Days Transcript Thursday 4/29/21

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 4/29/21


Episode #14012 ~ Allie and Tripp share a close moment. Abigail confides in Gabi about Gwen. Gwen tells Jack she's leaving town. Kristen reveals her plans to Kate.

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Jack: Well, uh, thanks for stopping by.

Steve: Dude, you know, you haven't said a word about gwen or abigail.

Jack: Because I haven't heard a word from either one of them.

Steve: I thought you said gwen was getting a pregnancy test yesterday morning.

Jack: Yeah. Didn't kayla say anything to you?

Steve: She can'T. So you still don't know if gwen is pregnant?

Jack: No.

Steve: Oh, man. I'm sorry. I probably shouldn't say this, but I wish she had never tracked you down.

Jack: You're right. You probably shouldn't say that.

Gwen: Dad, are you here?

Jack: Um, gwen?

Gwen: The door was open.

Jack: Uh... please.

Gwen: Sorry. I'm sorry to barge in like this. Do you--do you have a moment?

Jack: Uh, sure. Sure.

Steve: All right, buddy. I'll see you later.

Jack: Oh, no! Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. The two of you haven't been formally introduced. Steve.

[Clears throat]

Steve: I remember seeing you at jack and jennifer's anniversary party... the one that blew up in their faces.

Gwen: Yes, I remember seeing you, too. I'm gwen rizczech. And you're my uncle steve.

Chad: Hey, ready to go?

Abigail: What?

Chad: Couples therapy. We have an appointment today.

Abigail: Go by yourself. I'm done with that.

Gabi: Well?

Philip: Why are you showing me these?

Gabi: Well, you're the ceo. I thought I should get your approval.

Philip: What do I know about women's fashion? You've created a very successful brand all on your own. I have confidence in any decision you make.

Gabi: In business or in general? So, um... [Chuckles] Yeah, I guess we should... talk.

Philip: About how we almost slept together to help you get over jake? What is there to say?

[Line trilling]

Jake: Allie. Hey. It's jake dimera. I'm wondering, have you spoken with your grandmother?

Allie: Uh, which one?

Jake: Kate. I can't seem to find her anywhere.

[Henry crying]

Allie: Oh, sorry. No. No, I haven't heard from her.

Jake: All right, well, if you do, will you please tell her to call me?

Allie: Uh, sure, yeah. Um, I have to go. Baby, why are you so fussy? Oh! Oh, my god, you're burning up!


Kate: [Grunting]

[Muffled shout]


[Sighs] No, no, I'm not going anywhere without jake. I don't need you helping me pack. I need you to leave now.

Kristen as susan: Okay. You know what? You have to listen to me! You have to get away from him right now.

Kate: Would you say that again?

Kristen as susan: Oh...

[Chuckles nervously] Yeah, you know what?

[Stammering] I should, um-- must...get going.

Kate: Yeah, that's so funny because that's not how you sounded just a second ago.

Kristen as susan: I can't imagine what you mean, kate.

Kate: You know exactly what I mean, kristen.

Kristen: [Yelps]

Kate: So what'd you do? Did you break out again?

Kristen: Mm, no. Nothing so dramatic this time. I just... I needed to be with brady, so I switched places with susan.

Kate: You switched places?

Kristen: Uh-huh.

Kate: So susan's in prison? Does anyone know that?

Kristen: Well, I mean, no one except vivian, who is threatening to expose me, that is, unless, I drive a wedge between you and her son. You can't do this to me.

Kate: Okay. You know something? This has nothing to do with you at all. It's about jake and me. We're taking a trip. You can't stop us, so get the hell out.

Kristen: [Grunts]

Kate: [Groans]

[Door opens]

Kristen: [Sighs] Well, hello, kate. How was your night?

Kate: [Grunts]

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the "days of our lives."

[Soft orchestration]

Gabi: Philip, I think you're an extremely attractive man, successful, the whole deal.

Philip: You don't have to spell it out. There's something between us. We both feel it... except you're not over your ex. You were always honest with me about that.

Gabi: Uh--

Abigail: Hi.

Gabi: Abigail, what are you doing here?

Abigail: Your assistant told me you were here.

Gabi: Yeah, we're in the middle of a meeting.

Abigail: I think it's over now. I'm gonna take you to lunch.

Gabi: You can't just take me to lu--

Abigail: Yeah, I can.

Gabi: If this is about gwen, we're not gonna--

Abigail: So nice to see you, philip.

Gabi: No! Hold on. Hey, philip, I'm so sorry. Let go of my arm, abi--

[Door closes]

Steve: You have to understand something. I may be your uncle, but I'm not ready to be the doting type.

Gwen: Because of abigail?

Steve: That's right. Now, I know my brother is trying to do right by you, and I respect that. But if you want to be welcomed into this family, you need to beg abigail's forgiveness and start treating her with the kindness and respect she deserves. Okay.

Jack: [Sighs]

[Door closes] Steve... isn't known for his tact.

Gwen: It's okay.

Jack: So... what did kayla say?

Gwen: That I am, indeed, pregnant.

Jack: So it's for sure, then.

Gwen: And I made a decision.

[Sighs] I'm going to be keeping chad's baby.

Chad: No, I'm sorry to call on such short notice, but abby and I are gonna have to cancel our appointment today. No, we're not gonna be able to-- no, I can't reschedule just yet. I have to talk to her first. Thank you.

Jake: Hey, man. You seen kate?

Chad: No, I thought, uh, you two were headed off to some island together.

Jake: Yeah, we were supposed to. The flight was supposed to leave last night, but when it came time to go to the airport, I couldn't find kate. Still can'T. I've tried calling and calling. Nothing.

Chad: You haven't heard from her?

Jake: No, I mean, I got a short text that said, "suddenly something came up."


Kristen: [Sighs]

Kate: Ah. So, what, do you get a family discount on this room?

Kristen: Aw, if you weren't so nasty with your big mouth, we wouldn't have to have time-outs in the bad chair.

Kate: Ah.

[Scoffs] Do you seriously think you're gonna get away with keeping me prisoner here while you parade around as susan banks?

Kristen: Sure. I mean, who's gonna miss you?

Kate: Well, your brother, jake, for one thing. Have you forgotten that we all live under the same roof? And he's going to be looking for me.

Kristen: Oh, because of that beach getaway you missed, huh?

[Chuckles] Yeah, I know all about it. But don't worry. You're still going to have an island paradise. Unfortunately, you'll be traveling alone.

Kate: [Scoffs] It's my 5:52 woke-up-like-this migraine medicine.

Kayla: You did so well on rounds today. Really, you asked the right questions, you had great bedside manner.

Tripp: Well, I'm glad you think so. Snyder rode me pretty hard yesterday.

Kayla: Well, he's chief resident. And harassing medical students, I think, is in his job description. Just keep doing what you're doing, and you will do great.

Tripp: Well, I know how lucky I am to have you on my side.

[Elevator bell dings]

[Henry crying]

Kayla: Allie, what's wrong? What are you doing here?

Allie: Henry was up all night really fussy, and now his temperature's 103.

Kayla: Well, you were right to bring him in. We'll take good care of him. Here, come with us. Come on, tripp.

[Cell phone beeps]

Kristen: Oh. Hmm. You just sit tight, kate. I'll deal with this.

[Chuckles] Well, yet another text from my little brother. Hmm, seems like he really is into you. Maybe you remind him of his dear old mother.

Kate: He's not going to give up until he finds me.

Kristen: Hmm? I'm taking care of that right now.

[Cell phone beeps]

Kate: [Sighs]

Kristen: There. I just said that, uh, something else came up.

Kate: Well, that's original. You think he's gonna buy that?

Kristen: No, no. Probably not. Oh, but men, they often remind me of a dog with a bone. You know, they'll go around sniffing until someone whacks them on the nose with a rolled-up newspaper. And guess what. That someone is me. And then I'm gonna let vivian know that, uh, she doesn't have to worry about you and jake anymore.

Kate: Oh, god. Why are you going to all this trouble? Why don't you just let me handle it?

Kristen: [Laughs] Oh, kate. You are not in the position to handle anything.

Kate: Oh, I beg to differ. Just let me go, and I'll dump jake.

Kristen: [Scoffs]

Chad: Well, kate always has a lot of irons in the fire. You should know that by now. I'm sure something just came up.

Jake: Nah, man. She was looking forward to this trip. She was. She wouldn't blow me off with a four-word text.

Chad: All right, well, I haven't heard from her, and, honestly, I have a lot of my own stuff to worry about right now.

Jake: What's going on?

Chad: Gwen. She's, uh--she's pregnant. It's mine.

Jake: Oh, crap. I'm sorry, man, but, uh, it's kind of your doing, right?

Chad: Yeah. I think it's probably gonna cost me my marriage.

Gabi: [Scoffs] So let me get this straight. You need a favor from me, and you bring me to julie's restaurant?

Abigail: I told you I need to talk to someone.

Gabi: And you picked me? What about the battalion of hortons and others that admire you?

Abigail: Yeah, well, they don't exactly possess the skills I need to help me out.

Gabi: I've made it very clear I couldn't care less what goes on between you and gwen.

Abigail: She slept with chad.

Gabi: One time! Get over it!

Abigail: Yeah, well, one time was enough to get her pregnant.

Gabi: She's pregnant?

Abigail: Yeah. And not just that. She wants to keep the baby.

Jack: [Sighs]

Gwen: Okay, you're not saying anything.

Jack: I-I-I don't know what to say. You made it very clear that you didn't want to be pregnant, and now you're talking and saying you're ready to have this baby alone?

Gwen: Yeah.

Jack: [Sighs] I-I just have to say that this decision is-- it's gonna make it a whole lot more difficult for you and me to have a good relationship.

Gwen: Yes, probably. But I swear, I am not doing this to hurt chad and abigail. The reasons have nothing to do with them and entirely to do with me. To be a thriver

Kayla: Allie, would you mind if tripp examines henry, and I'll supervise?

Allie: Sure, that's fine. I trust tripp.

Tripp: Uh-huh.

Allie: If I have to pick him up, he'll scream his head off.

Tripp: Okay, why don't you just leave him in his carrier while I check him out? All right, big man. Let's find out what's making you sick, huh?

[Henry crying]

Jake: Look, man, I've known gwen for... a lot longer than you have. She's always working some sort of agenda. I mean, what's to say-- what's to say she's not pregnant, right? What if she's not pregnant and working some sort of an angle?

Chad: Yeah, I wish it were that. But she saw a doctor.

Jake: Are you sure about that?

Chad: Yeah, I saw the lab results. She's definitely pregnant.

Jake: With your kid?

Chad: Timing works. She's four months. We slept together on new year's eve.

Jake: Man. Well, how's abigail doing?

Chad: How do you think? We were starting to work things out, and this obviously derailed that.

Jake: So it looks like gwen got exactly what she wanted.

Chad: I don't know. She seems to feel really bad about how this is hurting so many people.

Jake: [Chuckles]

Gwen: I was pretty much committed to having an abortion, and then dr. Kayla said that I would need a sonogram.

Jack: Why?

Gwen: Because I'm in my second trimester.

Jack: I-I-I see.

Gwen: And I said to her that I didn't want to see the baby. Then I changed my mind. I don't know why, jack, but... when I saw that there is this life inside of me... I realized I was going to be her mother... or his. And I have spent most of my life feeling like I wasn't wanted, and I do not wish that upon anybody, especially not my own baby.

Jack: I'll never be able to express how sorry I am that you grew up that way.

Gwen: You didn't know about me. And that changes everything for me. So don't feel guilty. I hope that you can be happy for me... because I am so very happy. And I'm already hopelessly in love with this child.

Gabi: I feel really, really bad for you. I mean, this is bad.

Abigail: Okay, so will you help me out?

Gabi: I don't even know what you expect me to do!

Abigail: [Sighs] I tried to persuade gwen to get an abortion, and, I mean, she, of course, refused. I mean, it's--

Gabi: You want me to, what, kidnap her again and force that on her? I'm not gonna do that.

Abigail: No. I know. No, I know we can't do that. I just--I mean, can we?

Gabi: Don't even think about that!

Abigail: Right, right, right. I just...

Gabi: Oh, my god.

Abigail: I don't know what else to do, though. I mean, if gwen has this baby, I can't pretend like my husband didn't sleep with my sister. How can I move on from that?

Gabi: [Scoffs] Abigail, if I had the answer to that, maybe I could move on myself, when I'm still in love with jake. I'll be observing your safe-driving abilities.

[Henry fussing]

Tripp: Have you noticed him pulling on his ear?

Allie: Yeah, yeah, a couple of times.

Tripp: I think he might have an ear infection.

Kayla: I agree. So we will put him on antibiotics, but it'll take about 72 hours for it to kick in.

Allie: He has to feel horrible for that long?

Tripp: You can give him children's acetaminophen. And that should help with the pain and also bring his fever down.

Allie: Okay. Thanks, doc.

Tripp: I'm still just a med student.

Allie: Right. Thanks, tripp.

[Gentle music]

Jack: I totally understand why you want to have this baby.

Gwen: I'm so glad.

[Sighs] I've talked to chad, too, and he understands.

Jack: But... what about abigail?

Gwen: Yeah, I know. Um... I-I did--I did try to tell her how I felt, but she was in so much pain, she wouldn't even listen to a word that I said.

Jack: Well, you can't really blame her.

Gwen: I don'T.

[Sighs] I can't imagine two sisters getting to a worse start than me and abigail. And I'm the one who put us there. So I'm going to make this as easy as I can for her.

Jack: How?

Gwen: I'm having her husband's baby, jack. So I'm going to leave salem to do it.

Chad: Gwen made it clear that she doesn't expect anything from me.

Jake: Really?

Chad: Yeah, she... she doesn't want me to support her or even be a part of the baby's life. Trouble is, uh... I can't turn my back on a child of mine.

Abigail: Wait, you're still hung up on jake? I thought that I sensed something between you and philip when I walked in.

Gabi: Philip is a distraction to me, and, I mean, yeah, I can feel it, and I like the feeling. I just-- I'm the one that came on to him, but then when we got into bed, I just--I don't know. I couldn't go through with it.

Abigail: Well, yeah, because you're just using him to cover up what you don't want to feel for jake.

Gabi: And the old me would have just gone for it, but... ugh, I think I've lost my killer instinct.

Abigail: I know you have. When we had gwen locked up in the dimera basement, you're the one who lost your nerve.

Kristen: Oh, kate.


[Accented] Am I just so good at being susan banks that you think I'm gonna fall for that load of horse pucky you're just shoveling at me? Huh?

Kate: [Sighs]

Kristen: [Normal voice] Hey. You made yourself clear that you're not about to give up jake. So I'm just gonna have to break his heart myself.

Kate: [Scoffs] So how do you propose to do that?

Chad: I don't want to lose abby over this.

Jake: I get that. You know, since I've lived here, I've noticed that, uh, abigail's love for you can stand a lot.

Chad: Yeah, god knows I've tested it.

Jake: Well, look, she dealt with the fact that you slept with gwen, right? Hopefully now, she can deal with the fact that your child with gwen will be a part of your life.

Chad: Hopefully.

Jake: Look, man, I wish I could stay and help you out, but I got to find kate. Good luck.

Chad: Good luck.

Kristen: Well, maybe this will clear things up to you.

Kate: What are you gonna do-- put that dead cat back on your head and have susan banks break up with jake?

Kristen: Hey, I grabbed the wrong one. I meant... to grab this. See? When I put this on, hmm, I'm gonna look exactly like you. What is amazing is I'm gonna sound like you, too.

Kate: It's never gonna work.

Kristen: Oh. It will work. 'Cause you know what, kate? It always does. And after I dump jake... you'll be leaving salem... never to be heard from again.

[Sinister music]

People everywhere living with type 2 diabetes

Kate: You are not going to get away with this. This is--no! No!

[Muffled chatter]

Kristen: Oh, god, as much as I'd love to stay and chat with you, I mustn't keep jake waiting. You see, I have to go upstairs now and put on one of your hideous outfits. Oh, but you know what? Don't worry. I don't think it will take jake long to get over you. You seem to have that effect on men.


Kate: [Growls]

Kristen: Ciao, kate.

Jake: Thanks for seeing me, man. I'm looking for your mom.

Philip: Aren't you two supposed to be on a beach somewhere?

Jake: Yeah, well, kate went awol. I can't find her anywhere.

Philip: Maybe that's her way of telling you she's changed her mind about you.

Jake: Look, I know you don't want to hear this, but your mom feels the same way about me as I do about her. Now, I'm here because I'm worried. I'm afraid something bad happened to her.

Philip: Ah, calm down. My mother's totally capable of taking care of herself. If she wants you to find her, you'll find her. I don't know what kind of thing that you had going on at dimera, but this is my day at work. I suggest you get going before gabi comes back.

Jake: Why is that?

Gabi: You pulled me out of a meeting, abby-- I need to get back to work. You know what? When I was down there with gwen lying my head off, telling her that I was gonna help her get you, we were talking about how you have everything that you need in your life to be perfect. Two beautiful children, a wonderful husband-- who, for many reasons I will never understand, adores you-- an enormous family who thinks you walk on water. So, yes, gwen is having chad's baby. Maybe you just need to face the music and--and go back to your otherwise perfect life. Just focus on your life, count your blessings, and try to fix your broken marriage. Just deal with it!

Abigail: Okay, that's a lot easier said than done, and you know it. You have just as many things going for you as I do, and you still can't get over jake.

Gabi: Okay, yeah, that's true, but you know what? Maybe this has taken me a long time, but I'm finally facing reality. Jake doesn't want me, so I just need to go back, try to fix my broken heart, and move on. I mean, can you say the same thing?

[Cell phone ringing]

Abigail: [Scoffs]

Gabi: [Scoffs]

Abigail: Ugh, it's chad. I cannot talk right now.

Gabi: Are you kidding me? Hello? Chad, yes, this is gabi. No, abigail's right here.

Abigail: [Sighs]

Gwen: [Sighs] Well, salem's not that big of a town, is it? I don't want to... have abigail worrying about running into me at the grocery store or something. I am going to start showing. And I'm going to literally be a bigger and bigger reminder of how much I've hurt her.

Jack: Does she have any idea what you have in mind?

Gwen: No. I don't think that she would ever see my choice of having this child as anything but spiteful. And I don't want my baby to grow up with a stepmother who wishes that they didn't exist. So I think that the most sensible thing to do is just to create a lot of distance between abigail and myself.

Jack: Where will you go?

Gwen: [Sighs] South philly probably.

Jack: But y-you've got no one there.

Gwen: I'm fine. It's fine. I'm tough.

[Sniffles] And I won't be alone.

Jack: [Sighs] Look, uh... I-- if you stay here, I mean, you'll at least have me. I-I-I get why you want to go, but, uh, as your father, I can't let you do that.

[Elevator bell dings]

Steve: Oh! Hey, baby.

Kayla: Hey! What are you doing here?

Steve: Well, I just came down to see how the other dr. Johnson is doing.

Kayla: Very well, actually. Allie came in with henry with a little bit of a fever, and tripp was with me, so I let him do the examination.

Steve: Really? How'd that go?

Kayla: It went well. He diagnosed ear infection. He was absolutely professional and sympathetic.

Steve: Well, I'm not surprised. We both know he's, uh, sweet on allie.

Kayla: You don't tell him that, okay?

Steve: I won'T. I learned my lesson the first time.

[Henry crying]

Allie: Thanks again for finding out what was wrong with him.

Tripp: It's my job.

[Chuckles nervously]

Allie: Why does this say "johnson" on it?

Tripp: Uh, I decided to take my dad's name.

Allie: Wow, that's so great. He must be so proud.

Tripp: Yeah, I hope so. Uh, well, kayla's probably already called in the prescription for you, so you can pick it up on your way home.

Allie: Oh, okay, great, 'cause I want to get him feeling better as soon as possible.

Tripp: Yeah. Well, I should, you know--

Allie: Yeah, sure. Yeah.

Tripp: [Sighs] Can you keep a secret? You'd never want leftover onion residue

Allie: I may be sami brady's daughter, but, yes, I can keep a secret.

Tripp: Okay, well, when you came in here with henry and you looked so scared, I... I tried to act all cool and calm, but I... on the inside, I was just as scared as you were.

Allie: Really?

Tripp: Yeah. I mean, he's-- he's so little, and he can't tell anybody what's wrong, you know, and-- and he's my nephew. I-I don't ever want to see him sick or in pain.

Gwen: You can't give me orders, jack.

Jack: I know, I know. I know, but just... hear me out. I wasn't there for your mother... but I'm gonna be there for you. So I want you to go back to the salem inn. I want you to pack your things. And I want you to move in here.

Gwen: [Cries] Really? Do you mean that?

Jack: Of course I mean that.

Gwen: [Sighs] But what about abigail?

Jack: That is my problem. I don't want you to stew about-- about that when you should be taking care of yourself... and my grandchild. Mm-hmm. The rest... the rest is just gonna work itself out.

Gwen: Okay. Okay.

Abigail: I know I shouldn't have run out on you this morning.

Chad: We...

[Sighs] We need to figure out what-- what happens next. Will you just please come home so we can talk?

Philip: I've known my mother all my life. When she decides she's done with a guy, this is how she lets them find out.

Jake: No, no, no. I don't think she'd do that to me.

Philip: You have other options yourself.

Jake: What the hell does that mean?

Philip: Gabi's not over you. Not by a long shot.

Jake: Nah, man, she's not over my brother. I just happen to look like him.

Gabi: [Scoffs]

Jake: Well, this keeps happening to us. I got to do a better job of staying out of your way.

Gabi: [Sighs, scoffs]

Gabi: So what was that all about? What was jake doing here?

Philip: He's looking for my mom. I tried to tell him she's had a change of heart, but he wasn't buying it.

Kate: [Groaning]


Kristen as kate: Well... well, sorry to say it, kate, but susan banks has a better sense of style than you do. Sometimes less is more. Is more, more.

[Line trilling]

Jake: [Sighs] Kate. Where the hell are you?

Kristen as kate: Where are you?

Jake: Another place you're not. I've been all over salem looking for you. Now I'm headed to the pub. I'm hoping roman has seen you.

Kristen as kate: The pub? Yeah, well, I'm headed there, too. I have a lot to explain. See you there.

Allie: I mean, getting sick or hurt seems like it's just a part of life, but you're going to be the one who makes people feel better.

Tripp: No, I'm still just a first-year med student, all right? And I have a long, hard road ahead of me. And the head resident, dr. Snyder, he's got it in for me.

Allie: Okay, well, you are going to be great. I know it. You believe me?

Tripp: I know I want to.

Jack: Hi, honey. Uh, is this a good time to talk?

Jennifer: Uh, yes, yes. I-I-it's fine. Everything okay?

Jack: Yeah, yeah, everything's okay. I just made a-- a unilateral decision for the two of us, and I wanted you to know about it.

Jennifer: What kind of decision?

Jack: [Sighs] Gwen was saying that she was gonna leave salem, and I persuaded her to move in here instead.

Jennifer: Into our home?

Jack: Right. I, uh--I didn't want her going through this pregnancy alone. I hope you're not too thrown by this.

Jennifer: Well, I'm a little surprised and a little taken aback, but... it's your home, too, and gwen is your daughter.

[Sighs] What worries me most is how abigail is gonna feel about this.


[Door opens]

[Solemn music]

Chad: [Sighs] Hi.

Abigail: Hi. I hate what's happening with gwen... but I don't want to lose you over it.

Chad: You have no idea what it means to hear you say that.

Abigail: My sister is having your baby. It's just... a fact of life.

Chad: I know how much it's hurting you.

Abigail: It is. But not as much as it would hurt me to lose you. I love you. And I am willing to trust that our love will help us find our way through this.

[Both laugh]

[Dramatic music]

Gwen: Okay, little one. [Sighs] I thought it was just gonna be you and me, but... now we've got your grandfather, jack, in our corner.

[Grunting in pain]

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