Days Transcript Tuesday 4/27/21

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 4/27/21


Episode #14010 ~ Jan and Nicole have a terse encounter. Ben tries to prevent Ciara from leaving Salem. Belle and John compare notes about Charlie's murder. Ava comforts Rafe when he receives disappointing news.

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Marlena: Hey, sweetie. What is it?

John: [Sighs]

[Dramatic music]

Nicole: Oh, my god.

Jan: Shocking, isn't it?

Nicole: [Scoffs]

Claire: Mom, thank god you're home.

Belle: I know, I know, baby. It's okay.

Claire: I'm just--I'm so happy that you made bail.

Belle: Yeah.

Claire: I can't believe that this is happening. I just--I wanna go back in time and fix it, but I can'T. I'm just--I'm so sorry, mom. This is all my fault.

Belle: What? No, honey, it's not your fault--

Claire: Yes, it is. If I hadn't been stupid enough to get involved with charlie, this never would've happened. You only shot him to protect me.

Belle: What? No, honey, that is not what happened.

Claire: Mom, it's okay. We're alone now. You can tell me the truth.

Shawn: Hey, sis, got your message; what's up?

Ciara: Hey, thank you so much for coming. I know you're going through a lot right now. How's belle?

Shawn: Well, I mean, we haven't managed to get the da to drop the charges yet. But she's out on bail.

Ciara: Well, that's good news.

Shawn: Yeah, and I've got more good news. I found mom.

[Elevator dings]

Theo: What are you doing here?

Ben: We need to talk.

Theo: [Sighs]

Ben: I know you're planning on going back to south africa with ciara, but--

Theo: But nothing. We're leaving today.

Ben: What do you mean you're leaving today--theo, no. You can't do that, I'm begging you. If you say that you truly care about ciara, and you truly want her to be happy, you need to find a way to convince her to stay in salem.

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[Soft orchestration]

Ben: You can't do this. You cannot let her leave.

Theo: I'm not letting her do anything. This is what she wants.

Ben: Then you tell her it's not what you want.

Theo: That'd be a lie.

Ben: Theo. I need ciara to stay in salem.

Theo: So you can keep harassing her? Keep trying to inject her with some dangerous drug to make her remember you?

Ben: That was a mistake.

Theo: This is all a mistake, ben. Ciara doesn't wanna look at your old wedding photos or hear you go on and on about fortune cookies or some psychic connection you two supposedly share.

Ben: I was trying to help her remember.

Theo: But she doesn't, ben. She doesn'T. And every time you show up out of nowhere and get in her face, it just scares her. It upsets her. It makes her question herself. She doesn't understand how she could've married a serial killer.

Ben: Well, I'm sorry for coming on too strong. This is my wife, theo. I love her, and I would do anything for her because I love her that much.

Theo: This is what I'm talking about, man. You need to stop.

Ben: Look, I swear to you. You convince ciara to stay, get her to stay in salem, I will back off. I will respect her wishes, and I will stay away. But I can't have her living on the other side of the world, man. If she leaves, I feel like this whole thing is over. And I can't handle that.

Theo: It's not about you.

Ben: That's right, it's not about me. This is about my wife and what is best for my wife, theo. So as much as I know you wanna be with her, it's not time for you to think about yourself.

Theo: This is what ciara wants; this was her choice. I'm not about to talk her out of it.

Ben: Fine. Don't change your plans. Just please-- just give me a few days to wrap my mind around this.

Theo: I'm don't even know what you're asking for.

Ben: I'm asking for a little time, man. That's it. Just please-- try to get her to stay here a little while longer.

Ciara: Oh, my god, you found mom? Shawn, that's amazing! How is she?

Shawn: She's fine, thank god.

Ciara: Well, where has she been?

Shawn: She's been all over. I mean, she's followed every single lead that she had on you. And the latest one, it took her to morocco. And that's where she's at now.

Ciara: Morocco? Wow. Wait, but I'm pretty sure they have service in morocco, right? I mean, she couldn't keep in touch with us?

Shawn: Yeah, well, she kinda got into a jam with some of vincent's former associates. And it took her a while to get out of it, and then she managed to contact me.

Ciara: And how did she sound?

Shawn: After I told her that you were alive and you're home, she freaked out. I mean, she was ecstatic, what do you think--come on.

Ciara: God, shawn, I cannot wait to talk to her.

Shawn: Well, I can do better than that. Mom's on her way to the airport in casablanca right now. She's gonna be in salem tomorrow.

Rafe: Yeah, of course, doug, this is incredible news. Yeah, I know. I will, and thank you so much for letting me know. Okay, okay, bye.

Ava: Hey, couldn't help but overhearing. What's up?

Rafe: Hope is coming home tomorrow.

Ava: Oh, that's great. You seem happy.

Rafe: I am, yes. It is great, and I am happy for hope, you know? She's finally gonna be reunited with her daughter.

Ava: Oh, that's really wonderful, rafe, and I'm thrilled for hope and ciara, but, um...

Rafe: But, um, what?

Ava: You know. I don't know, I just can't help but think that there might be a little something more to that.

John: It's all over the news. Our little girl's been arrested for murder.

Marlena: That does not mean that she's guilty.

John: Oh, come on, doc. When you hypnotized me, I remembered everything.

Marlena: No. You remembered a few details of what happened the night charlie was killed. That does not prove anything.

John: I was there. I saw it with my own two eyes. I saw belle pull the trigger.

Belle: Claire, you have to listen to me!

Claire: Mom, I won't tell a soul, I promise.

Belle: Claire, I did not kill charlie, I swear. When I got back here that night, I never left.

Claire: Then I don't understand. If you never went to charlie's apartment that night, then how did a button from your coat get there?

Belle: [Scoffs] I have absolutely no idea.

Nicole: Jan spears. I heard you came out of your coma.

Jan: Isn't it a miracle? I got a third chance at life. I'm sure all the shows will be calling. Jimmy fallon. Hoda and jenna. If you have any questions...

Nicole: I do, actually. Why aren't you behind bars for kidnapping belle?

Jan: We came to an agreement. Belle said she'd let bygones be bygones if I let her father off the hook for strangling me. Ironic, isn't it?

Nicole: That someone wanted to strangle you? Not really.

Jan: I mean the fact that john and I are both free, and now belle's been arrested for murder.

Nicole: You know, belle had many reasons to hate charlie, but killing him in cold blood-- it just doesn't seem like belle.

[Unsettling music]

Look jan, I know you hate belle, but you can't possibly think she murdered charlie.

Jan: I don't hate belle.

Nicole: No? Okay. Well, then you're just pathologically jealous because you're obsessed with shawn, who is married. You know that, right?

Jane: I'm aware.

Nicole: Okay. And you're also aware, despite your best efforts to make it not happen, that he is married to belle.

Jan: Nicole, I'm done wasting time on all that. I emerged from my coma as a butterfly emerges from her cocoon-- as an entirely new being.

Nicole: Whatever. Come on, you have to admit that belle is not the type of person to commit premeditated murder.

Jan: I read that story also. Belle was inside charlie's apartment that night. They found a button from her coat right next to the dead body. And mere hours earlier, belle walked in on charlie about to attack claire.

Nicole: I know. It's horrible.

Jan: I'm sure belle feared for her daughter's life. So she made sure charlie could never hurt her or anyone else ever again. One less rapist in the world is a very good thing, wouldn't you agree?

Nicole: I don't approve of murder.

Jan: Oh, no? Hmm, well, you certainly used to, as I recall. Whether we approve or not, that particular rapist is dead as a doorknob, and the police agree it was belle who rendered him thusly, or rafe hernandez wouldn't have arrested her.

Ava: Well, you know, nicole told me that you and hope used to be married.

Rafe: Mm-hmm.

Ava: So, I don't know. Just--yeah, you seem really excited, so... I mean, unless I'm reading into it wrong.

Rafe: No, you're not. You see, last year, hope and I, we--well, we decided to give it another shot.

Ava: Oh, that's nice. What happened?

Rafe: Well, I had to go away unexpectedly, and when I came back, hope was gone. She'd gone to search for ciara.

Ava: Oh.

Rafe: Yeah.

Ava: So you haven't seen her since?

Rafe: No, actually, I did see her--tracked her down. But when I found her, she wasn't ready to be with me. She said she had to focus on finding ciara.

Ava: Oh, well, you know, I can certainly understand that.

Rafe: Mm-hmm, me too.

Ava: Yeah. So now that she is gonna be home, though, what you feeling?

Ciara: You need to call mom back and tell her not to come home.

Shawn: Why? But you don't wanna see her?

Ciara: Oh, of course I do. Shawn I wanna see her more than anything in the world. Just not here.

Shawn: Oh. Oh, okay, I got you. Listen, I'll go talk to kayla-- I'll talk to kayla, we'll get you out of here as soon as possible. We'll get you home, you get a good night's sleep, and you can see mom tomorrow.

Ciara: Yeah, that's-- that's not gonna work.

Shawn: Why not?

Ciara: Because I'm leaving salem today with theo.

Theo: For the record, I do know how hard all of this has been on you.

Ben: No, it's not hard, theo. This is hell. Ciara's my world.

Theo: I get it. And I'm sorry, but I'm not gonna make up some story to make ciara stay here. I can't deceive her like that. It's wrong.

Ben: What--I'm asking for a few days, man, that's it.

Theo: You told me that I need to put ciara first. You need to do the same.

Ben: That's exactly what I'm doing.

Theo: It's not. It's not, ben. You're clinging to something that doesn't exist anymore. And you're trying to force ciara to do the same. If you really love her as much as you say you do, you'll get out of her way. And you'll realize that the right thing to do, the only thing to do, is to let her go.

[Dramatic music]

[Elevator dings] This is the sound of an asthma attack...

Rafe: I don't know. I mean, I don't-- hope hasn't even gotten home yet, okay? Listen, honestly, I am just-- I'm happy for her, I'm excited that her and ciara are finally gonna be reunited.

Ava: Okay, that's great. So... you arrested belle brady, huh?

Rafe: Yeah.

Ava: Yeah. Yeah, trask forced me to do it. She didn't have any evidence, though--no case against her.

Ava: No?

Rafe: No.

Ava: I read that they found belle's button at-- from her coat or something-- at charlie's apartment.

Rafe: Mm-hmm, they did, yeah.

Ava: So how does she explain that?

Rafe: [Laughs] She doesn't, and she swears that she's never been to charlie's apartment.

Ava: So she could be lying.

Rafe: I think she's telling the truth.

Ava: Okay, look, I'm not judging her. I promise you, I'm not. There were a lot of people that wanted charlie dead, and I imagine belle could've been one of them.

Rafe: Yeah. Well, protecting your family is a powerful motive. But I am not convinced that belle's the one that did it.

Jan: I wonder how much prison time belle will get. 10 years? 20? A double dime as they say.

Nicole: You're really enjoying this, aren't you?

Jan: Not at all.

Nicole: [Scoffs] Whatever. You can say whatever you want about bygones and butterflies, but I know you still hate belle.

Jan: As I said before, I think belle did a very good thing ridding the world of charlie dale. Until just recently, I had no idea who he really was. Claire brought me up to speed when she came to see me at the hospital.

Nicole: How odd of claire to visit you, especially after what you did to her mother.

Jan: Before that unfortunate incident, claire and I were bffs. I've since apologized, and now everything is peachy keen.

Nicole: Except for the fact that her mother was arrested for shooting someone at point-blank range.

Jan: Not someone. A vile, disgusting pig who forced himself on innocent women like my claire. When I think of how he trapped her, how he terrorized her, I felt like I could've killed him myself.

Marlena: We're so happy that you're here.

Belle: Yeah.

John: How you holding up?

Belle: I'm fine. As I said on the phone, I know you two were worried, so I just thought I'd come by and assure you that everything's okay; I'm okay.

Marlena: Oh. We're sorry this is all going on. What can we do, how can we help?

John: Anything you need, we're all over it. I assume you have an attorney.

Belle: Yes. Shawn hired justin. And he thinks the case is flimsy too. I mean, all they have is the button, so...

Marlena: So he thinks the charges won't stick?

Belle: Yeah, not without more evidence, which they don't have, because I've never been to charlie apartment. And it's not like anybody's ever seen me there.

John: Well, I did.

Belle: What? What are you talking about?

John: I--I went over to charlie's place the night that he was murdered, and I saw-- I--hell, I can't even say it.

Belle: What, dad? What did you see?

John: I saw you shoot charlie.

Ciara: So I'm moving to south africa today.

Shawn: Look, ciara. I love theo, I do, and I know you guys are close, but I don't-- look, I don't think you should do this.

Ciara: Why? Because of ben?

Shawn: You know I spent time with him while you were missing. And--look, I'm sorry, but-- look, I thought you were gone, I thought it was over. And so did everybody else. But ben didn't-- he was dedicated and he was determined to find you--

Ciara: Yes, I know, shawn, I've heard all of this from you before. What a good man ben is, and how he never gave up on me, and how he's changed for the better. That's the only reason why I let marlena hypnotize me in the first place.

Shawn: Listen, I know that that didn't turn out well--

Ciara: No, it was an absolute disaster, shawn. I never wanna do it again. I should've never done it in the first place. So can you please just stop trying to convince me that ben and I belong together? Because we don'T. I don't want him in my life!

Shawn: Okay, but that doesn't mean that you have to move to a different continent.

Ciara: Yes, it does! I keep trying to tell ben over and over again to leave me alone, and he just doesn't listen. Shawn, I don't feel safe around him. So I need to go somewhere where he can't just come after me whenever he wants.

Shawn: Look, ciara, I think that--

Ciara: I've made up my mind. I'm leaving today. Nothing and no one can change my mind.

Claire: They're leaving for south africa today?

Ben: I tried to get theo to convince ciara to stay in salem, and he won't do it. They're headed to the airport as soon as ciara's released from the hospital.

Claire: Oh, my god, ben, I'm so sorry.

Ben: Well, now I have to do something, because I have to stop this.

Claire: How?

Ben: Look, it's the only option I have. It's a bit extreme, but it's the only one I came up with.

Claire: What is it? Or do I not wanna know?

Ben: You need to know, because you're gonna help me, claire. Before voltaren arthritis pain gel,

Jan: Every time I think about how scared claire must've been when she was alone with charlie, and what that evil son of bitch could've done to her-- ooh, just makes my blood boil. I can easily imagine having blown him away myself.

Nicole: Really?

Jan: For my claire? Definitely. Of course, I couldn't have, since I was still in my coma at the time of the murder.

Belle: How the hell could you have seen me at charlie's apartment? I was never there.

Marlena: Belle, take it easy.

Belle: Take it easy? My own father is telling me he saw me commit a murder! And why is this the first time I'm hearing about this?

John: Well, because I didn't remember until recently. Look, I ran into charlie the night he was murdered, in the square.

Belle: I know. You came to my house after that to check on claire.

Marlena: John was so furious at what charlie had done, we were afraid he might have another aneurysm.

Belle: Right, which is why you took him home to rest.

John: Yeah, well, I didn't rest. I snuck out, and I drove over to charlie'S. And just as I pulled up in front, I-- I just got this searing pain in my head and I just-- I don't know, I blacked out. And then the next thing I knew, there was an alert on my phone that snapped me out of it, and I just-- I tried to shake it off, and I drove on home.

Belle: Okay, well, I'm missing the part where you saw me shoot charlie.

John: As I said, I blacked out. And for all these weeks I couldn't account for that lost time, but I kept getting these flashes. Just out of nowhere, I would hear a gunshot.

Marlena: Just the sound. No picture.

John: I didn't know what it meant; I didn't know if--if I'd just heard the shooting or if I did it myself.

Marlena: John is afraid he might've lost control.

John: I couldn't deal with it anymore, I had to know. Finally, I convinced your mother to hypnotize me, and that's-- that's when it all came back to me--I remembered getting out of my car. I remember going into charlie's building. I went upstairs, I walked down the corridor, I got to his apartment, and I'm standing in the doorway, and that's-- that's when I saw you, sweetheart, with a gun.

Belle: That's impossible.

John: You were in your red coat--it was the same red coat I saw you in earlier that night. That's how I knew it was you.

Belle: It wasn't me!

John: You wouldn't lie to me, would you, sweetheart?

Belle: Dad, no, I swear. I was not there. I'm telling you the truth.

Shawn: Okay, look, I understand that your mind is made up. But come on, you don't have to leave today--you don't have to. I mean, you could stay-- come on, stay and visit with mom, and you could go meet theo in, like, a few weeks.

Ciara: Mm-mm. Nope, I'm ready now, shawn. Can you please just call mom and ask her if she can meet me in johannesburg? I mean, it's closer to where she is anyway.

Shawn: Yeah, but I'm pretty sure that she would much rather be here.

Ciara: Yes, but I don't want to be here. I don't wanna risk getting attacked by ben again.

Shawn: What? What do you mean attacked? Wait, I know that he's shown you some mementoes, but what are you talking about?

Ciara: Oh, no, he has stepped up his game, big brother. He came at me with a hypodermic needle.

Shawn: Wait, what?

Ciara: Yeah. He snuck in here the other day while I was sleeping and tried to inject me with dr. Rolf's memory serum without my consent. Theo walked in just in time to stop him, and we told him to leave and he started to, but then he turned around and tried to come at me again. Theo had to wrestle the syringe out of his hand.

Shawn: Oh... look, I'm sorry, okay? I--look, I didn't know this, all right? I had no clue.

Ciara: So do you get it now? Why I don't wanna be here, why I don't feel safe around ben? Why I need to get out of here as fast and as far as possible?

Shawn: Look--yeah. Yes, I get it. And I'm gonna be having a talk with ben. But come on, like-- we just got you back after so long and so much-- so much sadness and so much grief, and-- come on, can't you just stay, like, a couple--two, three days and, you know, say goodbyes or something--a little longer?

Ciara: I already said my goodbyes. I called grandma julie, grandpa doug, and grandpa victor, of course. The last person on my list is rafe, and I can just call him now.

Shawn: Yeah, well, I do know one guy that's gonna be missing you more than he can even say.

Ciara: I'm gonna miss you too, big brother.


Shawn: [Sighs]

Ciara: And while I'm on the phone with rafe, would you pretty, pretty please call mom and ask her to meet me in johannesburg, please? Please, pretty, pretty, please?

Shawn: Oh, my gosh, yes. I will call her. But I'm not gonna stop wishing I could find a way to get you to stay.

Ben: I need you to distract theo. You come up with a reason for him to come over here, and you keep him here for about half an hour.

Claire: Why?

Ben: So I can kidnap ciara.

Claire: What?

Ben: I'm not gonna put a bag over her head or anything like that--

Claire: Then what are you gonna do?

Ben: I'm-- I'm just gonna trick her.

Claire: [Scoffs] Look, even if you manage to pull that off, where are you gonna take her?

Ben: I'm taking her to the cabin. Because I know if it's just the two of us there, she's gonna remember everything.

Claire: Look, ben, I know that you are desperate, but you're not thinking clearly.

Ben: I love my wife, claire. And just like I knew she was alive, I know she still loves me. Hypnosis wasn't the answer. Neither was rolf's drug. But this--this is it. So you figure out what you're gonna tell theo, and I'm gonna call you when it's time.

Claire: No, I will not let you do this.


Ava: So you really think that belle's innocent?

Rafe: I do, I do. I just find it hard to believe that she would stay quiet while people she cares about are being falsely accused, like allie.

Ava: Okay. So what's next?

Rafe: Well, we keep investigating until we find the killer. And I assure you, we will.

[Cell phone ringing] Sorry.

Ava: Mm-hmm.

Rafe: Oh, it's ciara. Hey kiddo, how you feeling?

Ciara: I'm getting released today.

Rafe: I know, I know. I talked to doug, he told me everything, it's terrific. That's--wow. Oh, listen, also, I did not wanna intrude on your reunion with your mom. So you just let me know when's a good time to come by.

Ciara: Actually, rafe, I'm calling to say goodbye. I'm leaving salem.

Rafe: What?

Ciara: Yeah, I'm moving to south africa with theo.

Rafe: Wow, that's, um... okay. When did this happen?

Ciara: Well, it's a really, really long story, and I pinky promise I will tell you all about it, but I just-- I don't have a lot of time right now, because we are leaving today.

Rafe: Today?

Ciara: Yeah, yeah. We have plane tickets and everything. And we can't postpone it because mom's meeting us there.

Rafe: Wait, what--what? I thought that hope was coming here to salem.

Ciara: Well, there's been a slight change of plans. But it's all my fault, rafe. Mom had nothing to do with it.

Theo: Hey, we should get going.

Ciara: Okay. Yeah, rafe, I'm so sorry, but I have to go now. I promise I'll keep in touch, okay? I'm really gonna miss you.

Rafe: Yeah, I'm gonna miss you too. Okay. Well, listen, call me when you land-- I mean, text me, will you?

Ciara: I will. I love you.

Rafe: I love you too. Hmm.

Ava: Hey. Sounds like--

Rafe: Hey.

Ava: Hey. Hope isn't coming home after all?

Rafe: No, uh-uh.

Ava: You okay?

Rafe: I'm fine.

Ava: Yeah?

Rafe: Yeah.

Ava: You know you don't have to pretend with me.

Ben: You don't get it, claire. If ciara leaves, she's not coming back.

Claire: You don't know that.

Ben: I do know that, because ciara and theo have history.

Claire: They-- they're friends now, ben.

Ben: They're close friends, and they're getting closer by the minute. So what the hell do you think is gonna happen when they're living together on the other side of the world?

Claire: I don't know! But I can tell you that if you kidnap ciara, she is gonna freak out! Ben, she's gonna be traumatized!

Ben: No, you're wrong.

Claire: Look as much as you want her to have these warm, fuzzy memories of that cabin, she doesn'T. All that she remembers is that it's where I set her on fire.

Ben: And I'm telling you, I'm bringing her back there to get her other memories, the good memories.

Claire: And how are you gonna do that? She's gonna call the cops, and you're gonna get arrested.

Ben: I don't believe that. I believe that ciara knows how much I love her, and how much she loves me.

Claire: Ben. Look, I am telling you that doing something this drastic is a huge mistake. You're just gonna push her further away.

Ben: So you won't do it? You won't help me distract theo for a little while? I thought you were my friend.

Claire: I am your friend, ben. So I will not lie to theo so you can kidnap ciara.

Claire: Fine. Then I guess I'll do this on my own. I've got moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.

John: You swear that it wasn't you, but I-- I know that it was. I'm telling you, when it all came back to me-- perfect sense why I just blocked out everything that I'd seen. I didn't wanna believe it.

Belle: You say you saw me at charlie's apartment. Did you see my face?

John: No. I only saw you from behind, with the red coat and the hood up.

Marlena: Then maybe it was somebody else in a similar coat.

Belle: No, it was definitely my coat. There was a button missing.

John: You sure it's the same button the cops found at the crime scene?

Belle: Yeah, I'm sure. Rafe showed it to me right before he read me my rights.

Marlena: All right, but if-- if you were never there...

Belle: Someone else was there. Someone else was at charlie's apartment in my coat. And they did it on purpose.

John: Are you saying--

Belle: Damn right I am. I was set up.

Nicole: Jan, why don't you do us all a real big favor and slip right back into that coma?

Jan: That's a terrible thing to say.

Nicole: Mm. You kidnapped belle at gunpoint and then forced shawn to marry you.

Jan: And you talked me into electrocuting victor kiriakis while you were married to him so you could steal his money. So you can take your judgment and shove it.

Nicole: Well, I was a different person then. I've changed.

Jan: So have I. And yet I have to beg people to believe my metamorphosis is real while you--you can just convince anyone that you're now a perfect angel, including the police commissioner.

Nicole: Rafe is a forgiving, understanding person, and he was a comfort to me through some tough times.

Jan: Here you are lecturing me about shawn because he's a married man, and you can go on and on about rafe when you're a married woman.

Nicole: What exactly are you implying?

Jan: I'm not implying anything. I'm saying it outright. Maybe you're in love with rafe hernandez.

Nicole: Oh, please, that's absurd.

Jan: Is it?

Nicole: Yes.

Jan: Well, if you say so. Listen, it has been a real hoot catching up with you after all this time. Toodles.

Nicole: Toodles.


Rafe: Of course this happened, of course. I mean, I don't why I expected anything else.

Ava: Why would you say that?

Rafe: Well, for starters, I haven't heard from hope since I saw her last. And, you know, it's not like I'm asking for much. Like, maybe she could've just sent a text or... I don't know. I don't mean to sound petty. It's just...

Ava: What?

Rafe: I don't know why I let myself think that...

Ava: Think what?

Rafe: [Sighs] Doesn't matter. It doesn't matter because this-- no, no, it doesn'T. 'Cause this is the way it always is with me and hope. There's always something, and it just gets in the way. This time, right, it's ciara, so I can't be upset about that.

Ava: I'm really sorry, rafe. Really, I am.

Rafe: Thank you.

Ava: Come here, come here.

Rafe: Yeah.

Ava: Come on. You know, you're a good man. A really good man.

[Sighs] You know, hope was a fool to ever let you go. Not everybody wants the same thing.

Nicole: [Sighs]

[Dramatic music]

Marlena: You think someone framed you for charlie's murder?

Belle: I mean, it's the only explanation that makes any sense.

John: But I-- I saw you at charlie's in your red coat.

Belle: No, you saw someone at charlie's in my coat, which means someone went over there with my coat deliberately and shot him to death. But, I mean, who would hate me enough to do something like that? Oh, my god. I know who did it.

[Tense music]

Claire: Pick up, pick up, pick up.

Ben: Hey, it's ben. Leave a message.

[Voicemail beeps]

Claire: [Sighs] It's not like he'd listen to me anyway. Please, god, don't let ben do something he'll regret.

Theo: You sure you're ready to go? I mean, why wouldn't I be?

Theo: This happened pretty fast. Maybe there's someone else you need to say goodbye to? Ciara, there's no rush. We can always leave next week.

Ciara: No. I'm ready now.

Theo: No regrets?

Ciara: None. This is what I want.

Theo: Then let's do it.

[Elevator dings]

[Tense music]

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