Days Transcript Friday 4/2/21

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 4/2/21


Episode #13993 ~ Ava makes an emotional confession to Nicole. Rafe has an unexpected revelation for Sami regarding Charlie's murder. Shawn and Belle face off with Jan. Marlena worries what Jan's recovery will mean for John.

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John: Doc, I was thinking a little later I'd swing by the cop shop and... what's wrong?

Marlena: Belle called while you were in the shower.

John: [Sighs] About sami?

Marlena: No. About jan spears.

[Elevator dings]

Shawn: Hey. I came as fast as I could. Is it true?

Belle: Unfortunately, yes. Jan spears is waking up from her coma. The doctors called me to give me a heads-up. They think she's gonna wake up sometime this morning.

[Monitor beeping]

Snyder: Ms. Spears, I'm dr. Snyder and this is judith, your nurse.

Judith: Hello, jan.

Jan: Where am I?

[Baby crying]

Allie: Dad, hey, did you get my text? No, no, it's okay, I just want to know if you've talked to mom yet. Has rafe gotten it straightened out?

[Sighs] Yeah, well, trask always has been a hard-ass, but I know rafe won't stop until he gets the truth.

[Baby crying]

[Phone rings]

Sami: Any luck?

Rafe: Well, I don't think the path to victory is through trask's office. She's not gonna budge. In fact, she's doubling down on holding you to your confession.

Sami: What? I only confessed to protect allie. Doesn't she understand that? God, rafe, I did not murder charlie dale.

Rafe: Sami, she heard all that, she knows about you confessing, she knows why you confessed, and she does not give a damn. Now, she is hell bent on prosecuting you for murder one.

Sami: [Scoffs]


Ava: So sami's claiming that she only confessed to protect allie, huh?

Tripp: Yeah, claire and i went to see her, and she explained the whole thing.

Ava: And you believe that neither one of them did it?

Tripp: Yeah, I do.

Ava: Okay, well, then that means the real killer is still out there.

Tripp: I guess.

[Tense music]

[Knocking on door]

Tripp: Charlie, open the damn door now. Mom, there's something I need to talk to you about.

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[Soft orchestration]

John: So jan's waking up?

Marlena: Yeah. Her doctors called belle right away.

John: Hmm. Why would they call? They called belle because she's my lawyer.

Marlena: And she thought we would wanna know.

John: Yeah, yeah, we should know because I'm the one who put her in the hospital in the first place, and I'm the one who tried to kill her.


Belle: So the doctors have noticed a recent change in her vitals.

Shawn: Right, and in her so-called brain.

Belle: [Laughs softly] And then this morning, it seemed like she was waking up.

Shawn: Well, I'm looking forward to making this arrest after what she did to you.

Belle: God, I hate thinking about that day. I mean, I knew when she came to the hotel room that she was gonna cause trouble, I just-- I had no idea how much.

Shawn: Jan's a genius at making things worse than you ever could have imagined.

Belle: Yeah, not just for us, for everyone.

Shawn: Well, look, this is the end, all right? I'm gonna arrest her, and she is never, ever gonna be able to hurt us ever again, okay?


Belle: [Sighs deeply]

Ava: Well, sounds serious.

Tripp: It is. It's about the night that charlie died.

Nicole: Hey, good morning. Hi, tripp.

Tripp: Hey.

Ava: Hey, nicole, you just missed rafe. He already left for work.

Nicole: Oh, well, actually, I'm here to see you.

Ava: Oh, well, I'm sorry. Tripp and I, we were just-- we're just in the middle of something right now.

Tripp: Nothing we can't finish later, okay?

Ava: No, honey, come on. Are you sure--come on.

Tripp: I'm positive. So how's henry doing?

Nicole: Ugh, he's still teething; I actually felt guilty leaving allie to deal with it, but she insisted she was okay, so...

Tripp: I mean, I can stop by there, see if she needs any help.

Nicole: Oh, allie would love that. She said you've been great with henry. Oh, you know what? Why don't you take these with you?

Tripp: Yeah, thanks.

Nicole: Yeah.

Tripp: I'll catch you later.

Ava: Yeah.

Tripp: Bye.

Nicole: Bye. Have fun.

[Door shuts] It's so great that allie and tripp are getting along.

Ava: Yeah. Especially after everything they've been through.

Nicole: So I got these for you, those little italian cookies that you like so much.

Ava: You know, you really shouldn't have.

Nicole: No, I needed to. I owe you an apology.

Sami: I hate people who can't admit when they're wrong.

Rafe: Like you always do.

Sami: Don't be smug, rafe. God! I know it's just because trask couldn't get me for shooting that cop when he was about to cut your--

Rafe: Okay, you don't-- you know, you don't-- that's not my favorite memory.

Sami: [Laughs] That figures.

Rafe: Yeah.

Sami: I do know that you're grateful to me for what I did for you, though.

Rafe: Yes, I am, and I always will be. So thank you. But also, you have to know that this isn't just about trask getting payback, okay? It doesn't, you know, it doesn't really look tough on crime for us to release someone who confessed to a murder.

Sami: Okay, okay, I get it. Trask is not gonna be reasonable about this. That means that we have to figure out who really did kill charlie dale. By we, of course, I mean you.

Rafe: I do intend on finding out who really killed charlie. Just so you know, you have single-handedly made my job a lot harder.

Sami: I know, I know. Everything is my fault. I'm just lucky that you're good at your job.

Rafe: Yeah, and now I get to do my job with one hand tied behind my back. I've got trask--she's gonna be watching over me like a hawk, and just so you know, with this investigation, she wants to find more evidence to convict you, and not clear you.

Sami: Are you just throwing in the towel here or what?

Rafe: Sami, no, I'm just-- if you had just leveled with me--

Sami: [Sighs] Okay, well, I'm leveling with you now.

Rafe: Well...

Sami: Rafe. I'm scared.

Rafe: Yeah, you know, you should be.

Sami: [Sighs] Great. I mean, look, I understand that there are a few instances in which I lied in the past, and I know that trask is gonna be able to crucify me on the stand with that. Look, you just have to find who did this.

Rafe: Well, I got something more important to do right now.

Sami: What? What is more important than finding a murderer?

Rafe: Proving that you didn't do it.

Sami: [Sighs]

[Knocking on door]

Tripp: Hey.

Allie: Tripp, hi. Thanks for not using the bell. I just got henry down for a nap.

Tripp: Yeah, nicole said you had a pretty rough night with him.

Allie: Yeah, poor little guy.

Tripp: Well, why don't you just go take a nap, and if he wakes up, I'll take care of him.

Allie: That's really nice of you, but I don't think I could sleep right now. I just talked to my dad.

Tripp: And?

Allie: Well, basically, they are not letting my mom go. She's still charged with murder.

Ava: An apology? For what?

Nicole: For practically accusing you of shooting your own son.

Ava: Nicole, honestly--

Nicole: No, no, no, hold on, let me finish, just--please, let me finish, okay? When I found out allie and sami didn't have anything to do-- well, they had something to do with it, but they didn't actually...

Ava: Shoot him.

Nicole: Yeah.

[Sighs] And I remembered what you said.

Ava: It's that I brought charlie into this world, so maybe I should be the one to take him out.

Nicole: I jumped to conclusions. And I imagined you going over to charlie's apartment to confront him, and that was completely unfair.

Ava: Yeah. You know, actually, nicole, you weren't wrong. I did go to see charlie that night.

Belle: God, why did I let her in my hotel room? She said she had a wedding gift for us and I believed her.

Shawn: Well, nothing says "happy wedding" like a gun.

Belle: I tried. I tried to get the gun away from her. She was just too strong for me.

Shawn: Crazy people are like that.

Belle: What a nightmare. You know, stealing my dress and then making you go through with the ceremony.

Shawn: We had to, all right? We didn't know if you were safe, but now, we know that you are, I gotta say I am looking forward to making this arrest.

Snyder: Mrs. Brady. I'm dr. Snyder. We spoke this morning.

Belle: Oh, right, hi. This is my husband.

Shawn: Hi, shawn brady. Salem pd.

Snyder: Nice to meet you, mr. Brady.

Belle: So what's going on?

Snyder: Well, ms. Spears is awake and alert.

Belle: Okay, and is she, like, herself again or is there any brain damage?

Snyder: No, we haven't done any tests, but from my limited observation, I'd say she's doing remarkably well. She was a bit disoriented at first, of course, but she's lucid, and her speech is fine.

Belle: Well, that's remarkable, just like you said.

Shawn: Dr. Snyder, listen. I need to speak to her. This is police business.

Snyder: Fine. She's in room 612. Please don't tire her out.

Shawn: Listen, I won'T. I'll be quick.

Snyder: Okay.

Belle: I'm going with you.

Shawn: Wait, what are you talking about? Are you se-- do you really wanna put yourself in that position?

Belle: Yes, I want to see the look on her face when you tell her she's going down for what she did. Come on.

Shawn: Okay.

[Monitor beeping]

Jan: Shawn. Belle. This is a surprise. My plaque psoriasis...

Shawn: I don't know why you'd be surprised to see us.

Jan: Well, I thought you'd be on your honeymoon. Claire was afraid I'd be upset when she told me you guys were finally getting married, but I wasn't at all. I mean, I always knew you two belonged together. So how was the wedding? Do you have pictures?

John: [Sighs] You know, doc, I can still see her lifting up that veil with that sick smile on her face.

Marlena: And forcing shawn to repeat those vows.

John: Just thank god brady slipped out when he did. You know, when he came back with eli though, I thought that it was all over.

Marlena: John.

John: But when she said that she had shot belle, I didn't even have to think about it. All I wanted to do was just strangle the life out of her. I just wanted to watch that sick smile die.

Marlena: She pushed you too far. You're not to blame for what happened.

John: Now she's awake. Okay. So now what the hell happens next?

Allie: It's, like, god only knows what's gonna happen now. I mean, how long will they keep her for it? Thank you. She didn't do it, but how can she prove that?

Tripp: I mean, you did say that rafe did believe your mom, that charlie was already dead when she got there, and then she shot him again just to protect you.

Allie: But my dad said that rafe is not the problem. It's trask. She's the one who won't let her recant her confession.

Tripp: Yeah, why does that not surprise me?

Allie: Yeah. My dad's all like, "it's fine. "It's all gonna work out, "you know, it's just gonna take time." But he's always trying to calm me down. So I'm thinking it's really, really horrible and he just doesn't want me to know.

Tripp: Sounds like you have a lot going around in your head. Good thing you have a teething baby to distract you.

Allie: [Sighs] Tripp, I'm so frustrated. I mean, I'm trying all my tricks with him. I walk with him, you know, I bounce, I freeze his teething rings, but nothing I do is calming him down, and I feel like he can feel my frustration, and it's just making everything worse.

Tripp: Whoa, hey, don't beat yourself up, okay? I've watched you, okay? You're a really good mom.

Tripp: I can't believe how nice you are to me after what I did to you.

Tripp: You made a mistake. Okay? I made a few of those myself, and it's because you're human.

Allie: Yeah, a mistake that almost ruined your life.

Tripp: Allie, look what you're going through. Look what you've gone through.

Allie: [Sighs] My mom is in jail because of me.

Tripp: No, because of charlie, okay? All this crap that is descending on us is because of charlie. All right? And we need to stop blaming ourselves for things that he made us do.

Nicole: You saw charlie the night he died?

Ava: Yeah, it'S... it's almost a relief to finally say it. I've just had it inside me since then.

Nicole: Okay, whatever you tell me won't go any further.

Ava: Nicole, I was so crazy that night.

Nicole: That's because of me. I shouldn't have told you that charlie threatened tripp.

Ava: No, I am glad that you told me because tripp needed protection.

Nicole: Then right after that, after I told you the worst thing that a mother could probably ever hear, I left you alone.

Ava: Listen, nicole. Nothing that you could have said or done that night would have made any difference. It was like... it was like charlie was in my mind, you know, he was taunting me. No, no. How could you?

Charlie: I'm sorry, mom. It had to be done. I've been drugging your food for days.

Ava: [Sighs] I tried to get charlie to confess to the police, but instead he knocked me out, and he brought me here. I've been tied up for days, and he's been drugging me. He wants me to lose my mind so he can keep me from telling the truth.

Tripp: It's okay now, okay? I'm gonna get you out of here, and then we'll figure out what to do about charlie, okay?


Ava: [Panting] Look. I knew what he had done to me. I knew what he was capable of, and I wasn't gonna let him hurt tripp.

Nicole: You said that you didn't kill him. Is that true?

Sami: Thank you.

Rafe: Just doing my job.

Sami: I know you won't believe this, but I do listen to you.

Rafe: I don't think that's actually ever happened.

Sami: No, it does. It's just usually after the fact.

Rafe: Yeah.

Sami: I know you were trying to help allie, and I know that I just busted in here and ruined everything. I screwed it all up, and I'm sorry. I know what a good cop you are. I know what a good man you are.

Rafe: I need you to stop. All right? Let's get you out of here, and then you can be sincere.

Sami: [Laughs] Right. Okay. Given the fact that trask hates me and she also happens to have her hands on a signed confession from me, how are you gonna get me out of here?

Rafe: By doing what cops do. Go into the evidence. (Upbeat music plays)

Allie: I don't know why you would say that. I mean, there's nothing that you could possibly blame yourself for.

Tripp: I-- it's like my mom is blaming herself for the way she raised charlie, thinks that it's her fault that he turned out the way he did.

Allie: Well, maybe, but, I mean, you didn't do anything to him.

Tripp: Nothing concrete.

Allie: Did you do something not concrete?

Tripp: No, I just-- I keep thinking about how kayla took me in, and I'm not even her blood. I mean, look at your mom. She took a bullet for you, and then-- I mean, look at nicole. I mean, she took you and henry, and you could tell how much she loves him.

Allie: Okay, I don't-- I don't understand.

Tripp: Charlie never had any of that, ever.

Allie: That's not your fault. I mean, tripp, he was ready to blame you for what he did. She tied your mother to a chair and drugged her. You have every right to hate his guts, and you never have to feel guilty about it, ever.

Sami: What evidence?

Rafe: Well, I just got the final autopsy on charlie dale. I don't know, as expected, it says that both bullets match kate's gun. First bullet fired by the killer and the second by you.

Sami: Right, I told you all of that, though, I--

Rafe: Can you stop? Yes, thank you, exactly. Now, as I was saying, the first bullet was fired by the killer who struck charlie in the heart, and that was the cause of death. The second, fired by you, was lodged near the lung, and was after he was already deceased.

Sami: Okay, so did you tell that to melinda trask?

Rafe: Yes.

Sami: And she still won't release me?

Rafe: Her response: "How do I know she didn't fire both bullets?"

Sami: [Sighs]

[Monitor beeping]

Jan: Okay, well, you're obviously not eager to tell me about your wedding or show me pictures, but I'm guessing it was great. Even if it was small-- it was just your family, right? Yes? No?

[Laughs softly] Well, I'm guessing it was. Unless--did claire invite charlie?

[Laughs] I have to say, I know I shouldn't play matchmaker, but I just thought they'd make such a cute couple.

Belle: Okay, jan. What hell are you trying to pull here?

Jan: Trying to catch up. I don't even know how long I've been here.

Shawn: You've been here since the day that you kidnapped belle.

Jan: Yes, and then crashed our wedding and took my wedding dress.

Shawn: And threatened to kill her if I didn't marry you.

Jan: I honestly have no idea what you're talking about.

Marlena you couldn't help yourself. You were out of control because of the aneurysm.

John: Maybe. But I sure as hell know how I felt when I found out that charlie dale was gonna get away with what he did to allie. I wanted to strangle him too.

Marlena: You weren't alone in that.

John: That's why I went over there to pay that little punk a visit, but damn it, I still don't remember what happened next.


Nicole: You know what? Maybe you shouldn't tell me any more.

Ava: No, no, I need to.

Nicole: Okay.

Ava: So, um, I got to charlie's apartment.

[Soft suspenseful music]

[Knocking on door] Charlie, are you here?


Nicole: So you didn't shoot him.

Ava: No, I didn'T. But he... come here.

Charlie: Mom.

Ava: Charlie.


[Sniffling] He was still alive. Before voltaren arthritis pain gel,

Tripp: I came over to help, not for you to listen to my whining.

Allie: It's not whining. This whole situation with charlie is really hard to sort out because of who he was and the things that he did. But he was still your brother. And he died. Even if you didn't love him, that hurts. And you know what? It hurts to watch your mom because I know she lost a son, and I can't even imagine what that would feel like.

Tripp: You're amazing. You think about me and my mom, and you must be worried sick about yours.

Allie: You know, she's gotten away with a lot of things in her life, but trask scares me. She's so rigid. God, I wish I would hear something.

Tripp: I mean, would waiting be easier if I weren't here?

Allie: No. Um, no. It's nice to be with someone who wants the truth to come out as much as I do.

Sami: So it's abundantly clear at this point that trask wants to pin this on me, even though the autopsy backs up my story.

Rafe: Well, the autopsy does more than that, let's hope.

Sami: Meaning?

Rafe: What time did your flight from italy get into salem?

Sami: 5:00 in the morning, and then customs was horrible. I mean, it just was-- are you smiling? You look like you're smiling. Why?

Rafe: The coroner places the time of death somewhere between midnight and 3:00 A.M.

Sami: [Yells] Finally, rafe! You did it. You did it, you cleared me. Thank you!

[Laughs] Thank you.

Nicole: Charlie was still alive? Oh. What did you do?

Charlie: Mom.

Ava: Hold on, charlie, I'm gonna call an ambulance.

Charlie: No, no, mom, please. Please just listen to me. I'm glad you came 'cause...

[Groans, pants] I wanted to tell you that I love you, mom.

Ava: Oh, charlie. Come on.

Charlie: Before I go, can you tell me back that you love me too, please? Please, just this once?

Ava: Charlie... of course I love you.

Charlie: [Laughs softly]


Ava: Okay. Okay, hang on. Okay, stay, stay, stay, stay. Stay. Stay. Charlie. No, no, no. And then he was gone. My son was gone.

Nicole: Oh.

Ava: [Sobbing]

Nicole: I'm sorry.

Marlena: John, you blacked out that night.

John: I remember driving over there to give that kid hell for what he did allie and claire.

Marlena: Well, I guess it's a good thing you blacked out before you went inside.

John: Well, that's just the thing, doc. I'm not so sure I didn't go inside.

Shawn: Look, this charade isn't gonna work.

Jan: Charade?

Shawn: Yeah, we're not buying the act, jan. Okay, this might, you know, be a big surprise to you, but we don't trust you.

Jan: Belle, is that right? And you don't trust me either?

Belle: Why would I trust you? Oh, just because you said you had a wedding gift for us and then pulled a gun on me? Or maybe because for my whole life, basically, you've been trying to destroy me.

Jan: I simply don't know what you're talking about.

Belle: Okay. Well, that's great. Well, I know what I'm talking about, and I can also testify to the fact that you held me at gunpoint and stole my wedding dress.

Shawn: You know, and there was a room full of people there at the wedding. And trust me, they didn't forget that you tried to blackmail me into marrying you by threatening belle's life.

Jan: All right. It's all coming back to me now.

[Sighs] Good times.

[Monitor beeping]

Sami: I knew it! I knew you could do it. I knew I could trust you.

Rafe: Oh, yeah, right. That's why you've been lying to me since the beginning of this case, right?

Sami: You're not gonna let that go, are you?

Rafe: No, I am not.

Sami: But you're gonna let me go. Let's get out of here!

Rafe: I wish I could. No, but I can't because I have to get the approval from trask. So...

Sami: What? But you're gonna be able to prove to her, right? This proves beyond a reasonable doubt that I couldn't have killed that creep, right?

Rafe: It does, yes. But it also proves that you have been lying to us ever since you confessed. As you pointed out earlier, trask isn't your biggest fan, and she might wanna pay you back for, you know, jerking us around.

Sami: Well, that's not very professional of her, and you should talk her out of it.

Rafe: Well, I will try. Yes, I will try, because trust me, I wanna get you out of my station and out of my hair.

[Phone rings]

Sami: He didn't mean that.


Tripp: But you and rafe are pretty close, right?

Allie: Yeah. Growing up, my family was like a circus, and, you know, he was this little oasis of sanity. Even after he and my mom broke up, nothing ever changed between us. He made sure of that. Man, I really just should have trusted him, told him the truth from the beginning.

Tripp: You thought you were protecting your mom.

Allie: Yeah. God, I really wish I would hear something.

Tripp: Has rafe said anything else about the investigation?

Allie: No, and he won'T. He'll just put his head down, do his job, and figure out who really did shoot charlie.

Marlena: You're not sure you didn't go inside charlie's apartment? John, you blacked out when you were in the car, and when you woke up, you were still in the car.

John: Right. I came to in the car and I saw all the text messages and missed phone calls. So I knew I had been there a while.

Marlena: Okay, but what makes you think you might have gone inside?

John: Doc, there's something I'm not telling you. I haven't-- I haven't been completely honest with you.

Ava: [Sniffling]

Nicole: As awful as that was, was at least you got that last moment with him.

Ava: Yeah, that's the thing. I was so angry with him you know, for what he did to allie, for threatening tripp. But... when he asked me to tell him that I loved him, I hesitated.

[Sobbing softly] Then when I did tell him that I loved him... I don't know if I was just telling him what he needed to hear. God knows, I don't know if I even meant it now. And I just left him. I just left him alone and dead.

Nicole: Ava, why didn't you tell anyone this before? Oh, honey.

Belle: So you do remember everything you did?

Jan: Yeah, I guess I was just a little foggy from the coma. You can understand that, right?

Shawn: You know what I understand? I understand that you are under arrest. Jan spears, you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can be used--

Jan: Wait! I remember something else from that day. I remember your father trying to strangle me. Now, I'm not a cop or a lawyer, but I'm pretty sure that's attempted murder. So if I'm going down, so is daddy dearest.

[Dramatic music]

Marlena: What have you been holding back?

John: I remember something else about that night.

[Gunshot rings] A gunshot.

[Phone rings]

Sami: What did she say? How did it go?

Rafe: We have good news and bad news.

Sami: Well, just give me the good news first.

Rafe: The good news is she dropped the murder charges and you're free to go.

Sami: [Screams]

Rafe: Okay.

Sami: Thank you, thank you, thank you! Oh, god, there's bad news. What is it, what's the bad news?

Rafe: Yeah, well, the bad news is, is that she's thinking about bringing other charges against you, you know, lying to the police, tampering with the evidence.

Sami: Oh, blah, blah, blah. Who cares? It's not a murder charge, is it?

[Laughs] Thank you.

Rafe: Yeah.

Ava: Oh.

Nicole: Honey, listen. If you didn't shoot charlie, why didn't you tell the police then? Well, why didn't you tell rafe that night? And why pretend you didn't know he was dead?

Ava: [Sniffling] I have my reasons. When I first got to charlie's apartment, I saw someone leaving.

Nicole: Who was it?

Ava: It was tripp.

Nicole: [Sighs]

Tripp: So rafe's not gonna give up until he knows who really shot charlie.

Allie: Yeah, I mean, he won't give up not only until he knows who shot charlie, but until he knows also how he can prove it in a court of law. There's nothing more important to rafe than justice.

Tripp: Allie, there's something I need to tell you.

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