Days Transcript Monday 6/21/21

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 6/21/21


Episode #14046 ~ Sami and Lucas struggle to keep their secret from EJ. Xander advises Nicole to find leverage over Sami. Kate tortures an unwitting Jake. Philip makes Chloe a surprising offer.

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Chloe: [Laughs softly]

Philip: There you go. I got you a fruit salad. I thought that would be good. You can eat with one hand. I got your favorite green juice.

Chloe: Mmm.

Philip: I'm not sure what it does, but apparently it helps keep you as beautiful as you were in high school. Although, I think you're even more beautiful now.

Chloe: Well, thank you. That's very sweet. Hey, you know what? I think a girl could get used to this.

Philip: That's what I'm hoping.

Gabi: [Sighing]

Chad: Someone's in a mood. Could it have anything to do with jake bringing kate home from the hospital?

Gabi: You know where kate is right now? Do you have any idea? You would think that she was in her room, settling in, but no, she's in jake's room with jake. Why? Because apparently, that's where she's gonna live from now on.

Kate: And she's gonna pay for that. She's gonna pay for it all. All of it. And jake. Jake, jake, jake, I need you, jake. Oh, I need you. Seriously, I'm gonna have him dancing in attendance, and gabi can watch.

Chad: Oh. Oh, boy.

Kate: Yeah.

Chad: Kate is blind, gabi. Of course she doesn't wanna be alone.

Gabi: She can't sleep in her own bed? Doesn't need to see to do that.

Chad: You know what? I'd be worried too if I were you. You never know, with everything that has happened, it can bring them close again.

Gabi: Would you just shut up?

Chad: I'm just saying. You never know what's going on behind closed doors.

Kate: Jake.

[Laughs] I may not be able to see, but I can feel. And I wanna feel your arms around me. Make love to me, jake.

Jake: Uh... oh, kate. You are just home from the hospital. Maybe that's not such a good idea.

Kate: [Laughs] Like, I can't see, but I'm not an invalid. Dr. Snyder, he didn't say that I shouldn't have sex.

Nicole: [Sighs deeply] That's disgusting.

Xander: This? Pure research. Hey, what do you say to a new lingerie line?

Nicole: I'll say you better come up with some more ideas if you want brady to keep you on board.

Xander: That's hardly a problem, is it? Not with you and our dirty little secret as my job security.

Nicole: Who knows how long that damn secret will stay a secret?

Xander: You know my lips are sealed about our night of passion just as long as you keep me gainfully employed.

Nicole: I am talking about sami.

Xander: What's this?

Nicole: It's a receipt that I dummied up to convince her that I booked a room at the salem inn with my corporate credit card.

Xander: Well, aren't you clever?

Nicole: Except it's gonna take more than a stupid piece of paper to keep sami off my trail. That bitch won't stop until she proves that you and i slept together.

Ej: You haven't answered my question.

Sami: What was the question?

Ej: I overheard you telling lucas to not get any ideas.

Sami: Yeah, oh, right. Well, he was supposed to move out, and now all of a sudden, he wants to stay.

Ej: Uh-huh. Well, chad has just informed me, lucas, it's very close quarters. Barely room for samantha and myself. Do you enjoy living with a crowd? Or is there some other reason that living here appeals to you?

Lucas: I actually have a great reason for wanting to stay--

Sami: Yeah, of course he does; he does have a great reason--it's his mom. I mean, you know, with everything kate's going through, blindness and everything, he wants to be close to her to support her.

Ej: Such a good son.

Sami: Yeah, he's always been very devoted.

Ej: Well, if you feel that way, if you understand why lucas wants to live here, why do you have a problem with it?

Sami: Uh, well, actually, ej, because of you.

[Dramatic music]

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the "days of our lives."

[Soft orchestration]

Chloe: Well, I'm only staying here until my arm gets better.

Philip: And I'm hoping to convince you otherwise.

Chloe: Philip, you've been generous enough to give me a place to heal. You've done too much already.

Philip: No, there's no such thing as doing too much to make you happy. I bet you won't say no to a video chat with parker once he gets out of camp.

Chloe: What, really?

Philip: Yeah, I talked to your mother. It's all set up.

Chloe: Oh, that is so great. Thank you so much. Hey.

Brady: Hi. Hope I'm not interrupting.

Philip: Victor's by the pool.

Brady: That's great, but I came to check on chloe.

Philip: Oh, she's fine. She's fine. She's being taken very good care of.

Brady: Well, I have basic black business to discuss with her, and technically you're the competition, so I would love some privacy with her.

Philip: Can't it wait? She's finished with her breakfast yet.

Chloe: Okay, you two. That's enough. Thank you, thank you for this lovely breakfast, philip, but I probably should catch up on what's happening at work.

Philip: Okay. I'll leave you to it, then. But if you need anything...

Brady: She won'T.

Chloe: Okay, so what's going on at basic black? What do I need to know?

Brady: Well, nicole hired xander.

Xander: Aren't you overreacting just a little bit? I mean, it's not as if the entire population of salem knows or, if they did, would care what happened between us. What do you say we order some lunch? From that new ramen place across the street?

Nicole: You should be as worried about sami as I am. If she somehow finds out and gets proof that we slept together, guess what? You're out of a job.

Xander: That's true. You know, I always find that whenever somebody gets me over a barrel, it's best to be proactive. Get them over an even bigger barrel. And if there's one person that has a habit of screwing up their life even more than me, it's sami brady. Shouldn't be hard to get some kind of leverage over her, right?

Nicole: [Scoffs] Sami's a teflon blonde. Nothing ever sticks. I mean, she was just cleared of murder, and that's not the first one.

Xander: Yeah, it's too bad she didn't cheat on her husband like you did. Wait a minute. Is that really so farfetched?

Lucas: You should just let it go, sami.

Ej: Let what go?

Sami: I know you, ej. I know you wouldn't be comfortable living under the same roof as my ex-husband.

Ej: No, I would be fine.

[Laughs softly] I mean, first of all, well, he's lucas. And also, the two of you have been over for a very long time. Thank you so much for your concern, but I have no problem with lucas living here with us.

Kate: Jake. It feels so good to be close to you. The whole time I was lying in the hospital, I was so angry that might not ever be able to see you again. The only way I stayed sane was by imagining myself in your arms.

Jake: Right, kate. I really think you need to take some time to decompress. All right? How about we unpack your things, and then I can bring you a nice, hot breakfast.

Kate: [Laughs] No, I'm not hungry.

Jake: Okay, then what can I do? I wanna take care of you.

Kate: I think I gave you a suggestion about what you could do for me.

Jake: Yeah, kate, it's just--

[Laughs nervously]

Kate: Oh.

[Laughs] Totally forgot. I forgot that I had these on.

Jake: Okay.

Kate: Is that better?

Jake: Oh, kate, you're always beautiful.

Kate: Then make love to me, please.

Jake: I'm sorry. I just don't think it's a good idea.

Kate: It's about gabi? With less moderate-to-severe eczema why hide your skin

Jake: Why would you think this is about gabi?

Kate: Because I know that you slept with gabi when you thought that I had broken off with you, and I know that you had a passionate relationship, and maybe all that came back to you. And now here I am, blind and in your way.

Jake: What gabi and I shared, it's in the past. I'm here because I want to be with you.

Kate: [Laughs] I wanna be with you too, baby, I do. And in every-- in every way. You know, it wasn't until I was in that hospital that I realized how much you've come to mean to me. I love you, jake. And you've shown me completely how you feel about me. So you can say it. You can tell me you love me.

Gabi: No, there's no way that jake would ever have sex with kate.

Chad: I don't know. They are sharing a bed.

Gabi: I know that, chad. I just find a way to get kate into her own room.

Chad: Mm, good luck with that. It's gonna be hard to find a room with ej and sami moving back in.

Gabi: What?

Lucas: No, you're right, ej. Sami and I are totally different people than those crazy kids who fell in love years ago.

Sami: [Scoffs] Well, for one thing, you're more irritating than you ever have been. I mean, he was totally wrong to go after you like that for not being here for me.

Ej: He is not wrong.

Sami: Yes, he is, he's wrong. He's always wrong. Look, the real reason I don't want to live under the same roof as lucas is because you and I are together. We're happy, and we're in love, and I don't want his negativity and his rudeness ruining our happiness.

Lucas: Ruining your happiness, really?

Ej: I admit--I admit that lucas can be quite rude, and the old me might have punched him.

Lucas: I'm standing right here, you know.

Ej: But I want to be a better man for you. So as someone whose own mother has had her challenges, I can understand why lucas wants to be here with kate. And I commend him for it. As far as I'm concerned, you're more than welcome to stay here with us.

Nicole: You think sami cheated on ej?

Xander: You slept with me because your hubby left you alone. Ej did the same thing to sami. Maybe she's had a fling while she was in town. She did it before, right? She cheated on rafe with ej.

Nicole: Yeah, she did. She also slept with rafe when he was with hope.

Xander: So she fell back into bed with the ex-husband before, maybe she did it again.

Nicole: I doubt it. I doubt rafe would sleep with sami; he's with ava. Although rafe is not sami's only ex-husband. I mean, there is lucas, and... well, never mind. That was over ages ago.

Xander: Well, I wouldn't be too sure about that.

Nicole: What is that supposed to mean?

Xander: Remember when kristen locked sami and lucas in the dimera basement? When I found them, there was a definite tension between them. Maybe it was of the sexual variety. Your mission:

Chloe: Nicole hired xander? But she despises him! And how did this even happen? You and nicole are equal business partners. How did you let this happen?

Brady: She was very insistent on it, and I did owe her one.

Chloe: Yeah, but that doesn't make any sense. Did she say why she hired him?

Brady: Yes; I mean, at first, she said just because she needed extra help because we haven't been in the office. Then she was making some noise about how xander used to be the ceo of titan, so he was privy to the gabi chic proposal, therefore giving us insight into the competition.

Chloe: Yeah, but that doesn't even remotely make up for what a horrible human being he is.

Brady: I know, and that's exactly what I told her, which I why I think something else is going on.

Chloe: But what?

Brady: I don't know. But I'm pretty sure that he strong-armed her into hiring him. The question is, how?

Nicole: [Scoffs] Sexual tension between sami and lucas? Uh, not a chance. I mean, all they do is fight.

Xander: And maybe they haveN. You know, if you could sleep with me, is it really so farfetched that sami might hit the sheets with lucas?I is a human being

Xander: Look, I'm just trying to get sami off ac so you can stop with a what could be

Xander: That sami a did ts become a dumb thought that justindI: S>&gtT pe to be close to the people I love, to be with ej again. I guess I just wasn't prepared for him to wanna live here again.

Gabi: [Laughs] You say it like it's a bad thing.

Sami: [Laughs] Sorry.

Gabi: No, you're arianna's grandmother. And sami, I'm very grateful for you helping me with that ridiculous nick situation.

Sami: Anytime.

Gabi: I'd like to think that we have some sort of level of trust between us. And if you ever wanted to talk...

Sami: Thank you. Yeah. Well, it's just hard because during ej's recovery, it was hard for me, it was hard on our marriage. And now he's back. You know, he's himself again. And I wanna focus on that. So I wanted to go back to italy so we could just be together and work on our marriage. And being here, it's just a lot of distractions, you know?

Gabi: At least you can be with the man that you love. Not all of us are so lucky.

Sami: You mean jake?

Gabi: You know?

Sami: Well, lucas told me that he went off on him for wanting to sneak around with you behind kate's back.

Gabi: Sneaking was never part of the plan. You know, jake loves me, not kate. The plan was to tell her the truth. Then jake decided to be all noble and stay with her until she settles into being blind.

Kate: [Sighs] I missed this, haven't you?

Jake: Yes, I have. But as nice as this is, kate, I think, you know, we should get you unpacked, settled in.

Kate: I feel-- I feel so safe with you.

Jake: [Sighs]

[Knocking on door] Oh, somebody is at the door. I'll get that. Oh, lucas, hey, come in.

Lucas: Thanks. Hey, mom, look at you. You look great. Are you happy to be home?

Kate: Oh, I am so happy to be home. And to be with the man that I love.

Lucas: Well, yeah, that's right; jake is definitely here with you now.

Kate: [Laughs softly] Yeah. He's so devoted to me, lucas.

Lucas: Well, good, good. Glad to hear that. You know, you have a whole group of people just dying to take care of you. You have jake and chad, of course.

Kate: Is that so?

Lucas: Yeah, yeah. Ej and sami too. They're moving in here.

Jake: I'm sorry--ej dimera? My half brother is moving back into the house?

Ej: Gabriella seems quite impressed with our brother jacob.

Chad: Yeah, well, it's got nothing to do with his boardroom action, believe me. But that's for another time.

Ej: Good. Because right now, I'd like your answer. Are you ready to take control of our father's company?

Philip: Chloe is still recovering, so I don't want you overwhelming her with work.

Brady: Ah. I'm aware that she's recovering, philip; I'm very aware of that. And as far as overwhelming her with work, chloe already knows how much of a tyrant I am in the office, so she's used to that. Listen, hey, think about what I said. I would drive you to and from the office, no big deal. Just let me know when you're ready, okay?

Chloe: Okay. I'll let you know.

[Clears throat]

Philip: I hope he wasn't guilting you into going back to work.

Chloe: No, no, it's fine.

Philip: But you're not fine. Obviously he said something that upset you. In the future, I'll tell henderson to check before letting him in.

Chloe: Oh, come on, philip. You don't have to protect me from brady.

Philip: I'm not so sure. It seems like he's trying to drag you into something, and I'm just not gonna let that happen.

Trelegy for copd.

Chloe: Look, brady's my friend, and he would never pressure me into doing something I didn't wanna do.

Philip: Are you sure? Because that's the way it sounded to me.

Chloe: And you would know this because you were eavesdropping, maybe?

Philip: Would I do something like that?

Chloe: If you thought it gave you an advantage over brady? Yes, of course you would.

Gabi: I'm supposed to just suck it up? Watch kate hang all over jake? Do you know how painful that's gonna be?

Sami: Well, just remember that kate is blind, right? I mean, you and jake can still find a way to spend some "quality" time together.

Gabi: Yeah, but you know what? That bitch moved herself into jake's room.

Sami: What?

Gabi: Mm-hmm.

Sami: Oh, that's not good.

Gabi: Right up there, right now, doing god knows what in my house, and I can't do anything about it.

Sami: Well, he does love you, though, right? And is only trying to be kind to kate.

Gabi: Yeah, but she still has the hots for him. I mean, what-- what is he gonna do when she doesn't take no for an answer when he doesn't wanna make love or whatever excuse that he puts up? What if she finds out the truth? That jake and I lied to her? I mean, you know that woman. She's got a ferocious temper.

Sami: Oh, someone is going to get hurt, gabi.

Gabi: Exactly. She's not gonna care that we were trying to do the right thing. She's gonna be out for blood. Mainly mine.

Sami: Mm-hmm.

Gabi: You know, they've been up there for a long-- I'm gonna go just check to see--

Sami: Do you really think that's a good idea?

Gabi: You know what? I don't give a damn. This is my house, and I am not gonna let kate use her blindness to screw up my relationship with jake.

Sami: Okay, then.

Gabi: Yeah--you know what? Good luck with everything with you and ej.

Sami: Thank you.

Gabi: Yeah.

Sami: [Sighs] I'm gonna need it.

Nicole: [Sighs] Nothing would make me happier than to find out sami fell into lucas's arms in that room. But wanting something doesn't make it true. Have you noticed that?

Xander: It has come to my attention quite often, in fact.

Nicole: I'm sorry, I just don't believe that sami and lucas slept together, no matter how desperate or scared they were.

Xander: Because they've been over for ages?

Nicole: Yes.

Xander: Possibly. But is one ever really totally over their ex?

Ej: You and I both know that jake is completely unqualified to run father's business. That's why I need you to step up. The sooner the better.

Chad: I told you my marriage is my priority. I'm not gonna make any decisions until I talk to my wife.

Ej: And I respect that. I've learned the hard way that no marriage can work unless both parties are open and honest with each other.

Sami: What are you two talking about?

Ej: The importance of being on the same page as one's spouse.

[Smooches] As we are, my darling.

Jake: Wait a minute. Ej's moving back in here?

Lucas: Yeah, that's what he and sami just told me.

Jake: I gotta go check this out.

Kate: Oh, jake. We were just getting comfy.

Jake: Why don't you enjoy your time with lucas, and I'll come check on you later.

Kate: Okay, I look forward to picking up where we left off.

Jake: Yeah.

Gabi: Finally! What have you two been doing in there?

Jake: Shh!

Gabi: Please tell me that kate did not try to have sex with you.

Jake: I got out of it.

Gabi: But she asked you? She tried? Oh, I knew it! You cannot stay in the same room as her.

Jake: Okay, can we talk about that later? Look, I just heard ej is moving back in; is that true?

Gabi: Yeah, it is.

Jake: Wha--it's your house!

Gabi: Well, he asked me nicely and I said yes. What's the problem?

Jake: You don't find it a little strange that he's been living in italy for I don't know how many years, and then all of a sudden he decides to move back? Why? What does he want? And tonight's winning numbers are 18,

Philip: Okay, fine. I might have overheard that xander was working at basic black. Talk about the worst hire ever. I don't blame you for not wanting to go back.

Chloe: Well, I'm not looking forward to it or anything, but brady needs my help.

Philip: Why would you put yourself in the middle of that mess when you could work for me instead?

Lucas: Yeah, sit down. How are you doing? How are you managing?

Kate: Well, I mean, this is gonna take some getting used to, but I'm managing, you know? I mean, thanks to jake.

Lucas: Well, good; I'm glad.

Kate: You look kinda down.

Lucas: Yeah, well, I-- how do you know what I look like?

Kate: [Sighs] Lucas. You sound like you're down, okay? I can hear you.

Lucas: No, no, I'm good. I'm fine. I'm worried about you, okay?

Kate: Well, there's nothing to worry about. I'm going to be just fine, okay?

Gabi: What is the big mystery? Ej's here because he missed his wife.

Jake: Then why didn't he ask her to come home? And now that he's here, why doesn't he just take her back home?

Gabi: You sound a little paranoid for someone that hasn't even met the guy.

Jake: I know all about his reputation in the business world. The guy's a killer. He takes no prisoners. So what if he came back to salem because he wants to take back dimera?

Ej: Please talk to abigail and follow up with me as soon as possible.

Chad: I'll let you know. Sami.

Sami: Chad. What was that about? Is everything okay?

Ej: It will be.

[Sighs deeply] Being back in the family home.

[Chuckles] It's better than I'd ever imagined. Especially with my beautiful wife by my side.

Sami: We did share some happy times here.

Ej: And some not so happy times. But those days are well behind us, samantha. Being here is a new beginning for us. After everything you've done for me, being by my side, never wavering, never doubting in us... I want to be worthy of your love.

Sami: [Sighs]

Ej: More open, more generous of spirit. That's why I told lucas that he was welcome here.

Sami: Let's not talk about lucas, okay? Let's just focus on us.

Ej: [Chuckles] That's exactly what I intend to do. You were right about us needing to reconnect emotionally, and there's nothing that I want more.

[Dramatic music]


Sami: [Sobbing]

Nicole: Hmm. As thrilling as it is to imagine burning sami down, you have nothing. And without any proof that sami and lucas did the deed--

Xander: Sometimes you start with a hypothesis, and then find proof to support it.

Nicole: This is my marriage we're talking about, not a science experiment.

Xander: A marriage that you want to save, and you will, sunshine. Because sami, she's got nothing on us either.

Nicole: Yet. And it doesn't change the fact that you and I-- [Sighs] I can't even say it.

Xander: Well, let me say it for you, then. You and I had a night of scorching hot sex behind your husband's back.

[Tense music]

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