on our way.

Can we call for an ambulance?


I will get emergency.

All right. Tell them that Dr. Quartermaine and I will be going along. And now, john, what do we need? Anything special we should take?

Yeah. Tell them to make certain to bring a portable incubator unit for the baby and equipment for an emergency section, in case I have to perform it at the house if Monica hasn't delivered yet. I gave all that information to them earlier so that everything would be ready, but I'd like for you to double check it.

I've got it.

Alan, we're all set to go.

Well, what are we waiting for?

Nothing. Let's do it.

Bobbie, please call Tracy's apartment. Tell my family the news, will you?

Emergency, hi. This is ms. Spencer, main floor. You have an ambulance on stand by... 28

The line's still dead.

I don't understand it. It's the most elegant part of the city and every time we have a storm, that gets hit the hardest. I don't know why Alan wants to live there.

What are you stabbing now with those darts?

Who are whatever is keeping Mitch away.

Surely you don't think it's another woman. Or do you think your brother's right, that Mitch is involved in dirty politics?

Oh, hush! You've upset me enough for one night.

How have I upset you?

Oh, please, daddy. You know perfectly well how you've upset me--by accusing me of only wanting Monica's baby to live so I can prove that it's not Alan's son.

Well, I've been terribly upset and under a bad strain.

I've been under a bad strain. We both have. And I don't need to feel like I've been slapped.

Well, I'd like to apologize for that. I'd also like to thank you for the nice things you said to Alan on the phone.

I do have my moments, don't I? However rare they may be.

But very welcome, Tracy.

[Telephone rings]

Oh, Mitch! Mitch?

Tracy, no, it's Bobbie Spencer at the hospital.

Oh, Bobbie, I'm sorry. Hi. What is it? What's going on? Tell me.

Well, your brother asked me to call. The road is all clear to his house, and he and rick Webber are on their way. They're going out there by ambulance, and Dr. Priest is going with them.

Oh, Bobbie, that's wonderful. Daddy, the ambulance is on its way. Thank you so much for calling us. Will you keep us posted? Oh, wait. Wait, maybe you can--should we come right to the hospital right now?

No. Why don't I call you when they arrive, because it is possible that Dr. Priest might have to take the baby by section out at the house.

Oh, I see. All right. Ok. Then call us and we'll be waiting for your call. Thanks, Bobbie. Daddy, we got to concentrate that they make it there in time, ok, 'cause I don't want anything to happen to Monica or her baby, not like this.

I know you don't, Tracy. They'll be safe soon, when help arrives.

Daddy, I wish I just knew that Mitch was safe.

I'm gonna remember that kiss for the rest of the night. What there is left of it.

Oh, I wish you didn't have to go.

Well, the snowplows are opening the roads. I just heard it on the radio. Gotta go.

I know. Stay too much longer, Tracy will never believe your story.

No way.

What is your story going to be?

My story is that you and I spent the entire blizzard wrapped up in each other's arms. Is that--that's a good story.

Uh-huh. I dare you to try it.

Ha ha. No, I don't know, I just thought it'd be fun if she had caught us in bed together on election night. You know, I could take that approach. Now, you probably thought that I was with Susan Moore for the whole blizzard, didn't you, Tracy? Boy!

She really believes you're playing it straight now that you're married to her, doesn't she?

Well, Tracy is suspicious by nature, and I have a feeling that your name has sort of crossed her mind, yeah.



Mitch, play it cool, all right? Be careful around Tracy. We don't want to lose what we have.


The oxygen level's ok.

I'm sure it is, Alan. I double checked everything before we left.

I know. You know, I'm just trying to keep my mind occupied, that's all.

Why don't you try to relax, save your strength.

Yeah. We need you out there.

I hope to God you don't have to take the baby by section.

If we do, the circumstances won't be very good, but we will handle it.

Yes. Yes, of course. I just pray that it won't be necessary. God, what if Monica... john. John, run through the procedure again, will you? With me, talk to me, will you? Get my mind off it, huh?

Sure. Sure. Well, if we have to take the baby by caesarean, the first thing I want to do is I want to give Monica a little more anesthetic. I want to get it to her as fast as we possibly can.

Deep breaths. Deep--

Monica, it's all right. Take a breath. When the pain hits, hold it. Try and hold it, sweetheart. That's a good girl. Let it out slowly. Yeah, there you go.

This is the best I could do, Dr. Webber. Is it all right?

Oh, that's wonderful, Stella. Why don't you put it over there near the light socket and plug that electric pad in.

Does the electric pad go under the blanket?

Go help her, Gail. I'll get this.

All right. Put it right here, Stella.

Thank you.

There you go. Is the switch down there? Hand me the pad.

There's a plug.

Ok. Stella, I'm gonna put this right under the blanket. And we're gonna leave it on a medium setting. All right?

I've got the bottles ready and the water boiling in case the power goes out.

Ok. I hope it doesn't. So far we've been lucky.

Oh, there's a fierce wind coming across the bay.

I know.

[Telephone rings] Oh, the phone. Thank God that's working.

Quartermaine residence.

This is ms. Spencer at general hospital.

It's the hospital. It's a ms. Spencer.


Good breath.

Bobbie. Bobbie, it's Gail.

Wonderful news, Gail. Alan and rick are on their way and john priest is with them.

Oh, thank God. That's wonderful, Bobbie.

How is Monica?

She's going into hard labor, but maybe they'll get here in time.

All of the emergency equipment that you need is on the ambulance.

Oh, that's great, Bobbie. Thank you. Thank you. Lesley, rick and Alan are on their way.

That's wonderful. Would you?


Isn't that wonderful? Did you hear, Monica?

Did you hear that, Monica? Stella, we're gonna move her down to the end of the bed. You want to help me do that?


Ok, Monica, we gotta move down.

A little bit closer.

That's it, girl. Good girl.

She's on the edge now.

Is she on the edge?


All right, Monica, put your ankles up. That's it.

Should I stay here and help or should I go let them in?

I think we can manage now, Stella. You go down, make sure that door's open so they can get in and come right up when they get here.

That's it. That's it. Ok.

Monica, you're just doing fine. Alan's gonna be here any minute.

Ok, Monica. I'm gonna do a little examination of this baby now. It looks to me like he may not wait until his daddy gets here. Ok.


Gail, would you get me one cc of anesthetic, please?

Yes. It's all filled and ready, Lesley.

Ok. That's good.

Here you go.

Monica, I'm gonna do an episiotomy now. But first I'm gonna numb the area. We want this little one to have all the help he needs coming out into this world. Right? There we go. Ok. Now we just have to wait a couple of minutes and it'll be fine. You're doing real well. Oh, no.


Right. I'll get the candles.

Stay with it. Stay with it. Take your breath. Take your breath. That's a good girl. Take your breath. Oh, real fine. Real fine.

Candle light.

Good girl. Good girl.

Lesley, you're gonna need more direct light than this.

Get the flashlight from Stella. Take one of the candles with you.

All right, I will. Be right back.

Ok. All right. Ok, Monica, it's all going to be just wonderful. Your baby is about to arrive.


Now, after I do this episiotomy to give him a little help, we'll give him as much as he needs, I want you to help me bring him. Ok? Is that a deal? Are you listening to me?

If I die...


If I die...

No. You're not gonna die, Monica. You are not going to die.


Yes, rick is going to be here very soon. He's gonna be here to help us. Yes.

It's Rick''s Rick's baby. It's Rick's baby. It's his son. It's the's the son rick always wanted.


Can't we go any faster?

Alan, the roads are just too icy.

I know.

We gotta get there in one piece. We can't risk getting in an accident.

God, why did this have to happen?

Your son is one independent soul.

Monica can't die.


That's the house. Isn't that the house there? It's so--it's so dark. Oh, God, please help us get there.

Take it easy.

Driver, can you hurry up, please?

I'm sorry I got uptight with you. I know the pressure's on tonight.

I'm sorry, too. Besides, I'm the one who got uptight. But I feel a lot better now. Help's on its way to Monica.


Don't worry about Dan investigating the disco.

What did he say?

Well, he doesn't think that anything will turn up to discredit you.

Bobbie, why is the hospital looking into something like this at all?

Luke, a lot of underage girls that work here go to your place.

But I don't sell them booze, and I don't like people snooping into my business.

Dan is not snooping around. Dan is doing exactly what he has to do. Besides, dear little Laura Baldwin works there. At least I think it's work that she does there.

I thought we had this clear.

You don't have anything clear. You're too much in love with Laura.

I suppose--I suppose you told ruby that. You didn't.

Look, could we please change the subject?

You brought it up.

I'm sorry, ok? I've got a lot of things on my mind tonight.

Ok, like what?

Like I've been thinking... that maybe I was wrong to make Roy wait those two weeks before we got married. Maybe if I were really lucky, I might be carrying his baby right now.

Oh, brother.

Luke, I might still have a part of Roy with me. And with Roy it wouldn't have been rape.

Oh, brother.

Rick's baby.

I'm in...

Monica. Monica, stop talking now. You just listen to me and you do what I say. You've got to help me deliver this baby because we don't have any time to wait for help. Come on, push.

Stay with Monica. Wipe her forehead, hold her hand. Just try and keep her comfortable.

Good girl. Now let it go. Let it go.

The episiotomy, Lesley.

Right now. I'm doing it right now. There.


Ok. Now give me a good push.

Come on, Monica.

Here comes the baby.

Come on, push. Push, Monica, push. You're doing fine. The baby's coming.

Come on, boy. Here we go.

Push it.

Good boy. Good push, Monica. Your little boy's coming.

Here he comes.

Dr. Webber, I think she's fainted.

It's ok, I've got him.

All right, Stella, hold the flashlight. That's it.

Ok, come on. Ok, come on. Let me hear you.

[Baby cries] Breathe. Good boy.

Monica. Monica, I'm gonna put a towel on your stomach and Lesley's gonna put your little baby right on your stomach.

Ok. Here's your baby, Monica.

There. Look, Monica.

He's fine and he's breathing on his own.

Sure is.

I'm tying the cord now.

All right. All right.

You did a good job.

Very good. Oh, Monica, he's beautiful. He's perfect in every way.

Take him to the incubator.

Ohh. The doctor's coming. Dr. Quartermaine's coming.

Stella. Stella, take them the flashlight. They may need it.


Lesley. Lesley, you must be exhausted. Go and rest, I'll take over here. Go on. All right?

God help me, we're not too late. The baby's all right?

He's perfect.

He's perfect?

All right.

[Indistinct chatter]

Monica. Monica!

She's all right, Alan. The baby's alive. He's in the incubator that we made.

Is he all right?

He's alive.

I'll get him downstairs to the incubator, the portable one. Beautiful little boy.

[Indistinct chatter]

My God, how did you do all this with the lights out?

Dr. Webber did it all, sir.

Stella, go and check on the baby, will you? I'll be there in a minute.

Yes, I will.

Lesley, you did one fine job tonight.

I did what I could.

They're still alive. Maybe we got here in time. Let's just hope and pray we did. Have I told you I loved you today?

No, you haven't told me.

Mitch, I can't believe it! Oh! Mitch! Oh, Mitch!

What a welcome that is.

Ahh. I have been so worried about you.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

What happened?

My car got stranded in the snow.

Oh, no, you must be frozen. Let me make you something hot to drink.

No, no, no. I'm ok. I'm all right.

Mitch, you didn't sit in your car all these hours, have you?

No, these really nice people were nice. They took pity on me and they let me come inside their house.

Why didn't you call?

Uh, the phone was dead. Hello, sir. What are you doing up so late?

Oh, we're waiting for news about Monica.

What do you mean? What's up?

Mitch, it's been a dreadful night. We really wanted to have you here with us.

Monica's baby is about to be born and she's trapped out at the house.

Good lord.

Well, it may not be that bad because Alan and rick are on their way out there in an ambulance, and maybe they've gotten there by now.

Is Monica all by herself?

No, Lesley Webber and Gail Baldwin are there.

They went out to visit and got stranded by the storm.

Well, that's good. There are doctors, then.

Yes, but she's lost a lot of blood. She just had time to make a call and the line went dead. That report was bad. We've been worried sick.

Oh, I can imagine. Tracy, I am so sorry I couldn't be here for you.

Monica was in trouble, you were stranded. I've been going crazy.

I'm sorry. I'm here now.

You are. Thank God. Boy, it's funny, your hands aren't even cold.

Oh, that's because I was inside the house.

Well, how did you get home? You didn't walk, did you?

No, they finished plowing the roads.

Who took you in?

I have no idea their names. We didn't talk. You know, they were in and out, helping people get off the roads and everything. Hadn't we better get going if Alan and rick are taking Monica to the hospital?

No. As a matter of fact, Bobbie Spencer called earlier--

[Telephone rings] Maybe that's her. Wait a minute. Hello?

Tracy, it's Bobbie again. Emergency just phoned, and they're bringing them in now.

Oh, that's wonderful. Is there any word on Monica's condition?

All I know at the moment is that they're both alive, mother and newborn baby.

Newborn baby?

The baby's born?

Yes, daddy. Bobbie, we'll be right there, ok? Will you tell Alan that we're on our way?

What about my grandson?

Bobbie didn't know too much right now, daddy. You better get your coat.

Dress warm, it's cold outside.

To hell with the weather. All I care about is Monica and the baby.

And Alan. He's gonna need us before the night is out.

Lesley, go and sit down. You're worn out. I'm gonna go and call lee.

Lesley, you've got to know... if I don't...if I don't make it, if I'm going to die,'s Rick's baby. The son...the son rick always wanted. Dark spots on my skin?

Hi. Brought you some tea. Lesley? Here.

Thank you.

Hey, were you crying?

No. Oh. No, I'm just real tired.

You know, you were magnificent tonight. I mean, nobody could have handled that emergency any better.

Such a little baby to cause so much--

Trouble. Oof.


Wouldn't you know--wouldn't you know the power would go out just when we were getting ready to deliver? Oh, I'm so glad it came back on, though, when we were leaving. I hated to leave Stella out there in that cold, dark house all alone. She was really quite a help to us, wasn't she?


I got--got ahold of lee. At least he had some company during the big snowstorm. Howard Lansing was there to keep him company. He was awfully relieved to hear we were at the hospital. He said the streets are clear now and he'll be over soon as he can make it. Lesley, is the tea too strong?

No, it's fine. It's lovely.

Did anybody come out of Monica's room while I was getting the tea?

No. They're still in there.

I thought it was too soon for a report. Well, look, you know, we mustn't worry. I mean, there's nothing we can do about things now anyway.

No. There is nothing I can do about anything now.

Lesley, are you trying to keep something from me?

Keep what from you?

Did rick come out and tell you something?

No. No, there's been no word.

Just thought maybe you were trying to spare my feelings because you know how much I love Monica.

Oh, God, no. No, I'm sorry. I...I...I'm just tired. I don't know what I'm saying right now. I didn't mean to frighten you.

You're just worried, too, aren't you? Well, she was awfully weak there towards the end. I mean, she couldn't even help us deliver. But she's gotta live. She's gonna live. And so is that baby, too. Because Monica, she wants that baby more than anything else in the world.

It's a very special baby, isn't it, Gail?

I think Monica's whole life is wrapped up in that child.

Gail! Lesley!

Oh. Oh, I'm glad you're here. Alan's really gonna need you all.

How's Monica and the baby?

Well, there's really no word yet.

Is Monica in danger?

Well, you know, she lost a lot of blood. She's a little weak.

She went through so much during this pregnancy.

Yeah, well, everything took its toll, Mitch.

Was the baby born in an ambulance?

No, no, it was born at the house, and all the power went off.

Oh, good lord.

Yeah, the baby came before Alan and rick could get there.

You delivered the baby?

Well, no, no. Really Lesley did. You have her to thank for your beautiful grandson, Edward.

Lesley, we owe you so much. How can I ever thank you?

We just...we did what had to be done.

Lesley was really magnificent. I mean, you should have seen the incubator that she dreamed up.

So you delivered the baby.

Well, you know, it was very tiny, being so premature.

How big is he?

Oh, well, we really don't know exactly. I guess 3 or 4 pounds.

Oh, my God, that's so small. Can he make it?

Well, you know, facilities for taking care of preemies these days, they're really terrific, aren't they, Lesley?

Uh-huh. Yeah, they are. And he was breathing on his own.

Is Alan in with Monica?

Yes, yes. He'll probably be a while before he'll come out. He wanted to stay with her till she wakes up. You know, Monica was just so anxious to give him his son.

Rick's with her, too, I suppose?

Yes, he is, Edward.

That's good. I've always had great faith in that husband of yours, Lesley.

She's still unconscious.

She's lost a lot of blood. She's weak.

You think there's enough plasma in the hospital?

I'm sure there is.

Look, we've had a lot of accidents in the last 24 hours because of the blizzard. Nurse, do me a favor. When you go down to the desk, please make sure that we've got enough plasma in this hospital for my wife.

Yes, doctor.

Thank you.

Don't worry about that, Alan. We're not dealing with a rare blood type.

Thank you. I wanted to talk to you alone. Are you as worried about her as I am?

I'm very concerned, Alan. She is very weak.

She's got to make it.

I would say she's in guarded condition. Maybe tomorrow we'll know more. I hope that her condition will stabilize.

Stick with us on this one, rick. Help us get through it.

I'll be there, you know that.

And the baby, will you look out for him, too, please?

Of course I will. I should look in on him right now. Why don't you stay here with Monica and I'll go.

Yeah. I'd like to go with you, but I think it's more important if I stay here.

She needs you here if she regains consciousness.

I know.

Be right back.

Ok. Rick.


Thank you.

For what?

For everything.

Well, would any of you like some coffee or tea?

Oh, no, thank you.

I'd just spill it, I'm so nervous. Oh, rick.

Is she all right?

Well, Monica's lost a lot of blood. She's very weak.

But she's going to be all right, isn't she?

Well, she's not stable at this point, but we're hoping that after transfusion and rest tonight, by tomorrow she will be better.

How's the baby?

The baby was holding his own in the incubator coming back from the ambulance. I haven't seen him since we've been here, but I'm on my way to the preemie section right now. Would you excuse me? I want to talk to Lesley just for a second.

Yes, yes. Of course.

Oh, rick. Rick. Look, Lesley's just worn out and lee's on his way to pick me up. Would you like us to drive her home?

That would be a very nice idea. Thank you. I'll go tell her. You look dead tired. Why don't you let lee and Gail drive you home?

You staying?

Don't you think under the circumstances I should?

Yes, I think under the circumstances, you probably should.

It must have been a very hard day today.


It must have been very difficult delivering Monica's child knowing that we can't have one of our own.

Rick, please don't do this.

Well, see, I want to drive you home, but Alan needs me. He wants me to stay.

Oh, poor Alan.

Everything possible to save that child has to be done. I have to make sure that that child lives. You understand that?

Sure. I understand more than you think I do.

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