GH Transcript Tuesday 4/23/63

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 4/23/63


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(Doctors Hardy and Brewer work on a difficult case; Peggy tells Jessie about her difficult break-up with Dr. Hardy and Jessie confides in Peggy that she’s insecure about the age difference between herself and her younger husband, Phil Brewer.)

I like him.

He means business. And he's a top doctor... with bad manners and an interesting face... very interesting.

"General hospital."

Now, the Peterson boy has an enlarged spleen. That we know for sure. Then when we found out about the probability of rheumatic fever long ago, even though it hadn't been diagnosed, we knew pretty well what the situation was. We don't always have full histories, for all sorts of reasons. It's at this point, Dr. Brewer, that medicine becomes an art as well as a science. And put the two together, give us diagnosis. In young Peterson's case, subacute bacterial endocarditis. Prognosis, unfortunately, is another matter.

Well, he's been reacting to antibiotics.

Yes. We'll soon see.

[Telephone rings]

Nurses station, seventh floor. Yes, he is. Right. You're wanted in ward c, Dr. Brewer.

Oh, thank you, nurse.

Nurse, I'm taking Mrs. Margol off sedation.

Yes, Dr. Hardy. Dr. Hardy, may I tell you something off the record?

Top-secret or classified?

Personal. Peggy is coming by to have lunch with me.

Oh? Well, you should have a lot to talk about.

I can't help it, Steve. I just can't believe--

Jessie, I not only can't believe it, I can't understand it.

Shall I tell her hello for you?

Yes, tell her...hello.

Hi, Peggy. I'm sorry I'm late.

That's all right. I just got here myself.

Good. Oh. What would you like?

Oh, I think I'll just have coffee. Thanks.



Nancy, could we have two cups of coffee, please?

No, thanks.

You don't want any lunch?

I don't think so. I'm really not hungry. You're being very tactful, Jessie, but we're old friends. I don't mind talking about it.

Peggy, I don't know. Maybe I'm romantic, but I've said it a thousand times. I've said it to phil. I've said it to everybody. I think you and Steve are meant for one another.

It's true in many ways.

Many ways is a lot of ways, isn't it?

Yes. But it's complicated.

Well, loving somebody is complicated.

You think I've made a mistake breaking off with Steve.

I think you've made a tremendous mistake. I know you. I know Steve. And I know something about marriage.

So do I.

I'm sorry. Of course you do.

I was married to a man I loved and who loved me. But he didn't need me. Even at the end, dying in a plane crash, he had no need for me.

Steve needs you.

Wants me. I don't think he needs me.

Oh, Peggy. Wanting, needing. Those are all words, and maybe we misuse them.

Maybe we do.

Thanks, Nancy.

Thank you. Thank you. Basically, she wants to be a nurse.

Jessie, I know what you're thinking. You''re married to a doctor. His work, like Steve's, comes first. And you want it that way. But you're a nurse. You can help him in these things, advise him, give part of yourself to him. It's important for a woman to give, not only to take, even when what's offered is love.

You really think it's that simple? It's not that simple for me.

What do you mean?

Well, I know something about medicine, sure. I know something about the problems with interns. And there are times when I can help Phil, but Peggy, most of the time, he doesn't want my help.

I know.

You know, when we decided to get married, I had just gotten my cap, but Phil was still in medical school. And I was 8 years older than he. Most people would have said we had an awful lot to overcome.

But you decided to risk it.

Ha ha. I'm not sure we knew we were taking a risk, we were so much in love.

And you still are?

Mm-hmm. There have always been problems, money problems, career problems, age problems.

You really worry about the difference in your ages?

Well, I think about it. Look, Peggy, the point is nothing is perfect. If Phil takes this residency, and I hope to goodness he does, by the time he's finished, I'm gonna be 37 years old. That's by the time he begins practicing medicine.

Oh, 37 is young, jess.

Well... I just don't think there's any such thing as complete happiness. I think you have to make it out of little things.

Yes, I know that's right... with my mind, not...

No more, thanks.

No, thank you.

Steve and I have decided to go on seeing each other.


Well... for Johnny's sake, he says. Why shouldn't we? Johnny needs him.

Of course he does.

And we'll be friends, good friends. You don't think that's possible?

A man and a woman who love one another... just friends? I wonder. Peggy, listen--

I've got to run. Coffee's on me, ok?

Ok. Thanks.

I wish I were more like you, Jessie.

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Yes, Dr. Hardy?

Oh, I've looked in on the Peterson boy and conferred with Dr. Doyle. We'll keep roger on antibiotics, but I'm concerned about possible reactions. I want someone with him all the time.

Marge is in there now, and when she goes off, Mary will come in.


Is that all, Dr. Hardy?

Yes. Did you have a nice lunch?

Yes. Very.

How's Peggy?

Well, she's not too happy.

I imagine you did find things to talk about.

We talked about you... and Phil and women in particular and the world in general.

Come to any conclusions?

Only that nothing is completely satisfactory.

Hmm. Thank you, Mrs. Brewer.

You're welcome, Dr. Hardy.


A little wider.




Well, everything seems to be ticking along nicely. Now, you can get up for dinner, but I don't want you to overdo it, miss Allison.

Oh, call me Cynthia. We're old friends. And just because I call you Dr. Brewer doesn't mean you have to be so formal.

All right. Let's make a bargain. You call me Phil, and I'll call you Cynthia.

Ok. You still don't remember me, do you?

I waited table at your sorority house. I remember that.

But you don't remember anything special?

What the devil did I do? Did I spill coffee on you?

Nothing like that.

Give me a hint.

No. I'll... I'll wait.

For what?

Maybe you'll remember.


How long before I go home?

We'll see.

Oh, not that I'm anxious. I'm having fun here, really. Everyone is so nice.

I'm glad to hear that.

Especially that one nurse, Jessie. She lets me chatter.


I've told her all about you, how strange life is, meeting the young, dashing hasher after all these years.

Now, wait a minute.

Well, you're so standoffish. I have to have someone to talk to about you, and she's a good sport. She listens.

Oh, she is?

What's the matter?


Well, if I stay here much longer, she's going to know all. She even asks questions.


Oh, I've embarrassed you.


I'm sorry. Look, I promise I won't say anything to anyone, providing you'll smile. Hmm? Come on. Smile.

How's that?

That's a beautiful, beautiful masculine smile. Hello, Jessie. We were just talking about you and saying very nice things, too, weren't we, Phil?


Would you go see if the flowers have come in? Thank you.

[Telephone rings] Seventh floor, nurses station. Uh, yes. The schedule has been changed. Dr. Thomas and Dr. Martin are on duty tonight. And Dr. Rose. No, Dr. Brewer is not on duty tonight. Yes, I would know about that. You're welcome, Debbie. Dr. Lyons would like a new set of x-rays on Mrs. Phillips.

I knew that was in the cards. Have you set it up yet?


Well, I'll go down with her. For some reason, she has it in her mind that if I'm with her, everything is gonna be ok, and everything isn't.

It's a shame. She's a nice old lady.

Yeah, she sure is.

Oh. Oh. Would you mind putting these in a vase and taking them down to miss Allison in 751? Thank you. She certainly is a popular girl. If this keeps up, she can open a florist's shop... or a bookstore. She certainly is amusing, isn't she?


Miss Allison. Cynthia Allison. Don't you think she is?

Yeah, she's all right.

She just couldn't get over meeting you after such a long time.

How do you know that?

Oh, she told me.

Look, you know, she's making a big deal about that.

About what?

About remembering me. You know what I remember when I was a hasher? Slinging trays in that sorority house and how much... how much food those girls could stash away at one sitting. That's what I remember. And I remember something else. But a hasher never rated with any of the sorority queens. Don't let anyone tell you they ever did, not even miss Allison.


She's probably one of those people who never forgets a face. Well, I'm one who does. Anyway, why are we talking about her?

No reason.

Well, let's drop it.

All right, then.

I must say, though, I'm surprised you feel so strongly about it.

I don't. All right, I admit, she gives me a few laughs.

She's very funny.

And that picture she dug up-- dinner in the sorority house, me and my tray. She sent for that, and she's got it hanging on her wall. I guess she likes the idea of the old hasher becoming her doctor.

It's flattering if nothing else, though, isn't it?

What about that... that medication for Mr. Sandusky?

Marge is getting it ready. Oh, lovely. Mmm. "With love, from aunt Harriet."

You know, it's odd, she gets flowers and books, but has she had any visitors?

She has a few.

I suppose she's just a lonely kid.

It's possible. Her parents are in Japan.

I've sensed it, you know, despite all that chatter. Maybe she's whistling in the dark about something or other.

Who knows?

You know, that's why I try to spend a little extra time with her, sort of cheer her up.

Of course.

You know, go along with her about the past, the past we didn't share.

Oh, I know all about that, phil. You have to remember, she told me.

Look, what has she been doing, filling your mind full of a lot of nonsense?

No. A woman likes to talk to a man, but she also likes to talk to another woman about the man. And apparently, I have been selected as her confidant.


She's also finding out all about me, too-- where I was born, why I took up nursing, do I like nursing. Except, you know, there's one thing that's very strange that she hasn't asked me. She hasn't asked me if I'm married. Have you told her we are, Phil?

Dr. Brewer.

Yes, doctor?

I just examined the Peterson boy. The spleen is swelling much too much.

How's the breathing, Dr. Hardy?

Well, that's another thing that concerns me. Have the new tests come up from the lab?

Yes, they just came up. They're on your desk.

Did you look at them?

Yes, I did. I'll get them for you.

Jessie, I think it would be wise to call Mrs. Peterson, have her come by.

Is he--

He's not responding to treatment the way I hoped he would. He still may, but we won't know for several hours. Don't frighten her. Just...just say roger is restless and I thought it might be good for him if she came by for a few minutes this evening.

Dr. Hardy, I have the reports.

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