Days Transcript Wednesday 7/14/21

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 7/14/21


Episode #14063 ~ Gabi develops a devious plot with Jake. Sami's secret isn't safe. Nicole receives a big surprise. Chanel has an awkward encounter with Allie and Tripp.

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Xander: Well, of course,I'm happy to increase your order by 10%, but if you still want it by next week, then there will be a commensurate surcharge. Well, if you think what I'm offering is unfair, then you're more than welcome to reach out to any of my competitors--

[Hangs up] What the hell?

[Solemn music]

Both: I give you this ring as a daily reminder of my commitment to you. As this ring has no end, neither shall our love.

Nicole: [Sobbing] Happy anniversary. To me.

Sami: [Moans softly] Good morning.

Ej: [Chuckles] It's always a good morning when we start it together in each other's arms.

Sami: I agree with that.

Ej: It's as if there's no one else in the world but the two of us; and we have everything we need right here in this bed. You agree with that too, yes?

Sami: Well, of course, I agree with that, ej.

Ej: Then you're not gonna sneak out on me again?

Sami: What?

Tripp: Hey.

Allie: Hi. Sorry. I didn't mean to wake you.

Tripp: No, no, it's okay.

Allie: It's just henry got up and there's no reasoning with him when he's hungry.

Tripp: No, no, no. Don't worry. Don't worry. I'm the one who slept like a baby.

Allie: You know, once you have a baby, you realize that that saying makes no sense because they're, like, the worst sleepers. Why are you looking at me like that?

Tripp: Because I'm happy. Because last night, I felt so... so close to you. I still do.

Allie: Yeah, I feel the same way.

Tripp: No regrets?

Allie: None.

Tripp: Mm, you're making this hard for me.

Allie: [Laughs] I'm making what hard for you?

Tripp: Getting out of bed, because as much as I want to stay here with you all day, I really need to get to work.

Allie: Wait, um, you can'T.

Tripp: Why?

Allie: Because chanel is out there.

Tripp: So?

Allie: So she doesn't know that you stayed the night.

[Dramatic music]

Tripp: Are you sure this is what you want?

Allie: Yes, I want to be with you.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the "days of our lives."

[Soft orchestration]

Allie: Good morning.

Chanel: Morning.

Allie: How did you sleep? I know this couch can be a little lumpy.

Chanel: It was fine. How about you?

Allie: Me?

Chanel: How did you sleep?

Allie: Uh, no complaints.

Chanel: Glad to hear it.

Allie: So are you hungry? I mean, we have a bunch of cereal, or I can make you eggs or something.

Chanel: Don't worry about me. I'll find something.

Allie: Are you sure?

Chanel: I'm sure. Besides, don't you think tripp is getting a little lonely in your bed?

Jake: [Sighs]

Gabi: Do you know where my travel mug is? I gotta go.

Jake: It's right there on the dish rack.

Gabi: Great.

Jake: Look at you. Big meeting at the office?

Gabi: [Sighs] Design team crunch time. I gotta go look at the sketches one final time before I approve them for the new line. What about you? What do you have on the agenda for today?

Jake: Well, now that I have finished my cereal, my agenda is wide open.

Xander: Barge in here and snatch my phone?

Brady: Sorry, I thought it was mine.

Xander: Why the hell would it be yours?

Brady: 'Cause I left it in the office, but I have misplaced it and we have the same case, so...

Xander: Well, as you can see, it belongs to yours truly, and now that we've figured that out, can I have it back?

Brady: Sure; I apologize for jumping to conclusions.

Xander: If you're looking for your phone, why don't you check nicole's desk?

Brady: Nicole wouldn't take my phone, xander.

Xander: Oh, but I would? You know, I'm not some desperate coffee boy. We're colleagues now. You need to treat me with respect.

Brady: [Scoffs] Xander, save it. The only reason you have this job is because you blackmailed nicole into it.

Xander: You know don't know anything about it.

Brady: No? I know that the two of you slept together, and she would do anything to keep eric from finding out.

Nicole: [Sighs] Come on, nicole. Pull it together. It is just another day.

Theo: Nicole? What's wrong?

Nicole: Oh, it's nothing.

Theo: It's not nothing. Tell me, what's going on.

Nicole: Oh, you know. Today is my one-year wedding anniversary, and my husband's a world away.

Theo: I'm sorry.

Nicole: Thanks.

Theo: I know how far away africa can seem from salem, but I also know how salem and the people you love can live in your heart. Eric loves you, and wherever he is, I guarantee you that he is thinking about you too.

Nicole: Theo, thanks for saying that.

Theo: Well, it's true. And hey, I'm glad I ran into you so that I can finally give this thing back.

Nicole: You're giving me brady's phone back?

Theo: Do you know how many hours I spent trying to trace that call from kristen?

Nicole: Did you get her number?

Theo: Yeah, I got it.

Sami: You think I snuck out of our bed? When?

Ej: Don't play coy, darling. It doesn't suit you.

Sami: I'm not! I genuinely don't remember what you're talking about.

Ej: Yesterday, after we enjoyed our afternoon rendezvous. I feel dead asleep, and when I woke up, much to my dismay, I was alone in bed. Where did you go?

Sami: Nice try, kristen. Once I get rid of this letter, there's absolutely no proof that I slept with lucas.

Ej: Samantha.

Sami: [Harshly] What?

Ej: Where did you go? I order my groceries online now.

Allie: You know that tripp is in my room?

Chanel: Horton, please. It's not like you snuck him in there after curfew. I saw you two walking into your room when I came home.

Allie: Oh.

Chanel: I mean, after we talked last night and I left you here with him, i kind of thought...

Allie: You kind of thought I might break up with him.

Chanel: I mean, if I'm being honest, that's where it seemed like it was headed, but I guess you made a different choice.

[Loudly] Hey, tripp. You can stop hiding. It's okay for you to come out.

[Tense music]

Xander: So nicole told you about us?

Brady: No, I said I overheard it.

Xander: Oh, you mean you were eavesdropping?

Brady: No, I overheard it. When I asked nicole about it, she confirmed my suspicion.

Xander: Okay. What else did she say?

Brady: What do mean "what else did she say"?

Xander: Did she tell you how astounding I was? That I was the greatest sex of her life?

Brady: No, no, as a matter of fact, the only reason she slept with you was because she was drunk and she was in a vulnerable place, xander.

Xander: Aren't we all?

Brady: She misses her husband. You took advantage of a woman and used her shame to score yourself a job.

Xander: Nicole and I came to a mutually beneficial agreement. If you don't like the terms, that's your problem.

Brady: I don't like the terms at all.

Xander: Well, you're an equal partner in this business, aren't you? If you think I'm so terrible, why don't you fire me? Oh, but you won't, will you? Because you know if you do, that your brother will find what a cheating tramp his wife is.

Nicole: You got kristen's number? That's great. I'll just program it into my contacts.

Theo: Well, I can give you the number for the phone, but it's not kristen's anymore.

Nicole: What do you mean?

Theo: It's deactivated.

Nicole: Deactivated?

Theo: My guess is that it was just a burner. Kristen's not gonna use it again.

Nicole: Damn.

Theo: I'm sorry; I know you wanted to talk to her.

Nicole: Yes, I did.

Theo: Mind if I ask about what?

Lucas: Yeah. Well, I'd like to know the answer to that question myself.

Gabi: Come here. Look, I know that you're still bummed out about losing that job.

Jake: I did not lose the job. Okay, had ej stayed in italy, where he belongs, I'd still be ceo of dimera. I should have taken ej down when I had the chance.

Gabi: Are you still thinking about that letter from kristen?

Jake: I had all the ammo I needed. Telling ej that sami slept with lucas, it would've blown his entire life apart.

Gabi: It would have, but it would have also hurt sami. We did the right thing giving it to her. I'm sure it's long gone by now. I guarantee she got rid of it.

Jake: It can still come back to haunt her.

Gabi: How would it do that?

Sami: Where did I go after you fell asleep yesterday? I went downstairs to get a drink. I mean, I needed one. I felt like we'd run a marathon.

Ej: Hmm.

Sami: What does "hmm" mean?

Ej: It's just odd that you say that.

Sami: What is odd about it?

Ej: Because I went downstairs to look for you and couldn't find you anywhere.

Sami: Well, then, you probably didn't look very hard, did you, ej? Because it was a beautiful day, and I took my iced tea, and I drank it on the porch.

Ej: Iced tea?

Sami: You know how I missed harold's iced tea. He makes it exactly the way I like it.

Ej: He does, does he?

Sami: Mm-hmm. With lemon and fresh mint.

Ej: That does sound refreshing.

Sami: Mm-hmm, I thought so.

Ej: Well, I'm not sure I can compete with harold's iced tea.

Sami: No, you can'T.

Ej: But I have something for you too. A surprise.

Sami: A surprise?

Ej: Mm-hmm. It's over here.

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Chanel: So, did you hear all that?

Tripp: Look, chanel, I--

Chanel: Hey, you don't have to say anything. Like I told horton, it's all good.

Tripp: You sure?

Chanel: Why wouldn't it be?

Tripp: Well, I know the two of you--

Chanel: Allie and I have been friends for a long time. She's my girl, and she always will be. And you seem like a great guy. So what am I gonna do? At least we all know where we stand.

Tripp: So what happens now?

Chanel: I thought there was something more going on with horton and me, but obviously, that's not how it is. You two want to be together and I'm totally fine with that.

Gabi: I have no idea how that letter could come back and haunt sami, but I'm sure she's destroyed it by now.

Jake: I'm not talking about the letter. Sami cheated on her husband. Those kind of things, they leak out.

Gabi: Jake, are you saying you're gonna tell ej? Because you told me you loved me more than you want to hurt him.

Jake: You're right, and I do.

Gabi: Then what?

Jake: I'm not a snitch, gabi. I'm not gonna run to ej and starting singing like a canary. But he blew into town like he owned the damn place, like he owned this family, so maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea for ej to find out he doesn't know what's going on in his own marriage.

Gabi: You want to take him down.

Jake: Oh, you have no idea how much.

Gabi: Well, maybe I can help you with that.

[Tense music]

Sami: [Gasps] Ej. Is this the necklace that I saw in that vintage shop in tuscany?

Ej: Is it? Who can remember?

Sami: You noticed how much I loved this necklace?

Ej: And how did it end up here?

Sami: How did you get it here?


Ej: I tracked down the shopkeeper, and he was more than happy to ship it. Try it on.

Sami: Well, okay. Oh, ej, can you?

Ej: I've got it, okay.

Sami: It's so beautiful. I love it. But...but why?

Ej: Well, it's the least I could do to thank you.

Sami: Thank me for what?

Ej: For standing by me. Caring for me while I recovered. And most of all, for giving me the time and space I needed to once again become the husband you deserved. I'll never be able to repay that loyalty. It's what kept me going during my darkest hours. But now that we're reconnected, I'm never going to let you go.

Both: [Laugh]

Theo: I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help.

Nicole: Theo, I just appreciate all you've done.

Theo: Anytime, and I'm glad I got the chance to see you while I'm back in town.

Nicole: Me too.

Theo: And for what it's worth, happy anniversary. And remember, africa is not as far away as you think it is.

Lucas: Well... well, now that he's gone, maybe you can tell me why you're so determined to contact kristen.

Nicole: I was trying to prove my theory.

Lucas: Oh, you're a scientist now, nice.

Nicole: My theory that you and sami slept together.

Lucas: That old nonsense again, really? Wow, you weren't kidding when you said you weren't gonna drop it, were you?

Nicole: Don't worry. Theo couldn't find an active number.

Lucas: I'm not worried.

Nicole: Oh, no? Hmm, okay, you can play cool all you want, but there has got to be a way to prove that you and sami slept together. And I am gonna find it!

Lucas: Okay, nicole.

[Utensils clatter] Whoa. Easy.


Sami: Once this letter is gone, there's absolutely no proof that I slept with lucas.

[Cell phone rings] Hi, johnny. No, no. This isn't a bad time at all. Of course. How are you, sweetheart? What's going on?

[Dramatic music]

Lucas: You're right, nicole. There is proof. But you are never gonna get your hands on it. Because I already got it. Nope we'll have the details tomorrow morning on n-b-c six news today.

Allie: You're leaving?

Chanel: Yeah, I gotta roll.

Tripp: Don't leave because of me, okay? I'm headed out to the hospital anyway.

Allie: Yeah, hey, at least stay for breakfast.

Chanel: That's nice of you to offer, but I've already overstayed my welcome. Can't keep couch surfing forever.

Allie: Well, where are you gonna go? I mean, your mom's? Lani's?

Chanel: I'll figure it out. Time to get my own place anyway. Um... thanks for letting crash here last night.

Allie: Of course. Always.

Chanel: So, uh, I'll see you guys later? Give henry a kiss for me.

Allie: Chanel. Text me.

Xander: And whatever you think of me, at least I never came between nicole and my own brother.

Brady: Don't go there.

Xander: Hmm, struck a wee nerve there, didn't I? You hold yourself up as this paragon of virtue, but really, you're just a backstabbing, lying--

Brady: Just shut your mouth, huh?

Nicole: Hey, hey, hey. What is going on here?

Brady: Why don't you ask your new hire here?

Xander: Oh, I was just trying to conduct some business when this idiot ripped the phone out of my hand and proceeded to attack for our night of passion at the salem inn.

Nicole: That's what this is about?

Xander: Of all the people to confide in, nicole, why would you pick eric's brother?

Nicole: Well, first of all, it's not like that. And I didn't expect him to say anything to you--

Brady: I was clear that I overheard it.

Xander: Well, you better find a way to muzzle my cousin, because if you want me to keep quiet, then I need to be treated with respect. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna take the rest of the day off. I can't work like this.

Nicole: Why? Why would you say anything to him?

Brady: I wasn't planning on it, nicole, okay?

Nicole: Okay, so that's supposed to make it better?

Brady: We got into an argument and it escalated a little bit.

Nicole: What was it about?

Brady: I thought he took my phone.

Nicole: What?

Brady: I thought he took my phone; I had misplaced my phone and I thought he took it. Apparently, he didn'T.

Nicole: I know.

Brady: What do you mean?

Nicole: Here.

Brady: What? Why do you have my phone? Where'd you find it?

Nicole: Um, I found it in the kitchenette off conference room B.

Brady: Conference room b? I don't recall going there.

Ej: Mm, I'm so sorry, but I'm late.

Sami: What?

Ej: I need to have a shower and get to the office.

Sami: Do you, though? Aw, why do you have to go?

Ej: I--I should.

Sami: No.

Ej: [Chuckles] I should.

Sami: Isn't that the benefit of being your own boss? You get to make your own hours.

Ej: Normally, yes, but considering the upheaval in recent weeks, I can't be derelict in my duties in running dimera.

Sami: Yeah, but what about your other duties?

Ej: I'll be sure to fulfill every last one of them tonight. But I have to make sure I keep the company in the black if I want to keep you in tuscan necklaces.

Sami: Oh, that's not playing fair.

Ej: To be continued.

Sami: [Sighs]

[Cell phone rings]

[Groans, then sighs] What the hell do you want?

[Eerie music]

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Sami: Lucas? Are you there?

Lucas: Yeah, I'm here.

Sami: So what are you calling me for?

Lucas: I'm calling you 'cause you hung up on me, and I'd like to finish our conversation.

Sami: I was in a hurry.

Lucas: So did you ever find out what happened to that letter that kristen sent ej?

Sami: I did.

Lucas: And?

Sami: [Sighs] Gabi and jake got the letter by mistake. They read it.

Lucas: Jake knows about us?

Sami: And he was all too excited to use it against me and ej.

Lucas: He told ej?

Sami: No, gabi talked him out of it.

Lucas: Oh, well, that's lucky. Listen, sami, about this letter--

Sami: Gabi gave it back to me, thank god. And I burned it the first chance I had. Now there's no way ej can ever find out the truth.

Lucas: Well, I wouldn't be too sure about that.

Gabi: Instead of sitting here stewing on about how ej ousted you out of dimera, why don't you think about your future?

Jake: [Laughs] That's cute. You say that like I have a future.

Gabi: Don't even joke--stop. Jake dimera, you are savvy, and smart, and charismatic, and funny.

Jake: Wow. No, no, no. Keep going. I'm digging the ego boost.

Gabi: No, you don't even need one because we are gonna show those jerks at dimera that you are a whole lot better than working with them.

Jake: Wait, just occurred to me you're really good at giving a pep talk.

Gabi: Oh, this is not just a pep talk. I'm actually gonna take action on this. I'm gonna tell philip-- no, I'm gonna get philip to hire you at titan.

Jake: Why would he do that?

Gabi: Because he thinks I'm the bees' knees, and I'm gonna persuade him to think that's a great idea, although I do like philip. His grip on titan is tenuous at best. I mean, he's on his 10th chance. It's just a matter of time before he screws up.

Jake: What, and I'm gonna be there to clean up the mess?

Gabi: Victor has a history of helping his family, supporting them, as long as they don't let him down. And when they do, when philip flares out, that old man is gonna be desperate for a replacement. I'm obviously gonna be the successor, but you, you're gonna be right there working with me. And my first act as ceo of titan is gonna be to take down dimera once and for all.

Brady: I can't even think of a reason why I would've gone to conference room B.

Nicole: Well, I can barely remember where I was before I walked in this office, so I know the feeling.

Brady: I'm just usually better at keeping track of this thing. Guess I've been more distracted here at the office than I thought.

Nicole: Well, I mean, maybe because you have to see xander all the time.

Brady: That certainly doesn't help.

Nicole: I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I dragged you into this, 'cause not only are you forced to work next to xander every day, you have to keep this whopper of a secret from your brother.

Brady: It's okay. It's okay. I don't want to see eric get hurt. I don't want to see you get hurt.

Nicole: But it's not okay. I have backed myself into a corner, and I don't even know why I'm so worried, why I'm working so hard to keep my husband from finding out that I betrayed our vows, because I don't even know if we still have a marriage!

Theo: Chanel.

Chanel: [Shakily] Theo.

Theo: Are you okay?

Chanel: Uh, yeah, it's--no. I'M...I'm whatever.

Theo: I can see that. It must be hard for you to be here in the square.

Chanel: "The square"?

Theo: Well, I was at eli and lani's party, remember? I know what your mom did, what she's trying to do. And you had told me all about the bakery that you were starting.

Chanel: It was supposed to be right over there.

Theo: I like the logo. I'm sorry.

Chanel: I appreciate that.

Theo: What your mom did to you was cold.

Chanel: She didn't just do it to me; she did it to lani and your dad, the whole town.

Theo: I know, but I know how excited you were to start your own business, how much work that you had put in.

Chanel: Allie and I both did. We were supposed to share it together, and that would have made it mean even more.

Theo: Listen, if there's anything that I can do to help or make you feel better, just let me know, and--

Chanel: Maybe there is. We women are in the know about everything.

Theo: What was that?

Chanel: What do you think it was?

Theo: But, why?

Chanel: You offered.

Theo: How did I offer to be kissed by you.

Chanel: Did you not just ask if there was anything you could do to make me feel better--

Theo: I meant, like, get you ice cream or a talk, not make out in the middle of town. We broke up months ago, chanel.

Chanel: I know that.

Theo: Then where is this coming from all of a sudden?

Tripp: I'm sorry that happened with chanel.

Allie: You have nothing to be sorry about.

Tripp: I mean, I know she was acting like she wasn't hurt, but she seemed pretty upset.

Allie: It wasn't your fault. It was mine. I think I led her on.

Tripp: I doubt that.

Allie: Before with chanel, I was...confused, you know, and I'm not anymore.

Tripp: Are you sure?

Allie: Yeah. Yeah, you're the one I want to be with, and that's not going to change.

Tripp: Well, I'm very glad to hear that. And I feel very lucky because I think we have something very great together. But I do have to get to work.

Allie: Mm.

Tripp: I know.

Allie: Oh, you know what? There is a mommy and me class in the park that I really want to go to, so maybe I'll go get henry and a stroller, and we'll walk out with you.

Tripp: Sounds good.

Allie: Okay.

[Tense music]

Brady: Come on, you don't really think your marriage is over, do you?

Nicole: I don't know. Maybe I'm just feeling sorry for myself because today is my anniversary.

Brady: I'm--oh, god. I forgot it was your one-year anniversary.

Nicole: You're not the only one.

Brady: Oh, god. Take the day off, please.

Nicole: What? No. I don't need to do that. I'm fine.

Brady: No, you're not fine. You're unhappy. You're miserable. And it's not like you're gonna get any work done anyways, so...

Nicole: Well, it's not fair to leave you with everything.

Brady: Go home. Have a bubble bath. Eat some chocolate. You know, just try to find a way to enjoy your day, even though eric isn't a part of it.

Nicole: Thanks, brady. You're a good friend.

Brady: So are you. Go. For what it's worth, I think my brother is an idiot for leaving you alone on your anniversary.

Nicole: Thanks.

Sami: What do you mean we're not necessarily safe? How would ej find out about the letter?

Lucas: Well, I didn't say that he would find out from the letter.

Sami: Okay, then how?

Lucas: From nicole.

Nicole: Why? What do you know?

Lucas: Well, I just ran into nicole, and she told me that, you know, she's--she's very determined to prove that we slept together.

Sami: How is she gonna do that?

Lucas: Well, for starters, she's got theo trying to track down a number for kristen.

Sami: Oh, my god. Why is this woman so obsessed with me?

Lucas: I don't know, maybe 'cause she hates your guts. You know that, don't you?

Sami: I've got to find a way to derail nicole. She cannot expose the truth to ej. Things are finally going well between us. Oh, lucas, everything is different now. He is being so loving and attentive, and after we had sex, he... lucas, I'm sorry.

Lucas: No. No problem.

Sami: Lucas, I just want you to understand that, um, that everything is different. He's changed. He even gave me this beautiful necklace. It's one that I've wanted forever.

Lucas: What a swell guy. Wow.

Nicole: Look, the bottom line is, I cannot let nicole ruin everything; I cannot let her tell ej the truth.

Lucas: Sami, listen to me. You have to--

Sami: Thank you for the warning, lucas; I gotta go.

Lucas: [Sighs] Oh, man. Well, I don't know if nicole is gonna tell ej, but he might find out another way first. Your mission:

Chanel: I just wanted to kiss you. You know how impulsive I am. When I want something, I go for it.

Theo: We haven't been together in a long time.

Chanel: I know that, but I was thinking that you might be interested in hooking up, you know, for old times' sake.

Theo: What does that even mean?

Chanel: It means, I'm single, you're single--

Theo: Actually, I'm not.

Chanel: You're seeing someone?

Theo: I'm engaged.

Chanel: To be--to be married?

Theo: That's usually how that works, yeah. Ciara and I are getting married as soon as possible.

Chanel: Oh. Oh, wow. Um, congratulations. I'm, um--I'm happy. Happy for you--

Theo: You're upset.

Chanel: No, I'm not. I'm fine. Don't worry about me.

Theo: [Sighs] I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings, chanel. Did you really want to get back together with me?

Chanel: Ugh, it's not about you, dummy, and it's not about the bakery either. Well, not directly.

Theo: Do you want to go somewhere and talk about it?

Chanel: I appreciate the offer, but I need to deal with this on my own.

Gabi: So what do you say? Want to work together to take down dimera?

Jake: I say, you are sexy when you're ruthless.

Gabi: Tell me more.

Jake: I'd rather show you.

Gabi: Jake, stop.

Jake: What, is there a problem?

Gabi: I'm dressed for work.

Jake: I know you are, and you look great, so why don't we get you out of these clothes--

Gabi: No, no, no, I have to get over to the office.

Jake: Oh, just give me 15 minutes; that's all I need.

Gabi: What are you talking about?

Jake: Come on. 15 minutes--

Gabi: You know what? Fine. I'll give you 10.

[Giggles] Okay, 12.

Jake: Aha! I'm in.

Ej: Perfect. Let me know when you've got the numbers, and I'll pass it on to chad. He's my co-ceo. For now. Lucas. This is a surprise. What brings you by?

Sami: I called your office, but they said that you were working from home today?

Xander: Basic black is a toxic work environment. I thought I'd get more done here. What can I help you with?

Sami: I need something from you.

Xander: Oh. And what's that?

Sami: The truth. About you and nicole.

[Hopeful music]

Nicole: [Exhales softly] "Dear nicole, our first year of marriage has flown by, but I couldn't let this day pass without letting you know how much I love you. So from the bottom of my heart..."

Eric: Happy anniversary.

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