Days Transcript Tuesday 6/1/21

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 6/1/21


Episode #14034 ~ Sami accuses Nicole of cheating on Eric with Xander. Jack agrees to let Xander move in. Gabi retaliates against Lucas for badmouthing her. Kate pressures Dr. Snyder to keep her secret.

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Sami: So you're saying if I asked the manager of the salem inn, he would tell me that you booked a room in your own name that night?

Nicole: He would probably tell you those records are none of your damn business.

Sami: [Scoffs] I don't think you slept by yourself for a second, honey. I think that you paid my brother back for everything he has ever done for you by sleeping with a creep that he despises.

Nicole: [Scoffs]

[Both panting]

[Both laugh] I don't know what you're talking about.

Sami: [Scoffs] I saw you two together, nicole.

Nicole: Oh, yeah. I don't care what you saw. I would never cheat on your brother, and I certainly wouldn't do it with xander. I wouldn't touch that animal with a ten-foot pole.

Jack: You know, I'm thinking that maybe you staying here isn't the best idea.

Xander: What's the problem? Don't you wanna help out your best mate? Listen, look, I-- I promise I'll be discreet. And you won't even know I'm here, it's only temporary. Just until I'm back on my feet. I'm about to get a job at basic black.

Jack: Basic black? Why would they hire you?

Xander: Let's just say I'm very charming.

Jack: Well, that's certainly one word for it, yes.

Xander: Come on, jack. You know life's more fun when I'm around. What do you say?

Jack: [Sighs] Fine, fine. You can stay here.

Xander: [Sighs]

Julie: Over my dead body.

[Both panting, moaning]

Singer: All alone

just you and me

this love is a storm

that won't go quietly

kisses make rain

don't want to escape

the highest high

don't want to escape

pleasure, take us away

Gabi: I asked you a question before lucas showed up.

Jake: Yeah, I know.

Gabi: So you're gonna tell kate about us, right?

Jake: Gabi...

Gabi: I knew it. I knew you would bail. You know, I have tried help you, I have tried to help kate, and the minute they put her into that coma, I could see your guilty conscience tugging away at you.

Jake: It's not just guilt.

Gabi: Well, then what is it? Because you told me you hated that kate saw us in bed together.

Jake: Yeah, yeah. I do hate that.

Gabi: What? Now that kate can't remember, you just imagine that it never happened? You already made a decision. We decided that we were gonna be together. And now that she's been hurt, what, you're gonna go back to her? You are, aren't you? Aren't you?

Kate: All I know is that I can't see a thing. And to me, that means blindness.

Snyder: Well, your exam was normal, and your eyes follow me when I step away from the bed.

Kate: I have excellent hearing, doctor.

Snyder: Okay, well, I suppose it could be hysterical blindness, but usually that's a response to an emotional trauma, not a physical one.

Kate: You try being bound and gagged and thrown into a dungeon for a couple days and then falling out of a moving car. And take it from me, it's going to feel like emotional trauma.

Snyder: Yeah, I--

Kate: Not to mention stumbling into my own home to tell my lover that I'm still alive, and finding him in bed with that bitch gabi. Trust me. That would make anyone hysterical.

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[Soft orchestration]

[Both sigh]

Rafe: So...

Ava: So...

Rafe: Yeah. That happened.

Ava: Mm. Yes, it did.

Rafe: You okay?

Ava: Do I not look okay?

[Both laugh]

Rafe: No, I mean, you seem...

Ava: I seem-- I seem what, hmm? Great?

[Laughs] Because I am. I am definitely great.

Rafe: Okay, good, 'cause, you know, it's just-- we took a pretty big step, considering we've only been on one date.

Ava: Oh, my god. We have been living together for months now.

Rafe: Okay, yeah.

Ava: Uh-huh.

Rafe: You're right.

Ava: Yeah.

Rafe: We just did it backwards.

Ava: Yeah.

Rafe: And I did not have a problem with that.

Ava: You sure about that?

Rafe: Yeah, I'm sure.

Ava: Uh-huh?

Rafe: Why wouldn't I be?

Ava: Because you just slept with an ex-mobster.

Rafe: Oh, yes. Mm.

Ava: [Laughs]

Rafe: That's all right.

Ava: Yeah?

Rafe: Yeah.

Ava: You sure?

Rafe: Everyone's got a past. And the bottom line, we are two consenting adults. And we didn't do anything wrong.

Ava: Yeah. But I do know someone who-- who may disagree.

Rafe: Oh, yeah?

Ava: Mm-hmm. Just saying.

Sami: You cheated on eric.

Nicole: No, I didn'T.

Sami: I don't believe you.

Nicole: Why am i not surprised? What else is new, sami?

Sami: I saw you and xander stumbling into the salem inn you really expect me to believe that nothing happened?

Nicole: Okay, you know, I don't care what you believe.

Sami: You should. You two were awfully close.

Nicole: I was drunk. And I was upset about eric not coming home, so I went to the bar, and I drank. And I could barely stand up.

Sami: Is that some sort of excuse?

Nicole: Xander saw me struggling, so he helped me out. That's it.

Sami: Yeah, helped you into his hotel room.

Nicole: I got my own room. I needed to sleep it off before I went home to holly. Xander walked me to the desk, and we parted ways.

Sami: [Laughs] You must I'm an idiot to believe a story like that.

Nicole: You said it, not me. And by the way, who are you to accuse me of cheating on my husband when you cheated on your husband?

From prom dresses

Julie: Jack! Are you determined to turn my family home into a refuge for wayward strays?

Xander: Hey!

Jack: I got this, xander.

Julie: No, you don'T. You already moved in your ne'er-do-well daughter.

Jack: That's not fair!

Julie: You know what's not fair? Rolling out the welcome mat yet again to this two-bit hustler. No, I'm putting my foot down. Sorry, not sorry, as the kids say.

Jack: Listen, I--

Xander: Julie, my dear, you have every right to be distrustful. I mean, I displayed an unconscionable lack of decorum last time I stayed here.

Julie: You were naked on my sofa. The sofa where doug and i like to snuggle, watch our favorite shows, eat popcorn.

Xander: Right, but that will never happen again. The moment you caught me in, I had been celebrating what I assumed and hoped would be my impending wedding. I mean, you know how those things can get.

Julie: Do I?

Xander: I mean, jack knows, don't you, mate?

Jack: Leave me out of this.

Xander: Well, long story short, I overindulged, and yes, I wound up passed out on your sofa.

Julie: Half naked.

Xander: It would never happen again, it was an aberration, I promise. It was just a big mistake.

Julie: Hmm. Was it an aberration when you showed up at my restaurant demanding liquor when you were already three sheets to the wind? Jack, remind me how that went.

Jack: Well, I mean--

Julie: Jack!

Jack: I had to drag him out of there.

Julie: He had to drag you out. Any more questions?

Xander: [Sighs]

Ava: Mm.

Rafe: But who would have a problem with us sleeping together?

Ava: Oh, I could think of a lot of people. But your sister, for one.

Rafe: Gabi?

Ava: Mm-hmm.

Rafe: Why would you say that?

Ava: When she came by yesterday-- and told me that if I really cared for you, that I would move out of the house.

Rafe: What?

Ava: Mm-hmm. She really does not like me. She does not like me at all, and I do believe if she found out what we just did, she'd have more than a few choice words for us.

Rafe: Okay, let me tell you something--my sister has never been shy about sharing her opinions. But that was not cool, and I'm gonna talk to her.

Ava: No, no.

Rafe: No?

Ava: No, no, no, no, no.

Rafe: I am.

Ava: Don't do that.

Rafe: Yes, I am--I want to.

Ava: What--no, please. Rafe, seriously, I don't wanna cause any more trouble.

Rafe: You're not the one causing trouble, okay? And besides, what we do is none of her business.

Ava: Okay.

Rafe: All right?

Ava: Listen, she can make things very difficult for you.

Rafe: No, no, she can'T. She doesn't have time. She's got her own messy love life to deal with. All right?

Ava: Don't say anything.

Rafe: Don't worry.

Ava: Don'T.

Jake: Gabi, please take it easy.

Gabi: Take it easy? Is that really what you're gonna tell me? Take it easy?

Jake: Okay, like I said, it is over between me and kate. I don't wanna be with her. I wanna be with you. I am with you.

Gabi: You just don't wanna tell her that.

Jake: I will tell her the truth about us.

Gabi: But not today.

Jake: No, not today.

Gabi: When?

Jake: Gabi--

Gabi: You can just ease her into it.

Jake: And I'm going to, all right? I just need to find the right time. Look, she is laying in that bed, blind, scared. And she expects me to be there for her to comfort her because she thinks I'm her partner, all right? I just need to find the right time to break the news.

Gabi: But you will break the news to kate?

Jake: Yes, yes, it is over between me and kate, and I'm going to tell her soon.

Lucas: Like hell you are!

Snyder: I'm sorry, I'm just-- I'm a little confused here.

Kate: So, what's so confusing?

Snyder: I was told that you had some memory issues.

Kate: Ah, so you were told that I believe that jake and i are still together at the time of my attack.

Snyder: Yes. Is that not true?

Kate: Oh, well, that would've been true, we would've still been together if it wasn't for the backstabbing gabi hernandez.

Snyder: So you do remember.

Kate: Oh, yeah. Yeah, I remember every disgusting detail.

Snyder: Okay, well, then it's fair to say that your amnesia is, shall we say, exaggerated?

Kate: Well, I'm not a doctor, now, am I?

Snyder: [Sighs] You know, it's just that-- you know, your eyes follow me when I step away from the bed, and just--I don't know. I'm just beginning to wonder.

Kate: Why don't you just say it?

Snyder: You're not blind at all, are you?

Sami: I did not cheat on ej.

Nicole: I'm talking about ej. I'm talking about when you cheated on rafe with ej.

Sami: [Laughs] Oh, that? You're bringing up ancient history now?

Nicole: Yeah, and you haven't changed at all since then.

Sami: I can't believe you'd throw that in my face, nicole. I thought my son was dead.

Nicole: Hmm, it's quite an aphrodisiac.

Sami: Shut the hell up.

Nicole: [Scoffs] Oh, I see. So you can dish it out, but you can't take it? Uh-huh. And you got awfully defensive when you thought I was accusing you of cheating on ej. Hmm.

Sami: I happen to care about my marriage, and I'm not gonna stand here and listen to baseless accusations from you.

Nicole: Need I remind you you were the one who came here accusing me of sleeping with xander?

Sami: Because you did.

Nicole: Okay, you know what? I think I've been a more than a gracious host. Why don't you do us as both a favor, sami, and get the hell out?

Sami: Okay. You know what? I am going to leave. But this isn't over. I'm gonna get to the bottom of this.

Nicole: We are at the bottom.


Ava: So it really don't care if your sister disapproves of me?

Rafe: If I only did things that my sister approves of, I would lead a very different life.

Ava: Mm. Would you still be a cop?

Rafe: Probably not, no. Not enough money for her taste.

Ava: [Chuckles]

Rafe: And I definitely wouldn't have let you stay here.

Ava: Oh, that would've been a shame.

Rafe: Mm-hmm.

Ava: Mm.

Rafe: And I definitely would not be doing this.

Ava: Mm. That would be a tragedy.

Rafe: Mm-hmm.

Ava: Mm-hmm. Mm.

[Both moan]

Rafe: What? What is it?

Ava: Okay. Not that I don't really enjoy doing things that your sister disapproves of, but, um...

Rafe: What? What?

Ava: Can we go to the kitchen and grab something to eat? I'm starving.

Rafe: Oh, my god.

Ava: Yeah?

Rafe: Okay.

Ava: [Laughs]

Lucas: What the hell is wrong with you two?

Jake: All right, lucas, listen, there's a lot--

Lucas: Whatever it is, save it, man. I don't wanna hear it. Ny mother's in there right now, scared out of her mind, and what are you gonna do? You're gonna walk into her hospital room and dump her? Are you kidding me?

Gabi: Lucas, you don't understand.

Lucas: I understand just fine, thank you.

Gabi: Okay, well, it's none of your business.

Lucas: It is my business. It's my mother. And what about you? You know what she's been through, man. She's been terrorized, kidnapped, she'd been left in a ditch to die.

Jake: Okay, believe me. I know that, and I feel horrible.

Lucas: Well, good. Then don't do it. Don't waltz in there right now and tell her you wanna be with gabi. That's not gonna happen, man. Not on my watch. That is not gonna happen. No way!

Kate: Okay, fine.

Snyder: Fine--fine, what?

Kate: Fine, I'm not blind-- hysterically or otherwise.

Snyder: I thought so. And the amnesia?

Kate: [Sighs] Unfortunately, no. I never lost my memory. I remember absolutely everything kristen did to me. I remember finding gabi and jake in bed together, and I wish I were blind when I walked in on that display.

Snyder: [Laughs] I may regret asking this, but can you explain why you were perpetrating this little charade?

Kate: Because when I woke up, I heard them talking, gabi and jake discussing how they were gonna break it to me that they were now together. Can you imagine that? I mean, in my hospital, I'm at the door of death, and there they are discussing their future together, and I would not, could not let that stand.

Snyder: So you decided to pretend you were blind and suffering memory loss.

Kate: Wow, you were a better doctor than I thought you were. And you're not going to say a word about it to anyone. As a repairman, I hear a lot of folks say

Jack: [Sighs] Why do you keep looking at me?

Xander: Well, I was hoping for some backup, but never mind. Julie, you're absolutely right. My behavior at your establishment was unforgivable.

Julie: Glad you agree.

Xander: But you have to understand, my fiancée had just left me. My life was falling apart.

Julie: Hmm. So the first time you showed up as a drunken sot, it was because you were happy. And the second time you turned into a drunken sot, because you were sad. Do I have that right?

Jack: Pretty much.

Xander: Look, I know it sounds like an excuse, but when sarah left, I was hardly in my right mind. And when you asked me to leave, I did, right?

Julie: Not before you stole a bottle of my most expensive whisky.

Xander: Sorry, what?

Julie: After you left, I checked the bar, and my 12-year-old scottish rye was missing.

Xander: Oh, and you just immediately assumed that I took it? Julie, I'm offended.

Julie: Save it. I looked at the security footage. It's all there on the tapes.

Xander: That's not possible.

Julie: And yet, I see you on the tape, lurching towards the bar, grabbing the whisky, sliding it under your jacket. Unless you have an evil twin I know nothing about.

Rafe: [Hums] Oh, wow.

Ava: Hmm.

Rafe: I thought you were starving.

Ava: Mm. Doesn't mean I can't multitask.

Rafe: I'm the one that's multitasking here, okay?

Ava: Yeah, and from my experience, you're definitely up for the challenge.

Rafe: Wow. Here, you take these. I'm gonna get the paper, and we will head to the bedroom and see what other tasks we can accomplish.

Ava: Mm. I like that plan.

Rafe: Okay.

Ava: [Laughs softly]

Nicole: [Gasps]

Rafe: Hi.

Nicole: [Laughs awkwardly]

Lucas: My mother believes that you're still together. She believes that you still love her.

Jake: I know that, man. I'm not looking to hurt her.

Lucas: Good, then don'T. If you have a decent bone in your body, you'll wait until she feels better before you tell her that you wanna be with this snake.

Gabi: The hell?

Lucas: Well, it's the truth, isn't it?

Gabi: This snake happens to be the mother of your grandchild.

Jake: Lucas, that was uncalled for. Gabi doesn't deserve that.

Lucas: You're right. I'm sorry, okay? I shouldn't have said that.

Gabi: Yeah, you should not have.

Lucas: I'm worried about my mother, okay? I want her to feel better.

Jake: Oh, we get it, man. We're worried about her too. I'm upset about it.

Lucas: Listen, I just want this whole thing to be over. I want her to feel better. I want this crisis to end.

Gabi: We know kate has been going through hell, we get it.

Jake: Yeah, I wouldn't ever wish any of this on her. I still care about her.

Lucas: Well, good. If you do, then step up and do the right thing. And do it now.

Kate: So, I repeat, dr. Snyder, you are not going to tell one word of what I just said.

Snyder: Mm, so I assume you're invoking doctor/patient confidentiality?

Kate: [Scoffs] Oh, well, hardly. I think we both know you have a history of not respecting that law.

Snyder: I'm sorry, I'm not sure what you--

Kate: Well, I happen to be a member of the board of this hospital. And in case you've forgotten, you have come before the board quite a few times with accusations of misconduct against you.

Snyder: Accusations only.

Kate: Mm-hmm. Well, lucky for you, they never stuck, but that's not because you weren't guilty.

Snyder: Okay, so if you can't count on my confidentiality, what were you referring to?

Kate: You say one word, one word about my condition, and I will move heaven and earth to persuade my fellow board members to fire you from this hospital.

Snyder: Ah, I see. So straight up extortion.

Kate: Oh, I'd rather think of it as one colleague helping another. So, doctor, do we have an understanding?

Jake: Kate, hi.

Kate: Yeah.

[Monitor beeping]

Jake: How's everything going in here?

Kate: [Sighs deeply] I've got moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.

Gabi: I hope you're happy with yourself.

Lucas: Excuse me?

Gabi: Is this really what you want for your mother?

Lucas: I want my mother to get well, that's what I want.

Gabi: We all do. But jake doesn't wanna be with her anymore. He wants to be with me.

Lucas: Wow, how fortunate for you, and I'm sure you didn't do anything to undermine my mother.

Gabi: Just stop, lucas, stop. We are all adults here. We all make our own choices. But have him in there lying, acting like nothing has changed. Let me ask you. How do you think kate's gonna feel when she finds out the truth, that this is all just an act?

Lucas: I'll worry about that then.

Gabi: What?

Lucas: I just want my mother to live. That's all I want, okay? And I'll deal with the emotional fallout after-- after she recovers. But right now jake belongs with her. That's his place.

Gabi: His place?

Lucas: Yeah.

Gabi: What about your place?

Lucas: What are you talking about?

Gabi: Do I need to remind you that you're living in a house that I own?

Lucas: What, are you threatening me?

Gabi: I'm just saying that if you're gonna be an enemy of my relationship with jake, then you don't get to live under my roof.

Lucas: You asking me to move out, huh?

Gabi: Let me make it very simple for you, lucas. You go back to the mansion, pack up your stuff, and get the hell out of there.

Sami: I know you slept with that creep, nicole. Eric deserves better.

[Cell phone ringing] Oh, god.

[Clears throat] Hi, ej. What a coincidence, I was just about to call you. I know. Can I ask why you did that?

[Sighs] I know it's a lot of money, ej, but my life was at risk. And I'm just wondering if maybe there was some other reason that you decided to cancel the transfer of that money. Or is there something that you're not telling me?

Nicole: Good morning.

Rafe: Nicole, hi.

Nicole: Here.

Rafe: Thank you, yes. What can I do for you?

Nicole: Actually, I came over to see ava. I thought you'd be at work.

Rafe: Yeah, I'm going in late.

Nicole: Oh, oh. So his is a bad time. I'm gonna go.

Rafe: No, no, no, no, no. This is a great time. So why don't you guys chat, 'cause I gotta get changed anyway, right? So do you want some eggs?

Nicole: Uh, no. Goodness, I'm good, thanks.

[Clears throat]

Rafe: Yeah.

Nicole: I am so sorry to interrupt.

Ava: No, no, no. We were just about to have breakfast, that's all.

Nicole: Uh-huh.

Ava: Uh-huh, yeah. Just glad you didn't show up half an hour earlier.

[Both laugh]

Nicole: Because, well, no. Never mind, I can totally figure it out. You and rafe were in bed.

Ava: Oh, yeah, yes, we were.

Nicole: Whoo!

I'm erin.

-And I'm margo.

Nicole: Wow. So you and rafe, huh? Sorry.

Ava: Yeah. Me and rafe. Yeah. I don't even really know how it happened. You know, he came into my room to bring me some coffee, and then, I don't know. One thing led to the next--

Nicole: Okay, okay! I don't need to know the details.

Ava: Gotcha.

Nicole: But I'm so happy for you. I'm happy for both of you.

Ava: Thanks. I'm really happy about it too. About us.

Nicole: Well, I'm gonna go.

Ava: But--no, hey, hey! No, no, have coffee. Wait, you came by to see me, right?

Nicole: Well, yeah, but I--

Ava: Okay, so what's going on?

Nicole: Look, we can talk about this later

Ava: No, please, nicole. Honey, tell me. I wanna know.

Nicole: Well, sami paid me a visit, and she suspects that I cheated on eric.

Ava: What? Why?

Nicole: Because I did.

Ava: No--how does she know?

Nicole: She saw me going into the salem inn with that guy.

Ava: Okay, so that guy that you told me about, wouldn't happen to be xander, would it?

Nicole: Why would you say that?

Ava: 'Cause rafe went to the salem inn to see xander, and he said you were there.

Nicole: He doesn't suspect?

Ava: No, he doesn't, but he couldn't figure out why you were offering xander a job. I mean, that's not what you were doing, was it?

Nicole: No.

Ava: Nicole.

Nicole: Okay, please. Please, ava, just promise me that you won't say anything to rafe.

Ava: Coffee?

Xander: You went back and reviewed security footage over one missing bottle of booze?

Julie: I like to keep track of my inventory.

Jack: I advise you to be honest at this point.

Julie: I don't think he's capable.

Xander: Julie, I-- I'm so sorry for taking that bottle, I don't even remember doing that. Like, I said I was in a--[Sighs] I was going through a very dark time, but I'm more than happy to make full restitution.

Julie: Great! That'll be $200.

Xander: What?

Julie: I want cash, I want it now--200.

Xander: That was a $200 bottle of rye?

Julie: I'm rounding it down.

Xander: Ooh, yeah, I mean, I'm a bit down on my luck at the moment, so-- jack?

Jack: You want me to pay her?

Xander: I'll get you back. You know I'm good for it.

Jack: I do? I--I do. I do, I do.


Julie: Why are you enabling him?

Xander: Because he's my friend, my very good, very generous friend. So, are we all happy?

Julie: [Scoffs]

Sami: Well, ej, I'm just wondering, you know, since you knew my life was at risk, why you would take the money back, why you would take that chance? I don't know. I don't know what other reason there could be for you taking the money back, that's why I'm asking you.

[Knock at door] Um, hey, I have to go. It's my mother. Well, I just have to talk to her about something important, that's all. Bye.

Lucas: [Imitating] Hello, sami, how are you? How's my little darling?

Sami: That's really creepy and not funny at all, lucas.

Lucas: Sorry, I have to work on that. What, I took it your vision's okay, you just used me as an excuse to get off the phone?

Sami: I didn't want ej to know it was you, obviously. I'm worried that he cancelled the transfer of the money because... because he knows about you and me.

Lucas: No, come on. He would've confronted you, right? He would've raised holy hell by now.

Sami: Or he would be playing cat and mouse.

Lucas: Nah, I don't think so. I don't think that's his mo.

Sami: Okay, sounds good to me.

Lucas: I really wouldn't worry about it, you're fine.

Sami: You're right, I won't worry, that's great advice. Listen, um, were you at the hospital?

Lucas: Yeah. Yeah, I was, actually.

Sami: How's your mom?

Lucas: Not good. She still can't see a thing. She's lost her vision. And she has no idea that kristen's the one who attacked her.

Sami: God, it's horrible. What about-- what about that guy jake? The breakup?

Lucas: Oh, no, no. She doesn't know about that. No, as far as she's concerned, they're still together.

Jake: Doctor?

Dr. Snyder: Well, I've given mrs. Dimera a thorough exam. It's evident that her traumatic head injury has resulted in these two conditions that we see--the selective memory loss, as well as the blindness.

Jake: Right, so does that mean, what, the blindness is permanent?

Dr. Snyder: Well, there is some damage to the optic nerve. I'm not sure of the extent of it yet, but we will be calling in a specialist, of course.

Jake: Well, there's gotta be something you can do, right?

Dr. Snyder: We're doing everything we can. In the meantime, we're gonna run some more tests. How we proceed from here is obviously up to mrs. Dimera.

Jake: Up to her now?

Kate: He means my attitude and my will to get better.

Jake: Right, of course. Uh, and her memory loss?

Dr. Snyder: Well, again, with these sorts of injuries, I can't give you a definitive diagnosis, it's the brain. You know, it's a mystery, even to medical professionals. So we are hopeful, though, that patients can have a positive outcome.

Kate: So you are hopeful.

Jake: Is there anything else I can do?

Dr. Snyder: Well--

Kate: Doctor?

Dr. Snyder: What kate needs most at this point is the love and support of the people that mean the most to her.

[ Echoing ]

Some of us were born for this.

Xander: So now that we're all square on the booze, and I've voiced my deep regret about my multitude of mistakes--

Julie: What are you asking?

Jack: Maybe now's not the time, xander.

Julie: I wanna know what he's asking.

Xander: I'm asking are we all good now? You know, as far as my staying here?

Julie: Hardly! But as jack has pointed out, the house belongs to him and to jennifer, so really, what choice do I have?

Xander: Aw, that's the spirit. I, for one, am honored to be your housemate. Julie... I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Lucas: So can you believe that, the nerve of that guy? I actually had to strongarm him into sticking by my mom's side and not going behind her back with gabi.

> Sami: Well, I mean, she is blind, does it matter?

Lucas: No blind jokes. This is serious.

Sami: It's not a-- you're right. I'm sorry. And he sounds like a pig. I mean, terrible.

Lucas: He is, he is terrible. And gabi, she didn't take too kindly to my request, so--

Sami: Really? Gabi wasn't happy at the idea of her boyfriend pretending to be with his ex? Shocker.

Lucas: Yeah, yeah, no, she didn't like that too much. In fact, she kicked me out of the dimera mansion, and now I need a place to live, so--

Sami: What--lucas, do not look at me like that.

Lucas: What? It's just temporary, it's not gonna be that long, it'll be fine.

Sami: No! Oh, my god.

Lucas: What? It's fine. It's no big deal, really.

Sami: It's no big deal because it's not happening. You're not staying here, especially after what happened between us recently.

Lucas: Oh, fine, I won't sleep with you anymore, my bad.

Lucas: Lucas, no. You can't stay here, especially not now.

Lucas: Why? What happened?

Sami: I talked to nicole.

Lucas: Ew, not good?

Sami: [Chuckles]

Lucas: How did that go?

Sami: Well, she denied everything, and I made it clear I saw her with xander, and I'm going to find a way to prove that she cheated on eric.

Nicole: And now I really should be leaving, so I'll see you both later, okay?

Rafe: Bye.

Nicole: Bye.

Rafe: What was that all about?

Ava: Well, I think she felt a little awkward, you know, finding us, like, you know.

Rafe: Ah, yes. So you told her?

Ava: Well, she kinda figured it out on her own, but yeah, I confirmed it.

Rafe: Mm. I thought so.

Ava: Are you okay with that? Do you mind that I told her?

Rafe: No, I-- yes, I am okay with it.

Ava: Yeah?

Rafe: Why would I mind? Hm?

Dr. Snyder: So if you'll excuse me, I'll see about running those tests for mrs. Dimera.

Jake: Thanks, doc.

Dr. Snyder: Okay.

Kate: Thank you, doctor.


Jake: [Sighs] How you doin'?

Kate: I don't know. It's just-- it's just overwhelming.

Jake: Well, look... you are kate roberts dimera. You're one of the toughest people I know.

[Sighs] You can handle anything.

Kate: I just don't feel very tough right now. Oh, jake. I really need you.

Jake: Come here.

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