Days Transcript Friday 7/16/21

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 7/16/21


Episode #14065 ~ Eric and Nicole put together a last-minute anniversary party. Brady invites Chloe to Eric and Nicole's party. Sami tries to make a deal with Xander. Lucas and Philip strategize how to blow up EJ and Sami's marriage.

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Marlena: Come in.

John: Hey, sweetheart.

Marlena: Oh, hey.

John: Ready to roll?

Marlena: Roll where?

John: To the party. I thought I'd swing by and pick you up.

Marlena: What party?

Chloe: So you want me to go with you to eric and nicole's anniversary party?

Brady: Sure, why not?

Chloe: Um, because I'm seeing philip.

Philip: What if ej sees the letter, but sami has no idea where it came from?

Lucas: Okay, I'm listening.

Philip: If you want to get sami back, you gotta fight dirty the way ej does. You gotta get that letter in his hands. You gotta blow up their marriage, reclaim the woman you love. Just make sure it can't be traced back to you.

Lucas: So you're saying, get somebody else to deliver kristen's letter to ej?

Philip: Well, I don't think there'll be a shortage of volunteers.

Lucas: What do you mean?

Philip: No offense, bro, but but there's a ton of people in this town that can't stand sami dimera.

Nicole: It's one thing to swoop in and surprise your wife on our anniversary, but are you back for good? Eric, I need to know. Is this a short trip, and you're back on a plane to africa, or is my husband home for good?

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[Soft orchestration]

Belle: Behold, the ceo at work.

Ej: Belle, what a lovely surprise. And there's another surprise.

Belle: Oh, what, can a girl not hug her brother-in-law?

Ej: Of course she can. I just didn't expect such a warm welcome.

Belle: Oh, ej, I know how hard things have been for you and sami over the last few years. You've had a really difficult recovery, and you know, sami was worried you'd never be the same again. But look at you, you're all better, and you're back in salem, and she's so happy, and i just want to be happy for you!

Ej: That's very kind.

Belle: And you look terrific. How do you feel?

Ej: Never better, thanks to samantha. She truly is an angel. I've got a lot to be grateful for, not only my wife, but the brilliant attorney who's agreed to do some legal work for dimera. How's it all going?

Belle: It's great. I actually just met with chad and went over his contract with him.

Ej: Ah, probably wants to make sure I'm not getting paid more than he is.

Belle: Oh, are you and brother/co-ceo not getting along?

Ej: Let's just say, he doesn't totally trust me. There's a bit of suspicion, a touch of wariness, and a splash of sibling rivalry.

Belle: Ah, well, that is quite a cocktail, and one I'm very familiar with. As you know, my sister and i have the same relationship.

Ej: [Chuckles]

Sami: I leave you alone for 20 minutes, and oh, my god, I went to get your damn money, and that gwen person had to tell me that you got arrested. What did you do?

Xander: I assaulted a police officer.

Sami: Of course you did. So now what?

Xander: Relax, I can still make the tape about my night of passion with nicole right here. This is where they record confessions, right?

Sami: That's not gonna be good enough.

Xander: It's perfect. You give me the million bucks in that briefcase, and I'll give you an insurance policy to keep nicole's mouth shut about your affair.

Sami: Xander, there has been a change in plan. You are not making a tape. You are gonna blow eric and nicole's marriage out of the water live.

Eric: I have to go back to africa tomorrow.

Nicole: Oh, I see.

Eric: Nicole, you know i agreed to a three-month extension with the relief agency.

Nicole: Yeah, I know, I know.

Eric: When I tried to call you and tell you about it, you got upset, and I'm really sorry.

Nicole: I get it. You're going back.

Eric: But it's just to finish up the extension, and I'll only be gone a few weeks.

Nicole: Then after that?

Eric: Then I'll be home for good.

[Tense music]

Brady: I know all about your little situation with philip, okay?

Chloe: And you still want to take me to the party as your date?

Brady: I didn't say date. Who said date? I would go as eric's brother. You would go as a friend of nicole's, and we would just be walking through the same doorway together. Come on, I want to celebrate two people that I care about, and i want you to come with me. I mean, you want to support nicole, right?

Chloe: Yeah, of course I do. She's been so heartbroken since eric left. It would be nice to see her happy.

Brady: Yeah, so why don't we just be two adults and arrive at the party together?

Chloe: Okay, fine, let's go.

Brady: Excellent, it's a date. I'm kidding. Let's go, buddy.

Lucas: Name one person who'd be willing to deliver ej's letter.

Philip: How about kristen?

Lucas: Oh, yeah, what could go wrong there?

Philip: She obviously wants her brother to know you slept with sami. It's the reason she wrote the letter.

Lucas: I know, I know, but even if she was willing, I don't know where she is.

Philip: So forget her. Drop the thing in the mailbox yourself.

Lucas: I can't do that. It's too risky; someone might intercept it again. I have to make sure it lands directly in ej's hands. You know, I need somebody who won't mind sticking it to that jerk.

Roman: What jerk?

To be a thriver

John: So you didn't get my text?

Marlena: No, I was with a patient, so I didn't check my phone.

John: All right, so I get to give you the good news in person. Your son is home.

Marlena: What, eric?

John: He got in this morning. He wanted to surprise nicole for their anniversary. Roman's throwing a big bash for them at the pub right now.

Marlena: That's great news. I can't wait to see him. I wonder what it means.

John: It means we get to celebrate.

Marlena: Yes, no, I know, but I wonder if it means that he's coming home for good.

[Soft music]

Nicole: Tell me I'm not dreaming.

Eric: I'll be away a few weeks, and then I'll back to stay.

Nicole: Good, I can't believe it, but what about all those people in africa?

Eric: I'll always care about those people in africa. You are the most important thing in the world to me. And I have done a terrible job in proving that to you, and I'm gonna show you how much I love you every day.

Nicole: But, eric--

Eric: But, eric, what?

Nicole: I mean, is this what you really want, to be home?

Eric: You are my home. And yes, this is absolutely everything I want. I want to be a good husband. I want to be a good father. I just want to get in this bed with you every night, and I want to wake up every morning and see this beautiful face. I want to be right by your side every day. And from now on, I'm committed to showing you how much i love you always and forever.

Belle: I love sami, but she does have a knack for making things a little more difficult than they need to be.

Ej: I know she's butted heads with you quite a bit.

Belle: Well, not just me, my parents, her kids, everybody. You know, one minute she's cooperative, and the next minute, she goes rogue and just all the recklessness and the unpredictability. It'S... it's maddening, quite frankly.

Ej: I'm to blame for that, I'm afraid.

Belle: How so?

Ej: Well, for months upon months, my wife dedicated her life to caring for me, and in return, I treated her terribly.

Belle: Well, you were suffering pretty terribly.

Ej: That's no excuse. Samantha was only trying to help me, and I pushed her away. Then it sounds as if she took her frustration with me out on her family here in salem, and for that, I apologize.

Belle: That's very nice of you to take responsibility, but sami is an adult, and she can make her own choices.

Ej: True, all I'm saying is that perhaps her choices were influenced by the fact that she was in a very hurtful situation. I am extremely grateful that she stuck by me through everything. I would not be here today if not for her.

Belle: Well, it sounds like you two are in a really good place.

Ej: We're as close as we've ever been.

Belle: Well, I'm happy for you. So now we'll have more to celebrate at the party today.

Ej: What party?

Belle: What, you don't know? Oh, I thought sami would have called you by now.

Sami: I just found out that my brother eric is back in town. He's decided to celebrate his anniversary with nicole. He surprised her.

Xander: Eugh, how sweet.

Sami: Agreed, it's disgusting; they're back together, closer than ever.

Xander: So you want me to break out of here?

Sami: Is that a problem?

Xander: Of course it's a problem; I'd be a fugitive!

Sami: Oh, please!

Xander: Oh, please, what? I'm not gonna take that risk. I'm sure I'll be out of here by tomorrow.

Sami: Tomorrow is not good enough! Their party is today! I mean, that bitch had eric call me and tell me that I had to be happy and supportive, or else i wasn't even welcome. You know who's not going to be welcome? Nicole, when everyone finds out the truth. I cannot wait to see the look on her face when you tell everyone about your disgusting little tryst.

Xander: What if she retaliates and tells everyone about you and lucas?

Sami: Ha, she can say whatever she wants. No one's gonna believe her. She doesn't have any proof. Everyone's gonna know that she's just trying to divert attention away from what a slut she is.

Xander: Look, I understand that you're determined, but i can't go to a party while I'm under arrest. You just sit tight and rest assured that eric will kick nicole to the curb just as fast if I tell him tomorrow, once I've been released.

Sami: Tomorrow is not good enough! Eric could be back in africa tomorrow.

Xander: Sami, what do you expect me to do? I'm under arrest. I'm in handcuffs!

Sami: [Sighs] Nothing, as usual. If I want something done right, I gotta do it myself.

Roman: Who's the jerk?

Philip: We were talking about jake dimera.

Lucas: Right, yeah, yeah, he really messed with our mom, you know.

Roman: Yeah, I told her the guy wasn't good enough for her, but damn, I'm sorry she got hurt.

Philip: Us, too. We're just trying to figure out a way to get a little payback.

Roman: Yeah, all right, well, you're gonna have to take the conversation elsewhere. I'm throwing a party for my son.

Lucas: What, eric? Eric's home?

Roman: Yeah, he is. Actually, today is his and nicole's first wedding anniversary, and he texted me to ask if I could set something up, you know, just for family. You understand.

Lucas: Oh, yeah, no, we're good. We'll clear out, no problem. You want to join me upstairs, finish our conversation?

Philip: Yeah, tell eric we said welcome home.

Roman: Okay, will do.

Philip: Hello, beautiful.

Brady: Hello, handsome.

Philip: Give me a second. What are y'all doing? Taking a break from work?

Chloe: Yeah, kind of.

Philip: Well, if you're here to eat, roman's about to close the place down for a private party, so if you need a ride, I can take you home.

Brady: Oh, no, no, no, chloe's not going home.

Philip: Why not?

Brady: Because she's here to go to the party with me.

[Tense music]

Certain hpv-related cancers?

Philip: I'm confused. You're going to the party with brady?

Chloe: It's not a date. We came here from the office. He suggested that we, you know, come here together. The party's for eric and nicole. I want to be here for nicole, you know, my very dear friend, who also happened to hire me at basic black. Why don't you stay, too?

Brady: Well, philip's not really close with eric or nicole. I wouldn't want you to feel uncomfortable.

Philip: I wouldn't, not with chloe by my side. We do live together, you know.

Brady: I'm aware of that. I am, but I mean, this party, it's not like it's some blowout that any loser can come in off the street. I mean, it's a family party. That's what I'm saying.

Philip: I'm family.

Brady: Philip, how are family?

Philip: Nicole used to be my stepmother. Of course, her marriage didn't work out with my father, but she's celebrating one year with eric? Of course, I'd love to wish her a happy anniversary, so yes, chloe, I'd be delighted to stay.

Chloe: Okay.

[Tense music]

Nicole: Eric, everything you just said, I want that, too. It's just--

Eric: It's just what?

Nicole: You are such a wonderful, caring man, and sometimes I think--

Eric: Nicole, whatever it is, you can tell me.

[Soft music]

Nicole: Sometimes I think i don't deserve you.

Eric: Stop talking like that. Nicole, you are-- you're a wonderful person. You're so kind. You are so generous, and you're a great mother. In my opinion, you're perfect. I'm the luckiest man in the world to have you in my life.

Nicole: No, I'm the lucky one.

Eric: Then we both are. Nicole, we have--we've waited for this time our entire life, to be married, to be a family. You and me... we belong together always.

Belle: Eric's home. The whole family got a text that we're supposed to go down to the pub and celebrate his and nicole's first wedding anniversary.

Ej: And this is today?

Belle: Yeah, like right now. It's so weird that sami didn't call you.

Ej: You know my wife. I'm sure she just got caught up doing something else.

Sami: Good news. You've made bail.

Xander: How did you pull that off?

Sami: Well, I hired a lawyer who was just wandering around the courthouse.

Xander: That's wonderful. Thank you.

Sami: Don't thank me. I took it out of your million.

Xander: What?

Sami: Don't worry, you'll get it back as long as you don't jump bail.

Xander: I wouldn't dream of it.

Sami: Okay, so here's how it's gonna work. I'm gonna go to the party and behave, pretend like I'm happy and excited for eric and nicole. Ugh, god, that sounds so exhausting, the performance of a lifetime. Anyway, you're gonna show up a half hour late, okay? Just give everyone a chance to get there, and then you are gonna blow eric and nicole's marriage to smithereens. You're gonna announce to everybody that while eric has been around the world helping people, nicole is here, having sex with you. Happy fricking anniversary. What's that look for?

Xander: I'm not sure I want to do this. Truthfully, it's frustrating to see how fast dust reappears.

Nicole: These flowers really are beautiful. Coming home to them--coming home to you is the best anniversary gift I could get.

Eric: You know, on this day, I married the woman of my dreams, who's more beautiful than ever, inside and out.

[Soft music]

You know, this ring is a daily reminder.

Nicole: Daily reminder of my commitment to you.

Eric: And to you. It was the happiest day of my life. From now on, every day is gonna be as happy as that. Come on, mrs. Brady. Let's go celebrate, come on.

Nicole: Whoo, oh, my god. I love it.

Sami: I got you out on bail. What is the problem?

Xander: Look, can't I go to eric privately? If I do it your way, not only will it infuriate nicole and make everyone in salem despise me even more than they already do, I'll lose my job.

Sami: We went over this already. I'm paying you enough money that if you do get canned, it'll tide you over until you find someone else to blackmail into giving you a job.

Xander: I don't know. I need a steady income, not a one-time payoff.

Sami: Okay, here's the thing, xander. I'm going through with this. Whether it's you or some other fool I find to tell eric the truth, it's happening, okay? So then eric is going to dump nicole, and nicole is going to fire you. Either way, you are losing your job here, buddy, so you might as well take the money, right?

[Phone rings] Wait. It's ej, shh! Hi, sweetheart!

Ej: Care to tell me what the hell is going on?

Sami: What? Are you angry at me?

Ej: That all depends. I'm at the office, and I've just learned about your brother's party from belle.

Sami: Oh, oh, my--I can't believe I forgot to call you. I'm so sorry. I'm just figuring out what to wear. I'm going through my closet like a crazy person.

Ej: So you're at home? I'll come pick you up.

Sami: No, you don't need to do that. It's totally out of your way. I'll just meet you at the pub.

Ej: Fine, belle and I will head over now.

Sami: Great, I'll see you there.

Ej: Goodbye, my love.

Sami: Bye. All right, I have to go. You know what to do. Don't screw it up.

Xander: Aren't you forgetting something?

Sami: Oh, all right, half up front, half when you finish the job.

Xander: All of it now, or the deal's off. In the midst of hate, I found there was, within me,

Sami: No sane person would pay in full up front before the job is complete.

Xander: Fine, don'T. I wasn't that enthusiastic about doing this in the first place.

Sami: You cannot back out on me now.

Xander: Now that you secured my freedom, I can do whatever I like. I'll just wait for the nice officer to come back in and remove my handcuffs, and then I'll be on my merry way.

Sami: Take it.

Xander: It's a pleasure doing business with you, love. I'll see you at the party.

[Tense music]

Marlena: You know, I can't think of a better place to celebrate eric and nicole's first anniversary.

Roman: Yep, this is where they tied the knot.

Marlena: Did eric mention his plans?

Roman: No, he just texted me to ask if I could put together a little shindig.

John: I'd say you came through like a champ.

Roman: I'd do it every day and twice on sunday if it meant my son is home to stay.

John: Nice.

Belle: Well, I don't see sami.

Ej: She'll be along soon. Shall we get a drink?

Philip: Enough with the photos, brady.

Brady: I'm just showing her pictures of my kid. You don't have a problem with that, do you?

Philip: No, I'm sure she'd rather enjoy the party rather than stare at your phone.

Belle: Hey, guys.

Brady: Hey.

Chloe: Hey, belle, ej.

Ej: Chloe, pleasure. Philip, long time no see.

Philip: Not long enough.

Ej: Sorry?

Philip: I said hello.

Brady: Why don't we go say hi to my father and marlena?

Philip: So how's it going at dimera? I heard you took over.

Ej: I wouldn't say that. I simply assumed my rightful position as ceo of my father's company.

Philip: Co-ceo, right? Sharing the job with chad?

Belle: Okay, how about we not talk shop at a party?

Ej: Right, I'll get us some drinks.

[Soft music]

Belle: And this is a party, philip, not a high school reunion.

Ej: Oh, good. I wanted to talk with you.

Lucas: What about?

Ej: For starters, I'd like to know what you're doing here. This is a party for eric and nicole's family, and, well, you're not family.

Lucas: You just can't help yourself, can you?

Ej: What's that?

Lucas: I don't know, being an arrogant jerk. It's what you do. I already explained to roman that I would honor his request and keep this party family only. I just wanted to talk to my brother, finish the conversation we had earlier. I guess my timing isn't too good, is it?

Ej: No, I think it's rather fortuitous. It'll give us a chance to clear the air.

Lucas: A hurricane couldn't clear the air between us, so why don't we just not talk, okay?

Ej: Even if it's about samantha?

Lucas: You obviously have something to say, so go ahead, spill it, what you got?

Ej: I know that that two of you got close recently. You were both there to support your daughter during that terrible time, after what charlie dale did to her in london.

Lucas: Okay.

Ej: According to samantha, allie's doing much better now, so there's no need for you to call and stop by the house. In fact, there's no reason for you to have anything at all to do with my wife.

Lucas: Your wife and I have kids together, a couple of grandkids. I don't need your permission to talk to her.

Ej: It's not about that. It's about respect.

Lucas: Oh, really? That's rich coming from you. You've treated sami like garbage for years, and now you're gonna waltz into town, and you're gonna lecture me about respect?

Ej: It's about-- she has a life, a very full life, that no longer involves you. So it's time that you accept that and get a life of your own. Oh, one more thing. Earlier today, you came by my office. You said you had something for me. You also said something about a smoking gun? Your mother interrupted us before you could give it to me. Why don't you give it to me now?

[Tense music]

You're strong.

[Tense music]

Sami: Ej? Hi--lucas.

Ej: Hey.

Sami: Oh, hi.

Ej: Oh, you're still wearing the necklace I bought you.

Sami: Of course, I might never take it off. Why are you so tense? What's the matter with you?

Lucas: Nothing, I'm fine. Okay, I was just leaving. I don't want to crash the family party, after all.

Sami: What's up with him?

Ej: Oh, earlier today, he came by the office to give me something.

Sami: What?

Ej: Kate interrupted us, so i never found out. I asked him to give it to me now, but he didn'T. Guess it wasn't important.

Sami: Right, of course, huh.

Roman: Hey, hey, hey!

Nicole: Hi.

Marlena: Oh...

Eric: Missed you--I missed you all so much.

Marlena: Not half as much as we've all missed you. Oh, my love.

Roman: Hey, can your old man get in on that?

Eric: Yeah, dad.

Roman: Oh, hey, it was good to see you, son.

Eric: You, too.

Roman: Both of you.

Nicole: Roman, thank you so much for putting this together.

Eric: Yeah, I'm sorry for the such short notice.

Roman: Are you kidding me? That's what the pub's all about, family.

John: Gee, do I count?

Eric: Of course you do.

John: Hey, welcome home, kid.

Eric: Thank you, thank you. I'm glad to be here.

Marlena: Oh, and happy anniversary. That should have been the first thing that I said--where are--

John: No, the first thing she wanted to say is, are you staying in salem?

Eric: Well, it's--

Nicole: Well, he's coming home--he's staying home.

Marlena: [Gasps]

John: Nice.

Nicole: I mean, he does have to go back to africa, you know, just to wrap things up.

Eric: Yeah.

Roman: You have got to be over the moon.

Nicole: You have no idea.

Brady: Hey, there he is.

Eric: Chloe.

Chloe: Happy anniversary. It's nice to see you two together.

Brady: Come here, man. Good to see you. Good to see you--accept my apology, please.

Eric: For what?

Brady: I missed your wedding. I really wanted to be there.

Eric: Well, you're here now.

Brady: Yeah, I wouldn't have missed it; you're kind of married to one of my favorite people in the world, so...

Chloe: Mine, too.

Eric: Don't move--I'm gonna get us some drinks.

Roman: All right, you know what, let's get this party started.

John: I like the way you think.

Brady: I'm so happy for you. Turns out you're not gonna be alone on your wedding anniversary after all.

Nicole: Thank you, brady. You really are such a wonderful friend. Okay, I'll see you later.

Brady: All right, see you.

Sami: Oh, so good to see you. The man of the hour.

Eric: Hello, sister.

Nicole: Well, the rumors are true. You're back, and by the look of it, doing extremely well.

Ej: Seems we've both come a long way since nashville.

Nicole: Thank god. I really am glad to see that you're happy and healthy.

Eric: And I'm really glad to be home with my wife.

Sami: I bet you're so happy to have your husband back in town.

Nicole: Just as thrilled as you are to have your husband here with you.

Chloe: I am starving. Nicole, should we get some food? Excuse me.

Eric: Like nicole said, I'm really happy to see you both doing so well.

Ej: Thank you.

Eric: Yeah, I prayed for you and sami every day. I know you had a rough road back.

Ej: It was hell, by far the most arduous experience of my life. There were many a day where i wanted to give up, but your sister wouldn't let me. It was her love and devotion that got me through.

Eric: Yeah, it's good to have her in your corner.

Ej: And terrifying not to.

Eric: Yeah, there's one thing I could say about my sister. When there's something she wants, she will find a way to make it happen.

[Soft music]

Brady: Hey, come here. Leave chloe alone, all right?

Philip: Who the hell are you to tell me that?

Brady: She's not here to schmooze with you, philip, all right? She's spending time with nicole. Let her have it.

Philip: Or with you.

Brady: Yeah, or with me. She's not spending time with me. It's okay by me. She works with me. I see her all the time in the office--it's fine.

Philip: Yeah, but she comes home to me every night.

Nicole: Thank you for the save.

Chloe: Well, I wasn't gonna let sami ruin this for you.

Nicole: You know what? She couldn'T. No one could, because when I came home, and eric was there, chloe, I'm telling you, I'm walking on air.

Chloe: I'm so happy for you.

Nicole: Yeah, I still--i still can't really believe it though, you know, that my husband is home, and he's staying home. Well, I mean, except for the fact that he has to fly halfway around the world, but I'm not gonna focus on that.

Chloe: Well, you are glowing.

Nicole: You know... when we were apart for so long, I really was a little worried, you know, about my marriage and my future, and everything seemed so uncertain, and i wasn't sure if I was gonna be happy. But now, chloe, I think I'm happier than I've ever been in my entire life.

Chloe: Well, you so deserve this, my friend.

Roman: Okay, ready?

Marlena: Any time.

Roman: John, help us out.

John: Hell yeah. Hey, may I have everybody's attention, please? Now, if you don't all have a glass of this amazing champagne, would you kindly pick one up right now? Because two very special people have something they'd like to say.

Roman: All right, I just want to say welcome to the first annual anniversary party for eric and his beautiful wife nicole. I hope this becomes a tradition to last for many years to come.

John: Hear, hear.

[Soft music]

Marlena: As all of you know, my son eric has been overseas doing amazing work. He has helped people in so many ways with his kindness and his wisdom, and I am unspeakably proud of you. I'm also so very glad to have you home.

John: Hear, hear, I'll second that.

Nicole: Amen.

Ej: Don't tell me you're bored.

Sami: What? No, of course not.

Ej: That's the third time you've checked my watch, and you keep glancing at the door. You expecting someone?

Sami: No.

[Tense music]

My nunormal?

Roman: All right, let's hear from the guests of honor.

John: Yeah, why not? Speech, speech, come on.

Nicole: No, I don't have anything to say.

Marlena: Oh, do it. You're all wonderful.

Sami: I don't know what you're talking about. I'm not expecting anyone. Stop looking at me like that.

Ej: Then why do you keep checking the time and hovering near the door?

Sami: What? You just know how I feel about nicole. I'm not exactly thrilled to be here.

Ej: I know, but it's unlike you to hang about the fringes of any party.

Sami: Yeah, well, I'm just hoping to get time alone with eric. It's been so long since I've seen him.

Ej: He's looking well.

Sami: Yeah, probably 'cause he's gotten ten months away from nicole.

Ej: Or maybe it's about being back with her again.

Sami: Hmm, all right, well, I'm glad that he's happy.

Ej: Then join the party. Come on.

Sami: You know what? Nicole's about to make some teary toast, and everyone's gonna be all emotional and happy for her. I think it's better if I stay by the door, just in case i have to puke.

Ej: Now, that's the samantha I know and love.

Nicole: I just want to thank everybody for coming here on such short notice and helping eric and I celebrate our one-year anniversary. You know, living apart for so long was a real challenge. But I just want to say thank you again for your friendship and your support through all of this, and, honey, I am just so incredibly proud of you and your work in the congo. And it just makes me love you so much more and miss you so much more. And as I told eric, it was one year ago today was the happiest day of my life.

Sami: There she goes.

Nicole: And it means the world to me to share this happiness with people who love eric as much as I do. And I remember saying that no matter what life threw at us, we would get through it together, and we have.

Eric: Yes.

Nicole: I love you.

Eric: I love you. Happy anniversary.

[Soft music]

Eric: I can't even express how good it is to be home with my wife and surrounded by my family and some very old dear friends. What nicole said about our separation, it was very, very hard for us, and I take full responsibility. I know how much I asked of her and how much she went through with me being so far away, and... she just made me feel like the luckiest man in the world to have a wife like you. One year ago today, I told you it took me 20 years to realize that I can't live without you. And I don't ever want to live without you, and I mean that more than ever. Please.

[Laughs] Sorry. Will you please join me in toasting this loving, most beautiful, understanding wife in the world with me?

John: Hear, hear!

Belle: Cheers.

John: Congratulations, you two.

Nicole: Thank you.

Xander: I wonder if you'd feel the same way if you knew while you were sweating away down in africa, she was screwing around behind your back.

[Tense music]

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