Days Transcript Tuesday 7/13/21

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 7/13/21


Episode #14062 ~ Chanel admits she might have feelings for Allie. Lani tells Paulina she's cutting her out of her life. Marlena and John try to cheer up Abe. Bonnie is hurt when Justin rejects her.

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John: All right, dinner's almost ready. Any sign of our guest of honor yet?

Marlena: No, no, nothing yet. But I've got a really important question for you.

John: Yeah, what's that?

Marlena: Pinot or cab?

John: Uh, the cab.

Marlena: Really?

John: Did I say cab? I-I-I meant pinot, of course.

Marlena: Oh, that's such a good choice.

John: Glad to help.

Marlena: Mm, here you go.

John: Whew...

Marlena: I just want tonight to be perfect, you know? I want it to be comfortable and upbeat.

John: Well, then maybe I'll work on my standup routine 'cause I've got a great collection of dad jokes. Check this one out. Knock-knock...

[Knocking on door] My timing's better than I thought. Abraham! Hey-- abraham, what the hell happened to you?

Lani: I spoke to my dad earlier.

Eli: How's he holding up?

Lani: Just barely. He is getting it from all sides in town, and he feels totally betrayed by my aunt paulina.

Eli: Yeah, well, I can't say I blame him.

Lani: Yeah, it's pretty much how I feel, too.

Eli: Have you heard from her?

Lani: No, but aunt paulina can be pretty shameless. But even still, she has sense enough to know when to just leave it alone.

[Knocking on door] Oh, hey, babe, there's somebody at the door. I will call you later.

Eli: Okay, I love you.

Lani: I love you, too.

Paulina: Um... lani, I--

Chanel: Henry asleep?

Allie: Yes, hopefully down for the night.

Chanel: Cool, you wanna watch some videos?

Allie: Actually, I was thinking since nicole is working late and henry's sleeping, maybe we can finally talk about what happened last night?

Chanel: You mean about how my mother stabbed me in the back?

Allie: No, I mean... about our kiss.

Bonnie: [Exhales deeply] Justin kiriakis... will you marry me?

Justin: No.

Bonnie: I'm sorry, did you say no?

Justin: Yes.

Bonnie: [Stammers] Yes to no or yes to yes?

Justin: No.

Bonnie: No to the proposal or no to no?

Justin: Okay, now I'm confused.

Bonnie: No, I'm confused.

[Small laugh] Are you accepting my proposal or not?

Justin: I'm sorry, bonnie, I'm not.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the "days of our lives."

[Soft orchestration]

Bonnie: Well, this is awkward.

Justin: Now, just let me explain, okay?

Bonnie: No, it's okay. I get it, I-I-I get it. I just misread the situation like I always do. I'm such a fool.

Justin: No, you are not a fool.

Bonnie: Oh, no, I am. Thinking that someone like you could ever want to marry someone like me.

Justin: Bonnie--

Bonnie: No, good ol' bonnie, good for a night on the town, or a roll in the hay--I'm not exactly marriage material.

Justin: Bonnie, let me explain.

Bonnie: Especially not kiriakis standards, huh? I'm not sophisticated, I'm not clever, I'm not proper. I'm not adrienne.

Justin: Bonnie, let me explain!

Bonnie: No. There's no need to explain. I just-- I just gotta get out of here.

Justin: Bonnie--bonnie!

Bonnie: I gotta get outta here.

Justin: [Sighs]

Julie: Where's my grandson? Eli.

Eli: Grandma? What are you doing here?

Julie: I am here to report a crime.

Paulina: I know you're angry, lani. But you just--you can't just slam the door in your auntie's face. Your mama raised you better than that. Lani?

Lani: I don't have anything to say to you.

Paulina: That's fine.

Lani: No, and I'm not ready to hear anything that you have to say either.

Paulina: Okay. Then I'd just like to speak with my daughter.

Lani: Chanel is not here.

Paulina: She didn't spend the night?

Lani: No. She didn't come home?

Paulina: No, I assumed that she stayed here with you.

Lani: No, I haven't heard from her.

Paulina: Oh...oh ho. Great. This is great. Last time she disappeared like this, she ended up with that-- that lunkhead, xander. Only lord knows what kind of drama she's stirring up now.

[Cell phone beeps]

Chanel: [Scoffs] Yeah, I don't think so.

Allie: So? Can we talk about it?

Chanel: What is there to talk about? It was just a kiss. It was nothing, right?

Allie: It wasn't nothing. At least, not for me. I--I thought about it a lot and, I don't know, watching the fireworks with you and feeling so close to you, I just-- I realized that I wanted it to happen again.

Chanel: Yeah. So did I.

Eli: Grandma, if this is about what aunt paulina is doing to the square, trust me, abe is already working to put a stop to it.

Julie: No, no, it's not about that. Although, what that woman is up to, she deserves to be arrested. It's a disgrace.

Eli: Well, what's it about? Come on.

Julie: It is about the dead body in the lake.

Eli: Dr. Clay snyder?

Julie: That's the one.

Eli: Okay, well, we're still investigating the circumstances of his death.

Julie: And I know exactly what happened. He was murdered, and I know who killed him.

Paulina: Why won't chanel answer any of my texts?

Lani: Because she doesn't want to hear from you any more than I do.

Paulina: I'm her mother.

Lani: Exactly. And she was so excited to open up her bakery. For the first time in her life, she was gonna build something herself and prove that she could stand on her own two feet, and then you just ripped that rug right from under her just like you did all of us.

Paulina: If you would just-- just look at it from a business standpoint.

Lani: But it's not business. You lied to your daughter, to my father, and to me. You sold your own family out.

Paulina: That was not my intention! I-I didn't know that chanel was gonna want to open up a bakery, and I didn't know when I started making the plans that the square was a tribute to eli's family.

Lani: And then when you found out?

Paulina: It was too late. There was no turning back.

Lani: But what you did know is that when your true plans would be revealed, my dad was the one to end up with egg on his face.

Marlena: Okay, your coat is soaking in cold water.

Abe: Thank you, marlena.

John: Sweetheart.

Marlena: You know, I can't believe somebody threw eggs on you.

Abe: Could be worse, I suppose. Ever since the news broke about the square, I have been confronted by quite a few of my constituents.

John: What, they're blaming you for what paulina's doing?

Abe: Well, they think that either I colluded with her to destroy a public landmark...

John: Or?

Abe: Or...I'm an idiot for not realizing what this project really was. Either way, I am now the mayor of egg town.

Marlena: Oh, I'm so sorry. You don't deserve this.

John: Yeah, come on, man, this isn't your fault.

Abe: Actually, it is.

Chanel: So, I've been thinking a lot about our first kiss, too. Like, a lot. And it-- it wasn't something I planned. I didn't even realize I was going to do it until I did. But...when I did... it felt right? Um, I'm starting to think that maybe I might feel something for you that's more than just friendship. You are freaked out, right?

Allie: No. No, I'm not. I...I think I might feel the same way. To be a thriver

Bonnie: Don't worry, I'll be out of your hair and your room soon. I just came to get a few things I've been keeping here. Have you seen my fuzzy dice?

Justin: I don't believe I have.

Bonnie: Well, I can't forget my dolly parton night-light. That's a collector's item.

Justin: Is that one of victor's antique pocket watches?

Bonnie: Oh. Well, I don't know how that got here anyway.

Justin: Not so fast.

Bonnie: What are you doing?

Justin: I... can't let you leave.

Bonnie: Oh, come on. Haven't I been humiliated enough tonight? Please, get up.

Justin: No! I can'T.

Bonnie: I told you that running wouldn't be any good for your knees.

Justin: My knees are fine, bonnie.

Bonnie: Then what are you doing down there?

Justin: God's sake, isn't it obvious? I'm trying to propose.

Julie: Don't you want to write this down or make a recording or put out an apb?

Eli: Just tell me what you know, grandma.

Julie: All right. Dr. Snyder was killed by my ne'er-do-well houseguests, xander cook and gwen rizczech.

Eli: What makes you say that?

Julie: I saw it with my own two eyes.

Eli: You saw them kill dr. Snyder?

Julie: Well... well, not precisely. Don't you want to record this?

Eli: Okay, just tell me what you saw first, and then I'll decide if we need to put it on record. Please, have a seat. Okay, start from the beginning.

Julie: In the beginning... a couple of days before the body was found in the lake, I walked into my house and there, in my living room, was the doctor and gwen and xander.

Eli: Are you sure it was dr. Snyder?

Julie: Oh, yes. I didn't know it at the time, but I saw his picture this morning in the newspaper.

Eli: Gwen said the last time that she saw dr. Snyder was at the hospital at her doctor's appointment.

Julie: That's a lie. She's lying because she killed him.

Eli: Okay, back up. Did you talk to dr. Snyder?

Julie: I did not. He was lying like a lump on my sofa--my poor, poor sofa. I thought at the time that he must be some deadbeat friend of xander's who had had too much to drink.

Eli: So, he was passed out?

Julie: That's what I thought. Now, I realize, he wasn't just a deadbeat, he was actually dead.

Eli: I see.

Julie: So, why are you sitting there? Why don't you go arrest the murderers?

John: Nah, no, no. You can't blame yourself on this, abraham. You had no reason to think that paulina was lying to you about what her plans were for the square.

Abe: I'm the mayor. The buck stops with me.

Marlena: But you had every reason to believe her. She's lani's family. I did more than trust her and believe her. I went to bat for her with the city council. Oh... man, I-I-- I should have vetted this project more closely.

Marlena: Abe, paulina had us all believing that her idea would make things great for all the shopkeepers and be terrific for diversity. I mean, I-- I was persuaded.

Abe: Only, there is no marketplace. Just price town, an impersonal monolith that will deal a deathblow to local small businesses.

Marlena: Isn't there anything we can do to stop this?

Lani: You knew all along that you were getting my dad to agree to something that was a total lie.

Paulina: It was a business deal, just like hundreds of others that I've made all my life. I didn't--I didn't count on falling for abe or on him being such a good man.

Lani: He's the best man that I know. And now his reputation is tarnished because of you.

Paulina: Well, I just hope-- I hope someday that you and your father will find a way to forgive me.

Lani: Yeah, well, you can hope all you want, aunt paulina, 'cause it's not gonna happen.

Paulina: Well, I'll just have to prove myself again. I know, I know it's not going to be easy.

Lani: Yeah, try impossible. You know, when you first came to town, I was so proud to introduce you to my husband and to my father. Show off my--my fun-loving, successful aunt. I sang your praises.

Paulina: And that meant so much to me. Getting to be a part of your life again, getting to know your husband, your sweet little twins-- it has been such a blessing.

Lani: Yeah, I thought having you here was a blessing. But now I just see that it's just one big con.

Paulina: It's not. I love you.

Lani: The only reason you were so fun-loving was because you wanted us to forgive you when the truth came out. And that--that check for the twins' college tuition was nothing but a bribe. And I tore it up already.

Paulina: You tore it up? But it was--it was their christening gift.

Lani: It's a good thing jules didn't get stuck with you being her godmother. Because when she grows up, I don't want her to be anything like you.

Chanel: So, you're saying you might be into me, too?

Allie: I'm saying... I think about you all the time. And, I don't know, I think I'm confused. I've never had feelings for a girl before.

Chanel: I know that.

Allie: And on top of that, I'm technically seeing someone else right now.

Chanel: Well, maybe you shouldn't be.

Allie: It's not that easy.

Chanel: Why not?

Allie: [Sighs]

Chanel: You told me you were taking things slowly with tripp. So, if it's not serious yet, could... you know...

Allie: Dump him?

Chanel: Is it really even dumping? It's just taking a step back to see where things go between us.

[Knocking on door]

Allie: Uh, tripp, hi. I--I wasn't expecting you.

Tripp: I just got off my shift and figured we could hang. Oh, hey, chanel.

Chanel: Hey.

Tripp: Um, all three of us can hang. Maybe another dance party? Unless you guys are working on the bakery?

Allie: Um, bakery's not happening anymore, actually.

Tripp: What? Why?

Allie: It's a long story.

Chanel: You know what? I'm gonna go for a walk.

Tripp: Oh, no, you don't have to leave.

Allie: Chanel...

Chanel: No, it's fine. You two have a lot to talk about.

Tripp: So, what'd I miss? We women are in the know about everything.

Bonnie: I don't understand. Is this some sort of cruel joke?

Justin: It's not a joke.

Bonnie: You just turned down my proposal.

Justin: Because i wanted to be the one to propose. Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but I wanted the chance to get down on my knee and ask the woman I love to marry me.

Bonnie: I don't believe it.

[Stammers, laughs] You planned this whole romantic evening, and I just went and ruined it?

Justin: Well, I think, you know, we could still salvage the situation. Since I'M...already down here... bonnie lockhart...

Bonnie: [Gasps]

Justin: Would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?

Bonnie: [Choked up] Yes.

Justin: Yes?

Bonnie: [Crying] Y-y-y-yes!

[Laughing] Yes! Oh!

Justin: C'mere.

Bonnie: There's nothing in the world I want more.

[Gasps] Ohh...

[Both laughing]

Eli: There's just one little hiccup in your theory about xander and gwen, grandma.

Julie: What's that?

Eli: The autopsy report came back. He died of natural causes. Heart failure, to be exact.

Julie: They tampered with his pacemaker, just like gabi did it to me.

Eli: Doesn't have a pacemaker.

Julie: All right. Maybe they gave him drugs to make his heart fail. Maybe they put drain cleaner in his orange juice.

Eli: You've been watching too many true crime dramas.

Julie: Okay, detective. If the doctor died of natural causes, why did he wind up in a lake, fully clothed?

Eli: Maybe he had a heart attack and fell off the boat.

Julie: Oh, have you found the boat without a captain floating in the lake?

Eli: Well, no.

Julie: And what about gwen's little lie that the last time she saw dr. Snyder was at the hospital?

Eli: Okay, grandma. All right, you made your point. I'll go back over there and I'll talk to xander and gwen.

Julie: Let's go.

Eli: [Sighs]

John: So, you've talked to the lawyers?

Abe: So far, they haven't given me much hope.

Marlena: So, that's it? Paulina gets her price town?

Abe: Once we passed those zoning laws, she has every right to demolish the square. It was all done legally. It looks like paulina is going to get everything she wants.

Paulina: I love you, lani. You have no idea how much. Please, don't turn your back on me.

Lani: You're the one who turned her back on the family. And you thought that we would just give you a pass because you gave us some money and you're fun to be around? No, it doesn't work that way.

Paulina: Look, we can get past this. Now, I know--I know we can.

Lani: I'd like you to go. Now.

Tripp: So, chanel's mom never intended on letting her open the bakery?

Allie: Nope.

Tripp: That sucks. You guys were gonna kill it.

Allie: Yeah. I'm pretty disappointed, but I'll be okay.

Tripp: What about chanel? I know how much that store meant to her. A chance to change her life. And then to have it stolen away by her own mom.

Allie: Yeah, she's pretty devastated. She didn't even want to see her mom last night, so she ended up staying here.

Tripp: Oh, you're such a good friend, allie. I'm glad you were there for her.

Allie: Yeah...

Tripp: Did you guys do anything fun to celebrate the fourth? See any fireworks?

Allie: Um, sort of.

Tripp: And like, I know that chanel and I, you know, didn't get off on the right foot, but...I really do like her. I can see why you two are such good friends.

Allie: We are, but...

Tripp: What?

Allie: Tripp, I have to tell you something.

Tripp: Okay.

Allie: Chanel and I... we kissed last night. Nope

Bonnie: Oh...

[Chuckles] Is this really happening?

Justin: It's really happening.

Bonnie: [Sighs] I mean, just a few minutes ago, I thought you wanted me out of your life forever.

Justin: Yeah, why would you think that? I told you, I love you.

Bonnie: I know. It's just, um, I mean, it's not like I don't believe you or anything, but it's just...

Justin: What?

Bonnie: I have this fear. I'm afraid one day you're gonna wake up and realize that I'm not the woman you think I am. I mean, I'm-- I'm not adrienne, you know? And when you said no to my proposal, I just assumed the worst.

Justin: Bonnie, I know who you are. And I know that you are not adrienne. And I don't expect you to ever be adrienne. I see you. And I love you for who you are. For making me laugh when I thought i didn't have it in me anymore, for pushing me out of my comfort zone, and for honestly making me feel like every day is an adventure, one that I never, ever want to end.

Bonnie: Never?

[Both laugh]

Justin: Never.

Bonnie: Never ever?


Justin: I don't propose to just anyone, you know.

Bonnie: [Chuckles]

[Sighs] Thank you.

Justin: For what?

Bonnie: I don't think I've ever felt this loved in my entire life.

Marlena: Oh, abe, I remember how happy you were when you invited me to eli and lani's party. And lit up when you talked about paulina.

Abe: I haven't felt that way about someone for a very long time.

John: Man, let me ask you something, partner. Has she tried to, uh-- to explain this to you? I mean, has she, um, given you any excuse why she would just want to torpedo everything the two of you've had together? Is it just all about the money?

Abe: To a certain extent, yes.

Marlena: What does that mean?

Abe: You have to understand that paulina has a reason to be so...driven, given her past.

Marlena: What about her past?

Abe: Between us... she confided in me that when she was younger, she was trapped in a relationship with a wealthy and powerful man. And he was abusive, controlling. And when he was finally-- well, when she was finally able to escape him, she vowed that she would never be beholden to anyone for money.

Marlena: So, she felt that money and power would protect her.

Abe: Which I understand.

John: Yeah, but still, it doesn't excuse what paulina did to you. I mean, she has enough money already to last her a lifetime.

Abe: Well... there is always more to be had.

Marlena: Abe, does she want to work it out with you?

Abe: She said she does. No relationship can survive the lies and the deception. As far as we're concerned... it is over.

[Somber music]

Paulina: Chanel!

Chanel: Leave me alone!

Paulina: Why haven't you responded to any of my messages?

Chanel: Um, because you stabbed me in the back?

Paulina: I've been worried sick.

Chanel: Good.

Paulina: Where did you stay last night? I know you did not go to lani'S.

Chanel: I was at allie'S. I had to explain to her why there wasn't going to be a bakery after all.

Paulina: I've been thinking about that and I believe I have a solution.

Tripp: So, you and chanel kissed...again.

Allie: It wasn't a planned thing. We were just watching the fireworks on tv, and I was comforting her about her mom and then...

Tripp: She kissed you?

Allie: We kissed each other. It was mutual this time.

Tripp: Okay, um... so does that mean you have feelings for her? And where does that leave us? We're here for the heavy flow-ers

Julie: Well?

Eli: They're not here.

Julie: Well, they're probably out looking for their next victim!

Eli: Now, let's not jump to conclusions, grandma.

Julie: I can't believe there was a dead man on my grandparents' sofa. They must be turning over in their graves.

Eli: From what you said, grandma, you don't even know if he was dead.

Julie: Darling, I know exactly what I saw. All this and paulina price trying to destroy the horton legacy so she can build a discount store.

Eli: Yeah, I don't even know what to say about that.

Julie: How is lani taking all of this?

Eli: Not well. She feels deeply betrayed, especially since the only reason that aunt paulina came to town was because of her.

Julie: Oh, no, that--that-- that's nonsense. No one blames her, not for a minute. And that goes for abraham, too.

Marlena: Abe, here you go. I think it's okay but I would have it dry cleaned, if I were you.

Abe: Oh, thank you, marlena. And thank you both so much for having me over tonight. I'm afraid I wasn't the best of company. But I appreciate you trying to cheer me up.

John: Seems like we didn't do a very good job.

Abe: It was, uh, an impossible task, but I--I am grateful for the effort.

Marlena: You... are our dear friend. We would do anything to cheer you up.

Chanel: What's your big idea?

Paulina: Well, you could put your bakery in price town. I could carve out a little spot.

Chanel: Are you out of your mind?

Paulina: What?

Chanel: You'd still be tearing down the horton town square. How would allie feel, huh?

Paulina: Well, why worry about that? It's your bakery.

Chanel: And she's my friend. She believed in me. She was willing to do whatever it took to help me succeed. And that's more than I can say for you.

Allie: I mostly feel... confused. I don't know, when I'm with chanel, we have this connection and--

Tripp: Okay, look, look, I-- I know we just started dating, so it's probably best that I know now. And I promise there won't be any hard feelings. Just give it to me straight, okay? Just... are you breaking up with me to be with chanel?

Allie: No.

Tripp: You're not? But the kiss--

Allie: Like I said, I was confused because I've never had feelings for a girl before. And with chanel, we do have a connection, but... you're the one I wanna be with.

Tripp: Are you sure?

Allie: Yes. Being here with you confirms it.

Tripp: Well, you know you didn't have to tell me about the kiss.

Allie: Tripp, I always want to be honest with you.

Tripp: And I'm glad you were. Allie, I just want you to be happy, you know? I know we haven'T... been together that long, but... I already care about you so much.

Allie: Yeah. I care about you, too.

Trelegy for copd.

Bonnie: I can't wait to start planning.

[Laughs] Who's gonna be your best man?

Justin: Uh, haven't really thought about it. Sonny, I guess.

Bonnie: Aw, that's sweet. And he'll be well matched with kayla, too.

Justin: Kayla?

Bonnie: Mm-hmm. I asked her to be my matron of honor.

Justin: Wh-wh-when?

Bonnie: Well, earlier today when I was planning on proposing to you.


Justin: Wha--is that-- are you sure about that?

Bonnie: I know. I know she broke your heart. But I think it sends a message about how real our relationship is. And, plus, it would be kinda tacky to take back the offer now, don't you think? Unless you're against it?

Justin: No. No, when it comes to this wedding, you can have whatever you want. As long as I have you.

Bonnie: Oh.


John: I feel so bad for abe.

Marlena: I do, too.

John: You know, I just hate that he's blaming himself for any of this.

Marlena: She deceived him in a very, very big way.

John: You know, he's not just angry, doc, he's really hurt.

Marlena: And he's disillusioned. This night was such a bust.

John: Oh, I don't know about that. Night's not totally over yet. And I do think there is something to be said for it... being just you, and me, and what is left of this amazing bottle of pinot.

Paulina: Chanel, be reasonable.

Chanel: Oh, I'm plenty reasonable.

Paulina: I'm giving you a chance to start your bakery in a brand new, state of the art building.

Chanel: Get it through your thick head. I want nothing to do with your stupid price town, and I want nothing to do with you!

[Tense music]

Paulina: My daughter hates me.

Abe: Well, she feels like you stabbed her in the back, and that's a tough thing to get past even when you love someone.

Paulina: I was just trying to make it up to her. Just like I want to make it up to lani and--and you. Oh, I'll do anything. I'll do anything, abraham.

Abe: Do you really mean that?

Paulina: Yes.

Abe: Then stop this demolition. Save the square. Don't destroy something that means so much to so many people. Yeah. That's what I thought.

Lani: I love you too, mom. I'll talk to you soon. Bye. You're home.

Eli: Hi.

Lani: Hi.

Eli: Come here. How's it going here?

Lani: Oh, fantastic. I was just filling my mom in about aunt paulina, including how she stopped by earlier.

Eli: Aunt paulina came by here?

Lani: She was looking for chanel and then she took a crack at making things right with me.

Eli: How'd that go?

Lani: I told her I didn't want her in my life anymore.

Eli: Oh, I'm sorry.

Lani: Had to be done.

Eli: I know how much that hurt. What'd your mom say?

Lani: Believe it or not, she said I should try forgiveness.

Eli: Hm. Well, are you?

Lani: Considering everything that aunt paulina has done, I don't know how I can.

Allie: Let's go to my room.

Tripp: Really? I-I thought you weren't ready.

Allie: I am now.

Tripp: I don't want you to feel pressured.

Allie: I don't feel pressured, I promise.

Tripp: You sure this is what you want?

Allie: Yes. I want to be with you.

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