Days Transcript Friday 6/4/21

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 6/4/21


Episode #14037 ~ Jan, Chloe, and Philip have a dangerous showdown. Tripp witnesses a tense exchange between Gwen and Dr. Snyder. Julie unloads on Xander. Chanel has a surprising offer for Allie.

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Lani: There you are.

Eli: Hey, beautiful.

Lani: Hi.

Eli: The twins sleep?

Lani: Yep.

[Smooching] I just got them down a few minutes ago. So what's the latest on chloe and claire?

Eli: Good news, actually. Jan told belle where she took claire. Shawn's on his way.

Lani: Oh, my god. What a relief. I hope to god she's okay.

Eli: Yeah, me too.

Lani: And what about chloe? I mean, any leads on her?

Eli: No, nothing yet.

Xander: Mmm.

[Inhales deeply]


Julie: How long do you think you're going to be occupying that sofa?

Xander: Oh, you know, just till I get back on my feet.


Julie: Well, at least you've got clothes on.

Xander: We aim to please.

Julie: Yeah, that's you all over. I would like you to consider just eating in the kitchen. There are crumbs everywhere. What happened to the donuts on that plate?

Xander: I got hungry.

Julie: You ate a dozen donuts? I made those donuts as a surprise for doug! You-- okay, that's it. Pack up your stuff. You are out of here!

[Elevator dings]

Gwen: I delivered your damn package.

Snyder: You-- keep your voice down. You know that is between you and me.

Allie: Claire, thank god you're okay. I mean, I've been going nuts worrying. Why did jan do this to you? No, no, no, it's okay. Um, no. It's no problem. Go hang out with your mom. I'll get the details later. I love you too. You take care.

[Cell phone beeps]

[Cell phone chimes] Wonder what that could be about.

[Soft dramatic music]

Jan: There's no way I'm giving you chloe now. She's coming with me.

Philip: That wasn't the deal.

Jan: It is now. That pilot could fly me straight to statesville, for all I know. When I get where I'm going, then I'll put her on a slow boat back to salem.

Philip: No, that's not good enough.

Jan: Too bad, so sad. It's your only option. Chloe, get the money. Philip, give it to her. Or else I'll shoot her right in front of you.

Chloe: Philip, philip, please just do what she says.

Jan: [Screams]

[Both straining]

[Gunshot rings]

Chloe: [Screams]

Philip: Chloe! Oh, my god, chloe!

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the "days of our lives."

[Soft orchestration]

Brady: Dad, shawn's here. I'll call you back, all right? Dad told me that claire's okay.

Shawn: Yeah, yeah, it's true. Thank god. Yeah, she's at statesville visiting belle right now.

Brady: [Sighs] What about chloe?

Shawn: It's not good. You know, claire says that jan took off with her, and she has a gun.

Chloe: [Screaming]

Philip: Chloe.

Chloe: Oh, it hurts! Oh, it hurts!

Philip: Keep talking to me. Stay with me.

Chloe: Oh, my arm!

Philip: I see the-- I see the wound. Let's stop the bleeding.

Jan: Don't bother. She's a goner.

Chloe: [Panting] No, no, no, no.

Xander: You can't throw me out over a plate of bloody donuts!

Julie: Are you trying to frighten me? You big wuss.

Xander: You need to calm down; you're already on your second heart.

Julie: Start packing.

Xander: I will replace the donuts; just tell me where you bought them.

Julie: [Scoffs] I wouldn't have a store-bought donut in this house. No, I made those donuts with these hands from alice's recipe.

Xander: Who's alice?

Julie: Ugh. Oh, I wish I had that pot of boiling oil. I'd throw it all over you.

Xander: I'm sorry, but you can't throw me out.

Julie: Watch me.

Xander: Let me put it this way. How can I make this up to you?

Julie: Let me give that some thought.

[Knock at door]

Chanel: Hey, horton.

Allie: Dupree. That was quick.

Chanel: I was down on the corner. I saw your light on.

Allie: Really?

Chanel: But my mama says a lady always calls first. How's your grandmama doing?

Allie: She is in the hospital, but she's out of her coma.

Chanel: That's good.

Allie: Yeah, I mean, she still has a few problems. You know, she got really beat up.

Chanel: I'm sorry.

Allie: It's okay; I mean, we're hoping her problems are just temporary. But it's kinda late. What did you wanna talk to me about?

Chanel: I have an idea that just might change the way you look at life.

Limu emu & doug

Eli: So how was your day, my love?

Lani: Oof. Well, our sweet little jules is on the verge of giving up her mid-morning nap.

Eli: Is that a good thing?

Lani: Mm, it's to be expected, but that does mean that she's now gonna be up for most of the day and less time for mommy and daddy.

Eli: Mm. Well, like you said, it's to be expected. So how are things going on here with our new roomie, chanel?

Lani: We had a very heartwarming conversation about your considerable assets.

Eli: Oh, boy.

Lani: Mm-hmm, and I was really hard on her. I told her that I did not like the way she was speaking about my husband, that it was inappropriate and disrespectful.

Eli: I'm glad you set her straight.

Lani: Mm. She seems to get it, but I don't know. Anyways, in the good news department, I'm about to change your life, eli grant.

Allie: So you're gonna change my life how?

Chanel: You're looking at a businesswoman.

Allie: I am?

Chanel: I'm opening a bakery right on the horton town square.

Allie: That's fantastic.

Chanel: Yeah, it's not a sure thing yet, but I have a really good feeling about it.

Allie: Okay, well, I mean, how did this happen?

Chanel: Well, my mother is back in town, so she has this whole idea for the square to make it a place for small business owners of color. I've already filled out the application and turned it in, and once they approve it, I'm free to start a business. The rent is subsidized for a year, which gives me time to make a name for myself and make some money and keep going. I'll be my own boss, which is great, because I'm not working for anyone else.

Allie: [Chuckles] Wow. I mean, I remember you used to make the best cookies and scones out of your little flat back in bromley.

Chanel: Well, if I make a go of this bakery, it'll be bye-bye, bromley, hello, mayfair.

Allie: Well, you can definitely do it. But, I mean, where do I fit in to all of this?

Chanel: I was just getting to that part.

Julie: All right. I'm going to go in the kitchen now. I'm going to make a second batch of donuts from scratch. And when I'm done, you are gonna clean up all the mess.

Xander: You know, if you don't want me to eat something, you shouldn't leave it sitting around my room.

Julie: Your room? Freeloader! This is the living room!

Xander: Jack said I could sleep on the couch, which makes this whole, you know, area around here kind of like my room. And so anything you leave on that table is well within my territory.

Julie: Your territory?

Xander: Technically speaking.

Julie: Just so you know, those donuts? They each weigh in at about 290 calories apiece. Oh, let's multiply that by a dozen. That would be, uh... 3,500 calories. You know, all you're doing here is feeding your face and watching television, and I hate to tell you, but it is beginning to show.

Xander: That is not true.

Julie: You keep eating the way you're eating, you're gonna lose that body that you love showing off so much. As a matter of fact, I'm beginning to notice a little potbelly already. You're gonna hate being fat.

Xander: [Grunts]



[Scoffs] Fat?


Snyder: [Sighs]

Gwen: I did my first and last drop for you. You and I are finished.

Snyder: [Chuckles] Oh, gwen. Gwen, gwen, gwen. When are you gonna face the fact that you'll never be finished? We'll never be finished, okay? This is a weekly transaction. You and I will be in touch on a regular basis.

[Groans] Okay. Now, my office will set up appointments so it looks like it's on the up-and-up. That will start next week.

[Sighs] Take it. Do we have to go through this again? Do we? Okay, if you don't make these transactions for me, I will tell jack devereaux and chad dimera that you miscarried chad's baby before you accused abigail of pushing you down the stairs. Capisce?

Gwen: [Sighs] How long is this gonna go on?

Snyder: As long as I say. Johnson. How long you been standing there?

Brady: Did jan say anything? I mean, does claire have any idea where she may have taken chloe?

Shawn: I don't--

Brady: No idea?

Shawn: No, I'm sorry. We put an apb out on kate's car, all right? I've alerted the police in a 300-mile radius that jan is on the move again, and she's got a hostage. And also that she's armed and dangerous.

Jan: You might wanna move out of the way. I'm not that good a shot.

Philip: I'm not going anywhere!

Jan: Suit yourself. Did you really think I was gonna let you live? Say your last goodbye to your hero, ghoul girl.

Chloe: No, please, no!

Jan: I hated your guts for 20 years, and that's a waste of time and energy. Once you're dead, I can finally forget that you ever existed.


[Gunshot rings] Depression makes it hard for me

Philip: [Grunts] Please hang on. I'm here. I'm not gonna let anything else happen to you.

Chloe: [Panting]

Brady: Jan told chloe to kill claire? That's insane.

Shawn: Jan is insane.

Brady: No argument there, but what does she have against claire?

Shawn: Look, you gotta keep this to yourself. Claire found out that jan's the one that shot charlie dale.

Brady: She sure?

Shawn: Yes. And she set belle up.

Brady: I mean, she's already killed someone, all right? Now, you and I both know that jan has hated chloe since we were in high school, all right? So what is she gonna do to her? She could kill her, shawn. You understand that?

[Phone ringing]

Shawn: I know, hold-- oh, it's philip. Philip, hey. What's going on? Are you kidding me?

Brady: What?

Shawn: What, you did? Look, he found jan and chloe. Okay, how's chloe? Oh, no.

Brady: Oh, no, what? What's going on?

Shawn: Okay, listen, listen. I'm on my way there right now, okay? All right.

Brady: What?

Shawn: Jan shot chloe.

Brady: How bad? Is she--

Shawn: It's bad, but philip put her in an ambulance and they're on the way to the hospital right now, so...

Brady: I'm coming. I'm coming with you.

Shawn: Let's go.

Tripp: I just got here. I was looking for you. Um, mrs. Gorman told me she wanted something to help her sleep. I guess you forgot to write the order.

Snyder: You interrupt me with that? But I have all day to write that order.

Tripp: You told me to check every move I make with you. I'm just trying to do that here.

Snyder: Okay. Well, I can't write the order if you don't give me the chart.

Tripp: You're gwen, right?

Gwen: Gwen rizczech.

Tripp: I'm tripp johnson. Our dads are brothers.

Gwen: Oh, I see.

Tripp: You okay?

Snyder: I hate to interrupt the family reunion here, but ms. Rizczech's my patient, and we're in the middle of a consult. Isn't that right? Now, I need you to follow those instructions to the T. I'd really hate to see you backslide.

Gwen: So would I.

Snyder: Johnson, wait a minute. Were you spying on me?

Chanel: Remember when we got that care package in london of your great-grandmother's donuts? We couldn't stop eating those things. Well, I wanna sell those mouth-watering donuts at the bakery, and I need the horton family recipe.

Allie: Well, I'm a horton on my dad's side, but I don't think he would have the recipe.

Chanel: Can you get it from someone else?

Allie: Um, maybe, but I don't know how my family would feel about us selling my great-grandmother alice's donuts.

Chanel: Mm, that's where you come in.

Allie: How?

Chanel: I'll give you a job.

Allie: At the bakery?

Chanel: You don't have another job, do you?

Allie: No.

Chanel: Then do we have a deal?

Allie: Dupree, I don't bake.

Chanel: Well, I'll teach you everything I know. Come on, girl, it'll be fun! What do you say?

Allie: I don't know if it would be such a good idea.

Chanel: And why not?

Eli: So you about to change my life?

Lani: Yup.

Eli: Well, hopefully it's for the better.

Lani: For the way, way better. Drumroll, please. Chanel is gonna try to set up a bakery in the horton town square.

Eli: That sound like that's about to change chanel's life, not mine.

Lani: That's because you're not assuming that chanel will have an income and a job.

Eli: Oh, okay, well, you think there will be a small room in the back of that bakery where she can set up a cot and sleep there instead of here? And then she won't have to see me before I got to bed at night and when I wake up in the morning?

Lani: [Laughs] Not see you when you're naked?

Eli: Yes. Oh, suddenly I feel reprieved.

Lani: [Laughs]

Eli: Okay, well, I guess now I just gotta find someone to appreciate my considerable assets.

Lani: Hmm. Well, if you play your cards right, that would be me.

Eli: Suddenly this crappy day just got a whole lot better. Get over here.

Lani: Yeah?

Eli: Yeah.

Eli: Mm.

Lani: You know, I've been thinking.

Eli: What about?

Lani: About me being possessive over you. I mean, jealous. I know that chanel is just a kid who tends to just blurt things out and doesn't have boundaries, but I just really do not like it that she talks about how sexy and hot you are.

Eli: I'm glad you don'T.

Lani: You are?

Eli: Yeah. I mean, if you didn't, that might mean that you're not crazy in love with me.

Lani: [Laughs] Or it would just mean that I wasn't insecure at all, and that I was 100% confident that you would never, ever, ever be attracted to another woman.

Eli: Well, you can be very confident about that.

Lani: Mm.

Eli: Mm. You know what? If there was young man that was staying with us and he saw you naked... you know what? Even if he didn't see you naked, and he just kept going on and on about how beautiful and sexy you are, not only would i not like it, but I would...

Lani: [Laughs]

Eli: Slap his butt up and kick him out.

Lani: Well, good. I'm glad I'm not the only jealous and insecure one.

Eli: No, you're definitely not. But you know one thing that we're starting to get that's starting to wear thin?

Lani: What?

Eli: Talkative.

Lani: Mm.

Eli: We're doing a whole lot of talking, a whole lot. And I'd rather be doing a lot of this.

Lani: Mmm.

Eli: Yeah, and some of this. Come here.

Chanel: And what's the problem?

Allie: [Sighs]

Chanel: Is this about me kissing you? Because I thought we cleared that up. I want us to still be friends, but if it's still bothering you--

Allie: No, it's not that. We did clear it up. We're good.

Chanel: Then what is it?

Allie: The recipe isn't just really hard to get, it's also super-secret. Even if I was working for you, I don't know if I could get it.

Chanel: Well, who's keeping it locked up?

Allie: My cousin julie.

Chanel: Julie williams? The one eli and lani chose over my mom to be the twins' godmother?

Allie: Yeah, that's the one.

Chanel: She and my mom didn't exactly hit it off. She'll never give you the recipe if she knows it's for me. But that's okay. I'll still make the bakery a success without it, and I still want you to work with me.

Allie: You know what? Don't give up hope. Let me go make a call.

Tripp: What reason would i have to spy on you?

Snyder: Your stepmother is chief of staff here at the hospital, I know that, but I'm still your immediate superior.

Tripp: I know that.

Snyder: Okay, then answer the question.

Tripp: I wasn't spying.

Snyder: Were you following me around?

Tripp: I saw you at the nurses' station and I grabbed the chart and followed you here.

Snyder: Okay, well, don't do that; don't do it. Look, if I want a private word with one of my patients, I have the right to find a private place to have it.

Tripp: Right, absolutely.

Snyder: Right.

[Cell phone beeps] We're admitting a gsw and a head injury.

Xander: [Panting]

Gwen: For god's sake. Do you have to do that?

Xander: Just until I burned off about 4,000 calories, yeah.

Gwen: Well, could you maybe do it somewhere else? I had a rubbish day, I'm completely knackered, and I just wanna sit down and watch television.

Xander: [Grunts]

Gwen: [Sighs]

Xander: Excuse me! I don't remember inviting you into my bed.

[Monitor beeping]

Philip: Can you hear me?

Chloe: Mm, yeah.

Philip: The er took very good care of you. You lost a lot of blood, but you're gonna be fine.

Chloe: Mm.

Philip: Thank god.

Chloe: You saved my life.

Philip: I wasn't gonna let jan hurt you again. I would've killed her first.

Brady: Hey. You all right?

Philip: I just spoke with the doctor. She's gonna be fine.

Brady: [Sighs] I was so damn worried about you. I swear to god, if anything would've happened to you, I don't know what I would've--

Philip: She never would've gotten into this mess if it hadn't been for you.

[ Echoing ]

Some of us were born for this.

Lani: Well, I have to admit, that blew talking right out of the water.

Eli: I totally agree.

Lani: [Laughs]

Eli: Mmm.

[Cell phone buzzing] Oh, my god. I do not wanna get that.

Lani: I know, but you should. It could be about chloe or claire.

Eli: Oh, it's philip. Hey, what's up, man? Oh, my god. That's great news. Okay, yeah, yeah, please. Keep me updated. All right, bye. That was philip. He found and rescued chloe. They're--she and jan are both at the hospital.

Lani: God, is chloe okay? Is she hurt?

Eli: She was shot in the arm, but she's gonna be okay. I'm not sure about jan.

Allie: Thanks for coming, julie.

Julie: Well, you made it sound very important.

Allie: This is my friend, dupree.

Julie: Dupree?

Chanel: Chanel dupree. It's so nice to meet you.

Julie: Chanel? Well, you must be paulina's daughter, the one who was dating theo?

Chanel: Guilty.

Julie: And you tried to talk theo into taking you back to south africa with him because you didn't wanna get a job.

Allie: Dupree and i are old friends. We knew each other in london.

Julie: Oh.

Chanel: But I'm living here now, and I'm starting my own business.

Allie: And she wants to work with me.

Julie: Hmm. What kind of a business?

Chanel: A bakery. I love to bake, and people say I'm pretty good at it.

Allie: Oh, she's the best. And we were thinking that it would be a good idea to have my great-grandmother alice's donuts in the bakery.

Julie: I don't wanna even hear the word donut today.

Allie: Why?

Julie: [Sighs] Well, I made a dozen donuts for my husband doug as a surprise, and jack's slob of a houseguest ate every single one of them.

Allie: Who's the slob?

Julie: Oh, some nephew of victor kiriakis. Xander cook.

Chanel: Ugh, he's staying with you now?

Julie: You know him?

Chanel: I guess you could say that; I married the man.

Julie: You married xander? And now you want my grandmother's recipe for your bakery? Forget it.


[Indistinct tv chatter]

Xander: I'm getting bloody fed up with people ignoring the fact that this couch is my only place to sleep in the house.

Gwen: You don't seem sleepy to me.

Xander: I'm sure you can watch telly in your room.

Gwen: Well, it's about this big. You can go work out anywhere, can't you? A gym, outside, middle of a busy intersection...

Xander: Well, that's not funny.

Gwen: Look, I am in no mood to be pushed around by the likes of you, okay? I'm gonna sit here, and I'm gonna watch the telly, and you can just go elsewhere. I don't care. Just get lost.

Xander: You have no idea how sick I am of the women in this house.

Gwen: Oh, my heart bleeds.

Xander: Well, you're a guest too, just the same as I am. Don't go lording it over me.

Gwen: Excuse me. I am not a guest. I am a relative. Would you like it if I phone my father and tell him you're behaving like a prat? Because you and I both know which side he's gonna be on.

Tripp: Shawn? Is claire here? Has she been admitted?

Shawn: No, no, no. She's okay. She's okay. Jan was holding her in that cabin out in the woods. She was gonna kill her.

Tripp: I can't believe that.

Shawn: Yeah, thank god ben got there in time.

Tripp: I mean, the attending told me that we just admitted a gunshot wound and a head injury, and I was afraid that--

Shawn: Claire's with her mother right now, and she's grateful to be alive.

Tripp: Why would jan do that? Claire thought they were friends.

Shawn: She was just using claire; that's it. Listen, I think that there's something else you need to know about jan.

Tripp: What?

Shawn: The person who killed charlie wasn't belle. It was jan.

Chloe: Philip, please. This isn't brady's fault. It's jan'S.

Philip: You never should've crossed paths with jan. The reason she did is because kristen shoved her in my mother's trunk.

Chloe: He can't help what kristen did.

Brady: Why don't we take this arguing outside?

Philip: I'm not leaving her alone. How long have you known that that was kristen and not susan?

Brady: Not long, philip.

Philip: You thought the mother of your kid was another woman for, like, two months? I mean, you were living in the same freaking house! And it didn't occur to you that susan banks was way too obsessed with you? And you saw how she was treating chloe. That didn't strike you as odd?

Brady: Yeah, it did, it did, and I should've thought about it a lot harder, and I should've figured it out a long time ago, yeah.

Philip: You think? My god, she could've died tonight!

Brady: I'm aware of that.

Philip: And it wouldn't have happened if you'd have stopped kristen!

Shawn: Philip, come on! Serious?

[Monitor beeping] Well, you're a sight for sore eyes, you know that? Look, I wanna get statements from you and philip, but I don't wanna do it unless you're up to it.

Chloe: I'm up to it.

Philip: Yeah, me too.

Chloe: I wanna be the person who helps you put jan spears away for good. Struggling to manage my type 2 diabetes

Shawn: Right, I'm gonna get your statements typed up and back here tonight. I need you both to read them and sign them.

Philip: Whatever it takes.

Shawn: I wanna get them on the da's desk first thing in the morning. Gotta get belle out of statesville as soon as possible.

Chloe: Yeah, well, claire and I can both testify that we heard jan admit to killing charlie dale.

Shawn: I just hope that's enough to convince the da to reopen the case. I mean, I was afraid that she was gonna accuse claire of lying to support her mother. But, you know, you heard it too. So that's exculpatory evidence. With any luck, we're gonna have jan locked up for a very long time.

Philip: Is she still in this hospital?

Shawn: Yes, they admitted her.

Philip: I don't like that.

Shawn: Well, I'm gonna go track her down right now. When she regains consciousness, I'm gonna be there to arrest her myself.

Chloe: [Sighs]

Julie: I'm sorry, girls. I don't want my family recipe to be associated with xander. He's done some terrible things!

Chanel: I was only married to him for a couple of days.

Julie: Please, please understand. My grandmother's donut recipe is precious to me. I don't want to see it involved with some kind of scandal.

Allie: Wasn't it already kind of involved with some sort of scandal?

Julie: What are you talking about?

Allie: The book club meeting?

Julie: What about it?

Allie: So my aunt jennifer was making donuts for her book club, and her son jj was going through his bad boy phase.

Julie: How do you know about all this?

Allie: We're cousins. We talk. And so, anyways, jj got the bright idea to put some weed in his batch because, you know, he wanted it for him and his pothead friends.

Chanel: Are you kidding?

Allie: Mm-mm, no. And somehow jj's batch and the batch for the book club meeting got switched.

Chanel: Get out.

Allie: Mm-mm. And they had no idea.

Chanel: Oh, my god. What happened?

Allie: Well, let's just say that the donuts weren't the only thing baked at that meeting.

Chanel: Who was there? Anybody I know?

Allie: Actually--

Julie: You know, maybe it's not such a bad idea. I mean, you're making donuts for your bakery. After all, dear, dear alice, she's--that's her real name. She's named after grandma alice. It would probably be fitting for you to provide these wonderful donuts to all of salem so they could enjoy them.

Allie: Oh, you really mean that?

Julie: Oh, I wish the bakery was open now. I could use a dozen donuts that were easy to come by.

Allie: Thank you so much.

Julie: Mm. I must be going. Chanel, congratulations, little entrepreneur. I'm sure you'll have great luck and great success.

Chanel: Thank you so much. You won't regret it.

Julie: [Laughs] Right, right. I'll deal with you later.

Allie: Yeah!

[Both laugh]

Xander: I'm taking matters into my own hands.

Gwen: What do you think you're doing?

Xander: Gonna put this upstairs so you can watch telly in your room and leave me alone!

Gwen: No, you give me that!

Xander: [Grunts] Hmm. Well, well, well. What have we here?

[Dramatic music]

Like many people with moderate to severe ulcerative colitis

Gwen: Give me that.

Philip: Well, well, well. Looks like someone's going into a new line of work.

Gwen: Those are for me. I fell down a flight of stairs, and I am in constant pain.

Xander: Do you think I'm stupid? There's enough pills here to kill the pain for the entire midwest. There's no way in hell they're all for you. So what are you doing with them?

Shawn: Dr. Snyder, hey.

Snyder: Detective brady.

Shawn: I need to see jan spears.

Snyder: Why? What's this about?

Shawn: She tried to murder a woman tonight. And since she's managed to sneak out of here before, I wanna make sure we have an officer outside her door 24/7 until she's well enough to be transferred to a jail cell.

Snyder: I don't see that happening, detective.

Shawn: Why not?

Snyder: Because ms. Spears has slipped into a coma.

Philip: Chloe's been through hell. I think she needs to get some sleep.

Brady: I agree. I agree. I would love to say a couple things to her. And it's kind of important.

[Monitor beeping] I just wanna say sorry. Words can't express how sorry I am for what happened to you.

Chloe: Brady, I understand.

Brady: No, you don't, because there are so many things I'm sorry for in so many different ways. Philip, you were right. I am responsible for her being in this bed and for what happened to her.

[Sniffles] When I found out how kristen had treated you, I was really sick to my stomach, because I knew that I was to blame for it. I really wanted to find you. I was desperate to. I didn't know where to look for you; I didn't know how to find you. I wanted to rescue you. Thank god he did.

Chloe: Please don't blame yourself.

Brady: Chloe, I do. I do. With kristen, she-- I don't think she loved me. I think she... it was more of an obsession or something. It was a dangerous obsession. An obsession that almost killed you. And it kills me to think that it all could've been avoided if I would've just acted differently.

Chloe: Nobody could've known that jan spears would steal kate's car--

Brady: You shouldn't have been in in the first place, and that's on me, and I'm gonna have to live with that. One thing I wanna tell you. Might give you a little bit of comfort. I'm sure you've heard that kristen has escaped again, but you need to know that she is not going to be coming around here anytime soon, ever.

Chloe: Why not?

Brady: I ended it with her. It's done. I told her that I would never forgive her for what she did to you. And in her soul, I think she knows it's done. It's done. So... I'm sorry. And I want you to know I'm gonna make it my life's work to make sure that that woman never comes near you or my little girl ever again. And chloe lane, I'm never gonna let you down again, okay? Ever.

Chloe: [Sobbing softly]

Eli: So philip must've had a lead on chloe and kept it to himself.

Lani: Why would he do that?

Eli: I don't know, but I don't like it.

Lani: Hey, chloe is gonna be okay, and that's all that matters.

Eli: You're always pointing out the positive. I love you for that.

Lani: Speaking of which, we are soon to be without our sometimes charming but mostly annoying roommate. You know, the one who just keeps pointing out your considerable assets.

[Both laugh]

Eli: All yours, baby. All yours.

Lani: Better be.

Chanel: Horton, you were amazing tonight. When your cousin started calling me out on all the things I've done since I got here to salem, I figured I can kiss those donuts goodbye. And honestly, maybe even the bakery too. But you came to the rescue like a boss!

Allie: Well, I'm just glad that I remembered about that whole book club meeting thing.

Chanel: You did more than that. I mean, you stood up for me. And it's been a while since someone's done that. Look, if you take this job, I promise you won't regret it.

Allie: I can't wait to help make your bakery a success.

Chanel: The two of us are gonna do that together.

Allie: Okay, but this was your idea, and you're the one who bakes.

Chanel: Without you and your family's recipe, I'm just a stranger starting a business in a town where everyone knows everyone. But with you, I'm a part of the community. And I may have had the idea, but you're making it happen. Sweet bits is gonna be awesome!

Allie: Sweet bits? I love it!

[Both laugh]

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