Days Transcript Thursday 6/3/21

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 6/3/21


Episode #14036 ~ Ben accidentally triggers Jan's booby trap, putting Claire's life in danger. Jan contacts Philip to make an exchange for Chloe. Abe throws a monkey wrench into Paulina's secret plans. Chanel shares her business proposal with Lani.

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Paulina: Oh... if I had known you were eli's great-great-grandparents and that this square would be jules' and carver's legacy, I might've played this a little--little differently. I didn't know we were all family.

[Sighs] Ooh. Oh, girl--oh, girl! You're talking to a plaque. Pull yourself together. You got to be on top of your game. That abraham carver--he is not-- not as dim as you thought he was.

[Chuckles] You got to float a garbage scow past him and make him think it smells like roses.

Abe: Paulina? Who are you talking to?

[Dramatic music]

Chanel: Hey, lani.

Lani: Oh.

[Chuckles] I-I didn't hear you come in.

Chanel: Well, you were pretty focused on your tablet, and, also, you literally had your hand in the cookie jar.

Lani: I'm sorry. Were these for somebody else?

Chanel: No, they're for you guys--kind of a "thanks for letting me stay" offering, and I know they're not rent, but it's the thought that counts. Wait. Aren't you supposed to say that to me?

Lani: [Chuckles] It's the thought that counts. But they are--they are good.

Chanel: Thanks. I call them sweet bits.

Lani: Speaking of... eli said you walked in on him naked.

[Telephone ringing]

Eli: Hey. I saw our beloved district attorney storm out of here. What's going on?

Philip: Belle changed her plea in the charlie dale case to guilty.

Eli: What?

Philip: She's been sent to statesville to await sentencing. But she didn't do it.

Eli: Then why did she confess?

Philip: She's taking the fall for jan. She thinks that that's the only way jan will let claire go.

Eli: [Scoffs] You think jan's gonna buy that?

Philip: She better. Everyone knows what jan's like when she doesn't get her way.

Jan: I appreciate you holding up your end of the bargain. But, unfortunately, I couldn't do the same.

Shawn: What? Wait, jan. What the hell are you talking about?

Jan: I'm sorry that you went to all that trouble, but let's be honest. Even with belle in prison, I know you could never truly love me. So... I made another plan.

Claire: [Whimpering]

Jan: Unfortunately, there's going to be some collateral damage.

Claire: [Crying]

Shawn: What do you mean collateral damage?

Jan: What do you think I mean? I mean there's a war, and then an innocent victim gets destroyed in the crossfire.

Shawn: Claire?

Claire: [Cries]

Jan: Got it in one.

[Dramatic music]

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the "days of our lives."

[Soft orchestration]

Shawn: Jan, please. No, belle is in prison. She's completely out of the picture. You got everything that you've wanted, and you're off the hook for charlie's murder.

Jan: I don't know what you're talking about. Belle killed charlie, not me. That's why you're going to divorce her.

Shawn: Yes, I-I'm going to divorcer her. I will, all right? I'll do--I'll do whatever it is that you want.

Jan: How desperate do you think I am, shawn? How many times do you think you're gonna get me to fall for the same trick? You think I don't know you're trying to get me to confess to a murder I didn't commit? I know you're recording this call.

Shawn: No.

Jan: I have finally gotten the message after all of these years. You don't want me. You never will.

Shawn: No, jan, that is not true.

Jan: And that is why claire-- she's gonna pay for the sins of her parents and her own sins, too. That's why chloe and I left her in the cabin where she tried to immolate your little sister.

Shawn: Is--is she--

Jan: She's still alive. But she won't be by the time you get there.

Claire: [Crying]

[Suspenseful music]

Does scrubbing grease and food feel like a workout?

Paulina: Oh. Ooh, abraham, you startled me.

Abe: Well, you were deep in conversation... uh, and also all alone.

Paulina: Oh, well, this is gonna make you laugh, but, um, I was just giving myself a little motivational speech, you know, screwing my courage to the sticking place, by which I mean the horton town square.

Abe: Well, I can see your trip to miami didn't mellow you any.

Paulina: [Chuckles] No.

[Both laugh] But I did, um, get all my affairs in order.

[Chuckles] So, from now on, the horton town square is my only priority.

[Sighs] I just hope that they approve.

Abe: Oh, they--they would have. You know, I wish you'd known them. They thought of everyone in this town as a family, and they would've made you feel the same way.

Paulina: Mm. Everyone says that they were wonderful people.

Abe: They would've loved what you're trying to do.

Paulina: I'm not so sure.

Abe: Oh... yes, they--they--they believed in change, progress, diversity. They devoted their whole lives to making this a better place... just like you are now.

Chanel: I did walk in on eli undressed and got an eyeful... full frontal and rear views. I mean, you are one lucky lady. I mean, the six-pack abs--

Lani: Okay, enough, chanel. I do know how lucky I am, and I think it's really inappropriate for you to talk about him in that way.

Chanel: Oh, sorry.

Lani: You're talking about my husband, the father of my kids. It's disrespectful of him and me to tell me how attractive my husband is, especially that way.

Chanel: What way?

Lani: You know what way, chanel. I mean, if a man was going on talking about a woman like that, wouldn't we say it was objectifying? Do you like it when men just talk about how beautiful you are and what a great body you have?

Chanel: Well, I like when anyone talks about me that way, male or female.

Lani: You know what I'm talking about.

Chanel: Yeah, I do. And I won't talk about your husband that way anymore. You're not mad at me, are you?

Eli: I don't like it. It's obvious that belle only confessed to try to save claire. Jan's gonna see right through that.

Philip: I think belle and shawn are banking on the fact that when it comes to shawn, jan's delusional. She's been telling herself she and shawn would end up together for the past 20 years... in spite of the fact that shawn hates her freaking guts.

Eli: Yeah, like everyone else who's ever met her.

Philip: [Sighs] Please, god. Jan will let claire go... now that she thinks she has what she wants.

Eli: I guess she'll let chloe go to, then, right?

Philip: I'm not so sure about that.

Eli: Why? She didn't intend to kidnap chloe, and if she--she lets her go, then there's no additional charges.

Philip: You're talking like... jan isn't bat guava crazy. Yeah, I'm really worried. Jan has despised chloe since high school.

Eli: That was years ago.

Philip: No, no, the past is the present for jan. No, in her head, we're all still in high school. And from the very beginning, it was like chloe made jan nuts. Chloe was weird and wonderful and didn't give a damn what anyone thought about her. I think without even trying, chloe makes jan feel worthless. And that makes jan dangerous.

Jan: Bye, shawn. It's been real.

Shawn: No, jan, wait.

[Exhales sharply]

[Cell phone beeps]

Jan: Mm... I am so lucky that shawn is so predictable. He was born with that dudley do-right gene. Cat got your tongue?

Chloe: Just doesn't seem like there's much for me to say.

Jan: That's because you know I'm right. He's probably already on the way to save his poor little girl. And then he'll be the one to knock over the lantern and watch his daughter go up in flames.

Chloe: But you'll be responsible for it. I thought you and claire were friends.

Jan: Yeah. I did, too. But she had other plans. I'd worry more about yourself if I were you.

Chloe: What does that mean? What are you planning to do to me?

Claire: [Grunting]

Ben: Hang on, claire! Hang on!

[Suspenseful music]

Hang on!

Limu emu... and doug.

Belle: So jan just left claire there to die?

Shawn: I'm not gonna let that happen.

Belle: Oh, my god, she must be terrified. And I can't even go with you.

Shawn: Listen to me. I will be in touch with you. I will call you, okay? I love you, all right?

[Door closes]

Belle: [Sighs]

Ben: Oh, my god. Claire, hang on. Hang on. Hang on.

Claire: [Gasps] Ben, thank god!

Ben: Oh, my god, are you all right? Are you okay?

Claire: I am now.

Ben: Where's jan?

Claire: I don't know. I don't know. She took chloe, and she left me here. She poured the gasoline on the floor, and she put the lantern on the stool, and she... she wanted me to burn to death.

Ben: Did she do anything else to hurt you?

Claire: No.

Ben: [Coughs]

Claire: No. But, ben, when she did this, when she--when she poured the gasoline and she lit the lantern, she was so...

Ben: [Breathing heavily]

Claire: Businesslike.

Ben: What the hell is going on? Damn it, there's no signal.

Claire: I mean, how did you even get here? How did you find me?

Ben: I-I-I have no idea. I-I didn't even know where you were. I just came for a place to clear my head, and I ended up here.

Claire: Thank god you did.

Ben: [Breathing heavily] Oh, my god. Claire... I could've killed you. Jordan was right.

[Exhales deeply]

Claire: Jordan?

Ben: Yeah, she was right. I-I've been seeing her. I just feel like I've been losing it. And I've been seeing her, but it's not even really jordan who I'm seeing. What I'm seeing is, like-- she's telling me she's my guilty conscience.

Claire: What?

Ben: I don't-- when you called me for help, I didn't pick up the phone. If I did, none of this would've happened.


Claire: No, ben, ben, this is not your fault.

Ben: Well, it sure as hell feels like it.

[Exhales sharply]

Claire: I know why you feel guilty. It's because I kissed you... and you're still married to ciara.

[Dramatic music]

Chloe: What are we doing at the airfield?

Jan: Knock it off with the 20 questions, or you'll end up like claire.

Chloe: You want to kill me, too?

Jan: Don't give me any ideas. I've decided that for once in your life, you can be useful. Now some unlucky soul can have the chance to save you. I just have to figure out who.

Eli: So you and chloe have been friends for a long time, huh?

Philip: Ah, it's more than that. She was the first girl I ever loved... maybe the only woman I've ever really loved.

Eli: But?

Philip: I let her get away. I lost her to brady. I thought we'd have a chance when I came back to salem, but... kristen was right.

Eli: Wait. Kristen?

Philip: She said I blew it, big-time.

Eli: Wait, wait, wait, wait. You talked to kristen and you didn't tell the cops?

Philip: Well, like everyone else, I thought she was susan. The point is, is that I never got a chance to tell chloe how I feel. And now it might be too late.

Eli: Hmm, well, listen, if I've learned anything in the past two years, it's to never give up. We'll find chloe. I promise.

Chanel: I swear, lani. I had no idea eli was there when I walked in.

Lani: I know. And I'm not mad. Like I said, it just makes me really uncomfortable when you speak about my husband that way. You understand that?

Chanel: I can, and I do. I won't speak about him that way in the future.

Lani: And also...

Chanel: Also what?

Lani: You were only supposed to be here a couple of nights.

Chanel: I know.

Lani: Chanel, I told you in the beginning, there's too many of us and not enough space here. I was really hoping that you would have found a job or at least started looking for one by now.

Chanel: Actually, I have.

Paulina: I'd been busy while I was away. I now own 227 lexington, 229, and 231, and I have a few other deals pending as well. Abraham... I think something bigger than me brought me here. I didn't know it, but I needed salem, and salem needs me.

Abe: [Chuckles] Well, congratulations. You know, I've been busy, too.

Paulina: Oh, dangling grandchildren on your knee?

Abe: Oh, well, yes, that, uh, but after, I convinced the city council to change the zoning rules so we can create one big marketplace.

Paulina: For which I am eternally grateful.

Abe: You know, I've been thinking about what you said about encouraging small businesses with poc proprietors.

Paulina: Ah, see, I finally dragged you into the 21st century.

Abe: [Chuckles] Well, you know, to get the ball rolling and to attract new tenants, the city is going to offer tax breaks.

Paulina: Oh, two of my favorite words.

Abe: And free rent to qualified applicants, first year.

Paulina: Did you say "free"?

Abe: Yeah, that's right. You have a problem with that? So with your home & auto bundle,

Paulina: Well, I'm really glad that you've been thinking about what I said.

Abe: Not that I did anything about it.

Paulina: I'm a businesswoman, and me giving free rent to my tenants is not my idea of how to generate income.

Abe: We were talking about how to stimulate the economy.

Paulina: The stimulation of the economy is a happy byproduct of individual entrepreneurship.

Abe: Oh, I see. So--so you make a killing and hope that somehow it all trickles down to the people... or on them.

Paulina: You cannot make me apologize for being a capitalist.

Abe: [Chuckles] Come on. You didn't sell this proposition talking about capitalism. You talked about multiculturalism and community. You know, you want that shining city on the hill... but only if you're the landlord.

Paulina: Am I supposed to be punished for my hard work, my vision?

Abe: Okay, okay. Look, enough of the rhetoric. The tenants will not pay the rent. The city will. So you'll still get your money.

Paulina: Oh, I see how this works. You're gonna set a lowball market rate.

Abe: Well, that's better than buildings sitting empty for weeks or even months.

Paulina: You know, it would've been nice if I had been informed of all this--this altruism before I invested my hard-earned money.

Abe: Well, then maybe you should've been more aboveboard about what you were going to do.

Paulina: Excuse me?

Abe: You know, the problem here... is I believed in what you said-- that you were sincere in wanting to help the community.

Paulina: I am. And I don't like you saying that I haven't been aboveboard.

Abe: You thought you were?

Paulina: Well, no, but I hate you being onto me. It puts me at a disadvantage.

Abe: Well, that'S... that's meant to be disarming, isn't it?

Paulina: Did it work?

Abe: A little.

Paulina: Look, I'M... I'm kind of taken aback and

un peu disappointed.

[Chuckles] But, uh... we're still in this together, and I'm sure we can make this work for the both of us.

Abe: [Chuckles] What a classy way of saying we're--we're stuck with each other.

Chanel: Look what I picked up this morning.

Lani: What is it?

Chanel: Well, I saw that your dad is starting this new initiative offering incentives to people of color to start small businesses, and I'm gonna submit this application.

Lani: This is great, chanel, but... you're gonna need collateral. You have an abysmal credit rating, and you and your mom are not on the best of terms.

Chanel: Well, I won't need her. Rent is free at first, and startup costs are minimal for the kind of business I want to open.

Lani: And what is that?

Chanel: A bakery. I'm thinking of calling it sweet bits.

Lani: [Chuckles] That is so you.

Chanel: Thanks. I have, like, a million recipes ready to go. And if there's one thing I know how to do, it's baking. Now, I may not be the businesswoman my mother is, but one thing I know for sure is people always have to eat.

Lani: [Chuckles]

Jan: Can't you make your damn stomach stop growling? Do you have a single body part that isn't annoying?

Chloe: I was locked in the trunk of a car for three days. What do you expect? It's not like there was room service back there. And we didn't have that lunch at the cabin.

Jan: You didn't do what I told you to do.

Chloe: What, did you want me to kill for my supper?

Jan: You don't look starving to me.

[Sighs] But if it'll help shut you up...

Chloe: Thanks.

Jan: I can't wait to be rid of you. But who would want you? I've got it. I know exactly who your knight in shining armor's gonna be.

Eli: All right, well, I'm gonna go off duty now, but I promise you, someone will give you a call as soon as we hear anything about chloe or claire.

[Cell phone rings] Excuse me.

[Cell phone beeps]

[Cell phone rings]

[Cell phone beeps]

Philip: Hello?

Jan: Hello, philip.

> Chloe: Philip?

Philip: Jan?

Jan: None other.

Philip: Why are you calling me? Are chloe and claire okay?

Jan: Wow, are you out of the loop. I guess nobody cares that you once loved claire like a daughter.

Philip: Is she okay?

Jan: I'm not calling about her, and I don't have a lot of time left on my burner phone... so somebody else is gonna have to catch you up to speed. In the meantime, how would you like to save chloe's life? I bet she'd be eternally grateful.

Ben: [Breathing heavily]

Claire: I'm sorry, ben. I never should've kissed you.

Ben: I was a mess about those divorce papers, and you were just trying to comfort me.

Claire: Did you sign them?

Ben: No, I've been walking around with them, hoping they just disappear, I guess.

Claire: I hate that you're going through this.

Ben: Oh, my god, claire, you're tied to a chair, and you were just in a fire. We're not gonna whine about me right now.

Claire: You're not whining.

Ben: Why did jan take you here?

Claire: She, uh... she wanted me to feel as scared as ciara did when I set this place on fire.

Ben: [Sighs] Psycho bitch.

Claire: She said I'm no better than she is.

Ben: That's not true.

Claire: I thought I'd made up for what I did to her... but being on the other side of those flames... I just--I wish I could tell ciara one more time how sorry I am...

Ben: Shh, shh, shh.

Claire: And that I don't blame her for hating me.

Ben: When I was looking for you... I found this.


Claire: [Cries softly] I miss... when we were that close.

Ben: I know.

Shawn: Claire? On the outside, I looked fine.

Shawn: Claire, are you okay?

Claire: Yeah, I'm fine. I'm okay now. Ben saved me.

Shawn: Ben, how did you know she was here?

Ben: I didn'T. I just came here to clear my head.

Shawn: My god, did--did jan--

[Sighs] Look, I smell gasoline. Oh, my god, claire, what did she do to you? What did she do to you?

Claire: I'm okay.

Shawn: [Sighs] You sure?

Claire: Yeah. Ben got here in time.

Shawn: [Sighs]

Ben: [Sighs] Jan--she tied her up. She booby-trapped the place. She set a lantern up by the door, so when I opened the door, it would knock over and start a fire. I managed to reach her before the fire did.

Shawn: [Sighs] Oh, my god. That's why she told me that-- that's why she told me where you were. She wanted me to be here to open up that door. She wanted me to be here, to be the one--

Claire: You know what? Listen to me, listen to me. I'm okay. I'm fine. But I don't know about chloe. Jan took her with her.

Ben: Look, you're not gonna get signal right now. I already tried.

Shawn: We got to get to a phone--come on. All right, I'm gonna let your mom know that you're okay, and we got to get to the station. I got to let them know that jan has chloe, okay?

Claire: Dad, this is bad. Jan is really crazy, and she is really mad at chloe.

Shawn: Okay, tell me in the car, all right?

Ben: No, listen--

Shawn: Come on, let's go.

Ben: Listen, I'm-- now that claire is okay, I think I'm just gonna stay here a little while longer.

Shawn: Ben, I'm-- I'm sorry. This is a crime scene. You can't stay.

Claire: Dad, ben just saved my life. He could've died, too.

Shawn: Okay. Okay, fine. Ben, thank you. Thank you. Come on, let's go.

[Sighs] Careful. Try not to...

[Dramatic music]

Ben: [Sighs]

Philip: Where are you? What do you want me to do?

Jan: Listen. Can you just manage to listen?

Philip: I'm listening.

Jan: Wunderbar. So, after spending half my life in a coma, there is no way that I am going to prison for accidentally kidnapping chloe lane of all people.

Philip: What do I do?

Jan: What I need is money and a quick way out of town. We're at the airstrip. Bring me a suitcase full of money, the kiriakis jet, a pilot, oh, and, uh, a lot of gummy bears for the flight.

Philip: Done. Let me talk to chloe.

Jan: You don't have time. You need to get here as quickly as possible. And not a word to the cops... not if you want to see the stupid cow again.

[Dramatic music]

Lani: I wouldn't worry about your business sense. I remember you crushing me at monopoly.

Chanel: Yeah, but that was paper money. I've never tried anything like this before. I'm kind of putting it on the line. I know I can bake, but this is on a really different scale.

Lani: I'm pretty sure your mom will have a lot of advice to give you.

Chanel: Well, like you said, we're not really on speaking terms right now.

Lani: Because you tried to extort $10 million from her.

Chanel: Well, she never lets anything go. I was only gonna get 5 mil. And I would've never married xander if she wasn't all, "the gravy train ends here. Get a job."

Lani: [Laughs] Okay, look, for what it's worth, I think getting a job and starting a business will actually help repair your relationship with your mom. She didn't cut the money off to try to hurt you, chanel. She just wants you to grow up.

Chanel: [Scoffs] Maturity is, like, way overrated.

Lani: You're scared, aren't you?

Chanel: Yeah, but at the same time, like, really excited. I'll be my own boss, and I won't be the rich girl who was just handed everything on a silver platter. I'll be an independent woman... an independent woman scared stiff she's gonna screw up.

Lani: Everyone screws up. You have to expect things to go wrong. They always do.

Chanel: Not my mother. She's never screwed up anything in her life, except me. Well, I'm off to meet your dad. Wish me luck.

Lani: Wait. Give him these with the application. You got this. You don't need luck.

Chanel: Says the luckiest person I know--with your husband, beautiful babies, your career.

Lani: It is not all as perfect as it looks, okay? Trust me, I have made my mistakes... big ones.

Chanel: Oh, I heard about your friend kristen skipping town.

Lani: I love her, but... I cannot believe that she broke out of prison, almost got four people killed, and chloe is still missing. I just pray they find her.

[Telephone ringing]

Eli: Hey, you still here?

Philip: I, uh--I-I got a call.

Eli: Yeah, so did I. That was belle. She said that jan told them where she took claire. Shawn--he's on his way there right now, but, um, no word about chloe.

Philip: Well, uh, thanks for letting me know.

Eli: Yeah.

Philip: I got to go.

[Dramatic music]

To be a thriver

Chanel: Mayor carver. Mama.

Paulina: Oh... you remember me.

Chanel: You're back.

Paulina: I see you still have a firm grasp on the obvious.

Chanel: I just meant you didn't call or anything.

Paulina: Well, since you didn't call me, I thought your phone was broke.

Abe: You know, she just got in.

Paulina: And went right to work. You should try that sometime.

Chanel: That's right. You always go straight to where the money is.

Paulina: Oh, and isn't this where you ask me for some? Oh, I imagine that sponging off of lani's gotten a little old, cramping your style.

Abe: I'm so enjoying this.

Paulina: Or am I way off track? Did you get a job while I was gone? Did you actually earn some money of your own?

Chanel: Actually, that's why I was looking for mayor carver.

Abe: Abe, abe. So, uh, what can I do for you?

Chanel: It's just that... actually, I'd like to start this over.

Abe: Okay.

Chanel: Thank you. I was surprised to see you. And I didn't say what I wanted to say when I saw you again, that... that I'm very sorry

Paulina: You're sorry?

Chanel: I am.

Paulina: For what? For blackmailing me? For getting blind drunk and marrying some bum for his money before first ascertaining that he even had any? No, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. This little sorry of yours is just not gonna wipe that slate clean.

Chanel: Mama, maybe we could do this in private.

Abe: Yeah, you know, I'll-- I'll, uh, go. And, chanel, I'll be in my office if you still want to talk to me.

Chanel: Thank you.

Paulina: No, hold on. Don't--don't go.

Chanel: Business comes first, right?

Paulina: No, if I'm going to embarrass you in public, then I need to apologize in public. I want abraham to hear. I'm sorry, too. I should not have gone off on you like that.

Chanel: It's okay.

Abe: Um... look, you know, there's a coffee shop right over there, and so why don't you two grab a cup of coffee? And, uh, paulina, you and I will talk about the square later, huh?

Chanel: Actually, mayor, I'd like to talk to you about the square, too.

[Vehicle approaching]

[Car door opens, closes]

Philip: Chloe, are you all right?

Jan: She's fine. Let's get this over with.

Philip: I got the jet ready to go. And I've told the pilot to take you wherever you want to go.

Jan: Great. Now put the suitcase down, back away from it.

Philip: Not until you let chloe go.

Jan: Looks like you and I have a problem.

Cranky-pated: A bad mood

related to a sluggish gut.

Chanel: So I heard about your program to offer rent subsidies to small-business owners of color who are interested in renting properties in the square. I'd like to apply. I filled out the application, but I also attached a preliminary business proposal, and I contacted some restaurant supply companies in chicago, and these are their bids.

Abe: You know, this program was just announced. How'd you do all this?

Chanel: Well, I'm highly motivated. And I'd also like to submit these... unless they could be considered a bribe.

Abe: [Laughing] Oh, well... you know, I think these cookies can be considered proof of product viability.

[Crunches] Mmm. Ooh.

Chanel: So maybe all those bake sales I did when I was little might pay off, right? Don't look at me that way. I'm trying to support myself and be independent. That's what you wanted, right?

[Dramatic music]

[Insects chirping]

[Somber music]

Belle: [Gasps] Claire.

[Both crying]

[Soft music]

Jan: There's no way I'm giving you chloe now. She's coming with me.

Philip: That wasn't the deal.

Jan: It is now. That pilot could fly me straight to statesville for all I know. When I get where I'm going, then I'll put her on a slow boat back to salem.

Philip: No, that's not good enough.

Jan: Too bad, so sad. It's your only option. Chloe, get the money. Philip, give it to her, or else I'll shoot her right in front of you.

Chloe: Philip, philip, please, just do what she says. You bitch!

Jan: [Screams]


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