Days Transcript Monday 5/3/21

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 5/3/21


Episode #14014 ~ Kristen fends off Roman's romantic overtures. sparks fly between Gabi and Jake. Jack and Chad question Abigail about Gwen's fall. Gwen comes up with a horrific lie.

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Kristen: You really have no idea what this game is for, do you?

Kate: Ugh!



Kristen: When I put this on, hmm? I'm gonna look exactly like you. And what is amazing is I am gonna sound like you too.

Kate: It's never gonna work.

Kristenoh. It will work. 'Cause you know what, kate? It always does. And after I dump jake... you'll be leaving salem. Never to be heard from again.

Kate: Ugh! Ah!

[Dramatic music]

Jake: You know I'm a freaking mogul now, right? You don't have to buy my beer.

Ben: Well, you get the next one, boss. You want to talk about her?

Jake: What's to talk about? I already said she dumped me.

Ben: Did she say why?

Jake: Mm-mm. Well, she did a lot of talking, and I could tell that she was hiding something. Something big.

Ben: You want to tell me what she did say?

Jake: She said that what started her out thinking that she was gonna leave me is when I told her that I was jealous. Jealous that gabi was dating philip. Pow.

Gabi: That shipment has to be here by next week, bobby. Early next week. No, I know mistakes happen, I-- all right, don't worry about it.


Philip: Went pretty easy on old bobby. You told me you needed that fabric yesterday.

Gabi: I know.

Philip: I've seen you make suppliers cry. More than once.

Gabi: Maybe I've turned over a new leaf? It happens.

Philip: What new leaf? You have that cheshire cat grin on your face because I told you my mom might be done with jake.

Roman: I liked how you told jake I could break him in half.

Kristen as kate: Yeah. He didn't like that at all.

Roman: No, he didn'T. Listen, kate. You know, you and I used to be really good together. And now that you're a free woman, maybe we could give it another try? What do you say?

Kristen as kate: Hmm.

Abigail: Did you hear me? I said stay away from chad!

Jack: Please tell abigail goodbye, and that I love her.

Chad: Yeah, I--I will. Hey, let me see you out. I--I gotta go check on her.

Jack: Okay.

Gwen: Leave me alone!

Abigail: Leave you alone? I want you and that baby out of my life for good.

Gwen: Ugh! Ah!

Abigail: Ah, ah!

Gwen: Oh!

Jack: Gwen!

[Dramatic music]

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the "days of our lives."

[Soft orchestration]

Gabi: I cut bobby some slack because he has done a lot of rush jobs for me. It has nothing to do with your mom or jake.

Philip: Oh, come on. I told you they didn't go on their romantic beach vacation and you wanted to do your happy dance.

Gabi: I think that's all in your head, philip.

Philip: It's not in my head that you haven't done another lick of work all day.

Gabi: 'Cause the shipment got held up.

Philip: All right, have it your way. Look, if we're not gonna get anything done around here, let's knock off early and go have some food. It's not a date. It's a working dinner.

Gabi: All right, okay.

Philip: And you're buying.

Gabi: Oh, I am? No, we're gonna put it on your expense account, big shot. Come on.

Ben: I don't get why you would tell the woman you're with that you're jealous about your old girlfriend.

Jake: Why do you care?

Ben: Because I'd rather hear about your problems than think about mine.

Jake: I said that to kate because I'm a fricking moron.

Ben: Mm-hmm.

Jake: All right? But here's the thing. She didn't even-- she didn't even offer that information. It was when I asked her if that's what the problem was, she jumped on it.

Ben: I don't see what the difference makes.

Jake: Because, man, as she was telling me all the reasons why she was leaving me, I kept thinking, I couldn't shake it. Like, she felt like she was lying.

Roman: Hmm. Okay. You know, I thought we were maybe feeling the same way about that, but... seems like I read you wrong.

Kristen as kate: Well, roman, you're very special to me, of course, and I'm flattered that you're still interested.

Roman: Well, I wasn't trying to flatter you.

Kristen as kate: But I am not to woman that you fell in love with all those years ago. I've moved on. So should you.

Jack: Gwen, honey, can you hear me?

Abigail: How is she?

Chad: Unconscious. What the hell happened?

Abigail: I mean, it was an accident!

Jack: Gwen, it's me. It's your dad.

Chad: Does she have a pulse?

Gwen: [Groans]

Jack: Oh, thank god. Thank god, sweetheart, talk to me, talk to me.

Gwen: [Groans]

Jack: Oh, gwen? Gwen!

Chad: The baby.

Jack: Call an ambulance.

[Phone beeps]

Chad: Hi. Hello, hello? Yeah--yeah, well, I need an ambulance right away. The dimera house. Hurry!

Jake: She kept insisting that I would never get over gabi, and when I told her that she was wrong, she got-- she got mean, man.

Ben: I believe it. I've seen her in action. She knows where to punch you where it hurts.

Jake: Yeah, you know, she once told me that she was embarrassed to be seen with me.

Ben: Why? 'Cause you're a young stallion?

Jake: [Laughs] I guess so, man. But I thought she had gotten over it. That's why I don't believe it. There's got to be another reason, I'm certain of it.

Ben: You didn't make her tell you why?

Jake: Started to, and then freaking roman brady came up and offered his two cents.

Roman: Okay. No specials today. Want some drinks?

Gabi: White wine?

Roman: You?

Philip: Scotch on the rocks.

Roman: All right, got it. By the way, just missed your mother.

Philip: She was here?

Roman: Yeah. Jake showed up, and then she came in.

Philip: Yeah, he was looking for her.

Roman: Hmm. Well, maybe she was off trying to figure out the best way to tell jake it's all over.

Philip: That's what happened?

Roman: Yep. I'll go get those drinks.

[Suspenseful music]

Kristen as kate: Looks like there's been some action.

[Sighs] It better not mean that someone rescued kate.

[Suspenseful music]

Kristen: Ah.


[Suspenseful music]

Kristen: Honey, I'm home.


Sami: Mom?

Marlena: Hi, you're home.

Sami: Yeah. I'm home. Was that rafe's car I saw just leaving now?

Marlena: Yes, it was.

Sami: So what's going on? Is there some sort of update on the charlie dale murder case?

Marlena: Yes, they-- they, um-- they have a witness.

Sami: A witness? Wait a second, there's someone saying that they saw belle shoot that... jerk?

Marlena: Yeah.

Sami: What? Is there something you're afraid to tell me? Who? Who's claiming that they saw belle kill charlie dale?

Marlena: John. It was john.

Sami: [Scoffs]

Sami: John saw belle shoot charlie dale, and he's just mentioning this now? I mean, he didn't think this was important information while i was stuck in a jail cell?

Marlena: Hey, you were stuck in a jail cell because you confessed to a murder you didn't commit. And... john just remembered it recently. He had actually blocked it out.

Sami: Oh. I see. This must be terrible for you. I just don't understand john ratting out his own daughter.

Marlena: He--oh, my gosh, he didn't intentionally rat her out. God, sami!

Sami: Well--[Scoffs]

Marlena: Look... we were just going to stay quiet about it, but now...

Sami: Now what?

Marlena: John's admission to what he saw that night was recorded, and now... rafe has it.

Sami: Has what? The recording? Where the hell did rafe get that?

Marlena: From me.

Roman: All right. Did you figure out what you wanted to eat?

Philip: Did you hear what happened between my mom and jake?

Roman: Some of it, yeah. Jake was having a hard time believing that kate was giving him his walking papers. Kate got up to leave, jake got up, grabbed her arm. I saw that, and I basically suggested to him that he should leave. He did.

Philip: You don't sound very happy about all this.

Roman: Well, let's just say I was hoping that since she dumped the kid, she might want a grown-up. That's all.

Gabi: Yeah. Did you happen to tell kate that?

Roman: Well, look, I have no idea what kate wants, but apparently, it's not me. I'll give you more time with the menu.

Philip: Why are you looking at that? We both know what you want.

Gabi: Excuse me?

Philip: Looks like jake's being served up to you on a silver platter.

Gabi: [Scoffs]

Jake: Kate's always been jealous of me and gabi, even though I have over and over tried to persuade her that I'm into her, not gabi. I guess it doesn't help that gabi's around all the time.

Ben: And you don't think kate's on to something?

Jake: And even philip says gabi's not over me. And I've known that ever since she got back to salem, and I don't care, because I'm totally over her. She's always trying to turn me into stefan all the time.

Ben: Hmm. Well, if you really are over her... why do you care if she's dating somebody else? More importantly, why did you make that silly little smile when you said that philip told you that gabi's not over you?

Jake: I didn't make any silly little smile.

Ben: Mm-hmm. You did.

Jake: Uh-huh.

Ben: You did. You know what I think? I think kate's probably right to be worried about you and gabi.

[Elevator dings]

Jack: I'm gonna find somebody to tell me where her room is.

[Soft dramatic music]

Abigail: Don't look at me like that.

Chad: Like what? How am I looking at you?

Abigail: Like I'm a horrible, evil person.

Chad: You know I don't think that. I need to know what happened back there.

[Monitor beeping]

Jack: Hey. You're gonna be okay.

Gwen: That's what they tell me.

Jack: I was terrified when I saw you fall.

Gwen: Oh, my god, you saw it? Really?

Jack: Chad and I were coming out of the living room when it happened. I'm so relieved that you're gonna be all right. I hope the baby will be too.

Gwen: You done? Is everything all right?

Snyder: Ms. Rizczech... I'm very sorry.

Gwen: No. No, don't say that to me.

Snyder: I--I wish I didn't have to, but, um... there's no heartbeat.

[Door clicks]

[Monitor beeping] Ms. Rizczech? Why did they admit you?

[Monitor beeping]

Abigail: I was in the bedroom and I just got off the phone with my mom, and gwen knocked on the door. She came walking in looking for you.

Chad: Did she say why?

Abigail: She said it was about the baby.

Chad: Okay, and why didn't you just tell her where I was?

Abigail: See, you think I'm this horrible, evil person.

Chad: You know I didn't-- don't think that, okay? I'm just asking a question.

Abigail: But your tone. You're acting like I did something wrong.

Chad: Just tell me what happened.

Abigail: We got in an argument.

Chad: About what?

Abigail: The fact that she's moving in with my mom and dad.

Chad: I thought you said you were gonna just-- going to ignore her.

Abigail: That was before i found out she had conned my dad into letting her move in--

Chad: I was just with your dad when he told you that's not what happened.

Abigail: I was there too, and I heard it, but you know gwen, you know how she is.

Chad: Just-- stop, all right? We can't--we can't be arguing about this. Okay?

Abigail: Look, you asked me what happened, I'm trying to tell you.

Chad: Yeah, and gwen could have been killed when she fell down those stairs. And she could still lose the baby.

Jack: My daughter fell down a flight of stairs.

Snyder: You didn't mention a fall.

Jack: Well, when would she have mentioned it? It just happened. Could you--could you please just examine her? She--she's had a terrible fall, and--and she's pregnant. We're worried about the baby.

Snyder: You'll have to step out while I examine your daughter.

Jack: Are you all right with that?

Gwen: Yeah. I already feel better knowing that you're gonna be outside.

Jack: Don't worry. I will be.

[Door clicks]

[Dramatic music]

Chad: Okay, so, you got in a fight with gwen, and then she fell down the stairs.

Abigail: It wasn't like that.

Chad: All right, then how was it?

Abigail: She was determined to find you, and I wanted to stop her, and, I mean, it was an accident. I feel terrible about it!

Chad: How exactly did she--

Jack: [Sighs]

Chad: How is she?

Jack: Well, she's regained consciousness and doesn't seem to have any obvious injuries.

Abigail: Oh, thank god.

Jack: But I think she's gonna suffer a lot of pain and bruising from the fall.

Chad: And how's the baby?

Jack: I don't know. Doctor's examining her right now.

Snyder: I'm gonna order a ct scan and make sure you don't have a concussion. Luckily, you didn't break any bones or have any internal injuries.

Gwen: [Sighs] I'm tough.

Snyder: You're also very lucky.

Gwen: I don't feel very lucky.

[Monitor beeping]

Snyder: It's clear you father doesn't know that you lost the baby before you fell.

Gwen: I, um-- I didn't really get a chance to tell anyone.

Snyder: Ms. Rizczech, I could see that you were deeply disappointed when I told you the baby didn't have a heartbeat. Would you like me to be the one to tell your father?

Abigail: That baby was an accident. Conceived out of your need to destroy me. Wow. You know, really, I feel bad for it, because you are gonna be a god-awful mother. Just like yours was. A lying, heartless slut.

[Monitor beeping]

Gwen: [Sniffs] I don't want you to tell my father. Or anyone else.

Gabi: If you think I'm gonna go crawling back to jake because he's back on the market, well, you don't know me very well.

Philip: I know you well enough to know that when an opportunity presents itself, you don't ignore it. You wait for the timing to be right and you go right after it.

Gabi: This isn't business, philip.

Philip: Right. And I have a business to run. So if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go to the bar and have a cheeseburger and make some of those calls you didn't make today. You're free to do whatever your little heart desires.

Jake: Mm-mm. No. I'm not just gonna go crawling back to gabi because I just got dumped.

Ben: That's your pride talking.

Jake: You're damn right I'm proud. But whatever I feel for gabi doesn't matter, because I still have feelings for kate, and i am not giving up on her. You of all people should understand that.

Ben: Yeah. Uh, I do. Except... in my case--

Jake: Your case what?

Ben: Clearly you haven't heard, but, ciara left town today.

Jake: Dude. I had no idea, I'm so sorry. Where--how long is she gone for?

Ben: She's on her way to johannesburg with theo carver.

Jake: Oh.

Ben: And she may never come back.

Jake: So here I am going on and on about my troubles, and your--[Exhales] Your fricking wife just left town.

Ben: I told you before, man, I'd rather hear about your troubles than think about my own.

Jake: No, man, look. Ciara was, like... the one. Right, I've told you all about me and kate, so if you need to talk--

Ben: No, I don'T... want to talk about it. In fact, if I start talking about it, I'll probably lose it, and I don't feel like tearing this place apart right now. The point I was trying to make to you... was that kate and gabi are both still here in salem. And when I said that I was gonna give ciara some space and stay away, you told me that was a mistake. That I needed to fight for her. So maybe it's time for you to take your own advice. First off, decide which woman you want to be with. And then do whatever the hell it takes to make her know that she's the one for you.

Jake: [Sighs]

Kate: Do you realize how long I've been tied in this fricking chair?

Kristen: Yeah, well, don't worry, you won't be here much longer.

Kate: Did you talk to jake?

Kristen: I did. I did, and I hate to break it to you, but when I told him that the two of you were over, he acted like he couldn't care less.

Kate: Oh, is that so?

Kristen: Mm-hmm. It was so. You were just a fling for him. You have no friends, you have alienated your kids. So I don't think jake or anyone else is gonna come looking for you. So guess what? You have to face the facts. You are going far, far away from salem. And you know what's sad? Is you won't even be missed. My nunormal?

Sami: So you recorded the session of john's hypnosis, and somehow rafe got his hands on it?

Marlena: Rafe came here. He brought the recorder, he played it for us, and... it was john saying that he saw belle kill charlie.

Sami: Oh, my god, john actually... witnessed the shooting?

Marlena: Well, he saw it from the doorway of charlie's apartment. He saw belle--he didn't see her face. He saw her from the back, so really all he saw was her red hooded coat. Look, we've managed to put rafe off for a while, but I'm not sure how long that strategy is going to work.

Sami: Mom, I-- look, I know I haven't really been here for you since belle got arrested, but I hope you know how much I care, and-- and I am so sorry for what you're going through. Oh, I'm so sorry.

Marlena: Oh, honey.

Jake: Kate! Where are you? I need to have a word. Kate!

Gabi: What do you and kate need to talk about?

Jake: What I have to say to her is none of your business.

Gabi: I hear she dumped you.

Jake: Mm. News travels fast.

Gabi: I was at the pub with philip, and roman brady told us all about it.

Jake: Of course he did.

Gabi: I also heard she tried to let you down easy, but you didn't take it very well.

Jake: It's my business. And for what it's worth, if you think you and me are getting back together, you're dreaming.

Gabi: [Laughs] You think I'm still trying to pine away for you? No, who told you that?

Jake: Philip.

Gabi: [Laughs]

Jake: Uh-uh. Something or someone made kate turn on me on a dime. And I'm guessing that someone was you, so what the hell did you say to her to make her break up with me?

Gwen: I want you to understand. I will tell my family when I want that I lost the baby. I don't want you to say a word.

Snyder: I can't say anything.

Gwen: Yes, I know, the whole hipaa thing. I just didn't want you to think that I had already told them and you'd start talking about it.

Snyder: That is not going to happen. So are you gonna put off telling them?

[Monitor beeping]

Gwen: I don't know yet.

Snyder: You wanted that baby. You need the support of your family now.

[Monitor beeping]

Gwen: I'll get their support. But I'll do it my way.

Jack: How's my daughter?

Snyder: Well, I ordered a ct scan to make sure she doesn't have a head injury. I mean, I don't think she does, but I just want to make sure. She's gonna have some pain and stiffness, but she's fine, other than that.

Chad: What about the baby?

Snyder: Ms. Rizczech has asked me not to share that information with anyone, so if you want more info, you're gonna have to speak to her.

Chad: All right, I'll do that then.

Jack: I'm going with you.

Snyder: Uh, just one at a time. She's overwhelmed as it is.

Abigail: I hope she's okay.

Jack: I don't get that doctor.

Abigail: Why?

Jack: He came into gwen's room. Hadn't even examined her. I got the feeling he already knew something was really wrong.

[Monitor beeping]

[Door clicks]

[Dramatic music]

Chad: [Sighs] I just talked to the doctor. He wouldn't tell me anything about the baby. He said we had to talk to you.

[Monitor beeping] Can you tell me what he said?

[Monitor beeping]

Gwen: He said it's a girl.

[Dramatic music]

Chad: A girl? Really?

Gwen: [Sighs] Also told me that I lost her. Advil dual action fights pain 2 ways.

Ben: [Sighs]


[Dramatic music]

Ben: [Sighs]



[Intense music]

Kate: So just so you know, I don't believe one word you're saying. 'Cause actually, I was the reluctant one in the relationship. Jake fought really hard for it. So if he didn't react when you broke up with him, it's because he's smart enough to know something's amiss.

Kristen: Well, he did offer some resistance when I first told him it was over. But fortunately, you laid the groundwork for... what came next. Then I just took that that I ran with it.

Kate: Groundwork?

Kristen: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. The list of insecurities you had as an older woman with a hot, young lover. Your fear of gabi hernandez replacing you with his affection, hmm? And you weren't wrong about that. You weren'T. And I wouldn't be a bit surprised if, uh... he goes running straight to her.

Gabi: If you let go of my hand right now, I promise not to slap you. I did not talk to kate about you or anything else. Maybe--[Chuckles] She just came to the realization that you're a really big jerk.

Jake: That's not what happened. You weren't there. Kate was not herself today.

Gabi: Maybe you're just not used to seeing her when she's coming to her senses. I mean, any woman would have to be out of her mind to want to be with you.

Jake: That must make you certifiable.

Gabi: I guess so. But you know what? Every time I'm with you, I get closer to the realization that I am way better off without you.

Jake: [Chuckles] Please. If I told you right now that I wanted to get back with you, you'd be dragging me up those stairs to your room so fast, and we both know it.

Jack: [Sighs]

Abigail: You know, I probably shouldn't bring this up right now, but I think this all happened because you asked gwen to move in with you.

Jack: What do you mean?

Abigail: Well, she just came charging into our room demanding to see chad, and I was... upset, you know? Still about what you did, and I was too upset to deal with it properly.

Jack: I know you're hurting. But I couldn't let her have that baby alone.

Abigail: Did it ever occur to you that maybe she said she was leaving town because she knew how you would react?

Jack: You weren't there. She meant it.

Abigail: [Scoffs] Dad. Look, I know you feel guilty for not being a father to her, but you have got to learn that she plays on that guilt.

Jack: The reason that she said she wanted to leave town and go to philadelphia, where she has no one, was because of you. She wanted to make sure that you didn't have to worry about running into her at the grocery store--

[Cell phone rings]

[Sighs] It's your mom. I--I texted her on the way over.

[Phone beeps]

[Sighs] Hi, jennifer.

[Sighs] Um... it's gwen. Yeah, she had an accident.

[Sighs] Bad. Yeah. She fell down the stairs at chad's house. And-- it... could've killed her. Yeah.


Gwen: [Sighs] Say something, chad.

[Monitor beeping]

Chad: You, uh-- you really lost the baby?

[Monitor beeping]

Gwen: Yep. I'm not pregnant anymore. Leave me alone!

Abigail: Leave you alone? I want you and that baby out of my life for good.

Gwen: Ugh! Ah!

[Monitor beeping] Our little girl is the best thing that ever happened to me.

[Inhales] Now she's dead. And it's all because of abigail. You're strong.

Ben: [Grunting]

[Dramatic music]

Ben: [Breathing heavily]

[Dramatic music]

Gabi: I always knew you thought you were god's gift to women. I am very happy that kate finally put you in your place. Now I'm gonna go upstairs to my room. Alone. And you can go straight to hell.

Jake: I'm already there.

Roman: Want a refill?

Philip: Why not? I've got nowhere else to be tonight.

Roman: You know, philip, I swear, if I live to be 100, I will never understand your mother.

Philip: I gave up trying a long time ago.

Roman: You know, a lot of people around here, they think kate's a tough cookie, but it's just a mask. But I swear, sometimes, I think that she is two entirely different women.

Kristen: When I was being susan banks, I told jake that I had a premonition that he was meant for gabi, hmm? And now that he knows that you want no part of him, he--

Kate: That is not only a lie, that's a stupid lie. And the jake I know would never believe it.

Kristen: Well, you and jake are a thing of the past, whether you like it or not. And he's starting to move on. And guess what? So are you.

Kate: Oh, god, you're never ever gonna get away--

Kristen: Would you just stuff it, kate? God!

[Sighs] I mean, you obviously have made it clear that you are not going to go without a fight. So, I am going to step out of this room, and when I return, I'm gonna bring you something that will make you a lot more cooperative and relaxed for your trip ahead of you, hmm?

Jack: I don't know how the baby is, but I did see the fall that gwen took. I don't have a good feeling about the pregnancy.

[Monitor beeping]

[Door clicks]

Abigail: Chad?

[Dramatic music]

Chad: She lost the baby.

Abigail: Oh, god, I'm so sorry.

Gwen: You're sorry? Come on. This is exactly what you wanted to happen, isn't it?

Abigail: No. It's not, I was trying to keep you from going downstairs, and you pulled away from me. And it's--it was an accident.

Gwen: An accident? No, it was not an accident. She pushed me down the stairs on purpose. She killed our baby.

[Dramatic music]

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