Days Transcript Wednesday 6/23/21

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 6/23/21


Episode #14048 ~ Paulina delivers stunning news to Lani. Chanel and Allie seek Julie's approval. Jack wonders why Steve and Kayla are talking about Gwen. Gwen and Xander end up in a sticky predicament.

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Abe: [Whistling]

Roman: Hey! It is not happy hour yet, partner.

Abe: I'm aware of that.

Roman: You might want to tell your face.

Abe: [Laughs] Well, you know I had a free afternoon and I thought I should collect on my rain check for that beer. And they're on me.

Roman: Well, in that case, it is happy hour. So, uh, tell me, mr. Mayor, what's got you in such a good mood today?

Lani: Aunt paulina, this is a surprise. Come in. I mean, is something wrong?

Paulina: Wrong? [Chuckles] What could be wrong? Oh, I just stopped by to see my gorgeous niece and nephew.

Lani: Oh, well, you are right on time. They are about to have their naps.

Paulina: Aw. [Chuckles] Oh, my little jewels. Is it possible you get more beautiful every day? [Chuckles] And look at that handsome smile. Oh, carver. Ooh. Gonna be a heartbreaker someday.

Lani: One who respects women, of course.

Paulina: Of course.

Lani: [Chuckling] Yeah.

Paulina: And speaking of handsome carvers, I slept with your father last night.

Allie: Hot off the presses.

Julie: Well, they look perfect. And they smell... delicious.

Chanel: Tastes even better.

Julie: Darling, I'll be the judge of that.

Allie: Now remember, this is our first batch and I'm new to the whole baking thing, so I might've, you know, screwed something up.

Chanel: Would you let her take a bite first before you start trashing your own donuts? I told you they're amazing.

Allie: I know. It's just I only got to try my great-grandmother's a few times while julie basically grew up on them, so if something's wrong,

she'll know. Well?

Steve: So what are you gonna do? What's your next move?

Kayla: Well, first I have to have some kind of proof that the pills are missing because of snyder. And then I got to figure out how it all works. Is he working alone, does he have an accomplice?

Steve: I wonder if this has anything to do with gwen.

Jack: What about gwen? Something I should know about my daughter?

Gwen: Thank you.

Xander: Relax, doc. I'm not gonna kill you.

Snyder: [Groaning]

Xander: What the hell?

[Tense music]

Gwen: Oh, my gosh. He's dead.

Xander: What? No, he can't be.

Gwen: Yeah, well, his heart's not beating. Oh, dear god.

Xander: I let him go. You saw what happened.

Gwen: Yeah, well, despite your best efforts with that letter opener, no, you did not murder this man, but that doesn't change the fact that unless I can perform a bloody miracle here, this man is not alive anymore. Oh, come on. Come on. [Gasps]

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[Soft orchestration]

Julie: Well, girls, I have to say... they're delicious! They're a triumph! A triumph!

Allie: As good as my great-grandmother alice's?

Julie: Oh, honey. You know, it wasn't just the recipe that made grandma alice horton donuts so remarkable. The secret ingredient was love. And obviously, both of you girls have put a lot of love into those donuts. [Chuckles]

Chanel: Well, we love that you love them.

Julie: I do love them. I love them. And if I don't get going, I'm going to love them so much I'll eat every one and lick the platter clean.


Allie: Well, thank you. I mean, that is such a compliment. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being our very first tester.

Julie: Well, thank you for the lovely melt-in-your-mouth treat and more importantly, thank you for keeping alice horton's legacy alive. She would be... delighted. Keep up the good work, girls. And you're really onto something.

Chanel: Thank you. Allie thinks so, too.


Allie: Hey!

Abe: Ah.

Roman: Okay. So?

Abe: So?

Roman: Well, this mood of yours.

Abe: [Chuckles] What about it?

Roman: Wouldn't have anything to do with your friend, paulina price?

Abe: Now, why would you ask that?

Roman: Well, because last time I saw you, you were leaving this fine establishment to walk her home, so I don't know. Perhaps goodnight kiss?

Abe: Perhaps.

Roman: All right, all right. Good start. All right. Told you it was something to pursue, right?

Abe: You did indeed.

Roman: Okay. Did take an old, very good detective to see that you were smitten, so okay.

Abe: [Chuckles]

Roman: Like I said, kiss a good start, but now? You gotta build on that momentum. When's the next date?

Abe: Well, you didn't let me finish.

Roman: There's more?

Abe: She invited me in for a night cap.

Roman: A nightcap? Or a nightcap?

Abe: The second one.

Lani: Did you just say...

Paulina: I slept with your father. [Chuckles] In the biblical sense.

Lani: I heard you. I'm just not sure I'm comprehending it.

Paulina: [Chuckles] I have to admit, I was a bit surprised myself, but it's not like we planned it.

Lani: Oh, okay.

[Overwhelmed chuckle] Wow, um.

Paulina: We'd had such a nice evening and there was this moment where chanel and--

[Stutters] It's complicated, but abraham, he was so understanding and so kind. Anyway, he walked me home like a gentleman and one thing led to another and--[Chuckles]

Lani: And the another thing being you and my dad?

Paulina: [Chuckles] And I went to tell you soon as I could, but this is the first chance I got.

Lani: Okay, um... I just have one question. Why?

Roman: Okay, so you spent the night with paulina?

Abe: And some of the morning.

Roman: All right. Okay. Um, you know, a lesser man than i would ask for details.

Abe: Well, it's a good thing that you're not going to ask, because a gentleman doesn't reveal the details.

Roman: Yeah, but since when are you a gentleman? Huh?

[Chuckles] Just kidding. Of course. Look. For the record, I think that's great.

Abe: Well, it did happen kind of fast.

Roman: Partner, we're not getting any younger. If it feels right, it is right.

Abe: [Chuckles] You know, I gotta say that there were sparks between us from the beginning. But when I started helping her, helping paulina with this project that she's working on, well, we got a lot closer.

Roman: I am very happy for you, partner.

Abe: Thank you. But there is only one problem.

Roman: What's that?

Abe: My daughter. I'm not sure what lani's gonna think.

Paulina: Why did I sleep with your father? Well, he's a very handsome, powerful man.

Lani: I mean, why are you-- why are you--why are you telling me?

Paulina: Oh. Because we're family and the man, he is your father.

Lani: Right, but I usually try not to get involved with his dating life.

Paulina: Oh? Sounds to me like he doesn't have much of a dating life.

Lani: Right, but--[Sighs] You get the point, aunt paulina. We're both adults here.

Paulina: Yes, yes, honey, I do. I understand, sweetheart. And I don't want to do anything that makes you uncomfortable.

Lani: There's nothing uncomfortable about this conversation right now?

Paulina: Do you even know how how much you mean to me? My sister's baby girl, my angel niece, my relationship with you, not to mention those two sweet peas, it's everything. That's why I wanted to tell you right away about last night. Because if you're not okay with me being with your dad, then I promise you it'll never happen again.

Chanel: Did you hear that? Our donuts are a triumph.

Allie: I told you.

Chanel: No, you told me they were too dry, too dense, or too whatever.

Allie: Okay, okay, so I was nervous.

Chanel: And obviously, you don't have a reason to be.

Allie: It's just this recipe has been in my family for decades and I ever thought that I could make it good enough to sell or that julie would say it was as good as my great-grandmother'S.

Chanel: Well, that's how i feel about my grandmother's sweet potato pie recipe.

Allie: Did you ever try making it?

Chanel: Believe it or not, the other day, my mother and i baked one together. She loved it, too.

Allie: That's amazing. We should add it to the menu.

Chanel: Is this really happening? I mean, obviously, I hoped it would or else I never would've suggested that idea.

Allie: It's starting to feel real.

Chanel: Because it is.

Allie: I know. I was in the square the other day and I saw the banner they put up. It said, "sweet bits coming soon." I couldn't believe it.

Chanel: Well, believe it, horton, because the two of us? We really got something.

Jack: I heard you say gwen's name. Is something going on with my daughter?

Kayla: Um, steve and i were just discussing her moving in with you.

Jack: Disapprovingly, I assume.

Kayla: Well, no. Just wondering if it was a good idea for you to bring her into your home.

Jack: I realize gwen didn't exactly endear herself to my family. She did a lot of damage to abigail's marriage, nearly cost me mine, but after everything she's done, she's my family, too.

Kayla: I understand that.

Jack: Then you understand that she needs support now, kayla. And I want to be there for her.

Steve: Course you do. You know, when tripp first came to town, he made a lot of mistakes. But now, we couldn't be more grateful to have him in our lives. Kayla's just worried.

Jack: Worried that gwen will hurt someone again?

Kayla: No, worried that she might hurt you.

Xander: How can he be dead? He was fine just a minute ago.

Gwen: I--I don't know. My guess would've been heart attack.

Xander: Heart attack? He looks like he was in great shape.

Gwen: Yeah, well, maybe he was until he thought you were gonna kill him.

Xander: I didn'T. I-- I wouldn'T.

Gwen: Well, it sure as hell bloody looked like you wanted to, xander.

Xander: I was just trying to scare him.

Gwen: Really? Really? By going after him with a letter opener?

Xander: Look, okay? I was very tempted, but i stopped myself.

Gwen: Yes, yes, you did. Now, it shows very good character, but hello, look. This bloke's dead, mate. So what are you gonna do about it?

Xander: Me?

Gwen: I'm not the one who made his heart stop, am I?

[Door shuts]

Julie: Hello, gwen. Xander. Had I known you were home, i would've brought a dozen donuts.

Xander: [Forced chuckle]

Julie: What the hell is that? I've got moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.

[Knock at door]

Tripp: Hey.

Allie: Hi, tripp.

Tripp: Oh, hey. I'm sorry. Did I interrupt a business meeting?

Allie: No, not at all. We just finished our first batch of donuts.

Tripp: Ooh, the best kind of business meeting.

Allie: [Chuckles]

Chanel: Wanna try one?

Tripp: Oh, it might take more than one for me to get a fair opinion.

Chanel: [Laughing]

Tripp: Mm.

Chanel: Yeah?

Tripp: Mmm!

Allie: [Laughs]

Chanel: Can you be more specific?

Tripp: That's amazing.

Allie: You think so? Really?

Tripp: [Chuckles] Yeah.

Chanel: Why are you always so surprised? Of course he thinks so. And we just got another five-star review.

Tripp: Oh, I'm not the first one to try 'em?

Allie: Julie was just here.

Tripp: Oh, she's a tough audience. And?

Chanel: And she said they were as good as her grandmother used to make.

Tripp: Wow. That's high praise.

Allie: The highest.

Chanel: The way things are going, sweet bits is gonna be a monster hit the minute we open our doors.

Tripp: I hope so. And, uh, you guys aren't looking for any employees by any chance, are you?

Allie: Why? You're not asking for you, are you?

Tripp: I'm only half-kidding.

[Chuckles] Half-kidding.

Allie: What? Why would you need a job? Is there a problem at the hospital?

Jack: I appreciate you guys looking out for me, but really, you don't have to worry. Gwen has deep regrets about how she acted when she first came to salem.

Kayla: Hope so.

Jack: She's trying to rebuild her life. And build a relationship with me.

Steve: Well, I'm glad to hear that. I know how hard it can be to start from scratch, man.

Jack: Well, we're working on it.

Kayla: So there's harmony in the horton house now?

Jack: Well, it depends on how you describe harmony, I guess. I mean, as I told you, julie isn't too happy about gwen moving in and she's not exactly thrilled that xander has joined us as well.

Steve: Yeah, I was gonna ask you about that.

Jack: [Stutters] It's a-- you know, it's a risk. It certainly is that. I mean, the two of them are not getting along to put it mildly, but I had good conversations with both of them just recently and they both promised that they're gonna try and work it out.

Kayla: Well, hopefully that'll bring some happiness to the horton house.

Jack: Right. Before someone gets killed.


Julie: What is going on here?

Gwen: Okay, julie. You have to understand--

Xander: It was never our--

Julie: Oh, never mind! I know exactly what's going on. You two were determined to turn my home into a halfway house for lowlifes!

Xander: Huh?

Julie: Wasn't enough, wasn't enough that you talked jack into having you move in. Now you must be trawling salem for strays. Well, who does this person belong to?

Gwen: Belong to?

Julie: Whose friend is it?

Xander: I suppose, uh, mine.

Julie: Well, he's not invited to sleep on the sofa. Okay, mr. Naptime. Naptime over! Rise and shine!

Gwen: Oh, I wouldn'T.

Julie: Mister? Mister. Mister, please--

Xander: Julie, please.

Julie: Wakey up. Wakey, wakey, wakey, wakey! Wait a minute. This man is not asleep. Did you know that your toughest cleaning problems

Roman: All right. Um, do you really care what lani thinks about you and paulina?

Abe: She's my daughter.

Roman: Yeah, your adult daughter. Look, don't get me wrong, we all want our kids to approve of our life choices, but it's your life. Why would she get upset?

Abe: Well, it's not as if paulina were just some woman. It's lani's aunt. And her mother's sister.

Roman: So you think she might think of it as a betrayal of her mother?

Abe: I don't know what she'll think. That's the problem.

Roman: Okay, well, if it bothers you that much, then yeah, talk to her. Make sure she's okay.

Abe: No, you're right. You're right. I should. I just don't know what I'll say, so.

Roman: Just be open and honest, all right? But first, um... you know, maybe... one little detail about last night?

Abe: [Chuckles] All right. One word. Marabou.

Roman: Marabou?

Lani: I appreciate you taking my feelings into account and I have to admit I did not see this coming.

Paulina: Uh-huh. Well, so you do have a problem with your auntie dating your father?

Lani: It has been many years since mom and dad were together. I never even knew them as a couple.

Paulina: Well, they had a moment, but that was a long time ago.

Lani: It's been a long time since my dad has had someone in his life. Since he and valerie broke up.

Paulina: How long, exactly?

Lani: Long enough. Truth is, I love my dad so much and I want the best for him. He is one of my favorite people in the whole world. And so are you. So if that means you two will make each other happy, then who am I to stand in the way?

Paulina: Sounds to me like you're giving me your blessing.

Lani: [Chuckles] I don't know if I have that power, but yes, I'm good with it.

Paulina: Aww.

Lani: [Laughs]

Paulina: [Chuckles]

Allie: What's going on with your job at the hospital?

Chanel: Aren't you like a doctor in training or something?

Tripp: The situation at the hospital is complicated at the moment. It's kind of a long story.

Allie: Well, we've got time.

Chanel: We were just about to put a batch of triple fudge brownies in the oven. We can talk while we wait.

Tripp: Um, okay. So you remember my boss, dr. Snyder?

Allie: Yes. I remember that you couldn't wait to get away from him before our date.

Tripp: Yes, yes, because he is a real jerk. I mean, nasty, obnoxious, and really tries to go out of his way to humiliate people. Me, especially. And anyway, I kind of stumbled upon something that might get him in trouble.

Chanel: Maybe that's a good thing. Now you have the upper hand.

Tripp: Except I'm not sure it works like that.

Allie: What, you think he'll fire you if he thinks that you're a threat?

Tripp: I honestly have no idea, but I reported it to kayla.

Allie: What did she say?

Tripp: She said that I should stay out of it and that she would handle the situation but I'm worried that this could seriously spiral out of control.

Steve: Well, if gwen can get along with the likes of xander, I guess she must be turning a corner.

Kayla: What, is that a good thing? I mean, are they a positive influence on each other?

Jack: Any time that gwen is not fighting a win in my book.

Kayla: So she's, um, feeling okay? Physically?

Jack: Uh, yeah, I guess. I mean, she hasn't suffered any long-term effects from the miscarriage that I can tell.

Kayla: And you spoke to her doctor?

Jack: Not since he made his last house call.

Kayla: Dr. Snyder came to your house to see her?

Steve: That's kind of unusual these days, isn't it?

Jack: I thought it was kind of weird, but I guess he just likes a personal touch. He said he wanted to make sure that gwen took all her meds.

Kayla: Pain meds?

Jack: Uh, yes. I think so. Although she hasn't complained, so I didn't even know she was taking anything.

Steve: Well, we're really happy she's feeling better.

Jack: Thank you. Thanks. I better go get my takeout. I have a video call scheduled with jennifer. It's not in person, but I'll take what I can get.

Kayla: Give her our love, will you?

Jack: Will do. And don't worry about gwen. I got everything under control. As long as I can get julie to come around.

Julie: This man is not asleep! He's passed out cold!

Xander: Passed out? Of course he is! Yes!

Julie: Well, don't act as though that's a good thing. It wasn't a good thing when you passed out on the sofa. It's no better when this degenerate friend of yours is sleeping one off.

Gwen: Yeah, xander. What were you thinking?

Xander: Of course, julie. You are absolutely right. Sorry, my friend has a bit of a substance abuse problem. I've been trying to help him.

Julie: It's the middle of the day.

Xander: Yes, as I say, he has a problem and we had a bit of a long lunch and he got into the rye and--

Julie: Oh, my $200 bottle of scotch that you stole from my restaurant.

Xander: No, it was a different, much cheaper bottle of scotch.

Gwen: Really? You stole booze from her?

Xander: I paid her back. Well, actually, your dad did. Is that really important right now?

Gwen: No, no, no, it's not. No. It's not, really important. Julie, we will fix this problem.

Julie: Just get your comatose drinking buddy off my grandmother's sofa and out of this house!

[Dramatic music]

In our home, we trust dawn


Lani: Dad. Uh, hi. This is a surprise.

Abe: Yeah, look, I'm sorry I didn't call ahead, but there's something I want to talk to you about.

Lani: Oh, it's okay. Is something wrong?

Abe: Uh, I hope not.

Lani: Dad? What is it?

Abe: It's about your aunt paulina. You see, I saw her last night and, uh, well, we--

Lani: Dad, that--it--

[Chuckles] It's okay. It's okay.

Paulina: Hi, abraham. I just told your daughter we made love.

[Timer clicks]

Chanel: Set timer for 25 minutes.

Tripp: Oh, 25 minutes to brownie town, huh?

Allie: Someone's not going anywhere.

Tripp: Well, I figured it must be, you know, helpful for you guys to have a taster, right? I'm kind of an expert when it comes to eating brownies.

Chanel: Mm-mm. How generous of you.

Tripp: I do what I can.

Chanel: The waiting is always the hardest part, but I was thinking we have been eating a lot of our products lately.

Allie: Yeah, we should be careful about that.

Chanel: Well, that's okay as long as we get some exercise, too.

[Dance music]

Allie: What are you doing?

Chanel: What else is there to do when waiting for things to bake? Dance party!

Allie: [Chuckling]

Chanel: Come on, horton!

Allie: [Groans]

Chanel: [Laughs] Just like we're back in the clubs.


Chanel: Oh, don't think you're getting out of his, johnson.

Tripp: No, no, it's okay. I just ate.

Allie: Hey. No dancing, no brownies.

Tripp: That is not fair.

Chanel: Rules are rules.



Tripp: What?


Chanel: Uh, it's just that you dance like a--


Tripp: Like a white boy? Yes, I know.

Chanel: You said it, not me. Here, I'll show you how to do it.


Kayla: I was so tempted to say something to jack, but you know, I don't want to accuse gwen of wrongdoing unless we know the truth.

Steve: You did the right thing, baby.

Kayla: I hope we are wrong.

Steve: So do I. I don't want to implicate jack's daughter in a prescription drug ring.

Kayla: Yeah, but considering what jack said, that snyder made a house call to see her.

Steve: Yeah, and tripp said that he saw them arguing.

Kayla: I think that their connection is way more than patient-doctor.

Steve: What is it? They working together?

Kayla: I don't know, I mean, do you think that she's helping him steal drugs from the hospital pharmacy? I mean, if that's true, jack is in for just a world of heartache. [Sighs]

Gwen: [Sighs] Oh, that was close.

Xander: I have a feeling julie will be slightly more upset about a dead guy in her house than a sofa being defiled. Maybe not.

Gwen: Okay. Okay, so what do we do now?

Xander: I hate to say it, but I think we have to call the police.

Gwen: No, no. God, are you mad? I've already been accused of one murder in this town. Two is gonna look like a pattern.

Xander: He wasn't murdered. It's a heart attack.

Gwen: Because you held a blade to his throat.

Xander: You keep saying that, but I didn't hurt him.

Gwen: Really? Then why did you panic when julie walked in? Why would you cover that up?

Xander: I didn't cover anything up. She assumed he was alive and I just didn't disabuse her.

Gwen: Yeah, because she would think that we killed him.

Xander: Not necessarily.

Gwen: Think about it, xander. Snyder said tripp was asking about the pill count. That means he's onto the fact that snyder was nicking drugs from the hospital.

Xander: That doesn't mean we're connected.

Gwen: Kayla asked about my file. She's suspicious about something.

Xander: But that's not proof.

Gwen: That's no proof? There's a bloody dead man at my feet here, xander. I might as well wear a giant sign that says, "hey, you're a drug mule."

Xander: You may have a point.

Gwen: Yeah, thank you.

Xander: Fine. You grab his arms and I'll grab his legs.

Gwen: What? What? Where are we taking him?

Xander: Well, for now, out.

Gwen: Out? Out the front door?

Xander: Well, it's a lot closer than the back door. What we're looking for now is expediency.

Gwen: Why do I sense that you've done this before?

Xander: Will you please just grab his arms?

Gwen: God, okay. Oh, for god's sake.

[Door opens] There's someone at the front door.

Jack: Anybody home?

Gwen: Oh, my god.

If you have postmenopausal


Abe: And to think I was worried about broaching the subject.

Paulina: [Chuckles] Well, I'm sorry to steal your thunder.

Lani: I guess you two had the same idea.

Paulina: Well

[Both chuckle] Uh, you know, since last night was a bit unexpected, I just wanted to make sure lani was okay with what happened between us.

Abe: And? Are you?

Lani: Yes, dad. I'm--yeah. I am.

Abe: Yeah?

Lani: Yes!

[Chuckling] Look-- dad, I love you, okay? And I love aunt paulina. And if she makes you happy, that's good enough for me.

Abe: Thank you, sweetheart. That's lovely to hear.

Paulina: [Chuckles]

Lani: Okay, why do I suddenly feel like I'm the parent here?

[Both chuckle]

Paulina: I promise that I won't keep him up too late.

Abe: Oh, now don't make any promises you can't keep.

Paulina: Oh.

Lani: Oh, okay, okay. I said I approve of this. That doesn't mean you two can just flirt in front of me.

[Both chuckling]

Paulina: Well, I better get going. I got meetings about the square. Construction's right around the corner.

Abe: Oh, well, you know, if you're not too busy, maybe we could have dinner later.

Paulina: Well, I'd like that, mr. Mayor. [Chuckles]

[Both chuckling]

Lani: Bye-bye, auntie.

Paulina: Mm-hmm.

Abe: What?

Lani: Nothing. I just--[Chuckles] I love seeing you happy.

Abe: [Chuckles] Aww.

Lani: [Chuckles]

[Cartoon sound effects]

Jack: I don't believe this.

[Horn toots on tv]

Gwen: What's not to believe?

Jack: The two of you sitting here, no fighting, no yelling. Watching cartoons.

Gwen: Well, you told us to get along. [Chuckles]

Xander: Yeah, I mean, we're just doing what you said, mate. What's so shocking about that?

Jack: Oh, nothing's shocking. It's more of a pleasant surprise, really, but uh... well, what are you watching? Maybe I'll join you.

Gwen: No! No, you can't!

Trelegy for copd.

Steve: It was pretty bold for snyder to visit gwen at the house. Whatever's going on, it must be important.

Kayla: Do you think that she's selling the drugs?

Steve: Well, like you said, I don't think we should jump to conclusions.

Kayla: Well, we can't just wait and see.

Steve: Well, we need to find out what the connection is between gwen and snyder. Figure out how deeply she's involved.

[Cartoon sound effects]

Xander: I mean, we'd love to have you join us, jack, it's just, you know, the show is almost over and I don't-- if you hopped on now, I don't think you'd be able to follow it.

Jack: It's a cartoon. I think I could figure it out.

Gwen: No, but it will spoil it. Trust me. You have--you have to watch it from the beginning.

Jack: Do you two not want company?

Xander: Jack.

Jack: It's okay. I'm just kidding. [Chuckles] I have a video call soon with jennifer, so in the meantime, I'll just go get the mail, pay some bills, and, uh-- do me a favor. Had me that letter opener, would you?

Xander: Yeah, sure. Of course. Here you are, mate.

Jack: Certainly. Enjoy your show.

[Cartoon sound effects]

Xander: If he keeps up, I'm gonna have a bloody heart attack.

Gwen: Oh, you should be so lucky.

Xander: Well, that's really nice.

Gwen: Well, I'm not the one who stopped his heart, am I?

Xander: Just--we're in this together now, so just get him out of here.

Gwen: [Inhales sharply]

[Groans] Oh...oh, my god.

Chanel: Triple chocolate brownies fresh from the oven.

Tripp: Mm.

Chanel: Tripp, would you like to do the honors?

Tripp: Oh, absolutely. Mm. Mmm, mmm. Okay, okay. I know I said the donut was good, but that was a mouthful of sand compared to this work of art.

Allie: Really?

Tripp: And that donut was damn good. But... oh, my god, I'm telling you this is the best brownie I've ever had in my life and you guys are going to make a fortune.

Allie: Hey.

Chanel: [Chuckling] Hey.

Tripp: Mm!

Lani: I would offer you something to drink, but at the moment, all we have in the fridge is breast milk.

Abe: I'll pass.


Lani: Good choice.

Abe: And it's okay, because I had a beer at the pub with roman.

Lani: A beer? In the middle of the day? Okay, dad. Look at you living it up.

Abe: [Laughing] Well, look. It's just a couple pals hanging out. And you know, roman was the one who encouraged me to pursue paulina.

Lani: Mm. Guy talk. You wanted to let him know that you scored.

Abe: Well, I wouldn't put it that way, but... yeah, something like that.

[Both chuckle]

Lani: Well, that deserves a beer 'cause aunt paulina is a serious catch.

Abe: Agreed, agreed. But you're really all right with this? Really? Right?

Lani: Yes, dad. I was telling the truth before. Of course I am.

Abe: What, you don't think it's kind of weird your dad and your aunt--

Lani: Fine. It's-- yeah, it's a little weird. But I have known aunt paulina my whole life, which means I know how wonderful she is. And I know how wonderful you are. So if that makes you two happy, then why wouldn't i be in favor of it? I mean, what could go wrong?

[Suspenseful music]

Paulina: Oh, come on. We used to make sweet potato pie together every thanksgiving.

Chanel: Yeah, but when's the last time we spent the holidays together?

Paulina: I guess it's been a few years.

Chanel: Yeah.

[Both chuckle] You were off doing your thing and I was doing mine. Then when we ended up here, we haven't stopped fighting since we saw each other. But today was different. Once we put on these aprons, there was no stress, no drama. Just me hanging out with my mama. And it feels great.

Paulina: Why did I sleep with your father? Well, he's a very handsome, powerful man.

Lani: I mean why are you telling me?

Paulina: Do you know how much you mean to me? My sister's baby girl, my angel niece. My relationship with you, not to mention those two sweet peas. It's everything. That's why I wanted to tell you right away about last night. Thanks for walking me home.

Abe: Well, that was my pleasure.

[Soft tense music]

Chanel: I am a little confused. I thought you were combining the buildings to create an indoor marketplace for small businesses.

Paulina: I am.

Chanel: But those blueprints look like they're for one big building, so what's up with that?

Paulina: [Exhales deeply] Oh, stop looking at me like that. You ready?

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